In the splendid golden hall, well-dressed men and women were intertwined together, and the luxurious decorations were reflected by the lights, dazzlingly causing Fang Chui to squint his eyes.

He stood in the corner without making a sound, and only then did he take stock of the starry man in the crowd in front of him.

Although there were many business tycoons, directors, stars, models and so on present, all of them were bright and beautiful, and the number of handsome and beautiful women was countless ...... but even in such an environment, the man standing there was as remarkable as a flock of cranes.

If you look around, you will find that you are not the only one who is attracted to him.

The people around you are all whispering, wondering about the man's identity, he looks so familiar, how come I haven't seen him before?

Fang Chu listened quietly with his ears cocked, his heart like a cat scratching, full of overwhelming curiosity! So why, after all this discussion, has no one been able to tell us who he is?

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years. This face is just awesome!"

Female Model B: "Xu Xu, what else can you put in your head but a nymphomaniac? Even if you don't know him, don't you know the people around him? Can it be a newcomer in the entertainment industry who can be treated so politely by Mr. Luo?"

Female Model C: "Yes, that's Starlight Entertainment's Luo! Starflight Entertainment can be said to be half of the entertainment industry today, even General Manager Luo is so polite to him, how could it be any little star, when did you see General Manager Luo being so polite to those actors?"

The three of them's eyes lit up, realizing something and staring at the man even hotter.

Female Model A: "Is ...... the son of one of the giants?"

Female Model B shook her head, "I don't think so, those unworthy broads and second generations may not be able to be on par with Luo. But no matter what, it must be a big man just."

Female Model C: "The key is that it's still so good-looking ......"

Hearing this, the female model A who was in high spirits just now lowered her head, very lost, and sighed: "Hey, if it's just a small star or small model, like us ...... is pouring money also to go up to accost a little, now it seems to be no chance, this kind of people definitely do not see us. "

The three sad clouds, sighing, after all, like their kind of small wild model, can blend into here is not bad, although hope to hook up with the gold master, but Luo always that level they do not dare to dream, not to mention that looks like the magnanimous, even Luo always respect the mysterious man?

Definitely despise them even more.

Fang Chu similarly sighed in disappointment, he had wanted to secretly ask around, but still hadn't figured out the other party's identity.

In this kind of place where gossip gathered, not a single person could even reveal his identity, wasn't it a bit too low-key?

He looked complexly in front of him, the distant man seemed to feel something, just turned his head to look this way, eyebrows straight and cold, Fang Chu even lowered his head and took another step back, raising his hand to cover his face, his heart thumping.

He really didn't expect - to meet Yu Si Ze again.

It was still at such a surprising occasion.

In fact, if it wasn't for such an unforgettable face, he probably wouldn't have such a strong impression of Yu Size, who was just an ex-boyfriend who had a short relationship and had disappeared for two whole years.

He was more or less a stranger to him.

They met by chance, were together because they liked each other, and were separated because they were casual.

Fang Chu had never asked him about his past, his identity, because he felt it was unnecessary, after all, who would have thought that it was just a casual boyfriend, and the other was a rich man who was hiding his identity?

If not convinced that it was impossible for there to be someone in the world who looked exactly like him, Fang Chu would suspect that he was mistaken.

At this moment, Fang Chu looked at Yu Si Ze, who was chatting happily with Mr. Luo, and held back tears of sadness, feeling that the world was just like that.

It's not easy for him to get an invitation to this cruise party. It's said that in addition to the company's big boss Luo Jinyi, there are celebrities and directors and producers attending tonight, which is a good opportunity for an eighteenth-string star like him to promote himself. This is a good opportunity for an eighteen-line star to promote himself. He wanted to make a good impression on his boss, hoping to get acquainted with him, but now he's sneaking around in a corner, afraid of being discovered.

At first ...... seems to be the breakup of his own?

Had I known, I would never have made such a rash decision back then! Otherwise, with Yu Si Ze's relationship with General Manager Luo, why else would he be doing small roles and playing small roles? Once sitting on a mountain of gold and not knowing it ...... think again about his payment balance and spending money.

Pounding his chest doesn't even begin to describe his remorse!

Fang Chu sadly flipped out her phone, was going to send a message, accidentally met her ex-boyfriend only to find out that her ex-boyfriend is super rich what to do? Later thought too unreserved also no mystery, slow typed a line: feel missed a billion ......

Click to send.

I wanted to accept everyone's comfort and curiosity, but I didn't expect to get a dozen likes instantly and not a single reply.

Fang Chu: ......

Heh, these heartless things.

Hasn't one of them come to ask what he's missing?!

So disappointing!

The first thing that I want to do is to tell you that I have no idea what kind of image I have... Fang Chu silently pressed the lock screen key, and then quietly had a look at the direction of Yu Si Ze......

If you don't want to be benevolent, why don't you take the initiative and say hello?

But after looking at his own boss and the well-dressed and successful people over there ...... Fang Chu's eyes struggled violently, and finally gave up the idea with a wince.

