Recently, Alfemina has been extremely busy.

"Oh already, another strange distortion......!

For some reason, there have been many natural occurrences of distortions in space-time and space in every world lately, and there has been a situation in which all sorts of things move from one another.

The last waved girl was also a mouth caught in a recent anomaly, and there were also normal cases in which alfemina directly interfered and handled, although it would not be more stylish inside.

Regardless of anything else, this type of work can only be done by Alfemina.

Inevitably, if the load of alfemina explodes and you can't afford to respond to Aeris' inquiries, you won't have to be blind to the part you're doing with routine work.


As a result, Alfemina missed a mistake that would not normally be any problem on very fine top, causing chain-flashy trouble from there.

To put it this way, if the manuscript is set badly and the copy is misprinted, it somehow feels like that misprint has evolved into a problem for the whole department and the company in a chain.

"... when this happens, there's nothing you can do anymore..."

Alfemina twinkles with an agreeable look at a situation that can no longer do anything but get worse.

If this could lead to fatal injuries, I'd panic, but this case, even if it's flashy, won't be a big problem. Well, if it's going to make it worse, you'd better watch it. Let's see what happens.

Nevertheless, the person concerned must be contacted. First of all, I honestly apologize for my mistakes by telling God, who is managing the expected sphere of influence of the world that has gotten me involved, and God, who is protecting the species that could be at risk in this matter. In addition, we will proceed to contact and apologize from one end to the relational God who can communicate.

As a result, it was completely ex-post reporting to Hongda, who was directly affected by the content of what had happened.

"Is this the field of Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables"

"Saya. I've had a lot going on lately, and I dare to put half of it on hold."

Early in the morning the day after Emmi came home. At the request of his sister, Hiroshi was visiting the field with Spring Vegetables and Aeris.

"Nevertheless, I don't know if you care about the fields, but you don't bother to go out with our harvest work. But yeah, why?

"It was a little, a lot of hassle to force you to do it twice, and it was a lot of luxury to tease freshly harvested tomatoes after the harvest."

"Just for that matter. Get up early the day after a long journey, or what?

"I don't know. If I did it all the time, I'd wake up at the convenience store, part-time, naturally."

He accidentally turns a warm gaze against his sister, who is oddly motivated by his army hand and equipped with a harvest kitchen. There's nothing wrong with that, but I kind of want to get into a lot of things.

"Still, it's going to be quite a harvest today,"

"I don't know. In the meantime, should we secure about three watermelons? Yeah?

"Right. And then grape a little more, please. Because I use it for cake."

"Roger that. Elle, you want to take the watermelon and the grapes with you?


With that said, Hiroshi enters the harvest work sooner.

Incidentally, the grapes grow giant peaks and delaware, and by way of example the harvest is still beginning quite early.

Most importantly, the summer is hot this year, so the grapes are harvesting faster than usual. As a result, this is the only story that is done with a week or so of flying compared to the rest.

"Some more potato and sweet potato season."

"Right. Also sell at school festivals?

"Either way. Yeah. I don't know, when do you apply for something like that and when do you start prepping?

"I don't know because I didn't care. In the first place, I don't even know if I can apply individually."

Unexpectedly, Hiroshi turns to Spring Vegetables, which seemed to be a completely thought-provoking statement. Spring vegetables that let you unwittingly swim in that gaze of a macro.

Laughing dull at such a friendly appearance, Aeris proceeded with the harvest work more handily than she could have imagined from her princely appearance.


"What's going on?

"No, how many times, huh? I don't care how long I didn't have to do that, my brother, who was already severely feminine and obstructed his daily life, is a bit more likely to cackle with the opposite sex before me..."

I honestly divulge a very complicated inner mind about Aeris when I see Hiroshi and Chunvegetable, who are now not dating or want to say that there is more to the scam.

Aeris nods when she hears that, oh, it feels like.

"All the time, El. You tolerate that too..."

"Originally, I know it's hard to monopolize Hiroshi in many ways."

"That's what pins are for. You know, I don't know if it's strange to have a daughter who likes the Macro in itself, and because of the compatibility problems and the fact that the girls are all aligned, they have great beauty shapes, boobs, boobs, daughters. Well, yeah..."

"I'm not convinced to tolerate being in a harem with each other, are we?

"That's the way it is. Well, I grew up educated with those values because I'm Japanese..."

