"... just a loaned farm, I wonder if the soil is that hard"

Faircro The next Monday I put my face on the world. Early before 6: 00 a.m. Spring vegetables were dressed in jerseys and toweled from their necks, coming to a rental farm located about five minutes by bike from a luxury residential neighborhood with a home.

I have the strange impression of renting a farm not so far from a luxury residential neighborhood, but it is not so urban as to say that it is the tidal city where the spring vegetables live. There are quite a few rich people living here who farm for their hobbies.

Nevertheless, the morality of the rich. The humans that follow will be full-fledged to the point, but the ones that don't last won't last at all. As a result, there are always quite a few clustered compartments available.

The Fujido family borrowed about one of those clumped lots yesterday after proceeding, and today spring vegetables are going to snort into farming.

Needless to say, the farm was rented due to a spring vegetable snake that suddenly woke up in agriculture. Otherwise, there's no way the busy Fujido family, in many ways, can get their hands on a family vegetable garden the size of which rents a farm.

"Nevertheless, you've been left alone for quite a while, so you have to make soil first"

Spring vegetables that confirm the state of the soil all the time and declare that with a motivational look they hold the wax (kuwa) in their hands. The warehouse, prepared with the generosity of the landlord during yesterday, is packed with plenty of bags of different types of fertilizer thanks to the hand of the feminine help robot "When", who is also in the Fujido family during yesterday.

If we close our eyes to the question of how long it will even take to build the soil, we are ready in itself.

"Well, if you also think about the time to go home and support it, the working time is about thirty minutes. We need to get to where we can at full speed."

Yet, the spring vegetables secretly activate the magic of the acceleration system, shaking the violin up and down.

Eventually, that day, about half of the fields were cultivated and morning farming was done.

The reason why spring vegetables abruptly reminded me of farming goes back to shortly after finishing discussions with Alfemina.

"... that?

I got permission and some advice from Alfemina on the matter of Shiori, and because of this, Spring Vegetables necks me uncomfortably when I get offered by Aeris to eat freshly taken fruit from this time of year and want me to go home.

"What is it, Master Harna?

"Was the farm of the Temple of Alfemina this big?

"We recently expanded it to grow some crops. Thanks to Fam and his help, Kaizen went very smoothly."

"It is."

Convinced by Aeris' words, spring vegetables look over the farm again. In the new area, which has just been expanded, we were just about to plant the crop now after completing minimal soil production.

"... Spring vegetables?

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's nothing."

Spring vegetables, which I had thought of somehow as I watched the farming process, returned to me with a voice from the host.

"Nothing. Yeah, but if you do it today, do it in the castle of God?

"No, you know, farming that's confirmed to succeed is a bit..."

Spring vegetables that are obvious what they were thinking and inadvertently deflect their gaze and argue so. Nevertheless, the impulse for farming is unlikely to be contained.

In the end, this day was not relieved of the urge for farm work after dinner, and Spring Vegetables once returned to their home in Japan to arrange a rental farm for their parents.

It was then at the hands of a clan of snow vegetables who earned their seriousness in rare spring vegetables that farming was ready to begin at any time the following day, leading to early morning farming at the beginning.

"Morning, Hiroshi."

"Good morning."

Dongjia entrance at 7: 20 a.m. after the first day of farming. Spring vegetables, well prepared to go to school, were rendezvous with Hong.

Since last Wednesday, Spring Vegetables has stopped by the East House to attend school with Hiroshi. Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables only changed their school hours to a sufficient degree, and Spring Vegetables sometimes no longer had a reason to go to school at this time in the double sense, so they were supposed to go to school together at the recommendation of Rongzi and Tamura.

It should be noted that spring vegetables are coming to pick up the hong for two reasons. The first reason is the positional relationship between the two houses and the way to school. Hiroshi's house is just a short stop from the Spring Vegetable School Road, and is not far enough on foot to high school. It's overwhelmingly more efficient than Hiroshi picking up spring vegetables.

The other is the spring vegetable home environment. For whatever reason, the Spring Vegetable House is a rich man, growing up in a house that is not strange to see solely by blood muscles or otherwise sent by drivers. In addition, the house is in a luxury residential area that requires a fair amount of courage for ordinary people to step in, and the humans who live come with global singer YUKINA and Fujido Subaru, part of the national idle band Brace.

Even if it's not a macro, the hurdles are too high to get close. It is all the more so because of the heightened vigilance around us thanks to Senior Stalker.

Besides, there are currently only Subaru men in the Fujido family. What happens if Mushiro shows his face there? It is obvious that you will receive the same treatment of spring vegetables as your first visit to the East Family in many upgraded forms as well.

So even if I go to say hello, I'm supposed to look at the time a little more.

We know that both Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables have already been locked on by the Fujido family. I know, but I'm still not sure I'm ready to leave before my parents and sisters, especially my mother and sister, of spring vegetables.

"Even so, Spring Vegetables. You started a home garden early?

