"... the daughter?

"Yeah. Our daughter Winterfell. Winterfell, say hello."

"Yes, it's a pleasure to meet you, East Winter China Air Roussia."

Encouraged by spring vegetables, Winter Hua introduces herself nervously while being watched by her own mothers as well as by heavenly sounds and snow vegetables.

To its adorable appearance, Changzo breaks up with each other.

About an hour after I woke up. Changzo, whose various treatments concerning his own fall came to a close, was finally serving face-to-face with his long-awaited grandson.

"How old is Winterfell now?

"Huh!? What, erm..."

Asked and naturally asked, Winter Hua panics in half.

From its special birth, Fuyuka's actual age deviates greatly from her appearance and mental age.

In addition, even at the mental age, it is definitely higher than the actual age, but the current environment has really grown snobbishly just for the environment.

Because Fuyuwa herself is aware of these things, she doesn't know how to answer them.

"I'm sorry, Son grandfather. It's a little hard to answer in the winter years."


"Yeah. Maybe I'll be three when I say it at my real age. I haven't felt that different from now since I was born, and it's become winter flower where we haven't seen it, so I don't know exactly..."

"... Well, based on the inheritance, it seems sometimes that they are gods in heaven..."

Spring vegetables that see a panicky, teary-eyed winter hua and so help the boat.

To such a strange explanation of spring vegetables, Changzo is somehow convinced.

Due to his working style and personal taste as a diplomat, Changzo is quite familiar with myths, heritage, religion, etc. around the world.

Some of them seem to recognize that it is not strange that Fuyukawa was such a messy being, as there is a tradition in the heavenly world that children are born just to smile and are about six years old from the time of their birth.

"But then I wonder just a little bit about what kind of life Fuyukawa has, and what it has to do with the women who refrain there."

"Eh. It's my mom over there. It's Mommy Aerys and Mommy Alchem."

"... I feel like I've heard something shocking, but I guess that's what the heavenly realm is about. Before the first time I lived in Winterfell, I think I'd better be introduced to those moms. Spring vegetables, can I introduce them all?

"Oh, yeah. Well, you will."

Changzo tells me to nod honestly, spring vegetables that focus on Honda.

Hiroshi, who had heard the conversation, walks up to the nearby area with a spring vegetable eye.

"First, this boy is Higashi Dong. Winterfell's father and my favorite. Unfortunately, there are so many circumstances that I haven't even let my lover hang out yet..."

"It's Donghong. I will always take great care of Spring Vegetables."

"Hmm. You're the East. Heavenly sounds and spring vegetables make me hear things. You don't have to be."

Introduced by Spring Vegetables, Hiroshi greets you without difficulty.

From the greetings of Hiroshi and the human attitudes around him, Changzo is somehow convinced to guess.

Needless to say, Changzo knows about Hiroshi and his approximate background, including past incidents.

The only thing I didn't know was about Fuyukawa and the fact that he became a god.

Because I had prior knowledge to that extent, I was interested in being involved in all those cases and being able to get along with Spring Vegetables and friends, but there seems to be a lot to be convinced of when I actually see the person.

"I have a few more things to talk about and say, but I think it would be better if you introduced me to your wife candidate first."

"Um, I can't argue with the facts, but when they say that, I look like a terrible dude..."

"Nothing, I didn't mean to..."

Changzo looks to Aeris, standing next to him, smiling bitterly at the macro who shows more and more attitude.

Being seen by Changzo, Aeris gets to know it's his turn next, and gets out one step ahead and does a cartesey.

"Together with Master Harna, we are running for fiancée of Touka's mother and Hiroshi, my name is Aeris"

"A princess of a country called Farlane in another world, we call her El."

"Excuse me for looking like this. I once went to Japan as an ambassador, my name is Changzo Ogawa."

"Don't be so sure that even though you're a princess, you don't have a lot of inheritance rights, and a country like Farlane doesn't have any influence here in the first place,"

Stunning Cartesy for her title as a princess and her elegant attitude. In that combination, Changzo becomes like when nature worships Her Majesty for the first time.

I can only tell Aeris that with a troubled grin on that Changzo attitude.

Spring vegetables, determined that the pushing question was likely to continue as it was, subtly push the alchem forward.

Alchem, pushed out by spring vegetables, walks in front of Changzo just because he understands it.

It should be noted that the characteristic elf ears are still exposed to Changzo's eyes, as Alchem is currently unmasking them.

