"Daddy ~!!"


A toddler girl storms toward Hiroshi, who has been contacted by Spring Vegetables and transferred to the dining room. It will no longer be within the bounds of the promise that the macro reacted oddly to the young girl who had stormed.

"I knew Hiro meant Dad..."

"Wow, it's Harna. No matter how loving and insatiable you are, you're not impressed with hitting Hiroshi's sleep until you make a baby, are you?

"No, I do love you as much as I want a child, but that's why I can never imitate such a feminine phobia..."

Spring vegetables that inadvertently leak their true words to Tatsuya and Angelica who say that in their true faces. In the first place, Spring Vegetables doesn't trust a guy called his own self-control enough to stay on track after he's earned himself a masterpiece, even if it was in a way that attacked his sleep.

"More than that, Hiroshi, you look pale, so let's at least wear some more proper clothes before we do it"

I'm going to say something really rude, Tatsuya and Angelica can't get along, and Spring Vegetables decides to go ahead clerically with the first thing to do.

Bad worldly situation, being stuck with a half-naked toddler girl. I don't even have to think about what happens to a macro put in such a situation. So you can talk about whose child this is or something like that later.

"I don't think it's a mistake that a master is a father more than a basebody maker is a master..."

"Does that mean, after all, this kid's gone basebody?

"Yes, definitely a basebody of administrators, made at the same time as me"

Laurier decides on a factual relationship in order to summarize the situation. There, when Makoto and Mio return from the go when they hear that the base body has been found, they try to say something by looking at the base body that is happy to have them clothed in the indoor situation and spring vegetables.

"I thought I'd do it someday..."

"Sister Chun, the night crawl..."

"I did a lot of that stuff earlier, and I'm not going to be able to talk about it."


Zhenqin and Mio are stabbed with nails by spring vegetables before they say anything extra, and look genuinely sorry for themselves. Rather than making fun of the fact that the story was underdeveloped, I regret that I completely missed the most delicious timing. I have a medium good personality even though I am a cheap friend.

"Um, can I talk back to you?

Laurie tries to get on with the story by not breaking her cool attitude as usual and controlling the spring vegetables who are about to start caricaturing. It is only here that the eyes of Makoto and Mio, who were trying to derail the story, were subtly swimming at the silent claims of a girl less than six months after gaining her current personality.

"So, there's a story that's going to make things easier."

"Talk about making it easier?

"Yes, that kid's body was definitely made by the master, so it's right when it comes to the master being his father and sister or brother to me..."

"I'm terribly curious about the expression" sister or brother, "but what's the story there that makes it a little bit behind you and more confusing?

"So does my body, but in terms of forming my body, there's more than one person that hits my mother..."

"Multiple? Specifically?

Spring vegetables with an upsurge of unpleasant hunches on Laurier's strangely badly toothed explanation of not being like his girlfriend. When you look at the people around you with subtly agitated eyes, you can see that all the people on this scene have a similar look.

"First of all, the fact that it was made in this castle always uses the energy of Mori Ro crystals in the form of nothing else. The Mori Rho crystal was created by all the witches, but its energy is strongly embedded in the nature of Aeris, who is capable of pulling out a group of participating witches, and Alchemist, who is almost comparable to it."

"I mean, as a mother, Elle and Mr. Alchem are the equivalent of that, right?

"In addition to that, the influence of people who were nearby when they made it is also strong. So if you insist on saying who your mother is when it comes to my body, I don't know who Aerys and Alchem are later, but there are influences from those who were on your side. From the feeling of fluctuations mixed in my body, I thought maybe there were two of them."

"I see. Because it was me and Mio who were with Laurier when she made her body. But Laurier doesn't look that much like any of those four, does she? Because you used soul crystals?

"It will. So when it comes to me, it actually has little effect on who the mother is."

Spring vegetables who listen to Laurier's explanation and nod like they were convinced of everything. Because it's about herself, or while Laurie is explaining, the young girl is really taking care of herself.

"... in the meantime, I think I know what's going on..."

To indulge in Laurier's explanation, Spring Vegetables, who revisited the appearance of the toddler girl, look as subtly far away as they realized something.

"Perhaps, as Master Harna guessed,"

"I mean, it feels like I've seen it all the time, and all the features on the table are totally mine, right? I wonder why?

"About that, the blanket on the base body had this on it."