"... I knew you'd understand?

"A little bit of soil and fertilizer. I don't know, yesterday was almost a day over there, so let's get to work, shall we?

"Yeah.... I don't know, I'm totally out of it"

"I smell it."

That's what I answer with a bitter smile for spring vegetables that give a complex look to being lightly spotted. In the first place, Saturday and Sunday are basically, Hongchi and Spring Vegetables act together. Inevitably, we have a complete grasp of each other's schedules and so on, and when the smell of soil and fertilizer remains at this point, it is as easy to predict what Spring Vegetables did.

By the way, I can tell this smell is probably about Mio, except for the existence of a man who stopped being like a macro. I wouldn't be able to identify it with a normal human nose because it's to the point of being completely swamped by smells like sweat, soap, shampoo, antiperspirant spray, etc.

"Really, start the field. Yes, but what do you plant?

"I haven't decided entirely because I'm still making soil, but I'm thinking from this time of year, it's like summer vegetables."

"I see. How can I help you?"

"Yeah, please. I'll do the morning work, but it would be very helpful if you could help me after school or on the day off."

"Roger that. Look, I have some errands today, especially after school, and I'll help you out soon."

"Yeah, thanks"

Spring vegetables thanking Hiroshi for his offer with a smile of heartfelt joy. Spring vegetables that, without any feelings, feel what comes to mind as soon as possible in the gentleness of a macro offering to help very naturally and the time you can spend alone with someone you like.

There is just enough calm not to recognize this as a date, but before that, in the first place, I don't think in that the average high school girl living in an urban area is usually happy to farm with whomever she wants, unless she's also in the horticultural department.

Most importantly, if you're going to pursue that story, you don't usually do field work on farmland in any horticultural department, unless your parents rent farmland and do home gardens in the first place in urban areas. A house with a garden would make a flower bed in the garden, otherwise planting pots and planters would be arranged on the veranda to grow flowers and a little vegetable at best.

Like spring vegetables, how can a high school girl not be like that, who rents farmland the size of an Earl to her parents to do home vegetable gardens?

"Oh, yeah. I was just wondering about your home, can I ask you something?

"Nothing, but according to the content, I can't answer it."

"It's not that big of a deal. I was wondering if your factory is looking for a part-time job or something."

"Actively recruit, but don't hire me all the time."

"Oh well. Do you think it's okay if I go help you?

"Ask your mother about it. It's just, Mr. Spring Vegetables, if you do it, you can usually do the accounting, so I'm going to make it a lot easier just to get help there."

Spring vegetables that nod so much to the words of the Macho. In a family-run Zero Town plant, the most cumbersome job is undoubtedly accounting work.

The town factory run by Hiroshi's parents currently employs no people and only their parents work. When I was in Osaka, I hired one clerk and one craftsman at a time, but the clerical woman retired from marriage just before the factory was decided to relocate, and when it came to craftsmen, it was just impossible to follow me as far as Tokyo, so I asked her to move to the business partner where she was recruiting people.

At the time of the relocation, the work was finally organized, and because of the difficulty but good delivery times and prices, the work was turned around even by the craftsman's father and mother alone. I am also less worried about getting slapped on the price because the job I took in is a good job in my area of expertise for the parents of Hongkong, but I don't want to do it even if I get doubled if it's another company.

but it is not different that it is a small number of people, and it is not uncommon that when delivery time overlaps, it is no longer an accounting business, so if you can hire a trusted person, it is true that you want about clerks.

"In the meantime, Mr. Spring Vegetables would be happy to hire you if you did it, but no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

"Nothing, can I help you unpaid?

"There are labor standards laws and all that, so that's not the reason. And I'll be glad to hire you, but that's a story I've had since college. Do the entrance exam first and be absolutely told. Me, that's why I've been helping out with most of the house lately."

"Yeah. I know that. So I'm not thinking right away."

Spring vegetables told by Hong and nodded with a straight face. By now, we will be able to afford about Hainan University, both of which are the number one aspirants, but we should still avoid fluttering about what the students are part-time. I don't have an ex or a child to bad the heart certification of Hong's parents in that part of the world, and I'm not at all anxious about the entrance exam.

But even if it's not until I get into college that I actually start working part-time, I want to root around here early. If I say ideal, I just want to start part-time as soon as I receive it from college.

"Often, abruptly, strangely desperate"

"Well, I'd like to spend a little more time near you, and there's a lot of insidious things to do in the future..."

"I don't know..."

A macro who reacts to the word lower heart by passing through the part of time we are together for now. I don't know what to say, but the factory at the Horn House is small enough to fly if you blow it. There are no other elements that are likely to be beneficial to Spring Vegetables, apart from the fact that the parent of the person who has a good heart is doing it.

In this case, it should be noted that being able to spend a little more time nearby is not considered as a great advantage because it is only through. I no longer doubt the current feeling of spring vegetables, but for some obvious reason, in addition to the question of whether or not in the future, I don't even have much conversation at work in the first place, I don't think it would be of great benefit.

