"Hey, Macro. I'm from Hainan University, Mr. Erei. I'm here for work. Is this right?

One day the world wants to go on a basin break. By the time I entered my long vacation, I had received a large number of orders from Hainan University at East Workshop, which was fully operational in an attempt to make sales whenever possible.

"Yeah, maybe nothing, usually because of Ayase Ryon's work. I'm involved in the use of it, too, and in a confidential sense, it's normal to place an order with someone involved?

"Oh, you mean that. I don't know, it's just a shitty shape again. Did you purposefully mould and blow this cast?

"It's just a matter of delivery time, and I can't get that far. I use Hainan University equipment to make it out of foam."

My father, Takasuke, is convinced of a lot of things to explain to Hiroshi. Although not limited to Hainan University, universities with strong engineering departments are well equipped to the extent that they can start manufacturing mainly in mechanical processing if they want to.

Most of all, I don't want to have a machine. No matter how state-of-the-art and high-performance equipment you have, it's normal that you can't do anything more decent that a town factory can easily do with an old-fashioned general-purpose machining machine than it is a college student or researcher who uses it.

Heavenly Sounds and others know that very well, so whatever the little parts are, when building experimental machines that require more than a certain amount of accuracy, they all throw round to the local town factory.

This time it is also the mouth of the experimental machine of the weather-resistant field generator of hong and spring vegetables, because the propensity of the parts used for the experimental machine was just in line with the specialties and expertise of the East Workshop, so fortunately this saved me the trouble of finding a vendor.

In addition to the need for some weight and stability for safety, there is also a cost problem, and even though the materials used for the base part were almost fixed to iron-based materials, it is a choice made on the basis of purposefully choosing cast iron for the materials to make the materials out of the castings, not to mention ordering work from Hong's parents.

The disadvantage of the rust susceptibility of common iron-based materials is that the technology of this era can be handled with additives during surface treatment and molding, so it is also not necessary to worry about it at the experimental machine level, just to add.

To add yet another addition, the foam that Macro said is a casting method that makes a prototype out of styrofoam and pours in cast iron without removing the prototype when making the template. It is easy to process because it is styrofoam to use, and sometimes there is no hassle in removing the prototype, and if the number of pieces to make is one or two, it usually has the advantage that the product can be made significantly cheaper than making a mould out of wood.

However, because the mould is essentially disposable, there are drawbacks that, in the case of a single shot or prototype such as this one, the cost increases in the case of mass production, on the contrary.

Around here it will be a split usage.

For the record, in addition to the fact that 3D printers in this era ended up failing to keep up with advances in material technology and the fact that some of the materials with the most important properties appeared to be extremely incompatible with the 3D printer principle of sintering them with laser irradiation, they are not often used outside of prototyping applications that do not presuppose mass production when it comes to metalworking.

Laser sintering also generates heat. Moreover, in many cases there are extreme differences in heat distribution during the moulding process compared to conventional casting and the like, and strains and other problems caused by thermal stress could not be completely overcome. As a result, we are celebrating two thousand and thirty years, which is now, at last, not until we have finished high-precision products without the need for post-processing.

It should also be noted that the reason for the failure to overcome the problem of strain caused by thermal stress was also the impact of diversification due to the rapid development of materials, which became irrelevant as a result of the dispersal of resources in response to them.

There are also technological innovations in the casting itself, and nowadays, the moulds of styrofoam for prototyping and the wooden moulds for mass production are made with 3D printers, and the prototyping is carried out in a way that makes prototypes with disappearing casting methods that utilize them.

"Even so, I can't design this unscrupulous..."

"There are quite a few parts of the experimental machine that dare to take a weird shape even if the drawings leak easily. When it comes to mass production actually, get a lot more and make it an easy structure, sora."

"I see. Well, with the approximate drawings and the strawberries, it doesn't make sense to put a tolerance in a place like this, but there's only a tolerance in a place like this."

"Don't be like that in a drawing directed by Professor Ayase. Other places, plus or minus 0.01 on all dimensions and fine quotes, specify a whole number 42 on the diagonal dimension of a 30mm square hole with a hundred minutes of intersection, and cross H7. I can see from the calculation that there are some drawings that make you feel like an asshole at all levels."

"I hope engineering students are okay with that..."

"I work for a general company. I don't care if it's a designer who's out of the hospital. It's useless to say it to the student level."

Hiroshi returns a tougher penetration based on real-life examples into a tough penetration with Takasuke's mourning in it.

Incidentally, H7 crossing is one of the most commonly used standards for fitting of paired axes and holes, and when H is uppercase, it is designated as positive and lowercase. The values vary with the dimensions of the holes and axes, but in this case, the tolerances range from 0 to 0.025 mm.

As a matter of fact, there are quite a few designers who use it as a positive side negative side even though the hole side is actually lower case and the axis side is lower case, or vice versa because it is done in the way of baking fitting, so in the case of H7 tolerances, it becomes as described earlier as a realistic explanation.

