"It's a really nice day."

"Mm-hmm. Thanks to you, it's super hot..."

"It was a little cooler during field work..."

August 1, the first Thursday of August. Finally, the hot spring trip day I've been waiting for.

Exposed to the August sun, the tide was very hot in the morning.

Honestly, the hot springs are not a appreciated temperature.

"I thought before that the summer in Japan is very hot..."

"The temperature itself is lower than Dar, but the humidity..."

"Today's maximum temperature was 34 degrees."


The moment I get out of field work, sweat, have a little slow breakfast, and go outside again, I'm attacked by tremendous enthusiasm. That relentless heat just seems to add to everyone's stupidity.

This one, in particular, is different from the Faircro world, and there is nothing convenient about temperature-adjusted enchantments, etc. That's why the heat is getting pretty serious.

Tatsuya and others who took a day off with that hand seem to be feeling down the line early due to mental fatigue.

"Well, sister. You didn't have to harvest in the field or anything until the morning of the day you went to the hot spring, did you?

"Ah, somehow, I'm not comfortable leaving you completely alone..."

"I don't know, but it's time for Hatake to weigh himself out a little bit. I started out because I didn't care about the supermarket vegetables and fruits and I wanted to feed my brother-in-law some delicious crops, so you've already accomplished your purpose, haven't you?

"Well, yes..."

Spring vegetables thrust so deep into the snow that they cloud their words as they wander their gaze into the universe. But there is no way that deep snow can be deluded by that, and the harsh pursuit continues.

"I've been meaning to tell you for a long time, sister, you've completely forgotten your original purpose, haven't you?

"... nannocotocana?

"One word flavored and not deluded"

"Ah, yeah. I enjoyed picking delicious vegetables..."

"Well, we're not going to pursue it very persistently sometimes. It's really time to weigh in and rethink the policy and direction a little bit, right?

"Yes, I remember the liver..."

Spring vegetables replied to my sister's question, which she knew only thinly. Mio and Aeris look at each other in a way that is not human resources.

Hiroshi is really distracting herself at first sight.

"Well, I feel like I've said a lot about deep snow dialogue, but for now, I'm not talking about doing it in front of Hiro."

"Right. That's why we'll talk about it when we get back, sister."


Deep snow that can hold Tatsuya back and settle the spear for now.

Nevertheless, it was sometimes a hot and bitter story for other than the parties, and I don't even feel like my body temperature has risen earlier.

"Even so, it's really hot..."

"Mm-hmm. It's very hard for me as an Indochist..."

"Most of the trips are to cars, but at least the salvation..."

"But even in cars, depending on the angle, direct sunlight and radiation heat..."

"Well, today's destination is pretty cool on the plateau, even in summer, so I think it's better than being on the tide."

Spring vegetables that give members of the mood who are disgusted by the summer heat as early as possible with information that is likely to save them all a little.

Today's destination is a hidden hot spring on the plateau of North Kanto. It is a summer resort where traditional old-fashioned Zibier cuisine is a specialty and a feeling of knowing.

Almost exclusively regular visitors, and about three inns in the area, are hot springs with very few waves of occupancy, whether it's weekdays or holidays, but when do you make a reservation?

"Spring vegetables. How long will it take to reach the hot springs?

"Uh, on Route Map Street, a little over an hour on the highway, and if you run about thirty minutes down the general road from there, you'll arrive, plan to"

"Well, that's surprisingly close."

"It depends on where you get into the highway from and how crowded the road is, but if it's from within Tokyo, it doesn't seem to take an hour."


To unexpected proximity, the poetry weave raises a voice of admiration and surprise.

I never thought there would be such a secret hot spring near the capital.

In fact, there are quite a few secret waters in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and other large cities that pass through the highway for about an hour.

Little is known simply because all the famous hot springs like Izu Hakone, Arima and Shiru are covered.

"Well, as a little stopover along the way, should I think about going after lunch?

"So soon, can you check in?

"Looks like they'll keep the luggage, and I think it'll be all right a little early for you to take a look around the local facilities and stuff. Plus, you can have more stops along the way if you want."

"I see, so is that"

Tatsuya nods to Spring Vegetable Opinion. It is as much if people care about it, such as less stopovers.

More to the point, if it's a place where the ratio of women is low, it's fine to have a little more people. You just have to leave right away at worst, so it would be nice to look out for poetry weaves and aeris to enjoy at that time.

In the first place, the members I'm with are basically oblivious to tourist destinations, play facilities, etc., so I don't know if it's something I can enjoy until I try to get in.

"Well, a little early, but we're leaving?

"Let it go. At first, Mr. Makoto was the driver?

