"Geocatastrophe really can't let go on the surface..."

"It's been tremendous, really..."

The next day. On the way to a huge temper that presumably occurred in the center, the Macro and Spring Vegetables look down on the surface from God's ship and face its state.

It was probably terrible when I saw it from the ground, but when I looked down from the sky, its idleness was not the ratio when I saw it from the ground.

Geocatastrophe is much worse in terms of the quality of destruction, although it does not extend to heavenly and earth-opening artillery in the scope and scale of destruction.

Somehow Geocatastrophe cannot narrow down the range with an Around Guard or something. It is not possible to reduce the power or range in the resist due to a physical attack, and the side used other than to stop completely with the body before landing on the ground has no means to reduce the damage.

Melee physical attack skills that are heavily watered down by magic attacks in terms of variations in power and effect ranges, special effects, and difficulty in defending or avoiding them. Thus, the few advantages that have been set have been greatly transformed in a direction that we do not want to transform once we have acquired the characteristics specific to Extra Skills.

"Hey, Macro."


True harp speaks out to the macro around that it's time to see it under his temper.

"If I were to have a boss, would I do it with Geocatastrophe?

"No, that's just about the lass boss here, with the intention of normally retiring. Maybe we can get the right material."

"Right. Now you want the right material."

Makoto nods to Macro's policy and retightens his mind. Apparently, this time the sun is not willing to run to safety measures without shards, and it is only going to act as originally intended.

Yesterday's mid-boss battle has seen both Guardian Field and Sentinel Guard smashed through along the way. Ultimately, the growth of skills and equipment made it completely no-damage, but I'm pretty sure there's still a medium boss out there with the firepower to normally bump through if it's about the initial state of Kamikaze.

To be honest, compared to Zarvald, who had the largest firepower among the three executives, the medium boss' offensive power was pretty inferior. Three executives who could have knocked it down with no damage because they unilaterally fitted it, but if their opponents were actually serious about resisting, they could have taken deadly damage at that point in their gear except for the Macro and Spring Vegetables. Compared to that, the middle boss is weak.

Of the medium bosses who did it right this time, even the purgatory boy's special attack, which had the highest physical firepower, only had enough firepower to complete it with just a little Guardian Field and all kinds of gear growing up. But that's what it is in the middle boss, so it's no surprise that Las Boss has more firepower than Zavaldo and each other.

If you are prepared to challenge a dungeon with the highest degree of difficulty at the moment, and its lass boss can't easily defeat it with some gear, it's not surprising what kind of accident happens.

For the record, the deification of the macro and spring vegetables and skill proficiency have nothing to do with it. Skills that still have room for growth at the time of deification normally grow if used.

So it's just extra skill, or the Guardian Field of the Horn is just past the turning point in proficiency. As far as rigid immortality is concerned, it has barely grown from a small number of opportunities for use.

"... Master, Sister Chun, I see"

"... hmm?... that one."

Mio finally discovers something that looks like a boss as he gradually increases his nervousness as he prepares items and more for the boss battle.

"... I don't know, it's amazing in a different way than just now..."

"... let it go. It's too much of a bad taste for a performance, and if you don't, you don't."

"Something is so hard to fight in so many ways..."

"Mm-hmm. Honestly, I don't want to go up there."

"I wonder if anyone wants to go through..."

Probably the boss, a man with a lot of grudges, sitting around holding someone, or something. When he sees the area where he is, Hongtai says to each other with his face in disgust.

That should be it, too. The place where the boss sits is on a mountain where a large number of raw (...) people (...) fold together.

Not if you're just alive. All the humans laid down and stacked as scaffolding are in a state where death is inevitable as much as the cause is different, nor can they die immediately.

That's why many people are overwhelmed by the frontal view, and most importantly the fact that women and children, some of them even mixed with babies and mothers with them, create an environment where they are even reluctant to turn into battlefields instead of stepping foot in.

Also, the smell drifting around this area and the sounds you hear are something of a different look, such a tragic sight, if not so well cared for, that the moment you step into this area, even slightly, you empty the contents of your stomach in synergy with visual information and it will be a nightmare for a while.

Between the time I went into purgatory and here, I was also walked down a path made of corpses. There were places where grudging voices were BGM. But while they seemed very vivid and authentic at first sight, they were somewhere lying and unrealistic if you stood on the spot.

But not here. Those who suffer here, the smell that fills here just seemed "real" no matter how hard they try. It would also be natural for Hiroshi to say that it is too bad a hobby for a performance.

"... maybe this is the sight of when this purgatory was created, I wonder what..."

"... even if it was, so what's the matter, right? Honestly, it's completely irrelevant..."

Exactly, until now, a line of Azma Workshops has been diving through quite a few training grounds to say something about. Where I've been shown this intense view, I won't throw up or be out of combat now, but unfortunately I'm not fine enough to slap a light mouth on my usual level.

