"Hey, spring vegetables, deep snow. Can you come here for a second?

It was about one day that I plugged into a period called the National Festival of Culture and School Festival.

A snow dish returning home at an unusual early hour summons two daughters to the living room.

"... at the time your mother is here at this hour, I know it's somehow a big deal, but what the hell is wrong with you?

"I mean, Mother, sure, you weren't supposed to be back this week, were you? I don't know what the circumstances are, but are you okay over there?

Deep snow hits questions from a scheduling point of view, in line with spring vegetable questions about how you're somehow guessing.

One nod to those two questions, Snow Vegetables continues the conversation with a more serious look than ever.

"I'm fine with the schedule. 'Cause they know me well over there, too, so they're making arrangements for a ticket refund and a replacement gig right away."

"That's what you're really up to."

"Yeah. I can't say anything until the date, but I think we're both going to have school off tomorrow"

"... could it be?

"Yeah. My great-grandfather's down."

In the words of snow vegetables, breathtaking spring vegetables and deep snow unexpectedly.

In the case of my great-grandfather, who is already over a hundred, it is not strange when you are picked up.

but when I showed my face on summer vacation, I was still fine, or honestly killing him wasn't going to kill me, so there was a part of me that was alarmed.

"... but they hadn't contacted us..."

"Looks like they're a little bummed over there, and they contacted me about right before they got home,"

"Oh well. If that's the case, I can't help it."

"Yeah. Honestly, I'm glad my job today is in Tide City. If I hadn't, it would have taken me a long time to get back."

Spring vegetables convinced by the words of snow vegetables while showing the message, if that is the case. Deep snow has already started contacting all relevant places, including schools.

I don't care what Spring Vegetables say about Snow Vegetables taking action before they hear from me either.

In addition to the presence of heavenly sounds in the body, it is a little infrequent, but this has been the case for a long time, so it is already past the stage where I think it is strange.

Instead, because snow vegetables have always been like this, no one cares if Spring Vegetables is taught to be a space-time goddess.

It should be noted that about a little bit after debating back in the day, there was a noise about whether snow vegetables were predictable because of what they said and did around here.

However, because the accuracy is not so frequent anyway, and because it has something to do with itself and it is happening now and the information has not yet arrived, I am calm about the type that sometimes sharpens my mind about this kind of thing.

"Son grandfather, are you okay...?

"In the meantime, I was hospitalized on an emergency basis, but the treatment seems to have worked, and the container is stable beyond the limit. So it doesn't look like he's going to die any time soon. It's just that the years are old and it's not weird whenever anything happens."


Spring vegetables guide my great-grandfather in a heartfelt apprehension while skipping to contact Honda as well as Deep Snow and then sending an email to the Student Division to conduct the public holiday process.

The women of the Fujido family are quite feminine as they pale through parallel and dry procedures without disturbing each other, even though they worry about each other.

"Spring vegetables, are you preparing dinner or something?

"Not yet."

"Then we'll hold off the flight to London now, so we'll have dinner at the airport"

"Yeah. Then I'll move the meat to the freezer."

Copy that.

Spring vegetables that reduce anxiety inside and pale out pre-departure treatment.

Regarding this time, Heavenly Sound can't handle the snow vegetables specially and travel at the gate anyway.

Though the planet has become very narrow compared to it temporarily, unfortunately, England is still far away.

Whether in a hurry or panic, it takes hours where it is done by regular means.

Incidentally, in the case of Japan, where the spring vegetables live, due to the development of AI technology and the fixation of my number, if I have no criminal record and even a passport, depending on the conditions, visas will be issued in minutes instead of minutes immediately.

It is only a story for countries like the United Kingdom, the United States and EU countries that have a lot of friendship and are making a huge stride online, and it is also a system built on the creditworthiness Japan has accumulated over decades.

but there is no doubt that the earth has narrowed in this respect as well.

"Hey, Mother. Me and your sister are the only ones going now?

"Yeah. Exactly. Subaru didn't have the convenience of the appointment, did he? So when you're done with the job you can't get out of, meet me over there."


In a description of snow vegetables, deep snow convinced by my father's absence.

In the case of Subaru, although his daughter-in-law's grandfather had no blood ties, and the place where he lived is England and Japan, so he is far off the edge.

Regardless of whether he died or not, when he was admitted to the hospital, but his condition became stable beyond, he was in an irreplaceable position, and it seemed difficult to pull out immediately.

