"After breakfast, I'll go to the Evil Goddess for a little while until the third moon."

Two days after the visit to the Temple of Soles. Words spoken by Sarah Hong, in the breakfast table, with a nori like going for a walk in the neighborhood. I'm about to flush the word for a moment, and the fams stop noticing the content.

"I'm not going to come back properly, but I don't know what's going on along the way, so everybody get back to Urs' workshop and work on it."

Spring vegetables gently issue an eviction order so as to strike down on such fams.

This castle of God is basically an iron wall fortress. Not even the gods can handle it so easily against the inside. But this time, in addition to being the strongest opponent ever, the Evil God, if you get pinched, you'll escape here with a metastasis, a way to fight. At that time, we really don't want to leave as many people inside as possible because there is a risk that an attack from the opponent will reach inside the castle.

Even worse, this castle could disappear with the Horn. Most of all, if that happens, honestly, I'm pretty sure the collapse of this world is inevitable because of the properties of evil gods, so when it comes to Fams being in the castle, it doesn't make a big difference.

However, whether or not there is still something to protect in the battle zone still has a pretty big impact in the battle of the strong enemy. The risk that the other person can mitigate should be mitigated as far as possible.

"... Mr. Harna. You can't say that."

"That's right. It's so ominous."

"Honestly, it just sounds like you're going to die..."

"Mm-hmm. I don't mean to."

Workshop staff rebelling with all their might against the words of spring vegetables that only sound like death flags no matter what they hear. Honestly, I only have a bad feeling.

"In the meantime, I think maybe we'll win it right. However, there's absolutely nothing in the world, is there? In fact, we lost once."

"Then we don't need our parents on the front line!

"I don't know what I need. Because that evil god is angry, you just need one shot."

I've never shown it before in front of the fam's workshop staff, on the contrary, I've only seen enough of the spring vegetables I've always had an adventure with, with one finger, a very fierce look on my face. Fams who draw as much attention as they can to that expression and at the same time realize that persuasion is futile.

"Nevertheless, were we so death-flagged?

"Spring vegetable dialogue feels a little focused on what it looks like."

"I thought that, too. but basically, which one of you is going to tell your body to evacuate to the safe zone?

"On a case-by-case basis. There's a pattern that says you were right to evacuate them, and there's a pattern that says they're both wiped out. Later, it feels like there aren't that few cases that I've been thinking too much about and had no particular problems with?

"I mean, it's a subtle place."

Tatsuya and Makoto start such a loose conversation after seeing the attitude of the fams. They are both terribly normal driving, even though there will be no after death.

"If you're worried about us, there's something Fam and I can do."

"What am I supposed to do!?

"You can try new things you haven't tried before and make a lot of things. The more you make it, the weaker the power of the Evil God becomes."

"To put it another way, if it's Ursu's workshop, which is the most involved with you outside of here, if you're creative and make things, that's all you can do. Naturally, if you make a lot of different kinds and numbers, that's all you get."


"Yeah. I don't have the means to increase my power at the moment, but when it comes to Hiroshi, creating it in many ways is a source of power."

The faces of the fams who hear that change. When I flatten my breakfast in a big hurry, I take a seat with one nod.

"You can ignore the norm today or so tomorrow, but the deliveries are okay, right?

"Yeah. Instead of tomorrow today, we can afford a week."

"In the meantime, first, Gino shifts to a special grade eight potion, while the other three let him do the grade eight potion with the status quo. The truth is, every rookie can have a special potion, but it's just not sneaky to let them work with little eyes for success."

"Lime, can I challenge you to a special grade seven potion?

"It's more and more challenging. There are as many ingredients as there are."

The fams keep making more and more appointments starting today as they clear the dishes. I haven't been out of my hands before, but I'm throwing all I can at a life-threatening level a few days from today.

For the record, a special potion is a type of potion that temporarily enhances your talent, which was made using the guts of a Birth Circle Bear just after the Macro was flown here.

Special, only attached, and more difficult than the same grade of healing potion, etc. Sometimes the demand for the three types of ordinary potions is overwhelming, a potion that we don't make much of outside of our training courses because even the Azma workshop can't get around to mass production.

Unlike alchemy doping items, the effect itself is modest for the price, but it lasts a long time for that amount, and can also be used with doping items made from alchemy, so it can be a hidden popular product that sells out quickly for the price when sold.

