"Again, even if it's difficult..."

Hiroshi, who put up his body and stopped the evil gods from attacking, was drifting through subspace with the evil gods.

The Macro himself is completely intact, and the divine armor Ostosol, which was damaged there, has already been repaired with automatic repair, and there are no physical problems whatsoever.

If you are an evil god, this has not changed the state and before the attack again, because you are not in the nature of getting caught up in your attack and taking damage, so much so that you can say how Ostosol's function bit you.

We can see each other's presence, but we're not looking directly at each other because of space issues, and we're not in a position to get our hands on either. In the end, both sides maintained the status quo in terms of damage.


"Did Ra go too? I hope you're safe with that attack."


I just checked the status quo, and Ra crawls out of the armor gap.

As a matter of fact, Ra never got off the body of a macro during the battle. Even during the Evil God's attack, he successfully moved through Ostsol's subtle gap, diving into a safer position than anywhere else on the battlefield if he was bad, between armored underwear on his back and his kamikaze.

"Nevertheless, let's do it without it."

You can't attack anyway, leave the Evil God alone for now, and take whatever measures you can to check your current position. The biggest problem right now is that we have no idea where we are right now.

Nevertheless, the spatial sensing of this hand is neither good nor good at the power of the macro. It goes into those whose sensory systems are also excellent as gods because of how they have been until then, but they are also not the kind of things that can be managed by their abilities alone. Unfortunately, the technology around it does not reach the amateur level at best, nor does it reach the feet of Spring Vegetables and Alfemina, experts.

No matter how good your vision and spatial grasping skills are, in situations where surveying is necessary, it is not enough information to gather.

In the end, the only thing Macro could confirm was some sort of desperate fact that the great cluttered position of God's castle and the route that leads to it do not exist, nor can we put up a transfer formation on the properties of space.

"I mean it."


He says it's a pretty desperate situation, but he's the one who snaps at that with the usual attitude. To be clear, it doesn't look like it's coming at all.

Keep it up, at least keep checking to see if I can get in touch with the Spring Vegetables.

"I got the prediction, but I still can't use the guild card or the means of communication in that system. The link with the castle will survive, but the noise is too riding to communicate with Morse signal levels. The octopus pot is just a pot in the absence of Octogal, and I think I've come to Homma."


"Speaking of which, I don't have to worry about Ra's eating either. If you feel like it, you may be able to get it out of a place where there's nothing like cabbage, but it's hard to be comfortable without ingredients or anything."

"Piggy Piggy"

"Well, it doesn't even start with the mess, and there might be some vegetables in the porch...... what? Share volumes with the warehouse alive."

Is there anything that's going to be Ra's dinner, and I just fished the porch that was planted around the back of my hips, and what a connection to the warehouse I discover is normally alive. First think about how to get in touch with Ra as she takes out the divine cabbage for her.

"It would be quick if we could get through this, but in the case of a shared warehouse with a regular warehouse, we can't get out on our own, so intelligent life forms can be locked in during the surgical phase."


"Ra's got a subtle line."


"Well, that's good. Ra let you in in the first place, and you won't be able to contact him if he doesn't notice."

That's how Macho comforts Ra, who sounds strangely soggy.

Fundamental story, where Ra was able to travel through the warehouse to the spring vegetables, he can't be a means of contacting them because he can't communicate properly.

I can't be, but I'm so heartless to point that out, it was a macro I wouldn't dare touch.

"The movement following the connection of the shared warehouse…. Akan, the route is too complicated and you're going to get lost."

To get to where you can see it, once you go up to the third floor of the building you are in, you move to another building, and from there down to the basement, you are asked to travel even different buildings, a complex route structure, like a giant station in the heart of Tokyo and Osaka, to abandon the return of following there as soon as possible.

The difficulty is that if you step in poorly, it can be a feather that keeps you permanently lost, more than no sign or anything.