Aeris nods small, to Eemy's words. It has been heard many times that the Japanese, rather than the humans of the developed countries of the planet, are basically negative values for polygamy, and I also understand that it is quite deeply stained from the attitude of Mio and for the sake of spring vegetables until recently in the beginning.

Half-sided, like the people of the Reimiya family and snow vegetables, it is quite deep down around quite a few people who have tolerant thoughts about the price and the area, on the assumption that they are serious.

In the first place, it was even in developed countries that people with identities and financial resources became negative about having concubines, and it was only at the end of the twentieth century that sexual harassment became so loud.

Given that some nations and religions still tolerate or recommend polygamy, it may not be surprising that there are people who tolerate a state of harem on the condition that it can be managed properly and doesn't spark trouble elsewhere.

"For now, when it comes to us, think of it as something like that. Instead, with regard to Hiroshi and Harna, it can be more problematic to solidify with a monogamous wife..."

"There you go again..."

In Aeris' words, he shakes his neck to the side if he doesn't fall to his heart. It is that no one is uncomfortable with the words, even though all the girls who are quiet and seem to have a strong sense of chastity are unlikely to say such things at first glance because they say what does not fall to their hearts.

As a matter of fact, the contents are pretty good anyway as far as Mio is concerned, so even Harlem can be batch-coy if I can originally convince myself, but I don't know that for Emmi, who doesn't have that much contact.

The outer surface of Mio when he is silent and quiet is not thin enough for the first person to spot it.


When Aerys suddenly leaks a small voice watching Nico like that, he looks in a subtle, non-subtle direction and gives a slightly troubled look.

Emmi shifts her gaze at that aeris and complains about the phenomenon that happened just at that time.

At the end of their gaze, the space was flashly distracted.

"Hey, what the hell is that!?

"In the meantime, the space is distracted"

"What? What do you mean? I don't know, why are you so flat!?

"Because it's common for me..."

"No, no, El. The world over here and not some phenomenon like that."

"Ah. Speaking of which, I did."

Aeris and Hiroshi have a fairly relaxed conversation with one mundane Hemi on their ass, with an attitude of Aha. Whatever comes out of it, it is truly calming, just because we know that the phenomenon itself will not affect us if we have as much distance now.

"It seems like you're flying out of El's world from the feeling, but what's coming out of it?

"Don't you understand, Master Harna?

"Yeah. All I know is that there's still too much noise, and you're people-shaped at best. What about you, Hiro?

"Something similar....... hmm?

"What's going on?

"No, kind of. I can't be sure, but maybe..."

Before the end of that dialogue of the Horn, something comes down in momentum from the distortion of space, flashly sticking it from its head into the acre where nothing has yet been planted in the field to sweep up the dirt.

"... Huh? Could it be, Mr. Alchem?

"For a moment, I thought it might be because the link was subtly connected, but I didn't know Alchem was actually coming out..."

Spring vegetables that look at the backs of people coming out from across the dirt and raise their voices as confused. For such spring vegetables, I clearly and definitively make that determination.

To be precise, at this stage I can only see the characteristic of a long, long blonde woman. but i can't think of anything other than alchem at a time when only alchem exists, such as a blonde and long-length fair-cloth world woman with a link to a macro, and most importantly, she's in an impossible state if she's normal when she bursts into the ground.

What can I do to do that? The woman who showed up stuck herself in the soil of the field, and all her upper body clothes fell out and became hipster.

Even Mio, who is becoming a porn troublemaker these days, can't have come out other than Alchem, because he never happens to disregard the laws of physics so lavishly. You can assure me that.

"What? What? All the time, do you know him?

"Well, let it be. After the details, I'll go over there for now, so Spring Vegetables and Elle said they did something about Alchem's clothes. On the day I got up and turned this way by mistake, I died socially and vitally. Wow..."

"Yeah. I'll do something about it, so you keep working on the harvest."

Copy that.

That's what I said, a macro moving to the harvest of bitter pieces with the greatest distance. After dropping it off, Spring Vegetables held up Alchem for now.

"Mr. Alchem, Mr. Alchem. Are you okay?"

"Ugh, there he is..."

Arcem is held up by spring vegetables and his eyes open with groans. Fortunately, the soil in the field was soft. Although the clothes and body are flashly dirty, the injury itself does not have a scratch.

Most importantly, given that Alchem has never been injured in such a situation, it is undeniable whether her skin is very sturdy or whether the correction that her pornotrouble-induced body structure will not be injured only by pornography is working.

