Fairy Tale Chronicles

World Edition Spill 1

1. Mio's Birth Party


Parents watch with warm eyes the lime screaming joyfully the moment they get out of the carriage and see the harbor.

The day Honda sets off for Faldania. The Azma workshop staff had come all the way to the port of Urs to attend Mio's birthday party.

"Is your little one new to the ocean?

Seeing Lyme screaming cheerfully, one of the sailors speaks out as he breaks up with her. I don't know, it's unusual to be a healthy kid about the age of Lime.

Especially now they're on their way to an area where passenger ships come and go. A child who travels on a voyage is rich or noble and the market is set, and he is not educated to scream as vigorously as Lime.

but as a man of the sea, I prefer a child who moves around cheerfully, leaving it to curiosity like Lime, rather than a child who is tall and clear.

So the sailor who is secretly lying on the lime is after the opportunity to speak up here and there.

"Harna, I've had my ladies follow me to the sea bath!

"These kids, the ocean is new to the harbor anyway"

"The ocean is only once in its water bath."

"I see."

A sailor who understands the general situation as he looks at the lime that sparkles his curiosity. Urs is a huge city that is a port town but takes more than a day to spare if you are traveling diagonally on foot.

The size of the population can be combined with how many people are born in Ursus or new to seeing the harbor.

In this case, it is a little uncommon that we are experiencing a sea bath, which is a minority, but quite so.

"So, where are you guys going?

"A little to Fardania. The four of us only attended this evening's onboard party, and when we're done, we'll have a barely returning burn with a transfer stone."

"A luxurious imitation. How much do you think it's gonna cost to do that?

"In our case, I'll make my own, so I can go with just the cost of the ingredients. It's easy to use because it sells and the expiration date is approaching."

"... Could you be the Azma Workshop?


I've had a lot of conversations like this lately, and I think that's what I'm going to say.

I haven't noticed anything about the fact that Urus, the kneecap of the Azma Workshop, uses a transfer stone to bring his disciples down just to participate in the onboard party, and so on, if I say, the identity can be removed in one shot.

"Dear Hiroshi, it seems time to begin boarding."

"Is it that time already? Grandma, if you need anything else, please."

"Oh. Have a good sailing trip."

Apparently, it's time to leave, Higashi breaking up with the sailors with such a greeting. Thus, for the first time in the world, Fam and his workshop staff were to experience the sea journey for the first time in their lives.


A group of young people who sparkle their eyes and observe the sea plains from aboard. It would be admirable to include in it the figure of Mio, who should be experiencing travel on God's ship.

"On the ship, it's surprisingly cold."

"It's Fall."

Nora and Terez say that in a sea breeze, watching the healthy appearance of such a young group. This one is here, and he seems to be enjoying his first sea voyage in his life.

As a matter of fact, this is the first time that a Japanese team, other than Mio, has experienced a sea voyage, other than spring vegetables, when it comes to cruising on a ship of this size, but even if it is surprised by the size of the ship, it has not shown much interest in the voyage itself.

Being aware of Mio's birthday party prep ahead of his interest in and curiosity about luxury cruises, his experience aboard special ships such as God's ships and submarines is intrusive, and he is not very impressed with a normal sailing journey that cannot be said to be purely the first.

In that sense, Mio may be gaining a lot.

"Nevertheless, it's a completely different impression from what you see from the harbor to what you see from above the ship."

"As for Nola, I'm surprised even a big ship like this wobbles unexpectedly."

Nola mouths a realistic surprise to Therese, who sees a great deal of different impressions in the harbor and on the ship and leaks a small, admirable exhale.

When it comes to the same ship, there are many things different between ships travelling along somewhat artificially built canals and massive passenger ships travelling through the sea.

For Terez and Nola, who have only used canal ride gondolas, the difference around them is a lot of interesting in sensory and technical terms.

Let's just say that Terez and Nora are also probably a shameful girl, as curiosity shifts in that direction, rather than cheering purely for the scenery and new experiences, like the youngsters.

