"In my memory, the baby should have cried better..."

The Fujido family at the end of January, after the beginning of the year and the day of adulthood.

Tatsuya came to talk to me about her beloved daughter, who had been named Sumi and had completed a medical examination for a month, about what she was really worried about, and how Tatsuya took the day off from the company and went home for a medical examination for that month.

By the way, Hiroshi is not currently in Japan. Presentation regarding the field generator of the example. Therefore, Heavenly Sound has taken me to attend an overseas society using the gate.

Zhenqin is going to Lauren to teach her comics with True Qin, and Mio has no business coming today from the source.

The deep snow I was in earlier also pulled me into the room after I finished eating the cake, and the Kazuki family and spring vegetables are the only ones on this scene right now.

It should be noted that the name is derived from the fact that the light emitted by her when she captured the Spirit was colored. After seeing it, Tatsuya and Shiori stopped sticking with other names no matter how hard they tried, and they consulted with Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables to confirm that it was no problem and named it.

"As far as I can remember, Deep Snow cried more."

"That's right..."

She said that her mother went to the bathroom and took off her seat, but she didn't sleep, but she didn't cry. She saw the chicken in her basket and told her so, even though she had her neck clenched.

I don't know that much about what a baby is like a month old, etc., but I basically only have the image of sleeping or crying accounting for the majority of them.

You'll be laughing in a better mood longer than you just imagined, but in either case, you won't be as quiet as you are at present.

Rather, it is normal for a baby to cry at four or six o'clock because there is no means to escape discomfort or danger of life by means other than crying.

For the record, the cradle in the cradle was used when spring vegetables and deep snow were babies.

If the older child is also a college student in a normal household, it is a substitute that is not strange even if disposed of at all, but in the case of the Fujido family, who are a couple of entertainers and can afford too much space in their home, it may be stored as a tool for lessons and used as I recall.

By the way, this cradle is quite a luxury item and is quite well made, so I would leave it for my grandson if I were to dispose of it, or as a substitute as good as not bad.

Most importantly, it seems disappointing to use something too crude, no matter how short the spring vegetable comes from, so it may be natural in some ways to have a cradle of luxury products.

"Hmmm...... But there was nothing particularly strange about the results of the examination, was there?

"Oh. At least I didn't have a genetic problem or anything, and I didn't get a strange disease. but I don't know, this is when I was born..."

"Maybe you're a reincarnator, and you doubt something like that?

"... somewhat"

"I'm fine with that. If you are reincarnated with memory, there are traces of a space-time god, a creative god, or a chaotic god that you can see in one shot. At a time when you don't have to say that, at least your memory hasn't passed."

Tatsuya felt relieved for a moment when Spring Vegetables told her that she didn't deny that she was a reincarnator herself. When I opened my mouth to ask about it, I have said difficult words as to whether spring vegetables should be seen as a supplement or a chase.

"For now, they're going to ask me, so I'll tell you first, I don't know what the original is, but I'm getting reincarnated. Most creatures are reincarnated after they've died, except in cases like us, like Buddha, where he opens himself to enlightenment and frees himself from the circle, and then his soul disappears in some way."

"You're not going to heaven or hell or anything?

"That's part of the system for reincarnating and reusing your soul, isn't it? Not a very good analogy, but like a rental squeeze or a wes, it feels like washing once separately depending on the degree and type of dirt? I wonder if it resembles a system of circular reincarnation in that it becomes too weak and unusable after repeated reuse."

"... Also, you're talking about a huge lack of body and lid..."

"Yeah. It's just that, unlike Wes and stuff, some souls get stronger the more you reuse them, and the more you wash them, the dirtier they get, and eventually the evil gods and stuff on that side,"

"... well, otherwise, I'll deify like you guys, for God's sake, it can't happen"

"Sort of."

As tired as it is, Tatsuya puts a penetration into the description of spring vegetables. With such a bitter smile at Tatsuya, Spring Vegetables somehow touches his fingers on the Xu, who began to move his arms patsy.

I get caught up in spring vegetables and raise my voice somewhat in a good mood. Apparently, he feels an unstinting love from his touching fingers.