What is the problem with adding an integer dimension to the diagonal angle of the square hole (which is also a right angle rather than the one that is rounding the corner) and applying the H7 tolerance is that the length of the diagonal angle of the square with one side of the integer is usually not an integer. Especially when there is a few hundredths of millimeters of intersection on the length of one side of the square, it definitely won't be such a beautiful number first.

No further explanation will be omitted here, as this is something that can be seen as soon as the calculation is made using the three-square theorem and the slope of the right angle binary triangle.

"Well, for this one, the finishing touches are better done by the Macro. Yeah, do it. I can always tell where it's important, but it's much more accurate to know who's involved in design."


Hiroshi nods to Takasuke's words and takes the most troublesome thing in shape. Normally, it has an obnoxious shape that worries about how to fix it to the machine, but I have already put it around the area for the most part.

The most special technique of the East Workshop is to fix items that normally need to be made with special jigs in shape, and perform high-precision machining with a combination of tools, and Macro naturally has the arms to do so.

Regardless, there are naturally some things that are physically impossible to do, but cases like that are mostly about the size of the machine, and few cases are impossible due to shape problems.

At first glance, it is a technique that is likely to be told to do it with a five-axis machining machine, but if you can actually do something about it, there is only one thing that is much quicker and cheaper to process with a general-purpose vertical milling machine, machining center, etc.

For this reason, if you don't need special smelting equipment, you can process it at a lower cost and shorter delivery time than any other vendor for that matter, so it will sell well beyond the rest of the world.

Note that the second special technology is that it is possible to measure relatively precisely in hundredths of millimeters even with the item attached to the machine during processing, up to products about the size of hundreds of millimeters square. However, since this is a problem with tools, it cannot be said that few possible town factories are even exclusive patents of the East Workshop.

Both technologies have been able to polish to the top level in Japan because they have continued to mainly process castings that can be made in any unlikely shape as long as they can make wood moulds.

"In the meantime, I'm going to do whatever shape is around here that's bothersome with numbers and straight angles."

"Please. After that, the guy I'm gonna do it to, you take it instead, huh?

"You seem to have a better delivery date, so why don't you just get ahead of yourself? You know, just for Spring Vegetables' practice. Yeah, so you can do it when it's over now."


Takasuke and I finish the meeting of the work that way, and at the end of the step, to check the progress of the work on spring vegetables, a macro who moves with ingredients.

Place the ingredients by the machine used by yourself and check the spring vegetables being worked on in the next machine.

"... hmmm..."

Spring vegetables had their hands on the item with a serious look on their face, and their necks were clenched as they repeatedly loosened the hydraulic vise to tighten, or chewed and adjusted the soft brass plate.

"It's a trick."

"Yeah...... I really can't fix the fall..."

"It feels like I saw a comma 1 fall down, and that side of him isn't that loud or anything, at the level I can get it out. Yeah."

"I know, but you know you're gonna have a hard time later when you're out of hand here, so you can't break it off..."

"Whatever, such a cynical job, let Mr. Spring Vegetable shake it yet"

Spring vegetables told by the macro and accidentally smiling small. I know that without being told, but I feel like I'm going to be in trouble later when I have a habit of losing my hand here, so I can't lose my hand.

The work currently being carried out by Spring Vegetables involves finishing the dimensions of convex objects with holes in about two places and cavities in them while producing parallel to the right angle of the material.

I've still started milling for a few months, and besides long holidays due to students, it's good and about Tuesday a week, it's also only a product that's long and entrusted with spring vegetables that can only come to work for about four hours, and the demanding accuracy isn't that cynical. At best, the adjustment of the position relationship of the hole is troublesome.

Rather, the fact that we have already been entrusted with this level of stuff solely by drawing and instruction is, in itself, an unlikely career if normal.

Most importantly, if it is not in the form of helping my parents I know, it is unlikely that I will be allowed to work part-time on shifts like this in itself, but in this respect, privately owned microenterprises are accommodating and convenient.

"Takasuke or Hiroshi get out properly in one go when you do it, but it's hard to do so many things with me ~..."

"Don't shake it. My dad's a veteran who's been on this road for over twenty years, and I've been helping him since middle school, even if it's basically just for a long vacation. I don't think the season's gonna get any better."

"Yes, it is."

Spring vegetables smiling bitterly again at the penetration of the macro. This type of work means that experience time is more than enough.

but even though he has the ability to seal powers and not even be comparable such as human beings if only by simple specs, there is just something unfortunate about how he can't do well in a basic place where Takasuke can even do it while chatting.

I'm not going to look down at a human being because I'm an ex-human myself, but what I can't do properly with all the hassle I've put in so far is make me feel all sorts of pathetic.

Precisely and in detail, the madness will be known, but it will be a dead end.

Spring vegetables have also hit the wall brilliantly, saying that what Hongyun and Heavenly Sound once talked about is a different problem from what we know and what we do.

"Well, this is the next guy when it's over for now. I've been told the exact precision of this request, but instead of the long one, be careful."