As a matter of fact, the waves are slightly larger today, so when you're out on the deck, you just feel like you're shaking because you're seeing the sea level and the wind is strong, and if you put it on board, you barely feel the shaking, but Terez and Nora, who haven't been inside yet, don't know about it.

"… Ah, the fish has fallen"

"... If I have a fishing rod, can I catch anything?

"Be quiet because even Cesar Pent will be important if you hook it up"

"With my parents, I don't think I can do anything about Cesar Pent right now, but it's irresponsible to do anything that might induce things that I can't handle on my own," Terez said, right?

"I'm not going to say that much, but when you do extra things at times like this, you don't feel like it's going to be a lot of things. Experience to date."

Nola rapidly squeezes her curiosity about what can be caught fishing on this boat in the words of Terez, which is hard to argue with. As for Nola, who plays the role of pumping water with the penetration of that hand on a daily basis, it is a rare appearance.

Apparently, it's pretty tense on the inside, on the surface anyway, to say what it is and cruise on a luxury ship.

"Until the party, relax"

"I understand."

It's someone else's ship, and you can't do anything extra without permission. It was Therese and Nola who relaxed and enjoyed the changing look of the sea while quietly being entertained by deacons and maids while somehow lowering their tension on that fact.

"What about the sailing trip? No?

Mio, who is blinded by the sunset as he descends to the horizon, speaks out that way to the hong, who has prepped himself for the party.

"Surprisingly, it's full of islands and stuff, and I enjoy being on the move"

"The Gulf of Urs is still close. There seems to be quite a few uninhabited islands, but there are also islands that can serve as a relay base for fishing and trading."

"I see."

Mio nods again and again, as he was convinced, to the explanation of the macro. Until now, the main field of activity has even been land, it has also been biased mainly in the mountains and in the woods, and I am not very familiar with the circumstances around it.

By the way, if you're a hong, you've been out in the Gulf of Urs several times as a fishing assistant and marine monster control officer at the Adventurers Association. I'm demonizing the fishermen's boat at a modest level at that time, and I do all sorts of things I want to do to gather seaweed such as seaweed such as mei and kelp, and I'm pretty familiar with the geography around here.

"There were quite a few old fish and stuff!

"This area is one of the finest fishing grounds near the Ursus, and there are fish that can have more than 50 kroner each."

"Heh! I want to try those fish!

"Unfortunately, if I did it now, I would totally lose to Leviathan in flavor, so maybe even if I ate it, I'd be impressed."

"Is that it?

"Seya Nen"

"Well, I'm sorry."

Macro smashes Lime's hopes for no body or lid. I don't have any problems with anything in terms of money, so I have absolutely no problem with Lyme's wishes, but somehow I felt so wasted putting out the not cheap money called fifty krone just to disappoint her.

For the record, the finest fish besides monster ingredients are on a grand platform of a thousand kroner. Sometimes it doesn't get fried very much, but the size exceeds two meters and there are many edible parts, and every part is delicious, so it has a good value.

Speaking of position, chromium and so on would be close.

Even fish like that, unfortunately, can't fathom Leviathan with flavor no matter how, so God's ingredients are extremely cowardly.

"I'm a little concerned that there's quite a harbor over there, but I didn't end up stopping anywhere"

"There are only three ports where ships of this size can come by today. Besides, this ship is more than twice as fast as normal on a Royal Express ship, so you need to stop by as often as you can on a regular ship."

"Oh, yeah."

Show the explanation of the hong how he impressed not only Fam, but Mio and Lime and, at the end of the day, Therese, who was here at some point, even Nola.

Most of the knowledge in this area is heard from fishermen and fishing port officials, even if it is ambitious, and the knowledge of the owner is about the speed of the vessel on board now and how often it is necessary to stop at least.

"We're ready for the party, so if the sun doesn't go down, we're in."

"Mmm. Copy that."

One nod to the words of the Horn, Mio again sees it in the sunset. To emulate it, other officials also fix their gaze on the horizon.

