That was in June when Spring Vegetables was absent on a school trip.

"Alright. Everything's going well."

Hiroshi, who had been asked to take care of him during his absence, nods satisfactorily after finishing his morning field job to a well-separated place. Although it is usually later than Spring Vegetables does field work, it is still a time when normal schools have not yet begun.

The fields of spring vegetables were growing quickly and vigorously with early summer sun-drenched crops.

"It looks like it's going to rain this year. We need to be careful about watering."

Record what the dirt looks like at the moment, check the airspace, and then howl so. The anomaly happened then.

"Hmm? Is that a metastatic reaction?

Something shifted around the corner of the field, near the digging shed where fertilizer was being used.

The existence of space transfer in this world does not reach the triple digits, including Honda. The majority of them know each other, and they're not particularly hostile to people they don't know. Besides, if you know someone, you'll have no reason to come here for a transfer, or for anyone who doesn't.

Waiting in silence until the reaction disappeared because it did not feel particularly threatening while shaking his neck, it was Higashi who appeared to know him well.

However, not in this world, but in the Faircro world.

"I'm surprised, already. All of a sudden from all this morning, don't you think about the whole thing?

"I'm sorry...... I got permission to come here, so I had a feeling about it..."

"Well, it's nothing like that. Yeah, Elle. This one is basically checked for magic and stuff. We need to be careful when it comes out of the world. If you look at me like this, you might have to make a fuss."

"Yes...... Reflecting......"

Yes, it was Aeris who had metastasized it. Moreover, he is politely wearing luxurious clothes with acceptable designs in this world, but obviously not with a little room.

Let's just say the rental farm doesn't look right.

Fortunately, there were no human beings working in the field at this time of day other than Hong, but if it had been seen, it would have been dangerous in many ways.

"Well, whatever, you're here."


"Haruna hasn't traveled since yesterday, and my brother and Makoto don't live in the same neighborhood, so it's hard to go see Mio."


"Seya Nen. Well, Mio's still in the hospital, so if it's not time for a visit, I can see her face."

Still in the hospital, Aeris has a slightly anxious look on his ambitious words. Although the circumstances of Mio had been heard, a month and a half after the return of Hongda, he became anxious that he had not yet been discharged from the hospital.

"Master Mio's body, is it that bad?

"Ainya. In the hospital, all the time, now he's in the hospital for follow-up and rehabilitation. I've healed a lot, but I'm still tough to live without assistance, so I'm taking care of you in the hospital. As far as I can tell, is Sister Ele close after you detoxify her?

"I think that's a pretty tough physical condition..."

"Well, analogous to how hard it is right now, it's a burn. In the case of Mio, it was the first time it was not a primary potion that I did it in such a way that it would not heal, but now I simply slept a long time, my body faded out, and I took it away, so I did the sequelae with Sister Ele. It's pretty rough, but if I work out, I can move properly."


Aeris listens to the explanation of the macro and sighs of relief. Basically, I have a small mouth count, but just because I know Mio, who seemed to move around cheerfully and pleasantly, I was getting a lot of worries when I heard that my body couldn't move freely.

"Well, we'll talk about it later, and we'll talk about it a long time in this place, so let's clean up my house..."

"What's going on?

"Nah, my house, it takes about enough bicycling from here. It takes more to walk, so I don't know how to get Elle..."

"Oh, I see. It's certainly a little far away."

"Do it?"

A lot of convincing aeris, to the words of the macro. It is a lot of difficult.

To be honest, Aeris is not bitter at all for thirty minutes or walking there, but he is a little anxious in that he has no idea of the rules of this world.

Besides, from what I've seen, Hiroshi seems to be biking this far. When that happens, on foot with the bike, it means that it is quite tiring to push the bike and walk according to the pedestrian, or it is more tiring than to push and walk after it is very difficult to ride the bike and match the pedestrian speed.

There's something a little harsh about having your bike ready, because it's today's Aeris outfit. Anyway, today's Aeris is wearing a maxi-length skirt that can be considered a basic part of the lady's look because of her leeway. It's a little dangerous in that it's long enough for your ankle to hide, and even in a range that doesn't lose its elegance, that skirt with lots of decorations and a fluffy hem, when you ride a bike, it can be mainly entangled around the pedal.

The two passengers are also dangerous for the same reason, but they are not up for an option for that reason either, as they will put a lot of load on the spirit of the macro besides the physical danger as far as the two passengers are concerned. Seasonally, it is also negative in this case that the fabrics of the clothes worn by each other are thin.

A normal man would be happy to ride alone with a beautiful girl in thin clothes, but still not in a happy state in the case of a macro. When it's enough, even if you don't vomit, you need to shrink your nerves about half an hour or more after you're done.

As a matter of fact, it was impossible in the first place to have another bike available, but Aeris naturally doesn't know the circumstances.

"Seya...... I'm sorry, but I need you to go back to God's Castle, okay? I'll call you when I get home."

"Yes, I understand."

Aeris, told by the macro, honestly nods and transfers to the castle of God. A macro that sees it and hurries to clean up the weeds it has pulled out and tools it uses.

After cleaning up and spanning the bike, one car stopped in front of a field of spring vegetables. It's a big one box car that can load a lot of baggage.

"Oh, Mr. Hiroshi. Have you finished your work this morning?

