"Senior East."

"" Happy graduation!

Time flies and graduation day. Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables had been handed bouquets of flowers by Ayase Dancing Clothes (Ayamae), who had participated in the graduation ceremony as freshmen, and her twin sister, Knitting (Yui).

It should be noted that, as can be expected from the last name, the dance costumes and coats are the daughters of Heavenly Sound, girls who are very similar to Heavenly Sound as teenagers, including the color of their hair. Since she is the daughter of Heavenly Sound, she is naturally a god or something like that.

Much beyond the realm that only monozygotic twins look just like each other, they are the first type of twins that cannot be identified when they are shown a picture of their hairstyle not pictured: they match perfectly from height weight three sizes to hair length to mole number and position at the end.

Nevertheless, the only thing that matches that much is appearance, and there is a difference in ability to what is generally referred to as error. To give a specific example, in academia, my sister's dance clothes are more than rational, my sister's knitwear is more than literary, and my specialty is at high school level. I can almost certainly score full score, but if it is a bad area, I have an 80% chance to ask one or two questions, and it feels like dropping a low score problem or part point.

By the way, every day my sister makes a distinction between the left, my sister makes it a right side ponytail, as well as the color of clothes and sesame accessories. Even today, clothing is the uniform, so it is common, but it is a dress that can be properly identified by the hairstyle and elsewhere.

Most of all, from the spring vegetables and the current macro, it can be as identifiable as it can be outside of the exterior.

"Something's been going on this year."

"That's right."

Think back to what happened this year when the bouquet of flowers was received by Hongchan and Spring Vegetables with somewhat distant eyes.

I feel like the best event in my life of being flown into the Faircro world has been somewhat of a trouble even in my school life since I got back.

"Spring and I may have had a lot of trouble, but we were us, and we had a pretty rough year, didn't we?

"Yes, yes. Both Chun and Senior East were pretty dangerous in many ways."

"But Chun didn't want us to speak to Senior East anyway."

"Besides, I told you when Chun asked me, it's not the kind of thing I can explain with my mouth, so I just had to get used to it."

"" Really, I'm glad I got settled in just the right salt plum by graduation. "

In response to Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables retrospective of this year's events, I spill how the dance costumes and knitwear that were born with a divine presence that had exactly been tapped into their control training were harrowing about the control and behavior of Hiroshi.

In fact, the sweet spring vegetables, which are sealed and equipped with divine objects due to physical and blood muscle problems, have been followed by the twins quite a bit in places where they are not aware of themselves.

Most of all, for the twins, spring vegetables are my favorite relative's sisters. I also know that because of the high school and the spring vegetables, my attention was lighter. So following was not at all bitter in itself, on the contrary, it was most welcome to help.

However, no matter how welcoming it was, it was not very good for my mental health to keep me concerned all the time as I followed because of that situation that lasted a long time, as if I were still stepping off my feet and skipping with a smooth approximation where I was about to fall off a cliff, if I were to paraphrase it.

Therefore, even though we go to our mother, who has much more control than ourselves, it is a great pleasure to be less worried about the fact that the two control aspects have settled somewhat in this situation where Spring Vegetables and Hongchang will go out of sight in the future.

"In the meantime, maybe once for spring break, because I think training and special training will come in"

"Both Chun and Dong seniors feel like we have to work a little hard,"

"Ahhh, let's do it. I've learned a lot about training well during cultural festivals."

I get the words of a dance coat and a knit, and a bunch of honks say sighingly everywhere I think.

It is natural to be immature because it is longer when you were still human even when you looked at it in subjective time. I do, but there are too many things I can't get to, and I have to snap.

"Well, we'll just have to work hard around there."

"Yes, yes. I don't think we can have perfect control after all these years without a relationship from birth like us."

"For that matter, we know nothing about the athletic abilities of ordinary people."

"" I can't grasp such sensory things, no matter how hard I try ""

To the penetration of the macro, the twins, stretching to emphasize the big breasts of their mother's concession, unite their voices and affirm that what is impossible is impossible. Fundamentally, sometimes the person you're close to doesn't have the same age with normal motor skills, and you don't even try to grasp them from the start, such as the general motor skills of teenagers.

"Well, whatever it is, spring break special training is probably something we can help you with."

Say hello then.

Tell him so, dance clothes and knitwear heading to another third grade. Unlike spring vegetables, which were home for three years under the influence of senior stalkers, the twins are actually part of the science department.

Given that Heavenly Sound is a club established in the relationship between Atori and the others, it would be natural in a sense for my daughter, Dancing Clothes and Knitting, to belong.

Originally only about the education of AI of Atori due to equipment problems, and they are also completely finished, so if they are not as active as at the time, there will be no gorgeous achievements, but still, thanks to the high level of Tiomi High School and the name value of Tianyin, it is a club that is doing advanced things as a high school student nationally.

By the way, I also belong to Junhua in the science department because I have parental connections like twins. In his case, there are also activities of helpers and hanging subcals to other departments, and attendance feels subtle for the price.

