"I haven't even seen a flower in a while."

"After all, I couldn't find the cherry blossoms."

"I found a lot of sawdust, but it was the kind that wasn't all for you to see flowers"

"I've done about half of the non-active monsters."

April 1. At the beginning of a new year, spring vegetable birthday. Honda, they were all here to see the flowers.

Actually, this year, April 1st is Monday. Regardless of the Honda student group, Tatsuya and Shiori have been coming to see the flowers since midday, a behavior that would normally be said to be what's wrong with the job.

However, Tatsuya is currently traveling to Tatsuya Commercial, and its Tatsuya Commercial is included as a headquarters event after the joining ceremony on April 1 of each year. Tatsuya and Shiori are here without spending time off because they participate in this event in the framework of their business partners.

The presence of convenient cherry blossom trees in the off-limits area outside the courtesy garden, which will always be full between April 1 and April 3, also contributes to anchoring this traditional event.

The headquarters of Reimiya Commercial itself is only about three hundred people at most, even including the institute. Around all of these things that have contributed to sustaining this traditional event, the part where third parties can't help but feel something man-made, but the gods, who are deeply associated with the people of the courtesy palace, have done nothing in particular on this matter.

No matter how strange or unnatural, this cherry blossom can be a clean natural phenomenon.

Since it is basically private property, it is common practice for the Ryomiya family to see flowers in the inner circle on the same day. Honda is in the form of an invitation to you. Spring vegetables and the like are no longer an annual matter, so I am already familiar with the elderly people at Reimiya Commercial.

"In the case of Sister Makoto, it's probably why I haven't felt it for a long time."

"Hey. I dropped out of school when I was in third grade, but I pulled it off when spring break started."

"Does that mean this is the first time you've ever had a drink at a flower stand?

"… I wonder if it will happen before construction"

"... well, I'm a college student..."

"For once, in my honor, I'll tell you something, because I didn't move on from myself and drink, or the attendants forced me to drink. Simply because people can drink at their age, and they don't know who's old enough to drink, and they follow up without checking if it's alcohol, and it just collapses."

"Ah, the older guy tends to do it"

"Sort of. Finally, just in case, it's a flower look when I went to college in my second year, so..."

Tatsuya hears a certain kind of story with a true harp and convinces me a lot. Drunk is a drunk because that part of the control doesn't work, and Hanami is particularly prone to produce that kind of drunkenness among banquets.

"Until then, alcohol scattering was enough to give a bit of a mouthful to the slaughterhouse suicide, and I was following the law properly. Only then did I break the law."

"Is that really the only time?

"Absolutely. I put up with it till my birthday and drank enough to take a bath when I was twenty."

"I drank enough to take a bath..."

Spring vegetables that tell the true harp cumming out as if they were accidental. I haven't had a problem with it because I've been drinking since I was twenty years old, but drinking a lot of alcohol isn't much of a compliment.

"I mean, Makoto. Even though alcohol cost a lot of money, you could have bought enough to take a good bath ~. You didn't invest in stocks or anything by then, did you?

"When it comes to birthdays, the source of funding is our father. You can drink as much as you want, so drink as much as you want with a home drink that you can follow."

"So, how much did you drink?

"Mm-hmm. Could it have been two virtuous bottles of shochu? So the memory, reason, footprint, and the Lu discipline were solid without any particular crushing, so it didn't end up to the limit because it was better than this, did it? Well, I was just drunk."


Unexpectedly donned spring vegetables to the true harp liquor maker legend. I didn't think it was the case from the time I was a very ordinary Japanese, although I had been shown that drunken pride scattered across the street.

"Speaking of which, I remember it with alcohol..."

"What? What? Did Hiroshi buy you another drink?

"That's not what I'm talking about. I'm just curious."

"What do you care?

"Yeah.... I knew it. Shiori, maybe you should refrain from drinking for a year or so. Isn't that right, Hiroshi?

"What?... Oh, let it go. And no clothes to tighten your stomach or anything."

Spring vegetables and hong, who observed Shiori still, abruptly drop bombs. To its so much power, silence dominates the scene.

"... Hey, Spring Sister, Master. That's..."

"Yeah. Even so, I can't say for sure yet. How was your last month, Shiori?

