Title: He Yingdi's Wedding Diary

Author: sixteen months watermelon

The craziest thing that Qiao Hui has done in his life is when he got married at the age of 21 and married the righteous film emperor Xu Yiyang.

Life after marriage is plain.Mr. Xu will kiss her good morning and good night every day, and will report to her from time to time when going out for filming.

But even when it was the most intimate, his kiss was gentle and restrained.

Qiao Hui gave his friend a sad voice, "He spoiled me as if he spoiled his daughter." In the end, it was still a little bit worse.

On the day Xu Yiyang's new drama hit, he and the female protagonists in the drama were clamoring for rumors, and countless CP fans reveled all night.

Qiao Hui cross-legged on the bed, and after considering it again and again, he asked for separation.

This night, Xu Yiyang braved the bad weather of the typhoon day and rushed back from the field overnight. His body was soaked, and his eyes were flushed with rain. "Why?"

The girl was wearing a pink bear pajamas at home and her face was serious. "We have a big gap in coffee. No one will think we are as good as I am. I think we may not be suitable."

The next day, a photo hit the hot search.

On the empty streets, the always-maintained film emperor embraced his newlywed wife and kissed him sorrowfully.

v Xu Yiyang: Official cp, check it out.

Cookies after marriage.sc.

Eighteen lines vs big stars

The next "I don't want you anymore"

Everyone thought it was too cheap.

She loves Gu Yiai's lack of dignity, even if Gu Yi is unruly, sees the wind and the moon, and there are countless confidantes around her, she is still inseparable and never thought of leaving.

Even Gu Yi himself felt that he would be really eating in his life.No matter what he did or how he did, she could not leave him.

She helped him clean up the mess.

Help him deal with the intricate relationship between red faces.

Take good care of his diet.

No one knows, really for the sake of gratitude.

Gu Mu subsidized her to complete her studies before her death. She promised that she would repay with her five years of youth.

Now, five years later, she has repaid her kindness, and she has nothing to do with Gu's family in this life.

The day she left, the wind was strong and the rain was heavy.

Gu Yi looked at her leaving back, her eyes were reddish, and she was stern, "Muzhen, do you dare to try one? If you leave, I will never want you again."

He laughed as usual, and the smile was full of tolerance.

But every word spoke with the coolness of rain.

"Sorry. I don't love you anymore."

Everyone thought that Mu Zhen was just talking.

But no one expected that she said that she let go, but she really let go.It's not that Gu Yi doesn't want her anymore, but she doesn't want Gu Yi anymore.

She put all her focus on her deductive career and became the best actress in the industry, with countless high-quality men around her.

Gu Yi knelt down for her.

Wife chasing crematorium.