"Oh, yeah. Every Saturday starting this week, it's going to be a little hard to show up over there until the summer break."

One day in late June. The usual chat room, absent Tatsuya and Shiori. Spring vegetables, who were all ready to start studying, tell True Harp that, as I recall.

"Remedial education is an example of a case?

"Yeah. If it's going to be a short summer vacation week or so, I got the story together by putting Saturday in remedial classes at the whole school rally. The teachers also agreed that there would be a crazy plan for remedial work for students with red dots. Still, the only thing I can do about it is five subjects, and I'm supposed to use the Saturday immediately after the start of the second semester, and I think I cleanly canceled classes for all attendees."

"... until that, did you decide at the whole school rally?

"Yeah. That said, physical education was a matter of decision, and other than that, I put out a plan in advance with the student council and the teachers, and it's in the form of a vote at a school rally, so I didn't say anything directly about it."

"When you think about it, you don't have to tell me, that's how you make decisions at regular school gatherings."

A true harp that convinces me a lot when I hear how things go.

For the record, voting at times like this uses a school computer and takes a vote in the way that a voting button is projected on everyone's hands. Once pressed, the button disappears, so there are no problems such as double voting, and there is no misreading of votes because the computer is used for real-time counting.

"After that, our school starts with the final exam on July 9th."

"Roger. What's the exam schedule?

"I also have exams for subject-matter, so exams all week. However, the teacher seemed to have a bit of a hard time covering all of them even if they were remedial on Saturday."

"I bet you are."

To the words of spring vegetables, a true harp nods in the sense that it is also there. The actions of the fool, who has been subjected to illegal organizations, still leave deep claw marks here and there.

"Speaking of which, what's going on with Mio's final exam or something?

"I haven't finished the integration process yet, so the test itself does the previous middle school's. However, the residence will soon move over here, and it will be difficult to go to school only to take a test to a school that has never attended, so use the internet to test with software that is dedicated to it."

"I see. You've been doing that for a long time?

"Mmm, like that. Well, elementary school didn't fail the test."

To Mio's last extra word, Makoto wonders if it would have been better for us to let him fall.

Nevertheless, Mio's academic performance is well above the lowest line, so even if there is a fall, Mio will not be dropped.

"If you're Sister Makoto, what's it like to study for an exam?

"I'm not too happy that I feel like I'm shifting, but it's going great. Even though I was pretty desperate to get into the previous university, I wonder what the hell my studies were at Hainan University when I could afford a judgment or something like that."

"Sister Makoto's. That's the result of the hard work I've put my life through over there. I didn't cheat."

"I know, but I still don't know about the minutes that have been bottomed up in the Great Library or the Magic Mastery. But I'm just sorry that behavior is a little too irrelevant to academia for what God gave me after I stuck with Bardo and the Lord of Darkness..."

"Actually, I feel a little backward there, too"

Makoto and Mio smile small and bitterly at each other's opinions. Although it is an ability obtained as a result of a proper effort or action, it is simply not something that I studied and worked out with positive methods, and I cannot fail to realize that it is not something I was praised for.

"Around there, your abilities have settled a hundred percent."

"All the time, I've been spared the ability to help, and now I don't use it because I'm not comfortable with it, and the bugs are too good."

"Well, I am,"

Hiroshi, who was silently continuing his studies, pinches his mouth at the conversation between the Spring Vegetables and the women. The women who inadvertently shut up about that hard to argue with.

"I guess. For once, I think it's much more legitimate to use Octogall in front of a cafeteria."

"Sure, I think that was pretty sloppy..."

"I can't take my stomach off my back. After I did it, I asked them to do it because I was willing to, but honestly, that wasn't any trouble."

The women who are put out to pick up Loufeus' Azma dining room and somehow convince me.

As things stand, Lufeus College's lunch is almost at the disposal of the Azma Dining Room. As a result, no matter how hard I tried in the store space at the Azma cafeteria, the demand was not met and I had to start taking out and going out.

That said, as well, the number of employees did not increase that much due to space issues, or two or three more, making it impossible to handle takeaways or even outings.

In the end, it is the current situation that we are steering clear of the steeple for now by asking the Octogals, who are highly capable of handling it in a waste of space.