"For now, I pulled the hose in front of the other cabin, so you washed the soil away with our good bodies hidden away."

"Oh, yeah. Right. Fortunately, the bottom is not very dirty, and it's easy to dry for the material, so I think this weather will dry soon."

"Upstairs, you'll have to dress me or Master Harna. Exactly, if you don't wash it properly, it's dirty as hard as it gets."

Anyway, let Alchem get to you first. The Spring Vegetables, who so agreed, move on before Alchem grasps the situation.

Around there, Alchem finally regains his sanity, who was blind with his eyes open.

"What? That? Where are we? I mean, to Mr. Harna, Master Elle?

"In the meantime, we'll talk more about it, and let's do something about that outfit first, Mr. Alchem."

"Ah, yes."

"I'll wash the soil away, I'll water it."


As bad as being naked in a strange land and still dressed in dirt and mud, I can tell by Alchem, who is used to being seen naked and dressed without that. Sometimes shame around it has been no different from normal people for a long time, and there is a feeling of embarrassment when seen.

So Alchem, who honestly gets watered down and washes his body in a big hurry. Sometimes today the temperature is already over thirty degrees, and the water in the hose is warm and suitable for bathing in the water. The bottoms I wore are also made from agricultural materials that are easy to dry, so I don't have to worry about getting wet as much as I do.

However, since the clothes worn by Alchem today are not anti-fouling or automatic sizing due to various circumstances, there is nothing I can do without washing the fouling of the clothes.

In the meantime, the Macro continues to harvest at best, piling up more and more shipping boxes.

A man's chira look is often referred to as a woman's cancer look, but around not even a glance to check the situation, the desperation makes all the women want to weep inside.

"Is this what it is?


"Ho, bath towel"

"Oh, thank you."

"Put this on."

Alchem washes his body in a big hurry, plushes water and wears a t-shirt given to him by Spring Vegetables if he doesn't also have to sneak him to work on it all. By the way, there are two spare T-shirts that Spring Vegetables was bringing today. One says to the black ground, "Burn! A bowl of steak!" printed t-shirt with a full story, the other is a strangely fashionable t-shirt dyed with a gradient that is hard to say has a lot of taste, mainly dark blue.

It goes without saying that it is not fashion, but the creation of delicious crops that should be the focus of our efforts, even if we are tempted to farm in style and earn the points of our own. For reasons around it, all the dressing that Spring Vegetables take for when they get dirty in their clothes and flashes that they wear to farming in the morning becomes something that they don't care about getting dirty and torn.

The only thing Spring Vegetables gave Alchem this time was a steak bowl T-shirt, among these two T-shirts that I can honestly only say are dull. Intuitively, he decided that his hands could suck in a direction that could turn back if he didn't give him something as dull and less elements that would make him feel colorful and erotic as possible.

I can tell you that Spring Vegetables was right about that. Because...

"Something more obscene than when you milk a circle..."

Because I was in such a state that Keimi had to say.

The reason itself is simple. Most T-shirts, when worn by spring vegetable class busters, are stuck around the chest for the price, even if they are sized.

If Alchem goes on top of it and wears a T-shirt with no bra, even though there's no way to do it, it's already horny.

Still, the steak bowl t-shirt is black except for the letters, and the letters are also brown with the image of the steak, so it's still there.

The gradient comes in a light color only around the tip of the chest (rather, its color scheme makes it less sensible), and even if it is not wet, the bottom looks clear.

On the day I put it on my Nobra alchem or something, it would have been really not going to be stylish.

"It's deadly to have no underwear..."


"Besides, Keimi, I have some very bad news for you, you hear?

"I can largely imagine, what?

"Exactly. We don't have a bra the size Mr. Alchem can wear in stock."

"Let's do it..."

"It could be your mother's office..."

I don't have any clothes to go buy clothes for. That's what happens when Spring Vegetables says it.

"Um, Master Harna"

"Do you have any good ideas?

"An idea, or is it impossible for you to go back over there normally like this?

"I'd like to, but I guess it's a little harsh. Not only Mr. Alchem, but Elle needs to be home today."


"Yeah. Whatever it takes to get to the castle, I guess it's hard for me or Hiroshi to get to the other world. Somehow, if you compare it to El so she can tell, does it feel like we're going from Farlane to Fardania across the sea coming from a typhoon on a handmade raft?

