"Quite right, you can't leave what you're after..."

Macho blurs feeling fed up as he pulls Nemesis Blood, an artifact material, out of Demon Apocalypse's body, the boss of the middle purgatory.

At a time when it was time to reach the lower levels, Honda was still forcing his opponents to struggle with the trials of Kamikaze and the lust sensors.

"I'm still glad I got this when I got here..."

"What is it?

"Nemesis Blood or"


I hear of Nemesis Blood, and I'm convinced by my heart, Makoto. I also have no choice in some respects to have a subtly fed up look.

Nemesis Blood is the core material of the Great Sword artifact, the Divine Rigid Sword Yupitel. Just before I was flown here, it was also the material that True Harp was desperately looking for. But now that its true harp has completely switched its prey to a knife and obtained an artifact that did not exist in the game era called the Phantom Knife, it has become a useless long object by the time it is completely skinless.

"I don't care if you make something else..."

"Absolutely not, because it won't be stylish to put me together and a benevolent dispute between artifacts and artifacts erupts, right?

"Mr. Makoto, are you going to say something good about that?

"... sorry"

A true harp who gets stuck in a macro with his jito eyes and accidentally turns bright red and apologizes. Though I mouthed it thoughtfully, I was just wondering if it was too cold myself.

"But well, you can't say it's impossible, actually"

"That's right. If you look at the response to the drop weapon earlier, it might be safer to think it will be."

"I don't know. If you do enough to crush the drop gear you get around here, yes, but if the Voodoo Knife and the Upitel start playing the top showdown or something, there will be unusual damage."

I remember what had happened so far, and Higashi said that in a cheap way. Apparently the artifacts had a very strong appetite for exclusivity, and even Tatsuya's wand Jasfinia, which he had not yet fully recognized as the owner, subtly atomized the wand Tatsuya had picked up.

Still, he seems to pay a one-off tribute to the equipment he has used as a connection, and even the phantom knife, which shows his strongest desire for exclusivity, doesn't piss him off if True Harp uses the knife he's ever used in his hands for moulding exercises, bare gestures, etc. He also doesn't seem to be interested in any other hand axes, tweezers, knives, knives, etc. that have completely different applications, and doesn't show any reaction when he takes them.

Conversely, because it is very tough on us and the newcomers to whom it is applied, it is likely that in the future the artifact will be very troublesome in situations where even the equipment we have been using is too excessive to be used.

"In this case, the real harp is troublesome, but Hiro has quite a problem, doesn't he?

"All the time?

"You, you make blunt weapon artifacts too, don't you? Wouldn't it be a fight with the Leggles?

"I've been thinking about that. Hey, I'll ask Leggles."

"Can you ask me that?

"It conveys a lot of miscellaneous imagery, the degree of burn"

That's what I said, a macro staring at the Leggles. One nod somehow in about ten seconds, I mouth the conclusion.

"It's not preferable, but the type as a weapon is quite different, so I thought I'd give it away."

"What is the type as a weapon referring to in this case?

"The so-called damage traits, if ever. Yeah? Long patterned large weapons and all around the place are the same, but Leggles, with elements of slashing at once, and the blunt instrument system of Strike Only, have a different specialty. I'm willing to reach that point, but I think sickles and knives will probably go down."

"I see. Wouldn't Mio be so much of a problem?"

"If I do the bow and dagger, I'll probably do fine because I barely wear it for my nature or use as a flying tool"

Tatsuya nods convincingly, showing concrete examples of artifacts being able to coexist with each other. When that happens, the Phantom Knife and Upitel, which wear large amounts of damage characteristics and intermittence, cannot coexist no matter what you think.

Technically speaking, with swords and western swords, the way they are treated as weapons is completely separate. That can also be seen from the fact that the skill categories are of a different lineage in Faircloth. Therefore, at best exceptionally enough that Sabel can be used to some extent in either category, we basically cannot use any of the attacking skills contained in each other's opponent lineage.

However, when it comes to clutter classification, there is little difference between the Great Sword and the Knife, between it and the Tai Knife, between its use and its damage characteristics. If either the Upitel or the Phantom Knife are horse slayer knife sizes, then yet, both sizes are common sizes. Though the Phantom Knife has three forms: a small knife, a sidebar, and a katana, the fact that it has a wider application than the Upitel does not change the fact that it suffers from a great deal of miscellaneous classification.

