"Mi, please!

"Mmm, thank you."

Adult day in a period of almost five full years since the Spring Vegetables entered the long Sage mode.

After overtaking Tatsuya, who came to pick up Mio, the Mio, who has rarely followed him in vain, tells him his words of celebration.

It should be noted that Shiori left a message with his three younger brothers.

"But Mio is finally a mitzvah..."

"Well, for all the things that happened, it was pretty quick"

Tatsuya accidentally leaks smudges and such things in front of Mio, a visual that is very different from those days.

Mio also looks back on his smudges and his past, as Tatsuya said.

As I thought when I celebrated my birthday last year, the time was short notice.

Incidentally, in Honda's Japan, the age of majority still remains twenty.

Because from the twentieth year of age onwards, the compulsory rebellion was set aside, and if the only thing that changed was the right to vote, I wondered if I didn't have to change my age of majority.

Especially the resistance was to the boy's standards, and to put it plainly, the lowering of the upper limit of his age for anonymous reporting or entering juvenile school when he committed a crime, which was frustrated by a great deal of backlash from here and there, including the law enforcement community.

Other than that, from a medical point of view with regard to alcohol and tobacco, it is significant that the results of the study were published that it is better to regulate the intake of Japanese physically under twenty years of age.

Although early education on politics and elections would continue in the process, they would eventually also be dropped off the lowering of the voting age.

So Mio has yet to experience voting for the election.

"... in the end, he didn't grow tall at all..."

"I was about to exceed 148 cm, and it stopped brilliantly pitched..."

"I had it examined under many conditions, but no matter how, the remaining 0.1 cm could be exceeded..."

"Well, it's five centimeters longer than it was right after I got back,"

"I'm not that stretched out. Maybe 4.7 centimeters."

"Ah, I'm sorry. Was that it?"

Tatsuya honestly apologizes for Mio's pointing out in Jito's eyes.

To be honest, Tatsuya only remembered her height from 142 to 3 cm when she came back.

Incidentally, the current Mio height is about 147.7 cm to 147.8 cm if you don't choose any particular conditions. When I entered high school, I was gently pulled away by Fam, and three years ago I was also pulled out by Lyme.

Initially when I came back, when I measured it in a bedridden state, it was 143cm plus minus 0.1cm, so Mio was right, even if I looked at it at the max, it would not be stretched by 5cm.

Most importantly, the difference is only about 0.3 centimeters, so I can't help but think that Tatsuya is stretching 5 centimeters.

Don't say that Mio is too fine at this time. Even if there's a big difference in appearance, it's true for him.

It should be noted that this figure of 0.3 cm, in fact, can be exactly the same as the height grown in the three years of high school.

"Even so, when you're just dressed like that, you're starting to look pretty grown up"

"Mi, it's so beautiful"

Tatsuya sees Mio in a formal suit and tells her what she thinks like she felt something in it.

(10) also praise Mio with sparkling eyes.

"Mm, thanks. But maybe if someone I don't know sees, I don't think he's over twenty."

"Well, at least they don't see it in junior high."

Tatsuya makes such comforting remarks while smiling bitterly at Mio's Boyaki.

Even though the volume and cup values just don't extend to spring vegetables, thanks to the chest, which is too self-assertive due to its height and sleek physique, Mio has stopped being mistaken by elementary school students these days.

However, although it is the atmosphere and facial expressions that are adult and polished for facial beauty, because the condition of the child's face is almost unchanged from when he was in middle school, it is a covert concern these days that no matter what clothes he is wearing, he will not be considered a college student.

Incidentally, Mio, who cared so much about the area, is licensed to drive as soon as Hainan University's pass is confirmed.

At first I planned to go to the teaching house, but I didn't immediately get credit for showing my residency card or my number card for being of obtainable age, so I got it in the same way as Hongda because of my disgust.

It should be noted that during practical exercises at the test site, he was not immediately trusted, as was the teaching house, and that he needed to be associated with the attending Heavenly Sound as a witness, a kind of memory that Mio wanted to forget in the noise and set at that time.

There are circumstances around it, and although Mio only obtained his license, he rarely drives a car.

"So, um... The mitzvah takes a lot of time, but what do you do in the meantime?

Mio asks as he gets into Tatsuya's car and helps her with her seat belt.

The ceremony of this hand basically only puts the participants and guests in the venue, which is interesting or irrelevant for unschooled children where they enter.