"If you ask me, I may not be here..."

"Just in case, I guess I should check in with the gynecologist. We're only perceiving signs with power."

To explain the spring vegetables, Poetry Weave nods with her hands on her reflexively stomach. No one had ever talked about it because of manners or delicacy issues, but for some reason Shiori wanted Tatsuya's child.

I was told too abruptly that that hope might have been fulfilled, and I am currently in a great deal of confusion in my head. But the one called maternal instinct or the one who hasn't even shown signs of swelling yet, his hands were really loving and tender with my child's stomach.

"But then again, for a while now, our brother was living abstinently?

"Probably still okay though..."

As soon as the congratulations come out, Mio takes the story in a fast and downward looking direction. Nevertheless, because other humans are a little concerned there, no one gets into the conversation without complaining about Mio.

"You don't have any symptoms like consciousness or connection that you had a child in the first place, do you?

"I don't think so. I didn't even realize you weren't here last month until Spring Vegetables told me to."

"I mean, maybe, but quite a few times, right?

"Makoto-san, the way you put it is a bit..."

"What else do you want me to say?

Spring vegetables whilst blushing unexpectedly at the way the true harp is said too obviously. For that spring vegetable, I reopen it and give it back. There seems to be a limit to blurring and saying that the topic is just the topic.

"So, let's get back to it, if you're doing what Spring Vegetables do today until they realize, you're going to be okay as usual until there's a change in your health that's specific to pregnant women, right?

"I don't care if you say so. That kind of talk came up, and I don't know if it's true..."

Tatsuya objected with a bitter face to the words without True Harp's body or lid. In fact, if I had a decent nerve, I would normally be quite reluctant to know that my wife is pregnant before I can do that kind of thing.

"In the meantime, there is no burden on Sister Shiori, nor on her belly child, and there is no way to relieve her brother's frustration to some extent"

"I almost anticipated what you were going to say, and before that, you were still normally in middle school, so you were forbidden to speak with that hand."


"Later, just in case, thanks Tatsuya for the copy of Shiori using Higashi's powers, nothing like that. I can't let you be so impotent even though you look pale in a conversation like this. I don't know if it's ethical."

"I thought about it for once, but I know it doesn't have to be said as much as it's impossible. In other words, even I like to be a man about my master, so I don't want you to prepare my body for that kind of thing, even though it's for my brother."

Mio is stabbed with a nail by a true harp and agrees with his true face. To the extent that you don't seem to get caught up in something ethical in that hand, good sense seems to be growing up better than it used to be.

In response to that Mio reply, Tatsuya and Hiroshi were relieved. I was going to do everything I could to refuse even if they told me to, but only the worst feels avoided.

but it is Mio that doesn't end with it. Rather than, is it right that it is Mio who burns his identity, etc. and his unwanted sense of mission to make out-of-the-box remarks on that side at a time of this kind of topic?

Beautifully ignores the ban on speech and the stabbed nail, and mouths crisply the idea I was coming up with.

"You don't have to let your master make copies of anything, you just have to make Sister Shiori remember the skills that can make a close separation to the real thing, or satisfy her brother with just her hands and mouth without production at worst"

"I said no talking, ignore me, I'm not saying anything out of my mind!

Against Mio, who makes an out-of-the-box statement with all his might, Makoto, who takes out Harrison, penetrates while he has to make a full swing at the back of his head.

"But, Sister Jin Qin. I know my brothers are fine, but using pregnancy and childbirth as an excuse to scorn my husband's night life is one of the triggers for the breakdown of the couple relationship and my husband's affair."

"It's a matter for the parties, not for you to pinch your mouth!

"By the way, I pinch my personal recommendations with my chest. I can't do it if I'm Sister Makoto or I'm Sister Chun or Sister Shiori."

"Come on!

Mio relaxes in Harrison's full swing but keeps saying things he doesn't need to do without punishment. In contrast, True Harrison slaps Harrison back and forth into his face and back of his head all the way to a stop.

If only visually, it is a relentless response to a poor, frivolous beautiful girl.

"... Hey, Tap. Good luck with your separation, or should I remember?

"... don't be serious. You know, spring vegetables. You're blushing."