Around telling before the word "future tangled heart," you probably also know spring vegetables properly.

That's why I'm not sure what spring vegetables want.

"This kind of thing, but neither me nor Hiroshi can definitely get a job in a regular company or bureau or anything, right?

"... well, let it go"

"When that happens, I only have about what I can do with my parents' connections or pull into marginal settlement level neglect and become a farmer, just because there's still some untrained in the city and somehow I don't really want to use my parents' connections..."

"So, our factory is relatively unobstructed, all the time?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry for the unsolicited image, but I don't think a zero-town factory with few employees seems like a lot of people going in and out, do you?

"I don't know. In our case, it feels like there are about 10 people every day with a total number of people like business partners, banks, etc."

A macro who understands the meaning of the bottom of the spring vegetables and nods as convinced. Even without romantic emotions, it is convenient in many ways for people with the same circumstances to run a zero mill between themselves.

Even more conveniently, it is not difficult for small companies to hit the company without being suspicious around them. Different industries and business partners have little contact with neighboring companies, and people living in neighborhoods don't see quite what kind of people work. Besides that, only on a scale that is not uncommon for bankruptcy or bankruptcy, if you stop, you can imagine and convince me on your own.

I also know how to say that spring vegetables are a bad idea.

"Well, whatever it is, let's start with the current exam."


In the meantime, Hong and Spring Vegetables end with that one word about a story that the ghost is likely to laugh at. I don't need to go to college separately if I'm just going to succeed to the Eastern family business, but at least while I'm a normal person, I don't have any problems with my education.

"Nevertheless, Professor Ayase and other very famous people, but what about aging and the problems around it?

"There are cases like our mother and so on, so so far it seems to be going through the range of personal differences. It's not surprisingly unusual for people to look like twenties in their forties, whether they fold it back or not."

"So if you can't delude me, what are you planning to do?

"He said he was going to run away with the excuse that he was experimenting with the latest anti-aging technology he had developed himself. So, when I get there, I'm gonna retire, and I'm gonna get pretty much cold."

"The professor's unique way of escaping..."

"Right. At least we can't do it."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables subtly take a far-sighted look at the unique way humans escape, known as inventors of the century since Edison. It feels painful, but if you want to do it, you can actually increase the maximum life expectancy of mankind for a century, and the average life expectancy for about half a century, which is an in-depth story of the industry.

Nevertheless, with regard to the genre of life sciences, we know that it causes so much confusion in society that we are not looking at infrastructure around metastasis gates, human-like help robots, etc., that we are not willing to do anything more than cure things that have never been cured before.

"Nevertheless, if Mr. Spring Vegetables did it, he'd probably want to do it at a restaurant, in a kitchen car, or something like that..."

"When it comes to having no admiration for restaurants, it's a lie, but if you want to do that in Japan, it's pretty much a pain in the ass. If you're going to serve food, you need to keep your cook's license and hygiene management, and if you're in a kitchen car and you're in a stall, there's a lot of things you need to be concerned about other than notifying the bureau about the territory."

"I never thought deeply about it, but it's still quite a pain in the ass..."

"Right. At least, I don't know if I can take it easy enough to do stalls in Urs."

"All the time, when you normally set up a store, it seems like it will cost you more than a stall to rent utilities."

"Yes, yes. Besides, what worries both in common is the part about purchasing and what to do with it. Exactly, we can't use the other food depot or anything that can be taken in God's castle."

"Let it go. I can't even imitate monster hunting because I don't have enough money to buy it."

"That's right. Instead, zero purchasing costs are not possible in Japan in the first place. Even if you use your own vegetables, the cost of growing vegetables is high."

As we begin our business in Japan, we raise the elements that are likely to be hurdles, and a small sigh of honeysuckle and spring vegetables. Japan, where society is mature and technology is remarkably developed, is itself a barrier to entry.

It should be noted that neither Hongkong nor Spring Vegetables give a damn about the funds for opening a business or the working capital of the moment, because we know that every snow vegetable will be set aside on its own, even if we do not consider sourcing around it.

Though I've had little trouble with money, I've been doing business in the fair-cloth world bent over. Neither Hongkong nor Spring Vegetables are weather capable enough to give a sweet view of the costs of early equipment and the working capital needed to become a black business.

Instead, I think of the area much more cynically than a salaried man who unplanned desarries and starts his business with the Mackerel and Spring Vegetables.

"Good morning, Spring Vegetables, Dong-kun"

While we're talking about that, we'll see the school gate at some point. Likewise, they just arrived at school, and Rongzi greets them in the morning.

"Ah, good morning, Rongzi"

"Good morning."

"It kind of doesn't seem like fun from the morning, but what were we talking about?

"Nah, it's tough to start a business in Japan, talk about it all the time."

"... why are you talking like that?

"Is it like becoming?