Sometimes Avin distracted me at this later party and prepared shows by the musicians, dancers, etc., and Mio ended this cruise party with great satisfaction.

2. New American Harvest of Ursus

"It's great!

With a fruitful fall, Urs is an experimental farm in the former slum district.

Aeris, who saw the deftly fruitful, golden ear dripping rice as he farmed today and what he stuffed in exchange for daily food support and a roofed life, was unquestionably joyful in the way he found it to be abundant.

"That's too much for the first year."

Alchem, who, beside his training at the Temple of Alfemina, had frequent visits here with the help of agricultural work combined with agricultural instruction, also comments so with a sense of universality.

Work was proceeding much faster than it would normally open anew, as the Hong finished most of it, including soil improvements, but agriculture is still not that easy.

We were all made to struggle a lot with the difference in the environment from the village of Ortem.

The harvest per unit area does not extend to the village of Ortem as a result of the first year of accumulation of know-how still under way. But compared to what was initially assumed, it is nearly twice as fruitful.

It's natural to aim higher, but complaining is a blessed situation to the point of being punished.

"From here on out, it's pretty hard... Master Elle, are you sure you want to work on this?

"Naturally. In the future, we plan to grow rice in the Temple of Alfemina, and we usually farm in the Temple, not to mention the princess witch."

"Well, yes..."

Wearing a majestic sickle and military hand, Alchem leaks a sigh without thinking of a motivational aeris. I had expected it at a time when I was coming in clothes that could be dirty from the start on farm work assumptions, but I wanted it to be just a tour this year if I could.

To be honest, I think Alchem himself needs to mow as much rice as he likes, but some of the greats in the Farlane government care terribly about those things.

If you just care. Still, it's not a hoarding one, because all that complaining concentrates on Alchem.

Besides, it seems difficult to care about the farm side when it gets too much work done, and an appeal has arrived under Alchem to refrain from doing any serious work in the distance.

Regardless of the opinions of the great guy who cares excessively about decency, it's a lot to worry about as an alchem, just because you don't know how Aeris feels or how he feels on the farm side.

At any rate, there are other farming tasks, and from next year onwards rice cultivation will be carried out in the Temple of Alfemina. I'm sorry for Aeris, but this year if you can put up with the tour, do it, at best, in the range of performance, once it fits round.

It fits, but Alchem is not strong enough to say that to a brilliant smile and motivated aeris. In the end, we shall give up and compromise to the extent that we can compromise.

"It looks like we still have other plans today, so Master Elle would like to just prune this acre at the most"


Alchem pointing out one column that is about a hundred and fifty meters long and giving instructions that that's the compromise. To call it performance, it is a slightly protruding amount of work.

Aeris joyfully begins work to prune the range indicated by Alchem. Not yet compared to a professional farmer, but its speed is pretty good.

It would be gentle not to touch on the fact that the working speed of poor aeris in arm strength is mainly due to the performance of the sickle. At least because of his training in the Temple of Alfemina, he had enough strength himself.

"Well, do I do it too"

You can't just let Aeris do the farming, Alchem joins the mowing job with the sickle in his hand. Whatever the residential opponent of the village of Ortem, you can't lose to other humans, including Aeris, in farming.

I'm sorry I put in such a strange mood, or I'm going to have to mow the rice with the momentum to leave the predators working on the experimental farm.

"Alchem, you're a little overstretched."

"Sorry, keep up the momentum..."

He was treated that way by a middle-aged elf who had come to teach agriculture, and was an alchem who dropped his shoulders.

And three days later.

"Um, Dear El..."

"Yes, what is it?

"Exactly, I think it's still too early to eat..."

In the kitchen of the Temple of Alfemina was the figure of Alchem, who at some point had finished his grain removal and precision rice and was so penetrated with his head in front of the new rice, which had become a state of cooking.

There are quite a few steps to eating cropped rice deliciously. If you follow that procedure properly, it usually takes more than a week from pruning.

