There is a very popular post on the Shenghua High School campus forum.

Jian Yunnao, a senior piano talent of Shenghua High School, fell down the stairs and injured his hand accidentally. He may face the problem of being unable to play the piano in the future.

After a while, there were countless posts, and everyone expressed their regrets and prayers.

However, when we got to a certain floor, someone suddenly broke the news.

[You don’t know, Jian Yunnao didn’t fall accidentally, but was pushed down by his sister Jian Yiling!It's true!

At this time, everyone was gossiping.

All the screens were scolded for a while.

[Is Jian Yiling so vicious?

[God, this is too scary, right?Even others can't do such a vicious thing, let alone this is a sister!

[I have long known that Jian Yiling is not easy to get along with. Every day, she is holding a shelf and looks high. No one is inferior to her, but she did not expect that she was so vicious that even her own family could do it.]

[I have seen that Jian Yiling is vicious, it seems that my hunch is really not wrong at all]

[This kind of people actually live in our school. It's really terrible. Please transfer to another school quickly and don't harm us again]

[Come and come, I want to like Jian Yiling to drop out, push me up, let the school see!

For a while, Jian Yiling became a target of public criticism.

In less than half an hour, more than five hundred likes on this floor were clicked, and the top replies were directly received.

At this time, the instigator Jian Yiling was recovering from the surprise of wearing the book.

Jian Yiling, who lived in the research institute since childhood and engaged in medical research, has never read such things as novels before, but mostly read academic research reports on papers since childhood.

Until a few days ago, an intern in the academy brought a romantic novel to her and told her that the supporting actress in that book had the same name and the same name as her, and recommended her to read the novel, saying that she would read it all day long. The thesis report is too boring to do research, it is time to watch something entertaining and relax.

Jian Yiling read the novel. Jian Yiling is a young lady born with a golden spoon in it.

The Jian family has a big business and is one of the best in Hengyuan City.

The Jian family's grandfather, that is, Jian Yiling's grandfather, has retired. The Jian family's current career is in the hands of Jian Shuhuan and his two younger brothers.

The three brothers have their own strengths, the eldest brother and the second brother are both business wizards, and the third brother chose to be in politics.

And Jian Yiling is the only girl in the Jian family. There are three older brothers above her, and she also has five cousins.

It can be said that the reincarnation technology is very good.

However, Jian Yiling in the book is a very bad-tempered person, rebellious, arrogant and paranoid, and has offended many people for this, even his family.

He has done a lot of stupid things about liking the male lead.

The final result was of course miserable. Her parents and elder brothers abandoned her. She died alone in the ward. She was only 22 years old when she died.

And what just happened was a turning point in Jian Yiling's life.

She and her brother Jian Yunnao, who is two years older than herself, had a dispute about the heroine Mo Shiyun.

During the quarrel, Jian Yunnao stumbled and fell down the stairs.

When Jian Yunnao fell down the stairs, she hit the glass decoration placed at the top of the stairs. The glass broke to the ground, and Jian Yunnao's palm was also embedded with countless small glass fragments.

Jian Yunnao has been learning piano since he was a child, and now he has achieved small achievements.

The hands are ruined and the future is ruined.

Jian Yiling did not push Jian Yunnao, but Jian Yunnao insisted that she did it.

Jian Yiling tried to explain, but everyone apparently believed in Jian Yunnao more, because Jian Yiling's usual personality was really not very good.

Everyone agreed that it was Jian Yunnao, who was promoted by Jian Yiling, who had vicious thoughts and did not repent of doing wrong things.

After being wronged and not trusted by his family, Jian Yiling became more rebellious.

In fact, although the original Jian Yiling had a temperament like the eldest lady, his heart was not bad.

But from the beginning of this incident, Jian Yiling became more and more crooked, increasingly reluctant to tell her true thoughts, and becoming more and more rebellious.