"" "" "Wow..." "

Three days after the fireworks show. Following Mio's suggestion, Hongda, who had never set foot before in the meadow of the castle of God, had unexpectedly raised her voice to the beautiful scenery.

This meadow is a place on the property of the castle of God, but different from the collection place set up in the initial setting.

For this reason, I didn't have any special business, and I wasn't aware of the existence itself until Mio told me.

Because there are so many places like this in God's castle, we were to make a date in the name of ascertaining where it was leaking from the consciousness of that hand until we could send Aerys and Alchem back over there.

For the record, Fuyukawa and Laurier seem to have read some air, making up the right errands and acting differently. Most importantly, Fuyuka has as much to do as she wants with Laurier, so it's not like she just took care to run errands.

"I've never been here before, but it was so beautiful..."


One of the few areas on the property of the castle of God that has been left intact since the initial setting and no one has gotten their hands on, including the Ra's. Spring vegetables and macros that leak such an admiration for the beauty of the area.

The meadows had a scenic environment with colorful summer flowers blooming and birds and bugs squeaking gently heard.

"Nevertheless, Mr. Mio. You've often noticed that no one's ever been here."

"When I was here on my own on business before, Laurier told me. Since then, I've been waiting for a time when I could come with my master and spring sisters."

"I see..."

To Alchem's question, Mio answers honestly. Aeris and Alchem convinced by Mio's answer.

but subtly remembered the hook, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables roll out further penetrating questions for Mio.

"So, Mio. What's that errand?

"Shut up and be alone with us, all the time, it's a little smelly."

"... the right to remain silent"

Stuffed by spring vegetables and macros, Mio tries to delude herself with a gesture of smoking while swimming her eyes. Spring vegetables grab Mio's shoulders.


"... I was trying my best to grow taller using unicorn horns and all that."

"Let's report it properly."

"... n"

Mio loses the spring vegetables he grinned and asked, and honestly answers what he was doing with his mind.

When he was still looking for a way back to Japan in the Faircro world, Mio was using the horns of unicorns to research and develop drugs that would increase his back and chest.

As a result, it has been successful in developing so-called tokuho (specific health food) levels of potency, with a uniform effect in itself at a level not caught by pharmacy laws, but it was not known until the end how much influence it had on Mio's body shape, as it was at the level of the health food being interpreted.

Apparently, based on the drugs of that time, they continued to develop to specialize in those who grow taller by discarding the ability to enlarge their breasts, but as far as when and to what extent that is working, it would be quite subtle as far as the current Mio is concerned.

Instead, the only way to grow is to accompany the suspicion that if you do poorly, your efforts are even more behind you.

Spring vegetables, who even guessed about the area in Mio's answer, stabbed the nail for now while sighing, bringing the mood back to the picnic.

"Still, it's full of flowers you've never seen"

"I don't know. It's especially messy around here, so it's probably a natural occurrence, but there's a lot of different kinds of things to do."

"That's right. Assuming it's not a natural occurrence, where did it come from?"

A little thought into the language of spring vegetables, a macro that notices a more deadly problem. Speak it honestly.

"I hear birds and bugs all the time, but I guess they sprung up somewhere."

"... Bugs are derived from Ra?

"I'm not even saying it's possible, but isn't that lightly horror? After that, it became an answer about birds."

Spring vegetables thrust into the macro and nod slightly as they swim their eyes. I imagined one bug after another feathering from the same seemingly only potato worm, such as a rhinoceros, a giraffe, a semi, and so on, and pulled it off lightly.

Basically, insects feathering from potato worms pass through saganagi, so they don't become adults directly from the appearance of potato worms, as Spring Vegetables imagined. I haven't, but I've never seen an individual who has lost his temper in the first place with regard to Ra and Ra, so I imagined a video of a moving potato bug with a sudden crack in its back and bugs coming out of it. If I made a mistake, I would go straight to the gross image.

A bug, presumably a dragonfly, crosses all the way in front of such magnificents.

Higashi unintentionally enhances his mobile vision to its limits with powers and other things, and observes its dragonflies.

"... looks like a regular dragonfly."

"Mm-hmm. Maybe a normal dragonfly to such an extent that you don't know first when you bring it to Earth"

"I'm not familiar with dragonflies, so I can't say for sure if it's normal..."