Unfortunately, when it became a tragic sight so far, it didn't seem like it had to be swallowed at all.

"... Interpretation, dungeon gimmicks or. We have to cut it off."

Seeing a man close to the range of the attack but still immobile, a ready horse lands God's ship. Understanding the meaning of the action, the line went down to the battlefield as it remained in a combat posture.

"... I knew you weren't going to move until I set you up from here"

"... why don't we just cut it up here and go home?

"No, I don't think so..."

A man who is too close to being able to fight, yet takes no action. Seeing that, as if I were to bruise the spring vegetables I suggested, if I were to imitate the bad aftertaste, this would be the gimmick that would move.


"Whoa, whoa..."

"Help, help..."

"At least just this kid..."

"Kill me first and foremost!!

In the outer periphery, the humans who were closest to Higashi come closer to each other as they crawled or stood up fluttering.

If you look closely, whenever Higashi's feet have been completely filled with half-dead men, and even God's ships, which he did not store, have been isolated with no idea where they are.

If Higashi wants to escape, he can escape, but perhaps a normal party, he has no choice but to fight madly in death with a bad aftertaste.

"Shame on you, do it..."

"Macro, you don't have to..."

"When we run away in this situation, we leave the ship behind. Coming back to collect can be a hassle, and when I come to collect it, I'll be here. I can't let you fight the boss in the same pattern. If we do that, it's much better to do something nasty in one go."

A macro who sets up a legulus and decides to go into a real fight by rejecting the words of True Harp. Spring vegetables are already starting to sing the song of soul quenching.

"... why was Chunfa not allowed and you were allowed to live again?

The man finally showed his reaction when he was inhibited by the spring vegetable song and the semi-dead stopped moving.

Even so, the reaction the man showed was not an act of combat, but something about leaking grudges. The grudge has become an intense curse, but he does not intend to move from the spot yet, aside from direct attacks.

"Why are you, these people, alive after all, when Chunfa, who has no sin whatsoever, was unreasonably deprived of his life and was not allowed to live again!?

"Don't know!!

It was rolling at his feet, where the man from each of those babies had trampled the woman who was protecting the baby, and Hiroshi, who had stopped looking for a way out of the other, threw the regulus at him.

A Divine Axe Leggles, who flew away while spinning at high speeds, cleaves the remains of a man like the boss and a woman who the man was embracing into two pieces, and returns to the hands of the macro with him spinning at high speeds.

Axed elementary skill boomerang ax. I learned how to use it naturally while I was using Tomahawk Rain, a skill that makes me want to ask if the order is the opposite.


"That's part of the dungeon, and it's not alive. Not even the body itself. Oh. It was just a form of resentment."

Sudden, if you do that too, Makoto unwittingly raises a voice of amazement at the thought-provoking action of the macro. I perceive a slightly faint colour of reproach engulfing that voice, a magnificent one that tells True Harp to tell himself, pale as he catches Leggles.

Sometimes it was difficult to act against gimmicks that took ethics as a shield, and Macro continued to observe doing bad things and not eating extra counterattacks. As a result, we lost all reason to hesitate to attack.

"From the gimmick of the dungeon, he has no soul himself. Simply move with the resentment stained here. Besides..."

At the timing of whether or not the words of the Macho end, he eats and scatters the remains of the woman whose torn off man's upper body was embracing him. From there he devours, chews and drinks the flesh of the woman and the baby that he himself trampled on, as well as the bodies of the humans who kept raising their grudges around him.

Each time a massive amount of grudge and resentment rises and pours into a man's body. Just close range, or even the purifying and soul-quenching ability of the spring vegetable song can't stop its flow.

"Perhaps these people, just gimmicks, will do anything until the boss battle is over. It takes a curse.... No, these people could get their souls tied up here if they suck. I don't feel anything for them, but these people are angry."

"... that's..."

"It's better to tailor that one at once, even if you're somewhat involved, than to care poorly and do it right away, and these people will be released sooner rather than later!

"... I see"

Hearing the words of the Macho, Makoto, somehow prepared, runs the universe. As it is, it fleshes to the man at once, releasing no mercy or hesitation from the setting of his dwelling, a disease slaughter/heaven.

True harp that doesn't kill that momentum even after the move is over and runs through the air to return to its original position. Make him laugh invincibly at what he has said.

of Divine Clothes, rather than Spring Vegetable Blood. One of the special features of equipment, Aerial Walking. True harp also seems to be on my mind to do a thoughtful imitation of its unstable function, which is used to unleash a disease slaughter system move that requires a solid scaffold on top of bumping production but also extra skill.

"Even if those guys are in the gimmick of the dungeon, they're not gonna scaffold the guy who honestly made it here, are they?

"No, what I cared about was that I did it if I could use a disease-killing technique with a phantom knife while I was walking in the air..."

"These guys don't seem to care about the status quo either. It's very cooperative."