"You won't be able to do anything, so first challenge me to the next step in my specialty genre"

"Before we do that, let's build a boat that was behind us, but on the instructions of our parents."

"Because of this, we also call Mr. Kakashi and Mr. Seamlit. The more people you work with, the better."

Workshop staff continue to talk more and more based on tips received from Mio and Spring Vegetables. It seems to be a detonator for stepping up.

"No, the Els aren't here for dinner..."

"If we're going to storm the Evil God, he's going to do a massive ritual every now and then."

"I see. Well, the meal's over, and when I clean it up later, see if there's any other leaks in preparation..."

"We have to stop the evil gods."

Quietly, but in a good mood, Tatsuya and Makoto stand up with their dishes together.


"Hmm? Is Ra coming with you?


Ra answers the enquiry of the macro with a single voice and crawls straight up her back. It's been quite a while since I've acted.

Incidentally, the more potato worms from Ra while the process remains unclear, the majority of which are feathered by butterflies, moths, beetles, fairies, etc., but Ra himself, a large book, remains a potato worm except that it still fluctuates in size somewhat.

"We're coming with you."

"Decree ~"

"Bombing ~"

"Whatever the order, don't bomb until you've been instructed to."

"I know."

The octogals line up over the head of the macro in triple steps and join Ra and all of them in God's ship. The final showdown with the Evil God began that way in the way it always felt.

"Soles, how's it going?

"Not as good as it's been in the last few centuries."

"Really? That's good."

"To the new temple, thank you but clean"

"As far as I'm concerned, it's distressing in the form of even more gratitude that I haven't been able to return."

At the same time as Honda is making a final confirmation for departure. Alfemina, who had finished her last preparations, was checking on Soles just in case.

"I'll make sure, just in case, that we can provide cover as the Sun God first, right?

"Yeah. But you just cut off the three New Year's Eves. Though stable thanks to Lord Macho, I still won't tolerate predictions"

"I know. So this time, I left Elsa and Laphia the role to come forward."

To Alfemina's attention, Soles nods with a serious look. In fact, Soles himself understands best that there is no longer any interference from the evil gods and that it is stable, but not so much as impossible.

Therefore, Solace, who is supposed to have a side as a god of war and a god of war, is quietly turning to the backup.

Not to be a beast, and Soles is not foolish enough to imitate without such an idea that he moves around thinking that he has healed to the point where he was better in first aid. The best role is to be thorough in covering light loads and to prepare yourself so that you can be at least a little impotent at times of need.

Regardless, there are times when I really have to force myself, and I'm going to force myself to the limit at that time.

"So, we're already ready for this one, but at what time should we give the first support?

"Right. I'll give you a signal, so please do it at the same time as the operation starts. Whatever it is, we're sure it's going to be a long stretch, and L.A. needs to be reduced as much as possible, but just before the attack, the timing is too cynical."


"If I can do it, I just want to finish it off in such a time that I don't have to go into a break..."

"I don't care what you think about that. Talk in the first place, only an evil god who destroyed one of the worlds on a considerable scale and one pillar of the Creation God, not the one we could otherwise confront. The new temple has shredded me for a long time, but I still have more than twice as much energy as the concomitant God of Destruction. Based on them, as long as the new temple doesn't act out of this assumption to a large extent, the year and the end there will be great where we worked so hard."

"Yeah. Clearly, without systematic non-conformity, this world is doomed at last. I can just take it down, it won't even start complaining about it taking as long as it takes. I know that if I can be finished within three years, it will be your words, things like that..."

"I understand you don't want to hold them too long, but there's a god out there who's in a hurry to set them up and wipe them out, and even if they're empowered, you can't even see them. If we hurry, we'll have to scrape it down the tunnel."

Alfemina nods to Soles' words. Needless to say, I have a good idea of the current situation.

Let's be honest, it was fortunate in some respects that the power of the evil gods pushed into this world was dedicated only to destruction and annihilation to its limits. Assuming he was the type of person who would use his powers in vain and flexibly as unconsciously as a macro, there would have been no incompatibility due to differences in the system, and he would have wielded his powers in full to extinguish this world.