"Oh, when. Guests came from the other side, so I just, uh, separated them, and I was in a hurry to get rid of them."

Coming out of the car was the time of the human-shaped help robot.

Essentially, although I have no knowledge of the Fujido family other than spring vegetables at this stage, for the convenience of jointly carrying out field work, there is quite a bit of interaction after being introduced by spring vegetables regarding when there will be the most opportunities to meet each other here. I have driven to the house of Hong several times, and this is the only place where both the parents of Hong are familiar at all times.

Conversations, behaviors, skin feelings when touched are not different from those of humans at all, but it's still just the robot, it's feminine but it hardly makes me feel like a woman in the macro. Because of this, there are verses that if you do poorly, you are more forgiving than when dealing with Rongzi or Mika.

Incidentally, eleven maid robots, including the last one who wants to be made, have obtained several licenses, including a driver's license, under special provisions for social experiments. So driving down a public road is not a crime.

Conversely, because we treat most things in the same way as the Japanese, we have to comply with Japanese law except for those that we do not intend to apply in part.

"I see. So, which one is it?

"I have a lot of problems traveling, so once I get back to the castle of God, I'm asking you. I'll hurry back and call you over there."

"You don't have to be such a hassle, you could have given me as much as a car if you contacted me."

"I didn't think of that."

When I tell you to blame me, I feel sorry for Hiroshi answering that.

Even though we allow ourselves to, we have been seeing each other for less than half a month. The idea of relying on it at times like this is hard to come up with.

"In the meantime, as soon as I unload what Lady Spring Vegetable was asking for, I'll send it to you. Can you call that person back here?

"No, I don't think that's a good idea. People are coming over here, so if they transfer poorly, it's going to be a hassle."

"Really? Then let's get it down fast. Can you help me?

"Of course you are."

As such, the macro unloads more and more of the bulk of the luggage loaded in the car. The contents need quite a lot to be a field about an earl, such as poles, disinfectants, to wrap around additional fertilizer, but they are all things that can normally be unloaded over time, even with women's arm strength.

The only weight I could unload at once if I had no problems securing balance or vision if I had the power of a macro arm, and it didn't take me a minute to unload my stuff and finish storing it in the barn.

"Thank you for your help. Now load your bike."


"If you are taking that person to visit Mio, please contact him in advance. I'll pick you up."

"Okay. Sweet for your words next time."

A macro who unloads his luggage, loads his bike into an empty space, and rides into the passenger seat. Confirming that the Horn wore a seatbelt, he quietly leaves the car sometime.

He arrived at Hongkong's home in about three minutes without violating any laws or regulations due to driving that he wanted to use the back road or anything else.

"… is this one of Hiroshi's"

Aeris, who was transferred to the garden by Hiroshi, looks up at the East House, which is a common single-family home in Japan after the advanced growth period, and comments that way with great interest.

In fact, in the Faircro world, there are no buildings in architectural styles such as those found in residential districts built after the period of advanced growth. Sometimes building materials of similar nature do not exist, but there are no more similar buildings in terms of design or structure. This is the same for workshops and portable cottages in various parts of the country that were renovated by Hongkong.

Most importantly, I am not talking about what type of superior is this simply because there were no regions that had the same environment and development as Japan since the advanced growth period. Even for building materials and architectural technologies, the underlying technologies and development directions are not the same, and neither is so great a difference when it comes to levels alone.

So Aeris was observing the East House purely out of rarity.

"I don't have a very big house, but just go up."

"Yes, I'm sorry to bother you"

Aeris urged by the macro and proceeded indoors through the front door. At this time, she remembers the Japanese room in Ursu's workshop, and she is quite a predictable daughter while she is taking off her shoes properly.

"In the meantime, there's still quite a bit until Mio's visiting time, so even light tea"

"Thank you"

"Elle, what about breakfast?

"I've eaten it"


Hear Aeris reply and prepare hot broomsticks and tea treats for now. Sometimes it hasn't even gone around 8: 30 yet, and it's not as hot as drinking cold barley tea.

"If you think about meeting time or something, try to get over there around ten o'clock. Yeah, well, there's a lot of time to relax."

"Yes.... Dear Hiroshi, what is this treat?

"" Yakan Kotsu "is a treat that can be eaten around here all the time. The ground fish bones around here are simmered in dashi and seasoned thoroughly, then hardened and pancaked. Adults drink, kids feel like snacks all the time. Polypoly. Finally."

"I see.... the flavor of the soy sauce dashi matches well with the flavor of the bone itself and it tastes amazing. This toothpick is going to be kind of a habit too."

"You liked it. If you did, I'd be glad. I thought it would be okay if I did it, but I still don't like it or like it."

"I love this treat. If you can take it home, I want to take it home, and if you think you can make it with Urs, I want to make it..."

So Aeris stares at the macro with some anticipation. An ambitious mouthful of unfortunate news while bitterly laughing at that very understandable attitude.

"Whatever the taste, there's no bone fish that can make this texture. Besides, the virus is still chronically lacking in soy sauce, so I think it's a little tough to turn it over to these treats."

"Really, unfortunately..."

For the unfortunate news from the Macro, Aeris makes it look very snug. How much you liked it, the disappointment is at a level where you're likely to even feel guilty.

"Well, take it home for a souvenir."

"Is it true!?

