"Almost there, come on!

"... n"

The day after the disturbance, the first day of full rehabilitation. Mio walks through the last few steps as he sweats all over his body. So the assistant nurse supports him to sit in the wheelchair where he was about to collapse at his physical and psychological limits.

Hiroshi sighs a small relief watching how it goes. I don't know, my first day of rehab was quite fruitful.

"Good Luck"

"...... hmm. I could walk more than I thought."

Mio tells that with a slight smile to those who rushed and watched. Clearly, this rehab, it is not tough, but it is a smile that does not make such bitterness feel fine dust.

"With all this willingness, you'll soon be able to walk properly"

A nurse who sees Mio's hard work tells officials with a smile. Even during that time, Mio, who had satisfactorily deposited himself in the wheelchair, was depressed by his comfortable fatigue.

"Mio looks asleep, so we might as well take it off a little bit."

"Right. I've got a lot of sweat, so I'm gonna have to take a bath, and you should give it a little time."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables decide to watch Mio blur while he gently wipes his sweat and talk after a short while. There seems to be no difference between Tatsuya, Makoto or Shiori, and I agree with one nod.

"Speaking of which, both Hongkong and Spring Vegetables aspire to Hainan University, right? It's just the right opportunity, so why don't you come on a tour of campus for a little while until Mio can talk?

"Right. If we're here, we're good enough. If it's true, why don't you come hang out with me?

"... right. It's a corner, so I'm gonna take a little walk, and I'm gonna take a little tour with Honda for about an hour."

Hiroshi drops off Mio's sitting wheelchair and exits the nurse and Mio's parents and decides to schedule an appointment after this. For the first time in a long time, even though it was not a holiday, it was a relaxing start to Mio's rehab like that.

"Whatever the excuse is, it's only Neat. What am I supposed to say, what's wrong with you guys at school?

While hanging out on the campus of Hainan University, Zhenqin asks questions about what he was distracted to hear. To that question, he smiled small and bitterly that he had not spoken, and for the sake of explanation, Macho opened his mouth.

"Yesterday, you talked all the time about being harassed by my jacket? I see you found that contamination was surprisingly widespread. Just in case it's a little more thorough and disinfectant, I don't care if I end up taking the day off."

"I'm not really happy about the holidays because I'm going to have a supplementary report somewhere during the summer vacation."

Oh, I see.

True harp that convinces me of the explanation of the macro. As a matter of fact, under the water, it has become a bigger noise than Hiroshi thinks, but Hiroshi, who is only an ordinary person, has no reason to know.

It goes without saying that Tatsuya and Mio's father take their pay and show their faces. Shiori works from home, so there is accommodation around there, and Mio's mother is now a professional housewife because of Mio.

"On the contrary, what about Mr. Makoto? Honestly, I didn't know you were coming out today."

"I told him I was a friend in the game and he convinced me when I showed him a picture of Mio. One way or another, travel time feels harder."

"Mr. Makoto's house, it's a long way from home."

"If it's a straight distance, it's not, but if you use a train, it's inconvenient to connect..."

To the words of the true harp, a lot of convincing hong and spring vegetables. If you are old enough to graduate from high school, once or twice you will face the unexpected inconvenience of public transport.

In fact, the house of the true harp is not so despicable. The nearest station only stops at each station, but even after taking time off commuting to school, there are quite a few copies, a line with trains.

But when we get to the private Hainan University, where this is currently located, we need about five degrees of transfer, including the express, two of which need to go through routes that are obviously far away, even if we look at the road map. As a result, it takes enough time to reach Kyoto from Tokyo using the Shinkansen, two and a half hours each way.

When this is assumed to be a car, depending on the road conditions, but if you also use the highway, you will arrive in less than an hour, so you know exactly how bad the connection between Zhenqin's current address and Hainan University is.

Most of all, even if the nearest station was a giant station spanning multiple routes, such as Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka stations, due to the fate of public transport, which cannot be accessed in places with low demand, we cannot escape this type of inconvenience.

No matter how convenient it is to live in the same city, it is almost certain that there will be more distant places to travel between Tokyo Osaka if you do poorly.

By the way, I'm a licensed harp, but I don't have my own car. So I don't have the option of a car to get here.

"Money doesn't matter. I feel bad about every day trip and stay at a hotel. Let's rent an apartment over here."

"I know that's good too, but Makoto's life alone is a little worrying in terms of rice"

"It's a problem before that, and my parents agree, there's a lot of it. Yan. Whatever, just admit you live alone. Heh?

"That's right. I haven't been abandoned. Instead, it means you're worried about me so much. In itself, it's too hard to complain, but the credit I've lost is really huge..."

