"Spring vegetables, will you write down this slip?


"They're coming to get it now, so I'm sorry, but I'm gonna need a delivery note over here, too."


The first day of spring break. Spring vegetables, which had come to East Workshop, a town factory run by Hiroshi's parents, for dowry training in the name of part-time work, had shown the activity of the octagonal six-arm since then.

"Auntie, is this the end of the month's receipts for today?

"Right. We also have detergents and garbage bags in stock, so we'll be fine until the payment date, maybe."

After completing the processing of the requested slip in a crisp manner and obtaining confirmation from the mother of Hon and Misao, Spring Vegetables proceeded at once with the accounting work that was underway until halfway. Change everything you've been doing by hand so you can process it with spreadsheet software, and take a breather after entering past handwritten slips and materials.

"Auntie, it's over"

"Wow, I'm done."

"As for the past minutes, I used scanners and stuff to make it easier."

"Still amazing. Me or the computer. Use that much."

With that said, Misao makes tea for herself and spring vegetables. Since I had one paragraph of work, I decided to have a tea and vegetable chat with Spring Vegetables after the break.

"Ho, Spring Vegetables"

"Oh, thank you"

"As of now, I'm sure I can predict, but I don't have enough work to get people to come and do it every day, just accounting and slips."

"That's right."

Spring vegetables honestly nod to Misao's words as he receives his tea. Normally, it would only be a response to either an aversion or an insensitive reaction, but I decided to be honest when I saw Misao's expression and attitude.

First, it is only white to deny with more work done than already instructed and hands empty.

In the first place, it was just a little too busy, and the accounting and processing work was originally covered by Hongkong's parents alone. There are no more flashy orders than the ability to handle spring vegetables.

Finally, East Works sales and profits are not bad for only that amount of accounting work. The main reason for this is that there is no need for impossible orders because we do not have extra personnel, and because processing is highly difficult due to special skills that cannot be handled by other companies in the industry, the main reason is that the unit price is high and the number of orders is low.

"But there's a slip issued every day, even if it's a small amount, right?

"Yes, but if we do that, it won't matter to us."

That said, a sip of tea and a sigh of Misao. Although part-time, there seems to be a lot of grit about hiring spring vegetables.

"I know most of the day is free, and I don't want to hire every person..."

"If it's about pay, you don't have to worry so much..."

"Sorakan. No matter how much you intend to appeal to your son, use it sweetly and cheaply for its generosity, or disqualify the merchant. All the time, I don't have any legitimate work to do. I know, I've been in custody for a long time, but there's always a chance that I'll get paid."

Misao basically declines the offer of spring vegetables, based on the normal principles of commerce. To that conclusion, spring vegetables leak a sigh of sigh as to whether that would normally be the case.

"Well, if Spring Vegetables remembers and helps us with anything other than our administrative relationship, we'll solve it quickly."

"If you can tell me, I'll do my best for any job"

"Even if we do, I think Spring Vegetables will be fine, so teaching is not a problem in itself..."

Misao responds with a slightly troubled grin to the declaration of spring vegetables. Newcomer education in small companies is always a battle against certain problems.

"Just to teach Spring Vegetables, I don't have a job right now."


Zero companies, that's also the biggest problem in manufacturing that serves as a barrier to newcomer education. That lies in the fact that you can not necessarily secure a job that will get you to be an amateur.

In the first place, the vast majority of small companies with single digits of employees do not have the kind of leeway to prepare unnecessary materials or create wasted products just for education.

Inevitably, even in terms of labor costs, deficits are fine, so when you become an amateur at the level that you have to contribute to sales in some way, but it's also the first time you touch a machine tool, you really have to start with a task that no matter who does it, just attach the product to the automatic machine and push the button.

However, regardless of the type of company that is subcontracted to process mass produced parts, there is not always a job for rookie education when special skills are sold in a multi-variety small production entity like the East Workshop.

So if you secure it with sales effort, then all the things you can secure later with a job that even amateurs can do as long as you step it up are too much of a deficit at the cost of materials or even impossible to run full 24 hours at zero on tens of thousands of units per month. Instead, that's the kind of job that floats in the universe being turned around in such a way that it can be secured at any time.