"Nothing expensive, and the garbage that comes out is like a problem over there."


Because it was dropped and lifted, or because Aeris hits and changes from earlier, the more the macro pulls, the more he rejoices. Macro thinks in the corner of his head to see how it goes, buy it at the store, etc.

The packaging "Yalaankotsu", which Macho has determined is not particularly problematic, is made from a common cheap transparent plastic film. Normally, it looks like there will be a lot of trouble disposing of it, but this is not the case with respect to Japan, where Honda lives.

With regard to packaging materials and cashier and garbage bags, more than a decade ago plastics of petroleum origin have been expelled and replaced by biodegradable plastic films processed with special technologies for raw waste and other organic matter. If it is buried in the soil or swallowed by a creature, it will normally decompose and become harmless, but otherwise it is an excellent product that has no problems whatsoever using it for the same applications as plastic films derived from oil.

Incidentally, the origin of raw waste, which is a raw material, comes mainly from industries such as restaurants and food supermarkets, where large quantities of food are disposed of every day no matter how hard they try. Initially, this film, which was highly repellent due to the raw waste being the raw material, has also managed to settle down as a result of informing production processes and safety over and over again on television and elsewhere. Now it's harmless for a child to accidentally put it in his mouth and swallow it, which means he now gains more citizenship than regular vinyl.

Although the collection of raw waste is likely to create an unclean impression, it is currently a method of purchasing at what rate a ton of raw material has been first processed by the supplier. When this new technology was put into practice at low cost, the state subsidized it in the name of waste weight loss and reduction of food waste to require all the vendors in its hands to install equipment for the first processing of waste.

Once the first processing has been completed, it will not rot unless it is also buried in the soil at that point. Also, if it is organic even if it is slightly rotten when processing, it is fine. As a result, the problem of rotting and smelling strange before collection has not arisen, and conversely, when the sanitary aspects have been improved by putting raw waste and damaged ingredients immediately into processing facilities, the supplier's side may also be pleased with the unexpected side effects other than the waste becoming a sale.

Nowadays, the performance and cost reduction of various installations are further advanced, to the point where the cost of collecting waste can be amortized sufficiently for just floating amounts.

This technology, for the record, was not uncommonly developed by Heavenly Sound. A human from the lab is the developer, and the development was also due to a project at the place of employment. So I cannot even say that it is completely irrelevant, but I have not lent a hand in any way with regard to the establishment of basic technology, so it cannot be mistaken for the merits of Heavenly Sound.

Aside from the fact that laptops are being driven away and smartphones are being replaced by computers, the everyday landscape is very different from the late 2000s in Honda's Japan. Digging deep, amazing technologies can be massively confused in invisible places that have no direct impact on everyday life.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm getting a message.... Makoto-san's coming this way. Meet me at the hospital. After all, can't my brother just do it? This whole place is just tough after work."

"Speaking of which, do you all live in separate areas?

"My birthplace is falling apart. Mio lives in the same neighborhood as his brother."


"Seya Nen. At last, my brother may know from work, but today is a weekday, and I'm not supposed to be at school this time either. Even though Spring Vegetables is absent from Japan on a trip, Japanese schools have events for school trips all the time, so they participate in them."

"You have such an event."

Aeris, who listens to the explanation of the macro and is convinced about the absence of spring vegetables. As for the fact that Hiroshi did not participate in the trip and did field work, he decided not to pursue it in depth because he had something to guess.

It's also totally through because it's the occasional appearance you see in God's Castle about the fact that Hiroshi is manipulating a mess of spatial projection displays.

"Whoa, a message from Spring Vegetables, too. What? I don't care if they say," It's bad to just be present at such a serious event "..."

Macro confirms the continuation of the message of spring vegetables, wondering if they have trouble complaining, etc. Apparently, the spring vegetables are currently in Kyoto, and today they move freely. However, a number of points are definitely earmarked to go around, further making it a system where we have to hear commentaries from interested parties on history and culture. In that respect, it does not appear that there is freedom of information.

After checking the message from such spring vegetables, Hiroshi takes out some of the souvenirs and confirms that he had sneaked them up to the supermarket on his first day in Osaka for Hiroshi. The contents of the souvenir, which had been sent to the sharing box with it packed in a bag of supermarkets, were all familiar in the Kansai area but nostalgic for the Hong, such as rice-shaped pancakes and pork wieners with orange films replacing the bowels.

Sometimes the contents were around the Three Capitals, and this school trip was not possible to participate in the dual sense. Spring vegetables, who cared about the area, seemed to have taken the utmost care, based on pre-research, to secure a large quantity of things that were not directly linked to the fondness and bad memories of a macro, and that did not involve any chocolate.

Spring vegetables also have quite a nasty personality around the fact that women's abilities and romantic deviations in these places are high, and when it comes to appealing.

Rather, the truth would be that an effective appeal can be made even in a romantic sense only when the person is considered and acted upon regardless of their romantic feelings.

I don't care. For the record, on this school trip, the transportation to Osaka takes advantage of the new ultra-fast railway, which was fully opened about four years ago. It is a high-tech vehicle that provides inertial control over starting and stopping, reducing the number of stops between Tokyo Osaka to less than an hour.

Since we are currently in the process of accumulating operational know-how, the number of flights has only doubled since the beginning of the operation, making it a slightly more expensive ticket. Had Tiomi High School, attended by the Horns, not been from Heavenly Sound, it would have been unavailable due to more problems with booking than the ticket bill.