"By the way, souls don't live in too fine, primitive, short-lived creatures. So, where is the first stage of biological evolution, if we can get a soul from our point of view?"

"... I see. Somehow, I didn't really want to know..."

"And whether or not you're reincarnated in itself, does it feel like 50 and a half minutes? After all, the number of people born is basically higher than the number of people dying, and as I said, there are souls that can't be reincarnated for many reasons, so the number of reincarnated souls doesn't increase."

"I don't care if you ask me that..."

Tatsuya commented so with somewhat far-eyed eyes, looking at the movement of Spring Vegetable's fingers, not knowing if he was playing with it or not.

Although this time the story I heard begins, when there is a God in me, I have trouble knowing all the more things I don't have to know.

"Whatever it takes, don't worry, it's not like you have memories of your past life, someone's memories are on the move,"

"I hope so..."

Tatsuya decides that the answer to spring vegetables is fine even though she is not subtly convinced. It doesn't matter what it is now more than it was born.

And, so, another question comes up unexpectedly.

"Hey, spring vegetables. Well, that's fine. Is Makoto and I okay in that way?

"In that respect, reincarnation or something like that?

"Oh. On second thought, Mio must have missed the limit of life as your family member, huh? I wonder what it's like to be brought back to life once we're dead."

"I wonder if it's a subtle place. With regard to becoming my family, Tatsuya and Makoto are fine because Mio unconsciously wanted to be connected to us in some way as we are now..."

Tatsuya has a bad feeling about the cloudy Chinese vegetables. Encourage its continuation so that its hunch pushes its back.

"If the families are okay, what's the problem?

"Eh. As for life expectancy, Tatsuya and Makoto-san can go just like normal people if they stay that way, but it's going to be a little tricky after they die."

"What a mess, huh? Specifically?

"We're both physically and mentally in the realm of sub-gods, so maybe we won't be reincarnated normally. I hope that's all, but unless Makoto wants it so strongly, it feels inevitable to be some kind of god after death. Tatsuya's a little better, maybe."

Tatsuya, who is told a rather difficult story and is unintentionally consolidated. At that time, Shiori returns.

"Hey, Tu, spring vegetables. What are you talking about?

Poetry weave, who had just returned from the bathroom and heard fragments of Spring Vegetables and Tatsuya, asks him that with a strange neck in his arms as he hugs the cuckoo.

"Eh. Because you are so dear, we need to talk about reincarnators and whether they are okay in that direction."

"Oh, I see."

Spring vegetables pulling their fingers in and answering questions with Shiori holding up their cuckoo. I'll keep my mouth shut about Tatsuya's post-mortem story, which I wouldn't have to dare say.

Poetry weave nodded as he was convinced as he heard the answer to the spring vegetables and gave up his chives.

"To be honest, I didn't care at all because she was the kind of daughter who would capture and rule the Spirit, so I thought there was nothing strange about being quiet ~"

"Well, it's not normal at that point, is it?"

"Yeah. I mean, it's no wonder whatever happens because I've been blessed directly by the goddess, and most of the time, well, with that blessing, I guess it's okay."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that"

"I guess I put it a little wrong, I'm sorry. Honestly, I'm so happy and grateful to have you blessed, and I'm sorry to have you apologize to Spring Vegetables about that, so I'd rather not apologize ~"

Shiori says an opinion that concurrently apologizes for spring vegetables while giving up her daughter in a happy way.

Sometimes I don't have as much experience swinging by the physique of spring vegetables as Tatsuya, but I don't see it as so problematic that Shiori is a special ability to bless and protect.

I can also understand Tatsuya's concern that the child's personality will grow up distorted by the influence of that hand thing. I know, but that worry is a problem that arises regardless of whether you are born with a healthy child or a disorder, but loved or neglected around you.

By and large, being blamed for gladly celebrating the birth of a child is impenetrable.

In the first place, the character and mindset of the child is that the parent should be responsible until adulthood. There are naturally things that cannot be done by parents alone, and they are not always blind, but that is not just a story. Even in terms of the poor eye of the parent, at least not the type to turn the child into the bad one, whether it be spring vegetables or a macro who is not here.