"I'll see you first. My name is Alchem. Together with Harna and Aeris, we are running for fiancée to Touka's mother and Hiroshi."

"... a long life is something to live for. I didn't know I would meet a fairy tale I told my children and grandchildren, a race that would take me to that fairy home..."

Changzo receives Alchem's greeting and leaks it that way as if he somehow felt it.

After assuming office here as a resident ambassador, Changzo learned mythological traditions and fairy tales around the world, mainly in Europe, as a basic upbringing, and became more and more fascinated by such a fantastic world.

Sometimes when home consoles started to go out in the public, they were already fifty or so, and unfortunately it was only computer games that I wasn't familiar with, but I'm not hating them furiously.

Of course, I've read all the stories of the glasses boy wizard, Britain's leading fantasy work in recent years, and I'm sure I'll be watching the whole movie.

That's how he came across an elf that he could meet in the epitome of a fairy, even though it was completely different from what was told in the original legend.

One or two of the gratitude would be natural to do so.

For the record, what Changzo didn't like about computer games was that at the time the computer couldn't remember because of the cumbersome startup procedure (somehow, he touched it before the floppy disk appeared on the recording medium), and RPG said it was a home console, and the action game was frustrated without following through with reflective neurological problems.

I give up playing myself because that's why, but when snow vegetables are playing that I lived with Changzo as a kid, there's a good chance I'll be watching that playing screen on the side.

"Um, I'm a completely different species from this elf..."

"Oh, I'm sorry I seem to have pushed you into a casual emotion"

Alchem tells me that he seems uncomfortable and sorry for what he is so thrilled about.

Changzo apologizes in return to me for the words of Alchem.

Although Alchem has the impression he receives from the word fairy and a soggy fleshy figure, he nonetheless wears Alanwen's witch outfit today, which brings together a somewhat unrealistic and mysterious atmosphere.

Ascension has no such knowledge of the elves of the Faircro world. Changzo won't be able to help but fantasize.

"... hey, master..."

"... what?

"... it's not that Alchem is bad, but he seems like he's fooling something and he feels so guilty..."

"... let it go..."

Hiroshi unexpectedly agrees with the feeling that Mio leaked potpourri.

If you look at Alchem alone, it's not so much out of the image except for her shape and erotic trouble-inducing physique, but given the village of Ortem, where she comes from, the impression she made of Changzo would be the same as the scam.

"So your daughter is trying to surround herself with our son?

"To be exact, we're trying to surround the master."

Zhangzo, overlooking Hiroshi and Mio, who were hissing at such a thing, speaks out in an attitude that he is just not impressed with trying to surround even such a child.

Apparently, Mio argues directly from the front with the words of that award-winning zo that he decided this was the right place to be.

At this time, the back door opened and someone came in, but only three noticed about it: Hong, Spring Vegetables, and Heavenly Sound.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Mio Mizuhashi. Junior high under one of my deep snow sisters. As for Fuyuka, there are factors in it as much as you can say sisters. Even if it looks like this, it's the same age as El."

"... it's more surprising that His Highness Aerys was so young, but either way, Japanese law still doesn't allow that kind of relationship, does it?

"Not exactly. It is not forbidden to have a physical relationship that a minor who has not reached marriageable age is not allowed to have a relationship"

Mio objected head-on to Changzo's seemingly obnoxious and fruit-testing words, abandoning all the salutations that were in shape.

Where Changzo opens his mouth in an attempt to poke a general argument against that objection, Mio puts in a chase to tatami.

"In the first place, I can't take any approach to my master when I wait and behave until I'm old enough to get married and what a way. Conversely, if it's just Spring Sister, there's not enough guard against the master over here"

"And I think it's a different matter from this? Besides, isn't that enough for a lady as a guard?

"What I need as a guard is a godly relationship, not a human opponent. Mr. Changzo should know about his master's background. Thanks to Sister Chun, my master's symptoms got pretty good and I had a chance, but if you want me to be seen properly as a woman in that background, I can't tell you that I won't even approach you until the year I can get married"

Changzo decides to loosen his pursuit hand as to whether he has bullied too much into words that are also in the truths Mio has spoken pale.

Before he uttered his words of apology, Fuyuwa, with her cheeks swollen and an angry look on her face, eats and hangs in Changzo.

"Mio, don't bully your sister and dad!

"No, I'm not seriously going to bully you..."