Even if there are only a few affordable and fair profits in rookie education, what a delicious job rarely floats in the world, and the company that did the job at the beginning goes out of business to find a new place to order, the conversation usually comes together quickly with a handover from another business partner.

Or should I hire someone who has experience? Not so. Even if I say that I have experience, I am a pinkie, and while I say that I have been working in an iron mill for more than twenty years, there is also a lot of experience in people who only have the job of replacing products to be processed with automatic machines and pushing switches. Also, people who have experience but are floating in the universe are easy to hit the type of people who don't listen to people and go about their work with unsolicited reasoning, even though the odds are not so low that they are not big arms.

As much as hiring that kind of talent, it would have been much better to plant total amateurs from scratch, even if they had some difficulty educating.

Thus, the more skilled and skilled you are, the more difficult you are at your job, the higher the hurdle of hiring new people.

"Uh, for now, do you have any work around it, like burring?

"I don't know. I don't feel comfortable asking you to do anything, and you want me to do it around there first? All the time, it's not a big number."


Misao nods to spring vegetable suggestions, drinks up tea and stands up. Spring vegetables are similarly dried up with tea according to Misao, returning hot water to the flush.

"Oh, yeah. Arrange work clothes before removing burrs."

With that said, Misao pulls out a catalog of books and opens the pages of work clothes he usually orders to look like spring vegetables.

"I didn't know the size, so I'm planning to arrange it while Spring Nanaka's in the office today. It's just that even if a rush order pops in first thing in the morning, while I'm flustered."

"You seemed very busy this morning."

"Seya Nen. Well, I've been busy for a while now. So, what size is Spring Vegetable going to be?


"Just in case, West is a little looser. Yeah. Because there is a lot of work with cancer and so on, and I often get belly compressions, and if necessary, I may wear one inside."

"Well, the jacket is now, and the trousers are this size"

Spring vegetables that follow Misao's recommendations and based on the sizes indicated, choose the one that can be worn most inexorably in their own shape. As far as trousers are concerned, they make the waist one size larger, as I was told.

"... I predicted it by the looks of it, but I'm relieved again. Visceral, where are you going in there? Thin all the time."

"It's often said for the price"

Misao sighs deeply looking at the size specified by Spring Vegetables. Spring vegetables laughing bitterly at the reaction of that Misao. I'm done laughing because Misao's words contain no disgust or jealousy, but the same reaction is a troublesome place to get very annoying tangled up by some opponents.

"Well, I'll order now. It should come in later in the week from ready-made products."


"I'm sorry, I'm not handy. To be honest, I thought it would take less than half a day to get to the last minute of electronic data."

"Usually it's not weird to think about it that way, because using convenience tools has been a bit harsh in a week."

Spring vegetables laughing and telling Misao that it is normal to say sorry about the delay in arranging work clothes. In fact, when it comes to electronically storing all kinds of documents and accounting materials that, on average, have an obligation to store for about seven years, it can be quite a big job, no matter how small the company.

How many convenient tools do you use, and normally a week is as much paperwork and variety as you need it. It is not the kind of task that can be done by mistake but by working alone and without half a day. If it wasn't spring vegetables, as Misao sees it, on the contrary, it was even possible that if we did poorly, we wouldn't end up on spring break.

Whatever you think, spring vegetables are too tense.

"In the meantime, I'm going to go on a work tour today, and then I'm going to bury it, and I'm going to have you do the right thing until tomorrow, when you come in with your work clothes, and you're going to be able to do it with normal clothes."

With that said, Misao guides Spring Vegetables for a description of the work being done in the factory. Whatever you do, and in order for you to know the precautions, you need to have some knowledge of the details of the work.

If it's just clerical work, it's enough to draw attention to the level of hazard that you can see, but it's not going to happen when you get some kind of in-plant light work such as machining, burring, etc.

The kind of danger that doesn't come with a pin in general life, and the inability to take safety precautions, is rolling into the iron mill as much as possible.

