"Ugh..., it won't end..."

Last day of summer vacation. Mio, who had always been at his desk, was putting his roots up on the overwhelming volume of his last homework.

"True, Mio is also a fool..."

"Because I almost finished it all the first week, why don't you just forget about your math homework..."

True harp and hong watching such a Mio with open eyes. Sometimes we know that Mio can solve it on his own, and it is completely abandoned because it cannot be helped.

"But Master, Sister Zhenqin. In addition to the thirty pages of review of the entire arithmetic of elementary school, one page apart from the entire range of semesters. Surprisingly thirty pages of the question set of primary equations feels like there's too much of anything."

"I have more than a month, so you can judge the amount of money you want?

"Well, it may be a lot, but regardless of the primary equation, a review of arithmetic is just about thirty pages, not a big amount, right? There are many pages of simple four-rule arithmetic, and I only have two or three questions a page because the second half is mostly a sentence topic."

"If you finish the arithmetic on the second day of the first day or so, and you work five pages a day, it won't take ten days to finish."

Hiroshi and Makoto smash Mio's complaint. Certainly quite a lot as an amount of homework, but it's also true that if you don't try to do it in a day, it's enough to finish.

"Well, why 'd you just forget about math in the first place?

"There's no way I don't have homework like math, unless I can intentionally ignore it."

"... overlooked email"

"... you've noticed that a lot?

"Last night, Spring and Deep Snow checked to see if I did my homework properly, and I noticed the math was leaking there"

"I see..."

Zhenqin is somehow convinced to hear why Mio missed his homework. Missing emails and messages is a common mistake.

In particular, Mio receives emails and messages on various contact matters due to the relationship between the transfer of schools. If you sew between them and receive a large number of game relationship announcement emails and spam emails, one or two emails are usually likely to be overlooked.

"Honestly, I don't normally see spam-like emails without important markings or the sender staying mailed and not registered in my address book, with no homework inn lettering in the subject line..."

"Oh, you still have that kind of teacher..."

"Mm-hmm. By the way, this is that email"

"... Sure, through..."

"… this, in some cases, is smashed into a spam folder with a second kill by a security AI, or you can delete it immediately and completely on the spot if you are bad"

Look at the e-mail Mio showed me, and I can tell you this without Hiroshi and Makoto. In the case of Mio, I had lowered the security AI setting level for a while because I knew it would arrive a lot from school relations, and because of that I was very lucky enough to leave an email without being deleted. Normally, however, it is a project that is crisply ignored or deleted at the point of suspicious emails with attachments, and can definitely be rubbed flashly later.

"... wait a minute, do I send this e-mail all at once?

"... oh, it's true"

"Other student maids, don't leak as much as you want..."

"Isn't it a miracle that so far in this day and age, there are still teachers with suspicious texting or literacy?

It has been half a century since the means of communication between the Internet and e-mail began to spread. Even though the manners and rules of e-mail in this type of communication were unified a long time ago, more importantly, I am rather impressed with the fact that humans still survive using e-mail in the same way that it has begun to spread among teachers.

This time, the destination is all the same middle school students, so it doesn't seem like it has leaked to a place that would cause a fuss if it leaked, but it is not a project that cannot be left behind even if it is wrong.

"Well, if I have to say good luck to Mio caught up with such a teacher..."

"I need you to contact the school side to deal with this. The Akan project is over..."

Makoto and Hiroshi twist their heads to teachers who don't know when to divulge important information and personal information externally on a set. The problem this time is that there is no direct contact with this secondary school, either in the Hiroshi or in the True Qin.

If any action is to be taken, it is best to rely on the Fujido family, where school students are located, but it is troubling that doing so is going to be somehow important.

Before that, spring vegetables and deep snow may not have confirmed the situation around here, and it is more likely that they are already moving to deal with it. In that case, there's probably nothing we can do.

Spring vegetables, which were rarely late to come, came into the chat room as the two of us stopped studying hands and thought about it.

"Oh, Spring Vegetables, you're late."

"Hey, Mio, I've been working on your assignment for a while."

"Ah, I knew you were already dealing with it."

"Exactly because I don't have that email."