"... well, write a message on the appropriate paper and wait until someone doesn't realize... No, is that too uncertain about everything? In this case, add your hand to all the shared bags and warehouses..."

In the end, Sakuri will give up his return on his own and move forward with the plan in the direction of quickly and reliably contacting the Spring Vegetables as soon as possible. If it's too cluttered, I'm afraid it's going to be a lot of instability, especially spring vegetables.

I'm not one of those spiritually dependent people, but the situation is right before they fly me here. If you're Spring Vegetable in character, it's not surprising to disturb you for a while when the person you've gotten so close to seemed to have vanished in front of you.

Whatever you say, you're mentally tough, so you won't be back on your feet any time soon, but still you've never crossed without needless worry.

"Remodeling of the warehouse completed. Here's the message. Yeah, later, I don't know if you'll notice this."

Write a giant message on A4 size paper, stick it inside the warehouse and activate additional features. Make sure it works properly and sigh one.

"Now, the rest is easy to wait for the reaction over there, apprentice Ra, and tummy. What if I do?"

That said, take the elongated pork sausage wrapped in the well sold orange plastic film in Kansai from inside the warehouse (but the meat used is Behemoth meat, not pork), and peel the film and start eating the macro.

In the end, he had no sense of crisis at all from start to finish.

"Hong-kun, come back! Hong-kun!!

Back then, when the Hiroshi were making a lot of trials and errors in the subspace.

The voice of spring vegetables was echoing in space where you should not have heard the sound.

"Calm down once, spring vegetables!

As expected by Hiroshi, Tatsuya speaks out desperately in an attempt to calm the disturbing spring vegetables that he cannot watch. Spring vegetables finally reacted to several voice-overs, revealing Tatsuya with an unprecedented look of anger and impatience.

"How can you calm down in this situation?!?

"This is the situation, I'm telling you to calm down! Chill your head once and look around!

"I can't believe you could have died, but I can't believe you're calm!!

"I'll say it again! Look around you! Though the castle of God will survive!

Tatsuya tells me and Spring Vegetables finally realizes that fact. He was completely narrowing his horizons to shocking developments such as disappearing without a trace with the Three New Year's Eve.

"I'm linking. If anything happens to Hiro, there's no way that the castle is intact. Hiro is safer than no damage to the castle."

"... yeah. But then why..."

"I don't know. But it shouldn't mean you're being pushed into a situation where your life is in immediate danger."

"On second thought, Laurier would have contacted me a long time ago if that were the case."

Tatsuya and Spring Vegetables, who, as usual, see the castle of God continuing their productive activities in normal driving, and are only convinced that it is not that much of a plume situation for now. Therefore, it is troubling how to find the disappearing macro without any signs or traces.

"In the meantime, I don't think you're in any better position to hear your voice than you are unresponsive to all this calling."

"It doesn't mean much because it's space, but there's no god, no evil god, no man in the range of about five kilometers"

In the words of true harp and Mio, spring vegetables that come up with something. As long as I stay calm, I can think of quite a few striking moves.

"... maybe, but"

"You ever come up with anything?

"Yeah. I was just wondering if maybe, what, you know, you're not usually in space,"

"... it's possible."

For the thought of spring vegetables, Tatsuya nods with a serious face. In the first place, the third moon itself disappeared, but there was no trace of it nearby.

Assuming it was pulverized by high energy, the three moons would be huge if the fragments were not scattered.

Leaving aside about gravity and other points where the balance isn't crazy even though all that large mass has disappeared, the fragments don't even have the distinctive aftertaste of the great moves, and there is a reason why the macro is safe, and none of those damned evil gods even make you feel signs.

There are not many situations in which this condition can be met.

"I don't know if I can do this, but I'm gonna go back a little bit and find out."


Spring vegetables trying to find out the state of the space, from the center of the Three New Years moon to around the time the Macro stopped attacking, in order to confirm the hypotheses made. At that timing, the warehouse of all the bags and God's ships vibrates, making a noise like the call of a black telephone.