"Find a nice girl."

"... is it time, enough?

"As it is now, it's a little out of balance. But there are just no kids in the neighborhood who can balance..."

That's how I reply to Mio's words in cold sweat, like I'm in trouble somehow.

At present, there are more than a hundred spirits twisting around them.

Exactly as bad as this is, I understand you're young.

but because the balance due to compatibility is not subtly balanced by the individuality of attributes, the spirits can get stressed out and run wild if left alone.

As a matter of fact, there are no particular benefits or disadvantages such as this on the side of the Xu, so it is not a problem to release any but the Spirit caught as soon as he was born.

I'm simply responding to the demands of the spirits in relation to my brother-in-law, but more than half of them have been dating since I still can't even hit them back to sleep properly.

Because of his character, he cannot be cut off so much.

"[sic] Caution, because it is visible to those who see"

"Yeah, I know"

Nod with a serious face for Mio's genuine attention.

Because the enlightenment of those involved was good, Xu is well aware that the spirits around him are not visible to ordinary people, and are seen with strange eyes from those who see them.

What is more, I also properly realize that it is only abnormal, such as the gathering of so many spirits that the digits change within a radius of ten meters.

but all this is half a matter of physical fitness, so maybe there's a part of him that can't be helped where he worked so hard.

"Haylor, too, if he's going to be by his side all the time, I'll get rid of him properly so he won't be burdened"

Then Mio complains so bitterly about a palm-sized humanoid spirit that stands out.

The humanoid Spirit, called Hallow, is that Spirit that was captured as soon as the Xu was born.

At first, it looked as subtle as a horse or something, but it had evolved into a high-ranking spirit with a solid self of a rare human form on Earth as a result of the constant bathing without excess of the overflowing blessings from the Hong and Spring Vegetables and the massive amount of life energy emanating from the Xu.

It should be noted that the origin of the name is that when the word began to be spoken in a tongueless manner, it was called in a way that only sounded so.

Mio, Mio. Don't take a sweet look at the suction power of the wax >

Hallow, who just argues against Mio's bitterness, don't be unscrupulous.

It would be too much for Hallow to do something about the same suction as this vacuum cleaner.

"That's right, Mio. What are we gonna do after we're done?

"I'm just gonna hang out with the boys and go home."

"Right. Should I pick you up?

"I'll walk you home, it's okay"

"Are you sure you're okay?

If the story doesn't end forever, Tatsuya interrupts and tells an important story.

It's a common story in local gymnasiums, civic halls, etc., but mitzvah venues are subtly inconvenient when you use public transport.

In the case of the Tideview General Gymnasium, which will be the venue this time, the biggest cause is the situation on the surrounding roads, and if the bus stop is poorly placed in front of the facility, the bus stop cannot be placed nearby because it can be very dangerous due to crosswalk and signal entanglement.

The parking lot itself is very large according to the size of the facility, and since it is a self-propelled 3D parking lot, it is not the first thing that there is not enough parking space, but when it comes to using public transport, it is a choice between the city hall bus stop, which is a few minutes walk away, or the tide station, which is about 20 minutes walk away.

I don't worry about the strength of walking that distance, etc., but I can't help but worry that the prominent looking Mio and Mio can't speak to strange people for the convenience of going through shopping and downtown, whichever way I use them.

"Eat lunch at a shopping mall restaurant near Two Chunks, and that's dissolved, so no problem."

"Are we going back to the mall?

"Mm-hmm. Comparing exclusive lunches for new adults everywhere, the shopping district's were the most appealing"

"I see."

Mio answers to Tatsuya's confirmation.

Seeing Tatsuya relieved by Mio's answer, I get a look that clearly shows that Mio is smiling uncommonly.

I don't know Tatsuya's anxiety, but there are some guys at once, and I plan to go straight home after lunch.

And there are no brave men (fools) trying to get their hands on Mio in the shopping district where the Mios make it their home ground.

To put it further, since all the humans Mio is benevolent about are couples' rear charging groups, and chastity is firm, there is no undeserved person to do anything but their own counterparts.

Therefore, there is no particular need to worry about becoming a feed wolf.

"Even so, Soichiro and Rin expected it, but the others stuck together beautifully."

"Mm-hmm. Because I don't want to be called a dumb couple, it's so refreshing that we all have to be modest."

"You're in bee and sage mode right now as you really say that..."


