"" "" "Body abandonment ~" "" "

On the battlefield of the Midas Confederation, the voice of energetic weather echoes.

At the request of Aeris and Alchem, Octogall and the others were braving an air strike to purify the Fragments of the Evil God.

Most importantly, this time it's an air strike, but it's not as massive as it was against Waldis. Spring vegetables are not accelerating the production of Pome, and Octogal himself is not talking about doping items, so it's impossible to do it.

Still, because of this time, Laurier is enhancing the production of priestly Pomé with the function of the castle of God, so much so that it is possible to air strike each battlefield of the Confederation of Midas, which is not as broad in scope.

Also, Laurier, who gained a lot of know-how on pome cultivation at some point this time, is working on an idea. As a result, even an overwhelming minority are able to bomb effectively compared to the previous one.

As a result, five minutes after the start of the air strike, every battlefield had completely disappeared, as had fragments of the evil gods.

"... what was that, that?

"... don't ask me"

Throw down monastic pomegranates louder than the human head with an energetic weather voice, see Octogall, who was moving away somewhere as he was, and say so as if soldiers from both sides, who were playing killing each other, had stopped the fight and been drained of poison.

The soldiers, who were near the thrown down monastic pome, were making sure it burst and scattered something like a shockwave around them. But strangely, the moment I had that shock wave, I felt strangely refreshed and it became silly to continue the fight.

"... hey"

"... what the hell"

"... you still want to go on?

"... you think we can kill each other with this air?

"... right"

An unintelligible hanging of mysterious creatures that lose temper and a shockwave of monastic pome. That synergy seems to have uprooted the war as well as the temper, and the conflict that has been going on since before the Waldis aerial bombardment converges naturally.

Due to the fact that the position where the monastic pome was thrown off was really efficient, it purifies all the battlefields without skin with about four octogal heads in one piece, and even ends the conflict.

In a sense, the Midas Confederation's conflict ended in such nonsense.

"Confirm the purification of Midas Federation fragments. Together with the completion of the purification near the village of Olga, the disposal of all the fragments found has been completed '

Honda was playing on yarn phones and computers, just around that time. Aeris, who had just finished the ritual, gives a relieved look to Laurier's proclamation, who was tracking a fragment of the Evil God.

Fragments of the Evil God, which should have poured down in large quantities, were really lightly lit on the back from prior predictions.

"The purifying kingdom stretched out in the sky by Master Angelt seems to have worked better than expected."

'It was also helpful that the fallen places were concentrated near the Midas Federation and the village of Olga. The size of the Midas federation will suffice for everyone in Octogal, and the village of Olga was dealt with immediately by all the unicorns who submitted to the Buddha Gate. Otherwise, the processing would probably not have been completed within the year. No matter how many Angelt-like junctions we lost, it would not have been possible to purify them completely if they had been scattered all over the world.'

Laurier seems somewhere happy to report faintly to the purification of fragments that didn't take as long as she was in shape. To Laurier's words, Aeris talks smudgingly about the factors he said well.

Angelt, the sky god who was somehow busy and absent when Honda turned to the Temple of Soles. He was preparing for a showdown with the evil gods to come, preparing for a bond around the outer perimeter of the earth.

Nevertheless, it is not easy for any of the five great gods to say that Angelt has the next greatest power and power when it becomes a junction that completely covers one star and has no effect on the earth.

Therefore, we have not been able to meet Hiroshi face-to-face, and even now we continue to maintain the bond.

It should be noted, for the record, that even though the Alfeminas know about Angelt's junction, they do not know that there is enough purifying function added to it to allow them to purify the Fragments of the Evil God. Angelt didn't dare to tell me about this because it would be difficult to fight in too cluttered a way to rely on features.

Exactly, when it's about the size that Soles crushed, it's powerless in this junction. I wouldn't have any choice but to keep it a secret so Angelt wouldn't worry and guess.

More importantly, this juncture itself is the last safety net for the gods. Safety nets are not what you would expect.

"After that, all you have to do is bring strength and thoughts so the Master can come back here."