"You've raised a lot of money again."

"There's a mix of some familiar things, but was Master Hiroshi making this for reference?

"Saya. I knew I wanted to reproduce what I could eat."

Somehow I look nostalgic, but for now I open a rice ball-shaped pancake and give it to Aeris. It is the type with large quantities of individual packaging in two sheets, and the flavour and amount is no different than in the memory of a macro. However, you've recently renewed it or the design of the package has changed subtly.

Aeris eats the pancakes offered and narrows her eyes deliciously. Unlike the earlier Yarashiko, the flavour is not so different from that of the pancakes already made by Honda, but it is a somewhat relieving flavour.

"There's a lot of other things, but if I eat sweets at this hour, I'll have lunch, so I don't know what to do."


He eats about two pancakes and two kankotsu, and when he drinks up his tea, Hong suggests so. Aeris, who agrees to Macro's proposal, observes the subtle living room.

"There are a lot of strange things, but are all these magic props?

"I know the principle, but the standing position is similar."

"What's like that thin plate?

"That's TV. It explains that there are no similar concepts on the other side, so why don't you put them on for a moment?"

To answer the Aeris question, turn on the TV Macro. Because it was just that time, the show that was shown was about five minutes of news.

It has completely fallen from the center of entertainment, and although television has already disappeared as a major news provider, it has nevertheless survived with its use as a receiver for watching movies, sports, concerts, etc. on monitors shared by unspecified numbers and in high and high quality.

Sometimes even a top-mounted console can easily be connected to a computer or VR headgear with a major application, and television that can no longer survive outside of image quality and size has already been driven for less than forty inches.

For that reason, it is also quite significant that it is placed about fifty inches in the house of the Horn.

It should be noted that every station has a wide show until about 3pm, which is not much different. Simply because the time slot around it is the same no matter what you flush, it hasn't changed where it skews the show out of the way even if the cost drools low.

There are some things that are different from what they used to be, but at best to the extent that they no longer do the kind of bashing that makes me want to flatter the level of biased reporting and frowning to which I can quickly point out.

"... I see. Is it something that makes far-sightedness and past-sighted magic tools highly functional?"

"I'll explain it in detail, but the basic concept is something like that. The program schedule has been..."

A macro that checks program schedules while answering Aeris questions. In a good way, a one-hour music-based information program that began immediately was a feature of YUKINA.

"Whoa. Found a show starring Spring Vegetable's mother. Let's do this."

"Are you Master Harna's mother?

"Seya Nen. Spring Nanaka's mother is quite a celebrity in this world. Now, the entertainment footage that you provide, it's the music that comes out of it."

And so on, waiting for the show to start, there's a pretty big chunk of black on Aeris' lap.


"Whoa, Shano. It's unusual to come to the knees of a customer other than Spring Vegetable."

Jumping on Aeris' lap was Shano, the male black cat he owns in the House of the Horn. With a large, disappointing physique weighing more than six kilograms, it is a slightly longer hairy cat, a common short-haired species in Japanese wildcats.

Other than my family, I'm only a cat who shows up when Spring Vegetables or Heavenly Sound visit me alone, but I have a decent personality that is somewhat well-behaved and sweet.

I didn't show up the day Spring Vegetables came with Heavenly Sound simply because my instincts as an animal were frightening and lumbar to the combination of Heavenly Sound and Spring Vegetables. Therefore, if spring vegetables or heavenly sounds alone, they are usually sweetened and defeated with the whole body and spirit.

Although it is only morning time that weighs itself down, it goes without saying that Spring Vegetables are the only place here to defeat Shano whenever he sees him in mellow.

"It's fuzzy and salacious..."

"Mine picked up the wild, so it's not as hairy as the long-haired species, though."

"I also like the touch of Hirohiko and Arcem's wolf, but this kid's fur may be my favorite. I'm so happy that I don't have many opportunities to get in touch with my cat"

"Sora, yeah, but it's big, so do it heavy?

"It's okay."

So Aeris strokes Shano around on her lap with a different lukewarm look to point at the macro. Shano, caressed by Aeris, closes his eyes feeling comfortable as he gobbles. It is completely taken into a space of cat healing and play.

While I laughed bitterly at how Aeris was doing like that, I turned my gaze to the TV that it was about time for a show with snow vegetables, when the engine sound of the original motorcycle I was hearing from the outside stopped in front of my home. A few seconds later, someone came into the house with the sound of the front door opening.

"Is that it?

"I'm going to need a personal bank stamp. I came back in a hurry to get it. Besides, who is that incredibly fine lady you have there? I miss Ray Shano..."

"Ah, I think we talked a little before, but you're the daughter of the other world, Aeris. We call ourselves El."


Mother/Misao is explained to the Macro and convinced of a lot of things and turns her whole body back to Aeris. Keep your head down deep with a serious look.

"My name is Misao, Mother of the Horn. Looks like our son took great care of us this time..."

"We are the ones who helped Hiroshi more than once..."

Aeris lowers her head in the same way with the cat on her lap, against Misao, who bows her head deeply and politely thanks her. I'm somewhat relieved of my mother for not showing me how she's risen like she did in spring vegetables.

