"I'm sorry about that..."

"I didn't really get used to it either, or I was feeling like I couldn't, so never mind"

After nine o'clock on December 25, the usual field.

Spring vegetables that apologize for seemingly apologetic horns while harvesting radishes and carrots, while seemingly just as sorry.

Last night I met Mio's request and dared to use Kone from the Thanksgiving Palace relationship to make a romantic Christmas dinner, but the results weren't very fragrant.

It should be noted that Mio is already on winter break today, as Tiomi Elementary and Secondary School is closed yesterday.

"Luxurious meals, I've had the same thing many times if only, but yesterday somehow it got too much..."

Aeris like that with a distant eye while dropping the mud on the radishes and carrots that we plan to ship out of what we harvest.

Yesterday, Aeris thought strangely adult things about the atmosphere without being in the pattern, making her very suspicious of behavior.

"In the meantime, it was too early for us in many ways..."

"Right ~..."

Mio and Alchem sum up like that in a sigh, remembering what Christmas dinner was all about.

The romantic Christmas dinner realized at Mio's request ended with a guddling development, mainly due to the hectic state of the macro.

Most importantly, even if the main cause is the Macro, it is also cruel to blame the Macro because the women are probably doing something unscrupulous after they become suspicious about their behavior.

"Honestly, you watched sweetly the power of the word Christmas in Japan and the romantic performances of first-rate hotels..."

"Mm-hmm. It was an even bigger failure to stay in the room where I was held hostage by Future and Snow Vegetables. Event Hall of Fame is not Dade."

"Mio, that kind of direct expression is a bit..."

"What we tried to do with our blood is like blah blah..."

Spring vegetables that can't deny Mio's words and accidentally get gaggy.

As you can see from Mio's line, this Christmas dinner was not only served for dinner, but even for one night in the suite where the atmosphere was created.

Needless to say, it is a bad ride of snow vegetables and the future that I have heard the request.

It should be noted that bad rides extend not only to rooms, but also to creating an environment where bringing in multiple women, including the content of the dinner and obvious juvenile law subjects, is not considered a problem, and where you don't get arrested for walking on public roads rather than nasty, but usually you can afford to and make dresses of that kind that you care about.

At this time, Mio's dress secretly became the most erotic design, but this can be part of creating an environment where Hiroshi would not be seen as a problem if he brought Mio to such a situation dinner.

It has succeeded in a way in itself, but rather it has caused a catastrophe in which the macro freaked out because it had been too successful, pulling it into the corner of the bedroom despite not having any symptoms of female phobia or anything.

At the moment it's a lot of danger to at least bed in with Mio, so I can't even say I was helped by the reaction of a macro, depending on what I think.

I don't, but it's too much ruined and too much damage for everyone, including the Macro himself.

In fact, the main reason is that parents' bad rides range from designing clothes to booking suites, and that they don't let middle school students leave late at night either when it comes to booking rooms.

As far as dinner and room performances are concerned, this is the only place the hotel can be arbitrary.

"With that said, I found out that Christmas is a hall of events like that, but there's more?

Spring vegetables that I had in mind with a mummy look make me Mio such a question when I realized.

Mio, who was questioned, begins to explain to other women who are oblivious to this kind of thing.

"The other Hall of Fame classes have a White Day on Valentine's Day, the first time you go to your boyfriend's or her house to visit, you get your first night or something"

"Either it's all impossible or it's over."

"Mm-hmm. Speaking of which, if it's just the two of us, I can't help but stay for the first time"

"I can't do that either..."

"Neither should Sister Chun be alone in the same room"

"Ahhh, maybe it does"

Spring vegetables pointed out by Mio and convinced if you ask me.

Needless to say, Mio's knowledge of that hand is very biased in the center of eroticism, and he exaggerates for it because of his spring vegetable counterpart.

The events Mio raised may indeed be hallowed in the sense that it is easy to use as an excuse, but the truth is that there are not so many things in the stream of first experiences at Christmas and Valentines, even erotic of romantic things.

The biggest reason is that the season on stage is not necessarily Christmas or Valentine's season, but even if the stage is the event season in that hand, there can be a lot of feeling flow as a percentage, such as moments when you succeed in confessing and gain momentum in both thoughts and on several dates.