"... I kind of imagined hands, mouth, chest..."

"... don't attack me, okay?

"I can't, I can't, I can't! I'd like to know if you want to do something H, but I'm not prepared to take the risk of being hated or scared by Hiroshi until it's done!

Tatsuya tells me to make a huge suicide bomb. Spring vegetables.

Thanks to deification, the area is becoming much more inhibitory than normal creatures, but the original spring vegetables are also healthy and healthy loving maidens of age and mind.

Spring vegetable cravings are at a more serious level for the sake of values such as shame and caution and endurance due to the circumstances of the macro, but for the sake of the lack of a solution, which is not significantly different from Tatsuya's when he was separated from Shiori and flown into the other world.

That frustration makes me look at you when you're talking about it.

Even if this is not even a kiss, if you can't at least be unconscious about holding hands from day to day, it will calm you down a little bit more in the character of spring vegetables, but it is pitiful that even that is currently trying.

"Sister Chun, take a deep breath first. Then we'll see the cherry blossoms and calm down."

"Ugh, yeah. Right."

"Well, I wouldn't say it's all wasted or superfluous, but if you'd weighed yourself down a little longer, this wouldn't have happened to Spring Vegetables either, would it?

Mio tries desperately to calm down the spring vegetables that are likely to exacerbate her cravings even more by thinking about the extras. To Mio like that, True Harp helps cool down the head of spring vegetables as she turns her jito eyes to say it's your fault.

"... this non-alcoholic cocktail is delicious. You feel like yuzu and honey all the time?

"Apparently. I hope it's not that sweet when you're using honey."

"This quiche is delicious, too. The whole appetizer is delicious, but personally, this is my favorite."

"Roast beef is delicious, too. I don't know about the behemoth I ate over to the boulder, but on the contrary, it's about that level or the rice you guys had after you got the gods' supper, what's better than this?"

"I don't know. It may taste like carpaccio, but other than the moves used, it feels like 250,000 yen per serving."

Hiroshi and Tatsuya escape cooking with all their might so that they don't jump on us until the women calm down their spring vegetables. In the end, by implicit agreement of all, it was together that we spent the rest of our lives without touching on the subject of children and night life until the end of the flower viewing.

That night.

"Until Shiori finishes her childbirth, you can't be unscrupulous about exploring the dungeons over there."

"Mm-hmm. You can't worry too much about it, but if you force me to do something, I can't regret it."

"Right. For a while, will it be the village of Ortem or the hiding place of Mr. Hendrick and all that?

It's been a long time since the three of us have had the same room, Mio's request, and today we decided to stay in the Spring Vegetables room at the main Mansion of Reimiya, Spring Vegetables, Makoto and Mio. After dinner and a bath, the three of them were blooming for the rest of their story while straightening out on the bed.

In fact, this is the only story that digests Faircro's login time for today and the Grand Quest is well underway as well.

By the way, Hiroshi and Tatsuya, Shiori are only having a treat at the Reimiya family for dinner, and they usually go home as they are. Tatsuya and Shiori wanted to discuss it only with the couple, so Hiroshi hit the run because it was going to be an uncomfortable air.

With regard to spring vegetable birthdays, it should be noted that there is currently nothing in real life that I want or need, so I am appropriately bringing what spring vegetables wanted within Faircro to present.

"I have parenting even after I was born, so you can't move much for a while"

"Hey. Anyway, if that's the only way to make money, then I'm not really complimented as a parent for leaving my breastfeeder alone and being an adventurer in another world."

"Hey, Sister Jin Qin. I don't think that's the same as a parent who puts her in a pussy and leaves her kids alone."

"I don't know if that's it, but at least I don't think Tatsuya or Shiori are going to leave their babies and go over there, so I really think they're going to go over there less often until they can at least go to kindergarten or something."

"I mean, if I were your brother and Sister Shiori in the first place, I'd probably at least refrain from doing that until I went to elementary school."

"That's right..."

Spring vegetables come to mind with the face that, um, as far as I can think of a point about what's going to happen in the future due to Shiori's pregnancy and childbirth.

