"This is a very complicated mood..."

A true harp that reveals an inner heart that is almost gone, looking at Balshem's back walking in front. The fact that Dragonlord Balshem, synonymous with an undefeatable boss, is a friendly woman, and a witch, is beyond convinced.

To be more precise, the fact that her dragon appearance was completely different from that of the game is the biggest cause of the unconvincing presence of this witch named Dragon Lord Balshem.

"Exactly. I was a little surprised, too, but so much?

"That's right. For me, the class of combat obsolete, or level 500 + players, the Dragon Road Balshem is the biggest trauma."

"That's it..."

Makoto shows something that looks quite deeply rooted, though just as laughable with his nose compared to a macro. Even though he whispers, he says it where he is, so it's fair.

"Mr. Makoto, Mr. Makoto. I don't know why I said it where I was."

"I know, but I really don't feel like it..."

"You're really rooted..."

True harp that says things with momentum and often snaps later, but I care a lot about these things. Because such a true harp is so instantly inseparable, the game age Balshem seems to be planting considerable trauma on each side.

"Something like this, I'm sorry. Looks like he's had a lot going on in the past."

"What, you don't have to worry about it. In view of what Balshem has done in the past, it is only natural that there should be such a reaction"

"Of the past, what?

"The name Balshem is close to the title there. In the first place, it is normal for dragons to have few intelligent individuals, but therefore no individual names. If only my predecessor, Balshem, had raided this temple with me, there would have been no other designation besides the title" Witch of Solace. "

"... is that what it is?

"Oh, that's what it is. So, as you can see from how I was supposed to raid Balshem's name, the dragon that had Balshem's name was always wasted. It was a routine tea meal, such as sneezing and attacking for now, just saying that there were humans within sight of the floating islands of their dwellings, even though they were neither territorial nor eating."

"... well, that's usually what dragons are for..."

Tatsuya explains why she doesn't care about True Harp's attitude and, oddly enough, tells her honest thoughts on Balshem, who talks about her predecessors' work, in a way that feels like she has trouble reacting. In fact, a dragon of ordinary public image, with or without intelligence or language, would be of the type of pre-predecessor Balshem.

At least as far as Western dragons are concerned, there are more overwhelming pieces that appear with merely powerful monster treatments, not just Western East-West. Even in works where dragons come out that make sense for discussion, the percentages around here end up the same, as there are the majority of cases where guys who are normally the subject of crusades come out at the same time because they are the lower species.

For whatever reason, the dragons of this world also apply to this type, so it is natural to say that Tatsuya will have such feelings.

"As far as I'm concerned, that's lamentable in and of itself. Even if it's about the Greater Dragon flying around, the dragon of history with the name of the Balshem was always as intelligent as the human race, and on the contrary, in some cases, just called the Sage, right? With all that intelligence, isn't it no different from those beasts, such as being crusaded hostilely with all sorts of things in vain to the childish argument that you simply don't care about selling fights? No, just don't sell fights unnecessarily, those beasts are much smarter"

"... I know what you're trying to say, but as far as I'm concerned, I have no idea how to comment on that..."

"Mm, sorry. I got so pitiful, I couldn't help but get hot. Well, what I'm trying to say is that it's up to us to be seen that way, not that you care. Besides, I am listening to your circumstances from Daljan and Alanwen through Master Solace. VRMMO, I only understand the concept, but there is a mix of humans who have been hurt many times by dragons with the name of the Balshem in their play."

"Do you understand the concept..."

"Oh. I haven't exactly seen the real thing, so I don't understand it to the specifics. However, at least, I somehow understand that the battle in that play is very different from the actual battle. Therefore, if a dragon with the same name as me can hurt me again and again in that play, I know it's natural to have one or two where I want to be."

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm more surprised that I'm properly convinced that there's such a play than that I understand it properly..."

Tatsuya unexpectedly has a distant eye for Balshem's explanation. Not that I'm retarded. Not even Alchem didn't understand or convince me of the explanation Alanwen gave me. Is there any dating to claim that the dragon in front of you was just intelligent enough to be called a wise man, or something like that?

"Well, you're a little out of line. I'm sorry I rushed you after wishing you the best of luck, but Master Soles is surprisingly short on time to be stable. Do you mind if we hurry?

"Right. It's a bad idea to keep you waiting too long, and after this, we'll have to do a lot more to get ready to set you up with evil gods."