Even if attendance is subtle, I am not complaining from anywhere about the poor attendance, as I am doing my best to work on the activities and achieve a lot more results than anyone else on the day I attend.

It should be noted that Toshiwa has gone to greet seniors in the Science and Subkal Departments, and greeting Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables is behind him. They say it doesn't have to be today because they're set to celebrate graduation tomorrow night.

Instead, because there is not enough time for Junhua, whose face is wide and hot, to come this way, he declares it is okay to say no greetings on the day from the spring vegetables.

"Spring vegetables, are we done talking?

"Oh, yeah."

"Then I'll go to the launch venue."

"Ha ~ i"

Rongzi calls out, anticipating that the dance costume and the coat have left. Apparently, there was an offer among the school students, and greetings to the spring vegetables were supposed to be done collectively by the dance clothes and knitwear on their behalf.

"... you're not going to be here anymore as a student"


"I don't know, it didn't take long."

"Spring vegetables, I wanted to go through another year or so, or something?

"Right. Another year or so, I might have wanted to do high school with you. I don't know, I feel like I've only been in high school since I liked it, over here, at a cultural festival or something."

"Yes, yes, welcome."

To the sentiment of spring vegetables, that kind of Rongzi with a gaze at the macro with a face that could throw up even in sugar. Rongzi turns a subtle face and laughs bitterly as troubled.

Spring vegetables that seem somewhat dissatisfied with the attitude of the two of them, but flush a lot with one sigh because saying bad things is going to kill them.

It was the classmates who were gathering in front of the school gate who were watching them warmly.

"I don't know, it's kind of a fuss about the East Middle School thing, but what kind of settlement ended up where East and Fujido got directly involved?

A graduation party that almost rents out the upstairs banquet hall space at an order buffet store with a special credit for the example.

Finishing a toast by soft drinks, Tamura questioned on behalf of everyone who would have cared at the end of the whole talk about recent developments and the way forward.

"In the meantime, I'm mostly counseled right now. Exactly, the kid who tried to stab people in the flame bottle thrown quote is a current offender arrest, so I guess he'll be in juvie again regardless of the outcome of counseling or whatever."

"And that psychotic old man seems to have all kinds of criminal punishments that can be definitively taken as obstruction of justice and incitement to crime, but other than that, he blew out. Even if I get out of jail, it's like getting stuck over there and getting unemployed."

"Not only that guy, he told the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Board of Education that we were talking about checking the minds of the people in the organization. They're also doing pretty strict surveys, and people who are bullied don't have to kill them, and people who go to the point where they're really going to do it are disempowered one after the other, and sent to a position where they're never involved in the crime scene."

"Do you want me to go that far? For what it's worth, if you do it normally, the press that is loud with freedom of speech and stuff like that, and people who are free of ideological creeds and are going to make flashy noise are happy to attack you, yet you treat them small."

"That doesn't mean the press will attack. 'Cause if you're already white-eyed about the center exam, and you're trying to keep people of the same mind away from power that fuels and encourages crime here, then that's what's gone."

The description of spring vegetables convinces the other classmates as well as the macro.

In fact, the strong coverage in the center exam made by the lower third-rate weekly magazine was now on the verge of causing fatal injuries to the entire press. Anyway, there can be no excuse for obstructing entrance exams, especially in spite of the fact that no major players were involved, past events have also been exposed to a storm of accusations on the set, pushing us into a situation where it is not strange to go bankrupt whenever we make a slight mistake in responding.

Even though it's basically all rust coming out of me, I can't afford to blame anything on the current state of affairs, which is desperate to pay for flying firepowder, or on actions that would be commonsense and normal tissue defense.

It would also be natural to say that freedom of thought and expression is not a freedom to encourage criminal activity, but rather to turn to the side supporting the movements of each ministry.

"What's it like to be the kid who's been in direct contact with you, East?

"The Nishioka guy I've been in touch with feels relatively good, but he still showed criminal activity in front of me, so I felt pretty good about it. When I said it to the other men involved, some people took shelter from the front of Yokoyama at the time, but this guy was just far worse than me at the time, and it felt pretty bad."

"Mr. Matsushima, who Nishioka inspired you to contact, felt mentally, but rather physically hairy. In addition to the severe stress, I think I have come into direct conflict with this group that I was arrested this time, like this..."

"... the first thing I have to shake, but we're talking about a bad meal again..."

"Yeah. The rice's gonna taste worse than this, so I'll let you keep the details down."

"Ah, yeah. I'm not gonna ask you any more."

Roko and Tamura listen to the explanation of Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables and stop pursuing them deeply. Other classmates try to convince themselves that they are fed up.

"I won't go any deeper into this incident itself, but there's something I'm worried about earlier."

"Before that?

"The middle school teacher in the east, what the hell was he doing? Looking at all this mess, I just know that when I was in middle school in the east, I didn't do anything, including the end of the day..."

"" "" "" Oh... "" "

Teachers in middle school, who in a way can be considered the culprits of the mess. I turn my gaze to Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables in the sense that if everyone asks me about the Yamaguchi question about it. Spring vegetables with that gaze explain to the delegate what they heard from within.

