Former Cannon Fodder’s Self-help Manual

Chapter 1 He's married to a scumbag (1)

Xia Changhan rode on the low wall on the roof with her right leg dangling, and couldn't help but fall into contemplation. Why is her way of playing so shocking every time.

[Ding: This world mission, return to the entertainment circle, complete the self-rescue mission of the scumbag]

Xia Changhan quickly turned out the world outline.

The original body is a popular little flower in the entertainment circle, with outstanding appearance, beautiful and moving, but a love brain.In the hottest time, the rapids retreat bravely, a concise upper hand with a mind to support lovers.

Even if Jian Ming is unknown in the entertainment industry, he won the best actor at this year's Golden Horse Awards with Xia Changhan's resources.What's more, conciseness is not a general generation. His mother, Jian Yixian, is a business giant. Huanian Group's Shanshui Media firmly controls half of the entertainment industry. He has also learned something under the influence of conciseness, otherwise he would not be in His mother deliberately fell down and climbed to the height of the actor.

When Jian Ming promised to get the actor, it was the day to marry Xia Changhan. Xia Changhan, who was in love with Jian Ming, naturally wanted to announce their love affair when he got the best actor.

However, what she didn't expect was that Jian Ming had cheated on Bai Youyou, the top traffic person who had the same name as her "Bedded Flower" before she retired.

Bai Youyou took a fancy to the identity of the heir of Jianming Huanian Group and learned that the two had been lovers for many years, and was determined to remove this stumbling block that prevented her from marrying into a wealthy family.

Xia Changhan has retired for many years, and his popularity is naturally inferior to Bai Youyou who is still active in the circle.What's more, all her contacts in the circle used Jian Ming recklessly, and now there is no way to help Jian Ming go further.

Concisely seeing that Xia Changhan is of no use value, he decisively abandons Xia Changhan, turns his head and hooks up with Bai Youyou.He directly publicized his love affair on Weibo, and said in his words that he has always been supported by his girlfriend. The two have a deep affection and long-term companionship, and they will soon be engaged.

Xia Changhan was deeply shocked. He didn't believe that the lover would betray her like this. He ran all night to question Concise, concise lie and lied to her that he was forced, Bai Youyou had his handle in his hand, and exploding would be enough to ruin him. , Ten thousand people scolded.

Otherwise, Xia Changhan was in love with the brain, she believed this mentally retarded excuse, and thought that the lover was in love with her, but she was forced to fight Bai Youyou with helplessness.

In the next few months, Xia Changhan was in endless suffering. Seeing Jian Ming and Xiao Sanxiu showing affection, she was depressed all day long, and finally her mentality collapsed and went to extremes.

Xia Changhan jumped off the building, his spine was misaligned and paralyzed for life.

However, the scumbag stayed with Xiaosan, Jian Ming later inherited a huge family business, and Bai Youyou got his wish and became a wealthy wife.Only the original body spent a miserable half of his life in the hospital bed.

After the original body died, it was learned that the truth was signed with the Space-Time Bureau at the expense of the soul, and Xia Changhan, an employee of the Space-Time Bureau, was cast into this world.

The plot has reached the point where the original body jumped from the building.

"Good girl, why can't you think about it so much," Xia Changhan muttered. He saw that the reporters downstairs were almost there, and he tightened his neckline and started crying.

She was depressed and restrained from crying, and tried to make the pear blossoms bring rain, but I felt pity.If it is tearful, the photogenic is too ugly, even if it is reasonable, others will only have seven points of compassion. She wants to win the sympathy of fans and passers-by after going on the hot search tomorrow, naturally, she will cry better.

There was a sudden shutter sound from the stairwell on the top floor.

The police at the scene couldn't spare the energy to take care of the paparazzi hiding in the stairwell. They watched nervously at a kind-eyed old police officer in his 50s.

The old police officer smiled and persuaded Xia Changhan: "Girl, if there is something that bothers you, maybe uncle can help you solve it."

Xia Changhan shook his head with red eyes: "You can't solve it."

"If you can't solve it, you can also talk about it. There is a lot of people and power, and the flames of people collecting firewood are still high."

Xia Changhan sobbed softly: "How can you solve the problem of empathy and not falling in love?"

The ears of the paparazzi onlookers immediately rose up, there is news!

The old police officer's heart suddenly burst, emotional problems are the most difficult to persuade, if the little girl owes money, they can still help, the boyfriend can't really break her boyfriend's legs.There was a gentle smile on his face: "Silly girl, why bother to ruin a great time for a man."

"You don't understand, I accompany him from the unknown person to the Golden Horse actor, and do everything possible to help him pave the way. He said that he didn't like the people in the circle. I quit the entertainment circle when I was the most popular. He said that he likes good wives and mothers. Washing his hands and making soup, but he cheated Bai Youyou when I didn't know it!"

As Xia Changhan said, tears rolled down.