Whether it is pornographic, or even pornographic, will be where opinions diverge, but reality will be extrapolated and intelligible, considering that it feels like that in exaggerated creations.

"Um, Mr. Harna, Mr. Mio. How about we talk about that in the middle of reflecting on being too unscrupulous..."

"Yes, but I'd rather not repeat the same thing, let's hold back on the common situations,"

"Hey, Spring Vegetables. You don't think you can say it yourself?

"Yeah, pretty much..."

Spring vegetables plunged into a macro and admitted honestly while turning their faces bright red and distracting their gaze.

It's not even a hundred percent excuse, but when people ask me some percent of the true meaning of not repeating the same thing, I'm conscious that it's going to be a very heartless number.

"Hey, Master. Sister Chun's is a lousy excuse, but if you don't actually pay some attention to the problem and grasp it, you'll definitely repeat the same tragedy first"

"I'm so sorry..."

"It's not my master's fault."

Mio says that he can't deny his role.

Pale Mio follows the gaggling macro in his words.

Originally, we are all agreed that it is absolutely out to get our hands on Mio and Aeris at the moment in order to avoid various risks, not just legal ones.

It sucks at a point when you forget that and you're about to cross the line, so you have to keep track of the possibilities regardless of whether a tragedy happens or not.

"So, I'd like to put aside what I can't help thinking about right now, my New Year's Eve plans, and check again"

"Let it go. All the time, the end of the year is a big deal."

"Right. Is that enough to make it look like a light annual party at best?

"Come and say hello over here at the beginning of the year. And it feels like if something happens to Elle that makes up his mind, he makes up his mind."

"Yes. Even so, the truth is that it's not so much about formally discussing and deciding"

Mio gives a decent look to Aeris' supplement, which received the words of the Macho.


"Yes, to the extent that, at best, you keep a formal written exchange as your fiancée so that you can't lay in from unrelated other countries"

"Are you okay to that extent?

"We leave our covenant with God as a form, so it's not just in writing. The task is simply to sign a piece of paper with the facts of the engagement, but it is a contract carried out in the presence of the gods, including Master Alfemina. If you lay down without any reason to be considered legitimate, you will naturally be subject to divine punishment."

"Master Alfemina is too beefy..."

Mio groans in an unintentionally dry voice when he hears about being there on purpose.

Even if I can't say anything about power relations, I honestly pull back on the fact that I'm trying to get my witch to marry me by doing so, as opposed to Hiroshi, who is also a good place to be downgraded in my background.

"After that, there's a bar mitzvah."

"Oh, I wish I had."

"As of the bar mitzvah, we haven't had alcohol or the right to vote, so we can't have alcohol at the banquet for the mitzvah celebration."

"Regardless of the election, booze feels somewhat silent."

"It's not a very good thing, but that's what you tend to do,"

"Underage drinking is like a crime of paternity."

On the subject of mitzvahs, spring vegetables and hong suddenly talk about drinking for some reason.

Mio, who was listening to that, quickly enters the orbital modification.

"Hey, Spring Sister. I'm concerned about what kind of clothes to wear at the bar mitzvah rather than drinking until April anyway. Shaker after all?"

"I wasn't thinking in particular, maybe a suit?

"Kimonos are quite tricky to wear..."

"Yeah. I can't do it myself, but given the hassle ~"

Spring vegetables shaken by Mio to be honest with you where you think.

Furthermore, in the case of spring vegetables, it takes a lot of ingenuity to dress your kimono to look good, because the look is European and American in appearance and shape no matter where you look from, which is why you can't be aggressive about shakers somehow.

It should be noted that some of them are also common to Mio in that it takes ingenuity to dress them.

"Sister Chun. Hatsumomo is wearing regular clothes?

"Yeah. Every year, and we're going to go to the divine realm,"

"I'm not going to change into a kamikaze anyway, so I can't believe it's clothes when I'm wearing them."

Spring vegetables and hong answers Mio's questions like that without a body or lid.

That unmotivated attitude speaks eloquently about the feelings of the two of us when we go to the divine world.