In the case of this world, it is also possible to make it edible on the day of harvest if we exhaust a copy of the veteran farmer's moves, but there are no human beings in the Temple of Alfemina, including Aeris, who possess that many moves.

But the rice I'm about to take in front of me is definitely the new rice I just took in Urs this year. In Alchem's agricultural skills, you can tell the state of flavor, but I can assure you that it is definitely rice that was harvested three days ago and brought back here.

It is impossible for an elf born and raised in the village of Ortem to mistake when rice was harvested.

"It's okay. Time consuming tasks such as sun-drying have been managed with royal magic"

"Don't use royal magic like that..."

If I did it, Alchem would poke powerlessly into Aeris, who would brag about that. There is no law that should not be used, but it seems to me that the application is too harsh, and I am mainly worried that it will be okay in terms of authority.

To the extent that such things become somewhat apparent, Alchem is also learning about kingdom.

"I think using magic to eat, is the most legitimate use?

"No, well, it sure is..."

Unexpectedly stuck in words, Alchem, to the objection of Aeris, which is difficult to say back.

Using magic to eat is undoubtedly the most legitimate use. There's no denying it there.

The question is, is it a legitimate use to deliberately use precious royal resources just to make small amounts of food available for quick consumption when you don't need to do so much?

I don't mind if I say otherwise, but as an alchemist, it just makes me feel so intense that it might affect something authoritative.

If this was the witch of God, who has a face as an agricultural god, as Aerys did with Alanwen, she probably wouldn't have cared about Alchem at all either.

Considering this, positions and attributes are quite important.

"It's not like you don't know what Mr. Alchem cares about."


"But in Lord Hiroshi's country, we hear that new America is so important that there is a ritual to offer to God. We use royal magic on all that stuff, so authority doesn't get hurt."

Alchem sees Aeris, who is somewhat confident enough to say so, with the unexpected look of something unfortunate. Alchem was able to read the rest of the development.

"If that's all that matters in Master Hiroshi's country, it can be just as important to our country. Then, in our country, we can offer new rice to Alfemina and thank her for her fruitfulness."

"... I knew you would come"

"That's why it would be helpful if Mr. Alchem could help too"

Alchem decides to help him say that with a big nice smile, okay? Thus, with the start of rice cultivation, a new festival will also take place in Farlane, which will become established as a traditional Farlane event.

It should be noted that the rice cooked at the new festival will be preserved with the cooking standing maintained, and the royal family will be delicious that night along with pickles, miso juice, etc.

"Hmm, is this the first new America I've ever had in Ursus"

"Exactly. Not as far as the rice in the village of Ortem yet, but it tastes good"

"Speaking of which, I hear that thanks to Hiroshi and the others tekoing in the shadows, we can eat eggs raw these days, even in the Ursus"

"... Father, do you want to do that?

"Hmm. If you still have the rest, can you ask for it?


After a thorough examination of how to enjoy the taste of pure comedy, it was transformed into an egg-wrapped rice conveyed via Aeris and left no grain neatly in the stomach of the royal family.

3. Julius and Elaine

Tea time one day after Honda traveled to Faldania.

"Julius, take it easy."


Elaine laughs bitterly at Julius' attitude, who was present as her fiancé. Unusual for this gaping prince, Julius was so nervous that he could see by his side.

The body is fully healed, and then the princess becomes entirely her own as long as the date is set. I don't know how to behave as that fiancée and my attitude seems to get really stiff.

Unfortunately, Elaine, who was fascinated by the after-effects of the poison, is starting to regain her healthy beauty with a complete cure in her primary potion. I haven't gotten my weight back yet, but I still feel much softer.

The princess, who had been weakened by poison for too long, regains her health in a flip. I couldn't determine how to handle that correctly, and I was applauding the tension.

"Is it bad for Julius, who is calm and brave, to be Elaine's opponent?"

"… Your Majesty"

"... father"

What a King Farlane has broken into the air that I don't know if it's such a tea party, a pageant or an end.