"... I see"

Aeris who listens to the description of spring vegetables and convinces him of a lot of things.

"Well, in the meantime, I'm just a little scared of putting Mr. Alchem and Mr. Hiroshi in the same car right now, so I'll get a T-shirt. When did I call you? I'll explain the situation to Hiroshi and Keimi lightly, so when can Elle and Mr. Alchem come back in your car?

"Okay. I'll explain the situation to you and Alchem from my side."

"Please. Then I'll go back to shipping. Keimi, just hang out a little longer."

"Yes. Let me explain something to you while you're working."

Spring vegetables giving up on getting dressed up for alchem and returning to harvesting operations. Exactly on this occasion, I don't have enough clothes in my hand no matter how.

"Even so, I don't feel comfortable seeing big tits enough to make me hungry in the last two days or so"


Spring vegetables accidentally give dry laughter to Keimi's words. The senses are mahi because that was becoming normal, but around the macro now, on second thought, it's like a Gravia Idol shooting party.

"But, Emmi. I've been talking quite a bit about my chest since yesterday, but for that matter, I haven't had a fling with my very big daughter, have I?

"Sora, I'm just worried because too many women claim to be in shape wander around the macro, because there's no way I'm dissatisfied with the size of my milk. Everything's extreme costs extra money, and it's usually the worst."

"Ah, right. Really, you do..."

"Oh, my God, you're struggling. Oh, hey, Spring Vegetables"

Hemi senses something from Spring Vegetable's expression and slaps her shoulder to comfort her.

After all the chaotic circumstances, the harvest work on this day could somehow be completed as planned.

"The moment I saw your ear, I didn't know you were a different world..."

About an hour later, the Fujido family. At last, breakfast, which means that Huimi, who enjoyed the main breakfast of spring vegetables and fresh vegetables made by Aeris, leaks like that to the depths of the world.

Anyway, if you want to talk to everyone, so Hiroshi's parents, who were recovered on their way up to the Fujido family, are also nodding to listen and agree.

The Azma Workshop Group of Hiroshi, Spring Vegetables and True Harp watching the reactions of such eastern people with a bitter smile. Aeris and Alchem have a vague look at how they reacted.

For the record, I introduced Makoto to Emmi because of the fact that he was next. Sometimes he was the same age and quickly became involved, and he was already close to calling out each other's names.

By the way, Emmi used to have a rotten girl in the same lab and is tolerant of BL itself. but the person in question is so normal that even if he is corrupted, he is resolutely persevering in his rejection attitude.

It should be noted that Deep Snow is currently absent because it has been participating in the Basin Accommodation of the famous learning school nearby since yesterday. I don't usually go there because it's a fine grade, but a friend invited me to participate in order to understand the objective status quo.

"Chiuka, father, mother. I think I found out about this story, but you believed it from the beginning?

"From what Professor Ayase told me, I believed you."

"Well, neither did we, until we saw this girl."

Takasuke and Misao gaze into Alchem's ear as they answer Keimi's question. Hemi observes seriously and elf ears again with it.

Incidentally, Alchem's outfit now feels deluded wearing a suitable blouse over a T-shirt. Even though he is about five centimeters tall and the bust is about one and a half cup size, he is not physically different enough to not be able to wear all his spring vegetable clothes.

It takes ingenuity, but if it's designed to be big on purpose, it can be worn in Alchem at leisure.

It should be noted that it does not change the fact that it is a no bra, so the fact that it suddenly feels obscene when the blouse is removed has not improved.

"Nevertheless, yes. Alchem, leave it over here. Are you okay? Sure, didn't the elves suck on conceptual issues?

"On the way home, Spring Vegetables contacted me to confirm it. The reason I'm here is because of an accident caused by a natural phenomenon, and I'm related to Haruna and I, and I went home because the space-time relationship was very much the same, so I said," Conditionally, OK. "

"Conditional? Like what?"

"If Spring Vegetables and I can connect and surround each other in many ways so that we can recognize each other as a special solid, then yes. If we go that far, we'll be silent about going into and out of this world."

"I mean, could it be..."

"Nothing. Go fly to a couple or even a wife, not all the time. Finally, relatives, witches, user demons, at least surround themselves with that line, and talk about it all the time because of some marking so that they can treat it as a special solid."

