"There's nothing you forgot to get ready for, is there?

"Take proper action to combat the plague and prevent the edges from getting thicker than necessary."

"What about memories or something?

"We don't need you."

The thesis relationship between Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables has also settled, with the student group all on spring break in late March.

Shiori and Shiori's three-month health check up was also successfully completed, and all appointments were adjusted. At last, Hongda was to disclose Shiori to the Azma Workshop officials.

At that time, if anything happens, I can't regret it.

So Hong and Spring Vegetables were currently thoroughly prepared and confirmed to make sure they were complete.

"Hey, anything else bothering you?

"It's not a big deal, but what's the deal with getting into and out of God's castle this time?

"Free pass for a limited time, shaped all the time. I don't know how many times I come and go, and it's easy to track when something happens."

"I see. Can it be transferred at will?

"Ainya. It's just free access, and the transfer itself is not possible. However, when transferring, it provides proper physical protection. Well, if you treat your baby the same way you would in and out of a regular paid facility, and keep it that way all the time, yeah."

"In short, if you're not with your parents, it won't work."

"Like that."

Hiroshi nods and affirms to confirm Tatsuya.

It should be noted that the guardian in this case refers to a human being who is allowed access to the castle of God in full form. So of course Honda, Aerys actually includes Fam and Hendrick and Angelica, as opposed to Alchem.

There is simply no particularly profound reason why a macro has been bothered to set so fine on this.

"Anything else?

"Master, do you do soul preservation or something?

"There's no pulling out there. Instead, do it first."

"Well, if you do too much beeping at this stage, your soul's growth will be delayed, even though it's two days a day, so I feel that's about as strong as it is"

Mio's questions are answered by Hong and Spring Vegetables.

This is the first time that a baby has been transferred from one world to another, so we are dealing excessively with the risk of death.

The question will arise as to whether there is any point in preserving the soul with a transfer using the castle of God, but it works as a proper insurance against any fatalities that occur while in the Faircro world because the other person is going to use God's power in a baby to take him around on his own.

It should be noted that, as far as the other members are concerned, they are using the function of the castle of God to move of their own free will, so preserving their souls is not useful as insurance.

This is the situation where an accident occurs while on the move and you have been flown into a world you have no idea about, and it is possible to perform a rewinding resuscitation immediately before or immediately after the accident without risk.

Although it is highly unlikely that I will be able to take care of the rewind using the preservation of my soul, as I will not die unless there is much to do with Tatsuya today.

"Does Mr. Makoto care about anything?

"What do you think of the Octogal measures?

"... it feels useless to think about it..."

"... it's octogal..."

"Sorry. I don't know what to say to myself, but you've been a little too impotent..."

Makoto accidentally makes every effort to apologize to Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables who say as they look far away with the eyes that the highlights feel like they've disappeared.

If there is anything effective about octogal measures, no one has ever struggled.

In the first place, I have been using it conveniently for a price and from time to time, so I can't help but say that it is a risk to spoil and accept when it comes to strange words and behaviors, sexual harassment attacks, including body abandonment.

"Is there anything else?

"What else, huh? I watched him stiffen up around the defense..."

"After that, when something happens, it's okay to be ad hoc on the spot."


Tatsuya and Shiori tell the Chinese vegetables who ask for confirmation in case.

As a real problem, it is impossible even for God to anticipate all the trouble that can happen and prepare a way to deal with it beforehand.

Especially in the case of spring vegetables, there were many unexpected troubles caused by the flow of that lineage in which barrel stores would make money if the wind blew from where they were human.

It can also happen that if you prepare poorly, you can get behind it in that pattern, so you might as well leave it up to me to deal with it when you get out honestly.

"If you don't seem to miss anything else, isn't it time to move?


A macro prompted to do so by the true harp and activates the metastasis with a small nod. At that time, the subordinated spirits are involved as much as they want because they did not let go with a firm grip, but no one realizes.

Thus, for the first time in his life, he experienced a different world.

"Wah! It's a baby!"


"Ki Woo!

Azma Workshop headquarters in Urs. Lyme, Fam, and Hirohiro, who welcomed the arrival together, were quick to dazzle.

"Shiori and Shiori get tired of standing here, so let's just go to the Japanese-style room"


Lime nodded honestly after being served by spring vegetables. Where did the solid figure not look good in recent years feel like it had returned to the fully protected lime of the time.