Not to mention that the chores have been cleared, Laurier looks at Aeris still. To that gaze, Aeris tumbles subtly inside.

Sometimes the deal with the Evil God fragments was quite light, and Aeris still hadn't set foot on the amplification of energy he couldn't recognize himself.

To help a man like no other. I want to do anything that is within my control. However, this ritual of amplification of the hand is performed while checking the state of the energy and adjusting the contents in real time. When it becomes unrecognizable, there is no way to adjust around it.

That's what scares me so much. If the consequences of failure just come down to you, or if your surroundings can laugh and follow you where you fail, Aeris is happy to try any difficult thing. But not this time.

What scares me is that I can't take responsibility for myself when I fail, but I'm afraid I could put the rest of the world in crisis. Most importantly, I'm afraid I could push a guy I like into further predicament without knowing I made a mistake.

As a result, Aeris could hardly put a foothold on it.

"I also understand that Master Aerys is anxious. So I've tried a lot on this one to see if Master Aeris can somehow recognize it. Are you sure you want to check the results first and then come to a conclusion?

Exactly. He didn't intend to ask Aerys alone to make an effort, revealing that Laurier was doing it in parallel with dealing with the Evil God fragments, and turning to Aerys for judgment.

In the first place, Aeris is only eleven years old, finally twelve on her birthday, which she celebrates after the beginning of the year. In Japan, he is still old enough to carry a landscape.

Deposit the fate of the world on such a girl who can say she's still young. It's too harsh and unfair to let them carry even that responsibility and ask for more effort and readiness unilaterally.

Only this time, there are no other people besides Aerys who can do it in terms of technique, and we have to push that heavy pressure, but that's why Laurier was trying to do the best she can to support it as well.

It should not be profoundly touched that Laurier has only gained age and life experience that is not significantly different from that of Aeris, even though she is not sixteen years old even in the years she was a witch of Elsa before her, only a few months after she gained her present self.

'I'm sorry to be so quick, but could you feel the world, like when Master Aerys usually does rituals?

"I understand."

Aeris is urged by Laurier to connect himself with the world as usual. Connecting oneself to the world can no longer be as easy as breathing just the actions we have normally done in everyday life before we feel comfortable.

Confirming that Aeris connected with the castle of God (this world), Laurier moved on to the task of highlighting the most beneficial energy for his Lord.

'... this, is it?

Aeris sensibly perceives the energy highlighted by Laurier and gently grabs it and moves it to show it.

Aeris was still unfortunately demonstrating that qualities, which Alfemina insisted on and Elaine was to receive the seat of a light princess and catch up with Catalina.

'Yes, I want you to amplify that energy and deliver it to your master. Is it possible?

'You won't know until you try, to be honest. Minutes, it's the first time I've recognized and manipulated it, so I have no idea how to react.'

Aeris answers Laurier's questions honestly based on the feeling I grabbed and tried to move. I can afford to simply hold on to L.A. and deliver it to the macro now, but it's hard to say that it will be amplified.

The one called magical energy of this kind is not uncommon to behave strangely when the amount is changed, amplified or compressed. Rather, the same energy overwhelmingly less behaves when there is a change in that hand than before the change.

It is also natural that Aeris should be cautious in his handling.

"... give me a moment"

This requires you to sit back a little and identify the characteristics. Aeris, who messed around a little and confirmed his reaction, immediately makes that decision. Control itself is not difficult at all, but the habit of reaction is very strong.

In the meantime, it doesn't seem to be negative where I mishandled it a little, but I usually get weaker or anything as a result of trying to amplify it.

At least, trying to amplify it with a turning ritual without being able to recognize it will definitely not work first.

'Okay. As it stands, Master says it's a peaceful situation for better or worse, so you can give it a full try. Contact me when you can perform the ritual'

"Yeah, but I don't think I'll have to keep you waiting."

Yes, tell Laurier, and Aeris takes a terrible amount of concentration to identify the properties of the energy. And fifteen minutes later.

'Thank you for waiting. I would now like to move on to the ritual.'

'... okay. Please.'