"Let it go. I don't know, Master Solace is stable. I'm worried about the noise..."

Unexpectedly anxious about the unspeakable words of the Balshem. In the case of this world, the fact that God is not stable tends to lead to fatal matters for the price.

"Still, you can't see a temple building or anything like that anywhere, can you?

"For various reasons, it is hidden from the outside world at present. I'll open the gate so I can get in now, so I want you to wait a little longer."

He answers the question of the true harp, which seems to have finally changed his mood, with perseverance and perseverance when Balshem does it. Keep your hands on a space where there's nothing, and crush it somehow in a low voice.

The next moment after Balshem's crush was over, the space was greatly distorted and a dragon-sized giant gate appeared in the void.

"This is the entrance to the temple of our Lord Solace and the heavenly god Angelt"

"Big gate again."

"It's a gateway for dragons like me. I want you to spare me the huge for nothing."

"It's nothing. Yeah, but when a normal size like ours comes and goes, is it nothing?

"Though I'm picking you up properly?

"I see. Thank you again for all the witches."

"I'm the only one here but Lord Soles and God of the Sky. Inevitably, greeting and so on will be my job"

Balshem opens the gate with his hands in his arms, explaining the temple's system in that way. Beyond the gate was a building that was huge enough to allow fifty metre sized dragons to enter and exit, but that gave a serious impression somewhere.

"I have a strong impression that it's a little rough."

A macro that knocks through the gates outside, checks the interior from a position that allows the entire entrance to enter into view, and gives honest thoughts. Because of its immensity, I can see the current state of affairs with the inner gate open, pretty far back.

"Because the Balshem is human, I think it's natural."

"Even with that in mind, I have a strong impression that it will be difficult."

I give it back like that with a bitter smile at Mio's penetration, and I observe it again and think of the reason why.

Yes, this temple, even considering the space for dragons to move in and out, has a lot of free space.

Moreover, the absence of any religious decorations or furniture to be used for rituals, which can be considered essential due to the nature of the building called the Temple, gives rise to an even more empty impression. To be more precise, it looks so lonely that it does not appear to be an active facility.

Perhaps this lonely, empty atmosphere is also influenced by the fact that it is huge architecture but oddly appears as a stiffness.

"... is this a temple that will be used by Homma on active duty here?

"I'm the only one going in and out, and I haven't done any rituals in the last few hundred years, so I can't help it, but it's a temple that's actually still in use today."

"In the first place, the location is right here. Being able to choose as a witch also really becomes intelligent in large creatures like dragons and rock birds. More than all of that can be human or human size, we inevitably need this size, and we have a limited presence to get in and out."

Balshem answers that with a bitter smile to his honest thoughts without the body or lid of a macro. There, someone pinches his mouth. There is no doubt that at least one of them is a pillar of the gods that the divine power that engulfs them, the strange majesty, and above all, that they have come out of the temple.

"... good. Was it Master Solace yet? I was anxious because I was a little late."

"It's just noon around here. Yeah, it doesn't make a difference. I don't know how long I can be a man."

Balshem starts a conversation with someone who appears abruptly. The macro who heard it pinches his mouth with a sinister face.

"I still did it, Master Soles, or how long can you be a man, and I don't want to be a huge listener. What do you mean?

"It's a little tricky talking about that. Let's have a cup of tea inside."

While answering that to the Macho, a fine colored man of flesh turns into a beautiful woman as if she were just glowing as a picture, affirming her own words about how long she could be a man.

"Yeah, well, you didn't introduce yourself yet. Excuse me. My name is Soles, the Sun God. My first name is Lucille, the moonlight god. I don't know what kind of relationship you're going to have with the new god, but keep it up."

"... I'll do the workshop manager at the Azma Workshop, it's Donghong. Can you explain that to me later?

"Whatever. Instead, it will be difficult if you don't listen to me because it will involve direct confrontation with the evil gods in the future."

Thus, with a good number of bombs following Balshem, it was Hiroshi who would conclude his first encounter with Soles.

"Well, it's nice to explain it where it's settled, but what should we talk from"

"First of all, I'd like an explanation as to whether Soles is missing at this time."

"Right. Even so, it's not a big deal. That's all I'm saying right now, according to the full moon, the rotation of the earth, the cycle of rotation of the sun, etc., the divinity as the solar god and the divinity as the moonlight god are starting to appear on the table in exchange."