To observe from the tone and attitude, apparently Hiroshi's parents have heard a lot about Hiroshi's officials in the other world from Spring Vegetables, people who are also likely to come here and could be deeply involved in a romantic sense.

A macro who somehow doesn't know exactly how much information his own parents have around it, but because Spring Vegetables was sneaking around in the absence of a macro on this. There are quite a few situations where Hong's parents and spring vegetables are together and there is no Hong, such as during the examination of Heavenly Sound.

"Nevertheless, I've heard the story, but when I actually see her, I can see that Spring Vegetables shy away."

"Master Harna, is it?

"Yes, Spring Vegetables, I was tremendously reluctant because there is no fair to ask for support from us alone..."

Aeris has no choice but to give a troubled expression to the words of spring vegetables heard by the Mother of the Hoang. It doesn't make sense if you just have Hong's parents on your side and the key Hong himself is physically and mentally unprepared to find and accept a future companion.

In this sense, I appreciate the consideration of spring vegetables, and I don't want you to hesitate to move on, which makes me feel so complicated.

"All the time, when Mr. Spring Vegetables rose, but today he's strangely quiet."

"Sora, when it comes to Mr. Aeris, Spring Vegetables told me beforehand. And the last time I saw it, it was still a great reflection."

"I don't think I care enough..."

"No, it's your parents. Don't worry about them."

My mother/Misao still cares about the day she was explained by Heavenly Sound, even though it has already been over a month. As for Zheng Naohiro, it is difficult to be too concerned because I was happy and thankful that my parents were happy enough to say and do things that I would never do if I were up and about.

Indeed, I was very uncomfortable with the fact that I had sprung it up and involved spring vegetables, but there was something else about it that I admitted my mother had the best say.

As a boy in adolescence, I want parents to forgive me, but being able to interact with parents is something special in a way for both Hiroshi and his parents. Last time or so, it hasn't reached the point of going too far or being persistent as an Osakan talk, and I wouldn't mind unless it lasted longer than that, or the level of ignoring the curb on spring vegetables.

In the first place, I've been in karaoke boxes with girls for over two hours just because I can't enjoy it. Even though it has healed so much, I hope that I will react hypersensitively to the details and go back to the parent-child relationship where I can't even tell you that more than half of it is just a joke or a story.

While expressing those feelings in an attitude up front, Hiroshi cut into what he was even more concerned about Misao's attitude.

"Hey, hey. Even though the corners are mostly grown, you can also tap the light mouth, because Spring Vegetables and Elle don't care about it. Besides, if you take such an altered attitude towards Elle, won't Spring Vegetables shy away even further?

"All the time, Master Aeris is a true princess, someone who's good enough to see and understand. Like you, I've been a benefactor of my life for years. Anyway, I can't be that familiar and easy-going with this person for the first time..."

"In Elle's case, I would rather be treated differently than privately, and when talking to me in the first place, I'm usually vegan. I don't care if you fix it now."

"Sora, this is our house once in a while, and it's just unnatural and often better to fix it because Hong normally talks. I'm afraid I'll be speaking directly to you right here, but I don't know if I can do it..."

"Bend over there, please. If it's too much, I feel like you haven't admitted it and I miss you..."

Aeris bows her head with a realistic look while Shano is on her knees. Mother/Misao sees it and concludes one thing, with a great deal of grip inside.

"... I want you to have the same attitude as Spring Vegetables, all the time. Yeah?


"... hey, Elle, why don't you call me that? Yeah?


To Misao's words, Aeris is happy to show with a smile that just shines. Look at that, Misao, who is both happy and complex.

Two beautiful girls with an extinct one who likes their precious son so much, and who also miss him. Although not extended to these two at the moment, every daughter, including Mio, who is likely to be about the same Japanese-style beauty in the future, is inherently just a waste of women for a hectic and well-tuned hong.

Exactly because bends are also parents, I feel sorry for the fact that I don't think they and the Macro will match each other, but they are multiple.

It is ambitious to draw conclusions, and I am not willing to pinch my mouth in any way that I intend to fully support them, but I am nevertheless sorry to the other two when I choose one, but I do not feel greatly dishonest in Japanese values today when they are all.

I apologize to Hiroshi as a parent, but if Hiroshi wasn't his own son, no, if it weren't for that incident in middle school, even if it was his own son, he probably wouldn't have been able to affirm it all if he had honestly chosen everyone.

Just because there is a sense of consciousness around it, it has to be very complicated.

"Hey, Macro."


"Your mother will support you in whatever conclusion you draw, but no matter what happens, you have to be honest with Spring Vegetables."

"Don't tell me, but I understand."

That's just as big and serious an answer to Misao, who stabs the nail with a serious look. Rather, it's the status quo because we're doing it honestly.

You can hear the prelude to recent hits from TV so that you can break up such a serious conversation.

"Is it Mr. Yukina's show? You did what you were gonna do to introduce me to Elle?

"Saya. That's why this guy's Spring Vegetable's mother."

"Is this better? Sure, it looks a lot like Spring Vegetables.... this one will sing wonderful songs too"

"Sora, basically from someone who sounded his name all over the world with a single song. Spring Vegetables decided to think of a singer or something, too, because at the ultimate, she could go over her mother's song."

Talk that far and listen to the song Honda. Although the first song was a short version to earn the number of songs, you can fully learn how great YUKINA songs are.