"I don't know. Even so, even if I ate it, I wouldn't know the terms of victory..."

Almost exclusively flesh pieces, chopped and carved to the point, sealed for regeneration with the special function of the Phantom Knife, purified and created with a powerful purifying ability, a common function of the artifact to stop, but isolated and without escape, has not changed one thing.

Maybe the man was a fake just because he was an easy target to understand too easily. That's all I've been thinking about, and I start to mumble the people who were falling before the splashed pieces of flesh fell.

"If you don't leave one piece of meat, make it disappear, all the time? If so, it's still a bad taste..."

"... Master, that's not all. The resentment..."

"... bad taste to the point, I mean it"

People hurt by splashed pieces of flesh. The resentment and grudge that rises from it brings up some kind of magic formation. And...

"There's as much as I expected!!

Tatsuya can roar at Demon Road and Demon Apocalypse, which are recalled one after the other from their magic formation, as they tap into the ten arrays of prepared Holy Heaven octopolar guns.

I can't do anything about it with just a few numbers, even if I finish about three bodies with that blow. With Holy Heaven octopolar cannons that have no magic compression and no enhancements due to Kamikaze's ability amplification or enhancement magic, you can't pin the middle purgatory boss in the first place with a single blow, etc.

In addition, a number of arrows fly from Mio, but this also stays to finish off the rest of the burning in Tatsuya's attack. This is a normal shooting by a weapon that is not an artifact, so it would be a natural consequence.

The great demons of the boss class who swept away the onslaught of Tatsuya and Mio and stepped down on the ground. They began to ravage the people rolling at their feet by choosing the most painful way to fulfill the role they had been called upon to play.

"Let it go any further!!

What happens if you continue like this, the macro who anticipated it to some extent, grows at the same time as throwing the regulus. All the grown legulus draw different trajectories and one after the other slaughter the Great Devil.

What you're doing is Boomerangax, but no matter how much weapon you unleashed was an artifact used by God, no matter how much anything you did, you don't have this power or this ability in your primary moves.

This move is a newly knitted one in which Hiroshi unconsciously uses his power as God of Creation.

A new extra skill created by the certainty that if you can do Tomahawk Rain, there's no way you can't increase Boomerangax. Moreover, it interfered with and strengthened the Leggles themselves, so their power is no longer bearable for every boss in the middle purgatory.

The great demons that emerged within the sight of the Macro were instantly devastated.

"Ha! Do it! Yes!"

True harp slashes away one after another the people who emerged at a point that can be said to be almost directly next to the other, out of the sight of the macro. With the aid of Kamikaze, we will double strengthen Kamikaze by amplifying the abilities of Ignition Seoul and Kamikaze himself, and in the current situation where Kamikaze is fully cooperating with us, it is not difficult to completely break off about Demon Road or Demon Apocalypse.

Supporting them like that by putting a variety of auxiliary and crippling magic on a song with a laminated chant of spring vegetables. Unlike a macro, this one doesn't use any power as a goddess, but the underlying specs are jumping out of step at the time of becoming a god, trying to suppress how much in the first place. It is extremely effective because it supports it in its ability.

Without trying, both Hongkai and Spring Vegetables are in the form of training to control their power as gods, but we will not be able to speak in the same line of Spring Vegetables, which are intentionally refraining from using their power for times of need, and Hongkai, who is using them without any awareness.

"Now it's over."

"Anyway, there will be something after this."

Makoto, back in his original position, affirms with a fierce face to the macro he says as he catches the regulus he threw in the second Boomerangax modification. Two Boomerang Axe modifications and a full battle between Tatsuya and Makoto had quickly wiped out a group of great demons.

However, the gimmick that reverses the nerves of Honda has not yet been lifted, and the location of God's ship remains unknown. As Zhenqin says, this can't be the end of it.

Therefore, although I hope it is over with my mouth, the Macro does not relieve me of any vigilance, and Spring Vegetables continues to sing. Tatsuya is finally in the ground vein connection and Mio is also in the stash so that he can use his strongest moves at any time.

As affirming the thoughts of such magnificents, the dropping material left behind by the tailored demons and the resentment of the semi-dead treated as gimmicks come together in one piece to materialize something.

The king of purgatory finally revealed himself as he trampled on various things.

"Destroy a world like this where the innocent are trampled unilaterally, a world where they are not even allowed to seek and strive for happiness!

"Don't you say that!

Tatsuya, who had finished chanting and weighed the timing of the firing, raises a voice of genuine anger at the purgatory king, who unites his whole body to shield the souls of those who hurt him to the point, and speaks such a casual thing.

As I echo that voice, a small red dot floats in the face of a large number of people with a distressed expression, in its gap.

When Tatsuya noticed it turned her gaze on Spring Vegetables, Spring Vegetables nodded small toward Tatsuya without stopping the song.