"In the meantime, when I have to say the machining we're doing, four Amen. Specifically, lathes, milling, cutting teeth, slottering. The lathes will be general purpose lathes and their automatic machines. The NC lathes will be general purpose milling machines and their automatic machines. There are NC milling machines and machining centers, but if you name a milling shop or a lathe shop around here, you probably won't have them."

"I'm not very familiar with machining, but NC milling and machining centers are both milling machine automatics, right? How is it different?

"NC milling simply programmed the general purpose milling, and I don't want to do the tool change myself. In contrast, machining has the automatic tool replacement capability, which allows all sorts of machining in one program at a time. There are many other differences in detail, but the big difference is that."

"Well, it's an amateur idea, but whatever the general purpose milling machine is, it doesn't seem to require NC milling..."

"Machining is so cumbersome that I want to drop a corner on R just one part of a single item, and that's not the way to use it. Besides, depending on the machining, the spindle freaks out due to machining and tool mounting structure problems, and there are cases all the time. In the first place, machining is totally suitable for general purpose machines, so it's easier to do it alone or with NC milling."

To explain Misao, a lot of convincing spring vegetables. It would be an example of this, not necessarily a full-spec one would be useful.

It should be noted that although there are some machining centers in the world that have features that can be operated with a feeling of proximity to general-purpose machines, in the end machining centers are machining centers, so other weaknesses, including the hassle of staging, are not so different. So sometimes it's not cheap shopping, and it's not as popular.

For the record, there is no machine in the lathe that hits the machining center. This is simply because the function of tool change is present at the point of general-purpose lathes, so the NC lathes also have the function of tool change, as is normal.

Although some machines have developed NC lathes further, the opposing counterpart is not a machining center, but a more complex and versatile machine called a five-axis machining machine or five-sided machining machine.

Because of this, there are about six milling machines in total in the East Workshop, all of which are the most common types of machines called vertical machines, except one called universal milling. Available in sizes ranging from four to six, and in general, or slightly larger, sizes. The five-sided machines and composite machines that came out earlier have not been introduced at the East Workshop due to price and installation area problems.

I discount what these are because they are hard to imagine from the text on longer.

"So, let's get back to it, Spring Vegetables knows the difference between a lathe and a milling machine?

"As I heard slightly before, the lathe is a machine that rotates the material and performs cutting with a fixed blade, which performs the processing of a product on which a cylinder or cone, such as an axis, is fundamental. The milling machine is a machine that spins blades and scrapes fixed materials, basically machining polygonal ones based on rectangles, was that okay?

"Well, that's a shame. If you use NC milling or machining, you can go round, but the hole still takes as much precision and true circularity as the lathe when it comes to the axis, so it usually does. By the way, we have a lot of machines that can move blades like milling, but their specialty is to sharpen the tip of the shaft into squares and hexagons and finally make holes in its surface, like machining or neon. After all, lathes are only lathes, milling is all over the place."


"If you're interested, one of these days I'll go to the Machinery Fair with Hiroshi. Yeah. Yeah, I'm going somewhere mostly from a guy, or even on the road. If I do something, I can feel the pressure not to be a hero. Ya candle. That's the job description."

Cut up the description a little bit and move on to describing the products that the company is making.

Even so, the East Workshop is also basically a subcontract, so there's nothing you can call your own product. The main thing is to produce various parts on order. In this era, we specialize in the processing of cast iron, which has become a rare value, and in this era, we also have a rare value. This is a town factory of the kind that existed during the period of high growth, where all the necessary machining for gear can be done by one company except for baking and surface treatment and polishing.

Although it is common in this hand town factory, the East Workshop is also rolling a large number of products with a very easy shape that amateurs can't imagine how they can process into this shape. The majority of them were created by their own companies by devising jigs and installations, but some of them received quite a few requests for additional work, all of which can be processed by companies that are troublesome: rare value.

Town factories that survive to this age and where succession normally exists have the moves to be difficult to resign from everywhere.


"In the meantime, I don't have a job for Spring Vegetables to do, I think you've always figured it out."


"Just in case, after three years of serious work every day, one of milling, lathe or slotter can be as good as what we're doing. It's just that no matter how amazing people are, it's not going to be a month or so, it's the work of the iron mill."