"He hasn't done anything directly about this one. It's more like we're in the middle of a trial and it's not like that."

"The trial? It wasn't over yet?

"Schools and public authorities are being sued. A type of trial takes a lot of time before a verdict comes out. Besides, people on the board of education accepted the verdict, but the principals are appealing both civil and criminal."

"... you're shameless everywhere"

Spring vegetables sighing to agree to Yamaguchi's terminal sentiments. Moreover, it is depressing that there is talk of the food becoming even more unpleasant in this matter.

"... Mm-hmm.... From the other side, they think they're victims of unreasonable treatment because they seem to realize that the media and the victim have tailored a major incident to the detriment of a child in the criminal reserve who's been sexually harassed and just fought back by a woman."

"The theft itself is made up, but even with that aside, it would be basically over-defense to do it until you're dying, and you should be asked for help because you have classmates around you in front of the homeroom in the first place and at the point, and even if sexual harassment was a fact, I don't think you can justify it, but is my perception strange?

"No, I think I would normally be the perpetrator at the point where I'm scolding the East, which is glocky with it, for watching my students in Lynch, but instead of stopping them, I started the homeroom without any attention..."

After getting a little lost, Spring Vegetables mouths additional information to answer Yamaguchi's shameless remarks. Listen to that story and be honest with what Yamaguchi and Tamura thought with a sinister face.

Principals and schools are being sued or accused, not least because they left nothing behind to help stop bullying. Because the video of the first chocolate forced to be eaten and lynched showed the female teacher in charge reprimanding the victim on a personality denial level instead of paying attention to the perpetrator.

Besides, even when the main group of criminals then launched an attack after breaking into the hospital room of Macho, who apologized for the visit, the first time he said something to distract him from blaming the perpetrator for the ridiculous victim, so now it's unreasonable for the school side to blame him, what a nonsense the story makes.

That footage in itself is only to the extent of reference material, but there are still only public records and written statements regarding other school side misconduct against the chocolate case and instructions that I can only assume are malicious of the principal and his office, so even if the amount of sentencing and compensation varies on appeal, it will never amount to acquittal.

If I do it, I'll get as bad of a heart certificate as I can and strangle myself, but I don't seem to be getting that far around my head just because I haven't done any reflections or other shards.

"Speaking of which, directly, you said, right?

"Yeah. That principal, he killed all the bullies to solve the bullying problem, and he sounded like an example uncle junior who claimed something like that. He dumbfounded something resentful after he leaked all the personal information about the case. So, my uncle fanned the bad press, and that's what I'm talking about."

"... you know the details clearly."

"The aunts in the courtesy palace are straining and washing the backgrounds, but they leak with evidence to the press, and we have that spill coming."

"... you mean you turned the courtesy palace against the enemy where you didn't know..."

Ask where the information came from and the background, and crush it like the classmate boy who asked the question was at war. Even if you can win acquittal by mistake, you probably don't have much ahead of you.

The Reimiya Group itself does not directly retaliate against former principals of secondary schools or their associates for turning them over to their enemies. Even in this case, Ayano, Meiyu, and the future are just using their personal financial resources and connections to investigate and leak to the press on their own, and Reimiya Commercial is not directly involved in any way.

but this kind of information leaks out of nowhere without the Thanksgiving Palace itself saying it.

Still, it couldn't even be countered if a person with influence in the press was in the back, as before, but it can't be helped when the press clearly shows a hostile attitude.

It was no longer necessary for the Reimiya Group to move, and the end of the former principals had been decided.

"Well, for now, the grownups who deserve it are fine. At this point, I'm going to tell you, there's always something more to be done about the bully side being completely victimized."

One of the classmate boys named Sora, who had just gotten hungry because he was no longer worthy of a graduation party, says something that has been so subtly difficult to say thanks to the presence of a macro.

"What are you talking about?

"First of all, it's out of the question because the way it's ignored in a bunch of lynches is a crumb, which is a big premise. After all, there are cases where the side being hit is moving from itself and pulling the trigger."

"Oh, well, I guess so."

"I'm sorry to tell you this, but apart from liking it or disliking it to the east, sometimes I get so frustrated that I want to punch it all I want. I'm not a wild animal to beat up just because I'm upset."

"I'm going to do it myself, so don't worry about it. You can take everything from all kinds of people."

I can't seem to say and feel sorry for Sora, but I agree with you all the time to show her the ambition. In the first place, there is no fantasy of being liked by 10,000 people.

Instead, I honestly can only thank you everywhere that you normally hang out with me after swallowing it and doing something bad, even though you may be angry and want to hit me.

Nevertheless, changing what I appreciate and what I can't do is a different matter.

"So, with the current flow, it's a good and regenerating the perpetrator with no follow up on that part of the victim's side, an atmosphere that seems to end up eliminating it as it is if it's bad"

"Oh, right."