I look at such an exchange of spring vegetables and lime, with wonder.

Other than people catching the Spirit and forcing him to bring him here, he was still a very quiet baby today.

"... As I was told, the children of Tatsuya and Siori are really quiet"

"That's right ~. Well, I'm crying when I should be crying properly, and I don't think I'm that worried ~"


Lella has a complex feeling that she doesn't know how to describe the poetic weave that stands for Eagle Deep Friendly, which is like a mixture of respect, admiration and awkwardness, but it's definitely not that easy to understand.

One thing I can say, however, is that it is impossible to reach the frontier so far for Lela, who is now frightened by Lime's extreme growth.

"And yet, it's really cute..."

"I know it's hard to take care of a baby, but as for Nola, I want more babies and little kids closer together."

"Right. Fam and Lime are getting bigger, and taking care of little kids can be a good experience."

Terez and Nora say that to each other as they heartmark their eyes on the cuteness of the X.

Needless to say, I don't have the idea that I make and produce people.

"The next thing I know about the babies in Nora and the others, when I think normally in this stream, I think my parents and Mr. Harna are next..."

"Nora, just asking your parents for it isn't impotent yet?

"Parental circumstances are well known, and it's time to watch is the limit of patience. Nora wants to speak up about how many years we've been together and how many years we're going to do the same thing."

Hiroshi and spring vegetables inadvertently distract from Nora's reluctant words.

Needless to say, we are concerned about the area, so we continue to make efforts to understand that we can't do it and try to do a date or other big mistake, but we can't do anything about it anymore.

Naturally Nora understands that, but she can't help but wonder if it's time to ask for results rather than efforts.

Afterwards, people tend to respond sweetly only to the circumstances, so I dare say that there should be one person who says something tough, so I dared to buy a dirty actor and get out.

"Well, don't say that"

Tatsuya is comfortable with Nora's intentions.

It doesn't make much sense to ask for results in just a few years for the Macros, whose timescales on consciousness have already changed dramatically in the first place.

Instead, if you think that the result of a hasty and impossible action is the tragedy of a date made in the castle of God, I have to say that it is still too early to seek the result anyway to take action.

"But, Mr. Tatsuya. When I look at my parents' thoughts and actions, I can assure Nora that if I say it's not the time yet, there will always be no progress."

"You're acting yourself right, so don't put too much pressure on me. I don't know, it's been about six months, but suddenly spring vegetables rushed out and I had to do something, and I said something like," I went on a date at the castle of God. "

"... Tatsuya, I'm glad you didn't say that..."

"...... hmm. Brother, I want you to stop steaming back there on a level that makes Valentine steam back every year."

"And well, it's such a huge failure to react like this. It wasn't necessary in itself, but honestly, I knew it wouldn't be a big deal."

Nora decides to just convince Tatsuya's words and the reaction of the spring vegetables for now, even though they don't fall to her heart.

No more would be wild at the level of being kicked by a horse, and watching the look and attitude of a macro would make me willing to pursue it just as harshly.

"Hey, Nora, Terez. It's a cute day for Tatsuya and Siori's baby. Don't you think it's too much about the parents?

"Yes, yes. In the first place, when it comes to Hongda, that's the project that I'm prepared to do, like basic research, for about half a century. More importantly, Mio still has a long way to go, so don't rush to conclusions now."

"That's the thing. More importantly, in the future, I don't care what you think about these guys. I know that they need to be patient and accumulate enough to be able to fully identify what they eat in La France, so there's no way they can progress that easily."

Makoto and Tatsuya get on Fam's complaint and put the chase into Hiroshi as well as Nola.

to its contents

"Complete farming of tuna...... My love is a complete cultivation of tuna…"

Spring vegetables may be damaged to the point where they become dull.

Most of all, I don't know whether the type of damage that Spring Vegetables is taking was compared to the surreal tuna, or the length of the period of about half a century from the start to commercialization at a profitable level and the amount of difficulty that can't be talked about by itself.

"My brothers, I know how long it took, how difficult it was, but it's just too bad"

Mio, who sees it, pities himself and snaps his mouth.

In the first place, Mio can't be described as any other human resource.

"Oh, sorry......"

Mio tells me, and Tatsuya apologizes that it was just a failure.

No matter how perceptively incorrect, tuna is the story of a romantic relationship, no matter how strangely tight it is in the image of the Hong and the Spring Vegetables.

There is no point in disputing it if they say it should be a little more stylish.