Apparently, as half expected, this problem was dealt with properly by the spring vegetables. I'm more of an outsider than I was originally, so I can't make a big deal out of it, but still, when I end up with this much total overcoming struggle, I feel a little lonely or dumb about Hiroshi and Makoto.

Whether or not you know what it's like to be such a hong tae, start explaining what happened to spring vegetables.

"So, for now, the decision is to start with Mio's math homework"


"It's Mio's assignment, but it looks like most of the students didn't realize it until they got in touch today. There were quite a few kids left in the security AI deletion history, so I took them down as homework."

"Does that mean you don't have to do it?

"It's a little tricky there. It doesn't have to end as of the first day of mathematics, so that by the first mathematical time after next week, we can finish five pages of review minutes and equations for the elementary school range," he said.

"... that's about it, as of today..."

To explain the spring vegetables, Mio shows relief. He was losing focus and losing his temper to solve the problem.

"Also, I'm going to investigate whether I've sent any other cluttered emails of the same kind regarding the teacher or not, so I think I'm going to be out of charge all year to avoid confusion. In relation to the arrangement and takeover of the substitute teacher, he said he would switch classes to a different subject for a little while after the start of the new semester."

"I don't know, school scandal's going on this year..."

"Well, other than being able to rub it with homework, I don't know if it's going to be a big deal,"

"Right. I'm just saying it happens twice, and maybe there's something else. Especially when spring vegetables are involved, weird things tend to happen because of their physique."

"Even if it does, I want it to happen next time where it's not directly related to us..."

Spring vegetables and mahjong talking about that with a face I'm so sick of. Experience has shown that this kind of thing chains up once it starts to happen, so I say it may be by mouth, but in my mind I already think of things as assumptions that happen.

"... the more I think about it, the more trouble it's going to be, so let's end this story"

"... right"

"So I was wondering, your fields are still going through an admirable harvest period, right?

"Yeah. Maybe I'll get the next vegetable to Makoto and Tatsuya again tomorrow or so."

"Oh, thank you. My parents were delighted, and I really appreciated it because the vegetable dishes and alcohol were delicious for a while. Watermelons are sweet and stingy, and you don't need to buy them in the supermarket anymore this year."

"If you're happy for me, good for you."

Spring vegetables with an unexpected sigh of relief in the thoughts of the true harp. Hiroshi also has a reassuring look on his face somehow.

I was quite confident in the taste of the vegetables, but I was wondering if they were annoying because the amount I sent them was quite good.

"So, as far as I can tell, he said he was finally shipping to the road station, and he couldn't handle it to the point where he pushed us, but then what happened?

"Eh. I haven't heard the name of the store, but the minute some restaurant can't ship to the road station, regardless of the type, they're buying it all up. It seems a little too harvested is not enough because it consumes a lot when it's just commercial."

"Heh. You're getting big talk. So, you're negotiating directly?

"The landlord, Anya, is on his behalf. Because it's not about letting high school kids do it, they're standing on the arrow instead. Instead, I'm paying for a proper intermediate margin, rather than having it taken from sales."

"I see. Well, as much as you trust everyone in the Fujido family, I'm sure it's safe to leave that person to you, but be careful not to be misled in sales."

"Mm-hmm. Honestly, it's not like I'm going to eat in agriculture, so I think that's okay..."

Spring vegetables answering so with a slightly troublesome ambiguous grin on the words of True Harp.

To be honest, when sales are weird and big profits are made, tax-related issues come up and are out of hand. So Spring Vegetables believes that it would be more positive if Mr. Anyang misled sales to save more time around filing and paying taxes, rather than an intermediate margin.

In fact, as for Mr. Anyang, we have also bought our own crops higher than the wholesale value along with the vegetables of the Hong and Spring Vegetables, and we do not need to get an intermediate margin or anything in the first place. Instead, there is no advantage in misleading sales until you risk discrediting the snow vegetables.

However, it has been secretly discussed with interested parties at some point throughout the year and it has been agreed to adjust the amount of the brokerage fee so that in the first year sales would be to such an extent that taxes would no longer be required if Hong and Spring Vegetables were halved. Aside from taxes, if you decide that the sales ratio of Eunyong Farm is higher, you can at least extend the time until Hong and Spring Vegetables get your eye on it, because this is such a far-fetched and risky imitation.