I felt the limits on the performance of the knife that was originally available, and switched weapons to a great sword that could be handled in close proximity, which is why True Harp was a great swordsman, so unlike other members, I can't help but wear the characteristics of a subwebpon.

"Well, let's leave it there, the bow and the Rapier material, it's hard to get out..."

"How about we do something with Sirius Heart now?

"That doesn't really suit Mr. Spring Vegetables because of the completely physics-specific light warrior specifications."

"I see. Are there two types of rapiers?

"Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, bla I'd rather make one that suits me if I don't compromise."

"Only swords and spears are more favoured."

"Sora, the mythology of the Earth, the legendary weapons are mostly swords or spears, so don't let that happen here."

A subtly intelligent and soggy mouthful of facts about artifacts. In the case of heavy weapons such as axes and large blunt instruments, the operational method is essentially fixed by its nature, and therefore not a major problem even if there are few different types. But still, there is something somewhat lonely about being so clearly discriminated against so far.

I don't think so when people say there should be a lot of different kinds. Some of them are well planted with strange performance like a trap, and most importantly, the names of the weapons are somewhat dull.

Not only does Hiroshi not make a Spring Vegetable weapon with Sirius Heart, but also because the performance doesn't quite match Spring Vegetables, but also because the name of the weapon he makes can produce a sword with an extremely appropriate, very unbelievable name, such as "Swordwolf".

That makes me feel somewhat subtle because fixing it to kanji would be a name reminiscent of a piece that Burst paled in. Given those reasons, you probably won't make a divine sword out of Sirius Heart.

"So, what are you after?

"I'd rather be a divine sword shooting star. As for the material, I can take it from the demonic system with the Meteor Eye and Boss attributes, and the Demon Apocalypse just now met enough conditions..."

"Well, we'll have to hunt the boss for a while. From what I've felt so far, it's all right if I stay alert for a while now."


Hiroshi nods to Tatsuya's words. If you're going to give me an honest opinion, I can probably safely reach the deepest boss if I dive just with the horn and spring vegetables. But if you think about the training of Tatsuya, wielded by artifacts and creepy, it's a lot to clear purgatory with just two people who are gods.

If Tatsuya doesn't take part in the battle against evil gods and just leave a message in God's castle, you don't need to practice handling artifacts. But whether or not you're going to sit on the battlefield until the end, you have to be familiar with the handling of artifacts, at least enough to get away with a blow to the opening, than none of the Tatsuya guys have any intention of coming this far and being quiet at all.

Therefore, they spend time attacking Purgatory while taking safety margins.

Nevertheless, regardless of the subjective time, Honda is not going to prolong it very long in real time. The time flow in the dungeon is disconnected from the outside due to time control of spring vegetables when it is found to be laborious.

As a result, Honda is already in the second day of her time inside, but outside is still at dinner the day she enters. If we cut up our exploration now and return, it feels like we can have dinner together with Winterfell, who would have just woken up.

"All the time. Well, when Nemesis Blood did about this hierarchy, and the boss thought about it when he took other artifact materials, he should be able to get both Meteoai for Spring Vegetables and Mebius Seeds for Mio, even if he doesn't go to the back of it. All the time, otherwise balance and goodwill."

"Right. The demon apocalypse just now wasn't that extreme of a difference in strength from the giant wolf Sirius Heart got."

"Later, I wonder how much appetite sensors work..."

"That's right..."

The biggest enemy for gamers, the Appetite Sensor. It symbolizes the irrationality of the world, alongside what is commonly known as the monster "no hippo". As for that threat, even Spring Vegetables, the owner of some kind of luck, did not seem to be marginal, and there seems to be a great deal of anxiety about the current situation, in which the lust sensors would be doing their job at all costs, no matter what you think.

You don't have to bother explaining it. The name will largely make you guesswork, but just in case, I'll supplement it for those who don't know about the appetite sensors. Appetite sensors are words that refer to situations where you just think you're working worse with appetite: you don't get as much as you wanted, you drop as much as you don't need or have excess, and you get light where you don't need it anymore.

Perhaps gamers, that's also a situation you encounter as often as humans who are in online games and social games, but I see a lot of situations in everyday life that I just think appetite sensors are working in that have nothing to do with games at all. Considering that, it can be said that it is universal for the price.