Special auxiliary magic and target points. Magic that pinpoints the subject's weakness. Unusual for magic to be classified as auxiliary magic, magic that strikes enemies, not allies, and that in the game age only members who are partying or unionizing can see weaknesses, and only those who in this world have clearly recognized that an operator who is within a certain range is an ally.

It was a magic that was ineffective if resisted by the nature of putting it on enemies, and very little chance of being used instead of usefulness combined with the length of the chant, because it was a magic that was easily resisted from its immense effect of seeing weaknesses. Even for spring vegetables, during the game era, monsters treated as bosses had never even succeeded in Berthark Bear, which is a good place to go underground, so they had no idea to use it until now.


He receives a silent message of spring vegetables, and Mio hits through his weaknesses accurately with a giant dragon drop first.

The giant dragon drop, which is only an attack at a point, is better suited to pinpoint the small weakness of this hand than the energy ryatt, which is really excessive in destructive power.

The king of Purgatory, whose arrows devoured the core at once due to the blow of Mio, raised a roar of anger and suffering at the pain.

"I see it, your main body!

Because it was severely damaged by a giant dragon drop, a larger gap floats here and there between the surface of the Purgatory King, the faces of people and their faces than earlier. As I look through it, it cuts open precisely so that the true harp does not have aftermath with maximum depth, disease slaughter and divine authority.

If you cut it apart, it's two dances earlier. With that in mind, the Phantom Knife also does not imitate itself in such a way as to stretch its own fullness, but focuses on widening the exposed surface of the body so as not to harm the people who have been shielded.

As a result, we succeeded in creating as much space as we could tap into multiple Holy Heaven octopolar guns at the same time.

"Tatsuya. No trace, blow him away!!

"Brother Da, decide!

"Whoa! Energy Ryatt!

Cheered by True Harp and Mio, as the spring vegetable backs up, only this time tapping into the ultimate destructive magic for singles that is more efficient than Geocatastrophe.

King of Purgatory who tries to avoid it by stepping on it as a stand-alone unit and evading it from the rays. However, the action is completely inhibited by the overwhelming, even physical pressure, intimidation directed from the macro and the rough obstruction of putting a crack at the foot, which was then carried out.

As a result, the Purgatory King, who whimpered unsolicited things and continued to efficiently establish power-ups and behavioral inhibition at the same time, was unnecessarily allowed to buy the wrath of the gods and extinguish them without being given time to do anything but reverse the other's nerves.

"... has the gimmick been disarmed? But those souls are free."

"... but the material is kind of falling off a lot. I'm not happy at all."

"I'm not so happy with the material gathering, I've never..."

Make sure that Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, who were watching the change without releasing alert, have rolled down a large number of anger, resentment, and fading drop items, and decide it's over to lift their combat posture.

But that look doesn't clear. Whatever it is, we're not yet both mentally distant from humans enough to be shown something that awful and flat out.

Sooner or later, as a god, this degree must be able to be handled with the end of things, but neither Hiroshi nor Spring Vegetables have yet brought together any more mentality than the high school students who have dived through numerous training fields.

"Master, Sister Chun. Can't you do something about it?

"That's right. Whatever it is, it's too bad, even if it's part of what they made here."

"Hiro. You sure you could have made a dungeon this size, even if it was limited to the castle of God? If you can make it, can't you break it?

"... indeed, long after the outbreak of this hand, the method of destroying the dungeon, which may be completely fixed, did you do it by crushing and purifying the core and repeating it with guts?

"... I don't know. Ask the Great Library or the gods directly, and we'll have to make sure."

Together we discuss how we can do something while collecting drop items in a dungeon with too many chest shit bad specifications. No matter what I say, I can't say that I drive normally around collecting material, but the look on its face is very dangerous.

Honestly, the only ingredients whose origins are the source, and the ingredients that have difficulty handling in a different way than the blood reflexes of spring vegetables, are not guilty of the ingredients. Besides, I feel guilty about leaving these materials, which are packed with the suffering of many people, on this occasion.

After all, no matter how happy I was, I couldn't make the choice not to recover the material.

"Well, for now, it's from looking for a dungeon core. No matter how you roll, you won't waste your core crushing."

"Before I do, can you give me a moment because I have something to give you? I will tell you where the dungeon core is then…"

"... Dear Alfemina? When?"

"I just showed my face here,"

In the meantime, let's break the dungeon core no matter what we do. Alfemina, who has just descended, stops the macro who thought and acted on it.

"I'm sorry to water you where you're motivated. But it's really important, and it won't take that long. Just a moment, please."

It was an alfemina that felt stuck in a burning feather, which also blew away the feeling of illness that I had felt before, and an unexpected look at each other with a strange look.

Exactly. I don't want to have an exchange where I had a chest shit bad fight earlier. Such unanimity of opinion among the Hongdae led to the case of Alfemina being done in God's ship.