"Eh, whether it was the exact same thing or not, there was a similar dragonfly in the village of Ortem"

"... I've observed a normal dragonfly from that point of view. Oh, so I can determine if it's normal unless there's anything abnormal in its appearance."

A line that observes a dragonflying dragonfly around my pace carefully and at high speeds and concludes so.

As we acquire the ability of that hand up to Aeris, who has great difficulty with the subtle motor nerves, we are gradually evolving into a state where we can't marry anyone but a macro.

"... Hey, Spring Sister"

"What's going on?

"Even if I can't help it to some extent, there's more to it than a picnic date I thought it would be"

"Oh yeah......"

About two hours of observing and discussing dragonflies, flowers, birds, etc. that seem so normal that they even feel frigid with the momentum as it is accidentally. Mio finally returns to vegetables to look back at their current situation and say such complaints.

Spring vegetables I agree with Mio's complaint with a far-sighted look. The derailment of this hand, albeit usual, always passes and cries.

"That said, I'm not sure what a picnic on a date would do..."

"A common image is chasing me in a flower garden, or as I join hands and arm myself, looking around at flowers and scenery, eating lunch on a plastic sheet and then knee-pillowing a guy, or something?

"... Isn't that impossible?

"... No, I can't"

Asked by spring vegetables, Mio mouths scenes of picnics commonly seen in comics and other entertainment pieces, lightly despairing of their less realistic without having to get stuck in. Spring vegetables also genuinely want to cry about the low romantic deviation of themselves, even though men are special properties under the special circumstance of four to one, which makes one date unsatisfactory.

Even more problematic, of course, is that neither Alchem nor Aeris will be of any use in this matter.

As for Aeris, there can be no such concept as dating the royal family in the first place, and when it comes to unmarried men and women socializing, the basics are tea parties, night clubs, and later, the extent to which we stroll around the plays or each other's mansion gardens at best. Besides, it's the first time in a box that when you become royal, you can't let it be rare. You can't even think of what to do at a time like this.

Alchem is an alchem and grows up in an environment where there is no concept of dating in the opposite sense of Aeris. Basically, it's a basic pattern to somehow start looking at someone close to their age while farming, act together at events such as muddy rope pulling and harvest festivals, somehow get married and have kids, and somehow cheat on the second child when you're done raising them, or plant them.

Though I didn't know the part after the affair until I reunited with Cecilia, on the contrary, the part before that is firmly rooted in Alchem's notion of love. I can't help but come up with ideas about going out and doing something specifically for men and women.

"... for now, Sister Chun, would you like to try just a knee pillow?

"... just hearing that word is conveying a tremendous sense of nervousness from Hiroshi, but if you want Hiroshi, why don't we just give it a try..."

Even though I have other destinations planned for today, I don't know what I challenged you to retreat awesomely without doing anything like this until you had your battle clothes ready for me.

Spring vegetables that make that decision and make the decision to try knee pillows with preparedness and temper. Hiroshi also nods with a somewhat pessimistic look, but never flushed, and decided with his own judgment and determination.

It is out in a sense at a point where you need to get in the mood to have a knee pillow, but it is through because I know you won't even be told that fact.

"Uh, Hiroshi."


Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables try knee pillows with each other's first non-bloodline in their lives, with tension that feels like a one-touch immediacy both on the side to ride and on the side to accept.

Suitable for the character and shape of spring vegetables, it receives a soft yet firm, macroscopic head, a thigh that can be said to function superbly as a pillow. The feminine feeling makes the male instinct and hectic nature rave in the macro, and there is so much to be restless about.

Moreover, the compelling bust of spring vegetables directly occupies a small proportion of the macro's view, as they laid their heads on their backs so that they could see each other's faces.

Now don't be nervous, it's impossible.

At this point, there seems to be considerable thought on the part of the Macro about the status quo, around not escaping yet.

"Doesn't it...?

Spring vegetables also raise anxiety just because the tension is transmitted.

Even in such circumstances, I can remember strange relief, joy, and occasions in the weight and body temperature of a macro's head.

"... Hong-kun?

Spring vegetables that worry about a macro who doesn't respond to inquiries, and slightly foreshadowing whether he can somehow see the look of a macro whose breasts are not clearly visible in the way.