Laurier bows her head in a pale tone, as usual, to Aeris, who tells her so with a very pleasant smile. Laurier, who doesn't like emotional expression in a different way than Mio, is still deeply surprised by Aeris, who grabbed the trait many times faster than expected.

Honestly Laurier thought it would take at least an hour to capture the traits. No one thought Aeris could handle his first energy that easily.

If this were any other human being, I would have complained more carefully, but it was Aeris who uttered it. I know perfectly well that she can't say so confidently that she can't even do what she can't do with so much responsibility and discretion.

Either way, the only thing Laurier can do is support Aeris. It's no different than what I usually do.

"Wait, Master Hiroshi. We'll bring you strength soon."

After looking so reluctantly at Laurier's face as usual, he was Aeris, holding both hands for a long time and quietly in the mood, proclaiming so.


It was totally stuck and when Honda was playing in a comm match game.

After several games, he moves on to the falling puzzle properly made by Hiroshi, striking out the seventeen chains exactly, and realizing that Hiroshi, who was watching a high-level match for the waste of Spring Vegetables and Mio, arrived at something for himself.

"What's the matter, Hiroshi?

"No, it looks like we got something energetic."

Spring vegetables, which were eventually pushed off indestructibly and lost, curiously neck the look of the hong.

It doesn't matter, the cause of Spring Vegetables' defeat is a pile of fine differences from step to step. Although we hit the same number of chains as Mio earlier, we were forced into an irrecoverable situation due to differences such as the number of erased items on one head and the simultaneous erasure of the last.


"Seya Nen. I can't do this because there's a combination of Elle and Laurier, so maybe there's nothing wrong with me, but I'm just gonna make sure. '

Copy that. I'll be ready to move anytime.

Finishing the game with that being the case, Hiroshi nods to spring vegetables that clean up the treats, knobs, etc. he was spreading. The loose air tightens at once.

When he finished cleaning up himself, the Macro began to focus his consciousness on the energy delivered.

"... I see. You know what?"

An ambition to find out more about energy and understand Aeris', and more precisely Laurier's, intentions. If I take in energy after a lot of proper understanding, I can see that I become more powerful than I've ever felt before.

"... I appreciate it, but I don't think it's enough to break the situation."

I've never felt it before, but I've never felt it before. Compared to before, when you were less conscious and didn't even realize that you were twitching and more powerful, you can only grasp that you are stronger no matter how slow you are, making it an unprecedented rate of enhancement.

By analogy, potari, potari, and a few drops per hour of Shizukuishi were in the vessel, like droplets of water about the rainfall grain, starting to fall every few seconds. Even as it becomes visible and accumulates, it's never too early.

Still a big difference compared to before, but that's just not enough. There are no shards such as the desire for power, and this type of power-up is no longer enough, but it's not something I know when I can break the situation if I don't power it up here.

Thinking later, it doesn't seem nice to focus too much on the wheelbarrow any more, but I can't help it all this time.

Hiroshi honestly decided to strengthen herself with the hands of Aeris and the others.

"Whatever, this way of taking in seems like a lot of waste."

The power Laurier has made plans and Aeris has sent with the help of the Alchemists. That can't be to this extent.

It would definitely be you who has more to waste than you can be sure of that.

"At times like this, we start by understanding the basics of manufacturing and the nature of the subject."

In order to efficiently capture energy, a macro that dares to collect the energy just arrived without absorbing it and begins to observe it without any other manipulation. First, we will take the basic steps when we put the unknown material in front of us to visualize it, then to check the touch, the weight, the sound and surface changes when we tap it lightly.

Regardless of the touch, is there a sound to the energy when it is weighted or tapped, which is an element that you shouldn't care about at this time.

"... I wonder which one you checked next..."

A macro that completes a check in a range that does not lead to machining, slightly but where it grasps the properties, the choice is vastly expanded and accidentally conceived. There are so many checks that there is no kiri to do it, and there are no criteria to refine the contents, which is a troublesome situation.

Most importantly, it took a few seconds for the Macro to come up with it. Because if you don't have a criterion, you decided you should continue with a few more sensory tests, and then you immediately took them in again and started making observations.