I'm not saying that I'm bad at Tatsuya's idea of wanting to lower the risk as much as I can, but I don't grow up like I want my kids to grow up anyway, but I grow up like I raised them, which is what Shiori was told by my scattered parents.

It felt like it was actually a poetic weave that had already bellied a lot.

"In the meantime, it's up to us to deal with it properly, even though it's weird."

"Yeah. Exactly. I have to ask for that, right?"

"Right. I don't want much, so I'd appreciate it if you just took care of me so I could safely return to the circle."

"That's about all right. I just can't be held accountable until I inadvertently deified or somehow enlightened and emancipated like us."

"It's your choice around here, so who's to blame?

Tatsuya clearly conveys the request to Spring Vegetable to do something about this for now.

In the end, not sure why, he still spends the day as a lovely baby.

Farlane in a few days. Spring vegetables, which had been vacant for a full day after the recess overlapped, had come to Ursu Castle to check on the Aeris and the others.

"... I envy you again."

Elaine, who was entertaining Spring Vegetables, sighs with a heartfelt jealousy when she heartily hears about the situation of the Xu.

Apparently, Elaine also has a lot of difficulty caring for her baby.

"After all, Elaine's place is tough too?

"Yeah, it's good to be healthy, but there are times when I don't stop crying even though it's not milk or officiating, and I realize every day why my mothers told me to use it, I don't know what Octogall would be."

"Speaking of which, I wonder if my sister remembers that happening every so often..."

"I guess. Still, I'm blessed to have the help of an experienced maid or nanny."

"It's already a privilege for royalty and nobility who have offered all sorts of things in their personal lives."

To the words of spring vegetables, Elaine laughs unexpectedly small. It seemed interesting to say that it was not a matter of identity, but a consideration for duty, like spring vegetables.

"Anyway, I'm glad things seem to be going well at Lady Elaine's. It doesn't seem like you've got weird protections or anything."

"There is no such thing as weird protection, but there seems to be a powerful blessing. It's also from multiple gods."

"Uh, that's..."

"It's like Alfemina blessed Alex."

"Well, there's Elle..."

Spring vegetables unwittingly laughing when asked about the status of blessings and protections being given to Elaine's son Alex.

Alex's current situation is extremely unusual, as it is not uncommon for a direct royal family not to have so strong a protection, as Regnus, the current king of Farlane, actually has only a relatively light one.

Most importantly, the twins of Elaine and Aeris' youngest brother and sister, born about two years ago from the Queen, have been given plenty of blessings and protection from Alfemina, just because no blessings have been given from the Hon or Spring Vegetables.

Perhaps if Rayot had a child, the protection and blessings from the gods brought about would not be the ratio of Alex or the twins, and if that was a child with Reefa, definitely that multiplier (?) is up the eel.

Alex's beloved will probably not be as problematic.

"I'll make sure, but if you go from me or Hiroshi to shelter or bless, it won't be a problem?

"What you get is not a problem in itself. More like, thank you very much. In a power struggle sense, it might not have been better for some people, or something, but at least we're not being rude with that kind of punishment. More than that, I'm so glad I got so many,"

"... I wish it had been. Because in my hometown, shelter, blessings, and the special abilities I get from it all become just a tangle of trouble..."

"Your hometown is so luxurious."

"Sometimes it's called out of the jurisdiction of the alfeminas, but basically there's not much God or anything on the table. So, with God's blessing, you have a special ability, and you tend to be treated heretically and eliminated."

"It's like living again."

Spring vegetables smiling like trouble to Elaine's thoughts. In fact, the problem, although overwhelmingly more convenient than Ursus in many respects, is the subtlety of whether it is easy to live like a spring vegetable.

At least it's undeniably much more cramped than we are here.

"Still, El, you're still going to be busy,"

"I've already had that kid's birthday party, so I can't help it."

"Speaking of which, is it that time of year..."

Spring vegetables that Elaine tells me and reminds me it's Aeris' fourteenth birthday.

Last year, Higashi was more busy with multiple projects, but Aeris seems busier and less celebratory this year.

"This is my last party as a minor, so it's a lot of trouble."

"Is Farlane an adult at fifteen?