That's what I said, Spring Vegetables telling Rongzi how the conversation has been going so far. Rongzi's thoughts on hearing about Spring Vegetables are that......

"In the meantime, I know that spring vegetables are trying to fill the outer moat first,"

was, in a sense, a genuine and straightforward one.

"Don't worry, the outer moat itself will be almost buried before the time"

"... how hard are you working on that at this point..."

"Good luck or nothing, it's about our parents, and Spring Vegetables fell in the day he greeted us."

"Ahhh... well, that would be normal..."

Rongzi is somewhat convinced by the information that he has already fallen in the first meeting. If you are showing the appearance, character and atmosphere of spring vegetables, and the attitude of Rongzi after being followed and reopened, it would rather be natural for the parents of a normal family to fall with great joy.

"So, one thing I was wondering, why did East think Spring Vegetables wanted to run a restaurant?

"At the time of the example, Sora has eaten every time Mr. Haruna has already left the stall. When you look at it, you usually think that your future dreams are restaurants."

"... so much, were you doing stalls?

"It got kind of fun while I was doing it..."

Spring vegetables are seen with a raw warm eye by Rongzi and excused so with a gentle distraction from his gaze. It's just a fact that's not an excuse for anything, but don't worry about it there.

"Nevertheless, we're not even actually starting, but we're talking about something somewhat cynical..."

"Sora, if you look at that sweetly, if it's a busy thing. My parents have failed in neglecting the capital flow, the necessary qualifications, the tax relationship, and so on, just to do business, and the whole story is in my ear."

"Is that such a good story?

"It's a good story. The first thing I ask you is, there's about 10 million in early retirement, and you get upset, you start doing business, you eat it all the time, you go bankrupt, you talk all the time."

"Ten million sounds like a lot of money, but is that what it is?

"It's a lot of money when it comes to making a lot of money, but if you want to eat it, for a moment. If you put it this way, but if you suck at it, you can even buy a minimum amount of land that can be built in a building."

"... ahhh..."

That's right, my parents are just doing business, and Rongzi can only be convinced of Hiroshi's point. Perhaps the difference in feel around here is leading many desarried and started businesses to bankruptcy.

"Well, if Spring Vegetables starts doing business all the time, you don't have to worry about opening and working capital, regardless of the industry."

"Right. Even if it's land, they'll be able to borrow it for a cheap price after buying up promising recreational spaces."

"... Actually, I thought the same thing, so you can't say you want to be a bad cook or anything"

"I'm pretty sure it's a huge luxury story from someone who doesn't have the money to start a business."

"Honestly, there are times when I feel somewhat sorry for being too blessed to do anything"

Spring vegetables that look really sorry for the harshness of the reality to which humans in the public are exposed and the fact that they are so protected from it as to be overprotective. I don't have a childish repulsion that my parents interfere with anything, etc., but there are parts of me that I don't feel very confident that I am a big person when I have a strong Seven Lights like this.

"Well, think deeply there, but, uh, think. When I talk about it, I can't work in a normal workplace, so I can't rely on my parents to get a job in the form of half my parents' shins."

"I don't think that's even such a despicable thing because there's such a fine name as inheriting the traces of my parents..."

"We rely on the power of our parents to become independent in an overprotective way, because the reality doesn't change much all the time. That's why Spring Vegetables can't get chest tight. If you do it, I'll live with chest tightness too, in fact."

How dare you watch the spring vegetables snap and follow up like that, Macho. Because of the basic heckles, these places are really masculine.

Rongzi heads to his own lower foot box, admiring the follow up of a strangely masculine macro who used to be hectic. Since we had a long story to tell, when did we finally get to the lifting mouth?

Like Rongzi, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables head to their own lower foot box. Hongkong and Spring Vegetables are opposite each other in the diagonal position of the row, Rongzi is near the middle of two neighbors from the row of Hongkong.

The other two didn't immediately realize that the horse had stopped moving with his hands on the shoebox because each was quite a distance away.

"... what's wrong?

It was still spring vegetables that I noticed earlier that I had stopped moving with some sinister face.

"No, it smells a little weird..."

"Weird smell? It really smells weird, like a mixture of raw smell and rotten smell."

"Do you think I should open this, check it, or should I call the teacher to open it? Yeah, either?

"... for once, do I have to open it?

Even the nose of the Macro and Spring Vegetables, which has recently been sharpened far beyond human limits, has a slight stench to such an extent that it is not clearly known when five steps away. Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables that haunt their minds about what's wrong with their existence. There, Rongzi comes to see how it goes, wondering about the two of you who haven't changed shoes in forever.

"What's the matter with you?

"Ah, Rongzi. Maybe, but, Hon, I think your shoebox is taunting you, so can you get me a teacher?

"Roger. I thought it might be time, but I really don't think there's some idiot to do it"

"There was a Saturday and Sunday, not necessarily an executor at school."