Because of some grasp of the nature, or as soon as I take it back into my body and start observing it, a huge amount of image flows into the head of the macro.

"... I see. This is certainly my attribute. [M] If you observe it properly, you might be able to increase your power to be more efficient."

It was such a grunt and an ambition to sink consciousness into the running of images in order to break the situation.

"Nora, hey, I tried to make one of these!

Lyme, who had a special seventh grade potion on her back, makes Nora look like she made something out of it. Nora's complexion changes when she sees it.

"Lime, what did you make of this?

"I tried experimenting with whether I could make all the special potions into one bottle!

"That's not like experimenting with thoughtfulness. From the seventh grade special potion, I should have told you over and over again that a combination other than a recipe can lead to reactions that can lead to a major accident. Did you forget that?

"Lyme, I remember you properly! That's why I didn't use a runaway combination!

"Even if it's not a rampant combination, there are some things that react strangely if you add something else after mixing. I said I should challenge you more and more, but if you fail, you shouldn't do a challenge without permission that doesn't make you sorry for your injury. Depending on the scale of the failure, it's probably dangerous outside of Lime, isn't it?

Results Nora scolds him tightly with a scary face against Lime for doing something unsolicited in O'Rei. I don't want to imitate it to crush autonomy, but I can't allow you to imitate it to be just as life-threatening without being under supervision.

Someone's hurt badly, and it's Lyme who regrets it. So this is all I have to ghost my heart out and say firmly as many times as I can until I'm convinced in person.

"Lime, I'm only doing what's absolutely fine! If you look at the reaction, you know if you can mix it!

"Even if that's true, there's any chance of an accident, like a fly jumping in or sneezing along the way. When something unexpected happens because of that, you can't handle it with Lime's current arm."

"... mmm"

"Don't do it, I'm not saying. If you want to do it, say no to Nora and the others before you do it, and tell them to do it with someone by their side."

Because we are subtly in a period of rebellion, or Nora, who teaches a strangely imposing lime with a serious face. Against such Nora, Lime continues to disagree with her reluctantly serious expression.

"Lime, I have to work hard to deliver energy to my parents! I have to make something no one's making!

I won't listen to this when I say it. I guess so from the look on Lime's face and contents of his claim, Nora shaking her neck small, left and right with the sigh of giving up. Who you resemble, Lyme is very strong when this happens.

Besides, you can't keep your mouth shut with Nora when things get involved.

"So what are you going to do next?


"If you're about to get snuck up where you haven't seen it, you can still feel safer doing it with me. Besides, Nora is only angry that even more immature limes than Nora and the others worked on their own without prior consultation, not against trying to make that potion."

Lime brings a decent look to words completely different from what I expected from Nora's reaction just before. To such a lime, Nora says even more with a small, bitter smile.

"It's bad that Nora and the others are outside the mosquito nets when Lime works hard for her parents. Or should Lime do it alone and just Lime fails?

"Oh no!

"Then we'll do it together."


Nola sighs of relief in her heart at finally convinced and broken lime for me. Parenting is really hard.

"So, what were you going to make?

"Uh, uh. I want the effect of poisoning, healing potion and stamina potion in one piece!

"Again, for what reason?

"I thought it would be more convenient to cure it together in one bottle because it's poisonous and I'm dying and tired!

"I see. You have a way of thinking. If possible, it would be better if I didn't interfere with other potions in terms of addiction"

"In times like this, I try to make them first! Think about fine-tuning later! That's what my parents always do!

When I nod to Lime's claim, I put in contact with Fam and Terez to get to work just now, Nora. At this time, no one realized until the end that there was ever a stronger energy coming up from us.

'Like this, like this, like this?

"Yes, you're good, Lord Balshem."

Temple of Soles. Balshem, who had participated in the Great Ceremony as a witch, was following in kamikaze as he was taught by Morian, a witch of the art god Celiantina.

Somehow, by birth, Kagura has never even danced a normal little dance, a dragon that likes light objects but has no real interest in cultural art. I've never even practiced, so there's no way I can dance well.