"Yeah, that's right. So Aerys' birthday this year and next year has a lot of special significance"

"Next year, as you can tell, this year?

"Yeah, it's customary, but if your fiancée had decided at this point, it would be especially big for the engagement to be formal."

"Not next year, but this year?

"It's this year. So, just in case, could you get Hiroshi to have something somewhat like claiming ownership of Aeris?

Spring vegetables trying to delude Elaine with an ambiguous grin as to what was wrong with her claiming to solidify and surround herself.

Though it failed, it is certain that as much as Mio and Alchem also dare to exchange dates, the preparedness of the Macho is also consolidated. I don't think I'm more reluctant to surround Aeris now, even if it's just the shape.

But that's why I don't have to wonder if building up a fait accompli in a fly.

With all that hips pulling, I don't feel like I'm going to do a lot of things if I push myself because of the situation or the environment.

"Harna disagrees?

"It's a little hard to explain, but I don't think it's the right time."

"Isn't it time?

"Yeah. I think we should be more aggressive at dating and stuff like that to pack our distance, but I guess it's too early to make a fait accompli like that,"

"Honestly, from what I can tell, what you guys need is to be prepared and reposition, so it's no use packing any further distances."

Elaine unexpectedly trumpetes it all in earnest against spring vegetables, where the obvious point of hard work is off.

From a third party point of view, it is clear that the distance between the Hong and the Spring Vegetables is as close as the majority of couples in general. This being said, the relationship is no different from that of a mature couple long ago, just whether or not it extends to sexual activity by issuing a contract declaring them to be husband and wife.

Even the most distant alchem has stepped into the fact that common lovers think of each other to this extent, and the walls of sixty centimetres, instead of seventy-five centimetres, have already been overcome, although we are not aware of them.

In the end, if we manage the reluctance and hesitation of the Spring Vegetables to socialize with the unwiped man and woman on the side of the macro, we will be in a straight line until the completion of the Harlem group that everyone else already acknowledges.

At least, I'm pretty sure it's a more blessed position than Rainey, who is only at the level that he's getting hard enough to get into the garden tip, or Sasha, who's barely conscious in the first place.

"Yeah, but, well, even if we got ready to reposition ourselves and get closer to the relationship we want, we can't make that much progress until Mio and Elle turn twenty for the convenience of law and ethical morality in our homeland..."

"Married after twenty. Whatever I say, but you're relaxing for a long time"

"A lot has happened in a long history, and in Japan, it's only when I'm twenty that I'm legally an adult. I'm already eighteen years old because of the law reform, but either way, we'll be talking about Mio and Elle for a few more years."

"I see. What about marriage or something?

"You know, I'm eighteen now for boys and sixteen for girls, but this also needs parental consent until I'm over twenty, and I haven't seen it very well. Especially if a girl is a minor, she could be treated like a criminal if she does bad things."

"There's no such thing as being a minor and not being able to make a decision around it at sixteen, is there?

Spring vegetables silent with a very troubled look to Elaine's doubts spilled like that. Seeing that, apparently, I realize I shouldn't think about it with Farlane's senses.

"Well, other than that, bigamy is not legally allowed in Japan, so in that respect, Mio and Elle first have to be under twenty, right? Even if you say it's not recognized, it's not regulated until the fact of marriage, but if you surround two minors, they won't hear the objection even if you're caught as a criminal."

"Habits change when countries are different, but given your position and circumstances, it seems a lot of trouble."

"Yeah. My mother and all that. I'm also saying that if you think about transferring nationality to a country where bigamy is legal, that makes immigration screening and stuff so annoying..."

Elaine thinks slightly about the language of spring vegetables, whether a country that had a normal feeling in the first place would let go of its macro or spring vegetables, etc.

As a matter of fact, Elaine's idea is half off by half, and so on.

In the first place, Japan is the dullest country in the world when it comes to these exoduses of advanced brains and skill holders. On the pretext that human rights are the principle of non-interference with the private sector, there is no shortage of examples of people with Nobel laureate research or skilled personnel with advanced production technologies who have been diverted to other countries.