"Hihihi grandfather, I hate you!

"Shh, sorry..."

Shocked and tazzy by the look and words of Winter Hua, who is genuinely angry with me.

Behind it, Hongda watches with a flashing look.

"Hey, Spring Vegetables..."

"Me too, I've never seen Winterfell angry before..."


Hiroshi agrees with the spring vegetables he mouthed ahead of what he wanted to say, and Aeris and Alchem also nod silently.

Winterfell, who honestly apologizes if his listening is scolded well, basically only shows that he is in a good mood to smile, even if he ever gets soggy.

At a time when I was too busy to resent my less facetious parents disqualified Higashi, I guess the truth was that as long as I was in God's Castle, I had no reason to be angry before.

All I can say around here is that Laurier's education, which we always live with, was good.

As a result, it would be a rather ironic story that Changzo, the first person to meet, became the first person to piss off his great-grandson.

"It's not like I'm serious, it's because I mean it for nothing."

Snow vegetables that I had withheld in my escort accidentally say that with cold eyes against Changzo, who is trying to get in the mood of a mundane and a grandson.

Changzo, who heard about it, sees the snow vegetables with a very pitiful face.

"You don't really resist talking about grandfathers and grandmothers, side rooms and concubines in the first place, do you? Anyway, I've been living in the back since I was usually rampant."

"... well, I guess not..."

"Then you can leave that to your father. Somebody's gonna say it anyway."

Changzo makes me look like Zuba by snow vegetables, um.

Actually, Changzo doesn't have that much of an aversion to the fact that the time of birth is only the time, and that a man surrounds more than one woman.

Hiroshi surrounds the spring vegetables, rather than being surrounded by the spring vegetables, but as a result, he just did something that was worrisome and disgusting.

"Let's leave Fuyuka at that, too. My grandfather didn't say anything just to be mean."


"Yeah. Even if Hihihi's grandfather didn't say it, maybe someone's saying the same thing, and I just wanted to make sure how seriously my dad and Mio sister were taking it."

Spring vegetables to watch the snow vegetables stab the nail and keep a follow up on Changzo for Winter Hua.

Most of all, I don't feel as happy with spring vegetables, even though I can't stand on my stomach as well as Winterfell.

At every end of the word, there will be no choice but to subtly soak up feelings around it.

"I don't know, we're having a good time."

There, an elegant old lady who was sneaking in earlier interrupts me with a nice smile in many ways.


"It was just fine, Grandma. How long have you been hearing this?

"Did you say Mio? From where she's being questioned by Changzo."

Swim so much that Changzo's eyes can see and understand Isabel's words, which he answered shaken by snow vegetables.

"In the meantime, introduce yourself. I'm Isabelle Creek. Let me be the wife of Changzo there."

"Ah, it's Donghong. I always take great care of Spring Vegetables"

"Together with Master Harna, we are running for fiancée of Touka's mother and Hiroshi, my name is Aeris"

"My name is Alchem. Together with Harna and Aeris, we are running for fiancée to Touka's mother and Hiroshi."

"Mio Mizuhashi, fifteen-year-old junior high school student. With Sister Chun and the Els, I'm trying my best to get my master to marry me. It feels like I'm close to my sister, not Winterfell's mother."

"I, East Winter Hua Air Lucia! She's the daughter of Hongdaddy and Spring Vegetable Moms, Aerys Moms, and Alchem Moms, and she's Mio's sister!

In keeping with Isabelle's elegant and relaxed introduction, Higashita also introduces herself.

When I hear Higashi introduce himself and one nod satisfactorily, I turn my gaze to Changzo and change my expression just to say I'm sorry.

"Hey, Changzo. Earlier words to Mio, which mouth are you talking about?

"Well, that's..."

"Me and Mio at the time you spoken to me, we're not that old apart, are we?

To Isabel's shocking remarks, Higashi unexpectedly stops moving.

Spring vegetables also didn't seem to have had a chance to listen to the stories around them, pointing a startling look at Changzo and Isabel.

Isabelle, who cared so much about the reaction of such children, keeps talking.

"My first encounter with Changzo was when I was still a Roteen. It's already spoken of passionately."

"Now and then, the times..."

"Based on that, can't we excuse that a good adult, who's also past his mid-twenties, has spoken at first sight to a child his age who hasn't even made his debut yet in the Middle Ages? And at the time, I felt like Mio's chest had been reduced to the edge of the wall."

