Did [Black Sage] sacrifice his life to summon the demon he had contracted?

But the demons, especially the senior demons, aren't easy to take.

"I don't think I can afford to sacrifice a single contractor..."

What's that supposed to mean?

Are you saying that you had a contract with a senior demon who was already receiving and materializing meat and was wearing it...?

The white-clothed man who had attacked the territory around Pigside before also had a demon in his body.

And the devil devoured me and killed me, but maybe it's the same thing.

This time, it has become clear once again that the Devil can hide his existence in the human body.

And in that case, some kind of force works, which is normally impossible to see.

When "Black Sage" was "Wave Appraisal", it did not appear on the "State" display.

Even if I use [Wave Detection], I won't be able to detect it when it's lurking in the human body.

The [Black Sage] seemed to have thrown his own life, but it was probably used by the demons.

He's pathetic. Of course I deserved it.

And then this senior demon... this one is terrible.

I immediately left the "Command Room" and moved to the "Treehouse Clan".

We left the clan immediately and moved to where he could see us.

The man who came out of the guard cell is now in the square in front of the south gate.

I kept some distance and looked at him with my [Vision Enhancement] skill.

And [Wave Appraisal].

... it's called "The Cursed Devil (Advanced)."

The Devil of the Curse... I don't like it.

"Even if it's just the devil, you're going to use a curse..."

I've defeated intermediate and advanced demons so far, but I haven't had much trouble defeating them before they launched their unique nasty attacks... but this one looks particularly bad.

If the curse was scattered, it wouldn't be stuck.

I had to defeat them quickly.

I didn't think I'd be unveiling my new look here... but I guess I'll have to.

I moved out of sight and changed into a fake costume.

Until now, as a Grimm, I've had to defeat senior demons, but I'd like to keep it a secret.

I can't stand out.

And even as a [Darkness Cleaner], I wanted to avoid being seen defeating a senior demon.

Especially this time, it has become a situation that many people can see on "Kin-chan Broadcasting Station".

With that in mind, I was actually preparing for the third form, or appearance, of this battle.

Defeat this superior demon as a new being, not a Grim Singh Oberon, not a [Dark Cleaner]!

That's it! The Cursed Devil!

I appeared floating in the air.

What? Who are you?

What is the cursed demon doing in an unpleasant voice?

"I am the masked masquerade of brave men!" It's a demon hunter! "

Yes, my third figure... that's the [Masked Hero Mascara].

It was a character who called himself a brave man.

Of course, I can't expose myself, so I wear a mask as I call myself.

A mask with a cool metallic design.

She is wearing a full-face mask that covers her entire face.

You can hide the expression as well as the color of your hair.

Even though it's called a masquerade, it's not a graceful mask that you wear at a masquerade party, but a full-face mask that looks like a hero.

The design is similar to the helm the knight wears.

However, it didn't exhibit much unevenness, so it was also a heroic mask.

The body's equipment was also based on black, which felt like metal, and it was fully equipped with a feeling of being close to the body's armor.

In fact, it was just light armor with a large area of equipment.

It was also equipped with a black cape, a hard and cool heroic gear.

The weapon was the [Ryuzumaru] of the Holy Sword Dragon that was made in the [Cobolt] the other day.

As for the gear of a hero, it was still the Holy Sword.

Incidentally, the other Holy Sword, "Grim Caliber", had better performance, but I decided to keep it hidden.

Not only do I hate that the name doesn't feel like it's all cracked, but I also thought there was a risk of identity discovery.

If someone were to "appraise" the name "Grim Caliber", someone might be able to connect it with me.

"After all, I think this name has failed in many ways..."

Well, I can't help thinking about it anymore.

"Are you a brave man...?"

The senior demon of the curse gave an unstoppable smile.

I have eyes that feel like I've found a good prey.

I'm glad you were somewhat satisfied, but I don't have time to talk to him.

I don't know what kind of nasty attack they're going to make if I don't kill them in the blink of an eye.