To be clear, Octogal doesn't have to pay for labor no matter how many people he hires, even though it's pretty sloppy just to say that he's using his metastatic abilities to knock them down.

They're offering a good reward, but they're Octogal. That reward is also a level of leftovers that cannot be sold, a tasting of prototypes, or acquiescence in having a meal divided by a guest, all of which are of a level that cannot otherwise be called rewards.

Though it doesn't make sense to give Octogall the money, it can't be anything this way, and it can't be impossible for the highs who enjoy the profits to feel backward.

It will be more difficult for us not to stop just because of our backwardness than we are no longer entrenched as a Rufeus fetish poem.

"In the end, you have to get used to it."

"Right. I can't help it now, I just have to get used to it."

"Mm-hmm. In my case, I'm more blessed than my master or sister Chun just because I don't have to have a head for aging issues."

"Right. You mean, a macro is the hardest thing to do with this matter. It's the same with spring vegetables that made me a god, but in the case of spring vegetables, it seems that I was somewhat used to it in the home environment or something."

"Sure, I wasn't that confused except for my physical fitness issues."

"Well, yeah, I'm getting used to it, and I don't think it's going to be as deceptive as it gets to the truck."

"Exactly, you can't delude yourself if you get stuck in a truck."

"Let's just be careful about traffic accidents and crashes, anyway."

Honda, who does not stop to solve formulas and wastes time on transcendental concerns. There are troublesome hurdles to achieving our goal of being a citizen.

"So, let's get back to it, what do Hongchi and Spring Vegetables look like with midterm exams and national test scores?

"In the middle of the year, I didn't know what to add or subtract, so I felt third in the school year. Needless to say, Spring Vegetables is the first place, but nobody paid attention to this because of the usual."

"If you're a mocker, surely we were hard on each other to rank in triplets? There's quite a bit of downside in the essays and stuff, and if it's an interpretation-related issue in a literary subject, it's a problem that doesn't really fall on me, so I think it's probably the limit of ranking right now."

"Let it go. I don't know about math, but the guy who writes the ceremony unfolds does it differently from the standard and eats it negative. Well, I can't help it, but it's nice to calm down where you feel."


"I mean, if it's a test of the mark sheet, it feels like we can aim higher depending on the problem."

True harp just nods when he hears the answers to the horn and spring vegetables and is convinced. Such a true harp score is currently 5,000 digits. Given the total population of college entrance exams, it would be a ranking that I could be sufficiently proud of.

It should be noted that the Faculty of Literature and Literature is just not enough to stick with the Old Emperor's Great Level, even to say that the level has risen extremely due to the genius/Ayase Tensei effect. So if you're a true harp grader now, you can pass with a cross nose.

"Whatever you do, if you keep studying without alarm, it feels like you're going to be a college student for now."

"All the time, think about it normally. Think about it. You can't do it with this grade, or the old chombo?

"Right. In my case, it feels a little bad when I try to tear Red Gate up. Hey, I'm sorry. I don't know here, can you tell me?

"Let me see.... Oh here, if I were to be polite, this is how I would expand this ceremony, what, but if I substitute this formula here, I could shortcut it, so if it's just an exam, would it be easier if I remember that one?

"... oh, I see, I get it. Thanks."

A true harp that listens to the explanation of spring vegetables and is convinced to unravel itself again. Immediately solve different problems of the same type to see how to do it. I keep chatting, but I seem to be studying properly.

"Nevertheless, I try to study mathematics and physics. Yes. If geography and current affairs are involved these days, I honestly think it's too much to follow."

"Hey. There are more countries in the Middle East than before when the separation merger happened in a row. Honestly, even if I don't, I can't remember a lot of countries around here, but now I know what's refreshing."

"As far as that area is concerned, the border lines and stuff have just been restructured to suit ethnic groups and sects, and the truth is, the details haven't changed much."

"Sister Chun, sister Chun. Talking to the Japanese about peoples and sects in the Middle East doesn't keep up at all"

"Well, I think that's true. At the time in Japan in the first place, it is normal for Kanto people to understand only Kansai's image. I think it's only natural that you have to be an expert to know about other parts of the country that are also far away."