He stares at such a father with a voice that is difficult to describe as a baby. Instead of understanding the content of the conversation, it's also subtle to see if you can properly recognize a person's face and appearance in such a way at his or her age, but he or she had something to atmospherically guess at.

"Do you care about my dad?


I raise my voice to the kind words of Shiori, feeling somewhat relieved.

Spring vegetables smiling and watching the subtle interaction as if they were not able to communicate with each other. Apparently, he's recovering from a series of damage that starts with Nora's penetration.

And, inadvertently, the look turns into a strange sense of accomplishment when you wonder if Xu has helped, placing a few temps and immediately starting to cry.

"Oh. Is that a diaper? I'm just gonna check it out, so help Spring Vegetables and Mio, too."

"Ha ~ i"

"Mmm. Copy that."

Poetry weave that does not particularly panic about such a sudden development, but rises with a hug of a cuddle. Working here means moving to the next room.

At that time, it is usual to let Spring Vegetables and Mio help you have a good chance of having children in the future, thus reducing the physical burden while also allowing preliminary exercises.

It should be noted that I didn't call True Harp because I currently don't have a boyfriend and I don't care about him, so I don't generally speak up when I have spring vegetables or Mio. Tatsuya always helps, so when it comes to Hiroshi, both sides were taken into account because she is a girl.

Just in case I add, in a situation where there are only true harps besides the Kazuki family, true harps are usually also helping to take care of diapers. Simply note in the honor of both true harp and poetry weave that the priority of making them help in poetry weave is only low, and that true harp does not help in any way.

"After all, you cry when you cry properly..."

"Even if it doesn't seem like it, it's a proper baby thing. Well, I usually cry."

"Somehow, I'm a little relieved"

For the first time, Terez and Lella look relieved at the sight of a normal baby.

To that appearance, Shinqin says such a thing as if he were frightened, and Hiroshi and Tatsuya laugh bitterly.

In the meantime, are you concerned about changing diapers? Hitohiro jumps up abruptly and moves to the next room.

"Um, Mr. Tatsuya. Hirohiro's gone, okay?

"If I mention allergies or something, I'd have to worry about it. For once, it's a god beast, and it's better than Octogal, and I don't think you can care too much about it."

"Speaking of which, there's no Octogal..."

"At a time like this, it's rare to come out first..."

Tatsuya says a lot of things to Fam that makes him seem a little worried.

I realized that Octogal had not come to the words of Tatsuya, and I looked at Makoto and Hiroshi to see what was going on.

Octogals don't show up for whatever reason for that dialogue, whether it's flagged or behavioral.

In contrast, we get even more anxious together.

And, there, the next room suddenly becomes noisy.

"Kew!? Cucumber!!

"Ahhh, ahhh"

"Oh, you can't grab it so hard, Hirohiko. It hurts."

The screams of Hirohiko and the sounds of the mood of Hirohiko can be heard up to the next room, and the cautious words of Shiori about it tell the general situation, and the Japanese-style group nods while inadvertently confirming each other's views.

Perhaps we have a very communal situation.

I can also hear the words Mio and Spring Vegetables, as I chase them there.

"Mmm, I'm going to take it off my feet."

"No, no, no, Mio. I don't think it's a question of saying that. I mean, when I, Xu, grab Hirohiko's leg, I don't think that's going to be a lot of trouble..."

"Kew!! Kew!!"

Because I was noticed, or how comfortable I was grabbing Hirohiko, apparently I'm holding on even tighter.

Hirohiko's pathetic screams echo in his infantile and unforgiving deeds.

"... hey, Hiro..."

"... hey, what...?

Laughing at an exchange that can only be described as a chase, Tatsuya asks Hiroshi questions by squeezing out words somehow while breathing constantly.

"Ko, here and next door, could it be, pretty wall, thin?

"Ugh, thin cunt, wow, deliberately, easy to hear, don't"

Tatsuya asks what she wants to hear while desperately breathing. In response to that question, a macro tells you that it is easier to hear the noise next door for a reason.

True harp tried to hear how the seizure of laughter was calming down and for what reason it was making it easier to hear the sound, and Shiori, who grinned like trouble and held a giggle, and Hirohiko, whose leg was firmly grabbed and turned upside down, comes in with an enlightened look somewhere.

"It's hard to be a god beast."

"Hirohiko, are you okay?


"Giving up is the key? Is that what this is about?


