"... Spring vegetables, are you okay?

"... now I'm getting pretty nervous..."

April 28th at 9: 25 am. Fujido Haruna and Ayase Tenyun, who arrived five minutes before the promised time and got out of the car in front of the East House, had such an exchange as they watched the house waiting for Higashi when she was ready to pick him up.

For the record, the East House is a two-story house with a site area of about forty tsubos and the size there, but only one parking space. So Heavenly Sound has turned the car he has driven into a card that looks like a credit card and avoids parking violations by putting it in his purse.

This technology, which is uniquely gripped by Heavenly Sound, has not been published in any way due to the high cost or the breadth of the exploitable range.

"Well, it's my first time face-to-face with the parents of someone I like, so I know I'm nervous,"

"I'm sorry. I'm pushing the clock, but I'm scared to death in this groundyard."

"I still have some time, it's okay"

Aside from the color of her hair, Heavenly Sound says she smiles bitterly at her face, which is very similar to that of both Spring Vegetables herself and her mother, as opposed to Spring Vegetables, which is not always upset.

Naturally, Heavenly Sound and Spring Vegetables are also very similar in some ways, and Heavenly Sound and Spring Vegetable Mother Snow Vegetables become genetically half-sisters.

Because the maternal lineage of spring vegetables is prone to one-egg twins, and there is a high probability that the gene type matches. Heavenly Sound's mother and Snow Vegetable's mother were also twins of this type, and Heavenly Sound and Heavenly Sound's twin sister Miyu, and then the three snow vegetables also looked just like each other if their hair and eyes were colored.

Nevertheless, Heavenly Sound has an overwhelming personality in a sense that the color of the hair is blue, thanks to a genetic disease in which the pigment of the hair, a genetic hair dye abnormality, becomes other than the melanin dye, whose presence was confirmed at the end of the twentieth century. Because of this, even though the face is very similar, I get a very different impression of spring vegetables and snow vegetables. Not so many humans realize they look just like you at first sight.

It should be noted that although the incidence of this genetic disease has increased year after year compared to the beginning of its discovery, it is nevertheless a rather rare genetic disease of about one in a million people.

It is a disease that gives a lot of tremendous impressions from the presence of celestial sounds and their rarity, but the fact is that the increase in patients and years of research have shown that there are no differences with particularly healthy people besides hair dyes, nor do they necessarily inherit genes that cause dye abnormalities. As a result, no more harm has been done these days than is seen with the eyes that see a rare beast, but Heavenly Sound, the only survivor of the first generation to be discovered as a patient of this disease, has already struggled unnecessarily.

"Well, just take a deep breath"

"Ugh, yeah."

Spring vegetables told by Heavenly Sound and breathing loudly and deeply. After about three deep breaths, I finally feel calm.

"I'm sorry, it's okay now"

In the self-declaration of spring vegetables, Tianyin checks the condition just in case. When you decide you're really okay and one nod, you relentlessly press the intercom.

The sound of chimes not so different from around the end of the twentieth century, at the same time, signs of people moving generously inside. A few seconds later, an intercom speaker heard a middle-aged woman who seemed to be the mother of a macro.


"We're out of time. Ayase."

"Ha ha!

Immediately after a very common exchange, the front door opens. Coming out of it was a loving, very ordinary middle-aged woman who seemed somehow soft to hit. Behind it, there's also a macro.

"Welcome, Spring Vegetables"

"Morning, Hong-kun. Nice to meet you today."

Hiroshi sees a suspicious look on his mother's face as Spring Vegetables stands up, hitting the lead and greeting Spring Vegetables. Spring vegetables, who noticed such a great deal of care, greet back with joy.

Misao, the mother of Hong, who is astonished at the seemingly amicable exchange between Hong and Spring Vegetables, turns too white in her head and forgets to greet her visitors and stiffens them. Keep completely panicked and gaze at the fearful heavenly sounds.

Where Heavenly Sound nodded with a full grin with Nico, in a sense the spirit of Misao exceeded its limits.

"Father, Father! Big case!

A major incident that I thought could not be abandoned in an easterly fashion, impossible. Misao shouts out unexpectedly at the outbreak, forgetting that there is a first person to meet him or that it is still early Saturday morning.

"If you start shouting this morning, annoy the neighborhood..."

Hiroshi's father, Takasuke, who came out of the back after hearing a shout that didn't sound like his wife, looked suspicious, and this again softly toned like Hiroshi's father. But such an attitude also blows away in an instant to the report from his wife and the friendly attitude and atmosphere, cheerful to the fruits of Hong and Spring Vegetables.