Spring vegetables with a small nod to Misao's words. Artisanal work, not just ironworks, is mostly like that.

More to the point, it is also a common point for all craftsmanship jobs that the difference in the level of that great difference is directly linked to quality for the price, or has a significant impact on daily production, fatigue, defect rates, etc., which requires considerable effort to fill that slight difference.

"For the most part, the job description is like this, so for today, it's a bargain, let's just take it"


"Yasuri is this. So, after the burr is removed, the surface is like this."

Misao gives Spring Vegetables a military hand and a sleigh and takes a gear with an anti-turning groove called a key groove in a size axial hole that can be held with one hand to show a sample burr removal.

A quick move will remove the larger burrs and remove the invisible burrs with the minimum amount of facade required. Since this gear only undertakes the machining of the key groove, it is also only around the key groove that the burr is out.

Finish removing the burr on the back surface in about ten seconds of the product and give it to Spring Vegetables as a sample to confirm.

"Well, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no


Spring vegetables that nod to Misao's words and take objects that have not been buried while checking the key grooves with bare hands that have nothing to catch them at all.

As shown as a sample, I first rub it with force as I explore additions and subtractions by hitting a sleigh trying to take a large burr. If you do it seriously, it will be difficult, so if you rub it with a rather lighter force application...

"Mmm...... I can't take it at all..."

My eyes didn't bite well and the sleigh slipped on the surface of the burr, and there was no sign that I could take it off.

"Well, for once, it's metal."

"But if you put a lot of effort into it, it's a little..."

"In Spring Vegetables' case, that's the hard part."

Misao snorts at the hard-won spring vegetables from the beginning. Recognizing that spring vegetables are not suddenly able to perform this type of work well for the first time, it is an unspeakable secret that people are somewhat relieved inside.

"All the time, I heard you did some blacksmith work over there or something, but you didn't want to use a yasle?

"Eh, it was basically finished molded with grinding wheels after finishing the baking..."

"Oh, I don't know how to take a burr out of a razor."


Spring vegetables answering Misao's question, struggling with how to move the force subtraction slight sleigh. Sometimes when I cook it in, my teeth don't stand up with regular shavings, and Spring Vegetables didn't get a chance to remove the metal burrs.

Slotter machining for digging key grooves really makes quite a big burr out of its principles. That kind of burr can hardly be taken well without knowing the trick.

"Even in such a hurry. Yeah, but if you're going to get a job at our place, you're going to have to do your best to remember."


"Well, I don't have a lot of basic work to do, and don't worry, I know just about how to take a big burr while I'm at it. It's just a little trick or something, and when you know it, it's gonna be easy."

Saying so and taking another gear, Misao lets you do the task of dropping the larger burr where the spring vegetables are clutching, this time a little slower.

Spring vegetables, who have observed the motion with serious eyes, once again fall off the burr of the gear at hand.

"... I could take it!

"Huh? Make it easy when you know what I mean?


"I'll take care of the rest. Come and tell me when you're done."

That said, Misao leaves all the rest to Spring Vegetables to go back to his own work.

In the end, the spring vegetables were even buried until the scheduled time.

"Hey, Sister Fall"


"My master's work, what was it like?

That night after both my first part-time and graduation party for spring vegetables. In Faircro. Mio hears that Mio was somewhat distracted at the party by the spring vegetables checking out items needed to advance the Grand Quest.

By the way, Spring Vegetable characters are named Farnah, so Mio calls them Sister Farnah in the game. Whether it's spring vegetables or Mio, I make it a character name close to my real name for two reasons: so that I can accidentally be called or react, and so that I can deceive even if I'm called by my real name.

It should be noted that the degree of progress of each member is quite sparse with regard to the Grand Quest, so only Spring Vegetables and Mio are acting together on the same quest this time.

When it comes to Hiroshi, it's the same chapter two as Spring Vegetables and Mio, but it's stopping three or four steps ahead due to the difference in route, so we're desperately trying to catch up now.

"The accounting relationship didn't have that amount. Otherwise, I wonder if it's a chore for now..."