"Still, I don't know my destination very well, so I guess I'd rather have spring vegetables first"

"Yeah, I'm going to. Even so, I basically rely on the navigation as well, as if I'm blurring out a few places on the way down."

Asked by Hiroshi, Spring Vegetables offers as the first driver.

Although it is often forgotten, spring vegetables are still about four months old after they are licensed. Therefore, the seven-person one-box car used this time is properly marked with a young leaf.

Yet around no one cares about it, it would be a difficult question whether it is the ability to drive spring vegetables or their physique that is trusted.

"So, where does Hiro sit? You wouldn't have a problem anywhere with this face, but do you still want to come beside me? Or do you want to go to the Spring Vegetable Passenger Seat like you did when you went to school?

"Seya...... It's like a view, so the passenger seat gives way to Elle, and I'll stay next to Mr. Makoto or Mio?

"Then why don't you sit in the back with us? If I'm with you, Mio will be able to get into it any minute."

"Let it go. Still, yeah."

Macro nods to Zhenqin's suggestion. It's not sneaky to separate Tatsuya from Shiori, so that's practically the only choice I have.

"Well, let's get on it and get out of here."

"Elle, put on a proper seat belt"

"I know, Master Harna."


"Sister Makoto, what's wrong?

"I knew it. The fact is, I'm the only one wearing a thin seat belt and not going through the valley..."

"Don't tell me, Mr. Makoto. Finally, I got used to Mr. Spring Vegetable's and was conscious..."

"Oh, I'm sorry..."

A true harp that is blurred by the sight of unintentionally stimulating its own complex and can hit as many complaints as it wants from a macro. Unlike once, the only thing that doesn't exist in the chest right now is the true harp, so when you become aware of it, the damage is huge not only for the true harp, but for the macro as well.

But since the belt itself has its thickness there, it is not that blatant to say that it will be accentuated by passing through the valley.

"Sister Shiori, fasten your seat belt, are you okay with your stomach?

"Yeah, I'm fine ~"

"This car is the latest model released last month, and the seat belts have been well made these days, so that no accidents can damage the stomach of a pregnant woman."

"Sister Makoto, familiar"

"Me, what I'm buying a new car as soon as I move over here. That's when I saw a whole catalog, and I thought about the possibility of getting pregnant with Shiori and all that, and I did a good research around it."

Where the subtle air has become, Mio rarely drives to change the subject. Get on with that topic and explain the true harp about the recent seat belt situation.

"By the way, from this year's new car, even if you leave it in flames, it doesn't seem like the inside of the car will be obvious."

"Ho, really?

"Seya Nen. Now that the thermoelectric conversion elements used in the fusion reactor are cheaper and can be mass-produced, they convert the heat accumulated indoors into electricity and charge the battery."

"Isn't it hard for him to have the human temperature inside?

"Due to the nature of the elements, the room temperature can function beyond thirty degrees. The temperature is too much. Let's go. Besides, it seems that the people on board are arranged in such a way that they don't touch it by mistake, and heat absorption in the first place is mainly due to radiation from the windows."

Tatsuya looks at Hiroshi's explanation as if he is not going to satisfactorily.

In fact, the biggest reason for the delay in commercialization was Tatsuya's obstruction in resolving the elements of concern and how to insulate them.

Although little is known, this electrocaloric conversion element itself is limited to vehicles intended for domestic use and has been planted in various places for about a decade now.

If you plant it where the heat occurs, it will save you the time to cool it down, and you will also get more power, so there is no reason not to use it if even the cost is right.

Due to its convenience, it would also be natural for the range used to expand year after year, except where heat itself is needed. Even if that's only an output that can't even cover the electrical items in the car at room temperature, it's many times better than just throwing heat away.

By the way, as far as nuclear fusion furnaces are concerned, this is the only story where there are controls that do not know what they are doing: using excess power to cool the furnace core so as not to cause more power to be generated than necessary, because the heat absorption and conversion efficiency of the elements are too good for the application.

In addition, the method of disposing of the elements themselves is established at the same time as practical application, so that no environmental problems arise unless it is also unlawfully dumped.

"Sister. He said it was time to go."

"Yeah, okay. I'll get you a proper souvenir. See you later."

"Leave it to me."

We are called out by deep snow to make sure everyone has fastened their seatbelts and settled down, set up the navigation quickly and set off.

At 9: 00 a.m. on August 1, the first line was to return to Japan and leave for the first hot spring trip.

"Good, it's not that crowded yet"

An hour and a half later. Based on an overly smooth itinerary, Spring Vegetables decides to make a stopover sighs of relief when they see the crowds at the destination they arrive in.