"Hiroshi, Hiroshi gets along with the girl!?

"And you're such a dick!?

"What miracle or!? Or some kind of trap!?

Hiroshi, who was just puking and rattling and panicking just to be stared at with hostility by a girl, is getting along with a hugely beautiful, hot looking woman. Moreover, if it is not so much of a pit, it is undoubtedly in an attitude that women find themselves more glaring at each other.

It will not be necessary for the parents of Hon to panic.

"Hey, hey. In front of the customer. Let's talk about the details inside."

"Let it go, let it go"

"I don't think Professor Ayase is going to be so bad as to bring him in, but explain exactly who he is."

"I get it."

Distrust and trust in Heavenly Sound due to the stack so far, a grand to forgive with a bitter smile at its narrowly swaying parents. Admittedly, Spring Vegetables matters, but it's also true that it's not about making a scene from the morning on the doorstep without worrying about neighborhood annoyances.

Nevertheless, there has never been a name for spring vegetables in the East House. Naturally since we got along was flown into the Faircro world, but that's why it's so hard to explain why we got along with Spring Vegetables.

With the anticipation around it, a grand gaze at Heavenly Sound with a pleading expression. Spring vegetables that perceive the meaning of a macroscopic gaze and see the heavenly sounds in the same way. Taking their gaze, Heavenly Sound nods with a serious look.

In the end, all the troublesome issues were the highs and spring vegetables throwing round to Heavenly Sound.

"... that's what happened"

"Yes. So the three holidays, including today, will be at my lab to keep your son. In doing so, because of this opportunity, we would like to consult in more detail to understand the current situation and consider treatment with new technologies."

Hearing the most plausible explanation of Heavenly Sound, Takasuke, the father, who would do so with a look like he was not convinced. I also show that my mother/Misao doesn't trust me at all.

"That's a story I don't even wish..."

"... after all, could you trust me"

"No, I can't trust them all, not all the time. To be clear, you will keep it, you will consider treating it with the new technology, and the whole thing is yes. Rather, I just wanted to ask you from this side. However, how many explanations before that…"

That's it, Takasuke clouding the words. Misao opens his mouth so that he can follow it.

"Well, somehow, all the stories that happened to Hiroshi and Haruyaki, I'm not lying, but the truth is, it feels so good all the time."

"Yes, yes. That's the way it is. There was an external intrusion into the game I played, and there were network errors. Anyway, I don't know what happened after that..."

Takasuke tells her where she learned to catch on to Misao's words. Spring vegetables that round their eyes to the strange sharpness of such parents and a small sigh at the awesomeness of being a parent. Seeing each reaction, Heavenly Sounds decides to tell them everything they know about the range they grasp.

"After all, did something bad happen when I talked to you..."

"No. It's not a good story when you know something else. It was just a story that, honestly, you couldn't trust me, so I just replaced it with a story that wasn't difficult for now. It's not a situation where you tried to hide it because you have a problem, or trick the two of you. Besides, the real story is just more absurd, and it doesn't make such a big difference in content,"

"Every time the content became more absurd and honestly speaking could be untrustworthy, our son was even flown to another world?

"Yes, Donghong you came back to Japan on your own yesterday, working hard with the spring vegetables who were brilliantly flown to different worlds of things and were lucky enough to rendezvous over there as a result of some of the problems that happened while playing the game overlapped. There have been a lot of physical changes in the process, so we need to figure out what to do around it all during the first three holidays of Golden Week."

Heavenly Sound lightly affirms the words Takasuke uttered with the intention of half-joking, rather than the desire to be a joke. Macro parents who are too lightly affirmed and stiff to react.

"However, from my point of view, it is the same thing that we have to do after this because it is already over, so I believe that it will not change either way now. Also, whatever the reason, it is a harsh fact in itself that Hiroshi has worked hard with Spring Vegetables and other people to get through a number of troubles for over a year in subjective time. I don't care how much you doubt me, just admit it."

"... no. I understand that Professor Ayase is telling us the facts. There's no point in lying like that in content, and I know there's no one here to joke about it."

"Besides, when I saw how my son had changed, I was clearly sent to an environment where there was no chance of rescue to get over it, which is tighter all the time. My husband and I have been looking at my son to the extent that we can see that."

"It's just that it's hard to accept because of him, even if he doesn't, because of common sense."

"Chewy, old man. If you go through this on your own and a human normally accepts it lightly, you're more suspicious."