"Huh! Surprised ah..."

"What a sudden...... and a letter from Hiro......!?

"What!? Really!?"

"I already took it out, so I don't even know what to look at in the bag! I'm going to read it out now, just calm down!

Tatsuya spreads the letter she took out reflexively as soon as she found it, while forgiving the spring vegetables that stood in color and tried to check in her bag. As soon as I see the contents, I also forget the words, read up, and raise my penetrating voice with all my might.

"You can probably afford to worry about people scattered!!

With that screaming, Tatsuya is about to accidentally hit the letter on the deck. I don't think I can do that either.

In the letter from the Macro:

"Boskete (', ω, …)"

Only because it was written all over A4 paper.

"... good. Glad it looks ok......"

After collecting the letter that Tatsuya was about to slap from the side, and confirming its contents, Spring Vegetables burst into tears at the sight, embracing Hiroshi's letter in her chest as if she was in deep relief.

"Dear El, it's time for a change."

A message from Hiroshi brings Spring Vegetables back to calm a little later. Alchem tells Aeris to take turns, who does not rest for a moment from the start of the ritual and continues to perform kamikaze.


Whether or not Alchem's words are heard, Aerys does not try to stop being divine. On the contrary, he immerses himself in the ritual without even responding.

"Dear El, Mr. Hiroshi's safety has been confirmed. She wants to talk to you about it, so please do that."

I knew from the beginning that Aeris would not react if I told him to take turns. Therefore, Alchem does not even show how he cared about the attitude of Aeris, who continues with the ritual as he ignored everything, but similarly begins to take divine steps, whilst saying another thing to tell him.

Whether we cut up the ritual or take turns, we can't stop Kagura immediately. So in order not to interrupt the ritual reflexively, and as a trump card when Aerys did not have the ear to listen, Alchem did not immediately give this good news.


Now it's time to react to Alchem's words, but Aeris still hasn't stopped the divine steps, and will also put his reply on hold. In this situation, where the ritual handover is not entirely over, it is not good to speak out in a detour.

It is not until we have completely taken over the ritual that we reply to Alchem and express our feelings of relief and joy. That's what I told my mind, and where Alchem and Kagura's behavior are perfectly synchronized, I move on to the steps for a change.

That's how, over time, Aeris took over the ritual from Alchem without interrupting or making it ineffective.

"Now, the rest, please"

Aeris successfully completes the ritual takeover and bows one head toward Alchem. Alchem responds to it by sending a gaze to match the ritual behavior.

When he leaves the diocese where he was performing the ritual, Aeris cannot resist the arrows or the jaws, but immediately transfers by Laurier.

Laurier, who had been interacting with the Spring Vegetables in correspondence until just before, was waiting for Aeris in the conference room where he was making materials in parallel with that meeting.

"I've been waiting for you"

"What is the situation!?

"First, I assure you that there is no danger whatsoever to the life of the Master."

Explain to Aeris how Laurier is really calm, who reacts in the same way as Alchem. Unlike Aeris and Alchem, they have a strong link to the Macro, so there's less reason to get upset in this case.

Though, so you're not in trouble, and that's not how it is. The links are alive but not clearly identifiable in position, and they are also in a state of not being able to interfere very directly with each other. To put it further, I can't even get in touch with you directly.

As a result, there is nothing we can do to bring back the wrecked Macro.

"I just managed to get in touch with the master, but otherwise I'm currently stuck..."

"Have you been in touch?

"Yes, fortunately, the functionality of the shared warehouse is alive and we are currently in touch by exchanging letters with the master via there"

"I see, I see."

If the shared warehouse is alive, Aeris thinks for a moment that he might come out this way through there and dump the idea immediately. There's no way anyone's going to say that much, and in the first place, if you can, Macro will be doing it all the time.

"So, what is your discussion with Master Hiroshi?