"All the time or in the first place, the God himself who participates, a good percentage of them do naked or chimera fully open or do something that's hard to name, so I don't care about the outfit. Yeah, actually"

"Right ~... I mean, it feels pretty stupid to go dressed properly to attend that banquet..."


Blurry hong and spring vegetables in a fed up manner, remembering the sight shown at the New Year's Eve party of the divine world, where respect and faith hearts are rooted.

Since each comes from a different civilized area, there is no way that standards of conduct can be different.

but it's not a hoarding thing because all alignment and drinking without pushing the limits makes you act like you're drunk.

It is also convincing that many religions have the commandment against drinking, because bad behavior when even the gods get sick is common beyond the differences in civilization.

"I could still get it missed last year, but this year I got tangled up even though it's a real pain in the ass..."

"That made me a lot sweeter and more amazing control..."

"Spring Vegetables' causal and rhythmic constitution also has a huge influence on mood and physical condition."

A lot happened at last year's New Year's Eve party, funny but not funny kind of happenings. Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables that keep fooling around with dead eyes, remembering them.

If you were drunk enough to force me to drink, there were still many gods in there who pretended to be drunk, pretending to be drunk, and trying to get the gods to do strange things that ignored the physical structure that only the gods could do.

It is undoubtedly the physique of the spring vegetables that has been rampant as the majority of them have been caught up in successive happenings that have occurred in a stream that they do not know why, and the attempt to impose has ended up coming down on them.

The most courteous and commonsense of all the gods present in the venue, the gods of the unnameable appearance from outer space, who quietly continued to interact without my involvement in the tragedy, are stories that cannot be saved in many ways.

"New Year's Eve party, if you think about it, it's next week..."

"Somehow I don't want to participate, I can't do it all the time..."

I hate to participate too much, and I keep talking about that with Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables.

In the end, it was the content of this day's harvest that led to the completion of the work with subtle air from beginning to end.

"Ouch, ooh, ooh"

And New Year's Eve that year. The kitchen of the Fujido family.

Spring vegetables were in a strange mood to cook even though it's the first New Year's Eve party tomorrow.

"Hey, spring vegetables. Why are you in such a good mood?

Makoto, who was also helping by studying cooking, asks why he was in such a good mood.

It should be noted that Hiroshi is hitting the soba noodles with Mio and has not participated in this conversation.

"Me and Hiroshi, I don't have to face tomorrow's New Year's Eve party."

"Huh? Why is that again?

"I hear we've had a lot of bad luck at this year's New Year's Eve."

"Oh, I see. So, some irrelevant gods worked on it?

"Yeah. I can't help but care because it's not something I can control, but it seems like it was unfortunate on a mythological basis when it got really bad."

"Well, it's no surprise we talked about not letting you join us."


True harp that I feel smudged that the world of the gods is hard too while I listen to and convince myself of the circumstances.

Regarding this time, even if God, who intertwined in a bad way, was the worst, a new God appeared who also had the power of causal disruption in the form of an uncontrollable "constitution".

I want to feel sincere sympathy, thinking that I would probably have had a great deal of difficulty at the end of the day.

"Well, instead, I'll have to attend a party that feels like a sorority next time only each mythical goddess gets together"

"Heh. I don't know, that's drooling and hey..."

"When it's polytheistic, all myths are pretty damp with each other."

Spring vegetables I agree bitterly with Zhenqin's honest thoughts.

Especially Greek mythology and the like are blatant around it regardless of the goddess, but whether it's Japanese mythology or Nordic or Indian mythology, polytheistic mythology has a bunch of episodes rolling with shady fights for humane, crappy reasons.

This is even the case internally, so I can't predict what I will do when it comes to external interactions.

"So, when's that sorority?

"Sure it was the end of January? So, before we do that, we're going to have a meeting with Heavenly Great God and Benten at Aunt Tianyin's mediation, and then we're going to have a meeting with two more goddesses."

"Sounds pretty big."

"Well, it seems more about teaching New America a lot of implicit rules, manners, and the landmines of each myth that you shouldn't touch than what kind of stories you talk about at a tea party when you say a meeting, rather you don't know the right or the left."

"Oh, that's important..."

To explain spring vegetables, a true harp nods with a serious look.

Serious conflict occurs largely as a result of underestimating such things.