It should be noted that in this case, he is the grandfather of the mother of the snow vegetables (Song grandfather from the perspective of spring vegetables and deep snow), so the situation is the same for his cousins, Tianyin and Miyu.

Therefore, Miyu's husband and affiliated with the same band as Subaru, Kuhei, will also rendezvous locally at a later date for the same reason.

"When, get dressed and get ready for your passport"

"I've already finished it"


"Mother, the end of the fridge is over."

"I got all the homework and stuff I had to take with me, too"

"Well, let's go"

"" Yeah. "

Now that we have done what we do, all we have to do is leave.

"Well, you're coming, Mr. Makoto. I'm sorry, but you should get your dinner done properly."

"I know. I'll leave a proper message, so you don't have to worry about this one. Go with care."

Makoto sends out in a mild manner against spring vegetables who seem really sorry for leaving generously.

Two and a half hours later. The women of the Fujido family flew from Tiomi International Airport to London.

"Is it time for Spring Vegetables and others to follow you?

"Mmm, maybe. You've probably arrived at your grandfather's after the immigration screening."

The next morning, the usual fields.

As usual, while harvesting crops, Hiroshi and Mio were talking about the state of spring vegetables.

"But Spring Nanaka's grandfather is over a hundred years old, isn't he?

"Mm-hmm. That's what I'm hearing."

"I talk all the time, and the professor is going over there, so maybe he'll get better, but I wonder if he's just tough at his age..."

"It's usually a miracle that when you're over a hundred years old and you're in this type of hospital, you're just poorly conscious of being discharged"

"Let's see..."

Macho agrees with a reluctant face on the tough point that Mio has no body or lid.

Humanity, which has overcome all sorts of illnesses in the last thirty years or so, but unfortunately to such an extent that it is still grasping fragments of the thread to overcome when it comes to declining health and physical abilities due to old age.

Inevitably, there is a little bit of disease that I can't really treat because of my physical fitness problems when I get older.

Sometimes the debate arises every year about whether we are really happy to overcome old age in the first place, and the situation around here at the end of the year will not change for another half century or so.

"Even so, they might even call us, I just want you to give me a break for the whole thing..."

"Mm-hmm. Regardless, it's a bit..."

"Well, I don't know why..."

Mio nods with his usual faceless expression to Boyaki the Hong.

It's faceless, but if you see what you see, you can see that you want it to stop sincerely.

The reaction between the Horn and Mio is usually careless and rude, but if you are told to come and meet an old man who has a five-fold or more age difference for the first time living in an area that needs to circumnavigate the planet in the first place, it is only natural that you would want to avoid it if you could.

Moreover, in the case of Mio, if called now, this would be the first international trip.

Mio's personality leaves him with no choice but to be able to pull back at the point of his first international trip.

Most importantly, even if this is not my first international trip, I can't blame you for not wanting to go, even if the purpose is to introduce my grandparents as future husband and concubine candidates.

"Hey, Master. I'll show you Winterfell somehow, can't you do something about it?

"When Fuyukawa talks about who he is and who he is, even if he doesn't, Haruyaki isn't enough to explain it, and Fuyukawa himself will mention Elle and Alchem in the first place..."

"With that flow, I'm not the only one allowed in the safe zone?

"At least, Mr. Spring Vegetables usually introduces me, and I think Laurier's going to say, 'It's bad for Fuyuka's education to teach that kind of trick', or something..."


Mio accidentally falls for the hard to argue point of Hong.

Especially since what Laurier is about to say is a good place to argue, no matter what you say, it really lacks persuasion.

I almost laughed bitterly at the reaction of that Mio, but when I was actually called, I got my head over it, and the bitterness turned into a bitter face.

If we are going to be honest, the truth is that if we can avoid introducing Mio as well, we want to avoid it.

Rather than Mio himself, his three-stage combo of standing position, real age, and even appearance of young other than his chest is harsh, and he really wants to avoid explaining his history and standing position to others.

"Well, I don't know if I can afford that much physical strength even if I cross it, and I'm not very good at talking to that kind of body. But yes, there's no possibility of going in that direction all the time, but what I expect is to expect people to be unhappy..."

"Mm-hmm. Even if that's why I'm exempt from explaining the status quo, I'm not happy with that..."

That's what I said, then I sigh at the same time Hiroshi and Mio.