"Quick, but let's get this done"

In anticipation of Hiroshi's calming mood, Alfemina moves on with her business as she retrieves something.

"Right. What do you really give me?

"It is the material of the Divine Fixtures of Lord Spring Vegetables, prepared by pooling our total strength. I'm sorry, Lord Hiroshi, but now Lord Spring Vegetables controls power, so make something that will help."

"Well, I don't need to make Spring Vegetables' aids, so I thought, yes, I appreciate the ingredients, but all of a sudden again."

"That's all, the effect of Lord Chunvegetable's constitution was getting worse..."

Spring vegetables seem sorry to be depressed by the alfemina that spills so with a heart-tired, and slightly unavailable look.

"Just in case, this matter isn't bad for Lord Spring Vegetables. If you follow the original, the incident where Lord Spring Vegetables had to become a goddess, our mistake for failing to stop it. Besides, there's no way you can normally control your constitution."

"... but that's the only story I'm sorry to hear that the basic non-interference is how the principle alfemina works, right?

"Yeah. If we're the only ones who can do this, we were going to do something about it until we fit in responsibly, but unfortunately, we're the only ones in a situation that we're sorry for."

I'm really sorry, spring vegetables that make me even more depressed by perceiving how much trouble I'm causing to the alfemina I bow my head. Macro opens his mouth to break such a vicious circle.

"If we start talking about that area, Daimoto will be caused by an idiotic creative god who has self-destructed by involving even more residents of an unrelated world in the quote that pushed evil gods to people, and Master Alfemina will apologize."

"But we couldn't use the rules as an excuse, because we couldn't prevent them from being prevented, so we can't say it's only the responsibility of God who's already perished. Because I can't argue that all the gods in this world should have destroyed the evil gods at the time of your involvement."

"If you imitate that, this world will perish. Don't. I mean, the stage device, it just seems so light, and in fact, God is more important and basically knows how to change the control device and how to do it all the time."

The word Alfemina once said to a person who strayed from the rest of the world and lost his life in an evil spirit. That is clearly denied by the Macro.

"Honestly, I made a castle. I see. Maybe, but this world will end when Alfemina-sama vanishes, and time stops flowing and dies as it is. Not only Master Alfemina. Perhaps if Alfemina survived, but three of the five gods, or around 30% of the other gods, disappeared, the system could be maintained, and the world would be completely broken, and only Alfemina would remain, right?

"... have you understood..."

"Perhaps this is still the end of the Creator or something. At last, as long as you get out of here with regular people like me and Mr. Haruna, the new God replenishment will not work, and all the time, perhaps some pillars will remain diminished in the fight against evil gods," he said.

Alfemina affirms the words of the Macho, with a bitter face. In fact, it is possible in itself to destroy the evil gods if we do not think about maintaining the world. But if you do that and this world breaks down, it's the end of the line, and if one world dies or becomes unstable, the effects that no other world can surprisingly fool around with.

Just not the God of Creation, Alfemina is essentially the Lord God of one world. You can't be too irresponsible.

I don't have to feel all kinds of real upside down things around that Lord God tied to strange rules, but when I say that, I'm going to stick my neck in a matter of proportion and depth, so I'm weighing myself in for now.

We're all over ourselves, but for now, if we crush the Evil God, we don't want to stick our necks in the system problems of the Alfeminas that solve the immediate problems.

"Well, let's just put aside the stories around there, and for now, I'll make a whole bunch of them if they crush the core here, because it looks like they suck around Alfemina getting so stuck in their wings."

"It helps. I'm so sorry."

To the words of the Macro, an alfemina that bows its head deeply. Instead of being able to do anything against Higashi, he pushed the burden unilaterally and even made the irreversible change of divinity, but he is moving voluntarily without complaining about this circumstance.

To be clear, the gods of this world are inherently incapable of sleeping with their feet set on the Honda. Without the problem that there will be extra influence on the future of Hong and Spring Vegetables, we should do whatever we can to support Hongda, no matter how many rules we overlap, to the extent that it has no impact on the maintenance and operation of the world.

To the extent that the maintenance operation is unaffected, my back is pulling at the point where I am saying, but if there is a fatal impact that way, the blame could go to Hongda as well. Besides, if Hiroshi is moving to keep the world from perishing, but the support will have an impact that the world cannot ignore, then the main fall is a good place.

Most importantly, if that happens, even if it's the Alfemina and the others' own mistakes, Higashi absolutely cares. If you don't care about it, you won't be training people to treat power so that it doesn't affect the world in the first place, etc., and you'll be on the verge of destroying evil gods at an earlier stage, ready to strike a straight match.

"So, I'd like to crush the core right here, where is it?

"Right. I can't say for sure that this is a dungeon where the divergence from the world has progressed so far, but perhaps if we hit Geocatastrophe three times or so into the place where it set the stage, we can crush it as it was"

"I see. I'm going to do it so fast. Fortunately, we have enough in stock for a cooling canceller. Oh, I was just checking, but it's nothing. It's a problem even if we're out of here, right?