To answer the spring vegetable question, Laurier shows a single hair. It just seems like it belongs to spring vegetables no matter where you look from, such as shades, lengths, glossy appearances, etc. It's the same thing that makes you understand everything.

"In short, this happened because you captured my genetic information,"

"Perhaps. Perhaps it was Harna's deification to the goddess that inspired her to complete her soul and form her body, because Harna's characteristics are the strongest on the table. It seems that Aerys and Alchem are also characteristic because just then, Aerys and Alchem were performing a great ritual in this castle to help you."

"Yeah. I thought maybe not. Is the only characteristic of Mr. Alchem is the shape of his ears and the color of his eyes, because it was Elle who was in charge?

"I can't be sure, but maybe. If the flesh grows, there may be other traits."

With that being the case, Laurie sends her gaze to Spring Vegetables and Toddler Girl's Chest. Spring vegetables that perceive what Laurier is trying to say and laugh unwittingly. The three people whose names are mentioned, whoever their characteristics appear strong in their physique, will probably eventually complete a really fine mountain, but if the elements of Alchem appear there, things will be amazing.

"So, that was a really subtle expression of being my sister or my brother, but what does that mean?

"Unlike me, the child has not yet consolidated her gender. Various fluids make it both, depending on the will of the person. Now it's a female body, because it's more convenient to change the gender."

"... is that what it is?

"Yeah! That's what it is!

Spring Vegetables puts a suspicious penetration into Laurier, who explains what is difficult to say. In response to that penetration, the toddler of the day herself pinches her mouth.

"If you care about that, you can change it to either gender with one switch, or OK, right?

"What? What's that strange setting..."

"Suggestions for this are that when you wear hot water, you become a man and when you wear water, you become a woman, or when you're excited, you're a girl and you're calm, you're a boy, when you say a man, you're a boy and you say a woman, you're a girl, around there"

"No matter what you think, it's a pattern of accidents and catastrophes, all of them..."

Spring vegetables that really calmly tap into the penetration with jito eyes in the case raised by the young girl herself. Unexpectedly Mio looks away at the contents, staring at Mio as Zhenqin holds his head.

"And if you can't decide which is better, you can have both or not?

"I'm usually a girl now..."

Spring vegetables determine their gender by sighing and sighing at a young girl who says something even more arrogant because she feels tired. Why it's a girl is simple, because I've been watching her talking like a toddler.

"Is that okay with my dad?

"Honestly, I'd like a little more men, but if I hear what you're saying now, that's what makes me nervous..."

Based on the dialogue and behavior of the young girl so far, Macho tells her thoughts. In her case, where the influence of Mio is all over the personality element, when it comes to being a man, it's going to be a lot of trouble.

Furthermore, specifications, gender neutrality, amphoteric sex, etc. that can be switched between genders are completely out. There is no denying the possibility that it is a porn troubled physique if it contains elements of alchem, and if you add a Mio personality to it, honestly, I have only a feeling of catastrophe.

At the end of the day, the thing that doesn't seem to touch me the most when I think about it overall is getting me to grow up as a girl. That's what the Macro had to decide.

"All the time, I grew up like that."

"Eh, too bad."

A toddler girl who obeys the decision of a macro honestly, looking subtly dissatisfied. To its honesty, Makoto unexpectedly feels something suspicious.

"Quite honest, isn't it?

"So I don't want my dads to hate me for changing my gender at will."

"Oh, that's the thing..."

Makoto gets subtly horny for reasons that in a way are meant to be childish. Exactly, it doesn't seem as late as Mio.

"No, spring vegetables. What's this kid's name?

"For reasons you can see, we haven't gotten that far yet."

"I see. You got a name or something?

"We are young girls! We don't have a name yet!

A toddler girl whose name is asked by Zhenqin and declares herself well if she does it with a Doya face. Together, we make a face for the proclamation.

In the first place, even Laurier, who used soul crystals, didn't have his own name at first. It is stranger that this young girl, whose self or soul naturally occurs from scratch completely, has her own name or something.

"In the meantime, I wonder if we can decide on our own names, so I'll call Elle and Mr. Alchem too"

"Right. Perhaps those two will be treated like mothers, so you should stay involved from the name-setting stage."

"Okay. I'll call you two."

In deciding on the name, Tatsuya agrees with Spring Vegetable's assertion that we should gather all the parties involved this time, and Laurier immediately goes to get Aeris and Alchem because there seems to be no other objection.