I perceived that the story seemed to fly to matrimonial relations due to the collapse, leading ahead and nailing the true harp. When it's just so confirmed, it's not a hoarding thing.

"But even though it doesn't change the fact that I've been flown in an accident, I don't know if I can conditionally stay simply because I'm an elf..."

"I don't know, it's kind of close to the problem of alien species around here."


True harp is badly convinced by the parable held by the Macho.

As far as alien species are concerned, it is mostly brought in by humans that cause major problems, but there are also usually cases in which intrusions in patterns other than human activity have caused major problems, such as swimming from and across the continent or being transported by birds or, in some cases, special cases where they have flown in as a result of being caught up in a major natural disaster.

In the case of Alchem, although its rare pattern of special cases, it does not in itself change being an alien species to this world.

It has nothing to do with whether the alien species themselves are bad or not, or whether they have crossed by their will.

"Well, if you think about coming and going, if you wait in the castle at Alchem, yeah, but hey."

"I think it's a little unfair that I'm the only one who's free to come and go and not Mr. Alchem."

"Seya Nena"

To what Aeris says, the macro nods.

Harlem, on the contrary, is even an average male and female socialist, but he worked as hard for his life against the Three Executives and against the Evil Gods, but Aerys enjoyed even a trip to the hot springs and Alchem has a sense that it's not just a little bit unfair to shut him out.

"Hey, Macro. Hey, yeah?"

"What, sister?

"I got out when I was in the field, but what are you talking about castles?

"Oh, at our base. It's also a relay place for people to come and go."

"Hmm? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You need to go through the relay?

"Me and Spring Vegetables are fine, but I don't know where to fly when it comes to Makoto or Elle, so I'm not leaving the system going through the castle because of safety issues. Sister, where you've only been long distances and by train all the time, you're not sure you're going to drive without a navigation?


Hye Mi, who listens to Hiroshi's explanation and is convinced for now. I have a lot of questions about what the stronghold means by castle, but given the fact that I went to different worlds and came back, it doesn't feel as useless as worrying.

"And yet, El, you didn't hear from Master Alfemina?

"Yes. Apparently you are quite busy and I get your voice but I have a reply..."

"I see. Maybe, but now they're busy talking about rooting and post-processing?

"Maybe, I think so"

Macro and Aeris, who will confirm the current situation and speculation about the trend in Alfemina, which probably will not be irrelevant.

At this stage, I don't know if the alfemina caused it or the details around it, but I can assure you that I definitely know at least as much about Alchem being flown here.

Because there is no god in my world who can't grasp as much as there is a divinely remarkable presence in and out of his world as there is in Aerys and Alchem.

"Nevertheless, I have to call you back, so I'd better move to the castle later."

"Right. If you're from God's Castle, you can reach someone at the Azma Workshop on the World Tree Network, and in some cases Octogal may be here."

Regardless of the current situation in Alfemina and how we treat Alchem, Aeris' out-of-stay stay remains unchanged. In order to tell those involved about it, we will also have to travel once today to the castle of God, where we have some means of contacting the Faircro world.

"No, I was just wondering, you know, I can move right into the whole world of El Sama and Alchem, but I don't know, is it okay to go to that castle and do it?

"Sora, the castle of God is like a part of me. No matter how strange space-time and dimensional boundaries are, there can be times when you can come and go."

"What do some things mean again..."

"Some of them. Let me tell you something else."

The more I hear, the more I don't fall sincerely, the more I turn unexpectedly to Hiromi's dialogue.

Makoto, who was watching how it was, pinches his mouth with a bitter smile.

"Hey, Macro. It's just a good opportunity, and what if I brought your parents and Hemi to the castle of God? There's nothing wrong with that, is there?

"Well, there's nothing particularly wrong with moving out of here."

"Then that would be nice. You probably won't be convinced if you look at the real thing, but if you explain it with your mouth, you won't understand it forever, will you?

"I don't know. Will Alchem's clothes finally be ready in the castle?"

"I don't know. I know that's okay, but are you okay? What do you need this time? Alchem underwear? Or spring vegetables make it?

"Ainya. I don't know about Makoto-san, but I didn't have enough clothes or bandages or towels for the wounded when I talked to Waldis. I'm producing a needle-shaped doll server to do something about it."

"I was building something like that."

To the truth now taught, Makoto has a surprising look on his face. I never thought I could afford to be making something like that in that busy time.