"I think that's a pretty nasty story..."

"Mm-hmm. So I don't really show my face anywhere else, so I'm pulling here to even work."


Quite a bit of a black working environment, with the faces of other members as well as the macro.

In addition to the external and internal factors currently present in the absence of substitution, even if not as much as Alfemina, whose workload is increasing dramatically due to the runoff of the power of spring vegetables, Soles, who has to work for two columns in one column but has time limits on each power, is also quite busy compared to the other gods.

"It's the nature of the Moonlight God to replace gender. Most importantly, as a solar god, I was a goddess initially, and I have a history of becoming a natural and masculine goddess with the completion of the world and the changing times. Therefore, there is no doubt that there was an affinity for the nature of the Moonlight God."

"All the time or in the first place, why is Master Solace in the feathers that even possess the divinity and power of the Moonlight God?

"Half a natural phenomenon, half an evil god's influence."

Answering the macro question that way, I mouth the teacup to buy time to put my thoughts together.

"... right. Again, you should explain it from the premise story first. Well, before I do, I'll ask you a question, or I'll make sure."


"Oh. I'm going to need some prerequisite knowledge about what I'm going to talk about. If you don't understand that, you don't get it. So confirmation, do you know that this world, the land we now live on, is a so-called planet, spinning around the sun, just like your home town?

"Sora already, clearly"

"What, then, is there more than one satellite of this planet, or moon, unlike the home of your lords?

"I'll grasp that, too. Ten moons in three new moons, right?"

"Oh, that's it. Didn't you think it was strange, then, day and night in this world?

Soles' last question, a macro who looks surprised by its incalculable intentions. Other members don't know what Soles wants to hear, either, and they look at each other.

"Weird, hear the definition of. Yes?

"Hmm. So is that. Then let's change the way we ask. You didn't think it was strange about the fact that the jet lag varies greatly at the same longitude when you said it was a celestial object that rotates and rotates like your lords' hometown?

"I already thought it was unnatural. However, there are quite a few things that are different from the laws of physics on Earth, so I just didn't want to go into it deeply because of that kind of thing and all the time."

"I see. Well, if it's not particularly harmful, it's natural."

A small nod to Macro's answer, Soles mouths the tea again. Drink up the contents of the cup that were sparse and pour the replacement with your own hands and you start talking more or less about it.

"That unnatural jet lag was the fourth moon in this world, which became created by its crushing. To be more precise, it was the ten small moons that were born by the crushing of the fourth big moon, which began to occur when they each changed into the sun and the small moon in their own cycle"

"... there's no night between that logic and when the moon takes its place in the sun, I know all the time, but when it takes place in the moon, the main star still takes precedence?

"That's it, but as the New God said earlier, this world has slightly different laws of physics. There are various factors, including magical ones, but above all, the crescent moon is much closer to the earth than the sun or the new moon. Because of the distance, the area where the moon is sitting doesn't match the cycle of rotation with the cycle of day and night."

I listened to Solace's commentary, and he accidentally made a mistake. It's basically a system that's true to science, but if I did it in a strange place, I'd have trouble claiming fantasy.

"As can be seen from the way the moon shines, the Sun God and the Moonlight God originally have a deep relationship. Therefore, when the moon is born with its nature as the sun, and Lucille is forced to have power as the Sun God, albeit in part, inevitably my own will also be pulled to gain the properties that Lucille has. It changes gender over time."

"I see. When I was pulled, I took in the least influential and affinity properties, all the time..."

"That's what I'm talking about. I'll tell you something first, when it comes to the question of why the new moon broke and the crescent was born, and why the crescent turned into the sun, no one can figure it out in the end. Alfemina also looked into it, but it seems that the numerous influences from various places, including the rest of the world, were intricately intertwined, and nothing could be said to have caused this. It was a hundred-percent event just like what the evil gods did, so they didn't do anything about it."

"... Well, I understand why strange jet lag occurs and Solace's appearance changes from time to time. After all, Master Solace and Master Lucille merged into one body, which had something to do with the evil gods sitting in the third moon?

"Rather, that's what caused it. As a result of the takeover of the three New Years moons, Lucille was so eroded that she could no longer maintain her divinity, and there were serious negative effects on the ground as well. I took Lucille in as the surest means because I didn't have the time to hit her because I had a limited number of hands, but it was better than not..."