The current Evil God is simply a brain muscle boss who is otherwise only extremely aggressive and hit points, can't get through except attacks with specific attributes, and does a lot of power up whenever someone is hit by means other than purification systems.

Saying that you are extremely aggressive is not enough to destroy the world directly due to the effects of system errors, and you have no reason or intelligence to act aggressively other than to attack and destroy. For that matter, the enormity of the amount of energy of the elements unaffected by the system error is troublesome, but conversely, its amount of energy is disastrous and it has not been able to adapt to the system.

Therefore, if you cut off that energy while running away from being attacked as much as possible, it will be a win for the Alfeminas. The winner is to scrape the hit point where the initial value rises to the unit of Kyou and recovers at that rate due to the activities of creatures in this world in a situation where even the attacks of the five gods class are good and hundreds, and only damage a single platform can be inflicted by a god without the power to fight.

Moreover, the disconnection of the three great moons has eliminated interference from Soles, and the more time passes, the more powerful it is.

It would also be natural for Soles and Alfemina to be prepared for year-by-year hours.

"... apparently, God's ship has departed. Aeris and the others have begun the ritual, and Soles would like you to start supporting them."


Soles urged by Alfemina to start helping.

At this time, Soles was unable to realize that his own dialogue, which he had mentioned to Honda, was flagging an extra-large.

"Departure at full speed!... Atmospheric breach, complete or!

At the same time as the start of Soles' assistance. Just three seconds from departure, the sooner the macro declares an atmospheric breakthrough. Around God's ship were countless little rocks that were hit by the gravitational pull of this world's yet to be named, drifting slowly in satellite orbit.

Looking back, like the Earth of Honda, the beautiful figure of the Earth of this world with blue and white as its main colours. In the direction of progress, the three great moons gradually grow.

Seriously, God's ship was flying out into space.

"I know that's what it's like to go out into space, but that's terrible speed."

"I forgot the detailed numbers, but I only needed to shake the gravity off, because I should have done 20,000 kilometers an hour or 30,000 kilometers. Regardless of the preparation, it is not good that the atmospheric breakthrough itself should end as if it were normal or as if it were not."

"Is this ship going as fast as that?

"No, I'll get more out. The atmosphere itself is wider than Earth's. We're gonna break through there in three seconds, so it's kind of slow."

"Personally, I think it's the most amazing thing that there's no G or anything at that speed. There was no shock wave or anything."

Honda having such a subtle deviant conversation about her first space flight. There is no nervousness in fighting the evil gods, who are also enemies from now on.

Incidentally, Honda is currently standing on the deck of God's ship for conversation. Even in this world, space itself is free of gravity and air, but there is proper air on the deck of God's ship, and gravity is generated.

No one cares that this ship is what it is when it comes to this ship, which would otherwise be the place to go into, but which has so far shown worthy performance in the name of God's ship.

"Well, it's time to take a test and communicate with Elle. I'm sorry, but I need you to get in touch with the march stop for a second. Hmm?

"Rika ~ i"

Macro slows down God's ship for communications tests and asks Octogall to send a message. Confirm that one of the octogals has metastasized and, most importantly, initiate psychic wave communication.

"Testes. Take it through?


"This one's sensitive, too. Business contact, but we'll move the castle here in five minutes, so prepare for the transfer. '

"I understand."

So we cut communication with Aeris and fine-tune the path so that we can make our way to the Three New Years.

"I'm home."

"Hey, welcome back"

"Alfemina sent me a message."

He said he'd leave it up to you to start the attack.

"Roger that. It's more convenient this way."

Listen to the message from Octogal and carefully pack the distance from the Three New Years Moon with a laugh.

Take five minutes to adjust the position carefully, fix the position of the ship in the position of the maximum effective range of the ship of God, and fly the reconnaissance aircraft to complete the status check.

I smile invincibly again at the reconnaissance planes that have all returned safely and the information they have brought back.

"As expected. If we do it from here, we won't get a counterattack from then on."

"It's nice not to get a counterattack, but that area was the limit for this ship's heavenly and earth-opening cannons to arrive, wasn't it? You're going to shoot with a pre-emptive strike now?

"Ainya. First we call the castle of God here, then ya. Besides, I have plans to shell them with cannons, but I need to hit them lightly before I do."