Isabel cuts off the subtly ugly Changzo resistance just with a smile and facts.

Only Sonoma Spring Vegetables, Isabelle in her full season, had a really feminine wonderful proposition on the ups and downs that remained the image of a European and American woman, but in fact, it wasn't until after sixteen that she grew taller and her breasts swelled.

It was after the war that Changzo dictated Isabel, and even based on the differences of times and ethnicities, it's hard to defend it.

It should be noted that Changzo and Isabel were married only after Isabel was of marriageable age in Japan and England.

"Besides, Hiroshi seems like the type of person who doesn't have the nerve to say what's clear to the person he's being told, so you can also say he's safe the other way around. Unlike Changzo."

"Ugh, um..."

I know a lot of things, and to Isabelle, who secretly pressures me, Changzo becomes a tadzi.

Exactly, if we continue to be married for as much as eighty years in a few more years, it is something that is not just clean.

Perhaps Isabelle has a lot of dark things behind her that she can't even tell Changzo, but as far as the interaction between the two is concerned, it often seems that Changzo is significantly softer when deducted.

If you lay your age aside, it's a trend that you'll often see in the drama and cont of Showa, but unless the woman's position is also a fairly weak culture, maybe it doesn't really matter to the times and regions that men get worse minutes in these circumstances.

"... I don't know if you want me to help you, but I don't know what the hell, when you're going to attack a dead person with that kind of story..."

"It's not weird whenever it passes, so you have to say it right."

"Something, I'm sorry..."

That's what Isabelle says with a lonely smile somewhere to the honest sentiments of an uncomfortable looking macro.

A macro who sees that figure withdraws his feelings of rudeness.

It is a rude and wild story to say what a "child" like ourselves would say in the first place to couples who have taken many times more time when compared to the lives of even their own age and those of other members.

The same goes for the women around there, who can't find the words to say and shut up.

"So, Changzo. Anything to say?

"... a lot of things..."


Totally intercepted by Isabel, Changzo apologizes for his somewhat pungent attitude.

Isabelle nods somewhere satisfied with the way it is, turning her gaze toward Winterfell.

"Hiroka, forgive my grandfather."


"Hihihi's grandfather, too, because he's seriously reflecting"

"... yeah. I forgive you."

Isabelle asks me, and Winter Hua nods in the sense of not accepting.

Higashi is rather relieved of things such as Fuyuwa forgives.

"Glad we could just make up the shape..."


Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, who had noticed that Fuyuzuka was genuinely angry with Changzo for his sake, leak words of heartfelt relief at Isabelle's passing.

Isabelle leaks a small sigh when she hears it.

"Really, because Changzo says something extra..."

"But it's something you might be told in content. If I'm the same guy, I'm going to put it up on my shelf."

"Well, people are generous about themselves, so there's no choice. But other than which mouth to say, if you were going to say it, it had to be someone else, not Changzo. 'Cause it's not something I've ever felt in my skin about how tough the world is on delicate issues around it."

Isabel sighs in response to Hiroshi, who self-declared that he cannot speak of people either.

"In this year, you feel like the majority of what you're making noise about in society is more noisy than necessary, even though it's not a big deal. Though I may think so because I am the kind of person who has always lived as an upper class."

"In the days when Nong et al were married, they were not as loud as they were worldwide for harassment, including sexual harassment. When it comes to surrounding concubines, it's cold eyed to do too much, but it wasn't enough to be thoroughly sanctioned by the public after losing his job."

"Well, as far as sexual harassment is concerned, there's also a large part of it that was more focused on improving the status of women and advancing in society first."

"If we're going to be honest, I'm really glad that Noon wasn't on active duty when it comes to harassment, which is also about power harassment. Because I've yelled at countless of my men who ruined the national interests of Japan, England, and both sides with selfish deeds."

"I am glad, as I do every day, to have retreated to the position of the Honourable President without real rights,"

Two old men mourning the Chancellor that way.

Whether that story was too difficult, or too much information from the first meeting with Changzo to this point, Fuyuwa suddenly flies consciousness.

Take Winterfell's body into update mode, as usual, with Spring Vegetables being just a reflex nerve.

"I knew I was overflowing..."

"Mm-hmm. Honestly, it's a heavy story even for us, so I'd rather be surprised if Fuyuka had it this far"

"Right. We just can't keep up with Hiroshi and Harna's growth, and maybe Towka's body is stronger than we think."

