Fields of Gold

Chapter 1: Blood Caused by Half a Piece of Bun

Lin Xiaowan's consciousness was faint, his nose smelled the unique salt of the beach, and the “noise” of the waves beating the beach seemingly came from his ears. Must be dreaming. Must be! Her hometown in the hinterland, her sister's life in a coastal city studying college, the only time in her life she saw the sea, how could she hear the waves?

Lin Xiaowan tried hard to open his eyes, but he was always surrounded by the thick darkness. It seemed like a nightmare feeling - consciousness seemed sober, but he could not wake up.

“Second sister, second sister! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... Second Sister, don't die! The rocks are not hungry. The rocks are not eating buns! Second Sister, wake up...” Lin Xiaowan felt a small weight, pounding beside herself, shaking her arms desperately.

Second sister? She was clearly the boss of the family, and her parents died in junior high. As her eldest sister, she dropped out of school to work and pull out two siblings as adults. How did you suddenly become a second sister? You must be mistaken!

“Sin! Didn't the kid just pick up a bun and eat it? Beating people to death! Little Grass, this kid wasn't strong enough to get hit in the head and bleed today, is he? ”

“Or the big uncle of the child! A bun is not worth a few pieces, I can't believe I hit the child's head on the boat, I've never seen such a harsh heart! ”

“Little Grass is her father, but there are famous fishermen in the village of Ten Mile Eight, who hunt again. Five new houses and a new boat in the old Yu family, all built on him. What's wrong with eating a bun? ”

“I watched the child not well, hurry up and call her mother back, I'm afraid I won't even see her one last time! ”

“Li Guihua, it is true that the knife mouth axe heart, even her own niece put such a hard hand, we should stay away from her, in case we accidentally offend her one day, from the back stabbing the knife don't know yet! ”


Lin Xiaowan's ears buzzed with strangers' voices. Her consciousness became clearer and she felt herself lying on soft sand, her forehead uploaded with a tingle of pain, surrounded by people seemingly.

Strange dreams, when will you wake up?

“What are you whining about! Don't be ridiculous!! This damned niko stole the bun I brought back from my mother's house. I just gave her a few words and pushed her twice. Who knew she was going down! Didn't I tell my nigger to hire a doctor? A poor lady, like her mother, is sick and wastes nothing but food!” A sharp woman's voice, raving like a ravine.

“Second Sister didn't steal the bun, this bun is the one Blackie didn't want to fall on the floor! Second Sister, when I was hungry, I picked it up! Second sister is not a thief!” The young child's voice, choking and choking, was very clear.

“You little bastard, young boy, learn to talk nonsense! Your nigger brother said your second sister stole the buns, but you still don't admit it! Then I gently slammed her, maybe she hit the boat on purpose and escaped punishment with a bitter meat gauge!” The woman's sour tone revealed a faint taste.

“Daughter-in-law, that's not true! The kid hit a big blood hole in the head, even lost his temper, and accused the kid of using a bitter meat meter! How old can a child be? There are so many bends!” Anger is implicit in an old but middle-aged voice.

That's it, that's it! This woman is amazing. A piece of cake punched the child in the head and bled him out. He has relatives! Lin Xiaowan wanted to open her eyes to see how “fantastic” this fantastic woman is, but her eyelids seemed to weigh a thousand pounds, so she couldn't open them.

“Grass -” is a tired voice with anxiety and heartache. Lin Xiaowan felt her body held up by a thin arm. A few drops of tears with temperature fell on her face.

What a warm embrace, with the smell of mom... How long has it been? I haven't felt so warm and comfortable since my mother died in a car accident at the age of 14. Even if he learned to be strong in life, Lin Xiaowan still had the urge to cry.

“Little sister... so much blood! Mother, this is not the time to cry. Go ask the doctor!” It's a little girl's voice, in her teens at most - but whose sister is she calling? Is it me? Lin Xiaowan's heart suddenly has a bad feeling - why is this dream becoming more and more real?

Hiss - it hurts so much on my forehead and the feeling of being held in my arms... this is definitely not a dream! However, how could she suddenly become "grass" when she had been Lin Xiaowan for 29 years?

“Out of the way! Out of the way! Dr. Yu is here! ”

“Dr. Yu, save the grass, please save my daughter!” Embracing a woman who only knew how to cry, she finally raised her head and shook and begged, her voice weak and helpless.