"Yeah. I still had to arrange my work clothes, but as a fundamental problem, it was just a job that I couldn't possibly do very well for my first amateur to touch the machine tools themselves."

"After all, using a machine tool, that sounds different on its own?

"I don't know yet, maybe..."

Spring vegetables nodding like trouble for the sake of seriousness to Mio's question. Spring vegetables are not mechanical tone deafness, but machine tools and general purpose machines that are mainly operated manually have a different impression in many places than the machines we have been using.

"I didn't even know it was on TV or something, but it feels like I know what's going on in the end when I see the real thing, but I don't know, that hand machine"

"Even if you look in kind. Really?

"Yeah. Hiro, for example, the milling machine you're using in the main is a machine, but I know that the blade is spinning, and I know that it's sharpening, but I don't know why the surface can be sharpened to make the decomposition material quite tight."

"Sister Fall, don't you have to think that's what blades are for?

"Well, I am,"

Spring vegetables nodding sighingly, without the body or lid of Mio. In fact, the majority of the craftsmen who use it, such as blades of machine tools that perform cutting machines, basically don't understand exactly why they can be sharpened with it, they just know what shape and under what conditions to use blades of which angle depending on the machine and the type of machining.

Because I know a single rationale, I can explain why that happens for something that doesn't scrape properly or holes with the same looking blade. but I can't explain why it can be sharpened if its shape, why its rpm is fine, and why it can be sharpened at its blade tip angle.

So as long as it doesn't affect the actual work, it's normal for Mio to say thru even with questions like spring vegetables that it is like that.

Speaking of lack of body and lid, I don't care about details in the field if it scrapes.

For the record, I don't know the detailed rationale for being an artisan in the field, so surprisingly, I don't trust it to be a condition of use written in the catalogue. It depends on what it is and how it is used, but there are as many cases in which it is used in disregard of the conditions of use indicated by the manufacturer, and it is normal not to have any difficulty with that. In addition, there are a number of cases where the manufacturer's use did not work as specified, which also causes the catalog to no longer be trusted.

Regardless, after all the attempts, it is true that there are more overwhelming cases of eventual settling down to the conditions of use as per the catalogue. Simply because I don't like peppering the catalog and I'm not convinced I have to try it myself is the artisan standard.

"In the first place, there were a lot of things that didn't look that way when they said this was a blade."


"Yeah, I was convinced that the blade was a drill and a spin."

Mio's eyes shine on the word drill and spinning mushroom. Those two would be quite fascinating words for a race that feels romantic about Robo.

"I know what you expect with that face, but the drill and the spinning stirrups are probably not what Mion expects."


"The drill wasn't like the tip of a submarine, it was more like a round stick shaped pencil or a spiral groove carved around the outer perimeter of a ballpoint pen. The spinning mushroom looks exactly like I imagined, but I didn't spin it at such a huge spinning speed, and the speed at which it was going to cut in was pretty slow."

"I knew the drill once because I've seen it, but is spinning slow?

"Yeah. Unlike the animation and the image in the game, I didn't imitate cutting it while sparking it with high speed rotation. I think maybe there are blades and equipment like that..."

"Hmm, a little disappointed"

Mio listens to the description of the spring vegetables and describes how he is sincerely squatting all over his body without changing his expression. There seemed to be a considerable over-expectation of the existence of spinning dust.

It should be noted that the spinning mushrooms seen by Spring Vegetables in the East Workshop are commonly referred to as metal saws, and are often used for processing such as making cuts in only one side of the pipe so that they can be tightened in one way or another rather than in cutting relationships as Mio would expect.

It varies considerably depending on the thickness of the blade, the number of blades, the diameter, the material, and even what is cut, but it is basically a tool that rotates at a low speed of about fifty to one hundred revolutions in a minute and performs the machining in slow cuts of about dozens of millimeters per minute while protecting the blade with cutting agents and the like.

It depends on the thing, but if you use it the way Mio expected, it's an unexpectedly delicate and difficult tool to handle that quickly makes the blade fly and useless.