"Besides, there are some cases where people who should have only laughed and scratched and twisted more and more while they kept getting hit, and that's what makes the getting hit side completely bad. That sort of thing solves just counseling?

"... it's a difficult place, isn't it? Counseling and other treatments are a must, but honestly, I'm not an expert."

"All the time, it's like being violent. I don't know about Akanmon..."

To Sora's question, Spring Vegetables and Macro say with a difficult face. As a separate issue from the necessity of conduct on the part of the perpetrator, it is necessary to be careful and mentor there if there is a nonsense on the part of the victim, but even that necessary instruction may be taken as affirming bullying if it is the air now.

After all, everything is a matter of degree, but in an environment where a large number of humans are involved, like companies and schools, it's something that doesn't get to a pretty good drop.

"For now, I can say for sure that it would be better to persevere and persevere from the early stages of the problem, no matter how much effort, to coach those who bully or are bullied, but in the end, let's do something all the time that will be trivial in a way that is no bother to anyone"

"Hong-kun, that's not just about bullying and education."

"I don't know. Probably wouldn't be a busy thing to do if you ran off to keep yourself when something went wrong, didn't want it, didn't want it, didn't want it out of your way."

"In the end, it's easiest to be honest with any problem properly and seriously."

A few people who seem to have something to think about the conversation between Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables are looking in the direction of the day after tomorrow at first sight.

"Well, we're not the only ones who can handle the launch, the education, the tide and the whole thing, and let's leave this alone for some fun stories."

"Right. Guys, what's it like to plan a spring break or something?

Spring vegetables that take the suggestion of a macro and shake a topic that is likely to be a little fun to talk about. Rongzi immediately says something about the spring vegetables.

"That kind of stuff comes from the top, spring vegetables"

"Copy that. For now, I have no big plans for this, except for the graduation celebration, which I'll do on my own tomorrow. I guess I'll be working in the fields in the morning and evening and working part-time at your parents' factory during the day."

"Learn more about that place!

The gaze of everyone but Hiroshi concentrates on the spring vegetables, which Rongzi told me to say lightly about his plans, and Mika eats intensely on behalf of him.

"In detail, I heard that Hiroshi helps my parents with their factory every year on extended vacation, so I always get help with field work. I think I'll help with administrative work or something in return."

Spring vegetables give details in bitter laughter, pushed by Mika's sword curtain, whose eyes shimmered with anticipation. I don't know what to say, but it's no different than a regular part-time job.

"Spring vegetables, that's dowry training!?

"No, no, no! It's just a part-time job, so there's nothing to talk about like that!

"Saya. Whatever the story in the first place, the breaks, everything but meetings and confirmations at work."

Spring vegetables that rush to deny Mika suddenly leaps the story. Hiroshi also gives out a help boat with a bitter smile.

"So, there's no Takahashi like that. What? You took college, didn't you?

"Yeah. That said, it's private in the city, so you go to school at home, and you don't say this to get ready to go to school or anything. In the meantime, I learned Spring Vegetables and started studying because I thought I'd qualify as a bookkeeper."

"Are Nakamura-san and Tamura universities in Tokyo?

"Yes, it's not Tokyo University, but it's Tokyo's national capital at first. It's a little far, but as far as I can get through, so I plan on going to school at home. It'll cost you a recurring fee."

"I mean, you go by train with Tamura, all the time"

That's what I'm talking about.

Rotsuko cuts back so with an extra look to the teasing words of the Hong. Spring vegetables have a surprising look at the conversation, precisely because, although they are close to Rongzi opponents, Hiroshi tried to make fun of a woman in a sex affair.

Hiroshi, who managed to overcome the past to some extent in one example and set himself apart from his junior high school self, was able to say this degree of light-heartedness in relation to romance to heterosexual opponents, even though he was only close to Rongzi and Mika and did not need vigilance.

"What, Spring Vegetables? pigeon bean face."

"Oh, yeah. I'm just a little surprised."

"What, you knew Tamura and Nakamura-san were dating?

"Uh, I wasn't surprised that way..."

Spring vegetables gently tell you that you weren't surprised there as you turned your surprise look into a somewhat joyful bitterness into the penetration of a macro.

Rongzi, who understands the meaning of surprise in the words of spring vegetables, sends his gaze to spring vegetables with a face he seems to be subtly adept at. Spring vegetables, who nodded small after that gaze, revert to the story for now.

"So, for now, let's get back to it, but I'm sure Yamaguchi was Hainan University, right?

"Oh. I guess the undergraduate and the lectures you take won't be the same, but nice to see you again for four years"

"Mmm, nice to meet you. So, Yamaguchi, are you sure you're an education department?


"Seems like Makoto is going to a cultural anthropologist, so in some cases Makoto and the lecture could go hand in hand"

"Hmm, I see"

Yamaguchi, who is asked about the circumstances of the true harp and nods small. Mika watching it nails Yamaguchi with a subtly anxious face.

"I don't mind getting along with Mr. Makoto, but no cheating, okay?

"Don't worry, you're just not eligible to be six years old away"

Yamaguchi clearly tells Mika, who seems anxious. The classmates who were watching the exchange muttered.