My shallowness in this matter has to snap about my eyes anyway.

Though it's nothing wrong with who, given the history, and it's not uncommon in the gods' world otherwise, it's also definitely a situation that should normally have been slapped, although it's never been praised in modern values.

Just because I'm aware of that, I'm afraid of how Spring Vegetable's grandfather would react.

"I've heard it from Mr. Snowflake and Mr. Spring Vegetables, so it's hard not to know who he is."

"Normally, we don't talk much about anything other than the family we live with"

"Let's go."

Actually, I don't know anything about Sister Shiori's parents.

"No matter how many chances I get to see you, I'm the daughter-in-law of a relative."

To what Mio confessed, I agree that would be so.

If this is at least the spouse of the brothers, or Mio is a more adult, the story changes, but in Mio years it is normal to have no ties, such as a relative's husband or daughter-in-law's home.

Even adults may face each other at coronations, especially with regard to the parents' homes of relatives' spouses, to an extent.

Given that Tatsuya and Shiori hadn't even stood at the end of the treatment yet at the time of the wedding, it's not surprising that Mio doesn't know anything about Shiori's home.

"Speaking of which, I'd like to know because this is a good opportunity, what about my master's grandfather and grandmother?

"Guys, before you come over here, you're dead. Grandpa, they both died before I was born."

"I see. That means maybe with your grandfather?

"Let it go. My cousin is going to get a job in Tokyo, but my uncle and I are going to be broken since I went to junior high school, so we're almost out of luck because of the move."

"Oh well. Which brother is that, uncle or aunt?

"You're my brother. I think I made it look like that in front of the kid, but there's a lot going on back there. I feel like I've been listening to people around me, and they've had problems with my uncle all the time, but I really don't know anything about it."

"I see."

Mio agrees with the explanation of the macro that it is something like that.

Though I'm curious about what happened back there, it wouldn't be like purposefully digging and listening at this time that it's going to be school.

Besides, it's not unusual to talk about relatives and unfriendly people for whatever reason.

"Mio is like a relative, but what's it like?

"Mm-hmm. Your father and mother, they're both from a large family, so I actually have a lot of cousins. By the way, I'm third from the bottom at my age"

"Ho? It's better than Mio."

"Mm-hmm. But I actually first met him last year"

"All the time, those kids are distant people. What?

"Mm-hmm. I do Sacramento and La France farmers in Yamagata. I just don't even know what my aunt thought and married her."

Fruit tree farmer, I heard that was also Sacrambo and La France, for a moment the eyes of a magnificent glow with cupines.

Mio, who sees it, stabs the nail in the crisp.

"Master, it's not good to influence just outside the tide"

"All the time, when Mio's edge turns out, it's not usually over?

"Maybe, but it's much better than a master or sister Chun getting her hands on it directly"

"Well, let it go."

To the words of Mio, desperate to protect the Aunties, that's right. An ambition that holds the spear for now.

Nevertheless, since neither is a fruit that does not seem to have a subtle handover, at least the route of barter is what I want.

"So, Mio. Is it possible to barter with that aunt?

"Master, self-weight. They're sending it to us next year, too, so I'll be patient with that recommendation."

"That's shabby. Spring Vegetables will put up with you, so I'll hit you with it."

"... Master, have you been waving a tough job?

"About what?

An ambition that pushes Mio all the way through the hard mission of making fruit wait for spring vegetables before.

Mio is unexpectedly wary of his beastly ways.

Thanks to such a silly story, the bitter air against Spring Vegetable's Son Grandfather was brilliantly cloud-scattered.

(... hmm?

At the same time as Honda is working in the field. England is a large hospital in Edinburgh.

When Changzo Ogawa, Son of Spring Vegetables, suddenly regained consciousness, he realized that several human beings surrounded him.

(... what happened?

I realize that I am being put to sleep and that some tube-like things are connected to my body, and I try to remember the front and rear relationship as I relax with a blurry consciousness.

Sometimes I don't remember things very well around this time, and I can't be sure of the chronological order of the episodes I remember, but I can only assure you that I fell for some reason and was put in charge by the hospital.

I don't know, I don't think it was something that didn't pick you up, but if you keep doing this, I don't feel like you're going straight to the afterlife.

I'm no longer afraid of dying this year, but I don't have the remainder of my heart, and I want to do everything I can to end it if I'm allowed to.

Changzo managed to wake up with a sense of duty that made him even feel that obsession.