"If you're going to decide on the daughter's name, it's time for me to go back..."

"I've been involved in this, and everyone else has."

"Will it still be..."

An ambitious man who feels like a pain in the ass and pulls Angelica off trying to hit the run. I've been watching the whole thing, and I've been hearing all about the background. It's impossible to be irrelevant now.

"Hey, Sister Jin Qin"

"Hmm? What?

"Doubt if that kid was both or none of them, or if he was down to specifications that his gender changes from time to time. If you had a child like Sister Chun, when those children call you that child, which is the right thing to call you, brother or sister?

"... I'm going to ask you some hard questions again..."

"I have a brother and a sister, so stay with me?

"Is it your fault that I feel so dangerous about the way you call it?

While Hiroshi and Angelica were twisted together, Mio and Makoto flourished in low tension on a topic that mattered but didn't matter for the price.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for waiting."

"Uh, I'm not sure what the situation is, but you decide the girl's name, right?

As it is, Aerys and Alchem come in as they are all discussing in the story that True Harp and Mio were arguing about. Behind it is Laurier pushing the cart with the tea set on it.

"Oh, it's Mom and Mom."

A toddler girl sitting on Spring Vegetable's lap, looking at Aeris and Alchem who came in, raises her voice. Aerys and Alchem give a bewildered look to that call, which we obviously know is about ourselves, and look at it together to ask for an explanation.

"There's a little bit of a tricky flow going on, but when I explain it to you in hindsight, this kid is the base body that Laurier and I used to make just the plain body at the same time, and he became this figure under the influence of me, Elle and Mr. Alchem,"

"... I don't understand or convince you why you were influenced by us, but I did convince you why you called me or Mr. Alchem your mom. Being treated like a mother hasn't really come with a pin..."

"Well, all of a sudden you're confused when a stranger calls you a mom or something, in fact. Especially Elle, no matter how hard she tries, she's not old enough to have such a big kid."

"Regardless of whether it is absolutely impossible for the human species to have a real child about that age at my age, it is definitely impossible, at least as far as I'm concerned"


I nod to Aeris, who is somewhat forcefully assertive, as Spring Vegetables agree. Spring vegetables know a lot about Aeris' body because they lived there together for a long time. At least, by the time we lived together in Urs' workshop, Aeris had not yet become the body of the moon itself to visit.

It was quite recently, in fact, that Aerys became a body capable of having children. Behind the good physical and physical development, it seems that the area was normal for the price.

Most of all, I strongly affirm the area because there is undoubtedly a macroscopic gaze.

"Well, leave it around there, ya. You're right, we treat ourselves like mothers, so I thought we'd decide on our own names."

"I understand the circumstances, but suddenly they say it's a name..."

Alchem tells him like he's in trouble as he strokes the toddler girl who clings to him to sweeten him and pushes him around his head. I can't help but have my own child gush out abruptly or just after my first experience.

The story in the first place, the frying phrase that suddenly sprang up with what needed to be named, and the pressing to decide on a name immediately, even if it wasn't an alchem, wouldn't normally go through that. It would also be natural not to turn your head when you are told suddenly.

Nothing around here is all about Alchem, and neither Hiroshi, Spring Vegetables nor Aeris, even if they say their names, seem to get candidates out of the picture right away.

"... for now, this is all very similar to Master Harna, so I still think it's basically a good name for Master Harna"

"Right. That means should I include the characters related to the season? It's winter now, so it's winter, snow, around the ice?

"My brothers, I wonder if it's just ice on the child's name."

"Me, too, I wondered what the name was, whatever it was."

After a period of silence, Aeris suggests so to break the status quo. In line with Aeris' opinion, he mouths as many letters about winter as he can think of, and Tatsuya is penetrated from Mio.

"And shouldn't we take the snow off, too? Sure, Spring Vegetable's sister was named Deep Snow, right?

"Yeah. I was born in winter, so I got a snow letter from your mother's snow vegetables. I was born in the spring, and I got vegetable lettering."

Spring vegetables pointing water at the true harp and explaining their nomenclature. Nevertheless, there is no reason to be strictly obsessed or code, it is simply clan-like to get one letter of the name of the parent or grandparent, for reasons of degree. In the end, because, in a way, Oshimoto's snow vegetables were named after the season, they just somehow became named after the season in which they were born, or after it.