With spring vegetables on the foreground, the twin peaks, which seem to be really soft, approach suddenly and are likely to scream unexpectedly. It is a outfit whose entirely hectic nature screwed down a man's instincts.

Spring vegetables noticing the response of the macro wake the body in a great panic. At that time, the behavior slightly shaped the face of the macro, but because it did not reach the main body to the extent that the thickness of clothes and underwear hit it, whether it was happy or unhappy, the macro never tasted its softness.

Most importantly, this is not the first time in its own right that the face of Hiroshi has come into contact with the chest of spring vegetables.

"... can't we do this any more..."

"... that's quite impossible, this..."

A macro escaping from his knees tells Spring Vegetables in fear of a press attack by his thighs and boobs.

I still can't seem to stand how ready I am until the majestic Twin Peaks are approaching me to oppress me.

The other three, who watched the whole thing, simulate themselves with a petting touch of their breasts, with a harsh look on their faces as they tangle.

"Dear Harna, Mio. The knee pillows are very appealing, but even holding hands for a long time is hesitant. As things stand, I think a little impotent will pass."

"I mean, I heard about Mio, and honestly, I thought it was very impractical, but when I saw him actually knee-pillow, it was more than I expected."

Aerys and Alchem make even worse conclusions based on the conclusions they simulate in their heads. At least if you can't do about a hug, the knee pillow is impossible.

Let's be clear, in the current majesty, there are not enough levels at all. If you don't build up your experience from a softer place and level up, what an advanced imitation of a knee pillow is zero success rate.

In the first place, there will be an opinion as to whether there is a level increase or damnation in the date, but I can only express that as far as they are concerned, so I have no choice.

"Give up a lot, it's a little early but we'll have lunch and go next"

Spring vegetables that suggest eating lunch and cutting up a picnic here for now, while we're dismayed by our own pomposity and incompetence.

I heard that. Mio puts his neck in small pieces.

"I'm in favor of having lunch and re-ordering it next time, but don't you have to look it up here?

"If you do that, it's going to be no different from your usual sampling and field work, and you're probably going to feel like you're going to continue sampling work indefinitely."

"Mmm. Copy that."

Mio convinces himself of the language of spring vegetables and completely withdraws his opinion. Even though it's a pretty delicate situation as a date, if I get into collection mode, I'll totally stab a stop at this challenge.

In the end, aside from having a delicious lunch in a scenic place, the date in the meadow ended without making any date-like elements or pleasant memories.

"... This is terrible"

Laurier, who was watching the entire picnic on the meadow while doing other tasks to follow up when something happened and also to report to Tatsuya and Makoto, crushes unexpectedly on the level of wastage added or subtracted by anyone.

Whatever's terrible, it's terrible that conversations pop up that I don't think are on a date.

In addition, it's another terrible situation in which a normal man would be flattered with tears of blood, usually only producing the result of freaking out and falling off his knees.

Even looking at the meters of biorhythm and mental load, the macro in the knee pillow wasn't so frightened hunted down. Yet I can only assume that hitting the run immediately is stained as a habit at the level of instinct that can no longer be done to him or her.

"... Again, maybe this should have been seen in real time from the beginning by Tatsuya and Makoto"

Laurier concludes like that with a look that looks serious enough to see Honda eat lunch in the air like an overnight stay.

Needless to say, Laurier herself has no experience in socializing men and women.

but when I get my current body and emerge as a laurier, the data around it through the world tree is gained as knowledge. It belongs not only to the Faircro world, but also to the planet.

Judging by that data, I can assure you that Higashi's pontifications are in quite a serious situation, including its causes.

"Regardless of Makoto, it was a little painful for Tatsuya to be at work, this is..."

Laurie rotates her head fully that she needs to do something and take care of it after seeing the Hongdas finish lunch with the overnight air not being wiped out until the end.

In the end, it was Laurier who continued monitoring and day-to-day work while taking the means to eventually send digest and full version video data to Tatsuya and Makoto's terminals and have them handle it as quickly as possible by looking between them and checking.

"... the sea!

Mio raises a rare and strangely temperamental voice on the horizon that spreads in front of him.

After lunch, Honda had come to visit the coast on the outside of the castle of God to reschedule dates.

"That way, I can't remember setting an island or anything."