True harp mourns his own past failures. The problem at the moment is to the extent that you're an adult but you can't even be free to spend a little night out worrying about your parents' eyes, but it wouldn't be that easy considering it's even dull in the invisible.

A few years I got caught by a man who wasn't even Roku and shook him on a stick is really heavy. Fortunately, I haven't even reached the point where I shake my life itself on a stick yet, but I have a feeling that the time has come for me to take things seriously.

In the meantime, I want to reassure my parents at least. That's a big premise, but I don't know what to do to reassure my parents.

Anyway, in many ways, love alone would not be possible. That is definitely the only fact.

"I took off the drawstring myself for now, but I don't know what's going on."

True harp seriously worried about what to do to restore trust. I am thinking about employment, which is also the first step towards independence, but this is also very high hurdles.

Honestly, I have almost given up joining a decent company at a time when I dropped out of college and had been pulling off for over three years.

Unearned income is so much too much that you don't actually have to get a job. If you use your place of residence to join the National Pension Fund, you can live without having to work for the rest of your life, although luxury is the only thing you can do. I have all that cash and assets.

But I'm not willing to take the choice not to work because of that. I can't reassure my parents in such a life.

"Again, go back to college or something?

"That's kind of even more so now, too. 'Cause even if you tried the exam now and took it straight, you'd be twenty-eight by the time you graduated, wouldn't you? From a job standpoint, it's almost worthless."

Hiroshi and spring vegetables nodding to the words of the true harp. Even though it's been a long time compared to a time, getting a job is pretty tough when you're a new graduate thirty years ago.

Japan's employment environment is still precarious for once dropped out humans to relapse.

"Mm-hmm, but I figured Makoto should be a college student again."

"Why not?

"Sure, it's not gonna help me get a job, but I'm not just gonna get a job with some company if I don't, am I? It's a job to start a business like we started an Azma workshop over there, to get into a profession like a cartoonist or a novelist."

"That's true, but none of that's the way ordinary people can eat, is it?

"Sure, it's all a risky option, but in the case of extreme story Makoto, I think it's less risky than others do because I wish I had enough income to give around expenses and fixed asset taxes. At least, isn't it better than trying to get nervous when you can't get a job?

In the words of spring vegetables, Makoto is conceived without denial or affirmation. In response to such a true harp, the words of spring vegetables go on further.

"So, if you're going that way, I figured you should leave college properly. Education can be somewhat of a weapon at any given time, and if you're going to be a cartoonist or something, going to college should be important in terms of story and field of view. Besides, if I were Makoto right now, it wouldn't be like spending four years in vain."

"... is that right?

"At least that's what I think."

Makoto looks at Hiroshi in difficulty in responding to the slogans and words of spring vegetables that make him feel unconditional trust. He receives a true harp gaze, thinks a little, and then the macro opens his mouth.

"As a matter of fact, I don't think it's easy to get involved with Makoto-san, just like us, with a normal company. Me and Haruya-san and Makoto, for no reason at all."

"I won't deny it."

"So, if you're going to be a freelancer, you should leave college. Yeah, I don't think I have the same opinions about Spring Vegetables all the time. Yanen, but here's the problem, which college you're going to, and you don't even have to study for exams, yanen."

"Honestly, that's the majority of the reasons I don't want to go to college anymore."

Makoto begins to fully insist on getting on with the words of the Macho and not feeling comfortable. Perhaps the vast majority of humans will never want to do college entrance exams again.

Especially in the case of True Harp, he no longer forgets much of what he did in high school college. And when it comes to college where he can go from his parents' home, he only comes to school where he dropped out of one of his boyfriends. It would be a story that would make me want to say again what a struggle it is to get over painful exam studies, to go back from scratch to college where I don't have good memories again.

"As for where you're going, I think you might want to try your best to get here with us. I think you should join us when it comes to studying."

"Don't be a little impotent. I don't know how many times I can go through Hainan University with my head."

"That's it, me, I actually secretly have a little chance of winning,"

"A chance? What?

"Mr. Makoto, you've learned a lot of magic over there, haven't you? I used a lot of them in rehab."

"Well, I do remember a lot, and there's quite a bit of magic that maybe you're mastering..." Oh, no way, is that what you mean?

"Yeah. Maybe, but I think you're getting more intelligent with your magic skills, so you're getting more memory and more learning efficiency."

True harp freezes in many ways on the opinions of spring vegetables that feel so sloppy. All in all, a quote made me remember a ton of magic in a skill orb, a power leveling around a dungeon in the castle of God. A future that leads me to build my magic for a moment brings me to my head.

"And if I pass here, I guess I can wave the big hand and move over here," he said.

"Ahhh... I see..."