Moreover, in the case of Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, it has been established that they will become the main gods of new myths, and sooner or later they will have to have diplomacy with the main gods of each myth and with the gods of other worlds outside the Faircro world.

Someone has to educate him around it, but the instructor is a special frame, and his surroundings are troubled when imitated.

It is the general thrust of the gods on earth that we should never involve instructors in this matter, because the particular trouble is that if we want to do it together, we can do it.

Therefore, the mythological system is the source of both the Hiroshi and the Chinese vegetables, and all Japanese mythology who live in the same place and have a protected area will be educated around it.

The point is that the Great God of Heavenly Photography was drawn to the poverty lottery.

"Don't Hong have a tea party or a meeting in that hand?

"He said it was currently being adjusted. In the first place, it seems like the birth of the Creator God itself has been like that for tens of thousands of years, and it seems like it's secretly the first case that he's already started creating a new world, so he's pretty good at what he does with public treatment."

"You have a lot of hard stories to talk about."

"Looks like it. Well, he just deified and said he wasn't going to ask for a lot of things that far into a new America that was still single-digit years old."

"You guys are in trouble, but other gods are in a lot of trouble..."

Makoto leaks his smudges and such sentiments while making red and white seeds to the story of spring vegetables while making itama rolls in parallel with black beans.

Perhaps, but the quote that was flown to another world and deified into the class of the Lord God, the fact that he came all the way back to Earth as a human being, is in itself unprecedented.

"The fact that the girls' party is the end of January means the meeting is about the beginning of the year?

"I wonder if it's that fast. The Sangui gods are busy with New Year's Eve."

"Oh, you're right."

"So, with those legs that were early and after the bar mitzvah, we're talking."

"Seems like you can afford it. It's a rushed schedule."

"It's not bad in that it's just one time to dress like a bartender because you're dressed for a bar mitzvah."


A true harp that drains sweet potatoes that I was exposed to water while I was convinced that there was some way of thinking about spring vegetables that I would answer that way as I rolled Ita rolls handily.

After this, simmer with the beak fruit and cook it into chestnut chives.

It should be noted that, needless to say, all the dishes we are making now, the ingredients other than eggs and chestnuts, were taken in the field of spring vegetables.

"Ah, Mr. Makoto. When you're done with Chestnut Kin, why don't you make some chicken rolls?

"Yadanori rolls are the ones that do roll things like carrots, right? Isn't that hard?"

"Not so much. I have a few tricks and ideas on how to open it, basically because once I roll the vegetables in chicken and tie them up with an octopus string and just cook them as they go"

"What's going on?

"Is our recipe about soaking chicken in a sauce before sprinkling the vegetables, or about boiling the vegetables down and keeping them on fire? I did the chicken marinade last night, so all I have to do is boil the vegetables and roll them up."

"Something tells me I'll do it..."

"Isn't that good enough? It's us who eat anyway."

"No, that's just me and I don't know if that's a bit..."

"I've been through everything."

For the first time, you can accidentally pull your back on a dish you've done.

Such a true harp is relentlessly driven by spring vegetables.

After that, after prototyping only one bottle because it would be made in large quantities for Mio anyway, it was a true harp that would make a clever mistake in a sense of splitting only half of it when it was cut, and it would be greatly dented.

"It's the end of the year."

Dining at the Fujido family on New Year's Eve.

Hiroshi, who was watching a state-broadcast song show as she rinsed her soba noodles over the year, puffs and crushes about that when she sees Snow Vegetables come out as the show's big tri.

It should be noted that there are currently four people in the dining room: Makoto, Mio, Tatsuya and Shiori, in addition to Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables.

Since she is currently asleep, she is attached to the next room.

I plan to take turns when Shiori finishes eating buckwheat.

For the record, Deep Snow is currently watching the snow vegetable stage locally at the behest of a friend who made it at Tiomi High School.

"There was a lot going on this year, but it might have felt quiet to say one way or the other?


Spring vegetables that were stir-fried and smoked dashi will sum up the year after swallowing what's in your mouth.

With a nod to it, when you look at the snow vegetable stage, you see the horse without.

Every year, the Snow Vegetable stage is very simple compared to those of other singers on the same show.

For this reason, you will hear the song undeniably.