Exactly. I have developed technologies that have a deadly impact on national defense and others, and now I will try to enclose as much as I can with the Hong and Spring Vegetables. but it is not easy to imitate how good a country can be with the annoyance of a parliamentary democratic country and how convenient the country can be to individuals directly.

Doing so can quickly shake the regime and in some cases even overthrow the government as it is.

Heavenly Sound is fairly privileged among them, but it is more unfair not to be privileged with regard to this, because it has done so much to make it fair, and I would be sure to say that it is an exception during the exception.

At the moment, to the extent of the macro and spring vegetables, we have not reached an area where the state encloses until we have given enough preferential treatment to see it, so it is certain that if we try to leave, we will not use the public system to the point of being enlarged and interpretable to retain it, but to the point of stopping it from building up bait to try to change its nationality.

"Well, whatever it is, Mio and Elle are going to maintain the status quo until they reach the age of twenty, which, in a way, I think might be convenient."

"It's convenient, hey. After all, is sudden change scary?

"Yeah. I think we should just take the steps and take the time to make ourselves feel better, and at least, we've had a decent successful date or so."

"I've never been on a date since I got married, have I?

Elaine dares to say that, knowing we can't guess our own case, which was half a political marriage.

In the first place, I just didn't think it was a date, and the Spring Vegetables have practically done as much about it as they did about it.

From Elaine's point of view, I can't help but wonder if I should do something fun naturally, even if I don't feel like it.

Incidentally, Elaine knows the word date and its meaning because she has been explained around it by Aeris and Octogall.

Otherwise, there's no way Elaine, a former royal who, like Aeris, doesn't exist in the first place with such a concept per se, knows what the word means.

"Still, it's going to be hard to see Elle today."


Spring vegetables that go through the penetration from Elaine and return to the Aeris thing again.

Aeris is still busy as a result of this overlap, which is a lot of hassle, but we can't do it today.

In the end, I found out that I couldn't do it today when Spring Vegetables finished my third cup of tea, and the transmission came from Octogal.

"Oh well, too bad. Well, at the end of my birthday, tell him I'm coming with you this time."

"I know."

"Then, this is plugged in. Because I seem busy, I put in a lot of things to gently pinch on a menu that seems good for restoring fatigue"

"It looks delicious."

"You can't eat on your own without Elle's permission, can you?

"Ha ~ i"

Nothing can be done about the busy stuff. So it was the spring vegetables that cut them off and gave them the plug and decided to give up and pull them out of Urs Castle.

"Hey, Mr. Harna. Master Elle, I think I'm very busy, but did I get to see you properly?

I couldn't do it today.

"Can't you even Mr. Harna ~..."

Returning to Ursu's workshop before returning to Japan, Fam greets him with a worried face.

Spring vegetables that nod for now even though I wonder if normal royalty is something you won't see in such a jump in to such fam's words.

"In the meantime, he's a little busy until his birthday, so I don't think we should just plug him in properly until then and not show his face directly,"

"That's fine, but if you can afford Master El properly, show him your face, okay?

"I know. There's so much we want to discuss and talk about."

"What do you want to talk to me about?

"Yeah. Elle's already, because she's fifteen next year"


A fam that shows some convincing appearance in the words of spring vegetables. After all, the age of fifteen seems to be a lot special for the Farlanese human species and for the species whose life expectancy and growth curves are close to it.

"Speaking of which, Fam, it's not that far ahead, is it?

"I'm four years old, but I don't really feel it..."

"Well, that's right. I'm an adult in my own country next year, too, but I don't really feel it."

"So does Mr. Harna?

"Yeah. Even so, in my country and Farlane, things are different."

Spring vegetables like that with some bitter smile on the strange looking fam.

What can I say about this, but if I don't get a real feeling of fam, I don't get a real feeling of spring vegetables, but it's something similar and non-existent.

Even though we still have four years, Fam, who is already a one-man craftsman and at least a top-of-the-line pharmacist in the Urs, is not much different from that of adults in terms of responsibility and treatment at the moment.

When you're fifteen and you're an adult, there's no big difference from now to the extent that there are no more constraints about marriage, and even in that marriage, the eyes around you just aren't as bloody running as Terez and Nora, and there's so much to talk about matchmaking.