The truth is, I made it up in a big hurry, rather because I can't afford it, but there's no way True Harp can tell that.

It should be noted that there was really no room at this time, so after only the first integration was made by the macro, the functions of the core of the castle are used to replicate it.

"It's just that the only way you can make it is with enchants and everything. It's a very normal garment, and the materials you can use are limited to spider silk. In the first place, no matter how much you make them, they're highly skilled."

"I see. By the way, that doll server, what are you doing now?

"Let them make towels, sheets, consumables, hot tub clothes. It seems that Angelica and others occasionally distribute vouchers to people in hiding places and take hot springs, which she spends quite a bit."


"Well, I've been told, but this time Alchem's is in time anyway, and grabbing weird traits and stuff makes Doll Servant more convenient."


Makoto, in the words of Hiroshi, shows once and for all convinced.

Hiddenly, if I had such a means, I would have used it during Mio's health test, but I would have thought about it for a while.

Although I didn't stick it in my mouth because I immediately put it around because I probably forgot or it was a case of getting enough here.

"In the meantime, it's easier to invite guests for a short stay just to show them what it's like."


"Guest Pass Issued, Ever. I'll show you how to get this ticket."

Take tickets like admission tickets to some facility from a place where there is nothing to say so, and distribute them to Takasuke, Misao, and Hiromi.

"Hey, Macro. Sister, it's a little too rapidly unfolding to follow..."

"No, neither do we..."

"Your father and mother don't know how it is, so when you give up and Hye Mi is hungry,"

"It looks very..."

"My mother and I got used to adding and subtracting even around the area where Hiroshi made weird melons. I can't keep up with it anyway, so it's useless to think deeply."

The situation moves steadily as Keimi's eyes are black-and-white on her parents, who look somewhat completely obsessed.

"When, then. I'm sorry, but clean up after me, please."

"Yes, please go"

As I smiled and dropped off Honda, wrapped in the light of the metastasis, and went straight into the cleanup.

Because this degree is common, the atmosphere of the Fujido family and the routine work of the family did not change one thing after all.

"Welcome back, Master"

"Ooh, I'm home. Thank you, Laurier. I'm sorry I've always left you alone."

"No, because that's what I do"

Laurier welcomes the hosts who have moved to the castle courtyard.

Dear East Family, welcome, unexpectedly turn a strange look to the girl who, no matter how you look at it, only looks like a senior year in elementary school.

Consider how the macro that noticed the gaze explained it.

By the way, Laurier's appearance has barely grown since she was born. Since the appearance age at birth was the same age as the actual age at the time of Aerys' first encounter, it just feels like children are not treated like toddlers.

"There's a lot going on with this girl."

"Leaving these kids alone to work is a lot of trouble, I'd rather not."

In charge of common sense people, I get a genuinely troubled look from all involved in Emmi's penetration, which is the only way.

The status quo is definitely the best as far as Laurier is concerned, but it's also true that if you don't know how or what it is, you just seem to be leaving your child alone in a quote you used.

"Later. As a matter of fact, some daughters are more difficult than Laurier..."

"That's right. That's one daughter I don't know how to explain..."

Spring vegetables in tune with the words of the Macro and stinging with a troubled look.

Unlike Laurier, who was still meant to do so properly and created it, the more docile daughter thing about Winter Hua, is an unexpected being born with a bunch of coincidences overlapping.

That's why neither the three men - Spring Vegetables, Aeris, and Alchem - who are both fathers and mothers, even understand exactly how they were born.

It is quite unscrupulous to explain that to a purely Japanese ordinary person who has lived unrelated to the story that he has said that he is a god in a different world because of the fantasy of this hand.

Most importantly, even though I received the suggestion of True Harp, it is the self-destruct of Hiroshi, who brought his family without thinking deeply about the area, so I don't know what it is, but I have to do something about it myself.

"Well, for now, I'd rather talk calmly somewhere. Yeah. Where? Yeah, do it.

"Wouldn't it be nice to have a hotel or a day spa?


"Master. The day spa is currently being used by Hendrick and Angelica with the group. I was wondering if it would be better if you could explain the details and convince me."

"Roger that. Here, welcome hotel."

Hiroshi decides to match Laurier's information and explain it on the terrace seat at the reception hotel. So I recall one important requirement.

"Oh, let it go. Alchem was in an accident, even if he was flown into our world. That's when the clothes got hit, so I'm sorry, Doll, but I need you to mobilize the server and get me a set of things from underwear to regular clothes in a hurry, okay?