In addition, various plans are currently under way to reduce the extra sales made by the adjustment to Hongda in terms of equipment.

As for the stories around here, in order not to distract me extra, I have not been heard of either Hongkong or Spring Vegetables until my forehead is confirmed.

"Well, I hope we're out of vegetables without spoiling them."

"Yeah. In the meantime, as long as we don't get any more harvests, we should be fine, right?

"Some crops have been switched lately and I'll calm down a lot, so maybe we'll do fine."

"... very anxious answer, thanks"

Makoto returns so in a dry tone with a decent eye for the answer to Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, which obviously only seems to be a flag. Hi, there are too many extra flags on the topic today.

"Honestly, I'm more concerned about Mio from tomorrow than about our field problems that only make it happen"

"I don't know. I don't think anyone would do something stupid like that because the deep snow would make me feel bad..."

"I haven't been to school in a long time, and it's not what it looks like. No, what about the middle school Mio goes to, the uniform?

"Mm, sailor clothes. I don't know what to say myself, but I was a little scared that it looked too good in weird directions"

"... I'd like to take a look at that"

Mio gets up with his homework set aside and moved on to a good cut, told Zhenqin. Move to the neighborhood with a certain amount of discretion or smudge, and wear a middle school uniform that you have taken in as an avatar item.

Returning to the living room on a model walk with no particular significance as it was, it was conveyed that Makoto, who saw Mio, took a small breath.

"… indeed, there is an atmosphere of weird force…"

"Mm-hmm. Sister Deep Snow also told me"

"Spring vegetables are a negative correction for being beautiful..."

"I've never been so happy to hear you say beautiful..."

Mio gets poked again at the fact he knew, by the thoughts of True Harp and Hiroshi, and snaps without putting it on his expression. A Japanese-style girl in a faceless sailor outfit is certainly one of the classics in horror, but there seems to be a lot of kung fu when she does.

"In Mio's case, the expression is also the cause of the scary appearance, but more than that, I'm worried that I'm going to go as a transfer student tomorrow, I guess it's big that I'm getting out of my attitude and expression"

"Let it go. I feel so nervous about wearing a uniform and everything."

"Yeah. You feel weird, don't you?"

Spring vegetables and hong analyze the causes of Mio's uniform appearance swinging in horror. Where Makoto and Mio are convinced by the content of the analysis, Tatsuya and Shiori enter along with the sound of entering the room.

"Ah, Tatsuya, Shiori. Welcome."

"Oops.... is that the uniform Mio will be wearing tomorrow?

"Mm-hmm. Every time I wear it, it feels pretty horrible, it damages..."

"Ahhh... I do have horror in me right now, but unlike True Harp, I think I'll get used to wearing it and look normal sometime"

"Yeah, yeah. Don't think I'll change my impression all at once just because the weird tension is gone and the atmosphere is a little brighter ~"

Kazuki and his wife comfort Mio, who are caught in their own uniform. Where the normally suited and horror atmosphere has disappeared, the anticipation that the proximity will probably remain the same just because the genre changes, decides to remain silent in order not to do any more damage to Mio.

"... Me, you think I can make friends?

"I don't think I can do it, but there's going to be an effort"

"Nature, to what extent does it seem okay to put it out?

"That's something I can't even say, but at least stop doing porn stuff at school. My family and my teacher are going to stare at me, and there's a chance that only the sexual aspect is ripe and the brainless kid is going to have a strange little bite."

"Conversely, I think it's okay to actively shake the stuff about regular games and cartoons if it's something recent. I haven't been able to move my body for a long time, so that's the only thing I enjoyed, that's true ~"

Tatsuya and Shiori advise Mio's anxiety to the extent that they can be expected. It was over a decade ago when we were both in middle school, but I still have as much memory of how it went.

A good generation gap would also occur if there were a decade, but there are still matters that would not be so different. From the upper elementary school to the middle school year is the entrance to adolescence with secondary sexual characteristics, and this is a time when curiosity and desire for sexuality is rapidly becoming stronger would be one of the elements common regardless of age, just because physiological elements are involved.