Now it will be impossible to realise that you are an adult in four years' time.

Conversely, in the case of spring vegetables, rather than in the case of Japanese people, it is not the first thing to make people feel immediately responsible around them because they are twenty years old.

Immediately after entering college, even the Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, subject to enclosure with a variety of impeccable achievements, will probably be protected from all sorts of responsibilities until they enter the hospital, as they have a tremendous guardian named Heavenly Sound.

The same is true of the fact that there is no sudden change on the extension line now when we are adults, but there is so much difference in its contents.

"Either way, unlike Elle in our case, it doesn't seem like anything will change because she's grown up, so I don't know if I care much about her."

"The Atasis don't even have a power struggle."

"Yes, yes."

Spring vegetables and fam to mouth the biggest reason why Aeris adults can make a big deal out of it and cut the story around for now.

In the case of Aeris, due to the magnitude of its authority and the connections and influence that accompany it, it can be very troublesome if it is not formally engaged alone at least by adulthood.

After all, there are ambitious people everywhere who think about things like this, and for those people, the fact that they are underage and have not yet decided on a fiancée seems like an entrance gap to make up their ambitions.

There are also a few people who are wary of gaining any more authority because they admit it, even if they admit it about the Macro and Azma Workshops.

As far as authority is concerned, there is also the opinion that this is now at a time when the Macro and Spring Vegetables are already gods, rather it would be an honor no more to daughter-in-law there, but there are surprisingly few people who believe that the Macro is deified in the first place.

In this way, the general thrust of the Farlane royal family and, on the contrary, of all the countries participating in the Azma alliance is such that it cannot be allowed to do so, despite the fact that the marriage between the Horn and Aeris is at its best.

Just because you are not interested in gaining power but therefore seem to have no edge, the Azma Workshop, in fact, can be firmly seated at the heart of the power struggle.

"In the meantime, let's just leave the story around. In about two months, I'm going to reveal Tatsuya and Shiori's daughter here."

"Tatsuya - your child!?

Lyme, who happened to come to the dining room for a break, ate with tremendous momentum against Spring Vegetables who cut up fruitless stories and talked about bringing Xu this way.

"Harna, hey! Can we take a look at Tatsuya and Siori's child?

"Yeah. I was gonna do that sooner or later."

"Hey, Harna, hey! What kind of kid is that? Lovely!?"

"For a baby, is it a very grown-up and untouchable child? She's so cute right after she was born."

Spring vegetables that tell the next question to Lyme in an excited mood, looking at the smiling thing and telling her about it.

Lyme, who seriously enters into courtesy classes and sometimes receives direct instruction from Aeris, Elaine, etc., now mixes with the children of senior aristocrats but does not float at at all, on the contrary, showing more solid courtesy than some assorted children, even if they are senior aristocrats.

The innate invigorating figure according to it had lurked the ringing and was starting to show ageless calm in a different way than Fam or Aeris, but today it seems like it's been a long time since I've seen an over-expressed and invigorating lime like I used to.

I'm not denying Lime anything recent, and even though he's started to show calm, Lime's expression still honestly tabulates positive emotions for what it's worth.

but as for spring vegetables that still know the old lime, even though they are only eight years old, they still don't need to be firm or control their emotional expression, but they were feeling sorry for themselves in many ways that they were acquiring similar emotional control to adults, or nobles close to it.

"That's right. It's a corner, so I'm gonna have dinner over here today."

"" True!?

"Yeah, it's been a while since I've made everyone's share."

"" Yay!!

To the words of spring vegetables, fam and lime who very happily raise their voice of joy.

After returning to Japan, both Hongkong and Spring Vegetables have been busy, so it feels like we have a chance to dine together once a month.

To put it further, it was almost six months ago when Hongchi or Spring Vegetables cooked.

For that matter, I try to only show my face every time I have time, but it's still quite different whether we eat together or not.

I don't have any more errands like this today, and Spring Vegetables has been in the mood for a long time to give a status report while eating slowly with the members of the workshop.

"It's a little early to start planting, so I'm going to give Makoto and Mio a little voice."

"Just Mr. Makoto and Mr. Mio?