"In the case of Hainan University, the Department of Arts and Sciences is not that level anyway, so I think Makoto can handle it."

"Well, I think I might try and take things."

"... right. I can't decide right away, but I'll think about it."

My heart shakes when I hear the prospect of spring vegetables, or Zhenqin returns a slightly positive answer. When you smile happily at the words, Spring Vegetables turns their gaze to campus. Though there are quite a few opportunities to come in relation to Heavenly Sound, I'm not really familiar with it, except for Ayase Laboratory, in fact. So this is how it feels fresh to take a closer tour.

It feels the same way that you don't know much about the local area, even if you have lived there for many years since birth.

"Well, what are you going to do when you get here? Whatever the spring vegetables are, Hong is still tough to get to train school, isn't he?

"We plan to go to school by bicycle. If you choose the route, it'll be about 30 minutes."

"Well, the whole route goes over the mountain, so if it weren't for us, it wouldn't even be an option."

"And I'm thinking about moving it to Aunt Heavenly Sound's lab. I'm sure you'll get your car licensed eventually."

"If you ask me, you'll be old enough to get your license."

True harp nods with a lot of convincing answers to the answers to the horn and spring vegetables on how to go to school. Since myself and Tatsuya have been driving one-box cars in the Faircro world for a long time, it was crisp for both of us to be old enough to get a car license next year at the latest.

I also applaud the perception around here that the age I was supposed to have had was not physically when I was over there. Blah, I have a strong impression of staying in high school all the time.

Even though even high school students can get a car license once they meet their age, it's also quite a strange story to hear that the image of suddenly growing up is stronger.

"It's okay to get a license, but what about the school? This goes hand in hand with the school talk, and Spring Vegetables is pretty tough for Hiroshi anyway, right?

"I have a course for teaching on the property of a rich mansion I know, so I'm going to let them practice there. I practiced there with Auntie Tianyin and my mother, and I took exams of practical skills on the test site."

"You're using Conne down."

"You can't rely on anything, but you should rely on something like this. He said he should use it because of it."

"I see. I mean, the rich guy with a car teaching course on the property..."

True harp nods as if he was convinced by guessing something, calling it that far. Apparently, there are people who think of it.

"... but the home of Reimiya (Ayabaraya) was around here, right?

"That's right. In other words, the course to rent is in the main residence of the Reimiya family."

"When I finally tell you, next time we'll all take a photo, or a place to stay, in a paid zone in the garden where the Reimiya main residence will be unveiled."

"Oh, that sounds super convincing."

True Qin nods again and again, recalling the relationship between the treasury company and Reimiya Commercial and its founder and Snow Vegetables, the mother of Spring Vegetables. Asked by Ayano Reimiya, the previous president of Reimiya Commerce, it is a famous story that Snow Vegetables lived in the Reimiya family until they were married.

Because of that connection, there are still snow vegetable rooms in the main residence of the Reimiya family, as well as spring vegetables and sister/deep snow rooms.

It should be noted that Ayano Reimiya and Miki Ogawa, the mother of Heavenly Sound, are best friends since high school. On that edge, the Reimiya family has protected Tianyin since elementary school, and in the back, since it was born, and as a result, it takes the form of a total profit from this produced by Tianyin.

Although it was temporarily a Thanksgiving commercial with a very large number of enemies due to circumstances around it, it is now calm on the surface because it also released some patents and technology to its rivals.

"Later, the car is already going to honestly rely on the financial strength of its parents. Even used cars aren't as expensive as high school students can buy part-time."

"I'll take the form of renting Mr. Haruna's car for the time being. I can't buy it, I can't make it on my own."

"Well, it will, won't it?"

A true harp nods with a slight bitter smile at the spring vegetables declared to rely on the power of clean parents and the hong who honestly said they were sweet to it. Normally, I'm talking about riding around a car I bought with my parents' money or something that basically makes the impression that it doesn't work stronger.

but speaking only of the combination of the hong and the spring vegetables, I would rather have that done. In many ways, the conversation proceeds peacefully. I don't know what the hell happens when they move to do something on their own without relying on their parents' financial resources or connections.

It is for world peace that the problems that can be solved with gold and connections are solved with gold and connections.

"Well, all of this, at the moment, is just for calculation."

First, I told you not to take it here.

To that word of spring vegetables and hong, Makoto just gets a little awry. The engineering department at Hainan University, to which the two aspire, is certainly a difficult department. Yesterday, because of the competition rate, it has become nearly as difficult as top universities such as Tohoku and Handai.

but still I don't think the Hongdas will fall. Instead of saying, there may even be a circular to interested parties to apply crisps in the recommendation frame so that no extra disturbing elements can enter.