"... Grandpa!?

"... snow vegetables, or...... Under what circumstances did Non fall?

Though not as powerful as usual, I was able to speak more clearly than I thought and utter the word in one breath to the end.

Ask the first snow vegetables in your eye what's going on, even though you're surprised you don't have an artificial respirator on.

"I, too, only heard that when I took a break in the middle of a walk, I stunned and fell trying to get up off the bench. As for the situation, I think my grandmother will tell me more"

"... well. Did you come all the way from Japan?

"Of course, right? Sister Tianyin, Sister Meiyu, and finally your grandfather's sons and grandchildren are all here. Of course, the mothers."

Snow vegetables clearly say that without even trying to hide the expression of what you are talking about in the inquiry of Changzo.

Changzo wonders how to respond to that word.

I am honestly glad that all my grandchildren and sons have come.

but all my grandchildren have a place in Japan, and they are all busy working as important people for each of them. On the contrary, Song Sun, who has five, is still a college student, even the top spring vegetables.

In Japan and the UK, travel and entry and exit procedures and screening alone are still almost a day-long joke to get to and from.

Regardless of your own funeral, even if you have come all the way to England simply to say that you have fallen, the burden is too great.

"... apparently, I've taken care of you..."

"Don't worry about that. I just have a lot to say..."

Heavenly Sound, speaking to Changzo on behalf of Snow Vegetables, tells him so with a very troubled or sad look.

One nod to the look on the face of such a grandson, Changzo, who just has no choice.

What we can talk about now is the Rothschild of Life. As much as that, I don't care who tells me.

"... that's right, not since this year. I know that Noon won't be able to get out of the hospital. So, how long do you have?

"I can't say anything. I'm not saying what's wrong with your grandfather's body, but because he's weak because it feels like he's critical that he doesn't get a major illness overall..."

"If the balance breaks even a little, you mean it stays flabby..."

"... yeah"

Heavenly Sound replies to Changzo, who said so clearly that he had no body or lid, that his teeth were broken even as he nodded.

I guess it's hard to even do this as a heavenly sound to tell someone within you.

"Truth be told, if you want to do it, you can also extend your life expectancy to a healthy body..."

"Heavenly sounds are the best way to understand what Non wants, right?

"... yeah"

"Then I want you to stay put and let me die without too flashy a life-extending treatment"

"... yeah"

Heavenly sounds nodding with a crying smile on Changzo's words.

In keeping with my sense of duty as a doctor, I confirmed in case I wanted him to live a little longer as a grandson, but I knew from the beginning that Changzo did not want an extension of his life.

Aside from my own children and spring vegetables in the future, my blood relatives keep putting aside heavenly sounds and dying. This is, so to speak, its preliminary exercise.

Rather, it is appropriate for Changzo's age, so if he can't take this much, he will be considerate ahead.

"So Grandpa. Something you want to do right now, or something?

"At the very least, you have to decide who you want to call to the funeral while your head moves properly"

"No, that's not what..."

"I know. I know, but to be honest, I don't know what else is left of my heart, so much so that I'm sure I can't see my grandson, who I was hoping might. I can't do anything about all this."

In Changzo's words, the gaze of Tianyin, Meiyu and Snow Vegetables, who know about Fuyuhua, concentrates on spring vegetables.

Changzo looks surprised and asks his grandchildren questions.

"Whew, Heavenly Sound. If I remember Noh correctly, I would have heard that Spring Vegetables had not yet been able to dictate a man he fell in love with as of summer, but he attacked and even got pregnant before dictating?

"Uh, it's not like that, but Grandpa knew what I was up to, right?

"Oh. I don't know if you can see it in a monster like Nan, but it's out of the sense of man's world, isn't it? So is Spring Vegetables?

"Yeah. That entanglement seems to have a lot to talk about..."

"I see."

Changzo, who persuaded his grandson, followed by his grandson, to become something else from a human being, to explain the unsweetened sound of Heavenly Sound.

He himself is still a man of a time when such stories were still seriously believed at his age, and he is positive about such paranormal events and beings due to the relationship he had with a real worshipper close to him.

but just when that kind of presence comes out of your body, you can do a lot of things.

"In the meantime, would it be better for him to explain himself than for me, who isn't a party around there?


That's what Heavenly Sound tells me, Changzo turning his gaze to Spring Vegetables.

