"Dear Axel Grants, Oh, my God, it's hard to say... you've become a junior haulier since today."

In the temple where I was transferring, I was receiving such words from a witch who served the transferring god.

"Junior haulier."

"Yes! The God of Transfer has found the suitability of" Carrier "in Master Axel.... I'm really, really sorry to say that there are thousands of other professions...! 」

Her face, a witch who actually does the job of changing careers, is sweating gently and she says it looks very painful.

"Roger, roger. Because I don't even have to apologize. Thank you very much for the transfer. Witch of the Temple of Transfer."

Gently returning it that way, the witch came looking at my face with a surprised look.

"... Master Axel doesn't disturb you, does he? He said he got a hell of a rank down from the top Dragon Knight."

"Well, there's no untrained. Rather, it's refreshing. You can finally take off this dragon knight's helmet."

As I said, I took off the helmet I was equipped with on my head.

It's a heavy helmet, coloured black and silver.

"Huh, light head. I haven't taken it off in years."

And as I shook my head as a pull, the witch was eyeing the helmet I had in my hand.

"I had no idea they would abandon the profession of Dragon Knight, which is truly the finest profession...... You're the only one who's gone from being a Dragon Knight to a Carrier, Master Axel."

"Really? 」

"Yes, because it's supposed to rank up your profession more and more.... In the first place, I beat down the dragon god who directs Dragon Knight, so I can't be a Dragon Knight, or something like that, I've never heard of."

I laugh bitterly at her words.

"You won't have a choice. It was necessary to keep the demon king company. Thanks to you, Dragon God said, 'You've already crossed the power of the eagle, so graduate from Dragon Knight! You can quit the Dragon Knight in a month! I was told in tears that I was going to change my job this time."

Occupation is one of the gifts given by God, by training according to which various skills can be acquired.

When you reach a certain age, you are given the vocation of fitness that was best offered to you by the transferring god. The number of professions can reach thousands or tens of thousands, he said.

It's just that this time I beat down that big book, God, so I can't stay in this profession. That's why I was visiting the Temple of Transfer.

"Though I feel like that was said in the dark wrapping the word 'exile' in oblate. Why are you beating up God..."

"So force majeure. But," The Dragon Knight "is the kind of thing I've been forced to do, so there's nothing untrained about it, and it's good."

"... Rumor has it he suddenly became the Dragon Knight using the ancient treasure that the Royal Family possessed - [Dragon Knight King's Helmet]? 」

"Yes, yes. That's a helmet. Seriously, it's heavy and it was hard to see before. I couldn't take it off until I stopped the Dragon Knight, so I didn't want to show my face in public."

"Is that it..."

"Well, all those helmets, along with The Dragon Knight, are farewell.... So my profession is" haulier "? 」

The moment I said that, the witch's expression darkened again.

"Whoa, what's up, give me that spicy look. Is that such a useless" profession, "this"

I've only done dragon knights in my life, so I'm oblivious to other professions. So if you ask,

"Yes, no... I mean, no, it has its advantages, but its disadvantages, it's very big.

"Really? What's in it for you? 」

"Benefits include transportation of supplies between cities and skills to support adventurers and mercenaries."

"Oh, that sounds interesting.... By the way, where do you see post-career skills? 」

When she asked, the witch turned her back, her eyes peeling.

Behind her was a large desk of trees, on top of which was a piece of paper.

"Oh, excuse me! Now on this desk, from the transferring god, I am here to give you my skill chart......! 」

"Oh, that's the skill chart. Which..."

The skill chart I received from the witch says:

-Level 1 Skill [Transport Bag]

-Level 2 Skills [Not Acquired]

The letters were drawn with. Below it is followed by levels 2, 3, and a serial number. All the letters that followed were incomplete.

"Hmm, you barely remember your skills."

"Yes... I just transferred and naturally became level 1, and the skills of the beginner" Carrier "are only early things"

"I see. What is the effect of this Level 1 skill 'Transport Bag'?"

The minute I said that, a small backpack appeared on my hand.

- Is this my skill?