Finally, if we also explain the monster "no hiccups," this one blames the monster for the phenomenon that there will only be one thing missing from what he was looking for due to miscalculation, bad luck, irregular events, etc. There are many cases where a game lacks material and skill points, and he is a monster who is not less than an appetite sensor and is widely active in everyday life because he lacks a single point and does not reach the pass line, or because he lacks a single point seal and does not receive a prize.

"Sakasa, spring vegetables. Your ability to manipulate probabilities and suppress appetite sensors?

"Unfortunately, I'm still only able to control things around odds in a flashy, rough direction. Honestly, my karma and confusion while in my physical condition, my physical condition is so bad..."

"... well, even Alfemina-sama could be swinging, and it might be more normal to lose control..."

"Besides, it looks like the trials of the Divine Clothes are still ongoing..."

To the words of spring vegetables, Makoto unexpectedly has a distant eye. Really, the future seems difficult in many ways.

"In the meantime, it's time for lunch"

"Right. Most importantly, compared to other dungeons, this place is not suitable for eating..."

"Purgatory is a sight worthy of the name..."

"Brother Da, Sister Zhenqin. I feel like I'm going to stay here for a long time, so I just have to give up and get used to it."

"I guess..."

"Exactly, it doesn't work like a fiber dungeon..."

Tatsuya agrees with Mio's words fed up and goes into the cottage. I can also go back to the castle of God, but I end up spending my cottage sleeping and eating because of the considerable jet lag that I'm currently experiencing and the jet lag could be fatal.

"But when do we finish collecting material..."

"I don't know, I don't know, I feel like I'm taking down the Lass Boss here all the time."

"Me too..."

of artifacts, both that and the troublesome of the trials of the Divine Clothes, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables that speak the words of giving up, while Tatsuya can't hide a lot of fed up moods. It was the Purgatory offense that made me feel such signs that the Dungeon offense would be prolonged for the first time since Crest Cave's mining dungeon.

"Hmm. Are you leaving here, too?"

God's Castle is a day spa facility. In that dining room, Angelica was dining against Seamlit and Kakashi. They both resided here from where the castle of God entered Marcto, doing quite a lot of inconspicuous work making farm tools for the refugees while coaching the fams and manufacturing and repairing equipment for the Marcto soldiers.

It should be noted that the reason these two are eating in a day spa facility instead of a dining room in the castle is simple, because they refused to give that much special treatment. So they can't go in and out of the castle except at the workplace.

For the record, the day spa facility is not yet fully operational in the building, but the dining room and regular bath, then the hypnotic room, are freed up with availability. For this reason, it is routinely used by hidden villagers who have been evacuated on the premises, as well as by Markt soldiers who are still in rehab due to the after-effects of their injuries.

The dishes that come out are made by Reset and Laurier-adjusted Automata, but because the data on which they are based belong to Spring Vegetables, or because they have deteriorated considerably from the original, something tastier emerges than the dishes made by those court cooks there. Skillfully, anyway, in terms of flavor, unfortunately, Therese is no match for the automata here.

"Oh, all the ingredients we can use here are superb, and the equipment is not comparable to what we know, and the rice and booze are delicious in a heavenly environment, but as the only blacksmith, we can't leave the village empty forever."

"Right. Besides, when you're here, you don't know what your arms look like."

"Yeah, well, you have that, too. I don't know what to say, the materials and equipment are too good to know whether it's my arm or the environment that makes me waste it. Besides, there's no such thing as a common blacksmith, so there's a standard."

"If even the two older kids are made of iron, they can make first-class pieces, and this place really sucks."

"Exactly. I'm still not caught up with you, but those sisters are eating you up."

That's it, Seamlite and Kakashi sigh without thinking about their current situation. Because teachers and environments are out of standard, it is only natural that the fams, the most apprentices in this world, have the extra-standard skills. But even if my head knows that, when they steal more and more of the moves that I've infused and built up most of the years I've lived, my confidence in my arms really gets rough.

Originally, both Seamlit and Kakashi had nothing to do with the thought that their arms were the best, etc., and they had as much flexibility and humility as they honestly admitted to losing to a being as overhead as they had been. He accepted without any particular remorse or loss of confidence that he would lose to Mio, who was a direct disciple and was always instructed to act together.

But when it's a kid like the fam's, and it's going to be caught up to the existence of a year or less since he started having a blacksmith hammer, it's not the story.

The fams have become mutant species in many ways because of the macro. The existence of it really seems like a sin.