"I mean, you barely got your hands on anything but the castle grounds and the dungeons, sure"


Horn and spring vegetables, overlooking unexpectedly complex coastlines and also confirming the topography beyond the horizon, which cannot be captured by human vision, nod in confirmation of the outer world of God's castle, which is growing well.

It's still going to take until it's a complete sphere, but we're twitching ahead and creating a continent.

One or two continents will be complete after about a hundred years of being in good order.

It's just going to be a complete sphere, and it's going to take about a thousand years until the universe is established, but still, compared to the timescale between the formation of the Earth and the occurrence of terrestrial organisms, it's not long to say.

For the record, the sun and moon are real, but the starry sky is all at the moment, just a fantasy, when it comes to the sky that you can see from God's castle without pulling into subspace and manifesting itself in any world.

At the time when some of them become entities, the external space of the castle of God is fully established as a new world, but without the base point of the castle of God it will not reach that point in the millennium.

"So, what do you want?

"Master, Sister Chun. Because of this, I want to go into the ocean just with my legs"

"Maybe we could play a little bit of water at the waves."

Mio speaks to Hiroshi, and first Mio speaks of the request. I don't know, I've only had a seawater bath once, so even if it's just my ankle, I want to go in if I have a chance to get into the ocean.

I nod at Mio's request with the feeling that spring vegetables seem to enjoy it too. Aeris and Alchem don't seem to be particularly different either, they are already starting to take off their shoes for water play.

"Well, as a base, I'd better prepare it at the house of the sea."

"Master, master. You're going to build it now?

"If we get it out of the warehouse, there's plenty of lumber, so I'm going to burn it."

"Dear Hiroshi. Things that are as big as possible today..."

"I don't know. See, the core features set up a house in the ocean, right?"

An ambition that is tempted by Aeris and slightly changes its policy.

Aeris is unintentionally guilty while relieved of how it goes.

Honestly, I don't have to wonder if the date isn't going well because I'm going to tie this part up, but if I don't tie it up there, it's going to be the same as usual.

In front of Aeris, who suffers from such a dilemma, something relatively splendid is installed in an instant as a house of the sea.

"No bathing suits today, but you can build a house in the ocean with about this kind of equipment."

"Right. I can't do it this year, but maybe next year, maybe next year, maybe we can come and take a proper seabath."

"Mio will take the exam next year, is it going to be a little tough?

With that said, Macro and Spring Vegetables begin to brew and chill the juices and teas they had brought to the refrigerator at the Sea House.

The meadows weren't so much, but the coast is pretty hot. So there's a good, cold drink. I've never been over it.

"So, waterboarding, but I have a bad feeling about it, so I'll watch it here while I get ready for the shake ice."

"... a bad feeling?

"Whatever, man. I'm scared of close range and Alchem."

Everyone, including Alchem of the day, is convinced by the words of the Machete. Fortunately, today's outfit is not a material or design that gets a little wet and horny, but I still don't know what happens when I get caught up in Alchem's massive horny troublesome suicide bombing.

At that time, I can assure you that when the macro is nearby, it will be in a much more tragic state than in the case of watching how things are going in the distance.

If the macro is not mixed, it is only necessary to the extent that the clothes become wet and feel slightly messy, but when the macro is mixed, the clothes all fall off in a flashy wet state, and the underwear and other deadly things are flushed and irrecoverable, so much so that it becomes worse.

In some cases, it could be more difficult, and then the spring vegetables don't know what attitude to take.

If you have already healed well and are close to just being hectic about women, you will never be more flashy than you have been before.

but in a situation where it would be difficult and disturbing to cope even if it were not hectic.

It's not the kind of pattern that makes it problematic, but it's definitely still early in many ways.

"For that reason, I've been playing in a very cold range"

"Yeah. If you come to play for a second, eat some shaved ice, and now don't you go offshore on a boat or something?

"Let it go. If I do that, I'm afraid of overthrowing it in an alchemic sense, and a decent guy there with power. Yeah. We'll set up a pier over there, and we'll ship it out properly."

Copy that.

Spring vegetables that nod to the words of the Hong and rent sandals from the equipment of the house of the sea for a number of people on their way to the waves. On the way, we also give sandals to Mio and we all storm into the sea for a small run.

A macro who keeps an eye on how it goes, getting ready for the shake ice. Even so, it is a diversion of everything but ice to set in a shake ice machine.