"It would be quicker for you to look at the letter about that"

That's what I'm saying, Laurier, showing you the paper that's completely filled with space at the moment. Aeris who took it and tried to chase it carefully from the beginning with a serious face, but skips reading the first one in less than a minute.

Clearly, the first surface was not as fruitful an exchange as it was.

I'm having a conversation with Nori as he chats in the nettles. It would also be natural for there to be less fruitful exchanges.

"... In the meantime, I know very well that Master Hiroshi is really safe. It's just not a very good situation."

"Yes, even Master Harna is unable to determine the route of travel, even if the location can be identified. Alfemina seems to have helped, but the condition of the space seems too bad to do anything about it."

"When that happens, I feel like I can't help it..."

"No, it's not"

Aeris unwittingly necks Laurier, who is somewhat forcefully assertive. Already the situation has come to a stage where the gods hit with all their power and with all their might, I don't see how there is such a thing as an appearance in Aeris, who is only a mere human being at the moment, no matter how witchy she is.

"There are two things I would like to ask of Master Aeris. First of all, I'd like to ask you to help me purify the fragments of the evil gods scattered all over the earth in battle with the gods in order not to let the evil gods gain extra strength."

"Sure, that's our area."

The story Laurier brought up, Aeris nodding with a serious face when she heard it. The gods are greatly limited in their interference with the earth. When it comes to dealing with pieces of evil gods on earth, Aeris and witches and temples everywhere can undoubtedly move more quickly and flexibly.

"In order to increase the power of the Master, we would like you to amplify in a ritual the creative activities that are being carried out by people/places connected to the Master, and the energy that is generated by them."

"Creative activity, is it?

"Yes, challenging production that hasn't been challenged before, growing new crops, recovering and rebuilding from the damage suffered in the war ahead, whatever"

"That's not a problem either, but we can't recognize that energy. You can't identify from the mixed energy more than you can't recognize, can you?

"The identification of energy will take place in this castle. It's fine if you amplify what you've identified and sent in here."


On Laurier's second favor, Aeris gets a heartfelt look. Unlike the first, it's hard to tell you to amplify energy that you can't sense or identify.

If it is an amplification of recognizable energy, it can be undertaken with confidence, but if it is unrecognizable, it will not do so either. Naturally, it is impossible to determine whether or not it is amplified beyond what can be recognized.

On the contrary, there is even the risk of amplifying the energy on the other side, which should not be amplified. And you're probably not even going to recognize that.

I'd like to take on anything for the Macro, but as a result, I don't have an ex or a child to pull the Macro's leg.

Naturally, judgment also becomes cautious.

"You don't have to think hard about it. In the first place, what Aerys is challenging, in itself, is the power of the Master."


"Yes, it will be a creative activity of new challenges to the unknown, naturally."

Aeris can't hide the confusion on what an out-of-the-box criterion is about the empowerment of a macro. If there is, I seriously feel that I can be empowered in general matters.

In fact, the problem, as Aeris felt, can be anything when it comes to empowering the macro, if it involves making, generating, new, etc. Because the criterion of judgment is outrageous, and because the original origin is merely human, empowerment at one by one is insignificant, but due to the influence and ease of doing things that are human origin, it is not damaged or distorted by evil god-like patterns.

Unfortunately, the Faircro world is not a world created by a macro, so it cannot lead to the empowerment of all events, but nevertheless deeply marginal human behavior and large-scale activities certainly work positively in themselves.

A practical example of this is this grand ceremony, led by Aeris and Alchem and attended by witches from all over the world. Not only was the damage inflicted by the evil gods with the heavenly and earthly cannons immensely great, but the great ceremonial resurrection, which has only been counted in the past, which is the first attempt for all the large number of participants, was also influenced by the great ceremonial enhancement of the power of the majesty as the Creator God.

In the end, if efficiency is to be discouraged, the actions of close associates like Aeris can lead to empowerment no matter what they do as long as the element of challenge is in it.