Although it is somehow shaped by high physical abilities, it is not. In that way, Balshem continued to dance so as not to choreograph diligently.

'Ugh, that's a hard one...'

'At first, everyone, yes. Instead, Lord Balshem is a proper dancer.'


"Yes. When I was a witch candidate, they kept saying," Are you still a witch of the gods of technology? "

"That's tough......"

Balshem forcefully modifies the choreography that seemed to go wrong, as it became Morian's word. It is indeed almost a sight, unlike the dragon that inherits the name of the infamous Destroyer Dragon.

After a few minutes of following and dancing, Balshem finally choreographs wrong.


'It's okay. Mistakes of that magnitude have occurred quite a bit over there besides Lord Balshem. "

'Oh, really?

'Yeah. In the first place, when it comes to this ritual, it doesn't have to be all more perfect in itself than it was originally. A large number of people around the world perform the same ritual, which is an important ritual.'

I hear horrible, big mess and can't hide the colors of confusion Balshem. Ever since I became a Sores witch, I've just never done anything commonly referred to as rituals and imagined them, holding something like some kind of fantasy I hear of a grand ritual.

In the first place, even when it comes to rituals, there are various variations in difficulty and content, from very many procedures that Aeris often performs, to just a little mouth-watering while offering to the altar.

The rituals that have been performed since Balshem became a witch are only those that merely state their mouths while offering and those that have a little extra on their daily cleaning of the temple. I've only been there every day as a habit, and I don't feel like I'm performing a ritual.

To put it further, in relation to the location conditions and the position and condition of Soles, the Balshem is basically drawn on a century-by-century basis as a witch. This was the first time I had interacted with witches in other temples, even though Soles had been ordered to participate in the ritual, and it was not a matter of spontaneous attempts to relate to other temples like the Aeris and others.

It's not hard to imagine that if we hadn't probably been face-to-face with the Aerys through the Macro in this case, we would have pulled even more on a century-by-century basis. Naturally there can be no opportunity to see rituals in other temples or anything else.

There would also be no choice but for Balshem to fantasize about the word ritual.

"Lord Balshem. You just have to not think hard and enjoy it '

"Have fun? Even though it's a ritual?


Morian forcefully affirms against Balshem, who seems to wonder when he hears that he enjoys. Even during this time, Kagura will not stop for a moment.

'Originally, dancing in rituals was meant to entertain God. If you're not a god with a bad personality, you don't think it's fun to see a dance that your dancers aren't enjoying.'

'Is that what this is all about?

'Yes, and this is something Aerys has also affirmed, but it is clear that ritual effects are quite different depending on whether you can enjoy dancing or not. Regardless, if you enjoy it every time, it's not going to work, but you should definitely enjoy and dance about this one'

'Right. But I'm still full of chasing choreography...'

'You just have to honestly enjoy the joy when you can dance well. It doesn't matter how much you fail this time, so keep enjoying yourself.'

Morian tells me, for now, Balshem is honestly dedicated to improving Kagura. I don't realize the fact that even though it's a wave of ideas, it's pretty amazing as a beginner to dance with Morian and at least just be able to chase through the choreography.

Morian continues to guide and follow the other witches at the same time as he smiles and watches over such a Balshem. It seems that only the witch of the god of the arts and crafts can demonstrate the ability of human beings to be apart from each other in matters involving them.

Even though the Aeris and the others have no basic problems as long as they are decent, they haven't had that much time to practice about this ritual. There are as many witches on a level as there are on Balshem, as this is a situation that is essentially no different from the bump production.

Still, the ritual is not broken, thanks to Morian's precise follow-up.

'... Hmm, right. How can this smoothly lead to the next move without breaking the choreography'

Balshem, who has been dancing for a while, suddenly changes the way his hands and feet move like he realized something. That alone makes the Balshem dance more beautiful in sight.

'So here's the deal?

Most things, once you get the hang of it, can be smooth all at once, and at the same time become fun.

For the first time in his life, Balshem learns about the pleasures of divine music and becomes more and more immersed in the dance itself.

From her like that, there was a massive rise in energy that was different from what was for the ritual.