"Is instability or cumbersome a change in the divinity that appears on the table about time, or not on that level, all the time?

"Mm-hmm. The New God. If you observe it with a little care, you'll see, but it's still impossible to fit two pillars of divinity and power into one body. I'm afraid I won't even know who I am when I get caught off guard, so these days it's the end of what I've been forced to do anyway to keep myself."

Solace, who said something rather puzzling, accidentally caught the look of a macro. Though far more than Xanaphel, who was on the verge of extinction, the state of Soles is never optimistic either.

"And well, in this state of affairs. Dead, unfortunately, I cannot participate in direct attacks on evil gods. In addition to the suspicion of existence even if the evil god just breaks out on the moon, in the first place, he just came out to the front of the line without dying like me or Zanafel, nothing but a clump of legs. Probably not even bulletproof, but directly linked to the flashy power-ups of the Evil God's nature."

"There is no reason why all gods shouldn't move directly to attack because of this world in the first place, and there are aspects of God who backs it up all the time that are easier to do."

"Mm-hmm. Therefore, I plan to devote myself to backup. At last, if you say so, I want you to leave the dangerous role to God in this world and have those people turn to the backup with me and Zanafel. I want you to stay in the safe zone for the last time because we have been unable to get our hands on it and are constantly throwing it in circles. The Alfeminas think the same thing for the real thing."

"I've come this far, and I just don't know the last sight of heights or what I've prepared a lot for."

Solace's request is categorically declined. Honestly, I don't feel comfortable beating up evil gods for about a shot in the mood.

"... Hey, Hiroshi"

Until then, Spring Vegetables listened to the conversation in silence, abruptly speaking. The attention of the spot is drawn to the spring vegetables that suddenly open their mouths.

"Doesn't it?

"I just thought. Like my bracelet, can't you make aids for Master Solace and Master Zanafel?

"... Master Zanafel can't do it yet. If you do something bad right now, it's not going to go away."

"Master Zanafel, that means you can make it for Master Solace, right?

"We need to stop packing specifications, but it's not impossible."

Answer the proposal for spring vegetables. The material I received from Alfemina is the only one I have used up, but I still have the other ingredients I used to make Spring Vegetable Goddess. Besides, there is enough material purchased in Naruto. It's not as good as the spring vegetable ones, but the ones with enough performance would normally be made.

"Then I think we should just make it for Master Soles. I don't know, I feel like I'm gonna have a problem fighting evil gods if I don't make it."

"... let it go. The other person is in the third moon, so as far as I can tell, Master Solace, it's definitely influential."

Hongkong nods to Spring Vegetable claims. This hand of spring vegetables was sharp from when he was a human being. Even though it didn't have to be, there's more to suicide, such as becoming a space-time goddess and ignoring the opinions of spring vegetables that are further enhanced around it.

In addition to that, there is also a clear basis on which measures should be struck without regard to such things as spring vegetables, as far as Soles is concerned.

Most importantly, regardless of the story in the first place and the background information in that hand, it is unlikely that Hiroshi will make a choice not to make anything at the time Spring Vegetables says it. The name of a production junkie is obsolete, such as not engaging in production activities even though there are materials and pretexts.

"So all the time, let's make aids so that we can make that instability a little better, including anti-evil, I think, yeah?

"Not even a wish story, okay?

"I don't care. Make it. Yeah. Opportunities matter, let me make them more and more."

"... the new god. No matter which one wants, there is no connection for me to complain about the mess that will benefit. Honestly, in my personal abilities and in God in this world, it's something I couldn't do anything about in relation to power and rules. If you can help, I can't thank you enough, no matter how much I appreciate it."

"Say that only when the finished product is attached to the purpose."

"... is that what this is all about?

"That's what it is."

To Soles, who hasn't done anything yet, and who will gladly say thank you if he does, a magnificent man named Pischi. This place is strangely serious, even though what you do to get on with your day to day heckles and get right on track.

"So, before I make it, I need to properly pack the specifications, but the details will have to be adjusted after completion, so I don't have to decide whether to do it eventually or not."

"What do we do in the end,?

"Simply put, we can either consolidate the power of two pillars as it were and stabilize it as a completely one-pillar god, or we can make it completely separate and independent into the original two pillars, Master Solace and Master Lucille. It depends on which way you approach it."