For the record, assuming he was a lot of children and stuck in his name, he said that he was going to give a name related to the celestial body this time because of Fujido Subaru, the father of spring vegetables. In the end, only two girls were born, and there is currently no sign of any more, so I never even got my hands on the object.

"If you're going by that law, you're going to have to cheap winter vegetables."

"I don't think I have to force it to apply to the law. I mean, wouldn't it normally be fine with Winterfell or something? Or Snow Ho or something."

"To, Yukiho, right. What word?"

"If I were you, I would feel like the gorgeous Hua in the winter, in this child's case. Snow Ho is usually already snow, Inaho Ho."

"If it were those two, wouldn't Winterfell be better? Maybe, but it's going to look perfect for the name eventually."

Among the names proposed by Spring Vegetables according to the nomenclature of their own houses, True Qin supports the name Winter Hua. Other Japanese members nod small, thinking of the literal and the images associated from it.

In fact, the current personality of a well-spoken energetic Mio, I don't feel a bit off that name, which has the floral impression of Kaolin when I grow up as it is. But it definitely suits me better than the name Snow Ho, which has the impression that I'm going to grow up somehow.

"But honestly, I don't think that's it"

"I don't think so, but why?

"Because Elle and Mr. Alchem are names that have no edge or itch at all"

Spring vegetables that really stick there. To that obsession, Aeris and Alchem laugh somewhat bitterly. In Spring Vegetables and Aeris and Alchem, where we have put on a number of them anyway, and where we will eventually only call them Winter Hua, or are far from the lineage of the words and the meaning of the name, it is difficult to find and name common ground.

The story in the first place, Alchem, who names it in a similar way, still does, but the Farlane royal family, including Aeris, names it with a combination of fortune and divinity. Therefore, in fact, there is no particular meaning to be included in the name. It's only that if it's that name, it's likely to lead a good life for the country and for us.

For the convenience of being an alfemina busy and often constrained to give down a trust, the name of the royalty does not necessarily mean that a trust is obtained, and with regard to the name in the absence of a trust, the arms of the occupier say something. The result is a mixture of cases of great success, like Avin, and cases that could be so wasteful that they could destroy the country, like Catalina.

Farlane Royal Ceremony nomenclature, which is not solely due to the name when it comes to Catalina, but perhaps contains elements of beating in the way it is done. Because of its characteristics, it is just Aeris who is not willing to speak even if asked this time.

"I appreciate Master Harna's consideration, but honestly, I don't think that makes much sense"


"Perhaps in the end, we'll all call him Mr. Towka. And then I thought," You know, if you give me another name, it's hardly ever going to be called. "

"Yeah, maybe so. But it doesn't make any sense."


"That's right. Some say name falls, but the effect of a name is pretty big, actually, huh? Besides, in this child's case, it feels a little scary if you don't fake your real name after giving it a number of names because your soul and such parts are a little defenseless."

To explain the spring vegetables, the witch group and Angelica look sinister. Because I checked in conjunction with Spring Vegetable's point, and I knew clearly that the word was true.

"So I need you to think about something."


Aeris accepts the claim of spring vegetables and desperately considers his name. But as mentioned, the Farlane royal family basically doesn't name themselves people or creatures. Therefore, I can't think of any names at all when they say,

"Oh, yeah, El."


"Mix the sound of El with a name that's itchy to me, or what?

"I can't think of anything at all, so I would greatly appreciate it if you could do that, but what exactly does it feel like to say?

"My name is a combination of my great-grandmother's name, Arusia, and my mother's name, Lilitschem. So I borrowed Grandma Arusia's name again, and I was wondering if it was called Air Lucia."

A little thought into Alchem's suggestion, Aeris smiling small and nodding one. Apparently, there's no objection.

"So overall, it will be East Winter Air Roussia, or East Air Roussia Winter Roussia?

"You will. In the meantime, will our maternal lineage be Winter Hua Air Lucia's because our middle name comes behind us?

"And what's a good name to get involved in Mio?

"That's where I was concerned, too. Mio didn't have any opinions, so I was just wondering what to do."

To Tatsuya's point, spring vegetables nod. Obviously Mio is also involved as an element, but Mio of the moment does not claim to come at all. Furthermore, the young girl herself had not made a statement about her mom or her hand against Mio, and sometimes it was difficult to decide whether her name was too long, even as a spring vegetable.