Where there is somewhat of a separation between math studies, together with the stupidity of the recent troublesome international situation aboard the Boyaki of the Horn. Current affairs problems stink at all times, but the Earth of Hongda and the living times of Hongda are particularly difficult.

Restructuring on a global scale is currently accelerating on the planet of Honda, which has now withheld 2030.

The beginning occurred a little over a decade ago with the collapse of the chain of dictatorships and terrorist organisations in the Middle East, as well as informal states, and the great division of the EU during the same period. State restructuring has also flared up in Central Asia and China and elsewhere in a way dragged by it, and it is still happening every month on the Eurasian continent that merger integration between countries that are separatist and independent.

Exactly. Major countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany remain as they are, but the environment in politics and economics has nevertheless changed dramatically, a difficult situation that I hope is completely calm. The situation has long been that people outside the country no longer know what's going on inside, leading to Russia, China, etc., and that there just doesn't happen to be a massive war.

In that context, Japan and the United States, as the few countries where internal circumstances were stable, were now feathers to be pulled around as mediators around the world.

Under the influence of this, the current affairs questions that appear in the exams and so on are complicated and strange, and the circumstances that the current Hongkong and Spring Vegetables are dropping their dots to a large extent also make it impossible to determine when the respondent envisages.

Neither Hiroshi nor Spring Vegetables have polished their technique just to get a dot around here, so they can't beat the talented ones who are really dedicated to you with their grades.

It would also be impossible for all but Kazuki and his wife, who have become students or students, to want to blur about this area.

"Honma, the country is so peaceful..."

"It seems that there is a tendency to eliminate childlessness, and the economy and employment are much more upward. Only one country is doing very well."

"Well, that's more of a situation, so I guess Professor Ayase, who's been inspiring it for a long time, and the people who want to do something about the Shiomi city where it's based, made that case."

"I guess so."

After Heavenly Sound took the tabular stage, this way, Hongda's Japan went on to galapagossify more and more, completely turning its back on globalization other than local production. Sometimes the energy and resources have come to a manageable end, and the biggest cause would have been to realize that we don't have to force ourselves to sell abroad.

Exactly when we stop or reduce imports, that could trigger a world war, so we are creating a system of self-sufficiency while maintaining import volumes. That effort has already borne fruit, and the truth is that we are ready to be in clandestine status whenever it comes to imports and exports.

That doesn't seem like a big amount of exports either, but despite turning our back on world standards and moving away from global competition and developing a variety of goods and services on more and more unique routes without worrying about selling abroad, export amounts and items are now higher than where we were involved in globalisation and competing with countries around the world.

So in fact, rather stopping exports and local production than imports is a major blow to the world. When we get to this point, it is the current international situation that is preventing Japan from being beaten by trade friction, and desperately connecting Japan, which is likely to attract domestic attention when cautioned.

If we get to this point, it would also be natural for a country that does not find its existence interesting to try to confuse it from within with that hand. When Japan is disrupted and hit by industry as a result, considerable damage is also done to countries that have made a little effort, but it is also a common story not to think that far only to countries that have the idea of pulling the feet of other countries before making them competitive.

"Something's making me feel better when I think about it, and I guess I feel a little different"

"Right. Oh, yeah. I'll go over there with Mio tomorrow or so, and I'll be in touch saying that I don't think I'll be able to get much of a face with Hong and Spring Vegetables."

"Yeah, please. I'll try to get over there on Sunday as soon as I can, but it's going to be a little busy."

Spring vegetables and genuine harps to prepare virtual tea for a change of mood and finally finish the meeting lightly while starting a light party game.

Afterwards, he was Higashi, who played in the game for about thirty minutes before continuing his studies as he changed subjects until Tatsuya and Shiori came in.

"Spring vegetables! Tell me English!!

"Yeah, fine."

Lunch break the next day. That's what Spring Vegetables, who were serving lunch boxes out of their bags, say with a bitter smile to Mika, who has been crying right after class.

"Then can we too?


Yamaguchi and Tamura, who have become good and tight since the Golden Week class meeting, call out for a ride. I have a lunch box in my hand because I recently started eating it in the same group as Hong and Spring Vegetables on lunch day.

Yamaguchi and Tamura are no longer on the side of plotting to stick with Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, but they want to be taught to study seriously for the sake of this time. It's not that I have problems with my grades, but my anxiety about whether or not I'm going to go to a school of choice is overwhelming.