"I don't know, I feel like this year's red group was somewhat small overall, except for your mother."

"Right. Well, the red team is about double the number of people in the white group, because the veterans are missing. There's no choice, is there?

"Mm-hmm. For a red pair, it's also big that unlike last year, there's no group of people in an idle game"

"It's tough to fill all six of the polling slots with just a deceptive idol in the number of people, even though it's an audience vote."

"It was pathetic that the singer-frame kids we talked about felt somewhat atrophied ~"

"Whatever it is, it's terrible to bump into the big house of opera or stick a set system or a flashy Kinkira stage system back and forth."

Spring Vegetables just finished their snow vegetable song and say whatever you like about the whole show.

It is also, in a sense, New Year's Eve's Eve festivities that amateur critics around here speak voluntarily of.

This song show, which is more transparent in its operations and selection criteria than it is temporarily, survives with quite a few views, as the face of New Year's Eve, even though it is somehow.

It should be noted that it is better to decide the grand prize on the same song show, which has disappeared naturally at some point about ten years ago.

With regard to this, it is said that the situation has been going on for quite some time that when snow vegetables give out new songs, the top sellers are taken to that song, and if more than one is served, the songs are arranged in the order in which they were served, which is the biggest cause of how they can no longer pluck the feeling of letting them do it.

I had tried to deal with snow vegetables in my hall, but then other songs were often eaten by snow vegetables and had no presence unless some singers, such as Brace, put out new songs for me in the first half of the year.

The biggest cause of this is handshake tickets to secure sales because you can't win from the front, so I ran to the fishing business method, and all I can say is that it was self-destructive of an industry that didn't try to break the situation with plain drilling.

Two shows that had a lot of similar scandals, but let's just say they split up beautifully light and dark.

"Even so, there's no peace this New Year's Eve"

"If you ask me, nothing really happened at the end of this year except we blew ourselves up at Christmas."

"Even if I live normally, I tend to have some trouble with New Year's Eve. It's rare to be so relaxed."

"Yeah, yeah. Even if there's nothing to it, it's a bummer about homecoming and parents and relatives coming."

"All the time, in our case, I'm willing to take off with my normal life."

"Mm-hmm. Especially Master and Sister Chun, it seemed hard to say that it was normal"

Mio pointed me out, and I nodded with a sinister face, Macho.

There's no normal reason at a time when I'm becoming a god in the first place, but based on that, I don't feel too relentless last year and last year.

"I don't know, when I thought about it, at the end of last year, I felt very peaceful with only one Mr. Makoto."

"What is it about?

Makoto is pointed out to me by a macro and unwittingly looks away and shimmers.

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables were busily killed by Kazuki and his wife, whose daughter was born and flustered with papers on various inventions, Mio, who continued to be even dressed as a change doll in the future as an exclusive model, and everyone except True Harp, who was busy getting old in some way.

In the meantime, Zhenqin had no particular errands such as this, especially relaxing New Year's Eve without drawing comics.

Regardless, I didn't do anything at all, and I was doing everything I could to help other members, including taking care of Jinqin, but I wasn't particularly hands-on due to the unique circumstances of Jinqin.

"Sister Makoto, do you want an impromptu meeting or something?

"I'm just getting used to that pace right now. It's just a little too dull to draw twice in summer and winter in a satisfactory quality while doing something else."

"I don't know what to say about that, but at what level is the convincing quality of Sister True Qin?

"Hmm, it's not enough to say how thin a book is, so I'd like to be a guy with at least forty-eight pages and more decent content than I was painting over there. If you want to talk about greed, I'd like to have 18 bans for visitors and 96 pages of my life for the public."

"Hey, Sister Jin Qin. How can you sell an original without the production of a circle that's not even a wall, so thick?

"Well, it won't sell."

To Mio's harsh penetration, Makoto admits so lightly.

Prior to the thickness of the book, competing in the first place with an original for the general public was itself the way to go.

The danger of that path is not something that can be overcome to a slightly higher degree of quality.

On the contrary, if you participate as an island circle, even cartoonists with a popular work that has been loved for generations are on such a tough journey that the worse they do, the harder they can be.

Sometimes I know all about that area in my past experience, and I'm not optimistic about any of the true harps.