"Even the King's Capital is here. No, maybe it was because it's the king's capital."

Jayan, king's capital of the old Waldis. Rayot, who was coming on an inspection to rebuild Waldis, accidentally leaks a small honest feeling about the streets that have become extremely sparsely shadowed.

Originally, Jayan, comparable in size to Ursus if the population alone, the creature had almost been uprooted and wiped out as a result of the earlier Octogal aerial bombardment.

Sometimes buildings and tools were left intact due to the specifications of the clergy Pome, whose purification had no effect other than the presence of an effect, making Jayan a truly vivid ghost town with traces of life.

"Do you know what the current population is?

"Right. Not all of us have responded honestly, so we don't have the exact numbers yet, but we have a pretty good idea."

"How long?

That's about two thousand and eight hundred.

"More than a million people, that's all..."

"If the cause hadn't been purification by the priest Pome, it would have been the greatest genocide in human history."

"Don't say..."

To the words of a belly-hearted civilian, Rayot throws up so much with an accidental look on his face. It is obvious that there are no shards, such as means of help, other than being extinguished by purification, but it is still not pleasant.

"Nevertheless, so far the city has been working properly..."


While inspecting cities whose population has been reduced to less than 1% as a result of purification, Rayot said in remembrance of what was once Farlane, and the civilian also agrees from the bottom of his heart.

Essentially, if you are so distracted that you are damaged by purification, your ability to think falls to the extreme instead of your physical and magical abilities soaring. When it is purified and extinguished, it can no longer be said in the words of brain muscle or anything like that, and it goes to places where it is unlikely that social life or anything else can be carried out at all.

Hundreds of thousands of those people. No matter how close information control was laid to perfection against the outside world, it is also impossible for the Layots to impress me in a way that the city function was working properly.

"No, where I escaped, Jayan never worked properly as a city"

To their perceptions, a tongue or voice gently adds a word of denial. She is Princess Leafa, who was accompanying the inspection on the grounds that she would be the queen of Waldis, albeit only in name.

This dialogue, by the way, is Farlanese. For his desperate efforts, Reefa had already mastered Farlane enough to have this level of conversation.

"What does that mean?

"It means exactly what you say. Perhaps it was always to arouse discomfort, but Jayan even made it look like a wildlife dwelling, with the exception of a very small portion of the parcel and the royal palace. There was always a massive killing somewhere, and the bodies of the dead were devoured, and nothing was established that could be called the economy."

"There seem to be a number of shop-like buildings for that matter."

"I don't know much about this city, except when I ran away, but I think it was probably decent at first."

"I see.... based on the damage to the safe building, it seems to have worked properly as a store until recently"

Confirm the damage to a relatively beautiful building, free of vandalism signs, and the civilian concludes so. The newest one feels like two to three years of construction, so I can tell that business was in place in Jayan, at least until about that time.

"For the sake of not knowing the details, I always seemed to know that there was a massive killing going on somewhere or that something that could be called an economy had not been established..."

"The one from the escort who brought me in taught me as the knowledge I needed to escape. In fact, in the two days leading up to our escape from Jayan, the massive killings that suddenly took place in front of us were not enough fingers in both hands."

"And to say, could it be..."

"... Yes. The appearance of people devouring corpses in front of them has also been repeated several times..."

"... I'm sorry, I reminded you of a hard thing"

"... no, it's okay"

Leafa tells Leafa that she has no problem smiling lightly at Rayot's apology. I secretly gripped my fist full of strength and gently opened it so that it wouldn't be noticed.

Honestly, it's the kind of memories I want to forget, but I knew from the beginning that I couldn't help but remember when I got here. I've already remembered it a few times, in a flashback kind of way, so it's pretty much irrelevant that Rayot told me the story.

It was Reefa herself who decided to become the new queen of Waldis, even though it was almost a mere ornament. Beyond becoming queen, I knew that any day would happen in this land and I would have to face what I saw and heard myself, and I was ready.

Therefore, although Reefa's complexion was not pleasant, she was able to take it well without disturbing it.

More than half of it is due to my love for Rayot, and only here is the story of my willingness to be the woman who deserves to stand next to him at all.