Nola's response to Nora's words when she saw how Hirohiro was doing and Lyme's words, who seemed worried at first. and its very communal landscape, with all the humans watching the change collectively slammed back into the vortex of laughter.

"I'm sorry"

"I'm here to see you."

An hour after the Hitohiro upside down incident.

Like Aeris, Alchem, who had been out of time since the summer vacation, visited the Azma workshop with Octogal on his head.

"Ah, there you are. Long time no see."

"It's been a while. Master El will be here in less than half an hour, as the ritual we need to do today is almost over."

"Copy that. That means we're going to have lunch, right?


Spring vegetables welcoming Alchem listen to Aeris's plans and think about their lunch dedication. When we met at God's Castle about a week ago, it felt like sewing between busy hours, so we didn't even talk slowly about the meal.

Rather than that, at that time, the truth was that Macro unconsciously did so, if I were to be more precise, that Spring Vegetables unconsciously did so via a chain bracelet made by Macro, while Aeris just came rushing to report on how he had dealt with it.

How hastily I completed the face-to-face meeting at that time, I didn't have time for Spring Vegetables to confirm the bracelet made by Hiroshi, and when I explained how it was the day and how I then rooted it out to deal with it and win the status quo, I immediately transferred it as it was and returned to the Temple of Alfemina.

For this reason, it is the first time in six months that Hong and Spring Vegetables have talked slowly with Aeris, as has Alchem.

"So, you calmed down a little busy?

"Yes, it's still hard to go to Japan to visit, but I could afford enough to go back to Ortem Village or face this way to take care of my garden and eat dinner with me"

"Oh well. Is that what Elle looks like?

"Right. There are still a lot of gods accumulating to take a cohesive rest, but they are no longer in the kind of situation where they are chased all day by divinity, diplomacy and royal work"

"That's good..."

Spring vegetables sighing in relief, aware that the situation is apparently really calming down to the information from Alchem.

Even though we have no choice, the situation has finally come to an end with Aerys and Alchem out of company.

Whatever major progress has been made in the past six months or so, as for the spring vegetables, which I really felt responsible for, I feel finally free from that uncomfortable feeling.

"With that said, Mr. Tatsuya's daughter is here, right?

"Yes, but where is that information?

"We're the source."

"... well. Tatsuya's nervous, so you shouldn't give her too much, right?

"Ha ~ i"

Octogal is served with spring vegetables and replies honestly.

You can only trust me in that I don't know how far I can trust you, but I won't do anything wrong with the baby.

It is a fact that you shouldn't mind that it is a troubling place to be able to trust there in a way.

"Well, I'm going to make some rice, so wait for me in the Japanese-style room. Tatsuya and Shiori are kids, but they're with us."


Arcem and Octogal are encouraged by spring vegetables and travel towards the Japanese room.

Unlike usual, Octogal is coming in unison, perhaps with some reluctance and consideration.

"Well, it's been a long time since we've all had dinner, what shall we make it?

I just dropped off the alchem, spring vegetables that turn their awareness to the lunch menu.

Probably hungry for Japanese cuisine, but a treat that feels very luxurious is also likely to be boring considering that Aeris has a lot of work to do as a caterer.

"... well, it's Elle, and I'm sure you'll be around for lunch when I hear your request for dinner?

That being said, it's been a long time since Spring Vegetables took out buckwheat flour and started beating buckwheat.

Expect Mio to eat up to the amount he eats, and finish hitting about fifty servings in no time.

"Natural potatoes, radishes, grated duck, Nanban, and..."

Spring vegetables that finish beating the buckwheat and prepare all the medicinal flavors and toppings you can think of.

Aeris, who is unrelated to both snack appeal on top of growing up, usually eats about one to two servings these days.

It is probably the miracle of God that its eaten calories and nourishment have recently been evenly allocated to the back and chest, unlike Mio.

Wrong, the physique of spring vegetables should not be taunting Mio, his family.

Most importantly, unlike Mio, who feels like he is trying to force back the delay in hospital admission, it is time for Aeris, who was originally premature, to calm down his growth.

Perhaps next year or so you will have the same figure as Spring Vegetables and will almost stop growing.

In the first place, rather, even now, the size of commercially available clothes peeking at underwear is the same as spring vegetables.