"When I say" Hua "in winter, I can say" snow, "and I can't even say" water name, "so it's not a problem for me.

Mio mouths a forced interpretation of such Tatsuya and Spring Vegetable concerns.

"Hey, Mio. Are you sure that's all right?

"Mm-hmm. I think that's something that's both elementary and distance sensitive"

Mio shows affirmation and confirmation of Tatsuya without any particular attention. The young girl also seems to have a slightly thin connection to call her mother when it comes to Mio, but not so far apart as relatives, and her attitude seems vague compared to Tatsuya, Makoto, Angelica, etc. who treats others in a completely blood-born sense.

In this case, Mio also falls within the scope of the mother because she calls the presence that influenced her in making her body a mother. But it's like the other three influences are too strong when it comes to her body, and there's no element of Mio physically. Furthermore, it is difficult to say that the only characteristic element that is out of color is also noticeable because it is now when the soul and ego are still unstable, but it is unlikely that it will disappear completely in the course of growth.

I know that, but I don't think Mio needs such a clear element to be certified as a mother either.

More importantly, I know why I am so late, so I am also conscious that I am just sorry that it is too late to put my element into something that strongly affects the nature of what I say.

So as a Mio, unfortunate and late sister, in about a position, it's just as good as mixing as a hidden element of glitch in the name.

"Well, if Mio is okay with that, then I or someone completely irrelevant in terms of physical formation wouldn't say anything more."

"Mm-hmm. I mean, I can't even incorporate my elements and I don't think it's too late"

"... if you're conscious, try to reflect and be a true person for a moment..."

"When Sister Makoto washes her legs completely from the rotten girl, she strives"

On the counter from Mio, a true harp accidentally jammed in words. Although I take proper account of minors and uninterested human beings, I have a sense that some of the acts involved in my hobbies are not very praiseworthy.

I'm not going to be ashamed of myself for being a rotten girl in any way, but multiplying my friends acquaintances with no male concerns on their own to be delusional is the first thing I should undoubtedly have been denied, no matter how much they are not on the table.

With that awareness, it is difficult to argue with myself because I feel compelled to do so when I am so countered by a sermon against Mio that is too late.

"Well, let's leave those conversations alone"

"Oh, yeah. Right."

I have a feeling I'm going to stick my foot in a bottomless sea of rot when I go deep, Tatsuya and Chunvegetables who decide to leave True Harp and Mio alone for now. untouched by God, is.

"I think I was asking, but your name is East Winter Hua Air Lucia. The East is my last name, and Fuyuka and Air Lucia are my names."

"Yeah! I'm Winterfly Air Lucia!

Spring vegetables gave me his name, and I just declared him well, and he falls asleep like a dead battery.

"What? Huh?

"... Perhaps the fact that we have decided on a name makes it necessary to process the information and we are updating it a lot in the form of sleep"

"A child sleeps well outside the limits of his physical strength in order to organize what he learns in his daily life. Look at the lime and you'll see, right?

Laurier and Angelica give such information to Spring Vegetables who are confused about Winter Hua who is completely asleep while sitting on their lap.

"Probably will be up by dinner, and I was wondering if I could let you sleep"

"Right. I was wondering if you could get me a bed."

"Yes, sir."

Exactly when you sleep on your knees with your chest on a pillow, you can't help but care in many ways. In response to such a request for spring vegetables, Laurier readily prepares a bed for toddlers.

It is only there for performance because it is a bed prepared with custom features of the castle of God, but it is still the only story here that makes it more comfortable to sleep than the majority of the beds in this world.

Thus the mommy disturbance of the young girl finally ended with the fact that the person in question had completely fallen asleep.

Thirty minutes later.


I turn my gaze to Winterfell, who is completely asleep in my hand with the tea I had re-brewed, and the spring vegetables sigh small. After practical discussions such as how to look after Fuyuka and who will be in charge of following him, it seems that things that were somewhat dull in many ways have become irrepressible.

"... only if all parties want a child, but it's pretty important to be a parent and a child to get pregnant properly after all..."

"... what's the matter, abruptly?

"No, right. I can't even pin my own kid, and one name didn't even come up very soon."

"I know what you're going to say. That doesn't make it possible to conclude that going through a proper pregnancy and childbirth is important for parents and children?