"I'm sorry. Speaking of which, what about the East?

"Depends where you do it."

"Ah, right. If you're coming, do you feel like you're going to be in the library until after school hours?

"Let it go. If you do, you can join us."

A hung desk and ready for lunch, Hiroshi nods to a proposal for spring vegetables. If you are in the library, you can study without any particular pressure, even in the macro.

"What about Rongzi?

"I'm a little nervous about physics, so I'll let you join me."

"Copy that. But if it's physics, can you teach Hiroshi better than me?


"Yeah. Well, if you're good, what is it?"

"Nothing. To Sorakura Kama"

Spring Vegetables confirms Rongzi's intention not to make a statement of participation, and finally asks Hiroshi if it is okay to teach non-Spring Vegetables girls. Exactly the kind of test study, I was anxious in the distance part, but I don't particularly feel comfortable taking on the ambition of the time.

Spring vegetables that inadvertently leak an Ando sigh to that answer. Apparently, for Hiroshi, Rongzi is a subject that is okay to put him at a distance enough to teach him to study.

"Please, I don't know what you're saying about me, but I wonder if it's a situation where a man in love teaches another woman to study, and she sighs with a look of relief."

"If it was someone else who liked me, maybe I wouldn't have this attitude, no matter how much. I'm not too sure."


"In other words, I also bake about Yakimochi, because no one is actually bad and there is nothing I can do about it, I baked a lot of Yakimochi, and I caught it later."

"... What!?

Instead, the whole class quiets back to the huge cumming out of spring vegetables done with a good passing voice.

Ever since I learned how I felt about Hiroshi during school, there was nothing in my attitude to Spring Vegetables Day that would make me smell like it.

Perhaps it would have been seen with suspicion that Spring Vegetables really liked the Hongkan thing if there had not been enough rapprochement between Love Love Aura, which reopened but thus leaked every time, and ordinary lovers who show it from time to time. That's about it, spring vegetables don't show anything jealous.

So, if they ask me that I've been jealous enough to snap later, I won't be able to help if everyone in my class stops moving in surprise.

I am surprised to the point of being jealous of a macro, but generally in that situation, the macro itself is not the place to be, so there's nothing strange about it not having to notice.

"There, in detail"

"That's a secret. Honestly, it's an embarrassing memory for me to take to the grave."

Spring vegetables that answer Rongzi's questions on behalf of the class without any nibbles and open lunches. I face that emotion properly, and I also fold it within myself, but if I want to talk to people, that's another matter.

"East, do you have any idea?

"It feels like there isn't. No matter who saw it, no one was bad, and there were a lot of situations where a one-sided kid was about to cook, but when that happened, he was so full of guts that he didn't throw up, he was conscious of Spring Vegetables."

"Oh, if it was you East, it would be so ~..."

Hiroshi answers the question that flew from Mika with an indescribable pitiful look. The other classmates who had heard Mika's conversation were convinced of Hiroshi's answer.

Spring vegetables don't struggle if they can figure it out.

"Honestly, I don't want you to dig into that kind of distraction at dinner, I don't want you to give me a break"

"Right, sorry"

"On second thought, it's wild for outsiders to go in anyway if that's what you're going to talk about between East and Fujido. Bad."

Rongzi and Tamura apologize so much as they opened the lunchbox in the same way to Hiroshi, who opened the lid of the lunchbox with a tired expression.

Usually, even if the spark stayed on fire, the story was completely over here, but it seems that this day has been a lot of bad.

New fuels were planted in large quantities in the lunch boxes of Hong and Spring Vegetables.

"... hey, I was just wondering?


"East and Fujido's lunch boxes, the contents look the same, but Fujido also made East minutes?

"Ah, if you ask me ~. Maybe East made your share of Spring Vegetables ~?"

Yes, only today, the contents of the lunch boxes of Hongkong and Spring Vegetables matched perfectly. The amount is about 50% more for the macro, but clearly speaking of appearance alone, it just looks like I made it together and stuffed it at the same time.

"Unfortunately, just coincidence or. It was made properly with the ingredients that were in the fridge."