"In the meantime, strawberries, melons, mangoes, lemons, blue Hawaii, all over the place, mako, matcha, condensed milk?

A macro that fishes inside the warehouse and prepares shaved ice syrup and toppings. Essentially, these syrups were made most of the time when they reproduced the national shaved ice bar, a common-law shaved ice syrup of the right origins: all but the fragrance and the colorant are the same.

There are some syrups that have been made with fruit juice and other products that are genuinely oriented, but if they are to be eaten at sea houses, this is what I dare to make them seem cheaper.

The difference between soybeans and condensed milk, which I had to use because of the luxury ingredients, is serious, but I shouldn't worry because it's just not so extreme, it's something that happens so often even in real life shake ice.

Especially with regard to Akon, there are many cases where the level of difference is amazing, as the small Japanese confectionery shop shake ice often makes a golden time system with homemade Akoko in commercial syrup.

"... what if it happens, is it time?

When you look at the spring vegetables that seem to be happily rippled off, you look out at them, and you crush them with Blue Hawaiian shake ice made in the commissioning. It's going to literally water the fun looking spring vegetables, but I've been playing based on that risk since the beginning, so it won't just be served down.

I'm sorry I thought of something extra, such as that, or Mio and Aeris suddenly get their feet off the balance in the sand with a wave that pulls heavily in front of them, and hit Spring Vegetables and Alchem with momentum.

The ever quiet ocean suddenly hits the big waves on the spring vegetables, as it chases two people who have somehow stuck around.

Spring vegetables and alchems, which are not powerful enough to be taken by the body, but which, as a result of receiving Mio and Aeris, were in a losing head position when rebalancing, will, of course, devour waves from overhead.

If you eat a big wave from your head just in that position, you can't stand there, and the four of you hang on to the sandy beach as you get wet.

After the waves drew, the spring vegetables were left dressed quite brilliantly.

"... I'm glad we're not playing together..."

While appreciating something beyond the grasp that we don't know the details because of the distance, we are prepared to change clothes until the bath towels, clothes laundry, and more are finished.

Spring vegetables have the least amount of clothing to wear while laughing happily at the situation they've done brilliantly in the meantime.

Incidentally, Arcem and Mio, whose clothes were most flashly disrupted, were firmly polarized enough to assure us that it was impossible to broadcast without a mosaic, at least at Golden Time.

Aeris, which was least damaged, has a disturbing way of seeing the bra's shoulder strap to the extent that spring vegetables add to it and about two centimeters are exposed from the valley of the chest and the edge above the cup on the right chest.

Even though the fabric used is not transparent, and although it is not inflammatory and shakes it in the artistic area, it does not have a great impact because it was a garment that came out quite neatly and beautifully from the start in design, which fortunately made it a lot wetter. I'm sure if I get my clothes back in order, I can do it with a laugh that I'm flashy wet.

but still, it's just the tidal water, so if you don't wash it properly, take care of it and let it dry, a lot of problems will come up later.

That's the same about the bodies of the spring vegetables, so when I finished wearing them, I cut up a little water play and the four of them rushed back to the house of the sea.

"I did it flashy."

"Yeah. I wasn't alarmed, though."

"I'm ready for the shower, so I'll wash my body. Leave your clothes to Laurier, if you have enough, she'll do something about it."


Spring vegetables prompted by the macro and disappearing into the shower booth. After that, the other three move too.

"For that reason, Spring Vegetables' clothes, they did something about it."

'I'll take care of it. Not enough, but within five minutes, we'll restore the same brand and show it.'

Laurie asked me by a macro and I assure you so with my chest stretched. For her to be able to use some of her powers as an administrator, there is no such thing as making new clothes that do not use special materials in a godly sense.

In the first place, if the design refers only to the materials and technology used, then the clothes worn by Spring Vegetables today can also be made by Doll Servant because they are made in Japan.

Because, although pure sewing and textile technology itself is much better in Japan if averaged, without tools and skills, cloths that don't even go through needles, etc. are just not in Japan, or on Earth. Even if there is a cloth that can't be sewn unless it's a special needle, even an amateur can do it if only with that needle.

And if there is no magic involved task, the Doll Servant of the Castle of God is reproducible no matter how complex and difficult the task.