"... if you think about it, if Haruna and Hongchan are good, this person will be Hongchan's stepmother..."

"Well, then it was decided."

"Honestly, Mother, Spring Vegetables is very welcome, but I'm not anxious to be related to this person or at least seem to be out of hand..."

"Exactly, don't worry about anything."

"I don't know, I just thought, assuming Elle and Hong are getting married all the time, who are you and your mothers going to say hello to? Yeah? You know, hanging out with the royal family, even in a different world.

"I'm running too far or too many times. Ya. I don't think so."

That's what makes a mother so ambitious when she says what she did first.

But unfortunately, when Spring Vegetables starts working part-time at the East House factory because of the future, they face up quite often under the pretext that Spring Vegetables Mother Snow Vegetables comes to see how their daughter is doing, and when the factory is busy working, they start living their lives wasting their time helping to take burrs and work on tabletop ballboards with a hand that they don't think is amateur, but that's not exactly how you can imagine it at this point.

In the end, regardless of how he fell, he was the parents of a Hong who would have to be close friends there in the near future.

"So, ooh. I've been wasting a lot of time, but I'm not coming back. Yeah?

"Ah, let it go. Ha, ha. I need to take my ruler. After this, what would you do?

"I'm going to visit Mio. Don't worry, you'll be joining Makoto over there, and he'll pick you up at the hospital any minute."

"Oh, I hope it's okay. I'll give you an extra penny just in case. How long will Elle be here today?

"Especially if you decide, but how do you want us to finish dinner together?

"Let it go. I need to talk to you about something else."

"All the time, yeah?

"Of course!

Aeris agrees with Macro's suggestion with a full grin. Mother/Misao nods with a smile as well when she sees it and leaves the house in a great panic to collect the bank stamp.

After you can no longer hear the original sound, Macro and Aeris listen to the next song without any particular conversation. In the end, they were two relaxing songs until the clientele picked them up just before the end of the show.

"Is this the real Japanese soba shop..."

"Really, there are no famous neighborhoods around here all the time, so technically..."

"But, well, this shop isn't the type of place where a hobbyist salesman starts desserting, and there's a lot of authentic food out there, so it's not always wrong, is it?

Later at lunch. Honda had come for lunch at a hand-beaten buckwheat shop near the hospital for Aeris.

This buckwheat shop, a shop set up independently by shopkeepers trained in first-class kiosks, etc., is a place where you can enjoy first-class flavors according to your condition, from affordable buckwheat noodles to authentic buckwheat kaiseki.

Most of all, I would be happy to have a store structure that is only near the university and allows even high school students like Hiroshi to get in without much of a whim. Thanks to this, it is always quite busy when eating.

"Well, what shall we do today? The grated buckwheat noodles and natural potato noodles are delicious, but I don't want to throw away the soba noodle set meal..."

At the same time as sitting in the guided seat, Makoto, who opened the menu, says it looks troubling.

The seat the nurse booked for me was either a private room at the table, taking into account Aeris, who is a macro and a foreigner, and Mio, who is still the majority of the travels.

"I have a volumetric diet option."

"I don't know. I eat volumetric meals, too. What about Elle?"

"This is my first soba noodle shop, so let's start with a buckwheat noodle fillet."

"I have a set of Xiaosheng that I can compare both eats, so make it that?

"Right. Okay, so."

"Well, I'll fix the buckwheat noodles"

I've just decided on an order as well, and I'm just moving on to a story that accumulates a lot of things through the order. Mio was rehabilitated, and he couldn't talk much in the hospital room.

For the record, a volumetric meal is a service menu that is truly voluminous and definitely in deficit, consisting of a selection of buckwheat noodles, sushi, small bowls, cooking, platter of tempura, dashi rolls, and tea and steamed with mini desserts for an amazing price of 800 yen including tax.

Moreover, if the promise of a store in the area proves that it is a student, such as a student notebook or student ID, the surprise service of replacing all kinds of products by the side will be increased.

Exactly, it doesn't seem like the Hong is thinking of replacing him, but Mio, who is losing much of his appetite from where he was over there, is naturally after replacing him.

The soba noodle set meal is worth two hundred yen excluding the price tax, but the soba noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle noodle

Incidentally, the fragrance is omitted here because it goes on all the menus except one dish.

"No, Mio. I'm asking you for a volumetric diet, but have you lifted your dietary restrictions yet?

"Mm, in the course of last week. Happy to finally eat full"

"Oh well, good for you. Did you have a special lunch made by Spring Vegetables?

"I ate. It was delicious and it's been a long time, and I couldn't help but cry."

To Mio's words, the true harps unwittingly shudder. Sometimes it was a weekday, unfortunately no one could be present on the spot, but apparently Mio was properly satisfied.

On the day the dietary restrictions were lifted, Mio, who had eaten a special lunch of ready to eat from spring vegetables in advance, quietly wept, but deliciously and happily consumed a voluptuous dish. It is only here that Mio's parents, former attending doctors and, at the end of the day, even the nurses who are working hard together to rehab were weeping at that appearance.

It should be noted that the appearance of stand-up matsuatsu was deluded by the supertechnology of Heavenly Sound. Also, Hiroshi didn't know the story because Mio stopped talking too much of the lightness. Adults around me kept their secrets in order to give Mio hope that he would say it from his mouth if he could.