"You know you can't sell him?

"Fortunately, I don't have a problem with money. I'll cut it off as a down-load training and try my best to do a few things while improving quality. That's basically the entertainment industry in this hand, isn't it?


"And then I'm with you guys over there, and you know what I'm going to make."


"That there are limits to doing anything with just taste. After all, it's important that you do the trick for the down-loading training."

Unexpectedly nodding with a true face to the true meaning of the genuine harp that smudged and leaked with sighs.

Hiroshi, spring vegetables, and Mio nod as their own experiences, but from Tatsuya, Makoto, and Shiori, I feel that in one way or another with the progress of the fam's.

"So well, if it leads to results early on, you'd better, but you're not really in a hurry to be motivated."

"Right. Isn't that what Makoto-san would do?

"Well, if you don't seem to bud much, I'll give it up and get you to work in Conne for the most part."

"Yeah. Let me ask you more and more then."

Spring vegetables that tell Makoto that openly and truly.

I'm putting it this way, but the truth is that Jinqin doesn't feel ashamed to get a job in Conne apart, she simply has the feeling that relying on it all is too warm and pitiful.

Anyway, even though the development and diffusion of the internet has made it much easier than it used to be, it's quite difficult to ask for and receive it without a connection between illustration and design work.

The psychological hurdles are somewhat high, especially when ordered by ordinary people, individual companies, etc., and the first time is often hard to step out without connections.

In the first place, no matter what type of industry, getting a job in Conne is not a bad thing if an order is placed at a fair price and contract details, but both sides will have trouble, especially if industries where this type of talent is valued are denied as bad an order in Conne.

"So, Sister Zhenqin. I know exactly what you're doing around here, but what are you thinking about getting back on track?

"For once, I've only signed up for next summer. For a normal personal circle like mine, it's the biggest gateway."

"I hear that a lot"

Mio nods somewhat with the colour he yearns for in his eyes against a true harp who says such things with a great deal of brown eyes.

It is an impromptu meeting that can be considered a classic in comics and cartoons, but unfortunately I should say or deserve to say, Mio has never participated.

Because of this, Mio has a strange fantasy and appreciation for peer magazine impromptu meetings, which are also especially for circle participation.

Since we are now a healthy body that transcends the realm of man, there is no barrier other than age (or more precisely parental permission), at least for participating as a general customer, but I have never thought about whether that resurrection would pull my leg or I would still participate.

"Oh, yeah. Hey, Mio. You're in high school next year, too, and if the application goes through, can I get a seller's help?

"What, I'm in a circle?

"Don't you like it?

"I don't like it, I can do some costume design, because the story and your creative talents are devastating..."

"No, it doesn't have anything to do with the seller's talent."

"But me, I've basically only been able to dis myself all I want with my eyes from above, so it's blasphemy against circle participation and impromptu meetings..."

"I don't know what to say, but there are as many people out there who are helping sellers while making an inner fool out of themselves because they can pay for a part-time job. The impromptu meeting certainly has a strong aspect as a place to interact, but no kid in the circle thinks that much more deeply that he's a participant just with the help of a seller or something."

True harp thrust so unexpectedly into Mio, who exaggerated in such a contemplative way.

It would be impossible, in fact, for all participants on the Circle side to participate with such a noble consciousness in an event where the number of participants would be combined to reach hundreds of thousands in the extension of the period.

Regardless of Mio, the organizer said, etc., but even the circle organizer who only sees impromptu meetings as a money-making place and peer magazines as a money-making tool knows how many true harps.

The strange thing about Mio is that the serious and innocent thing is honorable and I want you to stay there, but ultimately it's just a massive sales event, so I want you to take part in the True Harp magazine impromptu as easy as possible.

"Well, why don't we just get elected next year? Even if we talk now, it's just for calculation."


Mio nods honestly to True Harp's words.

It should be noted that it will be winter two years after Zhenqin wins the comic book, whether it is due to these flagged words, or whether Mio's physical state of spring vegetables has been degraded to his feelings, and Mio's circle participation will be a flowing feather due to various circumstances, but naturally no one has any reason to know at this time.

"No, I went through the results while we were talking about the mess, but which one of us won the singing battle?