"Well, you'll see around there soon enough. I can see you're being taunted even though you didn't open it."

"It smells weird."

"Odor, hey......"

Rongzi, told by Hiroshi, puts his face closer to Hiroshi's shoebox with a slight crush. It doesn't smell better than a shoebox or anything, but still when my nose approaches the lid as close as it seems, I can see slightly that it does leak a strange smell.

"I don't know if you can tell from this close range, but it does smell like it's a mixture of raw odor and rotten odor, it smells different from what you get from a shoebox..."

"Let him?

"... right. If something weird comes out, I'll be in trouble, so let's leave it like this and get a teacher. East, you and Spring Vegetables wait here."

"Oh, I'm going to go buy some. Hong-kun, what size are you wearing?

"26.5 yah. The money..."

"You can do it later."

So Roko and Spring Vegetables leave Hiroshi at the scene to do what each one does. A macro who is a victim, and who is probably out of use for his upper wear, cannot move poorly from this scene in a double sense.

That's five minutes later, Rongko returns with the head teacher of the school year.

"Thank you for waiting."

"Oh, thank you. I'm sorry, I could make you do something like Paciri."

"I can't help it this time. So, what were you doing with your computer?

"Oh, just in case, I'm saving the status quo and taking a record of the entire lift port. By the way, since Nakamura-san went to get a teacher, there have been eight students who went through here and went inside. Mr. Takahashi also had a wild horse, but if you don't want to go to class all the time, you can do it."

"Yes, it is."

To the conversation between Hiroshi and Rongzi, Ohashi Sensei, the head of the school year (a thirty-five year old male, due to be married in June), nods one with a serious face, saying what he wonders.

"You're all set. Didn't you see that with your weird eyes?

"I'll explain the situation properly."

"I don't have to wonder if we're going to talk about that at the moment... Well, isn't it something you can hide?"

With that said, Dr. Ohashi will keep track of the situation with the camera features of the computer, just like Hiroshi. The computers used are school supplies.

"Surveillance cameras show a whole lot of them, but we have to keep a record of them."

"It's not you, East, but the record of times like this is important."

"Sort of. Besides, there are more and more horses, so you'll need to pose like this to show that it might be important.... Now it's time to open it. East, Nakamura, I'm sorry, but I need a record. Nakamura, keep track of him at school."

"" Yes ""

Dr. Ohashi wears gloves for safety and site protection and gives instructions to Hiroshi and Rongko to do so. Make sure the two of you have started recording and put your hands on the lid of the shoebox as you adjust the position so that it opens properly and the contents of the shoebox are pictured.

There, the spring vegetables that had gone to purchase the top clothes returned.

"I'm home. Are you opening it now?

"Welcome back, just now."

"Oh well. I'll give it to you when I'm done."


Spring vegetables that understand the current situation and tell them so and wait in an uninterrupted place. Depending on what you think, it is a privileged seat where you can understand all the situations and the contents of the shoebox are well checked.

"Well, I'll open it"

"Go ahead."

In some cases, it can be a clear criminal activity, and as a result, the opening work became feathery to wear no body at all. If this had ended up with the contents being merely mischievous with no particular problems, it would have ended with Honda being a little noticed after being over-conscious around the newspaper department.

However, the contents of the shoebox were in more condition than I had imagined.

"... Wow..."

After a moment of silence, someone leaks a groan so that they can nauseate at the absurd stench of too much misery and liberation at once. Dr. Ohashi, who returned to me with that groan, gives instructions as soon as he arrows toward the horse.

"... anyone! Go to the staff room and contact the principal and the head teacher! Have them call the police and the health center as soon as possible! And no other students are allowed in this corner! Students using this surrounding shoebox are like using slippers for visitors!

At the behest of Dr. Ohashi, several students rush into the staff room in great haste. Some of them have the same class of Tamura and Yamaguchi. In addition, students in the front row, who were wild horses, run to the people's toilets simultaneously so that other students can scatter spider children into their classrooms and rooms.

If you look closely, there are several students who have passed out and were carefully transported to the infirmary by students who were grossly intolerant or did not look directly at them.

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, who watched such a thing, leaked their feeling of puffiness.

"I don't care. Yeah, but hey, they caught such a big, fat rat."

"That's right. My grandma and my aunts said it, but lately, it has to be an old private house in the mountains, and I rarely run rats."

"I don't see it all the time, but in the first place, it's a normal running rat, a living thing that humans can easily catch. I've been looking all over for the carcass, even though I found it."

"... that's not the problem..."

While the majority of students are nauseated by the stench and grossness, Macro and Spring Vegetables have a conversation that deviates somewhere in normal driving, no matter where they look from. Rongzi going into it, but because of the disgust, I can't stop going into it.

Nor could that Rongzi, when it became the carcass of multiple large dove rats (with the option of partially full of manure) whose bloody guts were sticking out and rotting had begun, look directly at them and be fine, he said. Worms are crawling out of the gap, which amplifies the grossness even more. If it's a TV or something, it's a must-have mosaic level.