"For that matter, it's strange that I don't stop getting my hands on pornography and pornographic comics."

"Sexuality and curiosity are separate issues. Now that I'm old enough to be banned, I need to enjoy myself."

With one concern resolved within Tatsuya, the topic shifts to a story that has no such benefit.

It should be noted that in the Kazuki family, isolating children from pornography and other topics is a given up.

This is not Mio's responsibility, but because of the real problem that the spirits cannot prevent themselves from breathing into such stories on their own.

So instead of being isolated by the bees, I have let them touch all age versions of the Mio recommendations lightly to distract me, and then I declare that after about four years of elementary school, I will lift the ban slightly.

(10) He also seems to properly understand that it is still too early, and he has not complained about it, nor wants to look particularly aggressively at it.

While we're talking about that, we arrive at the Tideview General Gymnasium at the venue.

"Thank you, brother."

"Oops. Have fun with it."

"Mm-hmm. It's weird, too. Be careful not to catch it."


Mio drops out of the car in solidarity with Tatsuya.

Leaving the parking lot, Soichiro and Rin were waiting, apparently arriving first.


"Oh, good morning."

"Morning, Mio. When I'm dressed like that, I still feel like Mio is a great beauty."

"Right. But if you just look at my face, Japanese clothes are going to look better than my current clothes..."

"Without more precise means of chest crushing, my kimono looks quite tragic in height and chest..."

Mio returns that to Soichiro's words, feeling masochistic.

Due to the nature of Japanese clothing, which supposedly shows less irregularities in the body, women with more irregularities than Mio really need work such as crushing the chest and wrapping cloth around the torso.

If this is at least a woman as tall as spring vegetables, I still am, but if I correct it that way because it is Mio's back length, I will look fat.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work like an animated character.

"Speaking of which, who's going to wear a kimono?

"He said he was thinking about some people, but he said he stopped thinking about lunch."

"I'm not used to renting sunny clothes. I only have a feeling of catastrophe."

"Mm, convinced."

To Rin and Soichiro's explanation, Mio is convinced that so too.

Dining in formal attire is too much to worry about if you're not used to it.

"Later, just in case. Are you two coming to the night club?

"Yeah, I'm going. What about you, chief?

"I'll show my face, too."

Rin and Soichiro smile and say so to confirm the drinks held by gathering together in so-called "officials" like Hiroshi and Chunvegetables.

At the same time as the three of them successfully attended Hainan University, they explain the circumstances of Higashi to Rin and Soichiro due to various circumstances.

So Soichiro and Rin are completely human on Higashita's side, including the circumstances that needed to be explained.

"Whoa, guys, we're already together."

"We still have time, but maybe we should go soon."


Mios who speed up their legs when they see that their friends who made it in high school and college are already here.

Subsequent mitzvahs and daytime portions proceeded so peacefully that Mio did not think he had been involved.

"Congratulations Mio, Soichiro, Mio, Adult! Cheers."

After 6pm. A rare, nationwide chain of taverns in the shopping district.

Azma Workshop A room with a large area called Aeris, Alchem, Shiori, Soichiro and Rin gathered among Japanese members.

Mio's first drink in his life began with a zero-pulling spring vegetable tone.

Tatsuya and Shiori are here as a couple, but they don't have any because they are kept at the Mizubashi family together with their brother.

The Waterbridge family also has a boy born the same year that Shiori gave birth to the second, and relatives run around friendly with each other.

"So, Mio. How about the first beer of your life?

"I'm not sure if it tastes good, but if you drink it when you eat dinner, it's better than sweet juice or something"

"I see."

True harp nods to Mio's feelings about beer, thinking it's out-of-the-box.

It's about Mio, so I was just expecting you to say something more about your flying thoughts.

"Speaking of which, did Mio end up putting up with alcohol until today?

"I said I was patient, I didn't get that far"

"Oh well."

"Later, I didn't have a chance to drink because they didn't want me to join the concert as many people as they did."

Mio answers the spring vegetable question, looking at Soichiro and Rin.

It is like the tradition of Hainan University for any beautiful or handsome person to have an outside invitation interrupted upon entering the General Engineering School.

In general, the Department of General Engineering has been busily killed by a ladder of theses, societies and travel experiments, now that the frequency and processing speed of hiro and spring vegetables has increased due to the entry of Mio.