"Oh, me too"

It's a painful match for mere coincidence, and the main fried chicken looks so much like colorful luster and fried chicken that it can't be distinguished.

Apart from the story if this is using frozen foods on the market, frozen foods on the market do not first appear in the Fujido family for lunch boxes. Even if it did, it wouldn't be like buying it in a regular supermarket, and there's no way the East House lunch box and menu would be worn.

Before that, there is no question in itself that it is handmade, because it maintains the visual that the shape of the chicken and the way it is clothed have been made in my own house, no matter where I look from.

"Today's menu basically uses the specials I bought at the supermarket yesterday as they are."

"What supermarket does Spring Vegetables usually use? Is it a cheap restaurant near us?

"Yeah. It's the closest shopping district to us, and it's not like a house where you cook with luxury ingredients every day"

"Don't buy the same thing from my parents all the time."

From the answer to Spring Vegetables, I guess so, Macro.

Affordable restaurants are local supermarkets with food subjects, with about ten stores throughout the city of Tiomi. It is a popular food supermarket because it deals with quality fresh foods at affordable prices and, above all, fish, including ground fish, are delicious.

At first glance, I have the impression that these supermarkets tend to be enemies to local shopping districts, but rather in the case of super cheap shops, I take a strategy to have local zero shops on my side. For cheap eaters and local shopping districts, it's not each other that's the enemy, but the outside suburban supermarket, so they're rather working together thoroughly to counter them.

Especially reputable is the service of offering discounts to shoppers in the shopping district of the area where the store is located, advertising deals in the shopping district that day and even lending cold bags for customers who bought fresh food in the shopping district.

Not only that, but general dishes, lunches, etc. often line up what is made in local shopping districts, and fresh foods are generally bought in conjunction with local shopping districts.

Coming this far, let's just say it's no longer the same as a pseudo-massive shopping mall.

Once a large shopping mall in the national chain and its umbrella supermarket also exist, but thanks to the strategy of the chef and the local shopping district, the shopping mall is currently in an admirable struggle, and if you are a supermarket anyway, it is not strange for you to withdraw whenever you want.

Basically, if you live in Tidegaze, grocery shopping can be a cheap restaurant or a shopping district store, but for spring vegetables, the house is the home. It is not that there are no major stores of luxury goods for celebrities, so Hiroshi, who was unsure of the supplier, confirmed that point for now.

In this case, it would be useless for a family person who would build a grand mansion in a luxury residential neighborhood to rush into a supermarket like on the side of a common man.

As a precaution, it should be noted that all the ingredients used this time were properly purchased in Japanese supermarkets. Even if I'm wrong, I don't use jizz stuff for fried meat, or divine cabbage or divine lettuce for salad.

"I mean, Hiroshi. You've never been able to get into a supermarket or anything, but you know exactly what stores we use."

"The logo will be in the bag where Okan will buy it and come back. I thought about the location of the house, so if I used it, it would have been there all the time."

"I see."

Spring vegetables that are somehow convincing in a conversation that has been out of focus, which has not been answered in any way to the question so far. I think about getting into such a conversation with Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, and give up Roko with a sigh.

I know the more I penetrate, the more out of focus I just penetrate, and Roko's spirit isn't strong enough to keep up with it.

"In the meantime, if I talk to you, it's over for lunch break, and you just eat"

"Right. Oh, yeah. I'm just wondering, Dong, can I get you and Spring Egg Rolls, one slice at a time? Instead, I'll give you my share."

"Yeah, take it."

"Me, too."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables who listen to the favor and trade in Rongzi and Egg Grill. I will behave well, and then I will carefully eat and compare Rotsuko.

"... my tongue makes no sense of the difference in taste..."

"Rongzi, is that true?

"Yeah, I took it from the same lunch box, but it's a level that makes sense..."

To Mika's question, Roko tells her so while offering her half a leftover egg roll. Eat the egg rolls offered, check what's in your own lunch box, Mika nods so much.

For the record, this member, I have never had a regular exchange with a mix of men and women. It was a high psychological hurdle for each other to have an exchange with the opposite sex that we weren't so close to until the class meeting.

Perhaps if the contents of the Hongkong and Spring Vegetable lunches, like this one, hadn't coincided perfectly or rarely at that level, we wouldn't have crossed that hurdle until graduation.