The stopover chosen by Spring Vegetables is Lake Dam, on a route that will take you far from the nearest Inter to Hot Springs, and the road station co-located there.

Beautiful Lake Dam is a popular spot there, but even during the summer holidays before the basin break and before eleven o'clock on a weekday, we still don't see so much crowding.

"Sister Chun, I want some soft cream"

"Ah, nice. What about everyone?

"Well, of course I'll eat it."

"Right, why don't we just buy it for everyone? It's cooler than the tide, but it's not so cool that you can't eat softly."

With the sound of Tatsuya's crane, everyone decides to eat soft cream for now.

"... I see. The local software here is peaches and grapes."

"Bitter, tenderloin, soy sauce, I don't think I know what I made."

"Don't tell me you made ice cream with Terona udon flavor or Behi's bulky flavor..."

Confirm the lineup as you wait in line, and the Hongdas who talk like that. There seems to be some other classic vanilla and chocolate, but the vanilla doesn't seem to look to anyone, including the other guests, as it stands.

"So, I think I'll just keep it as a peach, which one will everyone?

"I'll make peaches, too."

"Okay, I'll have the same thing, please"

"...... hmm. I was a little worried, but a mix of peaches and vanilla"

"Well, I'll twist it and make it a grape."

"I'll make a grape, too. If Tap turns me into a peach, I can compare it to eating."

"Well, shall we?"

Confirmation of the order reveals the strength of the Peach faction.

"I thought we'd split about four to three, but the peaches are bigger."

"Well, why don't you stop by here tomorrow, 'cause you can eat both? Besides, if it's a road station or a food court facility around here in the first place, you can probably buy this soft cream anywhere."

"I see. This manufacturer is pretty local."

"Looks like it. The location is close to here, and the ranch seems to be working."

Spring vegetables that were peeking at the manufacturer's site at the wait time mouth such information.

Mio's eyes, heard of the ranch, shine like a cupine.

"Hey, Spring Sister. Isn't that a tourist ranch or a restaurant?

"Basically, it looks like we're doing very normal dairy farming, but we seem to be opening up a very small part of it as a tourist ranch. After that, there are several restaurants and butchers in the city."

That's what Spring Vegetables, who checked the page all the time, tells Mio's inquiry. Mio's eyes when he hears about it add even more radiance.

"Sister Chun, I want to eat there for lunch"

"Oh, yeah. Sure, meat dishes in places like that look delicious. I also have a good cooling bag, so I think I can buy a sausage or something."

"Whatever the meat dish, you can buy that ranch sausage or something at the store here."

When spring vegetables were nodding to Mio's request, the order seemed to have turned around at some point, and the sister of the seller at the soft cream store gives me that information.

"Oh, right. Ah, the soft cream has four peaches, one mix of peaches and vanilla, and two grapes. All in corn, please."

"Yes, thank you. It's 2,800 yen."

Spring vegetables to order and pay for soft cream first, just because it's bad to chat too much.

"If you were to buy it, which would you recommend?

"Right. Bacon and spare ribs are delicious. After that, Roth Ham ham steak is pretty good, too."

"Oh, it looks so delicious"

"The best part is the steak meat from the Wagyu beef lamp, but just the raw meat, I'm afraid I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else who's going to visit"

"I'll buy that on my way home tomorrow"

Spring vegetables to receive the soft cream that came out, while checking the information around it thoroughly. When I hear of spare ribs, I pretend not to notice that the eyes of the drinkers are more glistening than Mio.

"The weather is nice today, so it's a good idea to eat while looking at Lake Dam over there at the observation deck"

"Yes, thank you for everything"

Spring vegetables that smile and bow their heads to the seller's sister who lovingly taught them a lot to the end and head to the observation deck as information suggests. Other members quickly taste soft cream while walking about spring vegetables.

"... wow, peaches"

"...... hmm. More fruit juice than expected. Vanilla also has a tremendous sense of milk"

"Grapes, even grapes."

"This is amazing, isn't it? Unlike the soft cream that makes it taste like it with a lot of excuses and flavors, it's very carefully adjusted to make it taste good as a soft cream after mixing fruit juice in a good proportion."

"… at least in Farlane we still can't create this much ice cream."

"Hey, El. I know you're mistaken, but this level of soft cream is not that bad in Japan."

"When you pull a big win like this, the trip feels much happier ~"

I accidentally admire the soft-serve cream, which is even more high-level than I would expect if it were local soft-serve.

We arrive at the observatory as we say that, and a magnificent and beautiful Lake Dam jumps in front of us.

"... wow..."