Answer the Spring Vegetable Question that way, a macro that performs coordinate fixing work to call the castle of God. Spring vegetables watching it and observing the moon still.

"... wherever you look at it, it's the moon, but it feels really hard to name."

"That's what evil gods take over, in short."

It is very suspiciously unstable that the surface is pulsating or hardened or that the impression you receive changes every time you see it, and its crust consistently remains the fundamental part of the moon, the Three New Years Moon. The impression of the moon remains unchanged, thus making me feel badly named and blasphemous in what I see.

Exactly, it is an evil god.

"El, can you hear me?


I'll call you now, but are you ready?


Hear Aeris reply, one nod Macro. Remain silent and call upon the castle of God. There are no effects, nothing, and the castle of God appears light as if nothing had happened.

Mio accidentally opens his mouth to a subpoena scene that is too light in disregard of all promises made at times like this.

"... Master"


"At a time like this, we need to call it in a flavorful dialogue with a flavorful cook, or at least dress it up with flashy magic formations and effects and let it transfer..."

"Why is it such a hassle and embarrassing imitation to move parts of your body?"

"My master disqualifies as a creator for not understanding promises or flair..."

"Anyway, I'm going to do everything I can after this, so why don't you just go out of your way to imitate the trouble of calling the castle?"

Well, as important as calling a castle, Mio, the feeling around it doesn't seem to be coming right anymore for a macro that is no longer familiar with it as part of its body.

"No, I'm more curious now that the fams purposefully kicked them out, can Elle and Alchem take them to the front line?

"It's a simple story. It was a ritual recoil when we were hit, and Elle and Alchem are now linked to God's castle and soul. It's temporary enough to run out in six months, but on the contrary, it's safer to ritualize in the cathedral of God's castle, where we'll be together for six months."

"... doesn't that make the link even deeper?

"It's okay over there. If so, only when I had a physical relationship with those two within six months, do you think that's possible?

"... if it's six months, it's never going to happen"

Tatsuya, who listens to Hiroshi's explanation and is deeply convinced. Regardless of how Aeris or Alchem feels in six months, whatever the five-year deadline is, it would be absolutely impossible first of all.

Even the most trusted heterosexual, Spring Vegetable opponent, who says that his feminine phobia has been somewhat eliminated, has no guts to see him as a sexual subject is the current ambition.

There's no way you can force a physical relationship on an aeris that reeks of crime if you get your hands on it, even though you trust it at a close level, or on an alchemy opponent whose distance is far from you to decide to be ready for it.

Conversely, what about from the side of Aerys and Alchem, who still subtly neglects the knowledge of their hands, has the consciousness that Aerys is not growing fast enough to have a physical relationship with a macro. Therefore, there can be no option to push them down from these two.

Instead, even after five to ten years, I doubt we can even get that far.

There's usually a man in the world who can't really eat a meal, even if he knows it's never going to be a problem later.

"Well, that's what I've been talking about, but I made it yesterday night for today before I attacked you in earnest. Now I'm going to hit you lightly."

"... didn't you just replace this ship's armoured plates?

"Hey, Makoto."


"I've been talking to evil gods all the time, and you think I'm going to make tea cloudy to that extent? Because I got the fangs, scales and bones of my predecessor Balshem from Balshem, so I decided to get ready."

"... it's true, and I can't deny it there because I was sneaking up on a lot of preparations yesterday, but honestly, how can I make you feel extra anxious in so many ways about what you do?

"I don't know that. Well, I'm gonna say a mess. It's not going very far, and go ahead."

Cut up a barren conversation with True Harp, and the Macro takes the switch out of his pocket. Pushing it over his head, he pushes the switch in with a high declaration.

"This week's, Big Riddle Rimeka!


Tatsuya unexpectedly puts every effort into the proclamation of Hiroshi. In the meantime, countless dragonfly-type mechanics have also popped up from the castle of God and from God's ships saying 'dragonflies, dragonflies', etc.

For the record, the series on how the hero side is a pair of men and women and the villain is a communal bad girl, a dojo bearded little man with teeth, a trio of horn-mowing macho fat men, and how the explosion of the villain is punished by the leader every time with a dokuro shaped mushroom cloud continues to be remade and broadcast several times even in the days of Hongda.