"Well, in time it's time for Elle to come, and let's serve it up and carry it"

So whining, Spring Vegetables serve large quantities of buckwheat noodles one serving at a time using the Katsuko buckwheat method. There is also juice in the donburi, so it is possible to put it in as much as desired, pour the dashi, and eat it as a warm buckwheat.

"Hello, Master Harna"

"Ah, there you are. I put you by lunch, okay?


Aeris answers the spring vegetable question with real pleasure.

As Spring Vegetables had predicted, there had recently been some luxurious but not very tasty dishes at meetings, and I was hungry for Japanese food that could be eaten as easily and as much as I liked by my side.

"In the meantime, we're all in the Japanese-style room, so I'm going to eat in the Japanese-style room."

"Okay. If it's a buckwheat, I wonder if you'd like it to have a flair too."

Aeris seems even happier with the words of spring vegetables.

Apparently, he's really hungry for a lot of things.

That's how he guides Aeris through the Japanese-room by pressing the cart carrying the dish, and a pretty nice sight pops into Harna's eyes.


"Separation ~"

"Combination ~"


Inside the Japanese-style room, a poet sitting on Shiori's lap holding his entire body was swinging with one octogal leg in each hand.

Moreover, Octogall and the others play with advanced techniques where the arts are fine, merging when the pigeons swing and collide, and moving their arms to tear them apart.

He seems to be very happy with Octogal's play, which he can never reproduce on the planet at the moment, and laughs in a really good mood.

"... I wonder if this will be all right when I return..."

"... well, the baby is quite something you seem to remember and don't remember..."

Spring vegetables and Aeris watching how they look while saying that.

And it came to pass three minutes after the play was over, and after the slept with all his might.

It should be noted that the moment I tried my best to fall asleep, I bounced and threw Octogall big, finally pulling out a word about "body abandonment" that I had read the air or had not spoken before, but since I hadn't heard it completely flying consciousness, this is the only story that was judged safe for now.

"... oh..."

At last calm down and lunch begins, as soon as we all do it.

Sigh in a strangely colorful voice, as Aerys sipped his buckwheat.

Hiroshi, Spring Vegetables, Mio and Zhenqin, who were watching how it was, somehow distracted themselves uncomfortably, and Fam, Terez and Nola swallowed the rice noodles for some reason.

Mr. and Mrs. Kazuki and Alchem hand over again, looking somewhere enlightened, with only Lime stretching his chopsticks to his temples in normal driving.

Due to various circumstances, Aeris sat on the right after placing Hiroshi in the birthday seat and Aeris sat on the left, Mio, Makoto, Tatsuya and Shiori next to the spring vegetables, and Alchem sat next to Aeris in order of age from Terez next to them.

Just in the form of a sleeping bamboo on the front of the lime.

"... Um, what did you do?

Aeris wonderfully asks with a small neck, perceiving the strange tension and awkwardness drifting from outside the lime.

Again, even more awkwardness is solicited because it is not pornographic but colorful.

Until now, Aeris, who in a good way had nothing to do with colour, has suddenly become colourful. The cause of this is only clear, and we have a lot of trouble dealing with it.

"Something tells me Elle was very colorful and had trouble reacting..."

"I know exactly what caused it, but that's why I want to say hey when they ask me if I can do it the way I've always done..."

"Even Mio got so pretty compared to where he was over here, because even Master El..."

And I said, "I really want to say where I am."

Therese and Nola answer the query of Aeris honestly where they think in subtle awe.

I knew that Aeris was old enough, etc., but it was in a form that I was painfully reminded that I was meant to know only by looking at his appearance.

Moreover, even if you know the approximate things, you don't know the exact circumstances, so you can't keep up with such rapid changes that feathered or blossomed expressions suit you.

Even Mio said he'd become much more beautiful at that point in time than he was when he was about the same physical age here, but when it got to Aeris there, it was no longer beyond Therese's or Nora's ability to deal with it.

"Hey, Master Elle"

"What is it?

"I know very well that Master Elle really likes his parents, but the atmosphere is very different before and after his birthday. What the hell happened?

On behalf of the workshop staff, who do not know the exact circumstances, Pham asks Aeris thoughtfully.

Aeris smiles happily with a look on that question that, oh, feels like.

"Something very happy happened on my birthday."

"Happy things?

"Yes. It was probably some kind of mistake..."

With that said, Aeris turns a blind eye to the macro.

Fam recognises that considerable things have happened to the gaze he was directed at.