"... mmm..."

"… did you create this solely with the power of people…"

"I hear it wasn't that hard to build here, but it's still taking years, so I guess it's not that easy"

The beauty of Lake Dam and the fact that it was created with the power of man. Spring vegetables, Mio and Aeris take their breath in those two.

"But dams are mostly cited as wasted public works. It's gonna cost you money that you can't even imagine it's us."

"... in this case, it looks like we really did the necessary work."


"Apparently. All the time, the damage was noticeable because it overlapped with a large typhoon, but there was a major water damage around here, after the war, and a settlement was destroyed. So, not so much, but water damage and thirst have been on the set for a few years, and they've moved the country around surviving the fleeing settlements, suing for dam construction."

"Heh. That's the kind of utility you have."

"Sora, all of it, there's nothing to waste. And instead of talking about the exit that would be a problem at the dam, the settlement that sank at the bottom of the lake here was its devastated settlement, and the whole story of the survivors moving on and giving away their land. It was easy to make dams because it was easy to damage the terrain and water."

In response to the various ruined feelings of the true harp, for some reason, Hiroshi explains how it was until the dam was built. Then Tatsuya, Mio, and Shiori are surprised when they round their eyes.

"Hong-kun, you're familiar..."

"Did Sister Shiori care there, too?

"Yeah. Why are you so familiar with it?

"I saw the memory of the land firsthand. It was quite a spectacle, and it conveyed how truthful it was."

"" I see... "

Shiori and Mio have no choice but to convince themselves of what can only be described as a boulder creation god.

"I'll do it with destruction of nature and opinions all the time, and no matter how useful the very dam is, I'll do it for nothing and opinions all the time. When I put it to you, it's a safe place for humans to live. Don't think it's just arrogant to denounce it with reason until you try to fight disaster as far as you can."

"Japan in particular has a lot of disasters, so to put it out..."

"Well, it's true that there were times when there was a lot of wasted public works, like when I was a bubble, and there was a place where it was made into a bald mountain, and it's true, so to some extent, I guess that's what I came up with."

Such a political story before the magnificent scenery created by man in his own power.

That story, which Aeris also added along the way, lasted until everyone finished eating soft cream.

"The meat was delicious"

"It was delicious."

"Japan is a really amazing country to be able to make so much good meat just because of human effort"

After noon, the spring vegetables, who indulged in meat dishes at the ranch's restaurant at Mio's request, were finally on their way to the destination's hot spring district.

It should be noted that the current driver is Shiori, and Tatsuya is in the passenger seat. Hiroshi is similarly lined up in the rear-rear seat earlier to keep Spring Vegetables and Aeris next to each other.

Tatsuya and Makoto had been drinking local beer at lunch, and Shiori, who had stepped on the road to return tomorrow, bought it and left because he was sorry to let Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables drive it all.

"I figured maybe I should have driven at first."

"I don't know what to say to myself, but there's no way we can stand seeing local drinks and local beers on trips like this..."

"If there were no other drivers, I would have weighed myself down, but when I think I can drive without problems with both Hongkong and Spring Vegetables, it doesn't matter..."

Though it is not a big problem because it is just over thirty minutes away, it is a situation where pregnant women are forced to drive, and Makoto and Tatsuya say so with a real sense of sorry.

Both of them, when alcohol is involved in a situation where they drink and have no problems, they become bad adults in an instant.

"Oh, I think it's my brother and Sister Makoto who drink under these circumstances."


For Mio's sake and a harsh word, I agree with Hiroshi smiling bitterly. Tatsuya and Makoto come and nag at the comments that have no room for denial on their harsh.

Poetry weave leaks a small chuckle unintentionally at how those two look. While honestly reflecting, I find it oddly loving that my husband and his best friend, who would still intolerably drink in the same situation, have a very human added or subtracted cripple.

If this gets to an alcoholic level, I wouldn't have laughed like this with Shiori. but restraint works when we both need it, and we're not drunk enough to break ourselves.

It is to the extent that Shiori can laugh as she follows, as she does not lose her identity where she has gone a little too far, nor does she have a liquor habit that annoys others to the extent that she gets a little tense.

"... oh?

"Doesn't it, El?

"No. I just felt like I could hear Master Harna singing"

Aeris' words interrupt the conversation in the car. Songs streaming from car radio cover up the interior of the car, which became just the engine sound and the vibrating sound while driving.

"... oh, this is it"

"This song, Spring Vegetables plays back chorus?

"Yeah. Your mother asked me to put a chorus in a new song from an idol group in a different office."

"With that said, did you take part in Mr. Snow Vegetables' office?