"... For now, I find it difficult to do two things at the same time, so let me first give priority to coping with the fragments of the Evil Gods, which need a rush and are also devastating to the earth. If we deal with fragments before they become so powerful that they catch up with Hiroshi, we'll go back to the situation we were in."

"Right. Please make that a priority first."

"When it comes to amplifying energy, let me try when Master Hiroshi hasn't come back yet after that"


A small nod to Aeris' judgment, Laurier. It is also important to create a way back while strengthening the Lord who cannot return, but it is more than equally important to sharpen the enemies who are still alive and to ensure the Lord's safety.

"Do you know the distribution, etc., with regard to the falling of fragments?

"I generally observe. However, as far as accuracy is concerned, two kilometers of error is the limit, even if we try our best."

"Enough. Purification will now be carried out on the basis of its distribution. Please wait for the good news"

Aeris leaves the conference room after a policy has been set and Laurier has been told to do so. He left to wash his hands, rehydrate, and prepare his stomach for a long snack, and headed to Primla, who was waiting for him in alternate hours as well.

'Come on, this exchange is getting troublesome, but how can you manage to do anything other than put a letter in and out of the warehouse?

Hiroshi contemplates Tatsuya's order around the fourth exchange of letters.

Honestly, I thought the same thing about the Macro, but I didn't really have a good idea.

"Conversations in audio, well, even if we have to give up, yah. If we could exchange messages in real time, or at most in a time lag about a satellite feed..."

Blurry macro while exploring precisely all directions to see if you can't build a communication path. The system itself can be made without much problem, but the communication path is irrelevant.

Even if I give up looking for a route for myself or Ra on my own, I feel like I can make a passage if it's about narrow and squeezed magic. I feel like I'm not going to get caught on the way through anywhere.

That's how Ra kept eating the Divine Cabbage at best as if he'd accumulate power while the Macro was struggling.


I then exchanged letters about three times, when the approach from the side of the macro was finally getting stuck. Ra, who finished eating the fourth ball god cabbage, rang out to claim something.

"Doesn't it?

"Piggy Piggy"

A macro who speaks out strangely to Ra, who obviously complains about something. Ringing to answer the Macro question, Ra just threw up a little bit to show.

Seeing that yarn, Hiroshi understood what Ra was about to complain about.

"I see, if you put it in brackets or stick it to something, and Ra keeps threading it out until the other one takes it out, you mean you'll connect!


Ra sounds softly satisfied that Hiroshi understood his claim correctly. I'm proud of the look on his face.

Around being a potato worm but having a Doya face, Ra will undoubtedly be a family member of the Macho.

"Hopefully, soon, we'll build a wired communication system."

I just saw the outlook, the ambition to start work on building a communications system. You can just send in the yarn, but at any rate, it's better to establish a means of communication from the start. Based on such an excuse, it is normal driving everywhere as it joyfully enters into manufacturing.

"... All right, enough to send to the other party. Later, I messed with the warehouse specifications so that when I took them out, I stuck a note with sticky notes so that my brothers mistakenly thought they were garbage or something... All right, Ra, I need some yarn."


Ra responds to the Macro's request and spits out yarn for communication. A macro that brackets the end of that yarn in a communication terminal (albeit one that looks very unlikely) and sends it to the warehouse to activate the calling function. More and more yarn swallowed up in the warehouse, seconds later. Someone takes out the terminal.

"All right. Ra, I'm done."

A macro that stops at Ra, who has been spitting yarn for a long time, and connects a terminal for himself to the termination side.

It was the first moment in history when a wired communication system from subspace was completed.

Hello, can you hear me?

'Ooh, I hear you right. How's that?

'No problem over here either. Now we can have a conversation even if we can't get in and out. "

'Right. So, that's fine, but why a yarn phone?

"Sora, let's make a yarn phone call if we're using yarn communication."