"The world of craftsmen can't be described as a gatekeeper, but it doesn't seem to me that your lords are as bad as they mourn, does it?

"If you're here, you're going to blur the feeling around it, or you're going to lose more and more confidence and common sense..."

"But, well, there was plenty to gain, so I don't think it was worth diminishing confidence and common sense."

"Right. I think the days of trial and error with Kakashi were the most meaningful craftsmanship I've ever had, with lots of new moves and inspiration."

"Come on, too. I learned a lot about how to use that technology."

That's what Angelica tells me, Kakashi and Seamlit talking smudgingly about what happened while I was here. In fact, before and now we both have a huge difference in that arm.

In addition to taking advice from Macro and mentoring the fams in their free time, they interact with blacksmiths with completely different trends and specialties, who have the same level of arms in a holistic way over the same age. That worked very positively for Kakashi and Seamlit, who are still young.

Especially in the sense that the combination of Kakashi, who has good arms but is inferior to magic and lacks the flexibility of the idea, and Seamlit, who, by age and experience, has good arms but can be long in the operation and idea of magic, were the best combinations in the sense that they inspired each other on what was missing. As a result of learning a few other areas that may be useful, we can now both process Magic Iron and Mithrills on our own, and even make up for the magic, we have a five-fifths chance of producing Orihalcon products.

To be clear, regardless of Crest Cave resident Kakashi, Seamlit is no longer the kind of arm he is in the village of Olga, which is just a settlement on the border.

"That's why I and Kakashi decided to go back to the area tomorrow."

"Hmm. I'm gonna miss you here, too."

"Well, you can come here if you want to, even if you're going back to the area, and Angelica's Nee and I are going back to hiding during the year, right?

"Mm-hmm. Because now that the Waldis threat has left, we don't even need to continue evacuating. Most likely, those who have been evacuating the border with Waldis will be living in hiding for some time now."

"Then there's no reason for us to be here."

"Right. If it's just you, it's Master Hiroshi's job."

The war between Marcto and Waldis, the greatest reason each came to or was brought to the castle of God. I can't imitate the horror of sitting there forever more than it's done.

To tell the truth, you probably want to live as you are here if everyone is allowed to. But everyone here has what they've left outside, and there's a role outside. If you sit too sloppy, you can't stand the fallout in your life when you get back.

Seamlit in particular is the only blacksmith in the village of Olga. The cooperation of the Octogals has, to some extent, covered village work, but that is also becoming a limit. For all the trouble I've caused my hometown, I have to work desperately to fill the hole.

Most importantly, Seamlit is the only member and wife-bearer on this scene. No matter how comfortable your home may be, no matter how much rice or alcohol you may enjoy, the attraction is also halved in places without daughter-in-law.

"They're all coming here to rehab. They're all going to be back by the solace ceremony, and they're going to be gone by the end of the year, except for the members of the Azma Workshop and Neh."

"Um, will it?"

"Seriously, you're going to lose people here all at once."

"I'm gonna miss you so much"

Inside the dining room with some soggy air, understanding that various breakups are about to be visited at the same time. I don't read that air, and Automata brings me alcohol and a stewed moth of miso.

"Shinmiri is not a pattern either, by eating and drinking."

"Right. You can't eat Crest Cave."

Kakashi and Seamlit quickly reveal the nature of drinking to the liquor and dishes that have been transported. Though a little dwarf and other kakakashi looks, the dwarf still looks like a dwarf. They say that drinking and eating is no different from regular dwarves.

"... um"

"Oh, no. Did you not like miso?

"I don't like it, but it seems that Jae-san got into it with a virus. I've been getting used to it lately because every time I come back, I smell miso."

"Right. But even if you get used to it, it's not enough to eat, is it?

"Lately if I put up with the smell, I can't even eat it anymore. He really wants to share his preferences. I don't hate the taste itself, so even overcoming the smell is likely to work it out, but this is pretty good..."

"Vampires have a pretty sharp sense of smell..."

As it is, the topic completely shifts to that one, including the stewed miso.

"Hmm, a simmering of suji meat? I like this, too."

You can have soy sauce.

"Mm-hmm. So, you usually eat soy sauce stuff too, right?

"I see. Does that mean, hey, it's totally just the smell of miso on the neck"

"Well, people are different when they're not good at it. You don't have to eat anything because you have a lot of experience in life."