Just at this time the phone suddenly lit up, WeChat prompted himself to receive a red envelope from Coco, Fang Chu quickly panned, and saw that Coco sent a message to himself: do not be sad, just did not grab a penny of the red envelope? I'll give you 100 times more.

Fang Chu in a complicated mood clicked on the red envelope, and it really was 1 yuan.

Although it feels good to be concerned ...... but now even the 10-year-old nephew thinks of him this way, he is the kind of person who will say the wrong billion for not grabbing a penny red envelope? He's really wrong this time!

What's the most important thing about being in the entertainment industry... the most important thing is to be backstage!

There was once a huge backstage right in front of him that he didn't cherish, if he was given another chance ......

Forget about it.

"Hey, handsome, do you want to add a tweet?" A sweet voice came from the side.

When Fang Chu regained consciousness, he turned his head and saw a girl wearing a white strapless dress standing at the side, with a sweet appearance and cute dimples in her cheeks, it was the model A in the model trio, the girl called Xu Xu.

He remembered that ...... seemed to be curious about Yu Si Ze's identity as well, and then sighed in self-consciousness when she learned of the other's extraordinary status, so why did she come over and accost him now?

When Fang Chu thought about Yu Si Ze's gender orientation, he thought to himself, "The biggest obstacle that stands in your way is not the class gap, but the fact that you are a woman! The same people from the ends of the earth, Fang Chu's gaze is also particularly soft, saying, "Good."

Xu Xu did not expect Fang Chu to be so approachable, but instead was stunned ...... She had been wandering around the crowd looking for a target, and saw that Fang Chu's appearance was extraordinary, although not too clear about his identity, but he did not come forward to grovel, but instead stood there quietly by himself, the body seems to still be covered with a unique layer of melancholy temperament, making his clear and handsome eyebrows even more attractive, so distinctive!

It doesn't look like a normal person! With so many rich people present today, I guess it's one of them.

Xu Xu's smile was even sweeter when she saw how easy Fang Chu was to talk to, she gave a wink to Lily and Anna to show that everything was going well here, then continued Fang Chu's words, "My name is Xu Xu, I still don't know your name handsome?"

As soon as Fang Chu looked at her like this, he knew that she had misunderstood, the little girl was cute but a bit lame. It's not half good to hook up with her, but even though he's in the entertainment industry, Fang Chu isn't going to take advantage of this misunderstanding to take advantage of someone else's little girl, not to mention he's bent! He laughed frankly, "Fang Chu, I'm an artist under Starlight Entertainment, how about you?"

This is a euphemism for his identity, since he was an artist under Starlight Entertainment, but completely unrecognizable, then there is no doubt that he was also rushing Luo to the eighteenth line, the situation is not much better than their small models, not the rich second generation she thought.

Xu Xu really is a dull, because of the cute looks, even the dull looks also appear sprouting, making people want to pinch the face.

Her brain is slow but doesn't mean stupid, and soon also knows that she is looking for the wrong person, a look of chagrin, but instead of immediately turning her face away, she smiled apologetically at Fang Chu, bashful and cute, and whispered: "My name is Xu Xu, I sweep you?"

Fang Chu was startled, seeing that she still insisted on adding her own WeChat, so he took out his phone and gave her a swipe, and soon received a request to add a friend.

Xu Xu blinked at him, let out a breath and said frankly, "I was actually quite nervous just now, and was afraid that you would ...... Well, make a request that would embarrass people. I'm also the first time to come to this kind of occasion, it was Sister Lily who brought me here, she said that here can meet the big boss of the entertainment company, and the director and so on, in case you get into someone's eyes maybe you can get the opportunity to act? I'm just a model, but I have a dream of being a big star!"

Fang Chu couldn't help but laugh, and suddenly he felt even more sympathetic as he said seriously, "Go for it!"

Xu Xu's eyes narrowed with a smile, as if she was planning to chat for a while longer, but when she saw Lily and Anna in front of her, they seemed to have something to look for her, so Fang Chu said, "It's nice to meet you, so I'll leave first."

Fang Chu nodded and watched the little girl leave briskly, bored and looking through her circle of friends, he could see that she was a very sunny and cute girl, and there were many selfies with her girlfriends and friends, as well as her relatives.

He looked at his phone and then up to the front, and suddenly noticed that Yu Si Ze had somehow walked this way, although he had been talking to someone else, but as soon as he turned his head, he could find himself, Fang Chui even raised his hand to cover his face and continued walking to the side!

But he seems to be out of luck tonight, he's moving Yuusawa and so is he, and the hall is only so big after all ......

So had to keep shifting positions of Fang Chu: ......

It always felt like he was being deliberately targeted, but Yuuji-sawa clearly hadn't noticed him, so it must have been his delusion!

Seeing that he was going to be forced to retreat to the door, Fang Chu bit his teeth and simply decided to go out and blow off some steam, he slowly moved towards the doorway, trying to reduce his presence as much as possible, but before he could pass, he suddenly heard a miserable scream coming from the corridor outside: "Ahhhhhh dead man ahhhhhh- -!"

Fang Chu: "......"

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