Spring vegetables to be seen by Changzo and organized in his head how to explain with a sigh.

I'm happy to say I just woke up from a fall, but to be honest, I feel heavy explaining it.

"Eh...... My great-grandfather doesn't know the game or anything...?

"I can keep up with board games and card games without exchange elements, but not at all when there's a computer involved."

"Right. Uh, what do you call a full-dive virtual reality, commonly known as a VR system?

"You've let me use the research results of Heavenly Sound, so I know what reason is anyway. That was an amazing invention."

Spring vegetables to see how knowledgeable my great-grandfather is to explain his history.

Changzo answers the spring vegetable question honestly to the best of his knowledge, while wondering what it has to do with it.

Fortunately, I've experienced a VR system before, so I can skip explanations around it, rather than having to go through them so hard that I don't have to.

"Well, some computer games that use VR systems are the type of games that go into the story and play, and I play a lot of cute games on the internet line."

"Hmm. Classic stories, SF movies, etc. and being flown into the world of those stories is classic for you, but is that what it feels like?

"Yeah. You know very well, so if you just swing this forward, if you're my grandfather, you know what I mean..."

"Well, this is still Heavenly Sound's grandfather. I know a lot about movies, but it can happen normally."

To Changzo's point, Heavenly Sound unwittingly turns a blind eye.

It's just not very out-of-the-box, and Heavenly Sound is no better than the spring vegetables, making a lot of noise.

"So well, a lot has happened since I was flown to the other world..."

"From the tone of things, it seems difficult to talk about."

"Well, there's plenty more. Plus, it's gonna be a lot longer if I tell you everything."

"That much?

"Yeah, not so much"

Asked by Changzo, Spring Vegetables affirms so with a true face.

In fact, life in the Faircro world has been concentrated in more than a year and a half and, moreover, has begun to deify spring vegetables, with so many episodes in a year and a half or what I don't think happened there.

When we talk decently from one to ten, we don't know how many days it will take.

"If I had enough time left to listen to it all, I'd like to hear it from the beginning to the end, but hey."

"Exactly, that long..."

Spring vegetables that return as troubled as opposed to Changzo, who can exchange funny masochistic stories.

I almost have the illusion that I can stay out of the hospital if I'm looking at what's going on, but in fact, the treatment works when I'm unconscious and I'm only temporarily feeling better.

Nowadays Changzo is cutting back on the time he would have lived if he had slept in order to talk properly.

"Well, it's bad for others to take time forever just because of my story, so I can explain it in hindsight..."

That said, spring vegetables that briefly describe Winter Hua and Laurier.

Naturally, Changzo's reaction to hearing that,

"Hmm. I'd love to see you if I could, but..."


"... Hey, Aunt Heavenly Sound. Son, grandfather, are you going to be able to withstand the transfer to the castle of God?

"I wonder if it would be subtle to go and come back..."

In the meantime, cut up your story with Changzo, give others time to talk rather than say, and start consulting with Spring Vegetables. Heavenly Sound.

When it comes to the transfer to the castle of God, which has little physical strain, there is a strain to the same extent as walking a few steps normally.

It is not safe enough to say with certainty that people who are hospitalized in old age and are no longer weak enough to die or strange right now instead of tomorrow can be safely brought back and forth.

Moving Changzo out of this hospital room would basically be a circumstance where his capacity gets worse and he takes on the ICU.

"Conversely, who's bringing Winter Wah over here?

"I can't tell if it's okay to let you out of God's castle if it's me, so I don't know what to do..."

"That's what I'm going to look into... just can't you do without East..."

"Yeah. Because the castle of God belongs to you, Hiroshi"

Spring vegetables that tell the current situation in response to the confirmation of Heavenly Sound.

I almost forget because the spring vegetables are free to come and go and use whatever they want, but when it comes to the castle of God, it is originally part of the grandeur, rather than the possession of the grandeur.

Whatever the normal human opponent is, he must give permission directly to the God like Heavenly Sound.

Note that in the case of Alfemina, you can enter the castle of God if you rely on Aeris for a price.

but in that case it can't be a big deal and you can basically just look inside.

"... I guess I'll have to call you East"

"... right"

Heavenly Sound confirms the current situation involving Winter Hua and concludes so.

Spring vegetables agreeing with the conclusion of Heavenly Sound.

Thus, in the end, Hiroshi was free of wishes and would be called to England as the father of Winterfell.