Incidentally, the main reason why I wasn't eligible was that I wanted to refrain from laundry boards even if I wasn't as keen on small and large. If asked by the person, even the tiger cannon would likely be knocked in, which is the only secret here that should never be divulged outside in the name of Yamaguchi's honor and personal safety.

"Speaking of which, that Makoto-san person, you do know Fujido who was here during the cultural festival. In a very sparkling group of beautiful men and women, only one of them felt like a very normal person at a level of intimacy."

Yasukawa, a former cultural festival executive committee member who was turning to stand up, returns to me and confirms to Spring Vegetables. In the exchange between Yamaguchi and Mika, there was a mix of words that could hardly be overheard.

"Yes, but I care a lot about the area and the breasts, so don't say it in front of the person, okay?

"Oh, yeah. Don't worry, I'm only going to say it this time because I just wanted to make sure that I'm not going to be so delicate. So, I was just wondering, what do you mean, you're six years older and the lecture's coming together?

"Makoto-san, there was a time when I dropped out of college and pulled off. So, because I want to study again properly, I usually passed the general entrance exam instead of the entrance exam, so I'm going to study in the same grade as us."

"I see. I mean, it's amazing how much you get from dropping out to Hainan University. Besides, there's got to be a pretty good blank for that background."

"Yeah. So I've been studying really hard."

Yasukawa has an unexpected respect for the true harp in explaining the spring vegetables. Even if it is a relatively minor cultural anthropology, Hainan University is a fairly high hurdle university to pass on active duty. It's impossible with a lot of effort, such as receiving a blank.

If Makoto himself asks, he is likely to appreciate how sorry he is.

"Well, I assure you that he doesn't need a boyfriend or anything for a while now, because he's involved in how he dropped out of school."

"The more people like that, the collier they go to no man,"

"Exactly, we'll stop that pattern somehow."

I assure Yasukawa, who mentioned that there is a woman caught by a no man, with a serious face that spring vegetables are for him. As for spring vegetables, I honestly am perfectly sorry that my body gets hurt by an unwarranted kind of relationship between a man and a woman.

"Make it Mr. Makoto-san. Make it Rongzi's, I would never allow a relationship with someone who would unilaterally hurt me for reasons that aren't legitimate, like cheating or wanting to poison them away for a bit of play, while my eyes are black. Use any hand to stop it."

"No, Spring Vegetables' eyes are blue, not black from the beginning."

As for the spring vegetables, which are unscrupulous because of their previous stacks, the horse rushes in and backs them up as if they were out there. Watching the two suitors, who had breath until such a strange place, exchanged promises to have another drink for everyone on mitzvah day, and the graduation launch party continued to be full of time.

"Something's over."

"It's over."

That night. The usual chat. A slightly extravagant dinner with the family alone, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables were sparing the remnants of their high school lives while they were all over the couch.

Incidentally, there are currently only three people in the chat room: Hong, Spring Vegetables and True Harp. Tatsuya, Shiori and Mio are scheduled to come in a little later.

"If you look back, there are quite a few things you wanted to do but couldn't do"

"That's right. For example?"

"The biggest one, I guess, is the club. Because I couldn't because of the example seniors."

"Oh, I see"

Macro nods to the words of spring vegetables. The same is true of Hong, who doesn't do club activities, but it would be a huge difference between Hong, who didn't want to stay in the school itself for long in the first place in a feminine sense, and Spring Vegetables, who had nothing wrong with him but couldn't do club activities due to external factors.

"For once, there's a club in college."

"I know, but it's gonna be a lot different from the high school club, right?

"Sort of."

Makoto, who was listening to the conversation between Spring Vegetables and Hongqin, snaps his mouth, equally swamped on the couch.

What a club atmosphere. It's different from high school to university. It's not even the same high school or school to school, or more importantly, it's completely different from club to club, but it's still definitely different in high school and university in its fundamental parts.

Particularly significant differences in the fundamental part would be the magnitude of the proportion of self-responsibility due to the mixing of adult humans and the length of activity hours and loose rules such as school rules.

There are quite a few frigid clubs due to the circumstances around it, and it can be painful to think the same way as up to high school, but I will omit it here because it has nothing to do with the subject.

"Either way, I don't think I can afford to do a lot of clubbing or anything in college."

"Hey. If you take lectures a year or two so that you can be too cautious and make time for them, you'll have a hard time seeing them later because of the lack of credit."

"Also, I know it's prejudicial, but college clubs are just drinkin 'at a concoction or something, and I get the impression all the time..."

"Not all of them are, but the ratio of original activities to concoctions and drinks barely changes, that kind of activity isn't uncommon, actually"

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables give negative opinions from many sides over doing club activities in college. Even if not, I'm busy studying and farming, but I'm not thankful to be detained until night in a club.

Regardless of how interesting the activities are, if the constituent personnel have a solid and decent track record of activities, it would be much better to put that time into Faircro login time as well, as long as the drinking party staff gathering is about to participate in the kind of activities that I think I'm only looking for.