Most importantly, things around here are the part where the influence of Hiroshi's deification from craftsmanship to the Creator God is strong, so this is not the case if even the Doll Servant created by the Creator is from a researcher field or a Mage.

Instead, it is not generally possible to say that the Creating God of any previous history is superior because that is the type of single-altar arena in which the Macro is not very good at things.

It should be noted that five minutes is the shortest time for spring vegetables to shower and thoroughly plush their bodies and finish drying their hair, as determined from past achievements.

Regardless, if you use power, it will be over in an instant, but Laurier will do something about it in just enough time, and I won't do that in vain.

I don't waste my time, but I tend to have a surprisingly short spring vegetable bath time if I just drop the tide in the shower like this one.

It seems like all this is like a habit you've acquired, and even if they say you can slow it down, they unconsciously end it quickly.

Then it would be nice if Hiroshi could undo her clothes on the spot, but if she could get her hands on the clothes worn by a woman close to her by more than throwing them into the washing machine until just before, she didn't miss watching Kakkauf go far.

Spring vegetables, then, are still subtly suspicious of control around here, and if you get your hands on it poorly in this case, you may wind it back up before it's clothes, so I don't have the idea of doing something on my own from the start.

I can tell you that I can do almost anything if I want to, but it seems like these two people can't do this much.

"In the meantime, give me something a little warm... Let's get you some milk sake and a small cup of shaved ice. Yeah?"

With that said, set the pan on the gas stove at the house of the sea to boil the water, and the hong starts warming the milksekes that you have just made with hot sauce.

I just warmed up to the point where the milk sake doesn't feel too hot, and my clothes come back with a call from Laurier.

A few more minutes later, spring vegetables came out of the shower booth after finishing dressing pretty quickly as a woman about her age, as expected.

"No matter how many showers of hot water I took, I'll keep you cold, so I thought I'd have milk sake."

"Oh, yeah. Thanks."

"The shaved ice, after drinking it and calming down a little"


Spring vegetables with their mouths on warm milksakes as they nod to the words of the Macro. The gentle sweetness and just the right warmth twitch and spread, somewhat relieving.

Until now the tension has completely calmed down, but I have the impression that we have arrived at what should be rather than a downpour in spring vegetables.

"So, what flavor does Spring Vegetables have for shake ice? Yeah?

"Strawberry milk, I guess"

Copy that.

A macro who waits to finish his milksake to hear his request for spring vegetables, and moves a shake ice machine to scrape the ice galloping. I can get rid of it so much that I can make a pile of shaved ice on a smaller plate.

Apply the right amount of cheesy red syrup there, drizzle condensed milk with spoon and hand it to spring vegetables.



Mio and Aeris came out almost simultaneously as they received the shaved ice from the macro and quickly tried to ram the spoon into the ice mountain.

"Ah, shaved ice"

"I have warm milk sauce, so I'll drink it first."


Macros towing in the presence of milksekes against Mio, who quickly devours the shaved ice. Mio nods to the words of the Macho and begins to drink the chicken by receiving a milk sake that is moderately warm to drink now.

Aeris sighs one sigh, sighing at Mio and sipping the same milksake.

"Girls' baths and showers take time, but based on that, it's too late for Alchem."

"Mr. Alchem is so flashly tangled up in his hair that he's washing it off so hard right now"

"I see. Well, it was a good look, but it felt like Alchem was eating flashy."

"Me, I ate the roll, and I felt like I was nasty with Alchem and the front was fully open. I don't think he used to fly buttons."

"That kind of information, yeah."

"I think the front hock is the losing cause of all the way off to the bra"

"I don't need that kind of information, you know, all the time?

Macho stands by in front of the shake ice machine again as he sticks his jitsu eyes into Mio, who persistently hits the polarity information.

"So, what do we make ourselves?

"I'm a mango milk"

"Right...... May I have some Mizo?

"Roger that. Even so, Elle will poke at you again."

"It's a small amount, so I was wondering if you'd like something simple."

Aeris returns such an answer with a small smile to the macro who is impressed with the unusual, etc. Aeris often shows a strangely sinister preference, not just for shaved ice.

"Ho, ho, ho."