Furthermore, there was reluctance around the area, and there has not been any exchange since Golden Week between Tatsuji Haruna and her sister.

Since there has been no cooking practice since the third grade, this may actually be the first time Roko and Mika have eaten a dish of spring vegetables since Spring Vegetables returned from the Faircro world.

We are unconscious, but today's exchange was secretly the first time we exhausted it.

"Yeah. You look amazingly alike. I mean, Spring Vegetables, have you changed your flavor?

"Ah, what do you think? I'm not really aware of it, but it could be different."

"After all, East, did it suit your taste?

"That's not why I had so many opportunities to cook with you during example treatments, so it's possible you've been pulled and changed."

Rotsuko turns his suspicious gaze to words like the excuse of spring vegetables. Normally, I just think I changed the flavoring for an appeal to someone I like no matter what I think, such as cooking the same flavored dishes as a guy I fell in love with.

But there's no way I can imitate such a bruise on a clumsy spring vegetable in a strange place that even seems so clever as to be omnipotent. Besides, Rongzi and the others don't know, but the seasoning of spring vegetables changed in the first place long before they liked Hiroshi. I can't have it, like the intention to appeal.

"Speaking of which, it was a cooking practice that was postponed tomorrow, wasn't it?

"Oh, you would have, if you'd told me."

"Aren't you looking forward to this in many ways?

"... Yamaguchi, you're thinking bad, aren't you?

"... I don't want Nakamura to tell me."

Yamaguchi and Roko have a really bad smile that doesn't seem like a combination of class commissioners and your cool sister. Enjoy the fried chicken that is fried in a good way, laughing bitterly at the way it is.

I open my mouth all the time to see if there was anything that would make me feel too deep-fried, or if the same flavoring as the spring vegetable lunch box worked, and Tamura couldn't wait any longer.

"Hey, east. This shumai over here and its fried, don't you want to swap one?

"Whoa, that's crazy."

With that said, fried chicken and shumai, which contain quite a few, are traded.

It should also be noted that this may be the first time a trade has secretly been established within this men's threesome.

This day's lunch break is truly the first to be exhausted.

"Ah, me too. How about this mini hamburger?

"Deal. Deal."

Tamura and Yamaguchi also get fried chicken from Hiroshi. Keep it up, cheek the fried chicken with no time, and round your eyes to its good taste.

"Bowling is followed by a stunt that's too surprising..."

"... I kind of knew I was good at cooking because I heard I was cooking my own food, but not at this level..."

Yamaguchi and Tamura indulge in the deep depths of a man named Shizumi and Donghong, who also enjoys a professional deep fried Hong.

"I'm really excited about tomorrow's cooking practice."

"I'm glad you're in this squad..."

Two guys who are fortunate enough to accidentally thank something great for having two professional cooks. Such flattery of their good fortune, men and women in their classes turn their murderous gaze.

Between this and the cooking internship the next day, Yamaguchi and Tamura were to be tickled with rice grudges by their classmates, with Roko and Mika's share of special treatments also being put on top.

"For now, for your information, how much can Yamaguchi and Tamura cook?

"Right. In the meantime, I can make egg rolls, curry, fried vegetables and about miso soup. You don't know how to cook fish or anything, and it always feels like burning them or burning them raw. After that, I can't use a commercial lou without curry."

"It's similar here. I don't even know how to season it properly, so I can't cook decently without using commercial retort seasonings or something."

"I see. As good as Mika is, I see."

Spring vegetables that confirm Yamaguchi and Tamura's ability to cook and nod small. As a high school boy, I can usually cook, or a little bit more than that. Not so much that you have to give extra warfare notifications.

By the way, Rongzi feels like this is about as much when it comes to high school students who can cook. It's inferior to the average housewife's ability to cook because she doesn't do it every day, but if you look at the recipe, she has an arm that can make most of the stuff, so let's just say she's skilled enough as a high school student who wasn't even part of the cooking department or anything.

Instead, there is something wrong with spring vegetables that somehow had professional skills at the time of high school, even though there is a helper around here named When.

"Well, it's all just me and Spring Vegetables and Dong, it seems like a situation like this is going to be avoided."

"Hey, Rongko. I don't think Mika has handled it that way since before."