"Isn't that decided? If it's going to happen, I want to work shoulder to shoulder with Lucille again"

"Okay. Later on, there's not much we can do about it, but we're probably going to have to crush it for the third moon, so we're going to cut it off from power at this stage."

"... right. Let Daljan tell you, it's fate too."

Though it shows a slight cruise to the words of the Macro about the three great moons, Soles eventually accepts them all. It's impossible to go back to normal without losing anything.

Three New Years has a lot of thoughts, and it's hard to cut yourself off from it. Besides, there are concerns that if we separate the three great moons, the evil gods will be free.

The biggest factor in Solace's instability is that the evil god has taken in the three New Years moon, and it is more important that the evil god be held in check, so that the power of the Mori Monument held by the three New Years moon is not allowed to be used, and that he must continue to interfere subtly at all times so that he is not taken in.

But as long as Soles is linked to the Three New Years, he cannot extinguish the Evil God in the true sense. For a fundamental solution, readiness and disconnection will be required at any given time.

Then it will be the muscle that is being proposed by the beings who will follow us around it, ready for that thousand opportunity to encounter, to break the past apart and decide.

Feeling exactly like something fateful, and surprisingly light on his own, Soles made that decision.

"Here, I'll make it with that specification."

"Oh, please"

"I think I'll make it as soon as I get home and bring it in tomorrow"

"You don't have to be so hasty, I just want to say, if my aids are slower, is that all it takes to return..."

"That's the thing. Now, if you'll excuse me for today."

"Wait, wait. What I need to do is not over."

So I cut up the conversation, and I just tried to go home, Soles, and I rushed to stop. If you just want me to do it. Goodbye, then, it's too unfaithful.

"What to do, is it?

Tatsuya listens back to Soles, who stops too hastily, unexpectedly and so on. I had decided to keep my mouth shut when discussing God and God, but I had a bad mouth when it came to Solace.

"Uhm. Doesn't mean much to both of you deified, but I'll copy and give you some of this power once and for all"

"... oh. Speaking of which, that's what's happened before..."

"Mm-hmm. It's been too long, I forgot."

Makoto and Mio listen to Solace's business and divulge such honest thoughts while subtly pulling strength out of their shoulders. It was the Dyne opponent who had the last exchange of his hands, and since then he has never been given the power to face God as a meal or a prophecy or a help to resurrect.

As we talk about that, light pops out of Soles' hands, gently shaken, passing through the human-shaped Balshem to envelop Hiroshi. With the usual pattern, the transfer of power ends for the sake of clarity. I went all the way through Balshem because with the help of a witch who looked like a man, I can't transfer my power to Honda.

As such, the power of Soles is not currently stable.

"Well, the content of the powers I've just given you, but the main thing is the powers and moves that belong to the sun and the moon and their ability to make it easier to handle them. Other than that, where it matters, it increases the power and probability of granting moves that are stronger against curses, fears and confusion, and vice versa. Well, when it comes to getting stronger, I can only say that there's a good chance that we're going to start something from the three executive classes."

"Well, I know it's not possible for sure. However, I'm a little scared of the high probability..."

"Right. To be specific, roughly 70% to 80% is fine, etc. Perhaps the biological human limit is around that too. From there on, you have to be a tool and do something about it."

"I see, is it enough to say..."

"If you become an evil opponent, you won't have the least amount of tolerance, even if you just look at them reinforced with tools and stuff."

Tatsuya listens to supplements she didn't want to hear, and unexpectedly becomes. Given that last night I was drank as much as I wanted by the look of spring vegetables, there is nowhere else to be able to deny Soles' words.

A man's challenge to God has to go beyond the hurdles of even standing in the field of battle in the first place.

"And then, yeah. Upon gaining the power of the Sun God, moves with purifying functions and magical purifying abilities are inevitably enhanced. The sun is also a symbol of purification."

"Could that be with Sister Chun's song?

"For once. Well, up there, the original would no longer be too strong for the margin of error."

"... convincing around there"

"Uhm. Exactly, you can't strengthen the power to almost completely purify Naruto in an hour so that you can clearly see it. I mean, if you can do that, don't spoil the stage device."

A group of people who are unwittingly convinced by Solace that they have no body or lid.

Even if I return what Soles said, there are normal beings who can do it.

"Yes, yes. It's also something to hold back too much, so make sure you see what moves I've taught you later, as appropriate. And there's something that I was about to forget, but I'm keeping from Angelt, who's currently traveling to another god. I have to give you this, too."