Not very much, but I can't afford to attend a challenging drinking party.

"All right, Yamamoto and Otomo, we did everything we could to get caught up in saying that. Especially Otomo."

"I'm trying to be the first to declare that I have a boyfriend and I was forced to drag the report into my shield."

"Am I like that, too?"

Rin and Soichiro explain what they are doing to Hiroshi's thoughts on hearing about Mio.

Needless to say, Rin and Soichiro have been couples long before the disease, and unlike Higashi, they have crossed the line by the time they go to college.

Perhaps if you decide to get a job and become financially stable, you will continue straight up to your marriage, where there is a convergence of views around watching these two.

"Speaking of which, Tatsuya. When you sent Mio today, you brought Mio."

"Thanks to Mio, I knew right away that the parking lot was going to be amazing."

Soichiro and I make a story about things we couldn't talk about at the bar mitzvah after we had a good time talking about a party or a drinking party.

Yes, this is the reason why we decided to explain the circumstances of Honda to Soichiro and Rin.

It should be noted that it was in February of the second year of high school that the two of them began to see things such as ghosts and spirits that should not be seen.

"But for once, I'm trying to weigh myself..."

"As for that part of Mr. Smiley, it was probably already too late at birth"

Whereas Tatsuya excused himself so bitterly, Aeris, who was tilting the wine elegantly, pokes at such a harsh fact.

It should be noted that Aeris is not exactly twenty years old, but since the reason for the regulation was originally a matter of physical fitness, the current Japanese law stipulates that the drinking age of persons who are not Japanese nationals is subject to the laws of their country of origin.

So Aeris, who is staying as a Farlane whose drinking ban is lifted at XV, may in fact already be drinkable at the time Mio graduates from secondary school.

Visually, Mio looks so much more against the law than Aeris, but this one proves he's over twenty years old by properly presenting his license, so the store won't refuse to offer him liquor.

"Elle and Alchem have been doing witches for a long time, haven't they? Can I give you any advice?"

"Having said that, it is of a completely different nature than the witch qualities we possess and the spirit attracting body that Mr. Smilet possesses..."

"Ultimately, if you want to do something on your own, you only have training, and I think Mr. Hiroshi will have to make something if you want to use someone's hand"

"However, when it comes to training, I have no idea what to do..."

Aeris and Alchem are questioned by Shiori and explain their honesty.

It looks like the ability of the same bargaining system all the time, but the witch's qualities are like interpreting and communicating her will, whereas if she says something about the Xu, it's fascinating.

It's just impossible to make this a mess.

"I don't care what you do when you go to elementary school."

"I don't know. They know what it's like to live a whole human collective life."

Spring vegetables that, in the words of Aeris and Alchem, conclude so.

Agree with Spring Vegetable's words and mouth the current problem.

In the end, the fact that everyone, including himself, does not understand the common sense of human society is what causes the problem today.

but not all of this is universal either, and there are many parts that vary greatly depending on the times and regions.

So I just have to go through and learn.

In the first place, it would be cruel in itself to ask an unschooled child to be so deeply sociable around it.

"Send me to school normally until about the winter break this year, see how it goes and consult with the instructors."

"Right. So, Hiro and Mio are both empty glasses, do you want something to drink?

"I don't know.... a double whiskey."

"I'm Wollon High"

"Roger. I..., Shall I make it red wine to suit Elle"

Spring vegetables asking for the next drink while looking at the all-you-can-drink menu as we change the story. Tatsuya and Makoto have already received the second cup where the first dish came from, so I won't order it particularly this time.

Most importantly, it is the all-you-can-drink menu of the tavern chain, so it is basically not possible to specify the brand even if there are many types.

In some cases, there are some choices, for example, because some stores invest in sake and shochu, but this series is wide and shallow, so there is only a rough classification of types and drinks.

"Cooking, should I have asked for some more?

"It's not a course, it's too late to come out."

Salad on edamame for protrusion, assortment of recommended appetizers and all the dishes that came out early have just been emptied, such spring vegetables and tatsuya as troubled.

I had asked for two or more sizes of everything, but the beer influenced the meal of Mio faster than usual.

Originally it was assumed that Mio would eat most of the food, after everyone had taken as much as they wanted, so there was no problem getting eaten, but this pace was just out of the math.

"It won't be enough anyway, and let's ask for extra and proper. What does Mio want to eat?