"Yes. Rather, the destruction of the dungeon core is something you should ask for here, even to free your captive soul. It is unfortunate in itself that the collective unconscious mistake has come from a different world, and even though it pushed the end of this mistake, we must ask the ex-human who came to deification on his own..."

"The control system of the world and the instincts of the world conflict, all the time, it's hard..."

"Not at all. As a result, I don't have to put a burden on you in the case of the three executives, and I'm sorry that Tatsuya and Makoto are dead and no longer insured, and I have to deify them until Spring Vegetables..."

There are many problems in the naturally occurring world, alfemina moaning with sincere apologies about it.

Collective unconscious actions cannot interfere in any way from the Alfeminas. The result is the outbreak of purgatory and more than a thousand years of fixation, the devastation of the Honda Japanese team and the deification of spring vegetables.

Both are obviously lethal downsides if you think ahead, and I don't think the collective unconsciousness, which is the instinct of the world, would make such a mistake if you seemingly think normally.

But if instincts always make the right choice, there will be no organism that fails to conserve the species. mistakes made by collective unconsciousness, is that kind of thing.

"In the meantime, shall we end the story around there? I don't know how it's going to affect me while I'm doing something I'm sorry about."

"... right"

"Crisp core crushing, there's positioning before..."

The key piece of information cuts off a conversation with the unproductive alfemina, and it goes into the task of crushing the core. It is not efficient to knock in from the current location, and travel to just the right place on God's ship.

"If I shoot from around here, I'll feel just fine. Do you want to crush it? I'm gonna use the cooling canceller, but you know what?

"Whoa. Use as much as you like."

"Here, go. Geokatastrov ya!!

Adjust the position, put in a yes or no and then go down to the ground and beat in Geocatastrophe relentlessly. Three shots in a dimensionless position, where the outermost circumference of the axe blade has reached a depth as deep as would have penetrated the mantle layer if it had normally been released on the surface, I feel the convenience of grinding something else.

At the same time as that blow, the temper throughout the dungeon dropped sharply. In addition, a soul that seemed to have been imprisoned flies away towards heaven with glitter and glow.

Spring vegetables that saw it mumble a song about nature and soul control. Pushed by the song of spring vegetables, numerous souls jump one after the other into a circular stream that should push back through the boundaries of the dungeon as it grows more radiant.

More than two thousand years after the establishment of Purgatory. In the meantime, it was the moment when the souls, who had been constantly haunted without being able to go mad in the form of rebellion and eight hits, were finally saved.

"... Now, if you put it down properly and make souvenirs, go home and make Spring Vegetables' artifacts."

Spring vegetables with an unexpected small sigh at the majesty of telling them that with an evil grin somewhat while taking out the priestly Pome and Tape Recorder guys. I know what you want to do and I'm basically in big agreement with you, but there's somehow something you can no longer use your song for that kind of thing, even if you've given up on it no matter what your favorite opponent does.

"But is it okay? For once, it's a famous dungeon, right?

"There's no adventurer in or out of here anyway, but if it disappears, it's nothing."

"Well, yes..."

The external environment is too bad in the first place, and coming here is not even easy with its own means of flight. The human being who thus took his feet has not existed in itself for the last few hundred years and will not be a nuisance to anyone. It justified self-serving behavior with such a fact-based argument, and was an ambition that thoroughly created the destruction and purification of the lowest tier areas and lowered the leisure.

"This is how materials are prepared. Yes..."

After lunch back at the castle of God. It took about an hour to prepare the material, finish refining its last process, the metal material, and the various ingots removed from the true fire furnace were arranged on the workbench, with a breath of ambition to assemble the work ahead in your head.

Perhaps its expression is really serious just because it is expected to be so difficult alongside the castle of God.

"The core material is a treasure ball from this Alfemina-sama. Yes, is the problem the final form? The main thing is that it functions as an aid, so the basics need to be worn from time to time."

An ambition to devise what policy to make it while re-dyeing the spiritual filament yarn as a lower task with dyes made of spring vegetable blood reflexes. Cloth and yarn will be needed no matter how calm you end up, as we plan to combine props into one with weapon armor due to the morphological change function.

With regard to its weapons protective equipment, the design and functions are largely determined. The image is clear that it is not a big deal, such as the sense of coordination of the macro, but it is still the only one. Besides, the divine artifact itself grows and changes, so even if the design is not perfect in the first phase, then it changes to the best one on its own.

In the first place, we plan to adjust it so that it can perform almost completely even if it's not deployed when it comes to protective equipment, so putting the armor together will mean nothing more than declaring that we will fight for real. If it makes any other sense, there are some features and special abilities that are more convenient to put armor on the table at best, and if you think only of defense, there is no point in putting armor together.