Talking about that, Mio came in after the entry chime.

"Ah, Mio. Evening."

"Mm. Happy graduation, Master, Sister Chun"

"Oh, thank God."


"So, Master, Sister Chun, Sister Zhenqin. What were you talking about?

Mio asks, wondering about his neck after an exchange of plans at the same time as entering the room. To the extent Mio seemed to wonder, the subject of the club seemed to wield a subtle air.

"Uh, I was talking about the club."

"When I went to Shiomi High School, I was able to work a club. Talk about it all the time, and there are clubs in college, so it's like,"

"In college, maybe you can't afford a club," he concluded.

"I see. Because I meant the masters, I thought they were talking about college clubs that seemed weird and had a lot of things directly connected to the lower body that I didn't feel like belonging to."

"That's what you were talking about. I mean, I'm just finishing the story."

True harp accidentally and painfully affirms Mio's words, which are still full of prejudice but cannot be denied altogether. For the majority of legitimate students who are properly and seriously engaged in academic and club activities and, in some cases, part-time work, the image is highly reputationally damaging.

"Either way, I don't feel like I can spend four years safely, like a college club with my master and sister Chun, so I think I should stop"

"I can't deny that."

"Sister Makoto is also easier to avoid given the possibility that the masters will be dragged in"

"I didn't originally think about college clubs. I've had enough experience in college before, and I want to focus on studying and comics."

True Qin agrees with Mio's point. In the first place, if you want that kind of activity to be the main thing, you don't have to go back to college. Because if you fish for local information magazines, you can find as many social circle activities as you want to recruit.

"Speaking of which, what does Mio do with clubs and stuff?

"After I was invited to attend the new year's club briefing, I decided to consult with Sister Deep Snow or Rin or something"

"I see. Well, there's no problem leaving it to the deep snow."

"Yeah, I think so too."

Makoto also checks lightly about Mio's club activities and cuts off the story of his club activities for now. Keep talking back to the first topic.

"So, what do you mean you got out of line in a big way in a club relationship, but you couldn't do it even if you wanted to in high school?

"This is half slip safe, but I've always wanted to make love"

"Well, you did it right. What do you mean, half slip in?

"I'm in love, but I haven't accomplished anything, and I wanted to do a lot of dating and day trips and staying at each other's houses as a proper couple. only to the extent generally permissible as a high school student, but"

"Ahhh, that's definitely a half-slip safe place. It seems suspicious to go on a day trip or something, even if they are close to each other."

"Later on, with that derivation, you wanted to go on a trip or something with your friends for a night or so. I couldn't do it because I had a lot of problems with the seniors."

I checked the list of things I couldn't do with spring vegetables, and I feel like I can't do that somehow, True Harp and Mio. Hiroshi, who is likely to become a snake, is desperate to take a through test.

"But when you listen to me, that tochi crazy stalker, he's making a pretty negative impact on your high school life."

"Sister Makoto. I think a stalker is a basic tochi crazy creature."

"No, well, yeah, come on"

"And even without the weird stalker, I think Sister Chun had a hard time making a boyfriend in a position, and I definitely feel like traveling with friends was out without the stalker seniors"

"I guess that means that even if it wasn't there, I'd only be able to do what I wanted to do."

Mio squeaks sharply through what can only be described as wet clothes against senior stalkers. Spring vegetables that can't argue with that allegation and show a soggy attitude.

"So, is there anything the Macro wanted to do?

Leaving such spring vegetables unattended, Zhenqin speaks to Hiroshi.

"Sora, other than wanting to take a study trip in the woods or something?

"Oh, I don't think so."

"I was able to attend the cultural festival properly, and the general events were almost completely eliminated."

"Well, if you can start over, I'd like to start over, actually."

"Well, I don't know if it's going to take me about ten years if I'm bad enough so I can join the neighborhood."

High school life in Hongkong, which has a lot of thoughtlessness in a different sense from spring vegetables. Unlike Spring Vegetables, where there is a little luxury to say, the Macro's are all things that you can experience as a matter of course, without the need for special hope if you are normal. That would make for a lot of heartache.

Especially in my three years of high school, I had a class that went very well with Hiroshi. If I had been able to take part in a proper school trip, I would have definitely made good memories, and for that matter, it would have been a shame.

"Instead of a school trip, I wonder if I'll do my best to graduate in four years..."

"Recently, for college students and society, there are some travel products out there that feel like a bit of a fancy school trip, and if you're going to be able to do something about it, maybe you should travel because that's what I'm going to collect classmates for?

"Right. If you're going, do you want to avoid the Kansai area, around Hiroshima or something?

"Isn't there something about the Northeast? And maybe you should go to Nachi Katsuura or Kumano Kodo or Ise Shima or something?

"That's good too, isn't it? Especially Ise Shima, whose seafood is delicious."

Spring vegetables and genuine harps thrive on such stories, overlooking the travel products of the study travel type. It's a much quicker story even though it's four years away.