"Yeah. For once, I had to work, so this is how easy it is."

Together convinced by the explanation of spring vegetables. It's a corner, so I decide to ask what I cared about.

"Sister Chun, sister Chun. I think you were famous for this group, for your tone deafness, but it was Sister Chun who made you sound as good as someone else did before?

"Will that happen? I didn't really want to be on the table, so I was just trying to figure out how to sing the main chorus so I wouldn't stand out."

"Hey spring vegetables. Isn't that like some kind of doping?

"Ah, maybe so."

Makoto and Mio think from the bottom of their hearts that the answer to spring vegetables is not to cheat with the help of others, etc. When I sing the arranged version live and elsewhere, I see a tremendous amount of momentum and blur.

"Hey, Spring Vegetables."


"This, if anyone asks, can you tell the handle of the back chorus or the whole thing, in one shot?

"Oh, you might see."

"Aren't you going to make a scene?

"It seems to end in because it's your mother's handover. Mother, I don't want to look at you like this before, but I have talent and interest in the entertainment industry."

"I see."

That's right, Snow Vegetables is even said to be cowing the singing department in the entertainment industry today. For a story involving songs, it feels like you have as many bills as you want.

"Sister Chun, I thought you'd be ashamed to hear me sing in front of you in this way."

"It might be a little embarrassing if it was my song, but it's a people's song. Like this, feeling when you're doing a lot of other stuff in a play or something?

"... oh"

Everyone somehow agrees with Spring Vegetable's frank sentiment about Mio's question. Best.

"Um, Master Harna. Do you have that experience with Master Harna and many others?

Aeris' questioning also naturally arises.

"For once, when I did theatre in my class in elementary school, I was going to be able to rub it in a relationship, so I used to let a lot of other people play a role. I knew it, but it was so easy."

"Well, definitely one of the many others was the most visible."

Nod as everyone agrees to the penetration of the true harp.

In fact, the only thing that stood out the most during that play was the blonde villager D, whose dialogue was all sidekicks saying, "Yes, he is," and who didn't even act like an act in just three minutes.

In the first place, when mixed with the average Japanese with the color of spring vegetable hair, it really stands out at the point of color. It emits an eye-catching presence from day to day on top of it, so in the case of theatre it would be with us anywhere but on the back.

Regardless if you have the moves to extinguish your presence and get into the general public like your mother, in the case of spring vegetables that don't even have that much moves now, it's definitely the least obvious thing to do to stand out and keep them in the lead of something because they stand out anyway.

It should be noted that, with regard to choruses that seem to stand out in similar patterns, the spring vegetables have always been placed in undernumbered places, and the weirdly challenging task of leaving solo parts to songs with solo parts has been done.

It is only here that the know-how around it gained by the elementary and secondary schools where spring vegetables were enrolled is currently utilized too much in the treatment of deep snow.

"But well, I have a thesis, so I won't lose the chance to present it in public, but if it's college, I don't have plans or time to do a club, and I don't think I'll ever do theatre or anything like that again"

"I guess so."

"Seriously, you guys, there's nothing very busy about it. I'd normally look at Ursus if I had enough time for the club."

Tatsuya and Makoto agree with Spring Vegetable's words. At that time, Spring Vegetable's phone rings.

"... from deep snow. I'm guessing it's recording."

Spring vegetables that tell everyone who called and put them in audible mode and answer the phone. Keep an eye on the conversation.


"Ah, sister. Are you okay now?

"I'm fine because I'm not driving right now. What's the matter with you?

"Right now, I'm getting a recording of a plan to cook with ingredients I'm throwing away, anything?

Deep snow deliberately confirms what we had a proper meeting before we went. Spring vegetables that were pinned to that attitude immediately responded with an addendum.

"... the show that's supposed to hit the producers directly doesn't really bother me why they're here to collect ingredients, but there's a lot going on."

"What do you have?

"Next to the logs, there's a bag with the shiitake I made a mistake before I left this morning, so you can take that. Because there's no mix of poisonous mushrooms or the ones you shouldn't eat. Plus, there's a lot of vegetables in the vegetable room that I harvested this morning, but I think there's a bunch of nasty ones mixed up because they're bummed and not sorted before the trip. Look at it appropriately, have it taken."

'Yeah, I get it. Anything else? He said he'd be happy to have cheese or something. "

"I don't have any extra cheese. In other words, dairy products can only be consumed. Instead, the Kanayama-ji miso, which has become computationally insane and inedible, is in the fridge."

Spring Vegetables answers the deep snow inquiry without suddenly breaking the attitude of being heard, assuming that this conversation is probably being heard, rather than streamed on TV. The vegetables in the fridge are adrift, but there were actually a lot of subtleties mixed up so it wouldn't be a problem.