"Uh, that's fine, but what do I do after this?

Spring vegetables saying that while watching Winter Hua held up by Spring Vegetables.

Heavenly Sound, which has so far remained completely silent because it is one way or another a Fujido family problem, opens its mouth for the first time to resolve this situation.

"I have arranged a room to keep Fuyuka asleep, or a room for all of you to stay in, so let's move over there first"

"Right. Your grandfather should probably get some rest."

"Hey. You're all going to be tired of traveling, and Changzo's just not going to wake up the next time he sleeps, so much so that he's not chopped up, is he?

"I can't say enough about age and circumstance to be absolute, but maybe I'll be fine enough to explain the relationship between Spring Vegetables and Winter Wah tomorrow"

"Then we'd better break up once and for all to calm each other's heads and feelings."

Snow vegetables agree to Heavenly Sound's proposal and conclude after Isabel checks the state of Changzo.

With everyone agreeing with that conclusion, the confusing explanation was carried over the next day.

Three days after Winter Hua and Changzo met each other. Changzo's hospital room.

"You're a little tired..."

"Hihihi grandfather, are you okay?


Changzo, who was awake in bed and enjoying chatting with Winter Hua, is hit by a sudden sense of weakness as the Hongda parents watch.

Fuyuzuka looks up worried that we are completely friends with him.

Changzo tries to raise his arm to stroke his worrying Yunhua's head, and stops on the way with the way that even it has been a hundred million robberies.

Keep your back neatly in bed and close your eyes with a calm look.

"... Hihihi grandfather?

Winter Hua speaks anxiously against Changzo, who immediately stopped moving with Picri after closing his eyes.

But no matter how much you speak, Changzo doesn't react in any way.

"... my dad, my mom, my Hihi grandfather..."

Until just a few minutes ago, Changzo was talking normally.

That seems to have caused Winterfell to feel something about him suddenly starting to fall asleep.

Once I looked up at the sky, I said to the macros I was watching behind me, "What do we do?" He turns to me.

"Isabelle and the professors don't call the doctors."


Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, who were looking up at the sky like Winter Hua, conclude so in a quiet voice.

"Have you traveled…"

"Yeah. It's good to make up with Winterfell..."

Spring vegetables that answer to Aeris' words, which I guessed a lot from the way the Horns were, somewhere relieved, and then seem lonely.

It is a natural dish, sometimes without any appearance of suffering, and I do not feel wonder and sadness.

but I still can't turn off the loneliness because my familiar blood ties have died.

"Mom, Dad. Hihihi grandfather, you went up in the sky, but you're coming back, aren't you?

"Touka, my grandfather, he gave his whole life. I'm not coming back."

How can Alchem say so clearly to the question that Fuyuzuka has raised from time to time?

The village of Ortem is filled with short-lived goblins.

For this reason, Alchem's death in the lifespan of an interchangeable opponent is more familiar to him than anyone else here.

"Mr. Changzo, he's already in the circle. Unless Sister Chun's physique is at work, Chanzo Ogawa has probably disappeared."

"... right. I don't know when or what I'll be reincarnated into, but my grandfather's only in the record and memory anymore."

I take Mio's words I said to make Winter Hua listen, and say so as Spring Vegetables supplement.

Some remnants of his heart seemed to have no remorse in his life, and Changzo's soul entered the circle of the circle with astonishing speed.

"... yeah. Let's be honest and rejoice that your grandfather didn't have the remainder of his heart to become a guardian spirit or a ground-bound spirit."

"Spring Vegetables and the professor's ancestors thought that they would normally have divinity or something, but didn't that just happen?"

"It wasn't surprising when I thought about my grandfather's achievements after the war or anything. It just didn't seem that far."

Spring vegetables that return that way in great seriousness to the purposeful light mouth of the Hong.

No matter how thick God's blood is drawn and who has made great achievements, that alone doesn't seem so divine.

In the first place, it is doubtful that deification and disengagement from the circle is such a happy thing.

"I couldn't tell my grandfather I was sorry..."

"If that was the time, you shouldn't worry because if you said it, Changzo wouldn't have passed away."

Unlike Changzo, who passed away with a lot of satisfaction, Fuyuwa regrets his words and actions.

Isabelle, who brings in Heavenly Sound and the staff of the medical team, listens to its winter hua crush and meets closely to deny the word.

It was Changzo who went out of his way to say things he didn't need to say in front of his children and pissed off Fuyuwa.