"Yeah. Okay, I got it."

Spring vegetables that nod to the instructions of the macro and return to fine-tuning the way they are grabbed again. That look, it's serious everywhere.

It was spring vegetables that had completely forgotten what they were working part-time at the East Workshop for anymore and why.

"Spring vegetables, do you have plans or something for your basin holiday?

"Uh, shouldn't have been particularly this year"

Lunch break. Asked by Misao, Spring Vegetables answers that after a few thoughts.

Spring vegetables last year, because deep snow is a student this year, my father's great-grandfather's home has no plans to show his face, and my mother's home is England, so basin break itself is irrelevant in the first place.

At the age of my great-grandfather, who is just past a hundred, I am told from the other side that he should not have to come this year, although he should show his face next year.

"Do your uncles have any plans?

"I don't have any plans for you to leave, but my daughter's coming home for the bon break."

"My daughter, do you mean your sister, Hiroshi?

"Yeah. Well, I haven't lived here a day since I moved here, and I don't know if the whole time I come back is right as an expression."

Spring vegetables that do nod to Misao's words.

In the current East House, there is also a room for Hiroshi's sister, Keimi. Even though I sent clothes and other items to the college dorm, the furniture and other items that I used to live in Osaka are brought in as is, so if you want to live, you can live normally.

but that and whether there is a feeling of coming back to Keimi's side is a different story.

In fact, the message said I would show my face because I had decided to get a job, so I probably wouldn't be aware that I'd be back in person.

"So, Spring Vegetables. I don't have any plans, so why don't you give us a look? I want to introduce you to my daughter."

"Oh, can I ask you a favor?

"Yeah. They'll be back on the eleventh by appointment, so how about the twelfth?


Spring vegetables smiling happily and nodding on the date presented. There, I can think of a fu.

"Then should I call Mio and Elle too?

"Whatever you do, you better keep your voice shut. Yeah, do it."

"What about Makoto and the others?

"My brother and Shiori face each other's parents all the time for the bon break, so let's just talk about it this time. Ask Makoto-san what she's going to do around there, so check with Haruyaki."

"Copy that. If it's true, I'd also like to introduce you to Mr. Alchem and Fuyukawa..."

"Exactly, sister, don't be willing to take me over there"

"Right ~..."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables will be tailored to the idea of Spring Vegetables and decide how to speak to other members, etc. Mio, Aeris and Makoto would probably be the limit at maximum, even if we could get together, but I don't feel good if I don't just speak up about this stuff.

"In the meantime, I need you to take home the best part of the crop on your return day"

"Let it go. And what's your sister's cost of living and the meat like?

"Hmm, I don't know much about the price over there, but other than part-time bribes and rice out in the dorm, I wonder if the chicken from the sale is the limit. Maybe seafood is the same."

"Right. Please ask Anya and Miura to secure the meat and fish."

"Oh, yeah."

From who to speak to to, we talk about handicrafts, and the idea flies at once from Eemy's diet to the sourcing of meat, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables. So I turn my gaze to my parents and they nod happily.

Incidentally, Mr. Miura is the pressing destination of vegetables secured by spring vegetables. I am a veteran fisherman who can also be considered a heavy town among the fishermen of Tideview who, as a result of pressing on the trial products of Tideview Melon, would have turned tremendous fish that would have flowed to a luxury kiosk or something if I had asked for it.

"Spring vegetables, I'm sorry, but yeah, meat and fish, just keep it sourced, okay? I'll give you the money."

"Do you have the fruit picked in Spring Vegetables' field? Maybe you can't get more than that around here first."

"Later it's sweets, but there's usually stock that you can buy in the supermarket, like cakes?

"I don't know. I haven't bought much from anywhere but the supermarket since I got here, so I only know about the national chain."

Takasuke and Misao discuss what to prepare in order to welcome their daughter. Spring vegetables watching as I nicked the look pinch my mouth like I came up with something.

"Oh, if cake's fine, I'll bake it, right?

"Really? Please, are you okay?

"Yes, I'll take care of it"

It's been a long time since I've gotten the pretext to make a cake, strangely sticking out spring vegetables. I don't really have a chance to make these things without a reason.

The last time Spring Vegetables made a cake was on True Harp's birthday. Since Hot Springs trips were withheld shortly after Hiroshi's birthday, he deals with them in the form of getting extra special dishes and birthday cakes when booking the inn.

So it's been quite a while since I've made a contorted decorative cake.

"Is it okay if I ask for the meat and eggs to arrive on the evening of the tenth?

"Let it go. So, please."

"I'll arrange the seafood from the fried water on the twelfth, in the form of having the goodness delivered within that day."

"Yeah, thanks. You're gonna have to charge me."

Spring vegetables with an unexpectedly ambiguous grin on Misao's words. Unfortunately, I've never received an invoice from either of them for an order of this magnitude, so I don't know how much to ask them to give me to give me.