Well, it's definitely weirder that Rongzi, an average urban Japanese who has no ties to ranches, meat factories, etc., is fine with this. This is usually the kind of reaction we would have if we hadn't done the slaughter demolition of scattered creatures in the Faircro world, and counting even more gruesome undead, demons, and alien monsters were not the magnificent ones that have slaughtered so many hundreds of millions.

"And I don't know why I have to exterminate it, I don't eat it or take fur, but I don't know if I'd bother killing it. If you're going to kill a creature for any reason other than all the damage you've done and you have to get rid of it, at least you have to be able to peel it off and eat it."

"No, that's just that size and pretty much where humans can eat. Whether it's fur or small, there are limits to patchwork."

"Hmm, but I don't think eaters should have to do it somewhat if they work hard, do they?

"Sora, somewhat. It's just that it's easier not to eat fresh guts."

"Yeah, it's pretty awesome out there."

In addition, Macro and Spring Vegetables move on to the story of whether they can eat or use as ingredients rather than not eating or peeling off fur, looking at the carcasses of rats that have begun to rot. You move from the remnants of what you've done scattered around the Faircro world, or you stick to that kind of thinking.

"... It's been quite a while since I started as a teacher, but this is the first time I've had a student who talked to me about not eating when I saw the carcass of a dove rat..."

"... East and Spring Vegetables look great around there where the sensibilities match..."

"Ahhh, I feel like I've been educated like that for a long time..."

"I knew I was being raised the kind of things that I would eat fine, even if I didn't normally eat spring vegetables, but I didn't think I'd get this far... Well, more than that, I'm surprised it was the same up to you East..."

"It's about me. Well, there was a lot going on in the process of getting along with Spring Vegetables, so..."

He showed off his bad eating at too high a level, so blurry Rotsuko with a soggy look. Dr. Ohashi also has a somewhat distant eye.

"Whatever, the asshole who did this is gonna be here in a year. Students use it, don't think about it all the time, no doubt about it"

"That's right. I mean, I don't think anyone who thinks about it will harass their equipment at school."

"I don't think so either."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables try to wrap up the case like that with no particular flickering on the case that caused a large number of people to change their complexion. For the first time in its too big a deal, Rongko and Dr. Ohashi lose their words.

Sometimes a summary examination at the health centre confirmed that a fairly dangerous new breed of fungus was breeding, which ended up having to be suspended on this day due to circumstances, medical examinations, and disinfection of the body and belongings.

"Really, it was terrible..."

"You've made a terrific scene."

Lunch break that day when three people, Hiroshi, Spring Vegetables and Rongzi, were finally released from all sorts of things. Rongzi blurred, blurring with a blue face.

"Nevertheless, even if it becomes difficult..."

It's true, isn't it?

"I happen to be out of time in the morning practice and I'm really jealous of Mika who was just in the classroom..."

One of the first discoverers means that Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables inadvertently turn their laborious gaze to Rongzi's Boyaki, who couldn't have skipped consciousness or rushed into the bathroom.

To be honest, if it had been before the Faircro world had flown, both Hongkong and Spring Vegetables would probably have been in a very different state than Rongzi. I feel a little sorry for getting involved, just to see that.

"Well, I think I figured out who did it right away."

"It feels honest, after all, to the best of my ability."

"I didn't even know it was going to come directly to me."

As far as the killer was concerned, while Honda was being held in custody for questioning and inspection, it was very clear from surveillance camera footage and so on. It is the words of a police officer who analyzed the camera that it was very impressive that he had a surprisingly monstrous way of moving when it came to that one, for the unwanted idea of not getting fingerprints on it.

It should be noted that the executor was unilaterally suspicious of Spring Vegetables, a figure known as Senior Stalker. From there, a lot of back relationships have come out of the potato ceremony, but the average person doesn't stick his neck in the area, so everyone's opinions were unanimous by not touching it deeply.

Incidentally, it was some groups that weren't comfortable with Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables getting along that became a source for Senior Stalker. However, as far as they are concerned, I never seemed to expect to do anything so fancy, only to the extent that Senior Stalker would do something of his own accord later if he even gave them the information.

It would also be natural if the people who became the source were snugly squeezed by the teachers not to give the stalkers an extra spark until the police, given the actual damage and any other incidents likely to occur.

"Still, what do we do for lunch?

"I'm a pass...... Honestly, I still don't have an appetite..."

While waiting to pick you up, Spring Vegetables talks about what to do with lunch for now.

It should be noted that the reason we are waiting to be picked up is simple, because we have not been able to retrieve shoes except for the macro. There are other students like this, including Mika, who just moved into the classroom.

Mika was currently taking off her seat by washing her hands.

"Exactly, it's not a good idea to eat the lunch I brought you today."

"Right. I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with eating..."

"So much so that I can dispose of the ingredients I bought today just in case they're sealed, maybe I'll do lunch boxes."