Seamless and kakakashi say that while accompanying you with a simmering of suji meat. Because I strained it because it's the last time, or we're both eating twice as much today as we usually do. Angelica also stays in toddler form, emptying her liquor in units of how many bottles to appeal to the bootlegger.

A variety of fearsome liquor dishes were carried one after the other, given the ingredients, and the last banquet for just the three of them lasted until late.

"... hasn't anything changed since they took the mansion, other than its size?"

Around the time Angelica and the others were serving alcohol, one visitor was visiting the hiding place of the Hendricks, now deserted.

"But I don't know how much smaller it has become, but it hasn't even put up a bond. After all, this is the limit for living beings in places such as the vampires of true ancestors..."

"Still, it's much better than being undead."

Hendrick speaks from behind to the man who was observing as he said something unsolicited about the hiding place.

"Long time no see, Alberto. Apparently you're not doing fine, but what are you going to do now that Waldis is gone and moved flashly?

"That's what I found out. If we move at a time when Markt and Waldis are bumping into each other, the humans will crush us with all their might. Conversely, now that the war is over, we know all about the power that can be broken here after the war."

"For what you say when you look down on a human being, it's either a thought or a coward."

"It's another matter of looking down on you as inferior and underestimating you as miscellaneous fish. Other than vampires, the human race deserves no credit. It's an inferior inferior race, but if we gather a few, only the ability to fight appears to threaten us. That's about it, if it's a long shot, you know what I mean?

Hendrick looks lonely on Alberto, who arrogantly speaks out. I knew it was undoubtedly an undead vampire from a biological aura that exudes blue-white skin and obviously negative energy. But even if I understood it, I didn't want to hear those words from the mouth of someone who was once cute.

"I don't know how he died. But, Alberto. Undead, where did you live forever?

"Hmm, something that would also be the head of the world is a myth. There's no way out of the dead, is there? So, what about this lonely place where you've just waited for doom? How do you see a true ancestor who has dwindled over time and is no longer just waiting for doom? Is it still better to be undead for it to be easy to increase your power?

"As a matter of fact, it's gone. Anyway, it doesn't make any sense where I told the Lord right now."

Alberto behaves really arrogantly, keeping the image of the undead vampire intact. Hendrick takes care of that appearance of impeachment of his incompetence and powerlessness, with tears of blood in his heart and only a floating attitude on the surface. You just have to do it after reflection, regret, etc.

"Well. Sure, Noon is an incompetent, helpless grandfather, but does your Lord have the power to just laugh at that? I'll tell you something first, because the slaves and lessers your lord has subordinated have been cleaned while your lord is sprinkled with halfway emotions that are not even undead. You can't admit that if you don't show it purely by the power of the Lord himself, not by the number of fights."

"Hmm, you look really old, like I care to the extent that you just banished Slave or Lesser. Then I will destroy you in a single blow, as you say, to meet your expectations."

Alberto dares to ride Hendrick's provocation and prepare the darkness attribute magic of the maximum firepower he can have. Hendrick waits leisurely, not to disturb it.

Activate the magic Alberto was preparing after more than a dozen seconds of feeling, either because of strange tension or for more than a few minutes.

"I salute you for being the chief of life for thousands of years, and I will send you to the afterlife for my sake. Avisgate!"

"I guess that's the place to be..."

A blow all over Alberto. If it's about the young Behemoth, the current boss of the Crest Cave Dungeon, it's a good hit and a critical hit, a special magic that you might be able to drop in a single blow. Hendrick laughs at it with his nose and cancels it.

In addition to the differences in the season, for Hendrick, who has recently entered and exited the Azma Workshop Urs headquarters and the castle of God for a little while and continues to accumulate a high energy as intense as this, there is no great difficulty in disabling Alberto's miscellaneous attacks, whose learning abilities are extremely diminished because of the dead, as the years have made him stronger.

"Hey, why!?

"It wasn't Noon who taught the magic. Did you think you could prevent it by treating it with the same precision that Non taught you, you fool?"

Alberto, lightly powerless and stunned as if nothing had happened. Hendrick sticks a cold look at Alberto's appearance and a natural rationale.

Even subtracting Hendrick's inability to walk outside in a busy manner, Alberto had completely spooked the news for millennia to date. Hendrick's inner distrust of all things solicits too crude moves and behavior from someone who should still be able to undead it.