"But I don't care if the cooking arm is totally beaten by Hiroshi or Haruki. I want to feed you a delicious meal, so I better leave all the cooking to the macro. Yeah?

"This kind of thing isn't just about arms, so I figured Kan should make it"

"Yes, I am."

"I don't know..."

Recently, Misao, who relies on the hong and spring vegetables for nearly 70% of her diet, mouths anxiety about cooking a meal with a little pity.

Misao is a master of Hiroshi's cooking, but his arms are at the level of a common housewife. Even if you can make a general human say it's delicious, it's not a level where you can take money.

"Besides, if you say that steak tastes like basic meat and steak sauce, and if you even add or subtract it the wrong way, it doesn't really matter how good your arm is for making it in the average home."

"Sora well, yeah burns"

"Your sister hasn't eaten her aunt's dinner in four years, has she? Just miso soup or a little small bowl, so I think it would be best to feed your aunt's dishes"

"... I don't know. I just don't want to make a macro either. Until I was in the hospital, you made about 30%."

"Of course not."

Hiroshi nods to Misao's words.

Thus, the meeting to welcome her eldest daughter, Keimi, ended inconclusively.

"That's why your sister will be back the day after tomorrow."

"I see. Are you sure you got a job?"

"Yeah. He also said he plans to hear an explanation of where he decided to go and around it when he gets back. So the truth is, my uncles and I only know that we've got a job."

"... I don't know, I kind of have something to complain about..."

That night. In the usual chat room, Spring Vegetables was talking about Hiroshi's sister.

These days, they have half a chance of logging into Faircloth and wasting it, but this time they are gathering here for the convenience that some people are role-playing over personal information, and that there is less trouble in chat rooms where they can talk in a vegan state.

It should be noted that Hiroshi is in a meeting with his parents due to a buyout entanglement tomorrow, so he is to log in a little late.

"So, how long are you planning to be over here?

He said he was leaving on the 14th.

"What do you mean, you're not with us?"

"Mmm, too bad."

"Hong-kun's sister, I missed you ~"

Tatsuya, Mio and Shiori, whose relatives are confirmed for this year's basin break, sigh with sincere regret. Last year I was able to avoid it under many pretexts, but this year I couldn't.

For once, I'm still watching the tide on the 11th with regard to Mio, but I can just draw attention to pushing him on the day he comes.

Therefore, it is certain that it will be after the next meeting.

"How about Mr. Makoto?

"Me? I can do it. He said he'd avoid the basin because it was too much trouble."

"Oh well. Then you can introduce me with you."


Tatsuya stares jealously at Makoto, who is successfully using the past as an excuse to escape. Heard only tells me that I can't be more interested in Hiroshi's sister than anywhere else.

"And then I'm going to go over there a little bit tomorrow and give Elle a shout. Maybe we can work something out for a day or so."

"Right. If you want me to know what's going on with the Macro, it looks like Elle would be better off here if he could."

True harp nodding to the words of spring vegetables. The presence of Aeris is important for the price.

"So, do you have a guide to your sister somewhere or something?

"TBD. I thought I'd move along with your sister's request,"

"I see. Well, considering the crowd is still tight and the courtesy garden is difficult because it's basin holiday or basin holiday, there's no surprise I can show you around."

"That's right."

Makoto and Spring Vegetables continue the meeting with stories about what to do after completing the introduction. Sometimes, though, they change depending on what they want to do, and it feels like they can't make up their minds at the moment.

"In the meantime, let's just decide on a candidate"

"Right. Even so, I can't get around many places, so I was thinking maybe three or four."

"Tatsuya and I would love to be here."


"Shopping malls would be nice if I had another action with my master..."

"I think it just seems a little harsh, so isn't it easy here at the road station where you and Spring Vegetables are delivering vegetables?

"Later, don't feel like a hole in the fishing port. I don't know if your sister would be happy."

It's not anyone's fault, and I can't help but persevere forever. Tatsuya switches her mood and seriously twists her head on the topic Shinji shook.

The consultation lasted long after Hongkong logged in.

"Excuse me. May I have a word?

"Ah, yes."

And the day the sister of the Horn comes.

Of all those used to make cakes, Spring Vegetables, which had come to buy vanilla essences and other consumables not available on Mr. Anyang's route, was abruptly called out at a time when he tried to pass before the ticket at Tsomi Station on his way to the communication corridor leading to the super-large shopping mall directly connected to the station.

It is the woman who has spoken, and the intonation is the Kansai valve. Turning his gaze to a woman who would have called out to him as he thought he might, there was a figure there who had never actually met him, but whose face he knew well.

"Um, it's Fujido Haruka, would you mind?

"Yes. Could it be, but is it Hiroshi's sister?

"That's right. This is Hiroshi's sister, Emmi."

What a coincidence, the time when Spring Vegetables arrived at the station was just like Keimi's attempt to contact his family through a ticket.

Moreover, if the shopping mall parking lot is not full, the station parking lot will not be used, and naturally the spring vegetables will not pass in front of the ticket, so the appearance of Yumi will not be noticed.