A macro who accidentally puts a penetration into his father who honestly tells him that common sense is in the way. Everyone on the spot laughs unexpectedly at the ambition of saying that it is their own business but they have no body or lid.

"In the meantime, in the meantime, look, it's going to be evidence, so I can't convince you right now, but yeah."

"Don't get me wrong. Just think about it in common sense, and, uh, an old man really gets this story. Yeah, I just have a lot of worries."

"I already believed in Professor Ayase's track record there, all the time."


Takasuke nods to the words of Hiroshi. Honestly, if Heavenly Sound had the means to observe and come and go with different worlds, no one would doubt it in the true sense of the word. Somehow it just hasn't been made public, and I've already achieved the feat of going to outer space with my assistant and a few people on a day trip to make a sneak home base. I can go to another world now, even if I'm surprised to say so, I have little reason to doubt it.

Ayase Tenyin, a warm and commonsense woman at first glance, but its inventions are all that can completely transform the world at any time. If you say that you have no body or lid, the track record of Heavenly Sound is fully superior to that of a macro.

It is ironic that it is judged common sense not to use it to cause things to happen, but to the extent that they say so if you return the back, you are making so much mud stuff.

Around the majority of them being a means to keep themselves safe, though it doesn't feel like they have any normal sensibilities, even if they are warm.

"That's it for the whole thing and what happened to us, let's just move on to the future."

"Let it go. But I didn't know she could do such a beautiful, gentle and sobering thing to Hiroshi..."

"Old man, old man. Let's deny she's the most trustworthy girl besides Okan and her sister, but she's not the only one."

"Hey, Macro. Spring Vegetables doesn't like you. Anyway, I don't care how you look at it. Yan. Spring Vegetables really doesn't hate you and Hiroshi doesn't like you. You don't have to forgive me for that luxury."


If you miss this, in many ways, there is no next for the macro. With such a hurry, Takasuke and Misao try to kick Hiroshi's claims in half forcefully. Unexpectedly, the hung up on the appearance of desperate parents by such an unusual time.

Sure, it would definitely be a luxury to claim that we are still friends while being given this much favorite aura from spring vegetables. Without the background of female phobia, it's not hard to imagine that a bickering twist would probably start here and there (even if it's more than half a joke).

However, if you focus only on visuals and personality on the side, it would be a huge luxury to argue that Hiroshi is Spring Vegetable's boyfriend. If Spring Vegetable's attitude wasn't so obvious, no, it's only because it's so obvious that he would agree to be beaten to the full with what he thinks of the nasty heckling habit.

There are parts of it that are hard to say as a macro just because there is recognition around it.

"Um, little father, little mother. That's about it..."

Spring vegetables trying so hard to forgive Hong's parents for saying that they had gone too far ahead with a troubled look. I don't feel that way because of the slight tone, but I'm still quite in a hurry with this.

If you are a spring vegetable person, it is okay to talk about it. Furthermore, based on the feeling of spring vegetables, I can only admire the fact that my parents are the only ones who look closely at it. I do, but it's not something I can look past in silence.

Spring vegetables that came back to Japan to meet each other directly for the first time, as well as the parents of Hiroshi on that first occasion, and eventually leaked their true intentions, but the truth is that this development is not much appreciated.

"What is it, Spring Vegetables? It's just a leak, but it's a mistress."

"There are some opponents who can't really apologize for how to fill an outer moat like this, but more than that, I'm still not sure about the part where I've gotten along with Hiroshi myself like this and it's not going to be a burden on him that hasn't fully healed yet..."

"Ah, well. Let it go."

I honestly tell you why the flow that fills the outer moat isn't appreciated, and I appreciate it, but I bow my head Spring Vegetables. Misao shows understanding in the second half after deliberately passing through the first half of that reason, leaking words mixed with gratitude and appreciation. But soon I notice a different problem.

"It's just that if I do that, I have something to worry about."

"What do you care, sir?

"Saya. I really appreciate you liking my kid so much as a parent, and no matter how much you appreciate me worrying about him there, Spring Vegetables is in the same class as Hiroshi, right?


"Spring Vegetables will try their best to hide it, I trust you all the time, but don't hesitate to be the first to do it. Spring vegetables are definitely hot, so many people look at it."

Takasuke also nods loudly to Misao's point. Heavenly Sound says nothing, but will probably be of the same opinion.

"I also think that friends, relatives, and family would spot me in one shot, regardless of who I don't have much contact with."