That's what I'm saying, Soles, who's going to give you something like a treasure ball. A macro who receives the handed treasure balls and observes them in shiatsu.

"It's too mixed up in a lot of things to fully grasp, but what's this, what's planted?

"I haven't heard the specifics. You said that you are planting a lot around the teaching of God's moves, mainly towards the three ungodly people. Exactly when it comes to transferring power to God's opponents, we can't do it without facing each other, so we have no choice."

"Oh well, you are. This, if it crushes, yeah?

"Mm-hmm. I can't even use it as a material, but if I can, I want it to be used in an application that receives a proper transfer of power, rather than as a material"

"Copy that. I'm gonna crush it here because of all the trouble."

Perhaps there can be no definitive transfer unless there is a temple facility and it is where God is manifesting himself. A macro who decides so quickly crushes it while it meets that condition. Just as in the earlier days of Soles, the light flooded from the crushed jewels envelops the five, transferring power and moves from the sky god.

"Please check back with me for more details. I don't know the details about you either."

"I'll let you do that. See you tomorrow."

"Um. I'm sorry, but it's nice to meet you."

Soles and Honda finish each other's requirements and close the Sakuri Tea Party. As it was, it was a row of Azma workshops just going back to the castle of God without pulling anything more particularly.

"Dear Aeris, we have the materials for you."

"Thank you, Master Sasha"

"Dear El, you can always go to the link with the World Tree"

"Really? Now, as soon as Lady Nazaria and Mr. Judith arrive, start immediately."


Back then, when Honda was talking to Soles. In the temple of the castle of God, three people, Aeris, Alchem and Sasha, were making various preparations for the final showdown with the coming Evil Gods.

It should be noted that with regard to the witches who were not on the spot when the castle of God was completed and who had not received the keys, Aeris receives them from the macro by sewing between the tasks and distributes them to us. So Nazaria, whose qualities are weak and hard to move from the temple, can also come to this place without particular problems.

For the record, it was none other than Hiroshi himself who asked Aeris to hand out the keys to the other witches he knew. Whether it's Aeris or Alchem, when Honda moves in relation to Evil Gods, he definitely devotes his full attention to backup in this place. Because I knew it, I was able to get in and out only with Honda and Aeris and witches who knew each other.

"Nevertheless, Dear Aerys, Sounds like a lot of old rituals to replicate, but you knew there was a lot like this."

"Thanks to Mr. Alchem for digging from the memory of the World Tree. I only guessed from previous rituals that it might be possible. However, that didn't give me the details, so I asked Sasha to do much..."

"Compared to what Aerys and Alchem have done, it's no big deal"

"Oh my God, I've just been doing what I was told. Honestly, I still don't know what to do without Elle's instructions."

The witches praise each other for their work as they look at the rituals they plan to perform after this, their materials. I've only moved on the subject for this one, and the content of the work we've all done is well deserved to be commended.

Especially when it comes to Aeris, who has rooted and prepared below to explore and carry out the existence of rituals, the status quo is no substitute for one other witch. With exceptions like the Snow Lady in the Divine Zone, the currently cautious Lephia witch, and the Balshem living in the Great Sky, I have sometimes ended up face-to-face with most temple witches at some point, and I have no longer been the leader of the witches in both fame, including my identity.

Unfortunately, we have a weak sense of our charisma and influence, but because of this, we do not imitate our position, so it would be good and bad.

"So are you sure that the five men who add Lord Nazariah and Lord Judith will perform the main part of the ritual in this castle?

"Yes, two from the five great gods, one from the main attributes other than the five great gods, one from the environment and concepts, each meeting the minimum required"

"Is Lord Primura okay?

"Mr. Primla has just finished his inheritance as the witch of Master Zanafel, and Master Zanafel's condition is never good. That hole should be filled with me, Mr. Alchem, Mr. Judith, and probably enough."

Aeris answers to Sasha's confirmation. I nod to that answer and Sasha goes on to confirm it further.

"Later, what can I say, Lord Nazaria's qualities are honestly not a great deal. Isn't it too burdensome to take part in the ceremony on this occasion?

"Dear Nazariah's role is not required for her qualities as a witch. Plus, you seem to be mistaken for everything, including yourself, but Nazariah's witch qualities are not as easy to understand as we have. Its qualities are such that a large number of witches perform simultaneously in a ritual of the greatest power."