"Because. If you were a child who had a proper stomachache of your own, you'd have time to worry about being a father and what to do with the names of the people around you while you were pregnant and talk to them and decide together while you were looking forward to it. Plus, I think getting bigger and bigger will be a prep period for me to be a parent."

Everyone on the spot is accidentally silenced by the words of spring vegetables. I don't care about that air, keep going where Spring Vegetables thinks.

"I tried so hard to put it on once I was a mother about Fuyuka's name, but you still don't think I, the mother of this child..."

"... I'm the same about that, Master Harna"

"... one way or the other, it feels like a sister, actually"

"I don't know, I make excuses from the party, too, but suddenly the kid who popped out immediately, his own kid, it's weirder to think about it? If we had never lived together until we were too adolescent to fully establish ourselves, even real parents and children wouldn't be able to behave as a family right away, and I've heard a lot about it."

"Yes, but on the contrary, some people behave properly as parents from the moment they decide to take it away without having to be related, and this time, instead of taking it away as an adopted child or something, it's a story that isn't entirely irresponsible considering that we're involved in the birth process..."

Relationships as parents and children can be built, whether they are real children or not. It's true, but if you go down on yourself in real life, it's not that easy.

"In my case, I'm not willing to be a parent or child without a blood connection, because there are quite a few practical examples of parents and children doing better than regular parents and children, even if they're not very close to each other at all. I knew it was something I could do because I had more than some experience in life and society."

"Well, even I have a daughter-in-law. I don't have any real children yet, and I'm still physically underage to you guys..."

"Besides, they're growing up to be no different than Lime..."

"Yeah. So if you're a little girl like me with no life experience and no social experience, it's hard to be a parent without a process of pregnancy and childbirth,"

All I can do is snort at Spring Vegetable's, seemingly sorry and pitiful comments. A series of disturbances since Winterfell appeared, in the form in which certain natural shortcomings of their possession emerged.

Angelica and Alchem are the only members who are currently in this dining room and have some experience raising children from babies. I just made them two, and I was just looking after a child born in the village, so I wasn't actually snuggling around to raise a child all four or six times.

Tatsuya also took care of Mio, but he had little contact with regard to his infancy. As far as true harp goes, friends and relatives I routinely associate with have never had any babies or toddlers before, so until I got here, I was only about a bad kid in my neighborhood when I was in middle school high school, such as in contact with a small child.

Although thanks to Angelica and Alchem we know some of the infant's physical precautions, the know-how around it is completely missing, such as the mindset required as a parent and how to deal with a child as a parent.

"You can't get the experience you need right away, just treat yourself like you normally do and let Lela know if you have any problems."

"It's nice to have Mr. Lela teach you a lot, but that's a little pitiful for someone who says she's a mom and she misses you?

"You know, it's Harna. Let me tell you from several millennia of my life experience that it was not uncommon even to entertain consciousness and responsibility as a parent for a child born of pain in his own stomach. I haven't even experienced the behavior necessary to conceive a child in the first place. Would it be arrogant of an immature biological daughter to treat a child suddenly appearing as a mother?

"Ah, is that how you think..."

"Mm-hmm. I don't have the experience of taking care of babies directly from one to ten because of my birth daughter, but I know that a parent is not easy enough to be a parent simply because she was conceived and delivered. It is normal that as we break our hearts and repeat all our failures and trials and errors to the child we are born, we create an absolute sense of awareness and trust that we are both parents and children."

Angelica laughs with a light nose and denies the harsh thinking of the Spring Vegetables. Some humans have been parents since the time of adoption, Spring Vegetables says, but Angelica sees that they must have built a solid parent-child relationship as they made a trial and error with each other, whether they were parents or children.

Parents and children, but brothers, but friends, but lovers, but not one-way. If we didn't at least recognize each other that way, the relationship would be broken.

If a parent or child without blood ties is to be a parent or child, as the New Half basically strives many times to be a woman, it takes more effort to be a parent or family member than a real parent or child. As a result, as there are many practical examples where the New Half is more feminine than the actual woman, it is not a strange story at all that adoptive fathers and adopted children who have been able to successfully build parent-child relationships become better families than real parents and children.

It can also be said that the rhetoric and troubles of spring vegetables are sweet bullshit of humans who have not seen the effort around them in some respects.