I said something about it everyday and it was almost buried but rarely full, and if spring vegetables came here to shop after being able to use the car, I never used the station parking lot or anything like that.

Though the public is a basin of rest, it is probably inevitable around that it was full only today.

Coming this far, you can assure me that the physique of spring vegetables is definitely at work.

"I'm sorry to call you all of a sudden. I was surprised that people who saw everything in the photos walked in front of me with dignity..."

"Oh, no. Never mind. Rather, I'm glad to hear from you."

"That would be helpful if you could say that. In the meantime, you can have no respect."

"I get it. This one's younger, and Emmi's as usual."

I'll let you do that.

Finish your first meeting greetings and smile somewhat happily at each other.

Spring vegetables from Huimi were such a good impression that I appreciated all sorts of things when I said that it was the first time that such a good daughter fell in love with her own brother.

Spring vegetables are spring vegetables, and I like them so much that I sincerely wish I could be a family with this person, as against Huimi, who has such a well-done personality that I don't think he is a hard worker or a college student.

Emmi looks quite beautiful and so on, just slightly more beautiful than halfway between Makoto and the grown fam, but when I meet her in person and talk to her, she looks many times more attractive than I see in the picture.

It is often said that human appearance, but if the contents are accompanied, it is well understood that out-of-country modeling will not be a problem.

"In the meantime, what's the stand-up, tea somewhere, more lunch?

"Oh, let it go. Just about that much time."

"But I don't really eat rice or anything over here, so you barely know a restaurant..."

"It feels like we're listening and basically just eating what we made ourselves."

I honestly talked about it. Huemei bursts into it with a small laugh unexpectedly on Spring Vegetables.

"Well, if it's this time of year, I think all the restaurants here are full, so maybe we should go out and eat"

"I don't know. But, Spring Vegetables, you came here on some business?

"Yeah. I was going to make a cake, and I came to buy something that was a little cut. Can I just have that hang out with you?

"Yeah, about that."

"Then I'm driving here, so let's pack up Mr. Emmi's stuff."

"Let me do that. Yeah?


To the suggestion of spring vegetables, Keimi bows his head thankfully. Honestly, I was just wondering what to do, whether it's for lunch or luggage.

"Because of this, can I ask what kind of cake you like?

"It's cheesecake if I say it just because I like it, but lately it feels like I'm starving for a decorative cake full of raw cream."

"That kind of cake is expensive to buy and make"

"I don't know. I would be in a supermarket or something, but the cream doesn't taste good because the cost goes down with artificial sweeteners..."

"If you add 200 yen, you can buy decent, but then you'll get a little lost in price, actually."

"Really. Five hundred yen a coin including tax for a cake is a pretty good price for a struggling student like us."

To Eemy's words, the pungent spring vegetables. Even though I don't have a problem with the basic money, I only got a general allowance in high school, so I have about five hundred yen including tax on a decent cake, which is quite a tough price.

In the first place, both Tiomi High School and Hainan University feel very expensive because of the price structure that allows them to eat a menu that is quite connected for five hundred yen.

I understand that learning food is particularly cheap, so I don't feel that the cake is unreasonably expensive, etc. However, if it is not uncommon for a store to eat decent food if it is 100 yen or 200 yen more, I can not say that it is very cheap.

It doesn't look that way because I don't hesitate to spend money when it should be used, but there is a general sense of money in spring vegetables to some extent.

"In the meantime, I'll make it tomorrow and take it with me, so look forward to it"

"Yeah, I'll look forward to it. Is the fruit homemade?

"We're going to do that with what we're making ourselves. Strawberries are out of stock in the field, but the type of strawberries grown in the mug of ornamental plants grown in the room is just right for the cake. There's enough sweetness and acidity to take them today, so I'm going to use that one."

"That's right."

"I'm supposed to buy peaches, though."

"Peaches and all that amazing luxury..."

"Well, when I say buy it, it's almost barter with vegetables"

How much Yanemi penetrates into the Spring Vegetable Dialogue with her heart. Expensive fruits like peaches are available in barter or are usually beyond the range of home gardens.

It is understandable that strawberries from ornamental plants are used for cakes, but if strawberries from a spring vegetable room are what Keimi imagined, they are usually the only ornamental plants and not that delicious.

In fact, the strawberries in the spring vegetable room were themselves imagined by Huimi, usually more than out of the supermarket. It is a variety sold that can only harvest about the fruit of the flavour, is easy to grow and wither, and yields fruit for as long as possible. Spring vegetables are what we grow, so we can pick quality strawberries that can be used in cakes.

Even so, because it feels like Hiroshi is a no-touch, spring vegetable and ornamental plant, the result is that he's settling in a better place. Had it not been for the love for ornamental plants that the spring vegetables are geared towards, it would have been outrageous, mainly in terms of yield.

As a matter of fact, strawberries about the minute they are used for the cake, if you tell Mr. Anyang, usually come out with the portion of the spring vegetable field, but the spring vegetables themselves don't know anything about the story around them.