Perhaps there was no such thing as "something" that a child would not be allowed to hear, but there were definitely enough incidents to influence the relationship between the Hongdas who still couldn't boil it down.

I told you to make good progress earlier, but when you really make progress, you have difficulty reacting, so I'm worried about whether it should be a casual story or a difficult one in the world.

"In the meantime, there's something I'd like to check on about the matter, so can I have it after dinner?

"I don't mind that, but is that such an intrusive story?

"Aren't you getting in? It's just that what you made for Elle's birthday present caused her to behave unexpectedly with a slight mistake."


To explain the spring vegetables, a fam that is oddly convincing.

It is often the case that what the Macro makes behaves unexpectedly.

Though it's mostly not negative, it's not a rare story to be in a state where you want to work too much positive to pass, but it's as good as it sounds.

"Truth is, this is the first time I've seen Elle's bracelet properly."

"When I showed up last week, I didn't have time to observe it so closely..."

"I'm sorry I was in such a hurry."

"No, no, no. I was so upset and bored that you came to report me."

Aeris smiles with great joy at the words of the Macro. That, as usual, for some reason a colorful smile, a macro who looks away and soothes at first glance.

If you don't know what's going on, no, if you know what's going on but you're not observant enough, you're probably the elementary school kid you started dating, and that's the kind of reaction you want to get into.

However, if you look at people who know the circumstances and are observant enough, you will realize that the attitude of the macro is actually surprisingly out of a troublesome mood.

"... hey, parent"

Eat the first cup with tempura and radish grate. Lyme, who was about to enter the second cup with duck juice, speaks to the macro in wonder.

"... what, lime?

"Parents, are you afraid of Master Elle?

"... if I'm scared, I wonder if I'm scared..."

Answer Lyme's straightforward question with a little roundabout, then stop deluding and answer honestly.

Spring vegetables sighing small when they heard the answer to the answer of the hong.

"When I made sure of what I wanted to be sure, I thought I'd put it behind me, especially since Hong-kun was going to be gone by lunch, but I guess I should finish it first"

"I'm not going to be able to get away from that topic anyway, and what if I just made sure?

"Yes, I will."

Spring vegetables also recommended by the true harp, sighing again at their sinfulness before turning their gaze to Aeris.

"Hey, Elle. I'm sorry, but hey, Hiroshi gave me the bracelet, can I take it in my hand and check it out?

"Yes.... go ahead"

Aeris begged by spring vegetables and smiled and offered off her bracelet.

Spring vegetables that receive a bracelet from Aeris and check carefully for about a minute.

I confirm my connection beyond dimension to my bracelet than I felt at first sight, and I still snap and smile like I gave up somehow.

"Thank you. I know a lot of things."

"How can I help you?

"Yeah. I just got my pity stained..."

Spring vegetables answering Aeris' question with all kinds of strays, remorse and giving up.

Standing ready after a scatter of confusion about what to do, he turns behind the macro.

"I'm sorry, Hiroshi."

"Hey, what are you going to do, Spring Vegetables..."

Much hastily freaked out over spring vegetables who abruptly apologize for the quote that turned around behind them.

Most of all, if they did this in this stream, they wouldn't have to be macros to be scared and natural.

While I am sorry for the response of the macro, but not only did I become ready when I turned back, but my feelings also increased at once, hugging me in a way that pushes my own chest against the back of the macro's head without being able to control myself.

The stiff feel of clothes and bras, the softness beneath them and the heartbeat that moves happily and busily. Softness and temperature characteristic of the woman, felt from everything she touched, as if the white arms turned before were tinted. Golden thread hair that crosses every corner of your vision. And the breath you hear from above your head.

All of them dye the thoughts of the macroscopic white.

That, even at first glance, stops the movement of everyone who was watching the change as they continued to eat into a hug filled with love and love.

"... after all, or..."

I just kept hugging for plenty of more than a dozen seconds, and spring vegetables that sigh like cuts and open up the macro.

Everyone's gaze concentrates on things that are bold enough to blow away, such as changes in aeris.

"If you dare say something to be misunderstood about what El's chain bracelet did this time, it looks like it was a give-up declaration and SOS that I unconsciously put out..."

"Wait a minute, SOS anyway, gibberish..."

"Nothing, I'm not going to give up on this feeling, I'm not going to pull myself back. However, it feels like I have genuinely admitted that I can no longer do anything about it..."