So all this time, it's not an age scam or anything that Macro knows about the story. Except whether that leads to legitimacy of action.

"Master, do you mean this week, there will be one next week?

"I'll think about it when I try to keep the fight going until next week."

"Mio, that's not where you're going in!

"If I was poking anywhere else, I wouldn't have a kiri"

"No, I do..."

If you think you finally put the story back together, the Japanese team will be derailed again for exactly why. I can afford a mighty lass boss opponent.

"And it's an amazing amount..."

"There's no way I'm going to hit it all direct. Oh, heh.... yeah, grasp the wavelength of evil gods, online updates and!

Answering spring vegetable questions, Macro slaps his hands and launches a mysterious online update. At the next moment, the dragonfly shaped mechanics as well as ships in the castle of God, to the end even the equipment worn by the hosts themselves glow.

"Okay! First of all, the Evil God's passive defense has been deactivated! Basic Defense Characteristics Analysis Next!

"The Evil God's Passive Defense?

"There is only the God of Destruction, if you approach within a certain range without measures, the artifact or brass will disappear without question. Well, God is so easy to extinguish, but it doesn't taste good because you can't be distracted by the extra."

"I see. But I'm getting some mechanical breaks to confirm that, and it feels like the evil gods are pretty empowered, okay?

"Necessary expenses or"

The more you break something, the more powerful the Evil God becomes. Spring vegetables, albeit a product of a macro made of materials that draw a line with others, show concern to the evil god, who has gained excessive power to happen to the extent of destroying a few small mechanics.

Answering such a concern about spring vegetables, he answers so forcefully, while analyzing the data obtained in exchange for the sacrifice of about twenty dragonfly-type mechs. Such a silly, big structure, it also wipes out something that, depending on how it deals damage, is going to power up. In order to do it efficiently, I cannot care less about this level of effort and sacrifice.

"Yeah, I feel it. Attack characteristics and basic defense characteristics were almost taken, and the next online update is going to be ready to attack."

"So when you're done with that, you just have to cut in?

"No, let's start by tapping into a big attack on a scale. Blah, Spring Nanaka and the others landed and started beating each other up after God's biggest fire attack ended and I beat Geokatastrov in."

"Roger. So, what's the online update?

"From now on. And I kind of figured it out, and then we'll do it together."

So, a macro to start online updates again. Just like earlier, the ones made by the macro shine one after the other, evolving of a kind that is not reflected in appearance.

"Update complete. Then the forced evolution of the Sentinel Guard or!


"Evolution begins!... Done! Guardian Field Amplification Expansion! Sentinel guard activated, guard targets are all gods in this world or!

"Hey, hey Hiroshi!?

"Notify Master Alfemina! We're going to fire the maximum output at all the gates of the Heaven and Earth cannon now, so when you're done, start the total attack!

"Rika ~ i"

"Go, go, go."

Hiroshi goes through the rushing voice of spring vegetables beautifully and prepares to shell. Open communications to Laurier when the charge of God's ship is complete.

"This one is full of energy charges. Don't you have any?

"Currently 95% complete. 96, 97, 98.... Done '

"I'll take care of the shooting, but I've got things to think about over here, so whatever happens, don't be surprised."

'Got it. I'll take care of the trigger.'

Mass destruction attacks of unprecedented scale since the beginning of this world. After all that preparation, the Macro turns his gaze to Spring Vegetables with his finger on the trigger replacement switch.

"Mr. Spring Vegetables, can you control probability or something to hit a hundred pars?

"... that's about it."

"Then you also asked me to open the gate in front of each gun gate to extend the range and expand into a bunch at the nearest distance of that moon. Yeah?

Copy that. I'll do something about it.

An outrageous dialogue launched earlier by a macro during the Guardian Field expansion. I would like to ask a lot about it and complete the work I was asked to do.

"Ready. Anytime."

"Go ahead. All cannon gates, full power chute!

A macro that pushes the switch at hand, along with a temperamental hanging. Three or four planets or stars are unleashed at once just to grind and extinguish them at leisure to match the trigger.

It crept through the gates created by the spring vegetables, and returned to the direct course drawing unnatural trajectories as they were about to deviate under the influence of the subtle force fields around the evil gods, and twenty and three rounds of heavenly and earthly artillery, which were thoroughly enhanced by various elements, starting with the Aeris' rituals, became one and struck out the three New Years.