There are many other places where the majority of boys are still dragging elementary school students in the second semester of junior high school, or vice versa, where the basic feeling of a relationship between a woman and a man, whatever the degree, is no longer the same as that of an adult, or where the unfounded sense of omnipotence begins a strange rebellion against an adult, with physiological elements involved.

In the case of Mio, previous experience has dragged me into the development of the body of this hand, and I have overcome it, but it is usually not very popular to understand things so far. Even if you spend years of long subjective time due to the time acceleration of the VR system, unless you grow up in an extra-special environment or have an intense experience, it's normal for you to be pulled by an immature brain or body and only be able to behave or think in a way that corresponds to the year.

"What great advice I gave, unfortunately, because only the students at that school can really tell the atmosphere and environment of the school on their side. All we can tell you is that it's common everywhere."

"That's right. I'm a graduate, too, but I have no idea what it's like right now. The only practical part is asking deep snow for advice and follow-up."

"I won't let it go bad from the deep snow, but hey. I act solid and muscular, but sometimes when I look around, I do something hard and I don't..."

"Sister Deep Snow, because she is essentially the type who wants to be true to her thoughts and feelings and run the shortest distance..."

Together I sigh unexpectedly at a different element of anxiety from whether or not I can make friends. I have been helped by a lot of deep snow when it comes to Mio's social reintegration, but I cannot be relieved because I have witnessed a number of scenes that I honestly cannot trust in the process.

"For now, Mio. Good luck because we can't handle it this time. If anything happens, I'll ask you as much as you want after school."

"Mm-hmm. Thank you, Sister True Qin"

"And then, just to advise you, if you get caught up in a coibana, when you say you honestly have someone you like. In your case, I think it's safer not to delude yourself that you like the Macro badly."

"Mm, I will."

Mio nods with an equally serious look at the words True Harp has said with a serious look. Mio's appearance attracts people to such an extent that no other member disagrees with True Harp until it is named as his opponent. Regardless of your physical fitness, as far as your face is concerned, you are rapidly approaching a level of beauty that will blind everyone if you walk alone just before you come back from the other side.

Additionally, no one dares to say it out loud, but Mio, who has become healthy since returning over here, is engulfed with an indescribable and dangerous variety of colours and eroses. Wearing sailor clothes is also a cause of horror style, the Japanese style, flaccid and somewhere mysterious atmosphere and the dramatic essence of the faceless expression, which leads to a forbidden fruit-like colour fragrance that is not found in daily spring vegetables.

It is not a problem because it usually opens up its unfortunate nature to full dada leakage when it is in the body, but at this stage it is not the case in secondary schools, which are AWE, and it wastefully amplifies a level of colour that can only be said to correspond to the year, with a slight fragrance as to whether or not the tension is usually known. Now I don't know what will happen when I say free etc.

Mio is now becoming a danger, to the extent that he is also convinced that a hip-pulling macro will not try to hit the run in daily romance issues.

How dangerous is it? It's dangerous next to spring vegetables when it's switched on and the eros is fully opened. The fact that you tend to have lower hurdles to get your hands on because your appearance is incomplete, and the fact that you are sure to be out if you get your hands on real age and body maturity, is more dangerous than a switched spring vegetable when you do poorly.

It might be safer to let porn talk drip away very normally without wearing a halfway cat or something. Around the corner of my head that everyone on this scene thinks so, Mio can't seem to move from the standpoint of a story based special character no matter where he goes.

"This is what you can tell us, what you can do."

"Right. I guess I'll have to leave it to Deep Snow."

"Spring vegetables for now. Deep snow is easy for me to exchange information, and I'll ask you to follow me as closely as possible."

"Yeah, I'll do my best."

Somehow, everyone gets a strangely sad look and finishes discussing contacts and preparations for tomorrow and beyond. In the end, Mio's middle school life from tomorrow was as disturbing as it was in person.

"I will study with you today, Mio Mizuhashi."

"I'm from Tokyo, Mio Mizuhashi. Greetings."

Long home room after the opening ceremony. An unprecedented major incident struck three groups a year at Tiomi Secondary School.