"Yes. So it is an absolute necessity for Nazariah to participate in the ritual of the main part in this ritual in which the main part is carried out by witches everywhere in this castle of God and even more in the temples everywhere."

I hear Aeris' assertion, and I'm convinced it's something like that for now, Sasha. Alchem seems to have a sensory grasp of what Aeris is trying to say from the start, and says nothing in particular about this matter.

"All you have to do is hold one last meeting and feed your English in case you should come"

"Meeting, and yet you do the link with the World Tree?

"Oh, that's what I suggested to Master Elle. If I connect with witches from all over the world, I don't have to go out of my way to explain exactly what's going on."

"Without Mr. Alchem, I hadn't thought about doing this ritual of difficulty or anything from the beginning."

"... Really?"

Alchem, who answered Sasha's question, and Aeris, who supplemented him about it. Sasha has a distant eye for the content of the answer. I have been inclined to do that for a long time, but before I see you for a bit, you two have been polished for the first time out of standard.

I don't know how Sasha feels like that. Aeris, Alchem say nothing, and an indescribable silence covers the spot. The silence lasted until Nazaria, brought in by Judith.

"Sorry, it's late"

"I seem to have kept you waiting a long time. It's been a strange hassle in my preparation, and it hassled not only Lord Judith but all of you..."

"No. We still have time until a certain time, so don't worry about it"

Seeing Aeris and the others who were already spreading the material and doing something, Judith and Nazaria get to their seats in awe.

"Will this ritual succeed properly in our power..."

Where everyone is, the alchem who tried to start the link snaps unexpectedly, and so on.

"It's not a good idea to talk in a lot of spiritual theory, but this kind of thing is bound to fail if you don't try to assume that you can 'do it' even if you're somewhat anxious. And."


"Due to its nature, this ritual does not need to be perfectly successful in everything. Perfect success is impossible from the outset, as it goes hand in hand around the world in addition to the large number of people involved. So I think that just mindset will mean aiming for perfect success, at least half, if possible 80% to 90%, in reality. So you don't have to worry if you fail somewhat"

Aeryth explains that so as to meet Alchem's anxiety. Other witches who hear that explanation and have a surprised look on their face.

"This ritual, is that what it is?

"Yes, rather than covering one place's failures elsewhere by doing so in large numbers and simultaneously around the world, is why it has grown in scale. So if you have a failure, you need to worry about others following you, but you don't need to worry so much about the failure itself if you don't have too much time"


Alchem sighs one sigh with a relieved look when he hears Aeris's supplementary explanation. Apparently, extra tension and anxiety could have been dispelled in good shape.

At this time, no one realised until the end that Aerys himself had given his current explanation to tell himself.

"Well, let's get this meeting started."

"World Tree Link, Begin"

The inner anxiety as a position to lead the ritual, the aeris that beautifully concealed it, led to the start of the grand ceremony, its last meeting, which has only been held a number of times in history without one finger being filled either.

"Thankfully, it looks like Aeris will be performing the grand ceremony"

Gathering place of the gods. That's what Alfemina told the gods gathered at the final showdown meeting.

"That helps. But are you okay?

"I just have to believe it,"

The Great Rite, the moment I heard it, Alfemina returns the words of various thoughtful honesty to Alanwen, who perceived them all.

"And Soles contacted me, and Lord Macho will make the aids. In doing so, they will disconnect the three great moons from Soles, so they will have an environment where they can safely set up against the evil gods"

"You've been taking care of them a long time, from what?"

"Yeah. So don't do irreparable damage to the Macros, even if you're wrong. If we're going to disappear, we're going first."

"I'm ready for that, but it's the last time Alfemina comes forward. If there's serious damage to you, it's the end of the line."

So far, they've accumulated extra sorry and depression about the evil gods, an alfemina that shows such an upbeat attitude that the surroundings you're looking at make you anxious. Alanwen is desperate for it.

Stopping alfemina at times like this is inherently the role of Soles or Zanafel. However, neither of them are in a position to perform their roles at all, so Alanwen has no choice but to represent them.

To be honest, a role like this isn't Alanwen's pattern, but Elsa and Raifia don't rely subtly as brake roles, leaving it to Daljan and Igleos to step in with all their might.

The other gods are not more puppy, rather they cannot be counted on because there are many holders of habits to imitate to the right in these places. With Dyne at the very least, Alanwen becomes a snob to orbital modification at the back of his lazy essence every time.