It is a pleasure to have children in Tatsuya and Shiori, and I look forward to seeing what children will be born. I'm going to do everything in my power to adore that, no matter what kind of child it is, and I'm willing to cooperate with anything I can to help raise my child.

but apart from that, surprisingly, it has a huge impact on us and it's hard to see what stance we should be in on it.

"And then, eventually, we're going to have the same problem, but Tatsuya and Shiori's kids, are you going to be okay taking them over there?

"Sister Chun, what does that mean?

"In terms of covering up our position, and whether it's okay to come and go in multiple worlds, it's okay to take us there."

"" Oh...... "

To point out spring vegetables, Mio and Makoto show convincing appearance. That's definitely where you should be concerned.

"In the meantime, you have to think that it's basically impossible to let an unschooled child keep a secret."

"Mm-hmm. Even Lime, sometimes, leaked a lot until he went to school"

"You were leaking, weren't you? I just want you to keep it a secret if you can, and if there's nothing wrong with it, there's nothing wrong with it."

I also agree with Mio and Spring Vegetables while mouthing the Lime example on the big premise indicated by Zhenqin.

Toddlers' inability to keep secrets is due to the fact that their personality is completely unrelated to such elements as their retards and their inability to keep their promises. Because they are immature and inexperienced in many ways, their judgment skills are not yet sufficiently developed around them.

Even if you are an early mature, smart child, and you are not normally asked about the age of an unschooled child, you are powerless in the category of induced interrogation.

I have to deal with the assumption that it is something like that because it is the ability to grow up with that kind of failure over and over again and scolded and annoyed by the people around me.

"Later, I'm going to be involved in leaking it, but maybe if it's this society, it's going to float tremendously. Especially schools."

"Mm-hmm. Whether it's about me or not, it definitely floats"

"I hope it just floats, but in some cases it's not directly linked to bullying."

"Overall, the tide view public is very well dealt with regarding bullying and stuff like that..."

"It's a question of whether Tatsuya and the others are moving this way."

"That's right. Maybe it's just a matter of time, but Tatsuya's identity remains the same as the original company, because that company doesn't have a branch office or anything to watch the tide..."

Spring vegetables are the wings of a badly toothed conversation about what will be the biggest problem in coming and going over there.

Schools vary greatly from elementary school to university and college, depending on regional differences and school style. If this is more than a high school where education is not compulsory, it would be a somewhat acceptable part of it. but public elementary and secondary schools vary greatly from region to region and school in both good and bad ways because they have no choice.

Even a well-followed tidal elementary school is subtly suspicious of successfully accepting children whose journey to and from different worlds is normal, but it would be catastrophic if they accidentally hit a school of obscurantism and concealment.

In this regard, it is quite troubling to see if it is possible to take them to the other side.

"Well, either way, I'm sure I'll be moving in by the time I have a baby. The apartment where Tatsuya and I live is a little cramped with more kids anyway."


"It is. It's called a property for newlyweds. The first one can still handle it, but after the second one, I don't think I can do it."

"I see. So, Shiori's job is basically to show her face at home and at the office once a week, so if she stays that way, eventually she's going to move over here, right?

Based on the information in the room where Tatsuya currently lives, Spring Vegetables predicts that. Zhenqin and Mio nod as they agree to predict spring vegetables.

"Oh, but if it's just the way it is, right? Except when Tatsuya's company makes the choice to cut a deal with Tatsuya and not let her go, right?

"Never, I can't say, but I wonder how many companies can show that gut to their courtesan counterparts."

"They're supposed to be aces. I think they're making a lot of money doing business with my brother's company, Reimiya."

"Right. In the case of Thanksgiving Palace, after giving more than enough profit to the absolute opponent even if we pull it out, the deal will continue, and even if we fill the hole in the human resources sense, maybe we'll keep trading Tatsuya as the contact point, so sooner or later, I think we'll put a sales office in the tide."

"I don't know how to think about it."

True harp who hears the explanation of spring vegetables and comments so with a bitter smile at the manner in which we can only plainly think that we are slapping our cheeks with a bunch of bills, of the courtesy palace, which only seems to be trying to hold Tatsuya to our side for anything.

When you get a profitable job, you get new business partners to pioneer, and you get a lot more talented employees that your education system can't grow on its own, it's hard to criticize even if you know what you're thinking.