An event called Rarely Transferred Students. That, too, is the appearance of beautiful, eye-catching girls, like promises in comics and cartoons. What should I call a case instead of referring to this as a case?

In the case of Tiomi Second Secondary School, a beautiful girl isolated from others named Fujido Deep Snow is enrolled, a little because there are a few other female students who look about as neat as Mio.

The presence of Mio, still incomplete but with a beauty and unique atmosphere that smashed the average, was sufficient to swallow the middle school class.

"Mr. Mizuhashi has been hospitalized for a long time due to the aftermath of the accident and a difficult illness. I moved here and got the results of the treatment I received, so I can go to school, but it's been four years since I've been to school, so please help me out."

Mio that opens up its presence in many ways. Sensei Minamihara, a teacher, informs her classmates who had been sighted by the severe tension created by Mio. Hearing that Nanhara teacher explain, a particularly prominent female student in the class looks serious and raises her hand back to me.

"Doctor, let me check."

"Yes, go ahead"

"I can go to school now, does that mean that the aftermath of the illness and accident is fully healed? If you haven't fully healed, is there anything I should be aware of as a classmate?

"Right. I will now turn to that point. The explanation I received from the hospital is that the medical condition itself is completely gone at the moment. However, he said he was currently on follow-up because he used unapproved new drugs for treatment in combination with testing. So you'll be avoiding all physical education for at least two semesters, and strenuous exercise as much as possible. Anything else from Mr. Mizubashi?

"Sometimes I am late or early leaving at exams and check-ups, and because of their entanglement, I am probably not able to participate in part of the activity this year. I haven't had any particularly weird seizures or anything so far, so maybe you don't have to be so concerned."

Pretty important questions of female students are asked and Dr. Nanhara and Mio provide additional explanations. The description soothes the atmosphere that touches the swelling, which was becoming slightly larger.

"Mr. Mizuhashi, how's your vision?

"Both eyes are 2.0."

Mio informs you of the unusual numbers to confirm your vision to determine your seat. In fact, vision lightly smashes the range that can be measured by the examination, and I can't even tell you if my mouth is ripped open that I can clearly see the roof tiles of the farthest house that I can see through the window from where I'm standing right now, even the fine scratches and dirt that I wouldn't know if it weren't for normal to take it in my hand and observe it carefully.

"Then you're okay with the one behind you. In the meantime, sit in the vacant seat at the rear"


Mio moves quietly and elegantly to the back seat, prompted by Nanhara Sensei and receiving the attention of his classmates. It's not that I'm wearing a cat otherwise, but because of extreme nervousness, I just practiced the walking style that I wore as a sheaf-based character without blurring my center of gravity in a good posture with a beautifully stretched spine.

That strange tension seemed to overwhelm the whole class again, and until Mio took the writing equipment out of his bag about his seat, three sets of classrooms a year were wrapped in unusual tranquillity that seemed unlikely to be the class to which the transfer student came.

Mio takes out the writing equipment and opens the notebook to take note of the contact details. With that sound, my classmates, who had been paying attention to Mio, turned back to me and rushed forward.

Dr. Nanahara, who was similarly drunk by the air, returns to me and moves on to the contact matters.

"We will now move on to the contact details. Ask Mizuhashi questions and introduce yourself for the rest of the day."

Dr. Nanahara keeps getting in touch with me as I distribute prints. The content was mainly to explain future mathematics classes again, but other than that, it was detailed, but if you don't make a proper note of it, the content first included, and the consciousness of the classmates comes entirely from Mio.

Mio finally releases himself from the state of attention and leaks a small, small sigh of relief while keeping track of his contacts. Several students who were turning the next print backwards happen to witness that sigh, leaked with little or no sound to get extra attention, swallowing gokuli and spit irrespective of sex at the strange hue that strikes directly at their instincts.

Mio is getting better in this world and returning to normal life. Such Mio blossomed more and more extra talent by being sent alone into the unknown world in the form of his middle school debut.

"Mio, are you there?"

Lunch break. In three classrooms a year, the voice of deep snow echoes.

Three sets of students a year surrounding Mio without preparing for lunch and continuing to ask questions that were neither pompous nor poisonous nor medicinal while strangely towing each other, marvel at their voices and leave Mio around.