It should be tediously busy to free up this amount of time, King Farlane. Ignoring the reaction of Julius and Elaine, who cannot hide their surprise expression in their participation in the battle, he continues the conversation with a floating attitude.

"Well, I don't even know how Julius feels. Perhaps if it hadn't been for the poison, Elaine would have been married. You don't have to know how to deal with it, whether it's your identity or your position, if the person you're dealing with is going to be yours."

"Is that what it is?

"I guess that's what it is. From our point of view, it is difficult to pin, but if it is inherently Julius's position, Elaine is the subject to serve and not the one to ask her daughter-in-law. If that's how you were looking at it, Uncle Fernok is against it."

Julius makes it seem difficult to understand and frightened by the sight that his lord has spotted the majority of the causes of confusion and tension. I've never shown it at a night club or anything, it looks really human.

Julius, who feels like a blizzard blows through the cool against women flocking around at night clubs and such, seems to be a lot different on his own in places like this. On the day the daughters of the nobility, who are currently in a lot of a hurry at the right age, witnessed this appearance, it is likely to be a mayhem in many ways.

"Well, even though it's certain how much it's going to be your own, as it stands, you're just a royal and a nobleman. I don't know how permissible I am, and I can't help but decide my attitude."

"Nothing, I don't think you need to worry that much..."

"No, as Julius, you can't care less. Anyway, this guy is a young, healthy man who needs to buy a whore when he gets home from the battlefield. Until now, I'm glad that my femininity has completely disappeared from my body because of the toxic after-effects of the past two years or so, but in the future it won't be. Whatever happens after marriage, to what extent can I look at it that way at this stage, because, as a young man, it would be a troubling problem"


As a young man's pride, Julius is lightly exposed to circumstances he didn't want his fiancée alone to know about. I can't even shut that mouth because they are my fiancée's father, my own boss and the head of this country.

Elaine talks to Julius, who is desperate to endure such a shame play, somewhere relieved.

"Julius sees me as a proper woman..."

"I don't know if it's disrespectful, but, you know..."

"Instead, I'm so happy. 'Cause it's been before, hasn't it? You could probably have a baby, but honestly I wasn't in the kind of condition I'd be seen as a woman..."

"That's not true!

Julius accidentally denies being serious about some masochistic word of Elaine like that.

"Regardless of the compliments, it was obvious to me that it was too rude and boring to drool my beast appetite on those who were raucous and noble, but Master Elaine was so fascinating to me that I had trouble even in that sense"

"Even my fiancée doesn't hate each other apart, so I was more than happy to show her that for a little while..."

"I, too, have a man's pride. Even when it comes to fiancées, there's nothing but shame in losing to colored incense and revealing lust in a place where you don't know who's watching."

Elaine and King Farlane nod clearly with a bitter smile to Julius, who is serious enough to say it.

"Still, you don't care that Julius was buying a woman, do you?

"Is that what a young single male knight is all about? If you don't even have a strange disease, you don't care."

"I don't have a place for that kind of part when I'm made to understand things very well..."

Julius attempts a slight resistance while raising a white flag to a bully attack from a hard-to-resist royalty. There, the strange nervousness at the beginning of the tea party is unmistakable.

"Well, come on, you can't leave much work behind. I'll be back with this for the rest, but it'll be a little more like a couple by the ceremony."

"... I will do good"

"If it were, I'd acquiesce to some prenuptial negotiations?

"... no. It's a very fascinating word, but I'm still worried about Elaine's body. You'll be healthier and more attractive by the end of your wedding, so we'll wait until then."

The king taunted me and blew me off, or Julius would say it back like that. When the king smiles funny when he hears that, he waves away gently as he is.

"... after all, Your Majesty is in Tanuki"

"... not at all"

Julius and Elaine express their gratitude that way to King Farlane, who dared to play a father without delicacy and take the wall away for his future daughter and his wife.

After this, strange reluctance and tension between them disappeared clean and refreshing.