"Even so, I hear a lot of bad things about just giant companies, but you don't hear the news that the Reimiya Group is strangely subcontracted or bad things come out of a business partner's company."

"Well, although I have to worry about my reputation when it comes to that scale, there are some things that I don't do in a way that originally narrows down my business partners to make a profit, like that. Even if it costs less, the first thing to sharpen is from the wasted expenses within the company, like"

"Hey, Spring Sister. If I make a mistake, it's going to be a critical, unproductive job, and I'm going to work for the company."

"I wonder if you know about the difference between waste and affordability? I hear you're busy till time, but I don't hear you're too tight."

Makoto and Mio give an unconvincing look to the description of spring vegetables.

In fact, with the exception of the research department and those that need to be tailored to external conveniences, the Reimiya Group basically works in a way that allows its employees to return on time in working conditions in accordance with the Labour Standards Act, provided that they demonstrate 70% to 80% of their full capacity. Exceptions outside the sectors mentioned earlier are about personnel in intensive training, such as during training or freshly promoted.

The reason I feel busy is that I can afford less than 50% of my ability to create abrupt interruptions, and as soon as they do, jobs will be added. Conversely, when it comes to employees who are working at levels above 100 percent outside of busy periods and are still in a situation where overtime is likely to occur, there is always help coming in from nowhere and the workload is adjusted to settle roughly around 70%.

If there is a problem, since employees in general are trained in the process anyway, 80% of employees in the courtesy palace are often above 120 percent of employees elsewhere. When it is a joint project such as Tatsuya being invited to participate, the biggest drawback of the Reimiya Group is that employees of other companies are caught up in the pace, so they can sometimes be blind to the other company and unconsciously tend to push the very black way forward.

There are quite a few people like Tatsuya who can catch up on more and more workloads, project cases, and it is a common story in the general business partners who are getting jobs from Reimiya that other employees who go along with it are the wings to put in a cry as they grow rapidly.

If there is nothing legally wrong with it, the payment terms are good, and if you consult properly, you can also adjust the delivery times and schedules, and most importantly, you don't say a job that has an element that is impossible at all if you look at it alone, so it would be a troubling place not to have a problem on the part of the counterparty who is too scared to mention the size of the other party or the amount of the transaction, and on the contrary, who doesn't quite honestly talk about it when they take confirmation.

"By the way, even new employees are getting paid and bonuses to the extent that they can fill all their essentials with Thanksgiving products while living normally around Tokyo's high land prices. It's strange that employees can't buy their own products," he said.

"I know what you're saying, but that performance and profit margin don't pin."

"Mm-hmm. What a black smell..."

"Well, in the end, there's no doubt that products and services that don't have to run into cheap competition are the main ones, and it's made up because there's as much demand,"

Spring vegetables answer that with a bitter smile to true harp and Mio, who want to treat it black everywhere.

As a real problem, the longer the Reimiya Group lasts and the larger the size, it gets stuck in an understandable kind of black corporate way. In the first place, employees who pay low monthly wages don't do a good job, and outsourced customers who are priced above the limit lose their hands and lose quality.

First, if you are using employees and business partners in a crushing way, you are not expected to improve your abilities and technology at all times. No matter how capable you are, such as exhausted human beings, you will have less than 10% of the power you can give out, and no matter what your low monthly salary was, you can definitely not work for your salary first. It is the same thing even if it is subcontracted.

On second thought, it's obvious that if the contents are the same, the lower the salary and cost, and the greater the margin of interest, that's the obvious story. As a result, the understandable obvious makes it too wide, and the company that runs another business based on the obvious like Thanksgiving Palace is also seen with a frigid eye.

"In the meantime, I'll go back to Tatsuya and the others. As for Tatsuya's children, I think I'll have to talk to Aunt Tianyin and people in God's relationship."

"Right. Do you mean that Tatsuya and Shiori's children are the same as regular Japanese in terms of physical specs in the first place?

"I don't know. The extent to which the ability to bottom-up with skills in the other world affects you if you're not born a little..."

"It would be. On the contrary, in your case, God is certain?

"Yeah. Even if I impregnate Mr. Makoto or Mio, that child is almost certainly a god?