Incidentally, all public secondary schools in Tiomi City bring lunches, not lunches. So who invites Mio, a transfer student, to lunch, was creating a pressing air like a mark of restraint.

"Oh, I knew it was going to be what I expected."

"Sorry, Sister Deep Snow. You told me because of this, but I couldn't handle it properly."

"Nobody's bad, including Mio, and if you don't follow me at times like this in the first place, you don't have to rely on me."

"Mmm, thank you."

Classmates breathe in Mio, whose atmosphere has obviously softened with the advent of deep snow. These changes in the atmosphere really dramatically affect only my daughter, who lacks facial expression change.

"So, like this, it's not even lunch yet, is it?

"Mm-hmm. I couldn't serve lunch, I was in trouble"

"I don't think it's a good idea to pull away from your classmates much from the first day of transfer, but this looks like we're stuck with each other and we're stuck. Hey."

"Honestly, I don't know what to do..."

"Mm-hmm, right... All right! I've made up my mind for you and you!!

In an effort to save Mio and his class's predicament, a deep snow pulls the hand of one man and one woman each to bring him before Mio, who checks his classmate's face and condition all the time. Neither of them are individualized, but they do not have a very eye-catching appearance or atmosphere, they are so-called ordinary students.

"What? Huh?

"Hey, what is it, Senior Fujido!? Why are you pulling my hand!?

"Why, to be Mio's caretaker in this class?

"" Eh!? "

Boy and girl students shouting unexpectedly at the sudden declaration of deep snow. Away from around Mio, the stirring runs amongst the other classmates who were far-winded.

"Hey, why me?!?

"That's because you were the calmer of the girls and you didn't seem to be tempted to be particularly hostile even if you were worried about the transfer students. Rin Otomo?

"How do you know the name if you didn't even introduce yourself!?

"I remember all the teachers and students at this school, and then the clerk's face and name. I don't know exactly what character it is."


"True, true. If it is, shall we call them all pointers?

That's how deep snow speaks out from one end to the other by name. At the time of calling half the class names, all three groups of students a year who believe that she matches at least all the names with the faces of the students in this class.

"Then why don't you, Rutsuki! I'm a class commissioner!

"Chitoshi Ruzuki, ah. Honestly, you don't want to keep the type of calculation you're making near Mio until it's healed a little more."

Affirmed so by the deep snow, the first question asked about Mio about the seemingly serious female student Ruzuki Thousand Years old silently blushes with anger and shame.

If I did enough here to at least raise my voice of protest in anger with the deep snow opponent, I could deny that it is highly calculated whether I am making myself or not, but I would lose consciousness that I have not noticed it and have not said anything about my image that seems weak or adult, and I would spend time without saying anything considering the possibility of turning deep snow against my enemies and the advantages of doing things with my senior students, I can say that I still don't have enough life experience to make and act on myself.

"Something tells me Rutsuki has a bad personality..."

"I wouldn't say that. It's just that Mio is a little out of place and special in many ways. Hey. Anyway, at this stage, you know it's not compatible, and you can't leave it to your sister to take care of your precious sister ~"


Rin, who put in a penetration for a thousand years old, is crisp and convinced by the explanation that Mio is a little special and incompatible with a thousand years old. Because of the atmosphere and reaction of Mio, Rin himself had the impression that he did not seem to be very compatible with the thousand years old.

"I see that, why are you even getting involved with me!?

"Well, you also need to follow up from the boys as you do well with your classmates. Isn't that right, Soichiro Yamagata?

"I won't deny it, but I won't..."

Soichiro Yamamoto, a male student who realizes that it is apparently an inevitable fate and takes out his lunchbox while dropping his shoulder. Rin prepares her lunch somewhere with a mixed look of anticipation and giving up.

"So, Sister Deep Snow. Where do you eat for lunch? Or can I eat outside the classroom?

"Today in the Student Council Room. I'm fine because the principal gave me permission."

Deep snow shows off its hand-wound goodness to Mio, who obtained confirmation about the lunch break system.

Unless it is also for special reasons, it is basically forbidden to eat lunch outside the classroom at Tidegaze II Secondary School. More to the point, there are no establishments on campus like school food or purchasing, and there are no places other than various classrooms where students can sit and spread their lunches.