Incidentally, Tatsuya, Makoto, Mio's parents, etc. have brought Mio to this buckwheat shop several times before the dietary restrictions were lifted. They said that there was no problem with soba noodles and grated noodles even if there was a dietary restriction, so they took them out occasionally to change their mood.

"If so, maybe the timing of Elle's arrival was just right."

"Well, Mr. Alfemina's gonna yarn it around there anyway."

Dear Hiroshi, you're right.

Aeris unwittingly and painstakingly speaks the word of affirmation to the astute opinion of the macro. I followed it after trying to get some time off even though I was surprised because I had been pushing for a shift today since last week or so, but I don't have a lot of thoughts about the timing that would have been a little too distracting if I came.


"... Dear Mio?

"Elle, I think you're getting bigger again before you look at it for a second. Back length, but also chest armor."

"I had the same feeling when I hadn't seen my face over there in a long time..."

"This one's rather squishy, but sloppy..."

"You're still good because you have a future. What difference does it make between me and how I did it?

"... that's all you got to talk about?

As a man, I try my best to stop the conversation from happening. It's a matter of conditional reflexes, subtly pale.

"Oh, I'm sorry. But aside from talking about breasts, Mio and Elle are getting a little confused when it comes to their physical age."

"Mm-hmm. I've been rewinding for over a year and a half, so I'm in the same grade."

"When I put it out, me and Spring Vegetables will be the same age as Rai, and Nora, Rainey and Judith will be almost the same age."

"Really, there's a lot to be done when there's a misalignment in the timeline."

True harp and Mio with unexpected distant eyes for stories around a lot of confusing ages. That's all I've spent so long over there, but there's somehow something complicated in my chest.

"Well, let's put that story aside. Something tells me that the older you are, the better the conversation is going to get."

"Right. As it is, I don't feel like Lime is about to enter puberty right away or anything like that."

"Mm. Agreed."

A topic of age that seems somehow to be a minefield, a matter of which there is a convergence of views by avoiding it. It can be said that they seem to be around where the direction of the mines is not in that direction to ask the lady how old she is.

"Speaking of which, how long will Mio's hospitalization last?

"Still to be determined. In the meantime, eventually it's time for parents to secure a home over here, but either way, hospitalization will automatically continue throughout the week."

"Well, the wheelchair's still tight, and I can't help it there."

"Mm-hmm. But if you work hard, you can walk for an hour or so, so I think you'll be released from the wheelchair in a little while"

"This whole week is about the relationship, isn't it?


Mio falls to the point where his muscles lose strength after four years of sleep, and he shows an incredible recovery that he doesn't think is less than a month after his body can wake up. Though it has the effect of a status forged in the Faircro world, it is also impossible to worry more about the Heavenly Sound, which is too amazing to replace the attending physician.

"In the meantime, I think it will be easier for me to stay out of the house because maybe next week I will be treated as an unrestricted exam admission, except for rehab just in case"

"Oh well. Then next week, it's a little too steep, so I feel like next week I'm going to look over there again."

"Mm-hmm. By the end of the month, I can go find my Spring sister's acquaintance, should"

"We have to do something soon."

While I am heartily delighted with how well Mio is being treated, True Harp seems somewhat fed up with realizing that I still have a lot of plans. It's impossible to be completely the same as before because of each life, but it still feels like there are quite a lot of things that need to be done to create an environment where you can easily think of and try different things like before.

"Do you know Master Harna, sir?

"Yeah. I haven't heard exactly who he is, but I hear someone he knows is going that way to protect spring vegetables that were flown by Ursus in the case in question."

"So, even if we do evil things, the environment will change and the link will be broken and we can collect it."

"I see. So you have to go find that person,"

"Mmm, that's the thing"

That's all we talked about, the dishes we were ordering are brought in at the same time.

"Oops, looks like you're here. Excuse me, when I'm done arranging, can I have a picture, please? Yes?

"Yes, I understand. Camera, please."

"Oh, use this camera"

Speak that way to the clerk lining up the dishes and ask for a photo shoot. Makoto gives away the latest compact digital single-lens reflex camera with high performance high quality, hand controlling the macro that tried to give him a camera replacement computer. It was secretly bought from a consumer electronics mass retailer in order to take a photo to send to a friend in his middle school years.

The only secret that secretly holds the prospect of then taking pictures all over the place and turning them into comic book material is here, which has not become a secret at all.

"Then I'll take it. Yes, cheese."

Follow the clerk's signal, smile and photograph together. The clerk is really used to it, and instead of soaking his buckwheat buckwheat, he takes his best shot at a time when it won't even collapse if he dips his tempura in the dashi.

"Now, let's eat before it's too late. I'll send you pictures later."

"Let it go. I'll have it."

"Mm, I'll take it. Is that enough for Elle?

"Maybe. But I feel like I've been eating a little more lately..."

"It's a growing season, of course. If you don't have enough, you can order extra. Oh, you want a little rice cook?

"Right...... Because of this, I'm sweet on your words."

After a safe photo shoot, we'll just move on to dinner without doing anything extra. Buckwheat is a speed battle.

"Oh, let it go. This evening, Elle's going to dinner at my house, and there's no Makoto-san?

"Right. I'm sorry to bother you around the corner. Surely there was coin parking around Hiroshi's house if you walked long enough, right?