“Let the child flatten, I'll stop the bleeding first...” Lin Xiaowan felt a gentle hand wipe off the blood on her forehead corner, cleaning the wound with severe pain, making her body tremble. Lifting the curtain gently, the dazzling light forced her to close her eyes again.

“Wake up, wake up! Grass is awake!!” There was a shout around.

While gently bandaging the wound for the little girl, Dr. Yu said: “You just wake up, but she is already weak and bleeding so much. You need to rest for a while and get something nutritious to make up for the child. ”

Lin Xiaowan slowly opened a seam in his eyes and gradually got used to the brightness in front of him. When she saw everything around her, she was shocked —— how did she surround the people dressed in ancient costumes? Looking back at the sound on her ear... did the dog's blood cross the plot and come to her head?

“Grass, are you awake? Do you have a headache? Tell Mother, what else is wrong?” Lin Xiaowan turned her head and looked into a pair of eyes filled with care and heartache. Uh... is this her mother? Too young to look less than yourself.

“Sister, who beat you like this? I'll help you scold him!!” This skinny little, little Lori who looks less than 10, is her sister? Lin Xiaowan opened her eyes and looked down at herself - little hands, little body - she smiled bitterly in her heart. Did God have mercy on her previous teenager for the hardship of having a family, so that she could recover her crippled childhood?

But for heaven's sake, you can choose a good family, watch the whole family dressed in shabby, yellow skin, even pick up and eat half the shabby buns thrown by others, it's a little miserable, isn't it?

Lin Xiaowan gradually recovered from the shock of passing. As for peace of mind, the brothers and sisters of previous generations had their own work and family, and it was time to succeed and retreat. I just don't know, brothers and sisters far out of time, are you sad and crying for her sudden “death” at this time?

At one time, Lin Xiaowan's consciousness was somewhat tranced. Reminded him of the year he was just 15 years old when he was first raised to the second year, his parents collected their vegetables early as usual, but both of them died in a car accident halfway. Uncle helped the grass to manage the parents' affairs, then left in a hurry, afraid to take a slow step, like three children left alone.

As her eldest sister, she dropped out of school automatically, using her thin, young shoulders, and provoked the burden of caring for her younger siblings. That year, my sister was twelve years old and my brother had just turned ten.

For 14 years, she has not only been cooking three acres of land in her home. In order to collect tuition for her younger brother and sister, she had to work around. Afraid that the boss might think she was young, he lied about how old he was and said he was seventeen, just looking small.

She sold food, helped sell fruit, worked as a waitress, worked in a factory... Later, a halibut shop owner's wife watched her suffer, honestly and honestly, sympathized with her, and left her in the store to help.

Halibut shops are treated well, with bags and salaries higher than other shops. The boss also taught her the halibut without reservation. Later, the boss intends to return to her home and transfer the reputation to a well-respected halibut shop at a low price. It was through this little halibut shop that she was able to finish junior high school and high school for her younger siblings...

Sister understands, cares about her getting up early and greedy work for her to go to school. After graduating from high school, she secretly followed the village girls on a journey south to work without taking the college entrance exam.

In order to do this, Lin Xiaowan cried hard, hated herself for not being able to do it, and delayed her sister's future. With her sister's grades, even though she can't take a prestigious school, taking an undergraduate should be fine.

My younger brother has been among the top grades in his class since he was a kid, and he jumped one level in primary school and one in junior high school. When he was fifteen years old and still in his senior year, he was entwined by the class director to help him apply for the college entrance exam in his senior year. All but the first military colleges admitted on the volunteer form filled in the blanks.

Not only are schools free of school fees, but they also pay basic allowances, which are allocated to the local army after graduation with excellent grades, but they are also deputy company officers! She knows, brother, it's to ease her burden!

Fourteen years have passed. My sister studied herself while working, earned her undergraduate degree and became a little white collar and earned her love.

My brother has always performed well in the military academy. After graduating at the age of 19, he was divided into the Jinling Military Region and became the youngest officer in the Region. Later, the tall and handsome brother, excellent in all aspects, was seen by the Deputy Commander of Jinling Military Region and introduced to his little granddaughter. The two were in love at first sight.

At the time of the marriage, the sister also came to the wedding with her white-collar husband and a son over a year old. Watching her brothers and sisters have a happy family, she was so happy, so she had two more drinks...

After the table broke up, she accidentally stepped on the stairs and planted it down the stairs... then woke up and became little Laurie, a weak fisherman...