In the case of Hongda's Japan, there are some metal saws that cut off even grated steel once they rotate at super high speeds, but the shortcomings that easily crack when the material moves and twists after the price is too high have not been eliminated, so there is almost no place for introducing them in a small town factory like the East Workshop.

Other blades can be mentioned around here, but details will be omitted here.

"... Hey, Sister Fall. I'm starting to get intrigued in a different way."

"It's also quite interesting to see an iron mill. It's still going to take a while to figure it out."

"Like a tour, can you let me?

"If you ask your parents, maybe they can show you?

"Is there anything I can do to help?

"I think there's probably some other kind of work I did today, because it's something that anyone can do as long as they know the trick. In the first place, Hiro, you and your sister have been helping you since you were in elementary school."

Hearing about spring vegetables, Mio has an unprecedented strong interest in something called a town factory. I knew that Hiroshi's home was a town factory, but until Spring Vegetables started working part-time, I had a faint feeling that I was still alive and well, and I wasn't interested enough to actively mention that I wanted to visit.

"Speaking of which, Sister Fall. My master's sister wasn't back on New Year's Eve, but do you know why?

"Yeah. He said he had a part-time schoolteacher in. He said he could get 100,000 yen for special training for the new year and special training for the third day."

"100,000 yen is huge..."

"It's big, isn't it? Especially since Hiro-kun's sister does it without a delivery, this kind of extraordinary income seems important."

Mio nods so much to explain the spring vegetables.

Hiroshi's sister, Emmi, has been in college for four years since this spring and is currently attending a regional national university. I went from my parents' home in Osaka and far away from the tide to not adversely affect the treatment of Hiroshi, so the cost of transportation became tough on my college student's purse as I went home, and I haven't been able to come back.

She is a pretty unlucky woman living a life where just as the case of the example of Hoang hit directly on her college exam, her parents' household gets extremely bad temporarily because of the factory move and something tangled up when she passed.

The reason why he hasn't been sent is that he has managed to interact with schoolteachers and bribed part-timers after receiving an interest-free scholarship and tuition waiver. Someone who has secretly lived a pretty stingy college life, with no hands on scholarships except for the first year, and who may be able to fill holes by graduation if he also spends what he spends in the first year thanks to his fashionable and other minimally chopped lives.

That's why I've only been home three times before. Ever since the Spring Vegetables returned from the Faircro world, they have never made it to the tide.

"Master's sister, are you coming back for spring break?

He said, "He's alive, so he can't come back until he's taken care of it."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"In the meantime, I'm sending vegetables at best for backup, but how useful are they?

To the simple question of spring vegetables, Mio also puts his neck up.

Huimi lives in a university student dormitory, but women's dormitories are in principle, and meals are self-catering. So in the meantime, Hongkong sends vegetables to an extent not less than one person twice to three times a month. I also send rice procured by my parents about once every three times, but I'm not sure how much that leads to a reduction in the cost of food on Hongda's side.

In fact, this vegetable, rather than getting sent in cash poorly, is helping Huimi's household, and contributes considerably to filling the scholarship hole, such as turning it into a textbook or fashionable outfit in some barter.

The cost of vegetables is a very demanding expense for a solitary college student who makes a living on a part-time basis.

"As the story of the master's sister ends for now. Hey, Sister Fall. Master when you were working, what was it like?

"I wasn't able to float much because I'm at work, but I was incredibly good. And."


"Hiro, you've been producing in this game for a long time, and I kind of figured out the origin or the root of it."

"... I see"

Mio nods that he is heartily convinced by the spring vegetables he talks about as he subtly tabulates his beloved maiden. The act of making and processing human beings. I guess the Macro can't escape from it anywhere and is not willing to escape.

"Speaking of which, Sister Fall. When I heard Sister Fall was going to work part-time at her master's, I got a little interested, so I checked it out. It's like a technical history of industrial relations, why hasn't a small factory like her master's house been driven to automated production by AI?

"Around that time, I also asked my aunt, somewhat concerned, that when things become unsuitable for mass production like industrial machinery and machining equipment mother machines, AI can't beat the accuracy and efficiency of human output after all."