"There it is. Speaking of which, Mr. Makoto-san, it's your car today."

"Yeah. Permission granted because I don't ride weekdays. I have to pay for gas and high speed."

"Ugh, only Master and Sister Makoto are sloppy"

"Don't worry, but I'll call you Spring Vegetables and Elle when the night out is lifted."

Hongda has such a meeting about this evening while tongue-in-cheek on delicious dishes that are made with first-rate arms and yet unpretentious. Mio complains that he is not allowed to stay out yet, but this is all through that there is nothing he can do about it.

"Just replace it, meat buckwheat"

Even though there's nothing I can do, Mio flattens out the majority of his fixing meals and demands a replacement while he can hub himself alone in the person who is here. My appetite is back when I was totally over there.

The clerk, who was just here to check on the cold, accepts the replacement and heads to the kitchen.

"It hasn't been long since the ban was lifted, are you okay?

"I can afford another drink or so, or it feels like I can't get my muscles back if I don't eat"

"I don't know. Well, maybe you don't know all the protein from Nanbanya."

"Mmm, that's the thing"

"... Welcome"

Beside Hongda having such a delicate conversation, Aeris, who was carefully tasting and eating and comparing, quietly hands together to mark the end of the meal with a mixed look of satisfaction and admiration. Around that facial expression containing only a few thanks for knowing one's immaturity, Aeris is undoubtedly the best buckwheat in this member.

"El, is that enough?

"Speaking of greed, I also feel like I want some more..."

"If I let you do it, I'll replace you, too, so you want some?

"Well, then I'll split my share a bit."

"Thank you"

Aeris decides to accept the offer of Hon. and Mio with a smile and a word of thanks. Not eating as dramatically as Mio, but nevertheless a buckwheat without ingredients was a little short for the growing body.

Most importantly, the concern is quickly eliminated thanks to a certain person.

"I brought it instead"

"Oh, not the Admiral. What's wrong with you, at this hour?

"No, I heard Mio replaced you and I just wanted to check on you. My hands were empty just after the peak. So, Mio, are you okay eating so much?

"Mm-hmm. It feels like it's not enough to eat or eat because rehab is tough. Especially meat."

"Well, that's great! If that appetite, the discharge is likely to be close. I'm so glad!


Replying to the general who is as happy as he is, after taking up just a little of Aeris' share, he starts eating his substitute by the side so that it looks delicious to make him happy to eat properly.

The Admiral, who watched the situation happily as if it were his own, nodded as he was convinced to see the whereabouts by which he had divided them.

"I don't care what you think, foreign lady over there, that won't be enough. I don't think so, so maybe you were trying the taste of the buckwheat?

"Yes, I love Japanese-style buckwheat noodles and sometimes make them by hand myself. However, I chose this menu to get a good taste of what it tastes like because this is the first time I've come here today and this is the first time I've eaten a real buckwheat"

"Heh, you're a foreigner and you're a buckwheat. How was ours?

"I deplored my immaturity when I said that what I hit was the hands-on learning of the amateur in question. After all, soba is deep."

"No, no, no, because you're not such a big deal by our side. If you eat well and you get bloated, that's fine."

The Admiral returns that to Aeris, who exaggerates, even though he seems a little happy. There are quite a few people who like buckwheat meals through for some reason, and there are quite a few people who look great with a strangely dodgy attitude that the shopkeeper is also attached to, but the general here is the type who doesn't like to take that attitude one way or another.

Nevertheless, there is no reason why I am not happy to be praised in genuine terms, and I sincerely feel glad that when people present, including Mio, are eating their own dishes in a truly good way, they have worked hard in tough training times. He was a rooted common-law cook, good or bad, and a general who wanted to please his guests with purely cheap and good things.

"Well, whatever it is, you can't come over for dinner and go home hungry. I'll treat Mio to a new dish and a sweet one, even as we celebrate that she's ready to eat properly."

"Exactly, hey, I'm sorry about that..."

"The middle and high school students said don't be weird and reluctant. Besides, the sweet one is still the prototype guy, even if he says it's new anyway. If you think it's bad, give me an opinion."

That's how I pull it up to the kitchen, Admiral. A few minutes later, Japanese-style desserts and new dishes come out to everyone by the time Mio finishes his second cup.

"Heh, fried food to eat with buckwheat dashi. Even so, my tongue doesn't really know the difference between noodle dashi and Tentsuyu."

"... it looks like there's a fried buckwheat crushed in my clothes. It's delicious even if you eat it as it is, but it's better if you dip it in dashi because it goes well with the aroma of fried buckwheat"

"It feels like tempura, not bad."

"Right. Looks like there's still room to adjust, but it's very tasty"

"Let it go. I can still get enough gold out of this, but maybe it would be better if I made the dashi a little thicker, fried it or cooked it, and reduced the fat in that direction"

Share your thoughts so frankly about the prototype put out, and answer honestly the detailed questions around which ingredients put out by the general were the best. With that in mind, the Admiral gratefully draws to the kitchen. It will be the following month that this prototype is officially promoted to the new menu.

Spring vegetables, which were sent by both True Qin and Mio to report the story in detail at this time, and even showed off their dinner scenery at the East House, where Aeris and Makoto exchanged, would feel indescribably unlucky to have been hubbed by a rare event despite being on a fun school trip.