"I feel like I've seen it, and no matter how I rebuild it, the majority of it seems to have to be demolished, but what do you say?

"Right. There are not many buildings with suspicious foundations, and there are no people living there, so it would be quicker to relocate and start over with zoning."

"It's going to be a pretty hectic construction, how about that?

"It won't take a year if you just break it, but it's going to take a few years, considering the disposal of the waste material"

Rayot takes the words of a technician specializing in civil engineering and turns his gaze toward Reefa. Reefa taking Rayot's gaze and nodding small.

"Then do we go with that policy? When we came here, we used the Royal Palace, and the question was, how useful would it be?"

"And then we'll talk about it after we've drawn up the maintenance plan and the demolition of the required range, but when we build the minimum necessary public facilities, it's also going to matter in which building style we do it"

"We've decided on that. It's the architectural style of every nation that once existed in the area, starting with Waldis or Minhao."

"Yes, sir."

Reefa turns her gaze somewhere surprised at Layot, whom I assure you very clearly. To that gaze, I accidentally laugh bitterly, Rayot.

"Our aim is only to rebuild Waldis, or the nation that existed in the region before, and not to create a Farlane nation. Because it's troublesome, the governing mechanism diverts things from our country, but I'm not going to pinch my mouth unless it's also such a bad practice when it comes to culture and customs. When it comes to politics, I also hope that if the state will be peacefully stable, it will like to rule the country in any way"

"Is that good enough to give you enough aid to build a country from scratch?

"The distance is so far away, there's no country or anything. Besides, if the region and the Union of Midas were to stabilize without outside interference, every country would devote its full attention to immediate natural disasters and monster control. That alone makes enough sense to bring money and people in."

Reefa is even more surprised by Leiott, who talks about his governing policy as a matter of course. Waldis's way of thinking, whatever the distance, it was natural to rule if you could rule. Other than the reconstruction of lands that may soon become enemies but are unwilling to effectively rule.

After all, because the environment in which we grew up is the environment, the values are rooted in Reefa as well. I'm not willing to do unproductive imitations of competing for and taking someone else's, but because I thought it was natural to make it all my own, if not condemned by people, and only available by my own power.

Being shown so much barren to take possession of each other when they were being kept and killed in Waldis, I'm not willing to want someone else's, but I don't even have the idea of putting on others and taking care of them until I can stand on my own no matter how much room I can afford.

Reefa could only be surprised at the difference in values around it.

"... everywhere I thought a country was going to be bigger anyway"

"The perception is both right and wrong. When it comes to the economy and productive activities, the state is an endless attempt to become huge. but the so-called area of national territory and the extent to which it is effectively controlled, involves elements of cost-effectiveness and manageability. To be honest, Farlane thinks half of it is reasonable if it's just manageable land area."

"Is that what it is?

"That's what it is. By the way, this is a story that we normally say publicly in the country after the passing of Sister Catalina, but we have not come from Dar or Faure, where the story should have been leaked, or from a region likely to be a candidate in the country, to talk about split transfers or independence"

"I think that's probably because no one trusts that word..."

"My father used to talk directly to Dar and Faure in the conference room at the Azma Workshop, but you were hated from both of them with all your might. Apparently, a quarter from the northern limit and a quarter from the southern edge of our country see land as so unattractive"

Reefa flaunted by Farlane, who is really trying to get smaller himself. Regardless of what Dar and Faure reject with all their might, it is usually too shocking to comment on the royalty trying to push its own national soil elsewhere.

By the way, this story, because the Farlane royal family is serious, makes both the area in question and Dar and Faure hate it to the best of their ability. It's much easier to be under Farlane asylum from the area in question, and from Dar and Faure, I don't want to get my hands on frigid land and other land that the big countries want to let go of because it stinks.

Most of all, I just don't understand Reefa that there's a rush going on in that direction. It stops at the fact that Dar and Faure reject themselves more naturally than they are forming an alliance.

"Well, that's out of line. As we return to reconstruction, Princess Leafa. Whether you actually govern or not, this is basically your country. Is there any hope that this will happen?