True harp and Mio harden into spring vegetables that suddenly say horrible things. Spring vegetables that look at that look and look like it's gone.

"... uh, sister Chun. Confirm?"


"Sister Chun, can you get the same sex pregnant?

"Instead of same-sex, you can get a man pregnant, or you can make a child between a fish or a mijinko. Actually, I don't even need to get laid."

"... because it's God?

"Yeah. Finally, I can even get pregnant with Mr. Makoto or Mio's child. Yesterday they took us out for special training, and they did something about the sweetness of our control, but the main thing was that we were trained and trained in that area, which is unique to the Divine system."

Ask Mio and Makoto for a description of the spring vegetables as they don't pull. I say what pulls, and I pull where I start to say fine around it.

"Me too, when I was told about that at God's banquet in the first place, I usually pulled a dong. However, while doing a lot of special training, it has become somewhat obvious..."

"What the hell did you make me do..."


Spring vegetables answering the question of true harp with unexpected distant eyes. With regard to the special training content, it seems that it cannot be depicted in the SAN value sense.

"It's just that I had Mijinko and Mijinko make kids in practice at best, but only God of Creation made you do a lot more."

"Let Mijinko make a child..."

"As the words say. You mean it totally blew up around there with that, or it took for granted? However, I had the feeling that genes and everything else inherited my characteristics, but honestly, even my children didn't have any sensations. I've been meaning to, but it's a matter of life expectancy."

True harp and Mio losing their words to spring vegetables that make them completely different sensibilities from humans. Often, silence covers the scene.

"... Hey, Spring Sister"


"Just in case. Can you get us pregnant or something right now?

"I can't right now. I asked him to seal it so he couldn't solve it on his own, just in case."

"Oh well. Confirm another one. Does that require an agreement?

"Unfortunately, I'm completely superior, so I'm free to do it in my presence. That's why they sealed it."

Mio listens to the description of the spring vegetables and nods so much. You have something to think about, I don't see you pulling the dong earlier.

"One last thing after that. In the case of Master and Sister Chun, what happens?

"It's a matter of type of power, and I guess you're basically the superior of Hiroshi. It's just that unlike in the case of me and Mr. Makoto and Mio, it's easier to make them by agreement if you want to force them."

"I mean, if the master wants a child, he can almost certainly make it, so FA?

"Will it, will it? You're sealing your powers just like me, so there's nothing you can do without thinking about it."

"What if you get laid?

"Ah, yeah. If you're a normal creature, maybe, if you want Hiroshi, you'll have a child, otherwise 100 percent contraception, if either is fine, normal odds, maybe not what,"

Spring vegetables can only be answered by speculation to Mio's question because there are few instances where God has done child making with power almost completely sealed. Nevertheless, it's probably not so wrong to think about it normally.

At this time, both True Harp and Mio decided not to ask through exactly about the fact that Spring Vegetables are running their mouths with normal creatures, etc.

"In the meantime, I've heard a lot from Sister Chun about how it feels to affect me in the future, and one for me because it's just the right opportunity"

"... I kind of have a really bad feeling about this, what kind of thing?

"Last week, when I talked to the professor about whether he could legally grow a little taller, he made it clear that my body, my limit of life, was off, and that he couldn't have children if he was a normal person on top."

""... eh!?

"So, in relation to the treatment of normal injuries and illnesses, they can't grow taller or bigger breasts with hormonal or surgical procedures,"

To a rather shocking Mio confession, Spring Vegetables and Makoto look at each other with a stunned look and talk with their gaze about what to do. Life expectancy itself was assumed to be a possibility, but it was no longer expected to affect pregnancy or medical relations.

"... Hey, Mio. Do you know why your body did that?

"The biggest thing is that when I was over there, I ate too many meals cooked with God's ingredients in my growing body with the Gods' dinner skills. On top of that, if you're normal, it's not weird to die instantly, because you damaged your body so much that you put it back together with the power of the goddess..."

"Ahhh... you're out of the ordinary creature's mind..."

"Mm-hmm. Especially sounds like my lower body is missing a whole lot. So, I came straight back over here and settled it all in my soul, and as a result, I was close to my sister Chun's family and witches and stuff, like that,"

To explain Mio, spring vegetables that hold his face in a way that feels like aha ~. Including that Mio's lower body was eaten up all round, there's no excuse because it's totally my mistake from one to ten.