I can also give up now that I'm more about my voice than I've already done a few backchoruses, intermission raps, etc. Instead, we have to somehow crush our faces using that as bait.

"So, the fact that you came all the way here means your father's in on it as a guest or something, maybe?

"Yeah, that's what he said."

"Then properly insert the cookies you put in the making and the permanent dishes in the freezer. Yeah, it's pretty suspicious if you're eating lunch or something."

'Okay. I'll take a good look. And he wants me to change the phone. All right?


When it comes to sora, and while I feel comfortable inside, I fix it so that it doesn't seem to be a problem on the surface and OK.

"Hello, Spring Vegetables? It's Yamaoka. '

I'm out of time.

"Really, it's been a long time ~"

Spring vegetables that greet one of a group of idols, who knows quite well and is also the main part of this whole show, in an unmistakable way. We then negotiate for about five minutes to chat and somehow win facial NG.

On the surface he hung up after finishing the conversation soothingly while still sweating amazingly on his back, and Spring Vegetables sighed heavily.


"Good day. I'm glad they pulled it off."

"I know about stalking and all that. It was really helpful because you did it like this because you knew you couldn't do it from the start and only ate the shape down..."

With that said, spring vegetables that remove handkerchiefs from the pochette and wipe sweat. I feel sick with my clothes sticking up my back with sweat, but now there's nothing I can do about it, so I'm giving it up.

Let's just say I was absolutely right to avoid the clear shades and materials of clothing thinking about what would have happened.

Otherwise, at least the lines in my underwear would have surfaced clearly by now.

"I didn't think you'd sweat so much in an air-conditioned car."

"I don't know if it's physically okay, but don't worry about it like you have a cold."


Spring vegetables nodding joyfully, to the words of the Hong. I don't get a normal cold or anything like the Hongkong or Spring Vegetables, but there's no way I'm not happy that you're worried.

In the first place, to the extent that I sweat cold in those circumstances, I am dragging on the human age. Beyond the fact that there are quite a few diseases that only take high-altitude life forms, caution will be needed.

"Sounds like a destination soon, so Spring Vegetables can be a little patient that far"


"Dear Harna, don't hesitate to let me know if it's cold. If it's a thin towel kettle, we bring it in so we can get it out right away."

"Thank you, Elle. If it's really cold, I won't hesitate to borrow it."

Spring vegetables that talk like that and look out the window to check the situation. When do we do it, we run so deep in the mountains that we no longer know where we're running. A comfortable drive is achieved thanks to a strangely splendidly maintained road, but there is already not a car running in front or behind for quite some time.

Since leaving the ranch and entering this road, there have also been about three different cars in opposite lanes. Surprisingly little traffic.

"... that?

"... what the hell?

Running for another five minutes or so, at the entrance to the desired hot spring-like settlement, Shiori and Tatsuya found a presence that they did not consider to be modern Japan.

Coming out of the beast path of the roadside, they had a grilled, black face on the sun that was roughly unlikely to be Japanese, and a fierce face that felt somewhere African away from the Japanese.

Wearing cheap Gpans and sneakers on patchy t-shirts printed with magpie openings and other pictures, they are responsible for Marutai, who holds a stone spear in his right hand and brackets his prey with his left arm.

There are clock marks on their arms like that, by the time they're stunning.

The prey being borne by the two of us is such a huge boar, bear, and oxen that it is incredible that this was again living roughly in today's Japan. All is worn with stone spears and his neck is pointed in a direction that shows he stabbed a stop exactly.

Only the strangely fashionable nature of the outfit is the contact with modern civilization. It's a stunning aboriginal.

It is the nori of an entertainment show that is no longer branded as the OO Expedition and has only a round-the-clock penetration to make it do by the brilliant of previous years.

"... here in Japan, right?

"... when you see the navigation, it's North Kanto, maybe."

A group of native people crossing slowly in front of Tatsuya, who stopped waiting for a signal. Everyone has just finished crossing, and from somewhere else there will be this again and a splendid and huge deer.

A young man at the head who saw it throws a stone spear all the way through his throat. He's a brilliant thrower as he takes charge of his prey and stops with a single blow.

"Are you still here..."

"That's more secret than I expected - here..."

A leading young man who twisted the tailored deer neck to stab a stop exactly and put his relatively light luggage in charge of his companions. Though North Kanto's adhesions are mixed, the spoken words are illusory like local words that I don't know how to speak, even though I know what they mean in Japanese properly.