"Okay. In an accident, you'd better keep in touch, wouldn't you?

"Seya Nen. When I finally told you, Elle's going home for a little while, so I won't be hearing from you all the time."

"I understand the situation. I'll be in touch with you, so the master should have a good discussion with your family."

I'm sorry, please.

With that said and a small grin on the bowing macro, Laurier turns her gaze to Alchem and suddenly illuminates a monstrous ray from her eyes.

"Yeah? Yeah, yeah!?

"Get the latest measuring data. We will create a piece of clothing that will not float in the master's homeland."

Laurier called Pale to leave Hye Mi upset by Laurier's sudden actions and explain her intentions. Makoto, who sees it, penetrates Laurier with a subtly sinister face.

"Hey Laurier. You don't have to do that to get as much real-time data as you can, do you?

"Again, these are the less errors and more accurate data, and I thought it would be better to use these abilities to show your master's family that I'm not what I look like, but shouldn't I?

"Well, that's undeniable..."

Probably so, Makoto shows Laurier once convinced as she leaks her sigh, feeling like she can't help it.

During that exchange, it seems that Hye Mi returned some of it to me, trying to say something to True Harp.

"I know you have a lot to say, but get rid of Japanese common sense here"

"... let it go. When I think about it, I trick my kids into forcing them to work and leave them alone, if I do it all the time, don't look so good..."

"That's the thing. Also, be careful, there are many cases where you can't guess what age you look like or anything. Maybe we'll see each other in the face later, but Angelica, who's coming to the day spa, looks younger than Laurier if she sucks, but she's actually older than anyone else on this scene. Plus, dozens of times in units compared to alchems of elf-like age"

"... If you ask me, Elf, why did I talk to you in common sense on Earth..."

Makoto's pointing out, Makoto unwittingly sneers embarrassingly. Aeris watching it pinches her mouth with a deep sigh.

"With this, we cannot lightly punish our guests from an unknown continent with so-called disrespectful content..."

"I don't think that kid's case was out of the question..."

"Still, I didn't commit murder, I didn't do intentional sabotage, I just drooled out words and deeds that could not have even been concerted by a decent nobleman, and then I was slightly reluctant to punish..."

A blessing to realize that something cold runs on your spine somehow in the words of Aeris, which stirs a lot of tiredness and regret. It seemed to me that when I became king in fantasy, it could be a story of beheading or something normal for disrespect.

"In the first place, usually like Emi, there are definitely more people who take the time to explain it properly and adapt it without any problems if they mix the differences in common sense. No matter how stubborn you are, if you realize that you don't know one thing about each other, and let me talk to you and take care of you properly, in three months, you will generally understand..."

"Well, there aren't a lot of people out there who can't talk that far, from the percentages."

"In the meantime, it's time to end that story and move on. My uncles aren't following me, and Emmi is getting more and more damaged."

"Ah, yeah. Let's move out and talk about it."

"Let it go. Alchem told me about Laurier and changed into the clothes he had made before we joined him."

"Ha ~ i"

Continue the barren conversation on the subject of the end of this, leave the alchem according to the opinion of the spring vegetables, and move to the terrace seat of the reception hotel.

By the way, when it comes to all the eastern houses who don't know one thing about the castle of God, Hiroshi is moving it instead.

"So, before you explain Laurier or something, you want something to drink?

As soon as they move, they are questioned by Hiroshi, the three Takasu, Misao and Emmi who think with tired faces. After a little thought, Misao opens his mouth first.

"... what do you ask for in a western-style castle like this? Do you have any tea? Mother, I want a drink I'm used to because I want to calm down..."

"Take all kinds of tea. However, as it stands, the region is automatically anchored to this castle."

"As for the green tea system, I didn't care if it was domestic or not, and I don't care about the details."

"Okay. What about you and your sister?

"Me too. Yeah. With a hot one."

"I want the cold one with the barley tea because my throat is so dry..."

Copy that.

A macro that takes family orders and makes them available to doll servers for customer service for now. Other members also order drinks thoughtfully.

"So, the burn about Laurier, originally the same as Elle and Alchem, was done by the witches of the other world. God asked me to do this to heal the damage to my soul, the caretaker here. As for the flesh now, I made it by embedding that girl's soul in the body I prepared for the caretaker, and her appearance is the most familiar to that soul."