I also need some posing, so other than school events, it's a good idea to strive for exam study as a top priority, but as a true harp, I want you to stop trying harder than you need.

"Ma, for now, let's focus on the tour until lunch, without any extra thought"



I'm obsessed with the story and the tour hasn't become a tour because of it. I agreed with Makoto's suggestion that I realised so, and it was Hiroshi who would devote himself to the tour until lunch.

"It's just a good opportunity, so I need to talk to you guys. Especially Spring Vegetables and Hiroshi, who live here. I want your opinion."

After lunch, Mio's mother cut out the story as she was feeling a lot calmer.

"Consultation? What do you mean?

"About Mio's middle school, but..."

Spring vegetables that, from what they have been named and the serious look of Mio's parents, correct their residence and set up a listening attitude. I don't care what you think, it doesn't seem like an atmosphere where you can give nasty answers.

"Mio is likely to be discharged from the hospital soon, but for now, I'm going to see him here for at least three years, including follow-up. But it's just a little too far away when I'm going to go for a checkup from home. So, I'm not sure if I should send Mio to this secondary school, or to the current secondary school where he's supposed to have gone on the roster."

"Ah, I see. Is that what you mean?"

"Yeah, so I'd like to know what this middle school is like and what Mio is going to be able to do at this school."

"Right...... First of all, as far as secondary school is concerned, I only know where I was going and the private girls' school where a few acquaintances are going, is that a good story?

"Yeah. Please."

Spring vegetables asked by Mio's mother to talk to her about the girls' school she attended or knew several people who attended. That said, secondary schools are ordinary public secondary schools with no particular problems, so called girls' schools where consistent education sells from kindergarten to university when it comes to girls' schools. I can't talk about it very informative.

Tuition and donations demanded are commensurately high, especially for girls' schools, and the hurdles are quite high for ordinary families like Mio's to let their children through. In that respect, it's a totally useless school.

"As for the local atmosphere, what do you think?

"Because of the main residence of the Reimiya family, or even outside of the so-called luxury residential area, there are few places where the gala has a bad vibe"

"Around where our house is, land and house prices are about normal. Yes, but the neighborhood usually greets us, and there's no litter scattered or kids wandering around late at night. Well, normally the environment is, I think, yes"

"If so, may I show you where we live after this? Exactly, hey, I can't do it at school."

"... right, please"

After a little thought, Mio's mother takes the offer of spring vegetables. Just listening to me, he didn't think he could make a decision.

"But in the end, please give Mio your opinion the best"

"Of course, I'm going to. I mean, we've already talked about that, haven't we?

"Mm-hmm. Honestly, I don't have any thoughts about saying this in the area I live in right now, and I don't have any friends in particular, so I'd be happier to see my master or sister Chun anytime soon if that bothered me"

"And that's what I'm saying. But if the neighborhood or school doesn't seem right for Mio, I can't help but move..."

"I see. If that's the case"

Apparently, the discussions of the Waterbridge family have already drawn a general conclusion. Spring vegetables, who guessed it, will summon their mothers' connections to introduce them to an area that is unscrupulous in the sense of land value.

Upon finishing sending the message, Spring Vegetables noticed a disturbingly titled news in the news app that was making them reside.

"... Wow..."

"What's the matter, Spring Vegetables?

"This is why we're off today, but it's not just a little bit important..."

Spring vegetables questioned by the true harp and try to enlarge the news I just discovered.

There, "bioterrorism at municipal high school, graduate arrest. Into the investigation of the gang office" was the news of a shocking headline.

"... bioterrorism is another noisy story..."

"Was that what was going on?

"Bioterrorism, it didn't feel so great... But if you think about it, it felt like you couldn't be alarmed where it was affecting you."

"I don't know. It seems that the bacteria that have become noisy at school are also quite tough bacteria even if they are infected as long as they are put directly into the mouth of the contaminants, and I don't know how far they will spread if they travel on the train or anything, so can't you say it's a mistake even if it means something like that and terrorism all the time"

"From our direct target, it was a rather excessive sense of harassment..."

"I just got stuck in a shoebox with a creature's carcass, so I felt it all the time..."

In a conversation between Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, we understand the general situation together. Perhaps it was a really common malicious harassment in terms of content.

If the carcass you used for that malicious harassment hadn't been so noisy in many ways, it wouldn't have been enough of a case to be news.

Honestly, compared to the many anthrax delivery attacks in the United States, it is a raging impression in many ways to call it terrorism.

"I mean, I was just wondering, how much or what will be the news, I feel too soon?

"I don't know. I spoke to the police yesterday morning."

"It wouldn't have taken that long to get arrested because we were able to identify the killer right away on camera footage, but I don't think it's a little too soon to say that we're already in a gang office or a terrorist clearance from there."