"Aren't Elle and Alchem going to be back soon? If you are, think of it as a preliminary exercise when you become a mother, you should take care of Harna while she takes turns with the awareness of becoming a parent. Fortunately, they recognize you as their mother and admire you, so you won't have to spend much time thinking you're their parents."

Angelica kicks back the troubles of the spring vegetables, who were moving in a serious and philosophical direction. No matter how boxed and unworldly my biological daughter spent most of her life pulling herself into hiding, thousands of years of life experience still doesn't seem to be Dada.

"Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, I think there might be more serious problems than the fact that no other answer exists, taking that time to try and error and gain experience, but what does Laurier think?

"Right. Actually, there was one problem that was quite chopped up."

"Hmm, this is a good opportunity. Say it."

"Yes, the problem is with the disposition of the puke, which is the main ingredient rather than the bleeding of more than a hundred buckets of blood, which became the feather of massive vomiting when Master Harna was sleeping in the resuscitation recoil..."

"... it's a serious problem indeed"

"In the meantime, we have isolated ourselves in a subspace warehouse, but there are signs that things can't be handled poorly on things alone, and that it's time for an impact that isn't going to be done with a sprinkle..."

The problem Laurier spoke of attracts the faces of Hong and Spring Vegetables. I was putting it behind me because it's a big deal about Delicacy and everything, but apparently it's time to send it forward.

Plus, Laurier didn't mention it, but some buckets also contain pieces of flesh that were splashed when arms, legs, etc. burst. All of this is something that cannot be disposed of in a detour.

"Let me be clear. The bucket is already completely degenerative and out of control"

"Because even blood reflexes are no different to God's flesh..."

"That's why, Master, please dispose of it as quickly as possible."

"Quickly, all the time..."

I hold my head with a macro blue face on issues such as not being able to escape, not being able to send ahead, and not being able to get my hands on it in a detour.

"... talk about no body or lid, even if you do?

"... yeah"

"... to be honest, if you take emotional or delicacy completely out of sight, it's easiest to process it as a material and it doesn't rot back..."

The change in the expression of the human being on the spot at the moment when the Macro with his head told him so was a sign.

Emotional rebellion and convincing in reason, and giving up like emotions in a corner of your head. Disgust in multiple ways that something that makes it difficult to react to vomit in your body becomes material. The complex expressions they mix in will not have the chance to look that way.

"For once, just in case, I don't want to end up after Gero, that's the way it has to be. When I say that, I can't clean the toilet, I throw up scattered and push people back and forth, but when it's my turn, I don't say anything shameless like that because it's dirty, and some of the material is so dirty that it's worldly said in the first place."

"No, I don't care about that there..."

"Well, if you're treating it as a material, you don't think I'm talking about avoiding it because dirty people tend to touch it rather than just clean it and treat it normally?

As a matter of fact, nobody thinks that the Macro now dislikes dirty work in a dirty sense, so let loosen his expression somewhat for a good reason out of focus and laugh bitterly together. In fact, it is the macro that treats the dirt the most, including its processing as a material.

"So, Master. I know it's excellent as a material because it's Goddess flesh, but what do you mean there's no posterior rot?

"Sora, the extent to which it has been diluted with water or treated with micro-organisms, and the environmental impact is irrelevant. Jizz, think about the blood from the demolition?

"... oh, I see..."

Mio is given a concrete example by the macro and leaks the words of convincing and agreeing with a face that is so sinister that it can be clearly understood. During the dismantling of the jizz, the ecosystem is still strange in parts of the vicinity of Urs, thanks to the blood that has been scattered around it, which could not be recovered.

After that, Aeris and the others are carrying out purification work in general, so there are no problems with Qi or anything like that. However, after doing so, various problems have arisen, such as taking things that are difficult to cook and process, and not being able to prune themselves in the first place.

"Let's get this straight, I'm not going to be honest either. However, the current purification system of this castle and the ability to handle blood reflexes is not sufficient if you do it normally enough to toilet..."

"Master, can't you upgrade or something?

"Not enough material. Spring Vegetables' blood can be used that way, but there's too much of anything to use for it, and there's not enough other ingredients."

"I see."

As exemplified by the example, Hongda will cry over a lack of material. Even in places such as being a god of creation, a macro who has not been able to properly handle his abilities in the new America he is just a sturdy heck without materials.