The singing battle was over sometime while I was obsessed with stories that didn't matter. As now, Tatsuya cares about the results.

"Come on? I only watched your mother rush to hack for the countdown concert properly, too."

"Hey, Spring Sister. I think it's a good place to bring someone to the Big Tri who does countdown live every year..."

"This year is the closest venue to the hall, and since we're shortening travel times at the new gates of cooperation between Aunt Tianyin and Hong-kun, I'm a little frightened, but I don't know what I can do."

"What's the new gate?

"I can't do it very publicly, but if there's no obstacle on the move, I don't have to leave an exit to open the gate. However, even if I work hard, I can only travel from the singing venue to the dome or so."

"Sister Chun, is that..."

"Yeah. We still have plenty of problems, but everyone's dream item - what a guy everywhere. Well, it's still Prototype II, so I haven't been able to get out of the feeling of prototyping for prototyping."

Together with the words of spring vegetables, I accidentally glance back and forth to the faces of Hong and spring vegetables with a slight face.

Nothing but dangerous things, such as being free to warp if there are no obstacles to travel to.

"No, well, I thought you'd make it sooner or later, at this time? Or, more importantly, with a macro? You know, there's so many things I want to get into..."

"Rather, there's only one way to get into it ~"

Shiori agrees with the blur of the true harp.

Tatsuya, whose job it is to go all the way into at times like this, is completely overflow and silent.

Because of so many leaps in content, the pursuit of whether to use such a hunk of confidentiality for a singer's concert is completely zero out of consciousness.

"Well, if you get screwed, there was a terrorist attack in America last month, right?

"... oh. Pretty important facility over there was raided, wasn't it? We don't really talk about it in Japan because there was no human damage..."

"He got one puke in kind with that, and it feels like a lot of spills into a shitty place. It's safer for us to get ahead of ourselves and make practical decisions."

"... that's why..."

Tatsuya with an unexpected head for what Hiroshi rattled out.

It is not an easy technology to handle to the extent that it has been defrauded, and since it has been remotely exploded at the time of discovery that it was stolen, there is still a lot of information that will be revealed if you take the actual item even to the extent of fragmentation.

Even with published papers and perfect products at hand in the first place, building a test machine alone is a substitute for the need for basic research for half a century, but it is still too potent weather to have any measures.

If possible, it is natural to develop and announce new technologies and run to restraint.

"Hey, Hong, spring vegetables. I thought..."

"Yeah. Peaceful is subtle, or actually not..."

"Well, as of now, the peace is calm, because it's more of a story to come down here."

Spring vegetables and hong who say that all the time against Makoto for trying to get into it with his jito eyes.

So, I hear a night out bell from the TV.

To its sound, Makoto becomes unintentionally silent.

The other members, for now, apparently decided to shut up until the bell was over, and somehow they all extended their spines to hear the bell.

"You're getting old."

"Open up, bitch."

"Yeah, congratulations"

Spring vegetables and hong, who confirmed that the overnight bell was over and the date had changed, greet the New Year as if nothing had happened.

"Mmm, open up."

"I don't even feel like I've been deluded, but congratulations"

"" Congratulations ""

At a time when Mio was on Spring Vegetables and Hong, Makoto gives up and switches to New Year's Greeting Mode.

Mr. and Mrs. Kazuki greet themselves as they bitterly laugh at the feeling of such a true harp.

"Maybe there's a lot going on this year, but this year is also a year, thank you."

"In the meantime, I gave up a lot..."

"Mm-hmm. The professor's just standing on the arrow for me on this one, and it hasn't affected us much yet."

"Yeah. So it feels like I'm taking it easy too?

In a word of spring vegetables, the air flows somehow between the elderly.

"Well, just in time, and it's time for Shiori to go to Shiori's."

"Right. I accidentally relaxed too much, but I'm sorry to ask you to stay forever ~"

"Speaking of which, Sister Chun. What will Hatsumomo do if it's okay that he doesn't have to attend the New Year's Eve party?

"Is Hatsumomo the same as he was last year?"

Keep going, Spring Vegetables, while the air stays the same, and move on from this later story.

Thus, for some reason, the year itself ended peacefully, as always with turbulence.