"Even though it's already unusual early at that point, it's even more sobered up by the press, huh? It stinks a lot..."

Confirm the course of the case and sigh deeply, Tatsuya. I can't get involved directly with each other anyway, but it stinks a lot.

"But think about it. Well, maybe it's a big deal at a time when the press is sniffing me out, huh? I don't know, I feel like I intentionally leaked it."

"Right. I'm not very optimistic about this, but perhaps in the future, there will be very little talk for Hiro or Spring Vegetables."

"I vote for Makoto, too, huh? By and large, it's too late for the Japanese press to tell the story."

"My brothers, I feel like I'm reading this article, and I think the university where the killer went would be more the focus of the investigation than the school of the targeted teacher or sister Chun"

"Right. But Spring Vegetables, were you followed by a man like this?

"Yeah. Thanks to you, it was tough having to take care of things. In the meantime, now it's time to definitely cut off the edge for a while, should"

Together with the sighing spring vegetable words, I accidentally turn my gaze at the colour of the nebula.

Poor romance that is making spring vegetables look pompous. One end of the cause is undoubtedly in the deeds of these people.

With that in mind, a macro checks to see if news related contacts have come. I felt I needed to be careful around here just because I was a direct target.

Just at that time, a simultaneous transmission message from the school to students and parents arrives. At roughly the same time as that, news of the school side press conference will be delivered.

"... spring vegetables, messages from school or something. I've been checking disinfection and equipment all week, treating wounded victims, closing school with media measures, filling holes for that matter is a short summer vacation to deal with, apparently."

"Oh, I knew it would happen."

"By the way, I don't have a problem with the timing of my three-year study trip, so I'll stay in line and say yes."

"If you call it off, there's going to be a riot."


Macro agrees with Spring Vegetable's words. Most of all, only in elementary school did Hiroshi participate in what could be named a school trip. Secondary school was in April of the third grade, so I was sent to the hospital and was unable to participate (and no refund of accruals), and high school is absent from forestry school, excursions and even social tours instead of study trips, so I don't really feel like I'm looking forward to it or anything.

As a matter of fact, as far as middle school was concerned, the story in the first place, the fact that school trips were normally practiced before the refund of accruals, was itself concentrated here and there. A phrase that said something like reopening against it, a statement shifting responsibility to a victim and dying macro or his classmate, was leaking pompously from the party concerned and further inflamed, but the macro, who was almost insane at the time, knows nothing about the area.

In the end, the response was stopped at this time and the abandonment of the secondary school from Hongkong became inevitable, but there is no doubt that it had the same result sooner or later at the time of the first attempt to escape responsibility in the response.

This case also has a subtle resemblance due to the fact that the macro is the victim, the fact that germs are involved, and the fact that there are even more school trips involved. However, it has not been blamed as much at the moment as at the secondary school in Hongkong, as it has declared earlier that the school will bear the cost of treatment on top of obviously not the sole responsibility of the high school.

Also, acknowledging that there were deficiencies in security and equipment management, and that graduates did not properly grasp the ideas, trends, problem behavior, etc., apologize, and announce that efforts to prevent recurrence will be pursued after discussion with parents, the Board of Education, etc., so this will probably be the end of the conversation regarding Hongda's high school.

Instead, media interests and attacks in the future will head to the university to which Senior Stalker goes, not Honda's high school. Anyway, Honda's high school only comes out about the problematic behavior of Senior Stalker, the executioner, where he went deep, and the fact that the school was working with the police to deal with it as much as possible while burning his hands.

I'm pretty sure there's a lot more delicious stuff to go to senior stalkers where gangs and officials from illegal organizations abroad were dignified even though it's a national university classified as top notch. Escape is no longer a tough situation at a time when senior stalkers are belabelling college insights with drug reactions and sets.

Most importantly, perhaps the least salvageable thing about this story is that, for some reason, a lot of legs came from it as a result of a bunch of outfits by the masterminds to take off Senior Stalker's tag.

It should be noted that on news sites earlier than anywhere else, the information out there is that there was harassment close to bioterrorism in the high schools of the Horns, that the executor was a graduate, that the mastermind was an official of a wide-area designated gang bitten by Hokunikuni, that preparations were made with dignity on university campuses, that the university side actually grasped the omens of the incident, and that the only thing left to do is respond by both schools.

"... In the meantime, I thought, at the timing of the discussion about whether Mio is moving over here, this is a very bad impression."

"I don't know. If you only look at the headlines in the articles around here, you'll be under the impression of all the noisy land..."

"Don't worry, I want you to feel safe because I don't think the city of Tiomi is a noisy land"

"Yes, yes. When I said we were kids, there was a kidnapping and murder in elementary school, and Tatsuya lived where you were five years ago, right?