"... well, shall we go to the inn"

"... yeah"

Because it was the driver's seat and the passenger's seat, Tatsuya and Shiori, who had just witnessed that sight, which was insanely good for the Japanese landscape, come to that conclusion in a realistic escape for now.

Running as is, another five minutes. The arrival inn was a very ordinary hot spring inn like anywhere else.

"Hey, Spring Vegetables..."

"I know exactly what you're trying to say..."

"Or that's the hot springs Sister Chun has been looking for. It looks like it could be as intense as expected."

"I don't know, for once Zivier was supposed to be a lot of regulation loud, but are you okay with that kind of tailored prey or something?

"If you're using proper facilities in a decent facility to dismantle and meat, you should probably be fine. I mean, I'm off authorization, so I'm in trouble if it's not okay..."

Spring vegetables that give up and get ready to go into the inn while sighing with a troubled look at the situation with lots of different penetrations.

It was Hiroshi who followed that Spring Vegetable's indication of intent and stepped into the Inn somewhere anxious.

"Except for the fact that the room is very large because it's a special room, it's so uncomfortable that the inn is normal everywhere..."

"Mm-hmm. There was an uncle in a yukata who usually bought venison jerky at the store or something. It's not as good as my brother or my sister, but it feels like alcohol is already in there."

"It feels as busy as it is, but did the other guests know that one?

"If you're a regular, maybe you don't care after you know. Or maybe if you weren't a little deviant like us, you wouldn't question that."

"Oh, I guess so. It feels like the magnetic fields and the spiritual veins are slightly off around here."

Inn room. True harps mouth such thoughts based on the interiors, the shops, the hot springs that were just in the company that guided me.

In addition to the name of shifting the Birthday Celebration of the Macro to today, it was likely to be difficult to split rooms on top of having Aeris, and everyone is staying in a special room with multiple rooms. The price is pretty good for that, but no one thinks it hurts.

Aeris' share was meant to be split between us all, but the problem has disappeared nicely when it comes to accommodation costs because the parents of the members, excluding Tatsuya and Shiori, gave us money. Finally, parents also normally give money for the cost of changing to cakes and specialty dishes that they have ordered to coincide with Macho's birthday.

By the way, this is the only place where one of the largely empty rooms is this special room.

It should be noted that Tatsuya and Shiori are currently in the process of being picked up at the store by Honda. Food based souvenirs are still a lot spicy when it comes to rooting and other accessories, where lovely couples can be shown to be squirming.

Especially for Spring Vegetables, Mio and Aeris, who haven't made much progress in love, I felt like I wanted to refrain from acting with them all this time, because there was going to be a mix of seclusion no matter how smiling the exchange was.

The Macro went out to buy drinks not long ago. It's not uncommon for this inn to not have drinks in the fridge these days.

"Um, I don't know, isn't that normal hunting in Japan?

"It's not normal, or hunting itself is permissive in the first place, and we don't usually try with white soldier weapons. Like over there, if you work out, you can beat the beast with physical abilities, and there's no such thing as"


"Yeah. It's not like I don't use it at all for once, but I guess the only time I basically use it is when I definitely stab a stop. I'll do it with a shotgun."

"Hunting guns, is it?

Aeris shows the words of spring vegetables that they do not fall into the heart.

Because, in fact, gunpowder also exists in the Faircro world, and in the past, firearms have also been invented to levels as high as rifles and have proven useless in the end.

Since there were convenient explosives that could be increased by as much just to keep on the hot springs, Honda did not have the opportunity to make them or use them, but bombs with gunpowder are also normally made, and that one is mainly used in civil works and so on.

Because of this background, aeristically, hunting beasts with firearms does not in itself come in a pin.

If you want meat, you'll have no choice but to do all this because it's the quickest world to level and beat it with physics or magic.

"Sister Chun, sister Chun. I don't think Elle would be convinced to show the real thing."

"Right. I don't know, if it was as powerful as a shotgun, it would have stopped Elle from wearing the clothes he usually wears."

Spring vegetables with a look on the words of Mio and Makoto, I guess so.

In the first place, if you say it just by physical defense, no one among the members who are coming on a trip can stop every hunting gun alive. Even Tatsuya, who has the lowest defense, needs about a pistol or a hunting gun for a light bruise.

Aeris, whose athletic abilities are ordinary, also enters an area where, as a result of his hard work in the castle of God, only sturdiness is close to Mio and True Harp, that is, one foot into the level of the Sub-God.

There's no way they're going to pin the strength of a firearm.

Most of all, with all that physical strength, it may be one of the seven wonders of Aeris that hurt his legs lightly because he went up the stone steps with shoes he wasn't used to when he went to the Great Tide Shrine.