"I'm sorry, Hiroshi."

"Well, I'm ready..."

Two and a half hours later. Spring vegetables welcome Hiroshi, who has completed immigration screening by moving from Ayase Laboratory to one of the hospital rooms where Changzo is hospitalized at the gate.

"Even so, such impotence passed..."

"The special case is a good one, too."

That's what Spring Vegetables replies with a bitter smile to his ambitious thoughts on the unlikely way to conduct immigration screening.

Sometimes it took the form of an invitation from the United Kingdom with regard to visas, and some systems used by the Spring Vegetables are not so special, but it is rather unscrupulous to conduct immigration screening in hospitals without prior notification.

Besides, that immigration screening is only in the form we did to make the paperwork, which is a nasty thing that doesn't even make body checks decent.

Based on the fact that England is currently in the middle of the night, it would also be natural to know that a lot of impotence has passed.

This is not the first time you come overseas at the gate because you are attending an overseas society with Heavenly Sound.

but at that time, at the latest a week ago, the local government has been notified, and the destination, immigration screening and immigration screening have been carried out more carefully at the local Japanese embassy.

Even Heavenly Sound is that, so let's see how much influence Changzo has over the British government.

It should be noted that the reason why the Hiroshi and Fujido families did not work well when it came to moving the gate was very simple, and with regard to the Hiroshi, the permission was granted because Changzo wanted it.

"So, is Mio coming later?

"Apparently. He's going home to get dressed now."

"Oh well. Well, it was sudden."

"I thought you did it in the homeroom or in class in time."

Spring vegetables and hong to share the status quo as far as we know about the Mio we plan to rendezvous with later.

It's the same thing they asked me if I might be called in advance, but Mio is a junior high school student, unlike Hiroshi, who can bring a travel bag with contents into the lab.

Unfortunately, it's tough to bring that stuff into school even though you're not sure if it's called.

"For once, I've got Elle and Alchem waiting for me, but is it going to be possible?

"There's nothing I can say, including Mio. The only certainty is that no matter how Fuyukawa falls, Hiroshi will be asked to meet her grandfather."

"There. Well, I'll be ready. Yeah. So, you're going to lose it and determine the state of Winterfell?

"Send Atori to God's castle to check the condition of God's castle, and if it seems okay, directly, if it still doesn't look good, he says, do it the same way as God's castle."

I see. Copy that.

Ask for a description of the spring vegetables and grasp the steps immediately Macro.

Go to Heavenly Sound to make sure you don't spend too much time.

Whether it was a good time or a bad time, the development of sensors capable of observing the state of the world itself and the retrofitting of the atolls have recently been completed, so that we can see what the state of the castle of the Lord God of the Horn is without any influence as an external god.

By the way, this system itself needs more than a decade to develop.

In one case where spring vegetables have been flown to different worlds to become goddesses, it is a fairly difficult invention, even with heavenly sounds, which has more than ten times the resources to be poured in and still slipped in until completion is more recent.

"Thank you. I'm sorry I couldn't."

"If you do this or so, never mind. Are you ready, Mr. Atori?

"I have no problem with that at all times ~"

"Really? I'll give you a guest pass."

"Yeah. Then, Atori. Later, please."

"Ha ~ i"

After getting a guest pass from the Macro and transferring to the Castle of God in a crisp manner. Heavenly Sounds, who constantly checked the castle of God through the eyes of the Atori, unequivocally affirms.

"We have to unseal it. You'll be fine."

"Really? When Haruyaki and Mio arrive, will you go with Professor Ayase and Snow Vegetables?"

"Right. Actually, it's subtle, but I think it's better if I introduce you first, instead of Grandma."

Heavenly Sound tells Macro's suggestion to do so with a small smile.

The Fujido family and Fuyukawa have not yet finished their face-to-face encounters, mainly due to the fact that the snow dishes are too busy.

I suppose Subaru should go with him anyway for the deep snow, but it's subtle if we have time to wait for him, so this time we decide to split it.

"Well, I'll call Snow Vegetables, and I'll get some equipment."

Copy that, sir.

A macro who nods to the words of Heavenly Sound, contacts Laurier and then waits on the spot.

Fifteen minutes later.

"Thank you for your patience, Hiroshi."

"Sorry, master. A little hassle with immigration screening..."

Spring vegetables finally come to the Hongkong with the arrival of Mio.

"Were you even suspected of age fraud?