In the case of Higashi's Japan, the farmers of Mr. Anna's class, the larger agricultural federations, some vendors, and decent hard-working farmers' associations have super large refrigerated warehouses that can be stored and rapidly thawed without any flavor loss, which seeks to stabilise income while avoiding abundant poverty by freezing and storing expected crops and shipping them even after the season has passed.

Therefore, Yasuyoshi was secretly trying to secure and sell the crops in the field of spring vegetables that were becoming brand value, especially with regard to fruits.

Nevertheless, without knowing the circumstances, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, who were working on the decision that shipping would be capped at only a full amount of cabins set up in the basic fields, had strawberries scattered around their bodies at best without knowing that there was still a shipping frame.

Most importantly, it's not just the crops in the Spring Vegetable Field that are preserved, so the warehouse could be flat in no time on the day I let Higashi ship all he wants.

"So, is there anything you want to eat?

"I'll take care of it. Honestly, I don't know about the store or anything, and I'm going to sweeten my parents if they want to eat it."

"What do you really want to eat?

"No more meat and no more fish. Even if you take me there now, it's gonna be in my purse like that."


Emmi's honest, rather than without a lid, spring vegetable makes me laugh unexpectedly.

Afterwards, it was Spring Vegetables and Emmi, who left Shiomi Station by just purchasing what they wanted, without any extra window shopping, etc.

"Let me use a private room..."

'Cause no one's gonna use it today.'

Hainan University's soba noodle shop. In the private room of that store, which was relatively empty, contrary to the shopping mall, the two were relaxed and wasted while waiting for the items ordered to arrive.

"Still, it's just private and it's amazing..."

"Regardless of whether all the private universities are fine or not, Hainan University is in a great financial position without donations or anything, so they can all invest in their own capital."

"It feels like Professor Ayase's handles are all over the place, but what's missing?

"I think that's probably the biggest thing. Looks like my aunt used the experiment as a device in many cases."

Huimi and Spring Vegetables talk about that while watching Hainan University through the window where Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables go.

Most importantly, the university to which Keimi attends is also a national university bearing the prefectural name, although the facilities are ancient, it is not that different in stature and fullness.

What can I say, it's no surprise that Hemi flatters the spring vegetable environment from students attending college with more grades falling, and is given back a shabudai to not speak of luxury.

"Nevertheless, it's a homma dream story that Hiroshi will be able to successfully graduate from co-educational high school, make girl friends, and go to co-educational college..."

"Well, I got along, too, it was almost a miracle coincidence, and I used to come here without stepping through mines, and sometimes I get creepy, actually."

"Let's do it. I was surprised when I saw the picture they sent me. Hiroshi's touching the girl from herself! All the time."

"Right ~..."

To Emmi's surprise point, spring vegetables I agree with in a rather pungent way. I struggled a lot until I couldn't help but be scared about taking my hands normally.

Even though there is still an unlikely stage such as lover connection, can I honestly praise myself for working so hard so far? As much as I do spring vegetables and think about this from time to time, I have struggled with distance from the Hong.

"Saya, but I'm so glad you liked my brother, but I can make love to that kid and stuff. Guaranteed. Oh, heh?

"I'm ready."

"Even if I were you, I'd be very happy if Haruya-chan had spoken out about Hiroshi, but even if I walked my life without that incident, it would be difficult for me to make a lover at all."

Spring vegetables nodding unexpectedly with a serious face to Eemy's words. I don't have to be told by Emmi, I know the area.

"Honestly, I'm glad Spring Vegetables isn't the type to rush and stuff"

"The moment I do that, I know I'll never be able to return to your paedophile, so I'm rather desperate not to mislead you."

Spring vegetables that tell Hye Mi's words about the status quo in some way objectively.

Though there is a degree of confidence that he is near impossible to lose for the Macro, on a day when he tries to use it to make someone feel romantic towards the Macro with a bare gesture, etc., the Macro may never believe in a woman again in a romantic sense if he does poorly.

Even if it wasn't, Hiroshi would laugh and pull himself away crisp when he behaved in a romantic sense with another man because there are verses where he originally thinks Spring Vegetables don't match him, etc.

Even if you do something distant, if it's not a pattern of being pulled apart by accident or some kind of force majeure, and depending on the efforts of the macro, the shorter the time to reunite, the more subtle you are, the more negative you will definitely work.

Even if your brain is boiling because of romantic feelings, the reason for spring vegetables is to the extent that you can make that decision.

"Let's do it. Really, my brother has been difficult, unless I'm sorry."

"It's not Emmi's fault, is it?"

"No, we lived together then, and even though my brother was cornered, I couldn't help him, so I'm responsible for the fact that I had a great deal of money. I'm more responsible than my classmates, who regret not being able to do anything to help them, because of their blood-connected families."

Hemi leaks the still unwiped trauma about her brother with a bloody look.

Unlike his parents, who have watched him gradually recover from his treatment, Keimi left his side in college, so he doesn't know how or how he has been for the last three years or so.