However, there are many problems that arise when absolutely forbidden, so it is necessary to obtain permission, but some rooms, such as the staff room, infirmary room, and student club room, can be used.

In this case, Mio is a student who needs this type of consideration no matter who sees it, and since it was an application from a deep snow that, like his sister, is celebrating the school's memory, permission was granted a lot easier than in other cases.

"Well, let's go"


Mio, prompted by deep snow, takes his lunch out of his bag and takes his seat. A strange twist occurs to the fact that what is in that hand was a sizeable, chunky lunch box that is no different than that eaten by a male student in the athletic department.

"... you eat that much?

"My attending teacher. Sadly, I have a lot of nutrition now to regain the growth of my bedtime, it seems. Thanks to me, my stomach is reduced immediately whether I eat it or not..."

Seeing a lunch box with Mio's appearance and the gap too large, Rin asks the question as a nuisance. To Mio's answer to that question, the inside of the gallery

(I haven't got it back at all!!

unanimous in that

It should be noted that Mio's height at the moment is a little over a hundred and forty-four centimeters from the time of hospitalization. At least, he's the shortest in three pairs a year.

"Yes, yes, scattered. Lunch break is finite."

Deep snow relentlessly chases away Mio's galleries, which were solidified in all their impact. A gallery driven away by deep snow and scattered without showing any particular discontent. As for the fact that there are obviously a lot of upper classmates mixed in there, or quite a few humans who are happy to have been chased away, no matter how you look at it, that's just Mio too scared of a lot of things to go into.

"Well, you're finally going to be able to calm down and have dinner."

"Sister Deep Snow, always like this?

"It's special today, special. This happened because the transfer student came and I went to speak directly, I felt"

"... Sister Deep Snow, don't you secretly have options like servant or fool?

"What's that?

"Common in comics and such, special mobs that are blown away or scaffolded or brought contributions or run a country or become shields for every walrus that appears like a writing crack. By the way, be aware that servants have been used as units of strength, and not as sitters."

"... Hey, Mio. The first one still doesn't completely make sense from the middle of nowhere..."

Deep snow with jittery eyes on Mio, who opens a lot as soon as people are gone. Due to the breadth of the relationship, it's quite snowy on that side, but it's beyond what you can keep up with when you get to this point.

"... Yabe..."

"Yamamoto, what's wrong?

"If you're a fool, I know your ex..."

"... well"

I want to pound and back Rin to comfort Soichiro, who looks all kinds of stunned. With regard to the story that the servant is a unit of strength, there was such a thing in a literary book in the corner of his father's bookshelf, and I didn't dare say it to him.

In part, though, the deep snow candidacy seemed terribly accurate around having an idea of what Mio had said away.

"Something tells Mizubashi we're dragging him into a place as deep as a mud..."

"Let's try not to, shall we?


Soichiro and Rin become anxious to get ahead of themselves as soon as possible, touching the nature of Mio, who also has so much to do with appearance, atmosphere and gaps.

The two men's determination to stay somehow was also much-needed, and Toichiro and Rin were planted with a lot of deep stuff after less than a week as a result of being made to act as approved caretakers.

"Mio, how did it go?

Chat room that night. When I saw Mio's face, the spring vegetables that I was telling you about skipped the question first.

"Thanks to Sister Deep Snow, I was able to get an approved caretaker"

"... something that doesn't subtly overhear, but seems like we can get along?

"Mm-hmm. Looks fine"

"Well, that would have been nice."

In Mio's reply, spring vegetables sigh with relief. There is something caught up in the expression caretaker, but I decide not to care when I hear it's going to work.

"In the meantime, I know perfectly well that Sister Deep Snow is the Queen"

"Ah, it's already snowing..."

"I mean, they're definitely making me say more than the teacher, like scattering galleries just by calling out"

"I can't imitate that either, can I? I don't even want to imitate it."

Spring vegetables and Mio talk bitterly about the excessive power of control with deep snow. Now I am quiet about Mio, but there are a lot of things that scare me if I get run over as I please with that power of control.

Above all, I'm scared that it feels like I have guidelines for teachers.