"... Honestly, I know, but I don't know. It feels all the time..."

Let's do it.

What a nod to Father Takasuke's thoughts. The meaning of the word itself will be understandable, but it is normal to probably not understand why it happened or what that means.

"For now, that's what I think about Laurier. Really, this castle is like sterile in a way, until it gets better, we can get it out of here or put it back in the circle."

"Ultimately, can you get it out there?

"Even though they let me out, there's no point in giving me flesh of the same structure as humans. Well, even with the same structure, the final specs don't compare because the components that make up the flesh are completely destroyed."

"By the time I beam it out of my eyes and scan it, I'm off human specs and stuff like that..."

In the wake of my mother's penetration, I accidentally laugh bitterly at the macro.

"So, well, as I said earlier. The other one, from all over or from all over the background, is close, but I have a much easier daughter."

"How do you mean it's tricky?

"Laurie, there's this spare body that I made just in case, and Elle, Mr. Alchem's traits mixed in to establish himself as a human being."

"So, from the history of its birth, we call me, Master Harna, Mr. Alchem my mom, and Master Hiroshi my dad."

"I'm still not sure how that happened and why, but one of the causes seems to be that one of my hair got caught in the spare body"

Let Hiroshi explain it all too, and Spring Vegetables and Aeris to take over Hiroshi's explanation instead.

"In the meantime, maybe one of these days Laurier will bring it in or she'll transfer it herself, because there's no reason to imitate us like you can have kids with Spring Vegetables."

"I know about that when I look at it, but I'm not sure I would misunderstand it if it suddenly came out without previous information..."

"I don't know if your father's right. Well, I don't know about Mr. Alchem, but I actually got him pregnant with Spring Vegetables and Elle, and even if the whole story popped up, I don't know what your father and I are going to say right now."

"Mother, Spring Vegetables isn't ready yet, Master Elle is just fine. At least wait five more years..."

"Ahhh, let it go. She's taller than Mio, looks and contents are splendid over there, Master El, and I'm still going to forget about her junior high school students."

"I don't know, I've been saying a lot since yesterday, but why do you think Hiroshi just hooks up with all the fine daughters with boobs..."

Spring vegetables and aeris that turn away unexpectedly and unexpectedly to Keimi's last words. Makoto stares at those two with a slight gaze of resentment somehow.

"In the meantime, correcting only one word of Hye Mi, Hiroshi is hooked because her tits are not fine daughters, but daughters with witchy qualities. One of these days, my daughter, who still survives, will somehow have something fine."

"That's right..."

"Honestly, I think you can give me 10% at a time."

True harp talking masochistically about a seemingly broken and deep-rooted complex. I don't know how to say such a true harp, the spring vegetables who laugh and deceive for now.

Exactly on this matter, there is nothing that can be said about True Harp, either, which falls into the larger category within the ordinary classification.

At a time when it was going to be such an irresistible air, someone would transfer.

"Dad! Mom!

"Ah, Winterfell."

"Rumor has it, it feels a little out of time all the time."


A good time in the sense of triggering a change of subject, but a parent team that exchanges a few deviant words for the appearance of a daughter that feels subtly deviant.

"Well, just yes. Old man, oh, sister. Our daughter, Fuyukawa, has risen to the top of the subject since she was a sarcophagus. Fuyuwa, these little old people over here are my father and my mother. Winter Waterfall Grandma and Grandma, huh? So, this is my sister, my aunt for Fuyuka."

"Nice to meet you, Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie! I'm East Winter Air Lucia!

Winter Hua is introduced by the Hong and greeted with energy. Takasuke and Misao, whose faces grew bright in an instant at that appearance of their first grandchildren.

"Awesome cute, but seriously, you look just like Spring Vegetables..."

"Because I'm the base."

"But when I look at it, I'm not mixed up with Elle or Alchem..."


"Look, your father and mother will never win..."

"You know, you're hardly about to fall, either."

"Oh, you're welcome to do such a pretty niece. Pretty is justice."

Makoto leaks a sigh of unexpected sigh to Fuyuwa, who disappointingly grabbed the heart of a row of Dongjia in the first meeting.

In the end, the day was marked by the sight of Jijibaba floating around his first grandson in vain, as seen anywhere in Japan, at the Daytime Onsen facility, which greatly awoke Hendrik and Angelica, who were introduced together at that time.