The old police officer didn’t know anything about the entertainment industry, but those reporters were just as precious. Some time ago, Bai Youyou officially announced that Weibo was paralyzed for two hours. Various celebrities and Weibo big Vs forwarded their blessings. If this news broke out, it would be lively. Looked.

Already anxious paparazzi began to edit news on their mobile phones, ready to grab the headlines. This kind of annual big melon involving the popular Xiaohua and the movie king can be met, and if it is done well, it can earn a wave of traffic.

#shock!The new actor actually steps on two boats#

#incredible!Bai Youyou turned out to be the mistress of her boyfriend#

#, I will give you a shocking gossip, which is about the threesome of "Bingdihua" and a certain actor#

The paparazzi here is busy grabbing the headlines, and the old police officer over there is still trying to persuade Xia Changhan: "Girl, come down first and talk to your uncle. If you have an uncle to support you, we can beat him up for a while."

Xia Changhan wiped away the tears, his nose was red and looked pitiful and cute: "I haven't looked for him, he only has Bai Youyou in his eyes, he beats and scolds me again."

The police around them all showed anger when they heard it. It was enough to cheat, and they were still violent.

The paparazzi listened and typed with their ears erected, their hands flew fast, and the pinyin nine keys pressed the effect of a computer keyboard.

#My concise actor, you beat your girlfriend!#

#, caught in cheating and domestic violence#

Xia Changhan saw that the pavement was almost the same. The police on the fourth floor assisting in the rescue were ready to go. She looked up at the clear blue sky, and there was a trace of determination on her face. This was simply a bright signal, just as high as the police. Call me about to jump off the building.

A relatively clever looking policeman successfully received her signal, rushed forward, and grabbed Xia Changhan's ankle.

The police rushed to save the people with a "coax".

The system appeared silently: "You can really spell it."

Xia Changhan: "You are polite"

The system admired Xia Changhan's courage to jump off the building without saying a word, and asked: "Aren't you afraid of falling to death?"

"I hooked one leg to the low wall and fell so slowly. If I can fall to death, I can only blame the poor quality of the police."

System: "What if they can't react?"

Xia Changhan said quietly: "If you fail at most, you can go back to the furnace and rebuild."

Reengineering is a punitive measure developed by the Bureau of Space and Time for failing to complete the task system. The system that fails the task needs to return to the AI ​​center for 300 working days of continuing education. After the continuing education is completed, it can be returned to the post after passing the re-employment exam. .

The system thought about the terrible scene of continuing education and disappeared silently after shaking.

Xia Changhan and the system started to brew emotions after being rescued. After being rescued, they went limp and sat on the ground.She was dumbfounded, staring straight ahead, teardrops crackling and falling.

The old police officer squatted beside her and asked, "How do you feel."

Xia Changhan didn't say a word, only his eyelids moved. When the old police officer saw that it was broken, he wouldn't be shocked.He looked at Xia Changhan nervously: "Girl, wake up."

The old police officer yelled for a long time without Xia Changhan responding. He was very worried. He turned his head and was about to call the doctor to come over. Xia Changhan suddenly trembled, and there was a look in his eyes.She slowly turned her head to hug the old police officer, and said with a look of fear: "Fortunately, you are here, I will live well in the future, and I will never die for a man again."

The little girl in front of her was like a delicate green bamboo. After being ravaged by the wind and rain, instead of breaking, she became vigorous and tougher.The old police officer stroked Xia Changhan's back with a relieved smile: "Just want to open it, just want to open it."

When Xia Changhan's mood stabilized, he was helped by an ambulance and went straight to the hospital.

The top floor of Huanian Building.

Jian Ming stood in front of Jian Yixian's office, pacing back and forth, frowning.Online headlines about his cheating and domestic violence seemed to spring up all night, six of the ten hot searches were related to him, and two of the remaining four were news about Xia Changhan’s jumping off the building. Weibo scolded a lot. It is very unfavorable to him.

Before discussing the regulations with the broker, he received a call from the President's Office, and Jian Ming quickly put down his business and rushed over.

His mother called him over almost for this reason.Jian Ming stopped, standing in front of the door, raising and lowering his right hand, he hesitated for a while, and knocked on the door.

A solemn voice came out in the desert: "Come in."

Jian Yixian has come to the top of a handful of times. Without Jian Yixian's summons, no one will easily set foot here. This is also his second visit. The first time was when Jian Yixian became his son.

The office is very large, occupying almost the entire area of ​​the top floor of the Huanian Group. Jian Yixian does not appear to be small in it, but complements this huge office.Wearing a well-tailored plain white shirt, she was sitting in front of the French windows, working with documents.

Jian Ming walked to Jian Yixian, pursed her lips, and said with some guilty conscience: "Mother, what can I do if you call me over?"

Jian Yixian did not make a sound. She took off her glasses, raised her hand and slowly rubbed the bridge of her nose, the loose silk cuffs slipped down, revealing a piece of jade-like wrist.