"If I do that, I won't be able to hide it, but yeah, I won't."

"Spring vegetables are also included in future stories to come"

If I keep an eye on you, I won't be able to finish the story forever. The heavenly sound of that judgment pinches my mouth from side to side.

With the slightly more forceful but heavenly sounds interrupting from the side, Hong's parents also stop wearing spring vegetables and switch their consciousness to future stories. Spring vegetables that are small but deeply relieve sighs so that no one will notice how they look.

Needless to say, Spring Vegetables is properly aware of the risks that Hiroshi carries, especially in school, if he makes his feelings a dull leak. If it's still here, it's the home of the Macro, and I also understand that my parents stepped in and it's okay range, so it's not going to be the same in school.

Nevertheless, in this matter, Spring Vegetables does not trust in any way their ability to control themselves or their emotions. I'm not going to make it a dada leak enough for everyone to see and see, but I don't think I can hide it through my body or my best friends who have been acting with me for a long time, as I told the parents of Hiroshi.

And the biggest problem in this case is that all the risks and burdens will be on the macro.

Even though Spring Vegetables has become my favorite, it's not a fuss where I'm sorry. So after somehow embracing my best friends at the earliest possible stage, I want to create a system to have them watching me without bad pressure.

I'm thinking, even though I can't do anything about my feelings, it's impossible to control them to the hearts of others, etc. So I am prepared to no longer resign from enemy certification for outsiders who exert extra pressure on the macro.

It should be noted that I naturally intend to remain a friend who allows me to be present. If you were around a Japanese member, Aeris, or Alchem who was acting with you, you would still be at an overwhelmingly lower risk if you thought you had heckled and fled to treat a friend in the case of a macro who cannot yet say that female phobia is fully healed against a female counterpart who is not an otherwise family member.

Anyway, given the glorious background of spring vegetables in many ways, no one wonders if heckling men can't freak out and step in and day.

With that in mind in a corner of my head, Spring Vegetables listens to Heavenly Sound's explanation of the tests and trials to be performed in two or three nights from today. It is also important that the holidays come to an end, but it is more important than that that we must end them in these three holidays.

"I mean, from tomorrow morning until around noon the day after tomorrow, is it impossible to get in direct contact with Hoang or all the time?

From now on, we will move to the lab for various tests, and from tomorrow until noon the day after tomorrow, we will use a new system isolated from the outside to rehabilitate and counsel so that Hongda can adapt to the current Japan shortly after the holidays. It was there that Takasuke was first concerned when asked about her plans for such a content.

By the way, Heavenly Sound explains together what it would have planned to do if it were to do another stage of treatment for female phobia, which is superficial content.

As a matter of fact, there has already been a plan since the East House moved to Kanto to try to make the symptoms even lighter with the new system.

Until now, the plan has not been put into practice because the treatment content has been carefully considered with a large number of experts based on the content of follow-up by the attending physician only because the matter concerns people's minds.

"Yes. I'm sorry, but I will. Please note that I am fully responsible for the meantime."

"If anything happens, you can get in touch with me right away, right?

"Of course it is. We are ready to mobilize all the means at our disposal to make sure you are obnoxious."

With that said, Heavenly Sound offers a pledge in full favor of the East House. There is confusion in Takasuke's face when he looks at the normally impossible pledge that the disclaimer is only when a natural disaster and Dongjia commit obstructive acts.

"... this, is it true for the homma?

"Think of it as my readiness"

"... ok. I believe in teachers."

After a lot of reticence, Takasuke is so determined to sign the pledge. I don't mean to bring any lawsuits against Heavenly Sound even if there were no such thing, but I can understand the position of Heavenly Sound, which requires such documents.

"It's been a long time since I've had any extra stories, but are you okay with the time after this?

"Right. We still have a little time to spare, but maybe it's time to move. Are you okay with your stuff?

"That's okay because I was ready yesterday when I spoke to my son. My son better send it over here. Yeah?

"I plan to do it responsibly when it comes to sending and dropping you off. However, it will probably be difficult for you to send me as the journey to the other side will be over soon, but it is not a problem for you to pick me up after you are done"

"It'll be over soon," he said?

"We have a portable gate available today, so the move itself will be over in an instant. It won't take a minute, including preparation, but we'll be using your garden or garage for safety once."

To that word of Heavenly Sound, the parents of the majesty who make faces of speaking of it. With the exception of very few applications, such as for evacuation, transfer gates are currently regulated for installation and use in any country. I tend to forget my existence for this reason, but if that's the best way to do it, like Mio's travel, or sneak up on it to a very low degree of personal influence, you're blinded.