"Thank you"

"Mmm, mango milk looks delicious"

"All the time, the condensed milk, anyway, blah, the syrup, it's like sugar water that just smells like color and smell. It's supposed to taste really cheesy with the look and the strawberries."

"The sea house shake ice, that's the flair"

To Macho's extra word, Mio argues so strangely forcefully that he knows it's like that from the beginning, and tastes the mango milk shaved ice in a truly delicious way without moving his expression.

Next to it, Aeris is eating the mire as she adds and subtracts the amount to keep her head from hurting as she narrows her eyes somewhat happily.

"But every time, the colorless syrup is so close to being transparent, you don't know if it's on."

"Right after the call, the surface can be solved, so I still know, but you don't know if it's solved time and nature, or if it took syrup to solve it."

Macro and Spring Vegetables mouthing what doesn't matter like that while watching Aeris' shake ice, which is decreasing in quantity and simply looking like ice water.

Aeris drinks up the rest of the shaved ice, which has become almost just sugar water, while bitterly laughing at its lack of care.

Where Aerys put the vessel, Alchem finally comes out of the shower.

"Thank you for waiting"

"You're annoying. Just take a glass of milksake and take a breath."

"Yes, thank you"

Similar to the spring vegetables, take a sip of warmed milksake and a little neat alchem.

"So, while I'm at it, I'll get you some shaved ice, but what's Alchem? Yeah?

"Uh, was it definitely Uji Kim Hour? I'd love to try something with green tea and beans on it."

"Ho ho. Do you want to milk Uji Kim Hour?

"Right, can I ask you a favor?


Matcha syrup by scraping the ice to fulfill the alchem order, and quickly topped with acorns and condensed milk. The handiwork reaches the point where you can do a shake ice shop.

Most importantly, even in Japan today, it would be impossible to compete with such a cheesy piece of shaved ice in the summer.

"Speaking of which, Hiroshi, where's your shake ice?

"While we were playing in the water, we ate the guy who made it from the commissioning of the machine."

"What's that smell?

I had a feeling Blue Hawaii was a bad choice.

"Oh, sure, no one's going to choose, right?"

Asked by Spring Vegetables, Hiroshi announces her choices. Unexpectedly convinced spring vegetables for the answer of the macro.

To be honest, Blue Hawaii, not sure what flavor it tastes like from the name in addition to the subtle color blue, still feels like it's not an option now that it's a pretty good year when I was a kid.

Human beings are selfish because this is the same blue, but they don't care about soda flavor at all and put it into the choice.

"As a result, melons and lemons that are supposed to be classic have flashed."

"In terms of the number of people, there are things that no one chooses without wearing, so I can't help it."

"Well, there are times when I twisted, but I don't know why Elle did it. Normally, a guy who looks like he's gonna get both picked out."

"By the way, I got a little lost in melon milk and mango milk"

"By the time I saw the amount Harnah was eating, I had no choice but to be missed."

"If you had a lot, what would you have done differently?

"Maybe I was thinking melon, lemon, or milk gold hour."

To the choices Aeris mentioned, King's Road still is, together with a nod like that.

For the record, Arcem, who hasn't spoken to this conversation, suffers a headache by mistake of adding or subtracting the amount of food he eats, closing his eyes all the time and overcoming the pain.

"So, not much after this?

"It sounds like fun to go offshore with a boat or a cruiser, but that kind of thing happens when you're in swimsuit OK, okay?"

"Mm-hmm. I want to snorkel, so I think I can drop you off this time."

"Look, what do you want to do outside the ship?

"Speaking of which, I saw quite a few shellfish of all kinds earlier"

"Then collect shellfish in a tidal hunt or something, make a tidal juice?

"That's nice"

Aeris mentions the beach creature when it comes to avoiding boats and suggests that spring vegetables are one of the flavors of the sea.

Aeris immediately devours the suggestion with his eyes shining and the other members shake their necks vertically to give it an OK.

Thus, we gathered and cooked seafood that could be taken on the beach, and ended up having a little early dinner for everyone...

"This is the dude on the sand."

"Master, leave it burning. What, but I think it's a little too much"

"I mean, Mr. Hiroshi. Wouldn't a sand castle that can't be frightened if the waves hit directly fit with the expression" cabinet on the sand... "

"In the first place, you used to have enough sand, this"

"Right. Besides, this castle is lovely, but the material called sand makes me hesitant to go inside."