Hongda is still a legitimate anger when it comes to Yunhua, so apologizing about it would be different.

"Or did Fuyuwa say something after that that that would piss off or hurt Changzo?

"From what I've seen, that's not particularly true."

"Then there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. In the first place, Changzo traveled peacefully, didn't he?

"Yes, I'm a little tired, sleeping all the time, staying put..."

"Yes. You had a nice chat with your great-grandson, and you took a nap like that. Oh, my God, that was a lot of luxury and happy endings"

Listening to the Macro report, Isabelle says with sincere envy.

Meanwhile, Heavenly Sounds finishes confirmation and writes up a death certificate.

"At 15: 36, you are dying of acute heart failure."

Heavenly Sound tells you pale not to exchange personal feelings after checking the time with Spring Vegetables.

One nod to the announcement of Heavenly Sound, Isabel sitting down beside Changzo.

Fuyuwa, seated slightly beside it, lightly holds Changzo's hand.

Until earlier, my hand was gently stroking Winterfell's head at times. Winterfell teaches that the warmth still slightly lingers, that the time was not illusory, that rapidly disappearing body temperatures will never come that time again.

"... good night, Hii Hii grandfather"

Winter Hua crushes so lonely that she enters the update mode without being able to accept her emotions.

"... Winterfell asleep, too, and I was wondering if you and Changzo could leave me alone for a while"


Spring vegetables begged by Isabelle and nodded with Winterfell's hand away from Changzo's. Hold Winterfell as it is and leave quietly to stay out of Isabelle's way.

The spring vegetables were followed by Hongda, who missed Heavenly Sound and the Doctors leaving after finishing cleaning up, before Isabel quietly spent his last couple of hours.

"... In the end, your father and Fuyuka went wrong..."

"Until we travel by plane, we may not have enough time..."

"I didn't care how hard I tried on the schedule, but at least if I was in time for the night, I would have had some time to talk..."

"I didn't think Fuyuka would hold it until the bone was raised..."

Four nights after Changzo's death, the Fujido family's living room.

Spring vegetables returning from the burial finished their dinner and talked about that as they relaxed.

It should be noted that besides spring vegetables and hong, there are true harps and Mio on this occasion at present.

Brace members and snow vegetables, including Subaru, will be staying in England for some time before the memorial service of Changzo is over.

Even though he is Japanese, there will be a memorial service as a nationally led ceremony, so it is still well understood that Changzo is also the ancestor of the Heavenly Sounds.

"Well, in the first place, the difficulty of scheduling varies greatly between Snow Vegetables, whose concerts were dominated at times on the European side, and Subaru, whose TV shows and live shows in the country were dominated by a variety of filming overlaps..."

"Yeah. Rather, I was able to attend the funeral a lot, even though I was on my way."

"Sellers are tough."

Makoto, who had tea after meals with him, said he was stingy when he heard what was going on.

As Spring Vegetables put it, Subaru was absent overnight and arrived on the way to the funeral when the incense had begun.

We don't have time to introduce each other, although Fuyukawa and I are face-to-face due to timing issues, and when we casket out to the crematorium, we move away from the Fujido family in the same car as Isabel in Isabel's hope.

Seems to have received something at that time, Fuyuwa has skipped consciousness, so in the end we couldn't even introduce ourselves to each other, although it was our faces.

It should be noted that, as can be seen from previous stories, the burial of Changzo takes place in the Buddhist ceremony.

This is due to Isabel's hope.

As for what happened to the temple where the funeral was held, in fact, there were shrines and temples in the area where Changzo and Isabel lived, and this time the temple held the funeral.

Incidentally, this temple, shrine, and interested Isabel went out of their way to Japan to hear about Buddhism and Shinto and spread it locally as something worth incorporating into their lives.

Both are quite British customized, but many of us sympathized with the way in which we conduct religious events in a pale manner without moving to preaching, or when we do poorly, the number of believers, sandalwood houses and sons is higher than the average Japanese temple or shrine.

The interesting thing would be that the shrine determines the position of your divine body and shrine based on the fairy Tan, which is told locally, and believes in the protagonist of that fairy Tan as a pillar of God, and that the current shrine is a local figure who has gone out of his way to Japan to qualify as a shrine.

It is the end of an infected relaxation in various ways specific to Shinto, or championing faith in peace with the Church of England and Buddhism in the area where Changzo and Isabel live, or with this shrine.