For the record, the Medical Association and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare are currently talking confidentially about cases such as the use of metastasis gates for the movement of Mio, in an attempt to create a system that will allow hospitals across the country to be connected by gates and transported immediately to hospitals where the most appropriate treatment can be given to heavy patients and those in need of emergency surgery.

It is because of its experience of problems caused by scattered opposition movements during the installation of evacuation gates. It is difficult for the patient to suffer from that kind of trouble by standing up for the hospital alone.

With regard to the evacuation gates, it should be noted that, as a result of their considerable power during larger disasters, they are now normally installed in the evacuation areas of any municipality.

There were also a considerable number of dissidents who had turned their heartless reasoning to the end, but there was no way they could beat the actual examples that worked. Regardless of the person who was not against it but cautious about how it operated, etc., the person who kept saying that he was against anything is eventually being treated as inhuman and disappearing from the tabular stage.

"If so, how about you two join us?

"I'm interested, but it's legally regulated for once, and I think we should stop anyway with the excuses that are still going to work..."

"Yes, though. Now I'll rent your garden or garage."

"Okay. Don't forget, Hiroshi.

"It's okay. I don't care if there is."

Answering my father's question that way, I go out to the garden with the travel bag I was preparing.

The Dongjia garden is large enough to line up planters and potted plants and sit out a folding table and chair after drying the laundry, whispering but oversized enough to say it's a garden. If I wanted to do it, I could serve the stove and enjoy the barbecue. Can you understand the general breadth?

Heavenly sounds that place something like a little stone in that space at intervals sufficient for two people to pass side by side. When you think you've manipulated the terminal somehow as it is, the gate opens immediately and a Heavenly Sound lab appears on the other side.

"Here, I'm coming."

"Oops. Good luck."

"Spring Vegetables, don't ask me about Hiroshi either. Say anything about this girl."

"Yes, thank you"

With such encouragement from Hong's parents, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables wander through the gate with one head down. I just saw you move to the back of the lab, and Heavenly Sound looks back and says his final greeting.

"Then I will keep you responsibly for three days"

Thank you for your patience.

"I'll take care of it"

Heavenly sounds that complete such greetings, move to the lab and close the gate immediately. As far as you can see, it can be difficult if you keep it open for too long.

Takasuke and Misao, who watched the gate disappear in no time, move their gaze to their feet, wondering what happened to the stone-like terminal placed by Heavenly Sound.

At that moment, the terminal disappears, emitting a pale light.

"... which do you think you normally transferred to the professor for disposables?

"... it may be disposable because the device was very chaotic, but there is a good chance that it will be recovered from the professor..."

Misao tells Takasuke what she thinks with an indescribable look when she asks about a device that has strangely disappeared in front of her.

After all, it was just the family of Hiroshi, or even though it was supposed to be a temporary breakup scene, it was going to end strangely.

"Well, I have a little time before my next appointment, so I'll explain if there's anything I want to ask you right now, okay?

"Here, don't hesitate. Is Professor Ayase one of ours after all?

"Not human, if that means the same. Life expectancy, aging, what happens when the flesh disappears, it's the same around there as you and Haruyaki today. But I wonder if classification will be a god."

"After all, what kind of a nasty definition is there around there?

"When it comes to having it, and when it comes to not caring, it feels like it doesn't matter. Weird way to put it, but it's not like God or Buddha, which cousin if he doesn't believe? The definition we share is at that level."

"I see."

Heavenly sounds that explain their identity and essence in a light way, at a level that is also public discourse. I heard that heavenly sound explanation and nodded as badly as I was convinced. Spring vegetables also have an interesting look on their face.

Spring vegetables that are supposed to be within you, and that you know once and for all that you are not human, are this attitude, which is nothing more than the fact that God or Buddha, as Heavenly Sound explained, was a matter of no matter to Spring Vegetables.

but from a complete outsider, it would be a matter of wanting to penetrate to mind there for once.

"By the way, until I got into high school too, I was a normal person in the sense of nature. There was a lot going on around that time."

"The whole thing is, the feat so far is heavily influenced by the fact that human beings stopped, all the time?

"It's not at all irrelevant, but it feels almost irrelevant. When I stopped being human, I could easily understand the principles of all things and how to make them, but before I stopped being human, I couldn't even make my own computer CPU from the late eighties or so. Besides, it's a different matter between knowing and doing it. I think I'd know better if I were you, East, who makes things, don't you think?