"... hey alfemina"

"... that's all I can say..."

Soles and Alfemina watched the lunar surface, which was stunningly worn by an oversized crater over half the diameter, with a flashing look. After a few seconds of rigidity, he manages to re-establish his feelings by exchanging words to exhale his messed up emotions.

Insanely, the first blow unleashed by the Horn had dealt the Evil God opponent the damage it seemed to deserve.

What is insane is that heavenly and earthly ripple cannons and earth-opening cannons are weapons of destruction specialization. It doesn't include purification or sacred attributes or anything like that, and on the day you blow it off against the evil gods, there can't be anything more damaging about it than empowering it, it's such an attack.

So he hit him and did more damage than anyone else on the scene. It would also be natural for Soles and Alfemina to flash.

"In the meantime, it doesn't even start if you're shuddering. Everybody, set it up with maximum fire!

"Copy that!"

The Alfemina directive is responded to with an immediate recovery by the equally grumpy Raifia. Gods who follow that lephire and dare to storm one after the other.

All such gods are followed by wolves who emerge from somewhere.

"Whose family is this wolf?

"You are the Sentinel Guard of the Workshop Owner! I really appreciate your support!

Igleos answers the question raised by one pillar of the assault team while boosting his firepower. The heat bitterness with which Igleos dissipates also increases with the firepower, but Igleos' biggest attack cannot be helped because the heat bitterness is directly linked to the power.

"Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! Hmm!"

Where the heat and bitterness have reached their culmination, they decide to pose continuously as if Igleos, who has taken off his coat of law, would also do it in some sort of ritual. Where the great tsunami emitted by Raifia has subsided and the surface of the evil god has been completely flushed, Igleos posing culminates. At that moment when the last kimepose was numbered as it was, the red lotus flames burn down the surface of the three great moons.

When it comes to temperature alone, red lotus flames do not reach the end of the blue or white flames. But the flame kept the temperature to produce something, ideal for melting and refining iron ore.

For the Evil God, it is one of those temperature zones that is not good at pinpointing. Moreover, the minerals from the sea water released by the raifia are crystallized and spit out one after the other. It's not a noise where I don't like it.

"Hmm. So this kind of thing is going to work, too"

When Elsa sees the evil god who hides himself in the flames of Iglesios, he interferes in the three great moons. Though the separation is no longer so blended with the evil god as it is impossible, it is not fully taken in three great moons.

Though the moon, the earth is the earth, and enough interference is possible with Elsa's power if it is a part that has not yet been taken in. And if the part that's still safe moves, so does the part that's taken in by the evil gods in tandem.

No matter how powerful the Evil God may be, even if it may not be part of itself, it is affected by the changes in the part that is going on.

As a result, the metallic resources held by the three great moons are refined by Igleos' flames, and successively produced as high-quality gold.

More than the flames themselves, the evil gods were even more deeply hurt by the creation of new material from parts of their own bodies than the earth moved.

"It's a nice assist!

"It's the way you can do it now. It will be just the right gift for His Highness, and make more and more!

Igleos and Elsa continue their production activities with a really good smile, as if clearing up their previous flatulence.

Until now, the impact on Soles and the obstruction from the cult, coupled with the burial of holes in God's work, which has been destroyed in the fight against the cult, have overlapped, making a massive attack so far impossible.

With the evil sect forced into virtual destruction by the hands of Higashi, and the disconnection of the three great moons from Soles, the time limit created an environment in which no matter what we did, it would not be a problem.

It should be noted that why there is a time limit is a simple story, because even though it is to destroy the Evil God, we cannot leave other jobs alone forever. Especially in the case of Elsa, where the management of the ground vein is the main task, unnecessary natural mutations continue here and there when left unattended for too long.

If that happens, the survival of the world becomes suspicious. Besides, even though God's position is that we don't care about the lives and deaths of individual organisms, it's not that we can't be heartbroken about the massive number of dead. I wouldn't mind breaking it off if I had to, just because Elsa is not a goddess who can be ruthless enough to have unnecessary natural mutations and be fine.

To tell you the more immediate story, on the day you fail to manage the earth's veins and cause a large number of natural mutations, the resulting destruction and a large number of dead people will empower the shredded evil gods.