Because of this, we have come to this day without the opportunity to take action to wipe away regrets or heal heartbreaks.

A major incident caused by assault or injury seems to engrave deep wounds on the victims who make it and their associates.

"You know, Emmi"


"Not only do you do something directly, but worrying and seriously wishing you well is helping you too much, Hiroshi?

"... yeah what?

"Yeah. I'm going to talk about a bit of an occultic impression, but there's quite a few examples in reality where serious prayers for people who can't do anything worked more positively on things than dressing up and supporting them directly."

"Some frigid stories..."

"I'm telling you, I think it's frightening to explain it with my mouth."

Spring vegetables that make me laugh inadvertently into words that are too frigid to say themselves.

Nevertheless, the actual story, the case where selfless sincere prayer only seemed to have been miraculously carried out, is so abundant that there can be no more East or West examples in ancient times.

Regardless, the desperate efforts of the parties are a major premise, and while serious prayer does not make everything better, there are plenty of such cases to the extent that it is undeniable that they are the last push when they exhaust their personnel.

Perhaps the act of prayer is being carried out in all religions, East and West, in ancient times, and sometimes praying when we are cornered to the point where we don't even believe in God, because we feel unconsciously empowered to do so.

At least, when it comes to cases like the majesty in which spiritual things are deeply intertwined, there is no doubt that the serious prayer of those involved is an important factor.

"It's time for the buckwheat to come, so let's close this story."


"Don't worry, if I see you now, I'll be able to convince you that you're okay, except for romantic tears."

"That's going to be a big problem for me?

"I don't care who you like anymore, I'll do my best in the tunnel."

"It feels like I'm listening to the Macro, it feels like I'm working my way off, or it feels like I'm working my way off."

Unexpectedly gullible spring vegetables to Keimi's deadly allegations.

"And then, you know, I've been saying things like I've just reached an agreement, but Spring Vegetables is in a hurry?

"Ah, yeah. Well, I don't know if there's anything like that..."

"Hard work is not only off the road, but there's always a verse because I'm in a hurry to get things done because I don't want to work hard?

"... you're right"

Yee Mi's sharp point is that spring vegetables come again. That's where the Admiral brings the food.

"Is that it? I didn't ask for this..."

"You must be Hilo Boy's sister, right? He came here because of me, so I served him. I'm talking about being a hard-ass student, and I don't think I can handle sashimi or anything."


"Whoa! We're on the side of hard-working students!

"I'm sorry..."

"This is the kind of man the Admiral is, and I'd like to thank you for the job offer."

The Admiral sparkles his eyes with glitter as he places the hull he brings on the table at the service to the spring vegetable word that he has decided to get a job.

"Huh? I congratulate him on that. Where did you decide?

"This is a local institute of Reimiya Agricultural Research."

"That's awesome. That means there's an opportunity to come over here."

"I was wondering if maybe that would happen. However, because Hiroshi is letting me get along with the people in the courtesy palace, I have a lot of anxiety that Conne doesn't know about it anymore..."

"That's all right. The Reimiya won't hire Kone alone, so at least they've passed the recruiting exam to the point where Kone gets the hang of it."

Hiddenly, the general, who is somehow quite close to the upper management of the Thanksgiving Palace relationship, pushes his heartbeat that way.

In fact, I haven't even looked into the fact that Keimi is Hiroshi's sister, to the point where she decides to hire this book after the final interview. Unless it's a situation where whoever hires the rest doesn't make a big difference, family structure and what you've done up until then won't be the first thing that affects hiring.

As a matter of fact, there are not as many cone hiring as the negative image that is spreading to the world is thought to be in general companies.

"Well, I'm here because of you, and I have connections, so why don't you give me a tour of the parent company where I work and the facilities where I might go in and out? Specifically, some labs at the university at the end of the eye and nose."

"Because of you, let me do that."

Answer that with a smile to the words of the Admiral, before stretching out and Keimi putting chopsticks by the Kansai-style tanuki of the women's set. Admiral pulls into the kitchen after he sees it through.

It is only here that we take the cream Amitsu in anticipation of the end of the meal, and further frighten Hye Mi.

"I don't care if it's a treat..."

"For that matter, my mother and my aunt are usually dropping money, so I guess it's okay?

"I'm sorry about that..."

"Money is what our parents say when people who have it don't spend it a lot. Well, then we have to figure out how to use it for what, and then it goes on."

That's the kind of word Harumi puts on his neck for what a successful rich man is likely to say.

"In the meantime, I've contacted you, so I'll show you where I can guide you until dinner time."


"The truth is, after tomorrow, I was thinking that it's up to Emmi's strength and mood. 'Cause this is on the edge of something too."

"Tomorrow I'd like you to relax and let me know what's going on while I tea with Spring Vegetable's cake."

"Copy that. I'll be out of your way about noon."