"Right.... Naturally it makes the road as easy to understand and the prospects work, and when something happens, you want to create a place where the people can escape. And I'd love to have something like a big, beautiful park somewhere."

"Hmm. Looks like those two can be reconciled in one place. Anything else?

"Is there anything else?... Speaking of which, I heard when I was chatting with Dear Aerys and Fam that there is a mechanism in Hiroshi's hometown that carries people and things, railroads, Experimentally, I'd like to incorporate it into this city."

"Well, does that work? After they come back, we just need to get an overview of what it's like."

Layot listens to Reefa and makes plans that look oddly fun. After that, he confirms the royal palace, goes to speak to the survivors, and plans for more and more reconstruction as he proceeds with his inspections.

I still never realized who I was alone in the energy that emanates from all of them.

"... I see"

Lime, Balshem, Rayots. An ambition that comprehensively understands the identity and nature of energy by seeing images about the various creative activities of different people, from other faces I have learned to strangers. Together with that, the method of powering up at maximum efficiency simultaneously detects what will happen in that case.

"I don't want to directly empower you with this. Now anyway, definitely hold it up after it's over"


"Ooh, I don't know. Well, once you've only taken it in as energy, you can use it up more power than you need to get around."

Answer that to Ra, who insisted on something, and make a calculation to return to the spring vegetables while carefully capturing energy. Reinforce the positional relationship, find a route where you can create a "passage" at the lowest possible cost, and make some space in the tunnel so that the route you decide can pass through.

That yet confirms the evil god, and unexpectedly frowns.

"Oh no. I'll be more powerful than I thought, and I'll come pretty close."

By destroying the surrounding space, the Evil God was approaching the Horn as he was empowered. Though I had assumed it as a possibility, it was going unexpectedly fast.

"After all, I played with the game, did I show you too much room"

A macro that reflects on showing too much room while twitching and developing "passageways". It's true there was nothing I could do at that point, but then I should have made something out of it and played with it.

Powered, but not enough to defeat. If you compare it to the boss you've been fighting for, at best it's the extent to which Ibiluent in the village of Ortem has turned into a tower golem. He's a tough opponent if he's a decent opponent, but it's not like he can never win.

But it is still a matter of deep reflection that we missed all that power up.


"Let it go. As you can imagine, this is what makes me hungry."

One option I've been lost all along while I was stuck and playing. A macro that looks neat somewhere, even though it's gone until you think about it. Because my stomach is set, or the speed at which I make a "passage" is also going up.

"After all, something cancerous in this hand is completely crushed."

"Piggy Piggy"

"Are you ready? Look, let's start by retrieving that. Ra chan net (grapenil), fire!


Ra's net, shaken by a rubi full of penetration, involves an evil god, ignoring the spatial state of the subspace. It's a possible desolation because while Hongda was playing in the game, he ate three more balls of God cabbage and five leaves of the world tree, a few Hongchi and spring vegetable hair, and secretly stored his strength.

Most of all, even if you ignore the space, it's only to the extent that you can directly squeeze it on the person you can see, and with this degree of ability, it's impossible to escape. If I say so, the status quo is a useless ability other than bringing back evil gods.

When it comes to being an evil god opponent, detention time is at best that much of a limit, an internet where there is as much to name loss, but it would be miso where it is not wrong in the sense that we can bind God.

"All right, secure. You want to go back?"


"From Chiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, Spring Vegetables. I'm going back that way now. '

'Yeah. I'm ready, anytime.'

"Here, go."

A macro jumps into a subtly wormholed subspace "passage" with an evil-god-bound net in one hand. The power of spring vegetables grasps gently and accurately the body of a hopping macro.


Where the space is rapidly rough near the exit and the spring vegetables alone are no longer controllable, Ra spits out the yarn once again.

The thread that Ra spits out becomes a bunch of cloth on its own, spreading like a parachute to modify the speed and route of movement of the macro. And...

"I'm home, Mr. Spring Vegetables"

"Welcome back, Hiroshi."

More than half a day after being flown into subspace. Hiroshi finally returned to the spring vegetables.