"Yeah. The least I can do is say that robots are robots in the end, even if they're the type of people like you when. Machines are machines wherever they go, so you can't imitate them in real time, like humans."

"Was the human body doing that?

"Yeah. The easiest thing to understand is the hand of someone waving a weapon over there. Unlike a common Japanese hand like ours, there's a hard spot over there that's optimized to hold a weapon, right? Robots can't even optimize their bodies in real time."

Mio is convinced once again to listen to the example given by Spring Vegetables and if you ask me. It's something I'm not usually aware of, but the flexibility and adaptability of organisms is much more amazing than they think.

That's so much so that sometimes seeds are too adapted to the environment to perish.

"Let my aunt tell me, no matter how close AI's thinking and judgment get to humans, it's only software problems that can be solved."

"... a natural story if you think normally, but still full of threat theories"

"Well, sensor technology is also amazing, so it's natural to think that AI can combine the same thinking and judgment as humans, with sensors that seem to go far beyond humans. It's my aunt's opinion that if we can replace everything that humans do, then humans will do something more advanced with that sensor technology."

"... something amazing convinced me"

"More to the point, it's ultimately less costly and laborious to let each human being do it using multiple tools rather than making machines that are optimized for one task at a time. There's a lot of social problems and prototypes and social experiments are the only ones that can't be replaced."

Spring vegetables that talk about the current relationship between people and AI without very much body or lid. In the end, AI activity has not expanded as much as humans fear.

Incidentally, the majority of programming in software development is now replaced by AI. For this reason, it is supposed to be like a joke that a program makes a program, but the truth is that NC lathes, machining center programs, etc. have been around for quite some time now, such as software that captures drawings with scanners and automatically makes programs. I don't really care that much in the field because it feels like that range has just expanded.

With regard to the unemployed, too, the environment in which human programmers are being used in a rather black working environment has not changed, in the end, with AI alone not having enough hands at all, since it is an industry in which there were more people than originally and death marches were rampant. As AI started to do the main thing and the program standards and habits were harmonized, it was somewhat easier to debug and take consistency from module to module.

"In the end, even with very good new technology, it doesn't replace quite everything?

"Because the world isn't just moving with plain, straightforward rationality. There's emotional theory, and there's all sorts of instances where the seemingly unreasonable way was actually amazing, and it makes sense in terms of risk management to leave the old way with dead technology."

"Ugh, it's hard..."

"This is the only thing that's going to happen, so I'm just going to have to think of it as something like that already. We, on the other hand, are not always going to be able to do exactly what we think, even if our country or our aunts are waving the flag."

A topic that has gone from a little chat to a deeper story than I thought. Spring vegetables that unwittingly laugh when they see Mio dyspepsia in its intricate, deep content.

At least, it is certain that the still critical high school and active middle school girls, who will be college girls from April, are not the kind of topics to talk about in a little chat.

"Hiro, we're talking about you catching up, and it's time for us to move on with our quest."


Spring vegetables and Mio realise that they have talked longer than they thought because they have been contacted by Hiroshi to see if they are likely to catch up or not. I can't rendezvous until the common route a little further because the routes are subtly different, but the timing at which we can do the quest together is even further away when we move on.

"Sister Fall, run for it"


There were times after this when we made our quest in great haste, and we managed to enter the common route with Hiroshi in the course of this day, so that the three of us could proceed with our quest amicably.

And the next day.

"Work clothes will arrive tomorrow, so I want Spring Vegetables to do this by the end of the day."

"... what, this bunch of drawings?

"After tomorrow, I'll have Spring Vegetables do it by replacing the machining or something. I'd like you to calculate the coordinates for Spring Vegetable."

"Coordinate calculation? This, like a shape full of unexplained angles, or the position of a hole written in bulk?

"Yes, yes."

"It's good to calculate, but you can't do it automatically with a computer or something?

"Like this and this, there are quite a few pitches of holes that seem to be just a little different. If you make a program on a computer or something, you'll have a lot more trouble."

Spring vegetables with a face that once convinced by the dialogue of the Hong, they still do not fall to their hearts after seeing that there are quite a few. Even if I don't make them all with computer software, I think I should just capture the drawings that are based on them, create the program automatically, and rewrite them to accommodate them.