"I asked for it to be typical... Oh, yam foil roasted, looks delicious"

"Then there was the cooking of the vegetables and the simmering of the beef sushi. So, this, too?

Spring vegetables that come to mind and add a lot to Mio's request and push the order button.

I'm just selling the richness of the menu, and it usually seems to bury quite a few menus that I would eat instantly.

It would be an oddly elaborate page-configuration disadvantage when order-related is completely computerized.

"Thank you for waiting. Fried Chicken and Ten Assorted Grilled Chickens, brought Chicken Nambari"

When I order my next dish, a menu comes that makes me want to say the chicken section.

Another clerk brings extra booze when the replacement with an empty plate is finished.

"... legend has it that this can be as thin as water, a massive chain all-you-can-drink oolong high..."

"No, no, no! If it wasn't a vicious store, it wouldn't normally come out that thin!

When the clerk asks me, Mio says something out, and Tatsuya rushes to put in a scratch.

In the first place, whether or not to serve liquor like fraud is not due to large-scale chains, but to the constitution of individual shops.

Just about all you can drink in a massive chain to make it tickle is abusive as well.

Most importantly, there seems to be a difference in the proportion of alcohol in a way that follows such themes as the emphasis on ease of drinking and a strong feeling of alcohol for each brand of the store rather than the parent company, so it is undeniable that the area is exaggerated and screwed up.

"... normally alcoholic"

"No, you're right."

"Wollon High first experience, so I don't know if it's thin"

"This one feels like it's pretty standard in the middle."

"... um"

"It's about you who reacts like that when a normal, straight oolong high comes out..."

True harp puts a penetration in the reaction Mio showed with a frightened look.

Most of all, unlike when I was a beer, it was really Mio's words and behavior, so I was satisfied that I wanted this in my heart.

"... um, fried chicken is strangely authentic..."

"What the hell does Mio want..."

Mio complains even stranger about the usually decent flavor of fried rice.

In contrast, Soichiro now puts in the penetration.

"I was hoping to come out with fried fried frozen food rounds that felt too low level than a convenience store hot snack running down the cost in the central kitchen"

"I'm very curious to see what Mio has in these taverns..."

"Overall, a store that feels too cheesy and instead expensive as a result of even pursuing prices"

"There are no such stores these days..."

Rin penetrates into Mio's words, wanting to penetrate from where the hell he has picked up such an image, with a tired look.

Aeris and Alchem, who were listening to it, snap their necks as they looked at the menu.

"I don't know much about Japanese prices, but the shops here aren't expensive, are they?

"Well, there's a hundred yen menu, so maybe it's cheaper."

"I can't imagine without asking what the menu on the Hundred Yen Table looks like, but I think there was less to it than what I could ask for for in 100 yen for food outside of fast food"

"That's right. Oh, Master Elle, it looks like the glass is empty, do you want something to drink?

"Right.... I have a drink with some strange names, so I'll try this"

"Uh..., this powerful charge highball, is that okay?


Challenger temperament Aeris devours the mysterious drink she discovers watching the menu.

Sometimes seen in taverns, it's a highball made from a carbonated, refreshing drink based nutrition drink, but for the most part, it's given a name that I can't imagine intuitively what it would be like if I didn't know.

Because it is such a substitute, sometimes 10,000 people do not receive the flavour of a nutritional drink in the first place, and I totally like the flavour.

"Every time I see an unusual drink, I eat it..."

"That's not what you said when you first planted Mei Yu 'er."

An ambition where the strike zone of taste sees an incredibly wide aeris and says it like it's out there.

In contrast to such a macro, spring vegetables instantly penetrate.

"Master, Sister Chun. It's a pretty weird menu to watch, there's a cup."

"If it's a strange page, then there's a cup of weird stuff... so there's something I've never heard before about a classic or anything..."


Macro and spring vegetables pointing water at Mio and rechecking the menu.

If you check it out with that intention, you'll quickly see that a menu with no idea what the name or photo looks like is planted like a trap here and there.

"What do we do? Want me to ask for it?

"If I don't think I can eat Mio or something, Haruyaki will handle it responsibly."

"Well, it will, won't it? Then, at the moment, would you like to order up to two dishes?

"Let it go. If you do two dishes anyway, do you want to go because it feels as unintelligible as possible?

"Right. It could be a hint of something, so let's do it."