Spring vegetables and Emmi will be taking a tour of Hainan University for now, talking to others. On the way, Tatsuya contacted me that if there is no problem, I would like to introduce Mio, who is only seeing the tide today during the basin break.

It should be noted that both Tatsuya and Shiori have already come close to their relatives' homes, and it is impossible to go to the tide now.

Therefore, as originally planned, this time it will be a pass.

"Hey, Emmi. I'd like to introduce you to Mio, so it's a little early, but can I go home to you once, Hiroshi?

"Mio, that little atmospheric kid, don't you?

"Yeah. I have to go to my relatives' house tomorrow, and I only have time today. I didn't know how to push it where it just came on at first, so I was planning to drop it off this time, because this happened by chance."

"I don't know. I want to see the real thing from the corner, and I have time tomorrow and the day after, so let's cut it off today."

"Yeah. Well, at the end of the day, it seems our vegetables are lined up. Just stop by the road station and go home."

Spring vegetables that dare suggest one extra stop to buy time for all sorts of preparations. Hye Mi, who perceives the intention of buying time and acknowledges it for now.

He then looks around at the road station for about fifteen minutes without buying anything, and returns home surprised that the parking lot will be expanded more than it was when he came before or that the shop for processed goods and total dishes is being moved to the new building.

On the doorstep of the East House, a glimpse was waiting.

"Thank you. I'm sorry, but a car, please."

"Yes, I'll leave my bike, so use it on my way home"

"Yeah, thanks"

Yes, Spring Vegetables, which knew there was no parking space around the East House, were asked to collect their cars at any time so as not to disturb the surrounding residents.

"This is my home."


"It's the first time I've seen it, and I don't know how it feels at all."

"I guess."

Spring vegetables ringing the bell while bitterly laughing at some deviant comment by Emmi. There are signs of people moving inside, and the door opens immediately.

"Welcome back, sister"

"I'm home, Macro. Long time no see."

"Really. In the meantime, let's talk inside."


"I'm sorry about Spring Vegetables."

"I had fun too, never mind"

With such an exchange, Macro welcomes the two of them inside and guides them to the living room.

Look at the two girls who were in the living room, and Keimi gets stiff.

"Is that it? Was Elle there too?

"I don't know. I just got word of a bug."

"Oh, I see. Where's Makoto-san?

"Elle's here, and I've been back all the time doing overcapacity with my living room."

"Ah, maybe I avoided the misunderstanding that I distracted you..."

"Let's do it..."

Hiroshi explains the situation quickly while Hye Mi is stiff. The stiff Emmi restarts on the words of such a magnificent man and the expression of the just beautiful girls, who nodded and waited so much for him to be introduced quickly and, above all, the heated gaze directed at the magnificent.

"... hey, Macro"


"I'm so glad you're able to get along with so many girls, all the time as a sister. You don't even have to be phobic to socialize with girls. You don't have to be unreasonably hooked on your habits.

"I know what you're saying, but I don't know why I wanted to do it or why I came after it..."

"I know about that. The thing is, even though you're still completely cured, are you okay with all these big tits hooking up with your daughter, all the time, and this amazing classy lady over here, she doesn't even look as good as Spring Vegetables at first glance, but what do you actually do in middle school?

"Sister, I know..."

"The schoolteacher works all the time, if you lick it. I mean, they talked to me, but the two of us, no matter which way we get our hands on it, or if it seems like it all the time, it's definitely an arrest case, and you're okay?

Hiroshi turns an unexpected blind eye to Emmi's rather harsh and intelligent penetration. She says she's also in front of a guest who hasn't received any referrals yet, but Hemi tries to keep pushing further in.

Normally I wouldn't make such a disrespectful imitation, but it seems that this situation has passed shockingly on the boulder.

Nevertheless, it looks like a tough way to put it when you wake it up to a letter, but Eemy's tone sounds like something you're worried about in the heart. Sometimes whoever hears it can see that they are serious about their brother, and the people around them seem to have a policy of letting their sisters and brothers continue to twitch until they feel somewhat better about it for now.

Mio and Aeris, who were listening to such a conversation between Huimi and Hiroshi, whisper at each other unexpectedly.

"If we said we had big tits or something, what would happen if we brought Alchem..."

"But on second thought, it seems to me that women who are still working hard have a size above average overall..."

"Mm-hmm. I'm a little happy that I got an average breakthrough, but thanks to you, it feels like a crime in many ways..."

"When it comes to age, there's nothing you can do…"

"Me, year I don't feel like I can get out of the porn frame that I'm out of..."

Spring vegetables, who were listening to such a whisper, smile bitterly at the anticipation of the timing of whether it was time, and bring them to the point of introducing each other somehow.

"In the meantime, I can't imagine how I got to know you when it comes to El, so tell me about it tomorrow."

"I get it. But not necessarily a credible story."

"Well, I can't trust this situation in the first place, not anymore."

Macro nods bitterly at his opinion without his sister's body or lid.

For some reason, the explanation of the situation was postponed, and for the time being, it was only Keimi and Mio who got along better.