"Master, how did you know?


Mio affirms with great seriousness the proper reason that Hiroshi said.

Apparently, he didn't look like a middle teen whose Mio had just turned fifteen.

Most of all, at a time when even Japanese are still often mistaken for elementary school students, we can't help but judge Mio to be fifteen years old when the average is greater than Japanese in any age.

"Well, I'm glad you made it to the country safely, all the time, later Professor and Mr. Snow Vegetables"

Where Hiroshi said so, Heavenly Sound with some loud bag returns with snow vegetables.

By the way, Atori has been sent directly from the castle of God to the laboratory of Heavenly Sound, where medical staff in Changzo are waiting after helping to prepare the equipment.

"Thank you for waiting."

"Mm, it's okay. We just got here."

"Oh well. So, can I just get you moving?

Copy that.

Encouraged by the heavenly sounds, the magnificence moves everyone to the castle of God.

In the transferred castle of God, Laurier waited, as usual.

"I've been waiting for you"

"I'm always sorry, Laurie. Before I do anything, I'll introduce you first. Professor Ayase Tenyin, our guardian on Earth and instructor at the university."

"I am the administrator of this castle of God, my name is Laurier"

"It's a vineyard snow dish."

"It's Ayase Tenyin."

Laurier and Snow Vegetables, Heavenly Sound, introduced to the Macro and greeting each other.

At the end of that exchange, Hiroshi cuts the point out to Laurier.

"Do you want to wake up?

"Yes. Shall we bring them in now?

"No, I want you to take me to the infirmary one way or the other."

"Okay. Would you like me to take you with me?


Laurier immediately begins the transition when she answers by bowing lightly to the order of the macro.

Meanwhile, Heavenly Sound and Snow Vegetables continue to observe Laurier with such bodies as intrigue.

"Thank you for waiting"

"Ho, thank you."

Laurier bows one head to Hiroshi's words and tries to leave Hiroshi behind.

As for Fuyuwa, who was about to be left behind, she is aware of the presence of the guests in an attempt to go sweet on the Hongchi and Spring Vegetables.

Heavenly sounds that call Laurier to rest, loosening her cheeks to such a winter hua cuteness.

"Uh, Mr. Laurier"

"Yes, what is it?

"It's just the right time, so I'd like to have Mr. Laurier inspected, too."

"If that's the case."

Heavenly Sound tells me, and I'll honestly stay here, Laurie.

Sometimes Hiroshi can't do a proper test because of her femininity, and no one knows the exact current state of Laurier.

As a doctor, Heavenly Sound is more knowledgeable and skilled, so there is no difference in Laurier herself that this opportunity should be properly examined.

Next to Heavenly Sound and Laurier having such an exchange, Snow Vegetables and Winter Hua, who had eyes, were beginning to introduce themselves.

"Oh yes! It's East Winter Hua Air Roussia!

"Nice to meet you. I'm Fujido Snow Vegetables. You're Winterfell's grandmother because you're Spring Vegetable's mother."


"Yeah. Grandma."

Winter Wah looks at the snow vegetables and curiously wraps her neck.

Hiroshi's mother, Misao, had a year-to-year appearance, but no matter how hard she tried, Snow Vegetables were as young as Tatsuya and her age was the limit, and when she did poorly, she looked about the same as Spring Vegetables.

It would be natural not to be convinced if you were to say your grandmother by the looks of it.

"Hey, Hiro, spring vegetables. My grandson kind of suspects me..."

"Sora, are you shabby? Professors and creek presidents alike, but no matter how hard you try, if you look like an Alasser in your twenties, yes, I do."

"You're lying about me and my sisters, which is your sister? That's not the point when they ask me..."

Snow vegetables that pretend to be shocked by Winter Hua's reaction and cry to the Hong and Spring Vegetables, just to be truncated.

To that exchange, Mio strikes a chase.

"In the case of Mr. Snow Vegetables, I think that the lightness of the nori is also a cause that does not appear to be commensurate with the age"

"Of which......!

In a tough word of Mio, snow vegetables peeking at you with your chest down.

It's not Mio's word, but he's unconvinced by the word that he's my grandmother because he's doing this.

"Even this has recently come out with a gutter that I can't quite ignore, and I'm starting to feel sorry for my years...!

"Yes, yes, Snow Vegetables. We'll talk about that in vain later."


Snow vegetables that are tempered by heavenly sounds and quiet for now.