"Well, that's why the safest thing to do is to process it as a material. I don't really use it as a material for parts of my body or excrement, unless it's a pattern that I use to make the vaccine that I need to treat myself, because I don't like it when I get my hands on it in many ways."

"I'm really relieved that Hiroshi has such values..."

"I'm conscious of doing the material kitsch, but I'm not going to go that far."

To Macro's objection, Makoto subtly distracts his gaze. It is undeniable that there has been a consciousness that until now there has only been, and possibly is.

"But then you come back to the question of how you're going to handle it."

"Saya, hold your head. If I did it myself, I would think of nothing and just treat it as a material, and it would be so disgusting and so processed..."

"Speaking of which, Hiroshi, what exactly can you make if you treat it as a material?

Something less disgusting, the phrase has drawn my interest, or Spring Vegetables, a party, asks strangely positive questions. A macro that pulls a little toward that attitude, but picks up items in his head that don't seem to rot behind him to answer honestly.

"... let it go. It seems the least problematic is the kind of disposable single-shot amplification item. Enhanced magic and other items of the same type as that pedigree that amplify only one shot flashly."

"I see. What else?

"Later, well, even if it's God's blood or body fluids, depending on how you refine it, you can have consumables or enchants that work according to your powers. Spring Vegetables and maybe stop their time for a certain amount of time or something."

"Oh, sure. If it's your blood, it will enhance the effect of what you've made, and so on."

"Maybe that's the place. There are a lot of other things, but even if the fertilizer is made at the level per jizz or any more, I'm going to honestly make an amplification system if it feels easy all the time and there's only one way to process it."

Spring vegetables that feel something caught in the words of the Hong. It's the spring vegetables I've been staring at the macro at, which is why I spotted them, little discomfort.

Perhaps Macro is hiding something more effective. Spring vegetables that are so sure will be confirmed just in case.

"Hey, Hiroshi. Are you sure you only have consumables?

"No, no, no. I can't resist using it for anything other than consumables."

"I guess that depends."

"No, well, I'll do that..."

"Let me know what I can make just the most effective one, because I'll listen to it and then I'll judge you."

Mouth the most effective one with the feeling of shabu-shabu, wandering in the spring vegetables that are pushing me to the point.

"... If I were to make it with that treatment, Yichan would be a dye. The additive bumps finally make it easier just to treat the smell, and the inner packaging can transfer functions without waste, so as a dye, it can be of the highest quality and the highest performance."

"... I see. Sure, there's psychological resistance, isn't there, it"

"Let him?

Spring vegetables that I heartily convince in many ways after hearing the explanation of the macro. I know exactly what Hiroshi didn't want to say, and I know exactly why he eliminated it from his options from the start. No matter how good the performance, no matter how good the quality and brilliant the colour development, it is quite resistant to wear clothes made from dyes you know were made from puke.

However, there are as many cases where animal scraps or the like are used in clothing materials just because they are not known, such as glue when peeling. Sure, I don't feel good about clothes that use my own puke, etc., but I lose my chili, especially in this world when I start to care.

In that way, by the way, the masculine spring vegetables once again show off their masculinity, pushing forward decisions that would normally be avoided. I'm somewhat reluctant because it's the handling of my own puke.

"... Regardless of how you will eventually handle it, can I have it made as a sample for once?

"... are you insane?

"Yeah. On second thought, I use a lot of animal effluent like glue and dyes, so now it's even more so."

"... I think it's abusive to treat it the same way as this..."

"Fine, fine. Besides, it's important to be emotional, but I want to avoid things like last time when I'm in the mood and I don't do my best."

"... well, if you say so much..."

A macro that eventually completes a range of dyes that can be made in one hand as samples by dinner, in the form of being pushed off by spring vegetables. The judgment of the spring vegetables who saw the cloth dyed with that dye as a color sample says….

"It's all very good colors, and I think we should definitely make it for safety, don't you think?

"... If we have to treat it as some kind of ingredient anyway, if spring vegetables are good, we won't think about where it comes from..."

"Well, I guess it's settled. That's why, Hiroshi, please."

"... Spring Vegetables says I'll make it if I do, but I'll take complaints later"

In addition to the magical resistance and the magical defense to cancel the Holy Heaven octopolar cannon, the demonstration of physical defense beyond the full plate made of amnion steel and the clearance of shades and other aesthetic sense issues also led to the encouragement of mass production determination and the division of raw materials to all parties involved.