"No, no, no. Didn't you admit that at the time you tried to date in God's Castle, there was nothing you could do about it all by yourself?

Tatsuya unexpectedly rushes into the confession of spring vegetables. In contrast, Spring Vegetables answers herself with a smile that she finds impossible to make.

"Yeah. But somewhere in my mind, I worked so hard to get here that I should be able to do something about it on my own, 'cause there's a part of me that was on my mind. Now that Elle and Mr. Alchem can't get around, I was thinking about being so badly dressed and being rude to Mio even before I realized it myself..."

"... ah, spring vegetables?

True harp speaks out unexpectedly to Spring Vegetables who are about to say something masochistic.

Honestly, it's certainly not a praiseworthy story that Spring Vegetables confessed, but Spring Vegetables has built up that much effort and track record on this matter alone.

How did Spring Vegetables get gibberish about what they had that sentiment about? As for that, I don't know from the current series of exchanges and words alone, but I would never say that spring vegetables alone are not possible, even if they are, spring vegetables are not possible.

"Honestly, I'm not sure what makes me so masochistic. Everyone goes through that kind of mistake. So you don't have to go that far, do you?

"But, you know, I still don't think I can do it with my mouth, and now it's not that time of year, and I don't do well on my own, but I'm actually in a hurry to say this because I don't think about it and it doesn't work... I really feel sorry for myself for thinking about looking down on my heart to the people I love..."

"Sister Chun, no excessive reflection"

"In other words, Nora thinks it's too difficult for her parents to be in a bad state about this."

Together with those who interrupt their meals completely and even serve spring vegetables.

In the first place, I was thinking about something that I looked down on inside, and I was hoping that one of these days Spring Vegetables would do something about the strangely stubborn part of the Hong, so in a way, it's mutual.

"So my parents are afraid of Harna Oi or Elle?

Watching the adults interact, Lime repeats the original question as troubled. Physical and mental maturity is natural, but Lime still doesn't understand the story of romantic tears.

So I decided intuitively that the best way to end this story and get Spring Vegetables back on their feet was to confirm this.

"... I don't know. People, I'm not scared in a whole lot of ways. I just don't know how. I don't know... I accepted the feeling that Spring Vegetables and others would give me, and then I was scared..."

"You can be clear. Hiroshi, you're afraid to look at us more as real women than as sexual objects, aren't you?

"... well, hey"

"You're afraid to admit you're a paedophile in the first place, even if you don't see it as an object of lust, right?

"... sorry"

"I have no choice. Regardless of romance, there are things that I find scary about seeing someone as a sexual object. I think it's only natural for Hiro to be scared."

A complex look on Spring Vegetable's words, like being saved, and then feeling sorry for himself like Spring Vegetables.

It began to stand out when we were alone in the sanctuary of Raiphia with Spring Vegetables, but Hiroshi sees Spring Vegetables little by little, but surely not only as an object of romance, but also of lust.

To be more precise, in a sense, the motivation for Homo to recognize that he had seen spring vegetables as an object of lust from the beginning was a series of incidents when he drifted into the sanctuary of Raiphia.

And since returning to Japan, Aeris and Mio have also become steadily included in its scope as the body grows, whose perception was clearly held only for spring vegetables at first.

The cut that this change in the hong also targeted Aeris and Mio was that ironically Mio grew only rapidly in the chest and became such a pornographic visual that it was not stylish when it was a school-designated swimsuit.

Mio, who has never been wholly the target of that kind of consciousness, has at some point become so "woman" that he can't physically go wrong.

By recognizing it, we inevitably became aware of Aeris.

Conversely, it would be ironic to note that Alchem has verses that he doesn't recognize as being very sexual in his macroscopic consciousness, either because he sees such a sight all the time due to his erotic trouble-inducing physique.

I also applaud the fact that only one person is strangely placed outside the mosquito net, especially lately, with less contact with Alchem and not in so blatant erotic trouble as to how that can happen.

"If we acted together this much, I would have somehow realized that Hiroshi was worried and scared about that. But I'm also afraid of breaking my relationship by stepping in poorly, and I'm ashamed to think that she's just a woman who thinks nasty things even if she doesn't break... But I can't forget how happy I was when I had a hug when I came back to life, how warm I felt..."

"Ah, yeah. I know it's much more complicated and serious than I thought..."

Listen to the confession of spring vegetables and gibberish the true harp.

Usually, anyway, it would be a concern because these places are strangely serious macros and spring vegetables.