Communicating with your first-time grandson is important, but you can't even be playing much right now.

"So, Winter Wah. I say Ayase Tenyin, and I am a doctor. I'm here today to check if Winterfell can get out of this castle."


"Yeah. But don't worry, I'm not gonna give you an injection or anything like that today,"

Fuyuzuka, who hears and sits up with a doctor, relieves herself of the word that she will not do anything painful.

In fact, just because authorization has not yet been granted, the very means of performing all kinds of blood tests without taking blood is already practiced by Heavenly Sound.

Exactly. Vaccination and the like require injections in some things, but there is still no need for injections or infusions because blocking them with the power of the macro is not a problem for this time.

"Well, let's get this over with."

"Ha ~ i"


If you can't help it if you're doing it too well, the Heavenly Sounds will just move on to the exam.

After enough time, he had the results of the examination in his hand and had a difficult face with heavenly sounds.

"I wonder if Mr. Laurier has any problems. Because my body feels complete and stable as a slow-growing type of long-lived species. The problem is Fuyukawa, what is it..."

"I knew it. Getting it out there feels difficult?

"I don't have a problem with just putting it out, but I can't tell how the event of meeting my grandfather and the fact that my grandfather probably won't be able to live that long will affect me."


"To be honest, it's an impressive level that I've often been able to create a body so complete that I'm not properly aware of my powers, whether I'm Laurier or Winter Wah..."


Spring vegetables nodding with a difficult face to the problems Heavenly Sound has spoken of.

There, the hong, the snow vegetables, and Mio also raise their doubts.

"Outside, all the time, this time from England and Japan. There's quite a time difference, and you can read whether it affects you."

"Right. Besides your grandfather, there's a lot of blood to meet this time, and you're a little concerned about that."

"It's also a question of how to explain Fuyukawa to people who are not related to God."

Heavenly sounds that really begin to bother me about those questions that have emerged.

There, Laurier comes with her mouth.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm in favor of letting Winterfell out"

"I want to respect you because it's the closest Laurier's opinion, is there a clear reason?

"Yes, it's a simple story, though, and I just thought that if we miss this one, we won't have the chance to see the death of someone who Fuyuwa called bloodline and couldn't support, until decades away."

"... sure, maybe"

Heavenly Sound convinced by Laurier's opinion with a little thought.

In the first place, as long as we continue to put ourselves in the environment of this castle, the opportunity to touch a person's death is not in itself the first.

Whether you need to bother touching it at such a young age will be a matter of divergence of opinion, but if you miss this one, regardless of your blood ties, you will certainly not have the opportunity to be involved in a person's death for the time being.

"... yeah. It's what my great-grandfather wanted, and let's be prepared to take him out."

Hear Laurier's words and spring vegetables come to that conclusion.

"Let it go. Just when, if you think about the future of Fuyukawa, don't take me outside any day. Maybe that's what we're doing now."

At a time when Hiroshi agrees with the conclusions of Spring Vegetables, no one on this occasion will disagree.

"For now, Master, Sister Chun. If you're going back, you better take Elle and Alchem too."


"Auntie, what about immigration screening and all that relationship?

"For times like this, it's okay because we're adjusting to do something with ultra-legislative measures"

After receiving Mio's suggestion, I tell him that there is no problem with the heavenly noise to confirm spring vegetables.

It seems daunting to hear of ultra-legislative measures, but I am simply asking you to acquiesce in clandestine immigration

The reality is that it is permissible for any country to be less troublesome to acquiesce because of the small number of people and under the supervision of Heavenly Sounds, and the fact that the courtesy palace, royal gods, etc. are about the buck and are not always on Earth, rather than being overwhelmingly short on Earth.

"If we've decided to talk, let's get back to it. It's not good if your grandfather's capacity has changed dramatically."

"Right. I'll have Elle and Mr. Alchem come over here once."

Snow vegetables that had decided to keep their mouths shut to raise their daughter even though they had not been consulted made me think that the conversation had come together.

Take that, Spring Vegetables calls Aeris and Alchem.

"Ho, Winter Hua. We're all going out, but if you don't want to make a scene or make a scene about your grandfather's visit, it's a bad idea."


While Spring Vegetables are calling Aeris and Alchem, a macro to say so to Winter Hua.

Thus, all of us were to go to visit Changzo without secretly talking about Subaru, Winterfell's grandfather.