"Sister Chun, Sister Zhenqin. I think I should definitely go on that school trip, but first I need to think about graduating from college safely."

"Well. What's more, when college is three or four years old, you're busy getting a job."

"We don't really have to think about getting a job, so it's easy, but everyone else doesn't either."

Spring vegetables that are not suitable for regular salariers with all the alignments. There is a cut about that area, and it is still fine because there is enough to do the work to eat it, otherwise we are all in a straight line to the bottom of society.

"Well, it's about time to look back. Anyway, first of all, I wonder what I'll do for spring break and what I'll do after college starts."


"Take a closer look at the syllabus or something first, right? If possible, I want interesting and reputable lectures, lecture sorting that it's useless to take anything but a couple of credits, and information for that."

"You want that information so badly. Especially in compulsory subjects."

"With a handout of spring vegetables or something, can't you do something about it?

I'll check with Aunt Heavenly Sound or something.

Spring vegetables and genuine harps, which are driven by a shift in the topic of the Macro and turn their awareness primarily to the important points that shape college life in terms of academic fulfillment. There is a quota for any lecture, and early enrollment wins. Delays in gathering information here expose me to the bitterness of having to take an interesting and unmanageable lecture on a mandatory subject for a year and do reports and exams based on that lecture.

In this sense, spring break is a rather important time.

"I think I might be able to go to college and do research while I'm on vacation."

"Right. You should ask a lot of people directly."

"Well, we'll schedule an appointment soon. Once, let's go to college. If you say spring break, there will be some students in the lab, and some of them will answer that question."

An ambition that makes you feel a lot more critical and decide to move to gather information. In fact, Heavenly Sound has already made a list of recommended lectures per department at the time of passing, but Higashi plans to collect some information on his own before giving it to me, so it's completely numb at this point.

"Speaking of which, I remembered on spring break. Sister Chun, Sister Zhenqin. During spring break, go out and buy clothes and hang out."

"Fine, but not with deep snow?

"Of course, I would invite Sister Deep Snow, but I would also buy something that wouldn't be helpful for Sister Chun or Sister Deep Snow."

"What's not helpful?

"I don't really want to say it in front of my master, but mainly underwear"

Underwear, the moment I hear the word, the macro escapes from the spot at the speed of light. I haven't even logged out because of the possibility that Tatsuya will come and what we still need to talk about, but the conversation itself is completely blocked.

"... well, even if you think about Delicacy in part, you can't say you can't handle it right now. I don't have to wonder if I can figure out a way to escape."

"Ah, yeah. But it's a little hard to imagine Hiroshi hitting the run smartly with this flow..."

"I don't deny it there either..."

Makoto and Spring Vegetables are flashed for a moment by the immediacy and then evaluated with a bitter smile. Listening to that conversation, Mio turns his gaze to those whose horns disappear in a sorry way.

"So, Mio. I don't even know what normal clothes are, but my future aunt's got as much underwear for me as she wants, right?

"I thought I'd say that, so I can't be Spring or Deep Snow."

In the meantime, Mio just cuts it off against the spring vegetables that I returned to. Makoto, who was listening to that exchange, is convinced in many ways.

"No matter how oblivious I am to the brand, I don't have the guts to put on my underwear and try to measure it, which is obviously luxurious."

"I guess. I mean, when we talk about exposure to underwear, the same goes for getting dressed during physical education, but what happened to you?

"I've been touring in uniform, so I haven't used the school dressing room before"

"I see. But, well, even though it's not a luxury brand, I'm going to have to wear it directly to my skin, so I'm going to have to make it a good fabric guy. Especially in your case, your skin is surprisingly sensitive because you've become so sturdy that it's okay to take a direct bath of acid or something."

"Right. I had a rash because it was cheap I had prepared in time before, and at least it would be easier to keep the bra in silk."

Spring vegetables to be supplemented by the same opinions of the true harp. The choice of underwear is quite important because it guards sensitive steep points for direct application to the skin.

Incidentally, the reason we needed cheap underwear in time was a little accident that happened around the time rehab started, caused by Mio's accidents. I accidentally wiped out all my changed underwear at a time when I didn't have all the pieces, and I spent about a day in the cheapest underwear and got a brilliant rash.

Mio's bra has since carefully chosen only the fabric, especially since the rash around the area where the bra was touching was terrible.

When I was over there, the lowest line was spider-silk, and I was disappointed with Enchant to deal with the problems around there, so I only had trouble with rashes but they suck.

Thanks to that, he didn't realize that Mio's skin had such weaknesses until then, which made him quite fussy.

"Mm-hmm. But based on that, the less expensive ones are tough"

"I don't think you need so much, why?

"My chest tightness suddenly grew stronger about the end of the year, and I started growing up like I had something switched on. I had it made in a size that I could afford quite a bit as of September, but it's actually already pretty tight..."

With that said, Mio lets Spring Vegetables and Makoto check the current exact bust size by removing his avatar jacket. A luxurious looking bra with an elaborate design is eating slightly into the chest, obviously not available in size.