While we're talking about that, Hiroshi and Tatsuya, Shiori are finally coming home.

"Ah, welcome home"

"I'm home. Time for dinner."

"Makoto, I bought you a nice drink."

"You're so sweet."

"I swallow too."

Hongdae lines up her drinks and glasses at the table, saying, etc. A helicopter sits in front of Tatsuya and Makoto, and coke and lactic acid drinks are distributed to underage or currently non-alcoholic humans.

"I thought, if it's dinner already, I should put the juices in the fridge and order them normally?

"Except for a local limited edition one like a shredded specialty or something, it's expensive, and I think you should drink it as it is."

"If that's okay, I'll keep it open."

That's what I said, spring vegetables reaching for a can of national grape soda placed in front of me. Because it was summer, or because it was a hundred yen with five hundred millimeters in it, coke, cider, etc. were also basically of that size.

Priced at one coin hundred yen even though it's an inn vending machine, and although the two points of a 500mm can of juice that doesn't usually go into the lineup of vending machines in these places are a penetration, I'm through because I'm encountering a bigger penetration by the time I get here, and nobody else is in trouble.

Just as the spring vegetables opened the can, my buddy started to bring in dishes and somehow something like a cooking table, a pan, etc., to serve.

One of them, a companion who had held a few years, stands by side with this, including a knife, on the cooking table, and confirms that the aperitif and chopsticks have gone, he gives one head up.

"Welcome here today. Let me start eating with this. Several dishes, including appetizers, will be prepared on this occasion. My name is Nakamura and I will be in charge of cooking."

"Yes, please"

"First, we will prepare an appetizer with specialty dishes (raspberries), tomatoes and cheese"

In keeping with Nakamura's words, a buddy who was standing by outside the room brings in a big one.

There was a cobweb on the cobweb that you can't even see on your hands and feet if you look closely at it as if it were a go-go.

"Wait a minute. Ah!

True harp raises his voice when he decides he is waiting to penetrate that form, which is too similar to the exploding hot spring vegetables of these two.

Nakamura-san puts his neck on the slab for nothing while putting his neck around the true harp.

"What's wrong?

"I don't care what you think, you have a face on you!?

It's not so much abusive given the size of the magnitude, but if it's an example vegetable, it shrugs its neck reflexively at its placement that will shock you to the extent that you can afford to explode, while continuing to penetrate for now.

Nakamura-san smiles at Makoto's penetration, feeling like, oh, about it.

It should be noted that even though it resembles something, this is Japan. This is usually grown in the fields. Naturally, it doesn't explode to the extent that it was handled abusively.

"The specialty of our village, this Honor II variety, is characterized by a pattern like this face and a cobble that is invisible to the hands and feet, and the darker this face, the better it tastes."

"What's the odd thing about being in that comic strip..."

"Well, decompons are not always very distinctive because they have large navels and lots of wrinkles and are more delicious in appearance..."

Nakamura returns to cooking with Nico laughing at Makoto and Hiroshi's conversation after hearing the explanation. Apparently it was a frequently asked question from Mr. at first glance, an attitude that there is no problem, including the penetration of the true harp.

"But it would be too much to resemble that until the name..."

"You're not going to explode in time..."

"Exactly. I know that's okay, but it's a little hot springs around here..."

Nakamura-san drops leaves in the way he chops them, which would explode relentlessly if it were his hot spring vegetables, breaking and slicing them. One of the things that makes me feel more comfortable with that movement is the fact that I can't help but think of Hiroshi as the one who has been cooking that scattered one over there.

The only thing that hasn't reacted so hypersensitively to how to cut and place it is the poetry weave that hasn't seen that cooking landscape or explosion scene so much.

"In the meantime, in the case of Hong-jun Haruya-chan, don't think it's tough to get stuck in this mess when you think about the field."

"Akan, you can't deny it..."


Such, just one calm poetic penetration from the weave, with a guttered feeling of bowing your head to the Macro and Spring Vegetables.

In the end, the only thing that filled the inn with dishes was the jam, and all the other things that came out were very ordinary things like peony pots and pan leaf roasted with venison pickled in miso, so even if it was delicious, I felt like I ate the shoulder watermark.

The special dishes and cakes that were added for the birthday of Hongkong were extravagant and very delicious, but there was nothing unusual enough to highlight them, and the dinner ended safely without any particular penetration except for the one.

In the end, they were the spring vegetables who could enjoy the spa inn peacefully until the next morning they heard that the real specialty of the village was the boar roast, and that depending on the season and the outcome of the hunt, it could be behaved in the square of the spa district.