It should be noted that the reason why Spring Vegetables is my own thing but I have not noticed this fact until now is simple, because I could not grasp the link with Mio due to the cluttered filters in the example.

Even though the link was temporarily broken by the subsequent sealing of the majority of power, the opportunity was lost to realize that Mio had become a witchcraft of spring vegetables.

Spring Vegetables instructors and Heavenly Sounds didn't say it because they also had predictions that it would eventually cease to be a problem if it wasn't for immediate impact, so it was a policy not to say it until they noticed it for themselves or heard it from the party's mouth so that training was prioritized and not distracted from the extras.

The control training of the powers currently received by Hongkong and Spring Vegetables is not as easy as being distracted and able to do things that are not even problematic in the immediate vicinity.

"Nothing, this is not a problem in itself. Because I mean to stay with my master and sister Chun all the time. But I'm sorry about Sister Chun, but I don't have romantic feelings or anything anymore, but I'm only going to live by my master and Sister Chun, and I still want to be in that relationship with my master because I want to have a child any day. So..."

"Ah, yeah. Sorry, Mio. Around there, I need some more time. God, I'm not as obsessed with monogamy as I used to be in relation to special training, but I mean I need a little more time to fully accept it, or now it's a problem before that in the first place..."

"Mm, I know. Me, too, needs more effort in many ways. Specifically, like getting out of the Lori frame."

Mio says what he really looks like in a tone he can tell he's in a mood for a flat crust while gripping the kobushi for a long time. To that one word, spring vegetables that exfoliate the strength of your shoulders and blow out gently. True harp is also attached to make me laugh.

"But depending on the timing of stopping aging, it's not a bit harsh, is it?

"Hmm, looks like she's going to stop at about twenty, maybe, just like Spring sister. So, your body could grow a little longer than normal, so bet there and aim. Height one hundred and fifty centimeters."

"That's because the law is counterproductive when you're in the mood, so be it. On days when you try too hard and get sucked by your chest again, it's a completely freaky route straight line."

"Sister Makoto, stop flagging me like that..."

Makoto dares to water Mio's determination. Spring vegetables laughing in a bright voice at that exchange. Mio's shredded conversation brought the pajama party air back to soothing.

"So, Master Siori has a child?

"Yeah. They tested me in obstetrics and gynecology, and they said it was confirmed."

Two days later. The Hongda Student Group (including True Qin) had come to Ursus to report Shiori's pregnancy.

It should be noted that regardless of early morning field work for Hongkong and Spring Vegetables, part-time work at the factory is allowed to rest. It takes the form of part-time work, but it is essentially a help to the house, and it is standard that it is combined with schooling and not originally available, so you can be flexible around it for the price.

Tatsuya and Shiori are usually jobs. Exactly, at the beginning of the fiscal year, you can't rest like that.

"However, I think Elle knows that magic and metastasis are not normal things to do over there, so it's a bit dangerous if you don't grow up to some extent and your common sense settles down over there"

"Seya, I'm bringing my brothers' kids over here, not until they're about the age of a project, even early."

"... right. Alfemina says it's better."

To the story of spring vegetables and hong, Aeris supplements what was told by Alfemina. In itself, it is God's business to come and go freely around a different world in the first place. I'm pretty sure it's something you shouldn't go too mildly to a child before you feel comfortable.

"Damn, baby, I can't see..."

"I'm sorry..."

Tatsuya and Shiori don't bring their children, Fam and Lime are heard to show disappointment. Especially in the case of Lyme, she is still the youngest, including her neighbors, so she was looking forward to having a brother or sister.

"Oh, but I was just wondering."

"What, Mr. Makoto?

"Nothing. Just once for revelation about three months old. Why don't you just come over here and say something like that? If it were that time of year, there would still be no common sense or anything, and deep consciousness wouldn't be in superficial memory anyway."

To True Harp's suggestion, Fam and Lime make your eyes shine that your baby might be seen. There, Mio waits.