"... Hey, Mio. Obviously, I think I'm growing up faster than I was over there..."

"I agree, but the start of the growing season was a lot slower than beyond..."

"I mean, I feel like my breasts are growing up faster, but I feel like I'm growing taller than I am over there."

With that said, Spring Vegetables calls out Mion's avatar data, Mio's character in Faircro, with consent as reference data. As soon as we got back here, it would be troublesome if we didn't know what each other looked like when we rendezvoused inside Faircloth, so we used to show off our in-game appearance in this chat room, and there was data left at that time.

That Mion avatar data almost accurately captures Mio's height weight threesome size just before he comes back here. It was, for one thing, the occasional obsession of Mio that could almost accurately be reflected.

Results compared to…

"Your breasts are the same under and your top is five millimeters. You're bigger now, but you're nearly two centimeters taller"

"There's a time difference of about six months, but when you're about the age of Mio, you don't grow two centimeters exactly in six months, do you?

"What do you think? I'll check it out.... Right, the change in height between one and two years of secondary school, on average, is about two centimeters in a year. Wouldn't be that different in six months."

"Right. So, how tall have you grown in the last year or so?

"Eh, a little over a hundred and forty-three centimeters at first, and now a little over a hundred and forty-five centimeters, so a little over two centimeters?

"This data is about one hundred and forty-seven centimeters, so that's about four centimeters more in a year and a half."

"Yeah. Finally, when compared to the average, does it feel more normal now as a height growth?

Spring vegetables and mahjong will check the physique shape of Mio in such a way as to bring forward the physical measurements we have in April. The conclusions I made.

"Isn't this the height growth on his chest?

"Something's going on like that."

"Well, I just remembered that Mio's underwear was a developmental enchantment, wasn't it?


"Well, if you're only putting it on your underwear, aren't you amplified by the rate at which your chest grows?

"" Ah... "

Spring vegetables and Mio speak up in the sense that if you ask me, I would like to point out the true harp.

"Maybe that's how long it was originally stretched, about two centimetres for the nutrients I took over there, and that's what it feels like being taken to my chest after the nutrients I took over here were also taken over because of the Enchant"

"... I'm glad my chest grows, but I want a hundred and fifty centimeters tall if possible..."

"Even so, I've never made that kind of effort or anything, so you're not sure. I might be more familiar with deep snow."

"But what they commonly call a chest augmentation effort and a backstretching effort are mostly overlapping. Otherwise, it's medical..."

"For once, there seems to be something called low-height treatment, but in Mio's case, insurance might work. It seems a little grey-zone, too. At the moment, by Japanese standards, it's not so much that it's pathologically short, because it seems that the most effective thing to do is to start high school..."

Spring vegetables at the request of Mio and explaining the contents of the investigation. True harp and Mio look difficult to hear the results.

"When it's a reliable means, it's a surgical procedure..."

"Being in the hospital again is a bit..."

"Yeah, hey."

"In the meantime, the fact that we are likely to be able to do it at low risk in the current situation means that we will eat more of the ingredients on the other side that are likely to work for height, after putting a whole body of growth boost on the possibility."

While talking to others, the entry chime rings. Hearing that sound, Mio, whose upper body remained in his underwear, rushes to undo his clothes, and Spring Vegetables turns off Mion's avatar.

About a minute after those tasks are done, Tatsuya comes in alone.

By the way, Shiori is currently bathing. I don't know how Tatsuya is, but she doesn't attack her wife who takes a bath every time.

"Something was gaggling Hiro there, what the hell happened?

"Eh, I'm on my way to spring break. I'm talking about underwear, and I'm talking about Mio's current shape and growth curves..."

"Ah, well, maybe something was leaking to Hiro along the way. Is that what Mio is going to do in this case?

"I don't deny it because I have a priori, but this time it's not me. I mean, only Spring sister is doing that hand manipulation this time"

"That's right. Maybe it's me, but I don't know where I misoperated... Ah."

When Tatsuya told me to check the operation log, Spring Vegetables hardened when I noticed my mistake. The gaze focuses on what you did.

"I hadn't looked closely at the settings and I called out the avatar in Mion's underwear, not realizing at all that it was starting to appear within the sight of everyone in the chat room..."

"I see. I witnessed Myon's underwear and he was gaggling."

"Sorry, Mio. I didn't see it properly."

"I don't care for what my master sees, and it's common for me to have a ton of default settings for that kind of setup"

"It feels like I just checked, no one normally checks this setting, so I'm hiding somewhere I can tell, so maybe I'll do it even if it's not spring vegetables. In the first place, I'm more curious about what this setup is for."

"Really hey. Even though it's basically an easy setup with all the hard items, you don't know what most of them are for, do you, this?"

Together, we look far away to see the cause of the unbelievably damaging spring vegetables against the macro. Eventually, on this occasion, the talk-about height remained mundane, and I consulted Heavenly Sound at a later date, and it was affirmed that even if I tried to increase my height forcefully with normal technology today, in the case of Mio, it would be ineffective in relation to the physique gained from the accumulation over there.