The question is what to do with the state that has not deployed its armor.

"Basically, I'll do the accessories, but I'll go to high school when I get back to Japan, so it's not very flashy. Piercing is safe, earrings are forbidden because of crime prevention and loss, and both are out. I can definitely flag the ring or something extra. Will it be around necklaces, pendants, bracelets..."

Crush the artifact material together, which you do not plan to use, and narrow down your candidacy while formulating the powder in several patterns. Modern Japan basically waits for job questions when you wander around armed, and in some cases your hands go around behind you. Something a little weapon-like is basically out.

Even though I tend to forget, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables are still high school students in Japan and middle school students leading up to Mio. Accessories also have limitations.

The prefectural Xiguan High School, attended by Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, is one of the premier public high schools in the prefecture. That's why the students who basically go to school are highly academic in themselves, and there are also few students who imitate the historical principals and the head teachers and the teaching of student instruction as morally oriented, but as a result, strange.

That is why the school rules are very loose, uniforms are available but private clothes are also allowed to attend school. Basically nobody says anything in particular unless it's on that extension line or the accessories are also so flashy and expensive. Piercing and earrings are prohibited at best due to safety and management issues.

For the same reason, I would not receive guidance unless my makeup was just as perfect, and I have not been particularly problematic in dyeing my hair. I don't have one, but I haven't bothered to. Because no one has a taste for hurting my skin and hair since I was young, or because that kind of looks retarded, and no students are the first to take off their feathers on that side. Even if I am, I have enough students to discolor my hair somewhat bright or wear colorless medicinal lip cream in the winter.

For the record, Higashi's generation had many students sneaking around to try their blonde hair during a long break due to spring vegetables, but less than three days later, with the lesson that shade relationships are best left natural on their chests, they may revert to the color of their original hair and seal it in a corner of their memory as a bitter memory close to black history.

"Fortunately, for three years, swimming is free to participate, and sports is silent about bracelets except for balls and martial arts, so bracelets are easy."

A policy was set in the macro when he made a Rapier pattern with a branch of a world tree, sprinkled with a powder of core material and wrapped Leviathan's skin around the grip.

To be honest, if we are to rule out any possibility of trouble, it is best to leave it intake inside the spring vegetables as well as the keys to God's castle, and naturally we intend to wear its function as well.

However, the current situation, where the control is even sweet, and until it improves somewhat, will probably not be able to achieve its full performance unless the spring vegetables are clearly recognisable when worn.

With that in mind, the bracelet with a discreet design is the easiest.

"All right, let's start by incorporating it. Let's make it all."

Metal products first, no matter what. Think of it that way, a magnificent taking on the ingot of Shinko Steel. This time it is terribly serious, just to make something with unprecedented specifications.

Rapier first. The core material powder A type mixed with more Meteor Eye powder is re-refined into the additive. Energy is also collected from world trees and Mori Lo crystals, and the space-time attributes are carefully adjusted to be primarily positive for any of the Spring Vegetable Handbills.

Enough to persuade your stubborn uncle to forge the ingots made that way carefully and carefully. He finishes his persuasion somehow while eating a few counterattacks and completes a great silhouette body that would not complain from anywhere even if he called it the peak piece of art.

Heat the fillet in a true fire furnace, add the serum of the three God's meat monsters to the Spring Vegetable Blood Rejection, plus about the same amount of Sirius Heart and Meteor Eye, otherwise stick it into a liquid for baking with a powder mixed with about ten artifact materials powder.

At the end of the baking, until earlier, the bright white sashimi was translucent, but also transformed into something fantastic that would change shades every bit, like Aurora. Combined with the beauty of its silhouette, it even shows a strange divinity.

"This is what Rapier looks like. All the time, Spring Vegetables hardly seem to get a chance to cut directly with this."

Perhaps if Bardo would just touch it, Rapier would vanish. With this from the beginning, there would undoubtedly have been no total annihilation of the three executive opponents, such a weapon, but, positively for spring vegetables, as a weapon for direct attack, unfortunately, perhaps with little turnout.

Most importantly, it is a weapon based on the current spring vegetables, so I can't use it if it is spring vegetables at the time.

"Do you want to make a knife as another weapon at last? as convenient goods that also deform into various knives"

With that said, I also create a knife in almost the same procedure. A macro with a satisfying grin that fits it into a pattern made of world trees and makes sure it deforms properly into a knife. It would be admirable to have also made a share of myself and Mio at last.

Mysterious, fantastic, a knife that even makes you feel divine. It is the completion of hazardous materials that may cut through the ingredients of each slab, unless something so carefully selected is used.

"After that, armor burns, but once there's a leather armor mode and a breast plate mode. Yeah?

An ambition to think about protective equipment based on the characteristics of spring vegetables, using the core ingredients of crushed artifacts and adding various additives one after the other to proceed with refining. When it is no longer a material of this class, it eliminates any problems such as inhibiting magic activation or inhibiting the movement of the wearer, but still some disorientation and material differences emerge.