To Tatsuya's natural question, I assure Hiroshi full of force that I will do it. The terminal prepared by the Macro, it was just something that looked like a paper cup from anywhere.

Nevertheless, it connects a person who is in another subspace via a subspace to a person who is normally in space. The principle is that even if it is a yarn phone itself, it cannot naturally communicate as such.

Hiroshi had put a lot of hands on paper cups on both sides.

It should be noted that of the functions supplied in the paper cup, the most important thing that Macro attaches to is informing the target of the completion of the speech and the completion of the preparation to hear it is that there is no choice in the specification of the yarn telephone.

Thus, a subspace yarn telephone exploded, probably not real first, following the history of any world. There's noise on there, but I have long-distance communication over a yarn phone, so I can't help it all.

"Well, it's okay because this is how I can get in touch in real time, but I'm just going to be a little too temperamental if I don't tell them I'm ready to hear that I'm done."

"I wanted to experiment first in the least laborious and technically withering way because I was so sure it would work."

"You couldn't possibly have prepared two?

"Ra's burden is too great, and I can't mix it up inside, so I'm avoiding it this time. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Whatever you need to do for the communication itself

Tatsuya unexpectedly gets smaller at the words of Hiroshi, who will be convinced that it is a percentage.

yarn phone, it would definitely be the hobby and joke occasions of the macro first that I also purposefully used a paper cup, but there is no basis to just make me admit it. Though I can afford it, the fact that I can't scold you for running a joke in this situation, which is once an emergency, is that Tatsuya is very much no longer available.

'... well, I see why. I'm not convinced. However, this system is too sticky. I'm fine, but there's a lot of inconvenience in getting Spring Vegetables and Mio to talk. "

"Let it go. In the meantime, I could figure out how much communication Ra can make with her yarn, so let me modernize it all at once. Wow. '

"Oh, please."

Tatsuya's words, and just as bad as this is, a huge hurry to make something computer. I managed to avoid the scolding from Tatsuya for ingredients that I joked about running into my hobby, but given the mood of Spring Vegetables and Mio, which I would be greatly worried about, I have a sense that the joke is just a little too much.

For the record, the computers of Honda's time have been reduced to about the size of a CD case as a size. Devices such as displays, keyboards, and mice usually survive, but they are all replaced by non-physical spatial projection-style ones, capable of working anywhere with desktop computer functionality and operability maintained if that's what you want.

It also shows the unlikely robustness of producing results that work perfectly fine in experiments thrown from aircraft while still in a booted state, with regard to the weakness against impact during start-up, which is common in computers, and also combines the specs of over-specifics that submerging it up to about 2,000 meters deep sea will not break in any way.

As a result, laptops have been completely driven away, and smartphones, which I felt were neither a phone nor a mobile computer, have eventually been integrated into computers as a result of the advent of computers of this specification at a time when they began to spread.

Let's say that the decline of smartphones has finally brought back a cell phone dedicated solely to cameras, email and calling capabilities with respect.

It should be noted that the CD case size is the result of the combination of various elements, such as CDs and Blu-ray discs still surviving as software supply media, as well as ease of use around connections of external devices, the ease of earning the number of connecting terminals, and the robustness of the body. Some models are small enough to fit easily in your pocket, but it's not surprisingly popular because of its overall convenience.

To add further, it is the world's best genius scientist, Ayase Tenyin, a relative of Spring Vegetables who made this computer. Consorting with domestic manufacturers headed by a treasury when smartphones were technologically immature, and using operability, robustness, storage capacity, battery duration and operational stability as weapons, it is still a story grass in this type of industry that quickly anchored Japanese computers around the world in place of smartphones.

It is a miracle that was possible not only because of the patents, but also because Japan only has the technology to mass-produce all this stuff at a cost equal to mobile phones without dropping any specs, and even more politically because the government of time had made good use of the existence of Heavenly Sound, making Japan's position stronger for both the public and private sectors.