"Right. There's a bigger ditch between knowing how to do it and actually doing it."

"Well, before that, my inventions, mostly outsourced or over-the-counter purchases at the parts level, so I can't say that I did something by myself at that point."

When I hear that story about Heavenly Sound, I rather think it's definitely more amazing that way, Hong and Spring Vegetables. Outsourcing and over-the-counter goods at the component level means that we can mass produce as much as we can manage to assemble them.

At that point, it's funny with your nose, such as what Macro did in the Faircro world. In the end, Hiroshi has not been able to create a system that allows him to produce advanced products without himself until he returns to Japan.

At best, high level potions with high demand did not reach the point of putting them on a mass production base until the end, with about ferment-free flavourings that anyone could make if they had the methods and equipment.

If you're curious about that, it would be a nuclear fusion reactor just outsourced, but it would be a transfer gate, but Heavenly Sound, which can mass produce anything, is definitely more overwhelming as a technician.

Besides, the troublesome thing is, if you want to do it, Heavenly Sounds can do the same in the undisclosed lands of Africa and so on. There is a prerequisite that if the other person listens to you to some extent, but if you clear there, you can accelerate the development of civilization and technology with a combination of what you can do on that land.

For that matter, the difference in the degree of hazardous characters is based on the difference, so the degree of self-weight required cannot be compared to that of a macro.

"Later, I put in another annotation, and I'm making almost all my powers unsealable, except for the minimal for self-defense. For what it's worth living on Earth, it's no use."

"We'd rather do that, too?

"It's hard to say, isn't it? All this, you better do a proper examination and make a decision. However, Dong, you've already created your own world, even though it's imperfect, so there's a good chance you'll get a lot of glitches when you seal it. Well, it's easy if you want to."

In the words of Heavenly Sound, a macro with the look of impossibility. Now that the evil gods are finished, honestly, they are gods. In everyday life, it is rarely helpful to get in the way.

Besides, it is also difficult to have a strange influence on hobby manufacturing, albeit in a positive direction. Somehow, it's not purely fun.

"Well, in the first place, I told you I was going to seal it, and I can't do anything about the strength of the flesh that matters the most or the parts that don't age. I mean, I'm almost as powerful as a human being, but I still don't feel like I'm going to burn myself with a direct hit from a warhead."

"Good luck with that..."

"Yeah, about that. Dong-kun, on the other hand, even a relatively brittle spring vegetable probably won't be weaker than that."

Heavenly Sound, which gives you desperate information in everyday life, in a really mild way. To that dialogue, I have all sorts of unpleasant hunches about Hong and Spring Vegetables.

"Later, regardless of whether it is to be sealed or not, both you and Haruna are to be trained to use your powers. Spring vegetables, in particular, can only be turned on and off with aids, and their causal and disruptive physique is something that needs to be trained so that they can be controlled at least immediately."

"... I knew it would happen"

"Yeah. Detailed training details will be determined by an inspection after this, but decisions on this. By the way, the instructor in charge is the same person I was. Spring Vegetables knows, you're the caretaker of Young Leaf Villa."

"... Wow..."

"Dates are a day and a half on this timeline, but for those of you who feel like you can break through the lowest line, training will continue for a year or two, so good luck."

"... I regret being the first goddess I've ever been to."

Very anxious to see how spring vegetables carry more and more things all over the body, Hiroshi. I wonder what the person is called the instructor, and I inadvertently ask Heavenly Sound and Spring Vegetables questions.

"What's that person so scared of?

"I'm not scared. Hey, Spring Vegetables?

"Yeah, I'm not scared. I'm just a hell of a person in a lot of ways, you know. That guy is going to break my heart no matter how scared I am..."

"What sora..."

The more I hear, the more tense the Macho gets at explaining that only anxiety is going away. I know it's going to be necessary sooner or later, but at least I want you to stop thanking people like that.

"But well, if Spring Vegetables has one good news..."

"Suppose there is?

"In the name of exam study and study to become familiar with Japan today as an outsider, I'm sure you and I will have time to spend alone."

"... I apologize to you, Hiroshi, but that's all I'm feeling like I can do..."

"... I'm more anxious about Spring Vegetables than training..."

Spring vegetables that somehow find hope and get back on their feet in the same line of Heavenly Sound. So on the recovered spring vegetables, I feel sorry but dont pull anything.

Before the beginning of such anxiety, Hiroshi and the teacher's man became very close to each other. He enjoyed training and subtly snagged the spring vegetables.