"Tatsuya, I know you and Siori can't do it, but your parents can't do it either?

"Hong-kun is not in Japan right now, is he? Seems like it's hard to get out on the way because it's a pretty tight schedule"

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"For the first time in a long time, I thought I'd get a reputation for the crystals of my athletes' efforts, but I can't help it"

Fam and Lime who hear that the macro can't come and feel sincerely sorry for him. Still, I can tell you that what you can't do is very listenable, given the year, for what you split as impossible.

As far as this area is concerned, both fam and lime have long been so, I have to say that the environment in which they grew up is huge.

"Well, I'll call you in the meantime. However, don't expect too much from Makoto-san or Mio because there may be other business in there."

"Yeah, I know."

"Hey guys, we're all so busy, we can't help it."

"Well, if Mr. Macoto and his plans are free for a day, he's been coming with us since the beginning, right?

"Yeah. I mean, both Mr. Makoto and Mio are in school today. I was actually in school in the morning, too, but all the lectures I was taking were suspended and my plans were vacant for the whole day."

Fam and lime listening to the circumstances told by Spring Vegetables and nodding so much. For the two of us attending Loufeus College, the reason is usually convincing.

With regard to spring vegetables, by the way, for the convenience that the afternoon lecture belonged to Heavenly Sound, plans originally were available from noon. So whatever you do with dinner, it was up to me from the start to come and see the faces of the fam's in the afternoon.

I honestly turned today to what I wanted to do as free time for now because there was as much else to do, but most of it was just anxiety to proceed in the absence of both Heavenly Sound and Horn.

It should be noted that the return of Hoang and Heavenly Sound will be tomorrow night on schedule.

"Well, I'm just gonna go."

"Ha ~ i"

"You're not coming, are you?"

Spring vegetables dropped off by fam and lime and returned to their homes via the castle of God from the spot. As it is, make sure Mio is already after school and send an immediate message.

When I laughed when I saw the reply I had returned without getting my hair in, I moved to the castle of God again. Give Laurier a shout to launch the kitchen function.

"Alright! Long time no see, let's get a little tempered and make it a full course of God's ingredients!

It had been a long time since I had cooked where there was no Hong, and it was a spring vegetable that ran into a luxurious full course with new creative culinary practices so as to surprise the returning Hong.


"Welcome back, Hiroshi."

"Good job, Macro. How was your first overseas?

"Whatever I did, I've always done a large auditorium and party venue ladder for hotels and presentations, so I couldn't afford to see the view so properly or anything"

"I see."

Spring vegetables had dinner at Urs' workshop, the night after that. Spring vegetables and mahjong welcome Hiroshi back to the Fujido family instead of the East family for the convenience of the gate trip.

"Still, it was a sudden story."

"There's a lot of trouble, and I don't know if I can turn it down in a strange way."

"I see. Whatever, thank you so much."

"Good job. It must have been really hard, right? You want something to eat or something?


Makoto and Spring Vegetables speak the words of the Negi from the bottom of their hearts to a macro whose allies are consumed by the unfamiliar environment of saying that only Heavenly Sound is in full Away.

There is no question that this Society was a challenging environment for the Macro, even if we saw only one point: suddenly screwed but the Heavenly Sound could not be turned down.

Thanks to God's basic power, there was no problem with systems where the Word could not be understood, but it is a delicate matter whether it is a salvation or not.

In the first place, regular college freshmen don't attend bee societies like this.

"In the meantime, I want some rice balls and miso juice..."

"Copy that. I'll get you ready in a minute. Put something in it?

"I'm in the mood for salt mushrooms now."

"I get it. In the meantime, let's just add seaweed."


Spring vegetables that listen to the requests of the Hong and just move to the kitchen. Hiroshi and Makoto, who dropped it off, keep talking.

"I don't know if I can hear you anyway, so as to put aside the story of the Society or something, did it yield any good?

"Harvest, all the time. In the meantime, when I experimented with one or two more pieces, wrote that report, and published a revised paper based on it, that would be my doctoral thesis, I said something like," Oh, my God. "

"Heh. Does that mean that spring vegetables will be like that soon?

"Let it go. Maybe Spring Vegetables will be pulled out of the club within the year."