It's also a good place to end up falling, such as focusing too much on sharpening evil gods and empowering evil gods.

"... Sounds like it's time for the limit. I can no longer sense resources."

"Uhm. This one can no longer maintain the flame either. It will be tidal time."

"Now, once we get back to normal business"

"My colleague also returns to normal business. If you go back around the end of the second wave of the Azma Workshop, just fine as a rotation."

"Right. But around all that and 40% of it hasn't shredded, that's just..."

"Be prepared for a longer stretch than originally. Rather, it should be thought that it has been shredded early in the opening and nearly 40%"

Elsa and Igleos confirm the energy residue of the Evil God and leave with a sinister face. Though it did a lot more damage than planned, in addition to the twenty-three gates of heavenly and earthly cannons that made it so specialized against the Evil God, it didn't even do 40% of the biggest attack unleashed by the two pillars of the Five Gods and the productive activities that used it.

Few attacks that can be tapped into in the future are more than equivalent, and the same means do little damage to evil gods who are powered by the fact that they are being destroyed.

Thinking about it, I'm sick of the length ahead.

"That's why, Alfemina. I'm sorry, but my brother and Elsa will temporarily let me leave."


"This one's pushing. Don't be in a hurry, okay?

"I know."

I nod off to Igleos, who pushes in case, and look at the war situation. Nevertheless, the Sentinel Guard has almost prevented the attack from the Evil God, and vice versa, the attack from this one is almost out of the big one.

From here on out, it's basically even rooted unless things change dramatically with elements that either cause more unexpected than Higashi showed at the opening, or the Evil Gods side powers dramatically for some reason, or we're missing something.

It's not Igleos' word, but in these circumstances it's better to lose in a hurry.

"Isn't it time to baton touch the Azma Workshop once?

"... right. It's time for this attack to be adapted, and it's too sloppy for them to keep attacking and do something rushed and reckless."

Alanwen's suggestion that he was watching the war along with Alfemina and Soles. Alfemina nodding to it. Now the damage dealt and the amount of healed is balanced or slightly above the damage, but perhaps that balance will reverse before it is far away.

As for the Gods attacks, we definitely need to re-compartmentalize them around here once and for all.

"First time, go back!

Alfemina's decision and Alanwen gives instructions to the whole thing. At this time, the vast majority of God left the battlefield according to the instructions, but in any age, any group, and any battlefield there is a Negative Eri.

Even in this battle, the inferior god of the god of war system dared to assault without honestly following the instructions just a few pillars, the last hit before he left.

As far as the three pillars were concerned, it was simply a reason not to ignore orders or anything that we were already too fast into an offensive posture and it was faster and safer to leave with the momentum we hit, but nothing else should have happened.

Most gods left and stormed where the attack density dropped. Naturally, it gets better.




The struggle of the Sentinel Guard, which I was desperately protecting, was also murky, and about three pillars were crushed, taken in and extinguished by every Sentinel Guard without preventing the onslaught of the Evil God.

In addition, the aftermath involves three pillars that are leaving, and this battle inflicts so much damage that they cannot continue the attack any longer. The rest were never safe, and they were all forced to extinguish vital parts of their battles, such as their eyes, feet, and arms, and cut off their lifeblood as gods of war.

No matter how you named God of War, it is a tragedy caused by the fact that in the inferior God you were not necessarily superior to the strategic or tactical eye.

There are also gods that vary when you say gods of war in one bite, and some of them have no real experience of fighting simply because they excel in the martial arts of the individual. The gods of the god of war system are also the least numerous in the battle against evil gods of the past, and include many young gods about hundreds of years after their birth. The gods of this world are understaffed to the point that even such a god can't earn a lot of trouble if he pulls them out.

And the market dictates that putting it in things and making the situation worse is mostly the guy who has less experience and is overconfident and doesn't listen to people.

It was the situation where the Evil God and his allies were pushing him that seemed not to have made a great counterattack there, plus the occasional frustration accumulated on his Creating God and Evil God opponents so far.

It was, in a way, an event that occurred as if it were to happen.

"Confirm the power of the Evil God. I thought it would happen sooner or later, but it's unexpectedly fortified."

"... Warren, hold on to your men's paperwork."