In a way, I can't say that it has finally become a normal romantic concern, but in the case of a macro, the context leading up to it is not a troublesome story just for the background.

While it is quite troublesome to come this far and still be cluttered at that stage, where it seems that Hiroshi feels weirdly responsible, it is essentially a concern that he does not open his far-fetched mouth in a third party, True Harp.

"... Lyme, I don't know what's embarrassing..."

"Lyme, it's hard to be an adult..."

"But my parents like the ladies, so I kind of understand that they're afraid of getting involved, not the ladies."

Lyme and Fam, a future that is still far from romantic and lusty at their age, gives up in a different direction than True Harp without keeping up with the difficulty of talking about the Spring Vegetables.

Still, the very essence of things is grasping, and Lime is a truly satirical child.

"... Um, so, Mr. Harna. What does Elle's bracelet have to do with all that fuss and what Mr. Harna is talking about now?

Alchem returns to Aeris' chain bracelet, which was the original argument, stepping on what turned out to be a serious story.

"That's already a simple story. It seems that before I realized it myself, I was thinking a lot about it, and when Hong-kun made that bracelet, he took over unconsciously using my common denominator with the artifact and asked Elle for help."

"Seeking help, is…"

I don't know, more spring vegetables continue to explain to Alchem, who honestly puts it on his face.

"Yeah. It was so subtle a connection and so little information, I wasn't even aware I was doing that myself. That's why I was caught in the middle of something so important that I couldn't turn back on it. Maybe it was all passed on to Elle, including that?

"Yes, I was very pleased and floated that Hiroshi made so much and that Harna relied on me."

Just because it's not fair to reveal everything only to the Hong and Spring Vegetables, Aeris also speaks honestly of what he feels and thinks.

"Shame on you, there are parts of me that were floating and angry even in the sense that you both now admitted to keeping me by your side as one of my wives for both fame"

"Hey, El. Did you think maybe you could beat your sister Chun?

"Exactly, that's impossible, isn't it?

"... that's the kind of dirty idea I get, just me...?

Aeris didn't look like he was floating, even if he could do it in a romantic sense. Mio hears her cumming out, says extra things and destroys herself.

Regardless if this is pre-construction, I can only tell from the expression and tone that Aeris thinks it is impossible, such as on the bottom of his heart Spring Vegetable opponent, that Mio has said it rather painful mistake for him, even though he is half joking.

"Uh, well, we're talking about something that kids like Atashi don't really understand, but if Mr. Harna can't do it alone, why don't we just make the same thing and get involved in Mr. Elle and Mr. Mio and Alchem?

"I think we should do that sooner or later than the situation has gone so far as to be impatient. It's too much of anything to give away without excuse right after this conversation, huh?

"Is that what this is all about?

"That's what I'm talking about."

In response to Fam's suggestion, Zhenqin admits the content itself, while also including educational guidance.

"Well, either way, you still can't give it to Mio badly. Sure, middle school did this kind of accessory, banned?


"Saya, if you pass Shiomi High School, I'll give it to you as an entrance ceremony day."

"...... Mmm!

Mio replies happily to the suggestion of a lot of blown out hons for talking so naked.

Even though Aerys himself wanted it from the beginning, he involved Aerys to the point where he could no longer turn back. It would be better to be honest in a way if Mio and Alchem were caught up in the same way with presents.

There's nothing more we can do about what we've done, and even though it happened in a collapse when we weren't serious and ready, we have to take responsibility.

"So, Mio is fine, is there something anniversary like that in Alchem?

"... right. Not right away, I can't say for sure, but there is a special day that will come soon only one"

"Well, what kind of day is that?

"The day when the world tree of the castle of God will have its first maturity will come between two and four more years. If I can be in tune with the world tree at that time, I think I can be the protector of Hiroshi's world tree."

"Right. Then that's the day."

"Even so, because everyone got a bracelet, you're not going to try to push down the Macro right away, are you? Even if Hiroshi was okay, if Mio and Elle don't put up with it until they're over twenty, if they're bad, the hands of Hiroshi will turn around behind them, right?

Tatsuya waves to Alchem, who was about to go outside the mosquito net even if it was just one person, to set the stage, and Makoto stabs the nail and puts it together.

Thus, the series of disturbances caused by the empty spring vegetables determined the future in the form of the spring vegetables surrounding the Hong rather than the spring vegetables.