Hiddenly, this is the only place outside of Japan where technological analysis has not yet advanced enough to allow the development of new models.

"In the meantime, I sent the terminal over there, so I took the paper cup off the yarn and bracketed it where appropriate,"

"Have you done it yet? Are you sure you don't want to... '

"In the first place, at every point of communication with the yarn used for yarn phones, as a system, there is a range of errors."

'Well, I guess so...'

Yet, for now, send a signal of the end of the speech, Tatsuya, who performs the switching work.

At his own power, he confirms that Tatsuya has removed the paper cup, and Hiroshi quickly replaces the terminal. By the way, the yarn is fixed to a paper cup with transparent, tiny tape like cellohan tape.

The moment you start the terminal with the yarn bracketed,


Spring vegetable faces occupied the entire screen.


"It'll be over soon, don't rush!

Spring vegetables rush the installation of the terminal sent by Hongkong. Even though I knew I was safe, I couldn't confirm my voice or appearance directly, and the frustration of spring vegetables was increasing to its limits.

"All right, work done. We're up and running."

Thus, Tatsuya starts a terminal that can only be seen as a CD case from anywhere. It should be noted that the startup operation at this time is the same as that of the computers of the Higashi era, which are latched slide switches. The biggest seller is that it does not start easily even if it is hit when carrying it, and it is intuitively easy to understand the operation.

At the same time as the startup, the display is projected into the space and a communication screen is deployed. Unlike a normal computer, the communication screen is deployed first, probably because that's what Macro sets it up to be.

Tatsuya pinches and pulls the edge of the projected display to zoom in, further adjusting the communication screen to be visible to everyone before dawning in front of the terminal to spring vegetables.

For the record, the biggest factor that the smartphone has been driven away from is due to the ability to change screen size and operating area freely with simple operations without bothering to mess with the body, as Tatsuya did this time, and freely change people to see the screen even more, but I won't touch it deeply here.


About two seconds after Tatsuya made the screen adjustment. A lot of unbearable spring vegetables climb out screaming with an emotional look at the appearance of Hiroshi and Ra on the communication screen.

As a result, there was a strange hint of spring vegetable throat up on the side of the macro.

"Close, close, close!! Just calm down, Spring Vegetables. '

"Oh, I'm sorry..."

Spring vegetables are noticed in great haste by the macro and honestly distance themselves from the screen to the extent that the entire upper body is pictured. As a result of my head cooling down all at once, I dye my face bright red in a different way than I did earlier to the lack of much clutter and room for my actions.

"You were right to turn off 3D footage..."

"I know it's okay, but I think it's too irritating for my master in many ways, such as with 3D footage of Spring Sister's throat up..."

Other humans calm down when they look at tempered humans by their side, and to some sort of ugliness with spring vegetables, Makoto and Mio, who have become completely calm, say that.

Inside the screen, he showed a rather complex complexion: the macro turns subtly blue and red.

How familiar and almost non-onset of phobia and other spring vegetable opponents can be, if not communication, it seems inevitable that the lips will be so up that they could have a contact accident, just until fear boils over with conditional reflexes.

or so, now that female phobia has improved almost to the point where it no longer interferes with everyday life, Hoang is also regaining his sensibility as a healthy teenager. If a beautiful girl like Spring Vegetables is happily stuffed with a girl who everyone admits, she's about to get upset by something.

If this were perhaps Elaine or something, the elements of something a little more illuminating, no matter how favorable the beauty.

It was the moment when that hard work was rewarded, of spring vegetables, who continued to convey a genuine fondness to the tunnel with compassion about their opponents.

Nevertheless, the ambition is ambitious. I haven't sat my guts down enough to develop up to a romantic relationship where I've made some progress. Female phobia or otherwise, this aspect will not permanently escape heckling. That's the kind of talent.

Sometimes the situation is the situation, and I quickly get back to normal driving.

"In the meantime, it looks like we can communicate properly, and we should check the progress since then."