"Well, why don't you just make it? Yeah."

Once we get here, one or two of the leather armor is an error. So cut off, the forged sheet of divine steel is laid aside and moved to the manufacture of leather armor. Sewing the synthetic leather of the three major meat monsters one after the other on the spirit cloth made under the armor, it will be mounted so that the plates for the armor that have just been refined and abandoned can be purged on top of it.

"Ugh. I can do it while I can."

A breast plate worthy of thinning the leather itself to the extreme to the extent that it does not lose strength or defense, or a sleek shape that I don't think leatherarmor lurks beneath it in appearance. Either the effect of the baking, or this breast plate is also beautiful that changes to countless colors as Aurora has been consolidated as armor, but the difference in additives when refined, this one is not translucent, and neither the change in color nor the intensity or vibrancy of the colors is so flashy. The gradient has changed at some point if you are aware of it, etc.

Still, you'll probably lose that beauty altogether if anything but spring vegetables wore it. Sometimes the act that adult versions of Aeris and Lime lined up in spring vegetables are fundamentally armed with metal armor, if it's just an ugly rating, doesn't look right, and you still lose unilaterally wearing this.

It is undoubtedly entirely dedicated to spring vegetables, around the fact that the macro that should be the producer is out of the question.

"Later, Mr. Spring Vegetables, music or something. I want Mike to have a speaker, a musical instrument, and I want to be able to auto-play the BGM if I can."

Because it is exclusively for spring vegetables anyway, and I will prepare more and more equipment as far as I can think of. Regardless of the microphone and the speakers, the instrument is completely over-specified against the current arm of the spring vegetables.

In addition, since the village of Ortem, we will prepare farm tools because they are also elaborate for farming, make simple preparation kits with cookware, and so on.

Along the way, for the sake of spring vegetables, there is a large part of the rampage to satisfy the production desires of the Macro himself, but for now, the preparation of everything to be incorporated into the Spring Vegetable Divine Fixture is over.

"I don't care if you make a ton of extra stuff, but for now, it's the main bracelet. Let's start by merging the core materials of Divine Silver and Alfemina..."

From here on out, it's the real deal, and I'm going to carefully fuse the core material I got from Alfemina into the little divine silver ingot I prepared to temper and bracelet.

It should be noted that divine silver is a mixture of about 30% misrills and about one percent gardolium in divine iron before purification to divine steel, and refined with the addition of special additives.

At this time, using amuon ore, not gardrium, would be divine gold, but there is no difference such as this other than appearance. Because of this, I used the divine silver one this time because of the demanding characteristics of not being too flashy and the decision that a chic silver or platinum bracelet would look better than a flashy gold bracelet if it were spring vegetables.

"... All right, fusion complete. And then use this as a bracelet and define the function…"

A macro that carefully molds the ingots of divine silver into the shape of a bracelet, fused with the core material, which has also led to a complex glow. It will be turned into a design that suits spring vegetables on its own when needed, and a plain and simple chain bracelet.

As it is, 90% of the resources will be allocated to the suppression and control of the most important function, causal and confusional constitution, with the remaining 10%, control assistance for its other powers and the deployment of storage of equipment and equipment prepared in large quantities, as well as link functions.

Exactly what Alfemina just made from a blend of multiple, which is also quite a large amount of artifact material, and there is still room to link and enhance all the equipment that the Macro has made all the way in and out of the way, even more freely.

Three hours from the start of preparation of the material and about two hours from the start of manufacture. After all the setting and fine-tuning, the Spring Vegetable Goddess was completed without delay.

"Did you get a little extra? All the time, it's not good to turn it to any more turbulence control, or leave it for adjustment."

After looking at the finished product, I realize that I have about two percent of capacity left to spare, and for now, a macro to put on hold when it comes to usage. Apart from whether or not you will need capacity, there are many parts of spring vegetables that actually have to be adjusted after wearing them while observing the progress.

Thinking about it, I've never left room for it.

As a matter of fact, I have unconsciously used my powers again to grant and pack more capacity than I should have, but naturally I am unaware of myself.

Perhaps with the capacity it was supposed to have, weapons and protective equipment alone would have been full. But no one will ever know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

"After that, the name…, if a strange link occurs or something, I don't want to do it first, so let's do something like Alfemina or a name attributed to an existing god…"

I remember this when I was in Winterfell, and I often worried about Hiroshi. But I can't think of a good name and stop thinking about it.

"About the name, why don't you put it on Mr. Spring Vegetables? Yeah. In the meantime, make a Mio bow and dagger by dinner."

In a sense, he decided to throw the most important thing round the spring vegetables, and Hiroshi then created artifacts such as bows, daggers, and two-handed hammers to greatly satisfy his manufacturing desires.