"But the hard part is, Spring Vegetables did it after all."

"Difficult, or unfamiliar people were doing dangerous places when they did it, which is the right thing to say."

Spring vegetables tell Rongzi like that as she prepares to cook rice, while inspecting knives and other cookware.

As Spring Vegetables put it, there was a good chance that the cooking practice in the past would be one dish, and a menu with dangerous tasks would be specified when unfamiliar humans did it. Let the teacher say that if there is no menu like that, there will be people out there who lack nervousness and joke about it, but Spring Vegetables and others can't help but wonder if it might be too much for boulders to make them flambé in high school cooking practice.

"Well, anyway, today's hamburger and potato salad with mini omelettes or egg rolls, and miso soup, so there's nothing very difficult about it."

"Then we'll all be able to participate in the work."

"Hamburg is like OK for some arrangement, so I was wondering if you and I could make it a little bit apart."

"I always use it as an ingredient lover, and if I do, I want to go into a challenge and cook a dish."

"What do you make?

"I have bread flour and ham, so I want to make the one with the steamed potatoes crushed and soothed with mayonnaise wrapped in ham and cut into cutlets."

Spring vegetables nod with a convincing look at the supermarket's staple dishes. In good condition, the ham prepared for the potato salad is not a round thinly sliced loin ham, either, but a square-molded press ham.

"That's why I make it all the time. Yeah?

"Right. After you've finished your regular dishes, you're fine."

"I've given my teacher's permission, and I'll make it on my own. Spring vegetables said they made hamburger sauce."

"Copy that. I'll make miso soup at last."

"Then should I turn to Hamburg in this case, or should I turn to follow-ups while making egg rolls, for the growth of Mika's?

"Wouldn't you like an egg roll?

In the wake of the proclamation of the Horn, the three people in the group who cook from time to time who just decide to allocate. A group of unusual dishes pressed with a menu main hamburger and potato salad looks anxious.

"Uh, was hamburger the first thing to do?

"No, no, no. You didn't just cook and consolidate the meat."

"More than that, potatoes in potato salad should be peeled and then boiled, right?

A group of people who don't cook to be shaken by things they don't normally make and check their work while half panicked. If you look at the recipe, the procedure around it is well written, but I can't think there because the story has flown to a place where my mind is not ready.

"Yes, yes, calm down. I'll show you an example, so cut the ingredients just like I did. And Mika, you just have to look at your work and imitate the potato salad."

"Ha ha. Why are you chopping onions, Spring Vegetables?

"The knife here, I haven't been able to take very good care of it, so I thought it would be safer in many ways if I did. Cut with a cleavage knife, it will stain your eyes."

Spring vegetables and Rotsuko accurately follow a group that doesn't cook that started showing suspicious things early on. Hamburg is relatively easy to understand in cooking, but I am still familiar with what makes me nervous when I am not used to it.

It's a path we've taken, too, so if you're too hard to think about and you're not willing to make fun of Mika and her panicking, you'll never find it a hassle to follow.

"Spring onions do it, so carrots and cucumbers. Mince the carrots as fine as this if you want to put them in the hamburger. You can cut the potato salad in half circles or fans like this. Cucumbers should normally be cut thin, but there's also a slicer, so you can just drop the heck out and do it with a slicer."

"What hamburger, carrots?

"It depends on the family. Some houses you can get in, others you can't. By the way, you can't go in my house, but you were in my mother's cousin's house."

"Handmade hamburgers, too, have quite a household routine, don't they? By the way, we can come in with a lot of finely chopped peppers depending on the day. I wonder if Chimenjako would normally go in there."

"Oh, peppers were there when we were kids, though. They've devised a way to feed us people who don't eat peppers."

Spring vegetables and roe ko blossoming about the taste of the home while teaching Mika and the others the cooking instructions. In the meantime, the cuisine continues steadily.

"This is what this is all about, okay?

"... right. After that, mould it, drain the air and cook it, and it's done."

"Drain the air," he said?

"This is how you have to let it go back and forth between your hands, drain the air inside and solidify it, the air inside expands and collapses into a meltdown when you cook it."

"Oh, I see. How long do I have to do this?