But for this minute, Alberto won't know the answer. And the perception that is likely to be the answer is extinguished during the war ahead, either by direct combat with Hiroshi or by an air strike by Octogal. Perhaps Hendrick himself will never get to the truth about it.

"Well, I don't care to talk about it anymore, but one last thing. What happened to Argus and Aurelie, who left together?

"I don't know. I split up with them when I left here less than a decade ago. If you were alive, you'd probably be different from me."

"I see. So, I'm going to ask you, what about the rest of your countrymen who left the inside?

"They killed with this hand, but I don't know the rest. I burned them to death because I knew they were too damaged to be my countrymen."

"Hmm...... Apparently, you're not lying. Well, I lied all the way through this period, and it doesn't mean anything."


At the end of that Alberto dialogue, we silence each other by eliminating the words we need to say. After as much silence as a lid breath, Hendrick speaks the words for his hand.

"Now, let us no longer have a word to speak, and let us free the LORD from his eternal prison. Don't worry, the Lord will purify you in a decent way as my incompetence."

"Wait. What does that mean!?

"What, you'd be happier not to know. I'll be there any minute, so just wait over there."

Hendrick ignores Alberto's inquiry and unilaterally cuts up the story to activate the complete world. Vampire-specific depths of true ancestors that become incomplete and extreme at the time of undead, making them impossible to master, even if they evolve to no-life kings. Its overwhelming purifying power frees Alberto from the curse of undead and ascends.

"... I really don't know what the future undead will look like, but it's a flower, Alberto"

Two vampire undead once stuck with Philip, who finished before Alberto. Hendrick crushes lonely thinking about how it ends.

Exactly in this serial situation, it is not exactly taught to the person who is about to be given guidance, such as the general menstrual gospel recorded in an amplified state or about the vampire of the undead purified with medium-sized clergy pome.

"Regardless of the pome that has accumulated plenty of nourishment in the castle of God, even though the voice of the goddess does not like it, the recorded song will purify the high-ranking undead by the time it is so completely skinless, you really shouldn't listen. Yep, the information..."

Now that the times have changed, and so on, Hendrick rearranges his boundaries and sprinkles his priestly pome, completely erasing the traces of his battle with the undead.

He was then Hendrick, who saw his granddaughter serving lavish liquor while still in her toddler form on her return to the castle of God, and who would hold her head in pity that the times were truly changed.

"So, what's the situation with them now?

"In about five floors, that's the lowest level area of purgatory. Because of the insistence, we are finally trying to settle the spears of the Kamikaze other than Lord Macho and Lord Spring Vegetable."

"Hmm, finally"

Gathering place of the gods. The gods, who were still confirming the trends of the Hongdas, leak their sighs at the Alfemina report and turn their gaze on the onions.

From around the time Hiroshi reprocessed the clothes dyed with Spring Vegetable dyes into Divine Clothes, causality and space-time space were so disturbed that even the gods, who did not have space-time power pieces with them, could tell. The activity of Alfemina's lion excitement, which was desperate to discipline it, crushing the madness of the causal rhythm that occurs one after the other, and maintaining it free from lethal consequences, was such that even Daljan, who only thinks about making fun of his basic opponent and only says extra things, would unconditionally be forced to admit it.

"But you're still working hard on the physique of Lord Spring Vegetables. Perhaps the Meteor Eye is tough after another circle"

"Well, I guess so. The odds would be completely pointless if we were so disturbed as to understand."

"To the book, when it gets this far, I just think it's fate."

Alfemina accidentally and heartily agrees with Igleos and Daljan, who say whatever they want. When we are shown an overwhelming difference in force so far, we are also willing to resist.

"Alfemina, may I have a moment?

"What is it, Laphia?

"If this happens, won't it no longer just add to the burden of waiting for them to do something on their own?

"I know that, but I've just interfered with it from here and adjusted it to make sure you get Meteor Eye, and at best, what only artifact material can be put into their hands, right?

"I know, that's about it. It's not, and shouldn't we just prepare something that Alfemina herself will be material with her own hands to ensure that we hand it over, either through a witch or directly descend?

Raifia gives a strangely constructive opinion to Alfemina, who is all sorts of wiggling and exhausting. It is an ocean god who smells of pomposity and has a subtle feeling behind what he does to Higashi, but still seems to be the corner of the Five Great Gods at first.

Unexpectedly, other people can make good decisions.

"... right. It's going to break the ban a little bit, but it won't get any worse than it is now where it's broken..."