"There it is, Tap."

"Oh, there it is. Well, the neighborhood we live in, the neighborhood where Mizubashi's uncles live, is a densely populated neighborhood in Tokyo. That's why it's so convenient, but there are so many strange people and so many noisy stories."

Mio's parents wave such stories to Tatsuya and Shiori so as to laugh off the concerns of Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables. Tatsuya and Shiori also smile bitterly and accordingly, speaking about the reality of their current address.

In fact, if we look at the problem, the number of crimes committed alone, large cities like Tokyo and Osaka will really be more in digits than sparsely populated areas. There are no significant differences when it comes to the incidence of crime, but if the number of occurrences is high, the chances of encountering them will still increase. If the incidence of traffic accidents is much the same, it is the same story that a road with more traffic has more opportunities to encounter the accident scene.

From that point of view, it would mean that the countryside would be safer, but this time with only a small number of cases, the image of a dangerous area tends to permeate when a major incident occurs.

Fortunately, Mio's parents are calm around it, but for the time being, a deterioration in the region's image is unlikely to be avoided.

"As a matter of reality, what do you think? My impression is it feels like an idyllic country city?

"Is that what it looks like overall? However, the office and shopping districts around Tiomi Station seem mostly urban with only a large terminal station. Compared to downtown Tokyo, the atmosphere is quiet for a few drinkers and sex shops."

"As far as I'm concerned, there's no way the factory is a bad place, but it doesn't feel very idyllic."

"I see."

Spring vegetables and hong answer the question of true harp frankly. When it comes to security, it's more important than numbers such as the number of occurrences and incidence rates that don't show up in the atmosphere that the area has or the impression it actually makes when it stops. Even though the incidence of crime and the number of crimes are low, there are strangely poor galas and hard-to-live areas, because there are actually many.

By the way, the city of Tiomi, by the way, is not uncomfortable in itself, but an area with a laid-back and obvious air that feels like a rural city, as True Harp says. It doesn't seem that way when you look at the standing behavior of spring vegetables, but many places still have a rural flair and nature, good or bad, for the splitting of the population that can be classified as a large city.

It should be noted that in addition to such a land pattern, it is the knee of a large treasury, and there have been many more problems due to the entanglement of heavenly sounds, and there are very few crime incidences and education-related scandals in Tiomi City today. The number of bullying releases is high, but that's because we respond after actively releasing it, and the school air is actually very good, except for a very small number of private individuals.

With regard to education and security reform around this area, the location of Takamiya Commercial and its series of subsidiaries, which were located in the same area but were scattered across multiple cities at their addresses, has also greatly affected the consolidation of one city through a major merger of Heisei. As a result, the city's tax revenues have increased and a large budget has been attached to doing anything, it is significant that ordinary municipalities can also do what they give up in terms of costs.

For the record, this is one of the rural parts of the city of Tiomi where land prices suddenly fall hard a little away from the station, even though it is such a favorable condition.

"Ah, the aunts replied. … I see, if it is indeed within the school district during Tide 2, is it easy to follow Mio because there is also deep snow"

"Hey, Spring Sister. Deep snow?"

"My sister. She seems a little busy right now, so I'll introduce her when I get back from school."


"So, since I'm from middle school during Tiomi II, I still know a critical freshman, and I have some deep snow in two years, so I think it's relatively easy to follow up."

"If the influence of Sister Chun and her sister, I feel I can be trusted in many ways"

To explain the spring vegetables, Mio nods with richness. As a matter of fact, it is only here that we are attracted to the sound of juniors in spring vegetables rather than having or not following them.

By the way, Mio has not targeted the position that he is a junior at Hong's middle school, from the outset. Because it's already abandoned, because there is, but more than that, foreign objects like myself get mixed up and I don't feel like I can graduate safely.

"So, on second thought, the Mio family is moving on with the premise that Mio's father's work is okay?

"Oh, you don't have to worry about it. The company I work for, Tideview has a branch office. There's one manager there, he's retiring next year, but I haven't decided on a cauldron since. I can't say very loudly, but with the so-called typical 'management job I don't want to be', where job allowances are cheap to the point where I can't get overtime allowances, and there's a very low probability of leading to birth from there on top of all the responsibilities. There's a lot of talk going on in this department because we really have to send people in from headquarters, but nobody's taking them on."

"I mean, you're going to take it on," he said?

"Yes, yes. Nevertheless, because I have a daughter, I want to check the environment of my assignment and then put her on hold."

"Let me put it on hold, are you so reluctant to go through..."