"I might have to thoroughly disinfect or throw away the cloth that was wrapped in a lunchbox or something."


Honda remembers the instructions she received from the health center and sighs small. Several infections had been discovered as a result of the medical examination because of the killer's stalker senior wandering around quite a bit here and there. The exact identification of the infection route will be forthcoming, but it is also almost definitive in practice, as everyone is the person who was dining with Senior Stalker yesterday or talking over something to drink.

From what Senior Stalker does, it may seem surprising to me that there are students who dine with him, but he was also a good person if he hadn't done something about stalking Spring Vegetables. For this reason, even though several people stabbed nails on the matter, they continued to have relationships with each other about eating rice if they could enjoy it.

None of the bacteria in question, which Senior Stalker so unintentionally sprinkled, have the potential to become pandemics because they are not of the kind to have air or splash infections of things that are not absolute. None of them, but the infectious power itself is strong there, and when you mouth something with fungus on it, it infects you quite lightly. Moreover, the bacteria survive for an incredible amount of time in normal bacteria, even if they are strangely tough and fast growing and out of the original living area, the living body, out in the open completely unsuitable for survival.

We don't need to make so much noise if we're just susceptible to infection, but we also know that this fungus is relatively susceptible to mutations. In the future, it could mutate into a species prone to air and splash infections, and because the simplified tests do not know which type of fungus is currently scattered, it is the noise that comes out of the health center.

Most importantly, if we don't get into the creature's body, we're going to die soon, and we can easily sterilize it again with a kind of disinfectant that's almost harmless to the human body, so if we thoroughly disinfect the school today, we'll end it as soon as we don't even mutate.

There is also a rather long latency period of more than two weeks before the onset of the infection for the infected students, and since it is a type of germ that heals well if you take a cure during the latency period, it is the salvation that is not so much to worry about your life.

Honestly, it's not a situation where the flesh and the horn and spring vegetables that lead to God get infected with normal germs and get sick in places like how vicious they are, but it's also not a situation where Rongzi can speak. Besides, I don't feel too good about eating lunches that have already been filled with disinfectant once, even though it doesn't open.

In the end, the conclusions reached by both Hongkong and Spring Vegetables were the same.

"Well, son, stay away from danger. It's best not to say anything suspicious."

"Let it go. So even the air that you can stop by and eat and go home, do you have to make it yourself when you get home?

"Ah, not only Haruya-chan, you're also the one who cooks for himself"

Mika, who seems to have just returned, asks Hiroshi's conclusions and hits the question. When I hear that question, I am convinced that I do not normally think I will cook, while Hiroshi answers.

"Saya. I basically don't make breakfast and lunch on weekdays because I don't have the nerve to wake you up early."

"It is. So all the lunches you always eat are yours, East?

"For now, I made it all."

"Heh. What the hell is this, but that's pretty surprising. It won't take long, but it's a lot harder to cook, so I just thought your mother was making it."

"I'm sorry, but I thought so too"

"Well, don't normally think so."

To the rude remarks of Rongzi and Mika, you just have to laugh. Probably because if I were in the position of the Rongzis, I knew I would undoubtedly have the same sentiments.

"Maybe Spring Vegetables isn't making lunch for you East because you're better at cooking?

"Ainya. If you only say it with skill, Mr. Spring Vegetables is more overwhelming."

"I don't think it's overwhelming. Is it possible that Hiroshi thinks so simply because the rice that others make for themselves is just delicious?

"Let's not do that"

To put Mika's question, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables begin a conversation that only sounds humble and obnoxious for what they are hearing on the calf. Normally, even sugar is a kind of conversation that makes me want to say goodbye while I feel like throwing up, but unfortunately, both Hongkong and Spring Vegetables speak as a sincere and harsh fact.

So there is little sweet air in the content of the conversation. Not at all, not almost, because, while humble, spring vegetables seem somewhat happy. Around the somewhat happy but hardly sweet air, the poor love affair of spring vegetables still doesn't seem to show any signs of improvement.

"... that? Aunt Tianyin contacted you? What is it?

"I'll pick you up, talk to you all the time, huh?

"... it seems so. He said he'd pick you up now. If I were with you, Rongko and Mika would send me too. However, since you and I are directly targeted, it seems that we will conduct a thorough examination at Hainan University Hospital."

"I see. Does it happen all the time that Nakamura and Takahashi send it first and then the hospital?

Spring vegetables that start typing into messages in an attempt to ascertain the macro's doubts. At that time, the classroom door opens and Heavenly Sound enters.

"I'm often with Spring Vegetables, and just in case Roko and Mika want to test it out, don't you think? Because it's the latest device, except that you need to see a doctor or analyze the pathology, and if you're done, you'll get all the results."

"Ah, maybe that's better"

"All the time, it's fast."