"Hey, Sister Jin Qin. For immune reasons, I'm afraid of unknown germs or something"

"Ah, yeah. Hiroshi, Spring Vegetables, what about guarding that?

There's nothing I can't do.

"Yeah. Either that or it's a pretty easy category,"

True harp to hear Mio's worries and see if he can deal with the Hong and Spring Vegetables. Hongqin and spring vegetables that are not a big deal in themselves so as to meet the expectations of the true harp.

Mio, who was listening to it, speaks of another concern.

"And Octogall won't come out for a little while?

"That would come, wouldn't it? They're pretty much looking after babies over there or something."

"What are the negative effects of that? For example, abandonment is contagious."

"... you can't deny it."

Octogal child protection, Mio pointing out its deadly problem, Makoto groans unexpectedly after being stuck in words for a moment.

"Did you call?"

"I didn't call you, I didn't call you"

Octogal who abruptly transfers about two because of his name. A true harp that lightly embellishes mysterious creatures that show the lightness of footwork even in such an extra place for now.

"We're good babysitters."

"I'm good at yawning."

"Expensive but good at it"

"Isolated Combined Body Abandonment ~"

"That's what I'm saying about anxiety..."

Makoto plunges powerlessly into Octogall's words and actions, which make him very anxious. Aeris watches with a bitter smile at how it goes.

Octogal babysitting is an undeniable fact that there are many problems, even if it is convenient. Problems have also arisen that, in fact, Aeris' siblings, Redric and Elise, have already described the body as abandoned in tongueless terms.

Still, I am sure that it is greatly aided, so it is difficult to complain about the table.

"A cup of new baby"

"I was born in Presea."

"Yeah, when?"

"Presea, your sister-in-law said she gave birth a little before your sister Elaine's wedding. However, it was a little bumpy on the day, and royal children usually hide their birth for about six months, so I haven't had a chance to tell you until today"

"Ah, speaking of which, you barely came over after Elaine's wedding because you were bummed about cultural festivals and exams"

About Presea's child, Aeris tells that way why it was too late to get into Honda's ear compared to when she was born. Regardless of Tatsuya and Shiori, who are not tied to it around there, the group of students, including True Harp, has only been visiting about November to the extent that they show their faces once or twice a month.

By the way, the Octogals waited disciplinarily for the ban on the publication of their births, so until today, their faces have not spoken around it. And the last time Hongda came, it was still before the ban was lifted, so I dared to keep my mouth shut that there was no topic related to pregnancy and childbirth.

"Congratulations, Elaine."

"It's about four months."

"... really?

"" Is it true? ""

Mio unintentionally asks back with a true face to the information that Elaine's pregnant. Octogal hits his heartbeat on that Mio and Aerys nods happily.

"Oh well. Sister Ele also had a proper child..."

"Really, I'm glad..."

"Yeah...... I'm sorry for Tatsuya and His Royal Highness Avin, but I'm most happy that Elaine had a child..."

"That's what he cared about the most..."

Together with the Japanese, who speak happily, but with a shrink, to the great news of Elaine's pregnancy. As for spring vegetables and Mio, there are small tears in my eyes.

There was so much joy in knowing Elaine's life in the struggle that the news that childbirth was still the only thing she could have been given safely that she could not compare to any other congratulations.

"I'm a little nervous about my health with Sister Ele..."

"That's right. Even though I'm healthy, I've been dragging on the aftermath for a long time, so even at the time of the wedding, the lines were still a little thin."

"Amulet for cheap births prayer, looks like you should prepare it"

"If you make it, I'll deliver it."

"Okay. I'll make it in a minute. We should prepare a birthday celebration for His Highness, Avin, at the corner.

"Right.... How about diapers and stuff around there? Oh, I don't care how many you have."


Aside from the amulet of cheap prayer for Elaine, who receives a proposal for spring vegetables, Macro creates high-performance diapers with tremendous speed. Finally, we will also prepare the maternity clothing that seems to be available in the future.

"Something to congratulate you on this spring. Lots of news."

"Mm-hmm. Sounds like my master's middle school problems have been cleared up, and I'm so happy to have so many celebrations"

April is the beginning of a new fiscal year in Japan. Around Hiroshi, many of the people involved had given new life and were experiencing the sprouting of the next generation.