"That's right. My contemporaries are all ages when I have a mortgage and my kids go to school. It's not that easy to go on a single assignment or move, and if you get paid less, your household can be stuffed. Conversely, the people who can move anywhere with one dictionary have emerged more a long time ago. They listen to the selfishness of a man with a pulse."

The kind of intelligent story that I often hear about, involving birth. Hongdaes who are overwhelmed by that and unexpectedly look away. Especially tomorrow, my Tatsuya and so on, is a very stubborn story.

It seems like it would be nice to force me to do it with one dictionary, but the company Mio's father works for is doing it with this hand HR transfer at the height of the word Black Companies, and it's in a lot of pain. That's why we're being careful this time.

If you don't have a player, you just need to raise your treatment, you won't have to think about it, but it's the world that can't be so easy even if you know it. Mio's father's company is also unlikely to be able to improve the allowances and treatment of middle management positions because he can't get around to sorting out unnecessary posts for another decade or so.

"Anyway, I was planning to go around the realtor after this, so I would be very grateful if you could show me around"

"Okay. Speaking of which, what about the home you live in now?

"Oh, because we're renting apartments. I was able to move anytime because of Mio, but this time it helped me beautifully."

"I see."

Mio's parents' deep love for their daughter. Spring vegetables that I see that and am somewhat impressed with. Somehow, I think I'm in the mood for guidance.

There, I get a couple more emails to keep me up. Its contents are property information for a good degree of used homes.

"... I kind of think I saw the aunts mean it"

"What do you mean?... is that property information? They all just seem like terms."

"By the way, there's a middle school classmate living all nearby, and he's familiar with his family."

"... sure, it feels like you mean it"

Spring vegetables and Tatsuya accidentally have a dry grin on those involved in Spring Vegetables who respond faster than expected. Probably not at the moment, but it seems to be fine enough to pull Tatsuya out and let her come here if necessary.

"You were right not to rely on your body when I told you how to make it easier for Jinqin to come over here."

"Yeah. Exactly. I don't think you're involved in Mio's father thing because it doesn't look like there's a series or affiliate, even if there's a deal..."

"Maybe I was ready when I decided to take care of this one. Sister Chun, how's it going around there?

"It's possible, or it's likely that Aunt Tianyin was talking to you."

Everyone, including Mio's parents, nods to the conversation between Spring Vegetables. Other than that, I can't think of a reason to get preferential treatment so far, or a reason why it would be good to step up if I did.

In fact, when it came to patients who participated in this trial from the outset and needed future follow-up, they were told by Heavenly Sound, who made a face after this that they had signed a contract with Reimiya Commercial and Reimiya families so that they could provide maximum assistance if they were to move, and were unanimous in the realization that they were rich and scared of its maximum content.

'No, really, it's amazing how rich bees are...'

That night. Even after logging into Faircro because everyone's plans had been vacant for a long time, Tatsuya had forgotten to roleplay in a party chat to escape reality from something in front of her and mouthed the shock she had suffered today.

Convenient for escaping reality, just in time, I received an email from Tenyin that was also very convenient for Tatsuya today, and probably not bad for Tatsuya Group while a good deal of money was moving.

From the standpoint of sales, there are occasional communications that you really have to be Tatsuya, and even during the game, external emails were always available to confirm in a way that just affected you.

'Well, yeah. In a way, there's the side where the Thanksgiving Group grew up.'

What are you talking about again?

True harp while maintaining roleplay devours the description of spring vegetables that answered Tatsuya's words. It stays roleplay because there's so much about the usual tone in a fine macho big man avatar, even if it's party chat or disgusting.

It should be noted that in the case of Tatsuya in Obaba, there is not a vegan tone or a grandmother who feels like that, so she may not feel so uncomfortable.

'Eh. A guy named Reimiya Tetsai, the founder, said it was like a cliché that the rich had to do the road, not the luxury. So, the way it works is to give money and support people, whatever their genre, for what they might find interesting or useful.'

'I see. So, do you feel beneficial and show that strength in a company in the Thanksgiving family?

'It's not necessarily true, but if I protected it from people who just tried to blur or something, it would have felt the same as if I had automatically enclosed it...'

"... Seriously, you're scared of the wrong digits of riches..."

"By the way, some people have turned about Aunt Heavenly Sound, but 80% said it was empty in the sense of accomplishment"

An elderly group who hears the explanation of spring vegetables and gives the expression that they are afraid. It's an unusual story, such as playing patrons on the road and succeeding 20% of them.

More to the point, in view of the current performance of the national budgets of the developed countries, where the net profit from the current consolidated accounts is poor, it is also unacceptable on par with regard to 80% of the results that have not been achieved.