"So, Elle and Alchem left in person?

"Mm-hmm. It's time to start prepping for winter divinity, apparently"

"Is Winterfell still asleep?

"Mm-hmm. No sign of waking up at all"

Mio answers all of Zhenqin's questions.

It was yesterday that the funeral was over, so it's been a long time since I've slept.

"Are you okay? It's usual to go into update mode, but this time things are different than usual, right?

"I won't wake up, it doesn't mean. It's just a weird way to put it, but this time it's a massive update, so it seems like it's going to fall over and over after a few days."

"After a massive apde, emergency maintenance comes in many times because it promises anything..."

"Yeah. It's a lot worse to say on top of weird, but it just feels like it is"

True harp convinces me to bring up a common story even though it is a nettle OS to explain the spring vegetable about the situation in Winter Hua.

In fact, the problem, from large to small to domestic rules, is that if you change the system dramatically, even if it is necessary, there will be a large number of defects and it will take time to adjust.

"If we don't get him around here for a while now and make him more familiar with the changes in the environment, we won't be able to do anything about school or anything."

"Mm-hmm. I can take you out of God's castle, but for the time being, day trips are the limit"

"I don't know. Well, even if it starts to fall off for a week or so, there are a lot of problems in terms of medical examinations and stuff like that when it comes to school, so I guess it's tough."

"That's right. Fuyuka's life in Japan is quite a hurdle..."

Spring vegetables inadvertently sigh at the status quo because they have made more progress than before.

Sometimes DNA testing was just so chaotic, it just didn't feel like we could bring him to Earth.

"Wouldn't it be nice to see how things are around there until Mio grows up? I don't think it's going to be that much different physically than it is now."

"Right. This time, though, it got me thinking a lot more than just Winter Hua..."

"Mm-hmm. I've been married for over seventy years, and I don't know what that means, but I'm going to take care of someone I know..."

"Seya...... Well, as for us, unless it's an accident or something, maybe we shouldn't look at it until Mr. Subaru or our parents have a full life."

to the words of the Macho, together with a nod that would well be so.

Hiroshi's parents are just about halfway between Subaru and Snow Vegetables and are on the fiftieth road this year.

That Subaru will fold back fifty ways next year, so in turn it is normal for one of them to be first.

It should be noted that Snow Vegetables is forty-four years old this year, but no one thinks they are ahead of Subaru or Hiroshi's parents because they have no image of eighty or there passing away in the first place, on the contrary, they are the type who live as long as Changzo.

Mio's parents are only in their thirties, so that would still be a long way off.

"It's more immediate than that, so I'm sure. What's the situation with Mio's exams?

"I think I'll pass the recommendation entrance exam, so maybe I'll be fine"

"Yes. Well, don't be alarmed."


Asked by the true harp, Mio nods with a true face.

but even though it has recently decreased, it is Mio who does not end up with a serious story as it is.

"Make sure you pass, and then do your best to make sure your master is willing to encourage offspring to prosper for our parents"

"I don't want to do that in high school!


Saying that like you promised, Mio leaks a frog-like voice that was crushed by eating all the harrison he could.

Spring vegetables watching it makes me laugh bitterly as I think about it in the corner of my head that this exchange may be surprisingly long.

"Well, for now, let's not panic until Mio's alcohol ban is lifted."

"I don't know, that's about it. If you're afraid of public power, get your hands on Mio."

"Master, is that just a sexual meaning?

"No, I have a slight feeling even at the handshake level..."


Mio, who was made to no avail for the only reason he could be convinced by the macro, and unexpectedly.

In fact, the story of a woman in her twenties, who looks young like herself, walking hand-in-hand with a couple and getting the job quality, is rolling a lot online.

If you're an adult, you can do something about it when you show your license, but you're more likely not to go through with anything you say that you're still about a high school student.

"Well, that's it. No matter how big your boobs are, you can't do it badly during illegal lollies."

"... if you can't be tall, at least I want a face that doesn't look like Lori even in this physique..."

Mio groaned with a look that seemed to shed blood tears, beautifully dropped on the true harp.

"I don't care about Mio, I think it's about time I decided to be ready..."

Seems like I had a lot on my mind about this one, and Hiroshi, who has been in a bad mood before, finally says that.

The last period of Changzo, which in various ways became one of the major turning points of Hongda, was thus slowly digested in the same interaction as usual on the surface.