On the way, Mio burned me to make a sand castle, and I completed the level of sturdiness and normal life-size stuff that I thought was embedded in the reinforced concrete, and I put on a doya face, and I got total penetration from all of them.

And that night.

"Everybody, front seat"

Tatsuya and Makoto, who were shown the date footage of the day by Laurier, were calling Hiroshi in the sermon room of love to make a bad call.

"You know why I'm sitting there, don't you?

"Yeah...... Exactly, because our minds aren't strong enough to call this a date..."

Spring vegetables that look back at the day after it's over and receive calls from Tatsuya and Makoto where they were unexpected and honestly tell them that they don't think they can do it themselves.

Tatsuya and Makoto nod to such a spring vegetable self-declaration and crush the point of no good.

"It's a meadow picnic first, but even if I can't help but have underdeveloped knee pillows, I can't have a no-plan before that. It was Mio who shook the story, so at least we should have had some more plans around there."

"Well, I'm reflecting."

"As for the ocean, I'm sure you've been working hard for it. However, it's a bit negative that he said he was catching up at the corner wave strike, and that he let the hosts get away with it."

"It was fun, but I'm reflecting on how that would be in the spirit of this one later on."

"Above all out is Mio, who burned sand art on the way, and Hiro, who made the castle for nothing"

"If you're going to do everything you can for the tidal juice, what are you going to do with a lonely sand castle?"

"" Sorry...... "

I don't think I could have done it myself. I was beaten exactly where I thought it would be, and Hiroshi.

"And well, I didn't get it out of the general values, but I don't have to wonder if it was wrong in the fundamental part in the first place, actually."

"Hey. In the first place, I said dating, and basically it's just fun to play with, so I don't think you could have forcibly moulded it or eliminated what you usually do."

"More to the point, dating in a one-on-four harem state is the best part of our advice on how to do it."

"It is."

Tatsuya and Makoto are just finishing up a one-off scratch and no, turning the foreword slightly to mention that.

With regard to this one, I don't think it's possible. In fact, I didn't run to collect it in the first meadow, so on.

More to the point, the biggest problem was that I was too familiar with dating and not familiar with the general outdoor play where the alignment and the cacacawhuffs weren't so involved.

Besides, I can only see the future that leads to catastrophe no matter what you think of the system that uses the body.

Exactly when this happens, it is difficult to give advice, even though the number of people socializing is to the extent that one hand has extra fingers, even though the dating experience itself is abundant.

"It's just, well, there's no harm in knowing that it's like, Iroja of Dating, and it may not have been a good idea to suddenly try to bump into a date in real life, so Tatsuya and Shiori will show you an example next time, what do you say?

"Why don't you lecture me?

"There's no convincing explanation whatsoever when you don't currently have someone to explain it to. Besides, no matter how many guys you don't want, it's not too empty..."

Tatsuya nods to Makoto's opinion with the feeling that Hmm. Nevertheless, given that the downtown level congestion in Japan is still harsh, there are limits to when it comes to dating.

Tatsuya hits the question of how long Aeris and Alchem will stay on Earth while we're thinking about what to do around it, when we're free of our own time nearby.

It is also an issue that should be crushed early, so check the area honestly.

"Speaking of which, did the Els have a prospect of returning?

"For once, we built it. I'm a little prepped, but if you want to do it tomorrow, we can figure it out."

"Right. Then what about Elles' work over there and everything else settles down, and then we do a joint date in Urs, in a way like that?

"Right. Anyway, I think about El better."

"It's not like Mr. Alchem has any other human resources, is it?

"Ah, right..."

Aeris and Alchem give a somewhat blue look when the story of their return comes out.

Apparently, work over there is packed at a level I no longer want to go home to.

"In the meantime, since the summer vacation is over soon, the Hiros won't be able to take time, either, and it will be long after they've all settled down"

"Right. Besides, even if we can send it back, it doesn't mean we can come and go, right?

"Let it go. Exactly. You should study it."

"Then either way, we'll talk ahead, so I think we should think carefully about how we're going to cover the problems we've figured out this time until the state of the space calms down and everyone's body is empty."

To the words of the true harp, together with a nod with a strange face.

In the end, the next day all those rough spaces were pitched and Aeris and Alchem, who would return crisp in a normal way.