"Besides, there are a lot of things in Alfemina that we have to do for them after we destroy the Evil God. If we don't leave that room, their return will be delayed, and the jet lag will be adjusted and everything else will be horrible."

"I know. But I have to take the right risks myself because I'm forcing others to disappear."

"In this case, surviving intact will be the most risky outcome. At any rate, how much food we have prepared, and after we settle with the Evil God, this damage has accumulated accordingly. If it's intact, there's no excuse to reduce the number of jobs that can flood in that situation."

"... that, too, is ready. In the first place, when it comes to evil gods, we have to eliminate them."

Alfemina is pointed out to Alanwen about the aftermath of the extermination of the Evil Gods and further about the subsequent world operations, letting him accidentally swim his eyes but somehow saying so clearly. Around my eyes swimming, I have to say I'm still sweet ready.

"Anyway, the aftermath of the example Creator God is finally over. This is where we stand."

"Honestly, it's not the belly of the business that has to take care of Nan and the others while they are so damaged because of that idiot, but they are doomed so that they can take responsibility. I have no choice but to give this up as fate."

"Damn, that fool, even if it bothers this one, could at least honestly obstruct the whole thing by making a request for rescue in the guise of trying to make it happen in this world..."

"How many times have you honestly learned to kill that garbage chip when you disguise it or obstruct it so that Xanafel has to eat the unintentional blow, or lay it in Xanafel who resists desperately and push it to just before its demise..."

Gods who spill verbally angry words about the actions of the foolish Creating God who pushed the Evil God into this world, inspired by Igleos' words.

To be clear, if the example Creator God were decent, he wouldn't have caused any extra damage so far, even if he couldn't prevent the Evil God from coming here.

Even so, he disguised himself as pushing elsewhere an evil god that would normally end as soon as he made a rescue request, and that it had nothing to do with his place, and furthermore, he even harassed the local gods who tried to deal with him to do alibi work even if he couldn't help it, so that he couldn't call for a presence that could definitively end in a halt, the bearer of more than a certain power would strain the connections around this world that he couldn't get through.

As a matter of fact, all these manipulations were carried out by the gods of the other worlds, and even if they had not perished, they would certainly have ended at a level where the maintenance of existence became suspicious. For the convenience of being served directly, there was no room for such a god in this world, but he waited for the existence of a specialist in dealing with this kind of thing to bring an appeal before he was ready to act at any time.

The reason I waited for the appeal to be made was simple, because if a being that could make the evil god disappear with one fingertip intervenes in a world that is unprepared for anything, and so on, if we do poorly, we could destroy the world that was damaged together.

In the end, a recall from Japan carried out by the example God of Creation, who carried out the all-you-can-do obstruction work that he wanted to do with that gap, in order to fabricate sins all the way to a halt. I was attacked and doomed by the evil gods to cut it off, and the alfeminas had to run to the butt wipe with no one to blame. Between pushing the evil god first and taking a counter-attack and annihilating him, it's a story that makes me want to ask for an hour or so about whether God in the rest of the world had failed to harness his abilities to those who prevent the evil god from being born, around the time he continued his obstructive work with such skill that he couldn't get his hands on it.

Sometimes the tip of hitting a grudge is extinguishing, the occasional depression. A mind that can't be detoured by specifications that empower it a few times more than the power of God that perished every time God vanished a pillar, and rough with apologies for the Japanese who got involved, as if they were poorly couched.

Those days are finally coming to an end. It would also be natural for the morale of the gods to be high.

"In the meantime, they also said to that evil god that he couldn't fit in by beating them up for about a shot, and we need to figure out how to effectively shred the evil gods while not disturbing them and ensuring their safety."

"Hmmm. I can't afford to add or subtract like that, but the best part if I can is that I want to make sure they take it!

Alanwen modifies where the words and actions of the venue begin to flow in resentment, and speaks of the hope that Igleos, with his greatest gratitude, will be able to do so.

"What? None of us should think extra and think about tailoring the opponent while minimizing the damage so that he doesn't get more power. Don't hesitate to give in or anything, but Hiroshi will stab the stop anyway. Because of their fate."

In response to such Alanwen and Igleos, Daljan utters strangely compelling words that have no body or lid. He was a god who, while strangely convinced of the word, began lively discussions about the operation.