"... sorry"

The tragedy in front of us and the reports from Soles, Alfemina complaining about the god of war Warren in the wake of them. Nor can Warren hide his bitter face in the too stupid and fuzzy behaviour of his own men.

Multiple flashes jump into Alfemina's sight as she tries to cut up a barren conversation there and observe the Evil God to work out a good aftermath.

"In the meantime, I erased the big ones of the fragments that occurred thanks to those guys. But there are too many of them and the details are quite retrieved. I've erased all the big things that have become the core of them, but in some cases, there may be a resurrection of the likes of the three executives."

"... really, you've been in such a troublesome situation with all of us at the Azma Workshop..."

"Fortunately, the power and recovery of the Evil God was somewhat excessive in charging what Igleos earned after his departure, or..."

"No, that doesn't seem to end there"

In response to Alfemina's allegations, Soles and Alanwen observe the Evil Gods and the Three New Years. The observations were rather troublesome.

"... the remainder of the Three New Year's Eve has been taken in"

"... I punched in, New God. Which reinforcing wedge is completely off."

"Apparently, we've made a hell of a mistake..."

It's better to lose in a hurry. At the beginning of the sharpening that I knew so, the impatience of the ends suddenly led to a worsening of the war situation.

"... this is gonna suck."

"... yeah. What do we do?"

Mistakes made by the lower gods of war. I think of a way for Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, who confirmed it, to respond with a bitter face as if the expression of Warren, the god of war, had arrived.

Sometimes my plans were crazy and the situation was getting pretty bad.

"The worst part, anyway, is that even a fair amount of fragments fell to the ground. If we don't do something about it, we'll be messed up in the back and pushed in here all at once."

"Right. Specific fallout situations, you know?

"I can't figure it out here. I don't know, Spring Vegetables is better at that kind of thing."

"Yes, but this time I couldn't grasp it properly either..."

"Then I wonder if Elle or Laurier are out of sight."

Spring vegetables with a small nod, in the words of the Macro. Sometimes fragments of a fallen evil god interfere strongly with the way Spring Vegetables are observed, and only this time is Laurier more likely to be able to take accurate data from all the observation equipment of Aeris or the Castle of God during the ritual.

"In the meantime, once you're behind on that one. It's landing. I've got plans, but I'm calling it off. First, only Mio and my brother can take a blow from here with the maximum output and leave. Then, based on the data we can grasp about the fragments, we can respond."

"Roger. Like earlier, should we just open the gate and hit it with amplification?

"Let it go. All the time, brother, Mio. Drink crisp amrita and soma, and do whatever you can to get extra skill or"

"Mmm. Copy that."

"The timing should be right. Mio, give me 15 seconds."


As the situation changes, Higashi scratches and discards his plans for a total attack and moves on to the next action. But the Evil God didn't give me fifteen seconds.

"Huh! Evil God's energy release, surge!

At a time when Tatsuya connects with the earth pulse of God's castle and develops the amplification system specific extra skills of the wand, the Evil God tries to fire a wide-ranging attack with all his might according to his instincts.

To the screaming reports of spring vegetables that perceived it, Hiroshi moved on to actions to be ready immediately.

"Here Akan! They're gonna crush us a little bit!

"Hong-kun, that's impotent for as much as it takes!

Ignoring the suppression with the crying voice of Spring Vegetables, the Macro pops up in the most prominent place to draw the attention of the Evil God. Energy purely to destroy and extinguish, unleashed towards all directions.

"Ostosol, full defense mechanism! Around Guard! Immortality!

An attack without a single clump if you eat even an intermediate god instead of a lower god. Shortly before it tries to swallow a strip around, it deploys the only defense it can have, and Hiroshi brings in all of the Evil God's attacks alone. Spring Vegetables, who have realized that it is no longer possible to serve, take whatever measures they can in a prayerful way so that the Macro is safe at all, and strengthen the defense of the Macro.

"Compared to not dying, that's about it!

The attack landed at the same time as such a macro scream. The destructive force unleashed by involving the evil god who unleashed the attack makes space distorted, causal rhythm crazy and impossible to observe from the outside.

"Hong-kun, reply, Hong-kun!!

Spring vegetable screams echoed around the third moon, when energy was completely sedated and still impossible to observe.