"I guess. I mean, I don't know, doctoral thesis, academia, that kind of hoy story going on?

"No way. Yan. My field system, Mr. Spring Vegetable's yeast, the more I experiment with it, the less I get the results, so I don't have to give it a doctor and flutter it out. It just feels like it's going on all the time, and it's usually hard to get into shape with the proprietary research that students started from scratch, and the research is finally on a yearly basis."

"Well, I guess so."

True harp nods with a true face to the insignificant words of the Macho.

I'm going to get it wrong because it's something that goes on so clappily, but doing research that can normally be a doctoral thesis is in itself a fairly high hurdle content.

Conversely, what Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables have done in a year this year also means that they are turning the common sense of mankind upside down.

"And for now, I know exactly..."


"I don't hang out with French and Italian men properly..."

"What, that pinpoint racial attack..."

Makoto leaks an unexpected voice to the Cumming Out of the Horn.

I don't even know it imaginatively, but it was too pinpoint to stick it in.

"I wonder if that bothers me a bit too"

Spring vegetables brought with them a prepared meal come with their mouths curiously to match the penetration of the true harp.

Incidentally, spring vegetables are not only rice balls and miso juice, but also egg rolls and pickles, along with some ingredients that can be used for pickling rice, salmon loose body and other tea and rice balls in one.

Makoto, who sees it, strangely remembers being hungry when he says he ate dinner properly.

"Hey, spring vegetables. Can I make some tea with the utensils?

"I thought you were coming, so I have tea bowls and chopsticks."

"Yay! Spring vegetables, I love you!

A true harp that is delighted to exaggerate and soaked in tea. With such a bitter smile at the true harp, the rice is set aside to quickly get the true harp lover's utensils on board and complete the pickling of tea with plum kombucha tea instead of soapy sauce.

"Yes, go ahead"


"So, Hong-kun. What makes the French and the Italians no good?

Finish it while you're making the tea pickle, spring vegetables that ask that of the hong that was hitting the rice balls.

I realize that the story is back, and the first bite swallowed the hong tells the answer.

"As for the Italians, it's a simple story. Anyway, let's get the women scholars in the venue to dictate from one end to the other..."

"" Oh... "

Spring vegetables and trumpets leak convincing voices to the words of a macro that is as good as expected, with the feeling that I knew it by accident.

The behavior is good for Hiroshi as well.

Regardless, not all Italian men are such a race. I don't, but sometimes it's polite to dictate if you're a woman, and there are quite a few regions that have had a culture that can't be said to last long, and it's also true that there are more men dictating women as a form of social dictionary than in other countries.

"So, maybe it's from scholars, but the French are too proud anyway, and I couldn't wait to hang out..."

"Once I tell you for someone I know, ordinary Frenchmen aren't that proud of anything but their own food culture, are they?

"Conversely, you're proud of your country's food culture to such an extent that you can't relate to it, right?

"Do you feel that way by people? However, the French and the Italians have a long history of which is the food capital, so I have the impression that Europe has a high pride in its own food culture."

"Let's do it. I don't think so."

Hiroshi shows some satisfaction in explaining the spring vegetables.

Either way, it just doesn't change that it feels like we can't get along.

"I just can't say much about people, either. When it comes to your pride in food culture, I don't think you have anything to say about people.

"We deny the local food culture."

"That's right. I think we're talking about something that we did when we were over there, and we usually used to make and eat local dishes with local recipes."

"As much as that, I don't think there's any excuse for demonizing local cuisine?

Hiroshi and spring vegetables inadvertently distract from the harsh words of true harp.

Makoto, who has benefited from it, also has a sense of not being able to say much about people, but he just wanted to make sure that he realized which mouth says he has too much pride in the food culture of other countries.

"... as, well, for now"


"Spring vegetables with world-wide relationships from the beginning should be easier to present at the academy than I am."

"No, no, no. Exactly, I don't have any experience with academia, so that doesn't make it any easier..."

Spring vegetables rushing into the words of denial to the lesser utterance of a macro who forcefully went into a change of subject.

In the end, the day ended with less fruitful exchanges about perceptions around it.