More to the point, it makes me wonder if I was forced to build a job for spring vegetables where work clothes and safety shoes arrive and I don't have much to do until I get full work instruction.

"If you make one automated pro and you change that, yeah? Think of something like that?

"Yeah. Exactly, I just thought so"

"The whole program that I made with automatic pro, looking for where and which machining is going to get in, it's going to be a lot of trouble. Sometimes the feed and rotation settings for drills and end mills can be very unusual. Whatever you do in a nasty way that you can coordinate no matter how you do it with hand calculations, if you do this degree of drawing, it's better to hit it with your hand for total certainty."


"Seya Nen. But the calculation of these coordinates is too laborious and tough, and it's not as easy as anyone can do, so I asked Mr. Haruyaki to do it."


Spring vegetables that smudge and convince you that it's not as easy as anyone can. If you go as far as drilling a hole in eight equal parts on a circumference with a diameter of 40 mm around a certain point, you can tell right away because it is a preliminary calculation of geometry.

The problem is the calculation of coordinates involving multiple angles, such as drilling a hole at an angle of forty-five degrees from a position to a position of thirty millimeters long, twisting thirty degrees from it and drilling a hole in four places in a square of twenty-five millimeters on one side.

Sometimes it says it's a pitch of holes with a lot of other dimensions, and math can't instantly tell how to calculate even the spring vegetables you're good at there.

What can I say, but it's typical manual labor, and I never thought that a boulder spring vegetable would no longer be the feather of making use of mathematics learned at school in a town factory where advanced moves were not under the impression that I would use my head in these ways even if requested.

"This is the function calculator. I don't care if you take it to your computer and let it just calculate the coordinates. Yeah, but there's a lot of cases where you manually angle and sharpen just one side with a general-purpose machine, so you better get used to it. Yeah."

"Oh, yeah. But with all this, there are too many dimensions, and I don't know where to base my calculations, so can I get a hint or something?

"Let it go. I'll mark the standards. So, the calculation method, but this kind of thing draws an auxiliary line here and triangulates it at right angles..."

"... it's okay to be loyal to the basics around there."


Spring vegetables that are explained to the macro and will at best calculate the coordinates and write them into the drawing. Sometimes I respond using my first knowledge of mathematics I use outside of school classes, even as I struggle badly with dubious drawings that I can't help but put in penetrations about what the designer thought to make this shape and where is the point of twisting the angle so intricately.

"Hey, Spring Sister"

"Hmm? That? Mio?"

It is about two hours to start calculating not only what is to be processed at the machining center after lunch break, but also what is to be sharpened by the father Takasuke Hiroshi and Hiroshi using a general-purpose machine. It was time for a three-o 'clock break, when Mio in jersey called out to me.

"Mm-hmm. I thought maybe they'd ask, so I told you first, I only had classes today up to five limits. I have permission to visit."

"Oh, I see."

"What's in the jersey is that I rented a dressing room here to let me change. It's not safe to wander around in uniform."

"Right. Even though it's not a club job, it's still cold and you don't come down from school dressed like that, normal."


Mio looks closely at the drawings on hand and the formula of the function calculator as he nods to the Spring Vegetable Dialogue. There is a look of fear there to the extent that it can be clearly seen in what is intimate.

"... Something seems very difficult"

"Honestly, I've never used a SIN or a COS outside of a math class before."


"Count the angle backwards, take another angle out of it, or if you're doing a bunch of sheets, you're going to get more and more headaches..."

"... I may not be able to help you here..."

"There's no reason for all of those nasty angle calculations."

A bunch of cumbersome drawings that even spring vegetables are about to spit smoke out of their heads. With a large number of dimensional lines and machining instructions in them, but thus, even more complicated impression, I look at Mio, and with a bitter smile, the hong penetrates so.

He was then asked what place Spring Vegetables was struggling with, etc., and he knew that industries that could not be replaced by AI could not be done without being retarded, and he was Mio, who vowed to his heart to study exactly no matter how meaningless the discipline might be in the future.