"Oh, actually, I'm letting this school connect my gate with us for a limited time until East graduates. This is my alma mater where I get to be close to my current headmaster, so if the board of education is convinced, that's about as accommodating as it gets."

"I see."

To explain Heavenly Sound, a lightly convincing macro. It is likely that they will treat one student specially, but this matter is essentially a strong aspect of follow-up to the unending of the school scene. Although there is no direct involvement, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Board of Education both have scratches in the tibia in that sense when it comes to the macro, so they also follow other students in times of need.

This time, that special case quickly came in handy, and students found to be infected have already been hospitalized urgently and treatment has started. Sometimes, there is a possibility that the conversation will proceed in the direction of adding a school infirmary to the inter-hospital gate network.

In any case, schools are largely shelters, and gates for evacuation are always provided. It's not costly because you just need to mess with the setup there for a bit, and it doubles the effectiveness of disasters and other emergencies.

"Well, that's why Roko and Mika follow me. If you change into a college hospital slipper, put it in this bag and use this sandal over there."



Rongzi and Mika, prompted by Heavenly Sound and honestly obeyed. They are led straight from the gymnasium gate to Hainan University's affiliated General Hospital and taken to the examination facility.

"Well, I'm going to get the inspection process and ready, so just wait. I'll have lunch ready after the exam."

"Ha ha. Oh, auntie. I think I'll introduce you both to Mio, okay?

"I don't think so. I'm about to move to rehab for walkers from about tomorrow, and I don't feel so sad or sympathetic anymore. I mean, you know better about spring vegetables around there, don't you?

"Yes, but just in case."

"Then I'll leave it to Spring Vegetable's discretion. As an attending physician, I don't know if I can do either."

Spring vegetables to finish talking about introducing Mio to Rongzi and the others because this is just the right opportunity. Spring vegetables explaining how they knew each other at all times to Roko and Mika, who put their necks around the name Mio.

"I see. In the meantime, I'd expect it after the test."

"Yeah. I have a bit of a habit of words and deeds, because I'm usually a good kid"

From a man who knows Mio, he says, "A little?" I finished the conversation with an explanation of the contract to be penetrated, "Spring vegetables just entering the first examination. The other three are also called names in turn, and one after the other they enter the examination.

As Heavenly Sound put it, by the end of all the tests for Mika, the last one called, the results of the tests received by the first one were available. Relieved by the test results that all infectious disease-related are fine, go straight to Mio's hospital room where lunch is provided.

Mio's lunch is already over, but sometimes he eats more as his body heals, and he has meals prepared with him.

Once rehab for walking begins, the amount of protein you have to consume to regain the energy and muscles you need also increases at once. It is recommended to increase the amount of meal unless something to eat is skewed because we see signs that the growth of the flesh, which otherwise was moderate, will become more active.

It was Mio, which had not yet reached the point where a proper diet had been completely lifted, but was in fact quite capable of eating solid foods as well.

"Master, Sister Chun, welcome"

"Hello, Mio"

"I don't think I'm feeling well."

"Mm, in perfect physical condition for you. So, those people over there?

"Yeah. Longer hair is Roko Nakamura, shortcut and taller is Mika Takahashi. Both very dear friends"

"By the way, the three biggest sisters I've talked to before are these three. All the time, it feels like I'm going to mix the other half slightly with more than 90% of the material ingredients and say"

Tatsumomo Haruyaki's sister has a very unpleasant look at the word "slightly serious." Occasionally, there are things that are not easy and can often make your spine feel colder.

"...... hmm. In the meantime, I was somewhat convinced about your three sisters. If you were Spring Sisters, ten years from now, your three mothers?

"Um. Ten years from now, they're usually all in the job. Whatever it is, it's unlikely that three of them belong to a group like that."

"The possibility of being called where you don't know is micro-registered"

"Assuming that's the case, then give me a concrete example of what kind of group would you call the three Alasser women together in such a way?"

Mio tries to delude himself by blowing a whistle that takes a rather harsh penetration from Rongzi and doesn't distract him. At this point, Roko and Mika will understand Mio's character firmly.

They have a really unfortunate personality in a different direction from spring vegetables, even though they're probably going to be quite a pretty girl if they get healthy meaty back. Already in this year, the struggles of the adults around them are obliterated, and Roko and Mika accidentally offer silent prayers in their hearts.

"And if you're talking about your sister, I want about one elegant man's sister who looks better in women's clothes and is more feminine than those women, even though her personality and flesh are basically men"

"Mio, once you're in front of the first person you meet, it's time to weigh in a bit?

"Mmm. Copy that."

Roko and Mika, who say what it is, see how Mio listens properly to Spring Vegetables and even perceive that they have a strong relationship of trust with each other. I accidentally hold the complex emotions that I felt when I found out about Hiroshi, even when I turned to Mio.

Such complicated feelings also quickly disappeared in a meal that exchanged Mio after this, and Roko and Mika were going to have a distant look at Mio's shame and Higashi's plans after this, which is not where spring vegetables are.