Incidentally, the scariest part of the Reimiya Group would be the fact that Reimiya Commercial, the hub, is unlisted. If we can even manage to raise inheritance taxes and business funds, it is arguably the most extreme case, indicating that they need not be listed separately.

"Well, come on, let's get this over with and face reality."


Shiori agrees with the suggestion of spring vegetables in the tone of the old knight Ojiji. In front of us is a huge dragon that is currently being admirably dismantled by Hon and Mio and a large gallery surrounding ourselves.

"Alright, I didn't know they were all going to eat the raid on Balshem right after they left the rest stop......"

"I didn't think Balshem, who kept building all those piles of corpses, would fall so lightly..."

"There's a Mr. Balshem I know over there, so it feels a little complicated when they don't call me much."

Spring vegetables who observe the never-ending stripping work, whilst thoughtfully saying whatever they want. In the meantime, Macro joyfully sticks out one stripping knife after another.

Apparently, it's a special specification, and the demolition that would otherwise have stabbed the stripping knife and ended in thirty seconds is still not over a minute. So, as a production junkie and a material kichi macro, expectations are swelling about what will strip away.

The dismantling gauge, which accelerates with every single stab, becomes the normal speed at the point when twelve stripping knives are protruded together by the two Hoang and Mio, and at once the dismantling is complete and its giant disappears.

"Dragon Seoul, get ya!

"Mmm, dragon load materials, lots of top quality"

What a nasty material, it spreads from a gallery other than Spring Vegetables.

"Hey, Gusto!

One man comes out of the gallery and speaks to the character name Gusto Makoto. He is the Heavy Warrior Rhoderich of the guild to which Zhenqin belongs.

"Hmm? Oh, Rhoderich? Were you watching?

He said, "Oh, he's attacking Balshem, and his bow moves and slaughter were knocked in with a pre-emptive attack, and his big axe brother stopped all Balshem attacks."

"Well, I'm not willing to hide anything or delude you, so I just hope you look at it as much as you like"

"There's only a gallery here, and you can't hide it or delude it. You know what, you, maybe that gear?

"As you can see, it's made of Shinko steel. Hilarious, but the one with the big axe made it for me. All right?

"Fine, you're not! What are you talking about!?

"Whatever it is, it's just a little triggered and we're getting along with him. Oh, let me tell you something, it's NG I can't help."

"I know, that's about it!

Rhoderich is stabbed with a nail by a true harp and says so all he wants to do is fool around. Most of all, they can't be deluded to regret, "Damn, I envy you. Hey!" and blurry, though.

"Even so, I'm surprised that the craftsmen who can make the Shinko gear were actually close to you, but I'm also surprised to get to know the little one over there. What does that have to do with anything?

"The disciple of Hilo. By the way, until you changed your avatar today, you were a big, macho brother just like me, right?

"That's another unusual hobby. You're so cute, you don't."

Rhoderich pursues what further relationship it has as he looks at Hiroshi and Mio introducing the material obtained in the demolition to the gallery.

As in the words of Rhoderich and Gusto Makoto, Mio had changed the character's appearance to be the same as himself, and with that he had also changed his name from Mick to Mion. Due to the impact of a lot of work in the fair cloud world, we were unable to cope with extreme physical differences and made changes.

Even though it is the same, it is not subtly similar to Mio right now because it is just before he comes back to Japan. Almost the same is about the back length, and the chest and the like are sized that I can assure you are clearly served with a C-cup over.

He is secretly pleased to have beaten Spring Vegetables in chest size, but this is the only story that True Harp thinks is just empty where he has won with avatars where the changes will work.

"Let me introduce you sometime."

"I don't mind that, but Hiro doesn't come in that often because he's a student, right? I just got logged in because I happened to want to change my mood today, didn't I?

"Students? That was a long time ago for me..."

"And the chicks are underage as they look, so don't blur to powder them."

"Don't keep me with such a direct cook. That's about it."

And, with that said, Rhoderich turns a slightly hotter gaze. I sighed when I saw it, and True Harp decided to apologize for now in a party chat.

'Bad, Gilmen was watching me. Hiro and Myon are locked on. "

'Mm-hmm. Well, it's the difference between early or late, isn't it? This is the only gallery I have in the first place, so it's not surprising that people I know mix things up.'

"Either way, today's Grand Quest offense looks tough, Grandpa."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Obaba, Obaba. It's cold when you suddenly get into roleplay. If I were to do it, I'd be as thorough as Brother Ojiji and Gusto from the beginning."

"Honestly, I'm sorry about that area."

Tatsuya gets stuck in Mio and apologizes bitterly while maintaining roleplay. In the end, the festivities continued until the end of login time, and the Grand Quest ended without touching anything in exchange for the historic incident of some artisans who continued to pull out, besides the Macro.