If I tell him/her, he/she doesn't hear everything or unconditionally obey me, he/she hardly ever gets the whole thing to work the way he/she thought it would, no matter how well he/she asked, and most importantly, nobody listens to me where I asked him/her not to think about him/her, but it is also true that he/she shows so much control that he/she doesn't seem to do so very well.

Whenever I hear that deep snow involves, it won't be impossible to be anxious about spring vegetables while knowing that they are mutual.

"In the meantime, in the case of Sister Chun and Sister Deep Snow, the genre of the game you're starring in the first place feels different"

"... awesome analogy, what do you mean?

"Sister Chun is a common RPG heroine, basic minority sharp and influential, but not a direct favor or anything. Sister Deep Snow is a monarch of simulation games of that type like nation-building and world reunification, and basically feels like competing in numbers"

"Whether I'm heroin or not, you can't deny that I have to ask someone who can move directly, like my mother-in-law, or someone with a big budget, to do nothing."

Spring vegetables that agree with Mio's commentary with a complex look on their face. Spring vegetables themselves are aware that they are not the type to stand on top and do something without anyone telling them to.

"Well, whatever it is, I have to thank you for the deep snow this time."

"Mm-hmm. To Sister Deep Snow, I can't sleep with my feet pointed"

"Later, Mio himself has to work hard."

"Mm, good luck"

Mio told by Spring Vegetables and nods honestly. The thought is also strong if you just know how blessed you are right now and not just sweeten it but connect it to your own growth.

Especially in this case, I know it was the deep snow that directly took care of me, but I also know that he prayed for me to make sure that the hong and spring vegetables worked. Rather than that, no matter how much power is currently sealed, once the Hoang and Spring Vegetables in the throne of God pray, it can't have any effect.

The prayer of Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables was a blessing, neutralizing the horror atmosphere that Mio, who was in a state of extreme tension, should have created in the form of severe tension.

Mio noticed the matter early on because of the quality of his gaze, but it was probably illuminating to say thank you for praying that both Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables would be unconscious, and he dared not say anything about it and decided to keep quiet.

"Hey, Spring Sister"

"What is it?

"Yamamoto and Otomo, who helped me, didn't feel horrible when I introduced myself? When I heard about it, I didn't think it was particularly scary."

"Oh well. Good for you."


However, I also feel dishonest to keep quiet without saying anything, so I'm aware that you were praying for me for now, Mio tells Spring Vegetables somewhat farther away. Spring vegetables filled with raspberries while understanding what Mio has to say. Between the two of them, this is the end of the story.

"Hey, Spring Sister. What about the master?"

"On my behalf, you're doing field work after school. Hong-kun cared a lot about Mio, but he gave it to me."

"Oh well."

I probably cared just as much, but at times like this, first of all, the hong who gave a lot to me that women would be better off with each other. Mio thinks that while appreciating that concern, we need to thank him somehow in an unaffordable way.

Almost healed, but it doesn't change that I'm not good at women, so it's hard to get all the thanks that come out all the time with Mio's head out.

"What about Makoto's sister?

"He didn't tell me the details, but he said he might not log in today because he has important business"

"Oh well."

I can only come up with a lot of out-of-the-box thanks no matter how, in a way I'm stunned by my own imagination that's no different from Lainey's, but once I stop thinking about it, Mio confirms about the true harp that seems to be there but isn't.

When Spring Vegetables informed him of Makoto's plans to listen to the inquiry, Mio's avatar's mobile device rings.

"... visitors in real life"

"Oh well. Go away."

"Mmm.... Spring Sister"


"Love it."

"... me too, Mio"

In some cases, I may not be able to log in anymore today. The moment I think that, impulsively, Mio tells me he likes spring vegetables from the bottom of his heart. Spring vegetables that give back their likes with a smile from the bottom of their hearts, small but also with a heartfelt smile directed with those simple words.

Mio then tells Makoto, who as a visitor was visiting his hands for a comeback celebration and a bit of an early birthday present, that he loves it with the same feelings as spring vegetables on board as he impulsively embraces them.

The first day of middle school life for Mio was a happy day when he was able to confirm his gratitude and likes for all kinds of people and made him want to be a bit of a fine person.