"No, in the first place, the status quo is already some sort of emergency. Give it back over there. Let it sit here. No, even if we also look at the case of completing the castle of God as a new world, it doesn't taste good unless we calm down the physique of spring vegetables somewhat as soon as possible. If you intervene flashly to do so, you will not have broken the ban."

"I hope so..."

Alfemina suitably recovers and synthesizes the artifact material that was supposed to drop to Higashi while anxiously returning it to Alanwen's words, crushing causal disturbances. To aid such an alfemina, a God with the power to interfere with causal rhythms follows it in the totality. Until earlier, I couldn't get anything but alfemina to be too serious, but now I can do something about it.

"... Well, here's the thing. The time to descend, right? After you defeat the boss at the bottom of purgatory, is that all you need?"

"I guess that's the place"

"Perhaps if you give me this material, you will make Lord Macho good."

Safely finished building artifact material and sigh small alfemina. It will still be better than ever, though I still don't forgive the prediction.

If you think about it carefully in the first place, it is unusual or irrelevant, such as that God has a divine instrument to aid his power. Instead, God, who has difficult control powers deified from creatures, is largely getting divine artifacts from his predecessors. If the bearer of power did not accept as much control as Spring Vegetables, he would rather have had to give the divine artifact in some way.

Leaving it here will probably drive the karma crazy here and there for tens of thousands of years. It can also have an extra impact with the butterfly effect where it is irrelevant, rather than just in a world that had a direct edge.

If you get blamed for making that trigger, etc., even if it doesn't seem like you're going to get a lot of punk, you can't chase your job and break it.

"After all, you should have handed over the only goddess with you when you gave your explanation about deification to Lord Spring Vegetable..."

"Exactly when I was doing it, it definitely touched the ban."

Elsa embarrasses Alfemina so blurry in a sigh mix. There are quite a few contraindications among the gods that are difficult for humans to understand. Now anyway, the spring vegetables at that point were still human. It was not until after passing over the recoil that resurrected Tatsuya that I gave her the Divine Fixture or something else became forgiven around it.

"Nonetheless, Xanafer is naturally, and Soles is not here either..."

"Once a while ago, the Evil God body was activated, right?

"Yep.... are you still having that impact..."

"It's not as serious as Xanafel, but it still seems to be getting pretty unstable. The salvation is that the eclipse time is still far away..."

Inform the topic Elsa has brought up as she embarrasses herself about what Alfemina is grasping. Soles, the sun god, has a deep relationship with the moon due to certain circumstances. Therefore, the existence is currently destabilized, even if it is not as good as Xanaphel, where the fragments of the direct evil god devoured.

Most of all, unlike Xanaphel, who was pushed to the point of extinction, Soles would rather be immersed in his work to strengthen the definition of existence. So I'm always busy working in a different way from Alfemina.

"There's only one way to get rid of evil gods after all, even when it comes to Soles. Therefore, I would like you to do your best to control the power of Lord Haruna as soon as possible..."

"The power itself stands in the way."

"Yep. Exactly, it's insensitive to create a goddess that can control all that power without materials in the current Lord Macho..."

"What. It's time for them to move out. How purgatory is a nest of monsters that boast deadly strength for humans is not the kind of place where God has two pillars and becomes a threat. Assuming the power of spring vegetables has been poor and something outrageous has emerged, something like not sinking in Geocatastrophe cannot emerge. Instead, if something like that emerges, this world will perish with a chain breakdown from purgatory"

"Alanwen, don't say anything noisy! That's what you flag! Didn't you almost become a reality at stake!!

Alfemina bites fiercely at Alanwen for saying extra things and flagging her as she desperately twists and snaps a major causal disturbance when she does it. When you say bad things when the causal rhythm is disturbing, it can be achieved with a spiritual effect.

Alanwen in particular is a god. The Spirit of God is so deadly that it is incomparable with man.

"Mm, sorry, sorry"

"No matter what your lord said, someone would have slipped your mouth. That's destiny."

"Don't say anything extra about Daljan either!!

A disturbance in the causal rhythm that activates by the unusual due to the series of interactions from Alanwen to Daljan today. Alfemina yells at people who say extra things while making and responding to it's opponents up to a split.

Until Hiroshi created the artifact and artifact for Spring Vegetables, there was no time for peace in the space-time god headed by the Three Goddesses.