That said, Aeris and Soichiro and Rin will also be crossed to rank what they can't grasp from their names or photos, ordering first and second place.

"I don't know what to say, we're no different..."


Tatsuya mentions such an old man when he sees deep-fried chicken and Nanban, which is finally half eaten by Mio, and the spring vegetables thriving on an unidentified menu.

True harp agrees with that Tatsuya word.

Even though it's been eight years since I came back to Japan, it hasn't changed one thing from the beginning when Mio came back except that he was able to adapt to school life.

"We're already thirty years old, even Mio is twenty years old, and we still haven't changed at all, are we okay...?

"I can't say anything about anyone else, so don't comment."

"Tap feels like he's talking about the night."

In contrast to Tatsuya, who said even more about the old man, the words of poetry and weave that the liquor has been spinning around prick Zaku.

It was Mio's mitzvah mitzvah, which was supposed to be a milestone, but nothing changed except that Mio made his alcoholic debut.

"We all drank quite a bit, but are you okay?

The drinks party is over and you are on your way back to the Fujido family.

A macro who looks at Mio and Aeris, who are obviously drunk, and confirms that.

Soichiro and Rin are separated from Hiroshi for another direction, and Tatsuya and Shiori go to the Mizubashi family to retrieve the children. Zhenqin was invited by his peers to drink at the end of the day.

Currently, only the fiancée of Hong is acting together.

"Mmm...... As tense as I can tell, I don't know if it's okay."

"I have a solid memory for once, so I was wondering if it would be okay if I didn't drink any more..."

Mio declaring herself in the usual downer tone and Aeris mentioning feeling somewhat fluffy and anxious.

In this sense, Alchem, who does not seem particularly problematic, may also be quite suspicious in practice.

"Something's so fresh about Mio being drunk"

"Well, today is my first drink..."

Spring vegetables and hong that don't mean a thousand bird feet, but somehow look at the Mio that doesn't feel like having feet on the ground and talk about it like that.

I've been saying things to amateurs that I don't usually follow, and sometimes I don't really have a conversation, Mio, but with the bare face and the liquor in it, it still seems a lot different.

Honestly, I'm glad we were all in Sage mode five years ago, and I can't help but forbid the feeling that I don't have a body or a lid.

If it weren't for the incident five years ago, there is no denying the possibility that Mio would have come to regret the aftermath by attacking the hong with drunken momentum.

"Speaking of which, Mr. Hiroshi and Mr. Harna don't look very drunk"

"Well, I don't think the poison works. Alcohol doesn't affect you."

"Because I haven't had that much to drink today"

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables answer that question to Alchem with a slightly higher tone of tension.

Most of all, I haven't drank as much as Mio or Aeris when it comes to spring vegetables, and I'm not sorry to say that I haven't drank so much.

"Hey, Hiroshi."


"I, Fujido Spring Vegetables, like you. I love you."

Spring vegetables abruptly begin confessing love to Hiroshi where it is time to see the Fujido family.

To its too abruptness, the horse, alarmed that it seemed not to be the only one to be attacked, could not react at all.

It was also definitely a delicate matter when it came to what men and women who were already engaged would do, but it was also an invitation to the alarm of the Horn.

"You can't hesitate to attack me anymore from today, can you?

Spring vegetables in which Hiroshi, on the contrary, does not pay any attention to the surprisingly rigid things of Mio, Aeris and Alchem, makes such a declaration and hugs Hiroshi, kissing her cheeks softly.

No matter how many sage modes you are in, this much approach is possible.

No, rather, it's in sage mode and lust is converted from one end to affection, which is why Spring Vegetables, whose hips are tucked away with a huge heckle, were made ready.

It is undeniable that, as the Macro had appeased, he would have been in the worst flow of something failing to snap if he hadn't been in sage mode and swung by lust to push him down one foot.

Aeris was the first to recover to a series of streams where such a surprise was also good.

"Dear Harna, that's not a good idea."

"Yeah. So the Els, too,"

"Of course I'll let you do that, Sister Chun"


"I think it's too hectic to run to the cheek to do that"

"Hahaha......, I was too bad I accidentally hit it, and it was..."

"Later, Mr. Harna. Don't hesitate to do anything, I've always felt like a leaky attacker..."

Spring vegetables having such a rapacious conversation in front of a macro whose head is completely white due to its mouthfeel.

Thus the relationship between Hongdae finally stood on the starting line in the true sense.