Rongzi coaches Yamaguchi through the procedure while somehow getting a good vibe. I'm getting used to it while I'm doing it, and I'm working on it quite handily.

Hiddenly, other squad students come to hear the explanation around here and have Spring Vegetables and Rongzi look at them, but they can't help but count the students themselves who can afford to teach people in the first place.

By the way, no one reluctantly goes to the question for a macro who is working with completely different colors. This is the only place I'm starting to get into the outrage of whether to mind it or not, the phrase about recovering too many eggs from an approximate squad, or diverting some leftover hiccup and processing them into scotch eggs.

For the record, in this school cooking internship, we have enough ingredients for every squad to make all the dishes for two to three extras, assuming that the stomach of a fed boy student or the kind of beginner who is fatally unsuitable for cooking will fail.

"But here's the thing, we're pulling legs..."

"Isn't that right... If it were just you East, I'd feel like it's over"

Tamura and Mika blur without hiding the feeling of pity while adding cucumber to boiled potatoes and carrots to soothe. Most importantly, Tamura, Yamaguchi, and Mika were still able to work just to hear the explanation.

Some students are making something that makes them want to say they don't know how this is going to happen, even though they are being explained while looking at the recipe, and nearly a third of the students, even if they aren't, have quite the work to do, even if they are taught.

"Whether it's Mika or Tamura or Yamaguchi, the rest is a matter of number of places and accustom, so you don't have to be so depressed."


"Yeah. Every day, I wouldn't say, but just cooking twice or three times a week is going to make most of the stuff"

"Twice a week. Ah... I was wondering if you would give me the kitchen so soon..."

"I think you'll be fine if you start with something that's not all of a sudden laborious, but lets you make one that's easy to make, and then gradually challenge something that can be laborious or difficult"

That's how I encourage spring vegetables in Tamura who are overly concerned about the fact that they pulled their legs. If it's just about the absolute amount of work in the first place, Spring Vegetables is probably the most playful thing today.

"That's fine, Fujido. May I ask you one thing?

"Uh, what is it?

"Exactly, it's time for you and Fujido to act out of sight, why don't you weigh yourself down?

"Ahhh..., sorry"

Spring vegetables that were noticed by the teacher and had molded croquettes (...) on the plate with their heads down.

Miso juice and hamburger sauce were finished, and the majority of the instruction had been carried out by Rongzi before the spring vegetables sandwiched their mouths, and like Macro in his spare time, he had recovered the failed hamburger fragments and over-boiled potatoes from other squads and processed them into croquettes.

As a result of Hong's silent frying of them, plates that were prepared separately had piles of fried foods that seemed to be classic in the butcher's shop.

Speaking of volume, this is the only story where the presence of Scotch eggs is set to be tremendous.

"Hey, Spring Vegetables"

"Ah, yeah. I know what you're trying to say."

"How dare you make so many things just by recovering the surplus and the failures..."

"I worked too hard because I wasted too much money on my clothes..."

Spring vegetables stuck in Rongzi and disappointed with both hands on the cooking table. When I calm down, I have to think I did too much on the boulder. Given the presence of this volume, the main hamburger fixing meal of any amount, I don't feel like I can eat it even if I share it with the whole class.

"I'll tell you what, Spring Vegetables makes it sneaky, besides fried food."

"Speaking of which, there was a line of vinegar and flavors, but basically you wouldn't use them for today's menu, would you?

"Oh, yeah. Actually, some cucumbers and vinegar..."

"Also, a sinister menu..."

No matter how much, there won't be any of it, Roko unexpectedly becomes a jitsu eye on the menu. Though the beginning of the matter is ambitious, it does not imitate the use of condiments that are not used in the menu originally made on boulders. At best, to the extent that they use large quantities of oil for frying.

All of the things made by Hiroshi, although quite painful, fall within the range of array menus that can be made with the same ingredients and seasonings.

"In the meantime, this is what I call it, but if you let Spring Vegetables go because of the eating relationship, be careful because if you suck, you'll run wilder than me."

"Really, East, that's not what you can say..."

Rongzi thrusts his heart through fatigue against Hiroshi, who puts up his chest and says grandiose things that you have no choice but to penetrate.

In the end, it was overmade. The athletic department gave it a delicious taste, so I managed to get something wrong.