"Copy that. Even though it's not a human situation, it's essentially just spring vegetables that are moving."

Let's do it.

'That's why me and Makoto and Mio are basically silent except for questions and suggestions. Policies and status checks go with spring vegetables. "

"Let it go, Roger that. By the way, other means are pretty much stuck. The evil gods move too. I want to see the burn...... Hmm? '

"What's the matter, Hiroshi?

'No, I don't. Soon, the evil gods will shred.'

Spring vegetables with a suprising look for a moment at the word "evil god is shredding," and immediately laughing bitterly at the reason. I know what caused it.

"Maybe it's because of a series of these communications systems."

"All the time?

"I think you're probably not looking anywhere for a yarn phone that delivers your voice through subspace, me"

"Well, let's do it"

"Instead of this world, it could be the first time in all the worlds if you suck, so I wonder if it would be tremendously damaging due to the nature of evil gods?

"Ah, I guess so..."

Listen to the commentary on the spring vegetables, convinced and nodded the macro.

In the first place, if the level of technology has risen enough to make use of the fact that it is a subspace but a cross-dimensional space, the phases that inevitably rely on wired communication will decrease. Sometimes promising wireless communication technologies will be developed, but before that, everyone will affirm that it is unrealistic to just think about how long cables will be needed, such as wired communications using that hand space.

This time it was an emergency and it was established because the yarn used for communication was a special substitute, but it is usually a method that we do not intend to achieve in terms of cost or difficulty in achieving.

I mean, in the early twenty-first century, I still didn't think I'd be able to make this normal call wired.

"Brother Da. Stability and certainty are the hallmarks of wire, so this time it's a natural choice."

"Well, it is."

It's been a long time since I've had a chance to see it in a general home, and it looks like a cable for network communication is connected to my computer. Mio puts a technical point into Tatsuya's thoughts after listening to the conversation between Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables and turning his awareness to it.

Even though it is limited to short distances, no matter how advanced the technology, there is no means to ensure more stable exchange of data than communication by connecting cables directly.

"In the first place, is it now time to go into the fact that I normally do computer communications with yarn I used for yarn phones?

"If you stick it in there, it's not a communication port or a connection terminal for an external device, so it's not tight."

"Mm-hmm. Fundamentally, it's rarer that there was nowhere to go about what the master did"

"This time, let's leave that kind of story aside, shall we?

Sometimes there is nothing in particular that can be done, and Spring Vegetables make the Tatsuya thrive on a topic that doesn't matter. Sometimes I didn't take special care not to hear it, and the conversation was reaching as many people as I wanted through my computer.

Nothing in itself is particularly problematic, but this kind of conversation can easily be dragged down.

I usually don't have a problem getting into the chat as it is, but now it's an emergency. Since we have already derailed quite a few times since the Macro was flown to the present, we should be cautious about imitating the way we do.

Tatsuya decides to shut up once and for all in response to Spring Vegetables insisting that way in the dark. Seeing that, Spring Vegetables resumes the conversation.

"So, Hiroshi. I just passed on this yarn to confirm your position, but even if you force the passage to tidy up, it doesn't seem to be efficient enough for me. '

"All the time, it's like I can figure out the exact position of Spring Vegetables from here and what route they're going to make."

'Yeah. So first, you can make a proper link between me and Hiroshi because they can be thin, and it'll be a task from there.'

"I don't know about that, but making that link isn't easy in itself."

'Yeah. So half of it feels like waiting for Elle's ritual, doesn't it? I'm asking Elle for a ritual to empower you.'

"Come on. Well, this way, keep going. I'll see if I can do something about it in the form of tools. '

"I'll see if I can make a link with you at this stage."

Progress has been made, but it's still basically stuck. In such a situation, Higashi continues to look seriously for measures while being somehow derailed.

The key to helping the immature god of creation and the goddess of time and space was entrusted to the Aerys.