"Yes, that's the skill [transport bag]. The inside of that bag is in different dimensions, and it gets more stuff than it looks. Previously, the Temple's Carrier put more water in it and measured it, saying that the interior space was expanding roughly tens of times."

"Ho. With Level 1 skills, that's convenient and good. It seems more everyday and user-friendly than Dragon Knight's skills. Plus, you can remember other skills with every level you get, right? 」

"Yes, and the haulier is a junior, and the level is very easy to get up at first."

"I see. I'm getting more and more skills, he said.... Though I feel the benefits are pretty good as far as listening? 」

Asking the witch if there were any disadvantages beyond that, she lay down her face.

And he starts talking in a pompous and heavy voice.

"... Sure, many skills are handy. It's just... there was one downside to it. This is a profession that supports those who adventure, so their skills are handy but their talents are very low. I can't take any more adventures on my own..."

"Is it so depressingly low"

"Yes.... As a sample, let me show you the status of" Carrier "Colt Gene belonging to the Temple"

"Oh, isn't it a violation of manners to see someone else's status? 」

"A person in the Temple of Transfer may disclose his or her personal status when explaining to a transferee."

That said, she turned her face to the desk that was behind her.

"This is the status of the person who worked out as a haulier for ten years."

And I'll take a piece of paperwork out of the shed on my desk and show it to you. There,


Colt Gene Carrier Level 40

muscle strength I

Magic K

Health J

Fast K

abnormal resistance J

Fortune K


The status of the individual was well stated.

"Oh, this is... lower than I thought"

"Yes, roughly the lowest K, or as long as it stretches up in two stages. It's really low...... Even the same junior villagers have an average G, and Adventurers have an average E to D."

"I see. This is a tough adventure on its own.... No, what's going on with my status? 」

"Now that Axel's status is also being retrieved by God, I think it will come -"

As the witch said so, the big desk of the tree that was beside her glowed.

And Hilary and a piece of paper come down.

- Hey, you're here.

"... so was the skill chart earlier, but that's what's coming"

"Because this desk is connected to the seat of the Transfer God. And this will be the status chart for Dear Axel. Deliver."

I was told, I did my gaze on the documents handed to me by the witch. Then my name and status were firmly listed there. It's just...


Axel Grants Carrier Level 1

Muscle strength ○

Magic ○

Health ○

Fast ○

Abnormal resistance ○

Lucky E

Skills: Transport Bags


Oddly enough, most of my stats were crushed with white circles.

"... hey witch, I can't see the status, is this paper dirty? 」

So when I asked her as she showed her the status chart, the witch also gave her a bewildered look with a witch.

"Huh...? That's true. So, what is it? This..."

"Yeah, you don't get it? 」

"Yes. Because this has never happened before...... However, since Axel's career change is unprecedented, did the God of Transfer also make a mistake..."

After zeroing her words with an anxious look, the witch shook her head beside the puffy.

"From now on, I will contact God. When the correction arrives, can I deliver it to Axel's residence at a later date?"

"Oh, well, I'll be waiting for you in the Star Capital near here. I live there."

"Yes! It will arrive by the end of the day tomorrow, so it will be delivered in a hurry! 」

"No, well, I have money, so I don't have to work. You just have to be polite. After that, I'm going on a journey to get a job."

The original exorcism of the Demon King has also given me a bounty from the state, and I can afford the source of the funds.

So no problem, the witch exhaled as relieved.

"Wow, I get it. Thank you......"

"No, no, thank you for caring this way. - I mean, it's dirty, but I know one thing. You're lucky to have an E."

There is an E among the averages J and K and so on. I was wondering if this might be some luck inside.

"But... Didn't Axel from the Dragon Knight era have everything S-ranked? It was so wonderful... Dear Axel, too much positive thinking..."

The witch said so with a sad look.

I wonder why this kid is dragging me into being more of a dragon knight, and I laugh unexpectedly.

"Well, what? You can't help worrying about the old days. Besides, this profession doesn't have to fight that far. I don't hate fighting, but I don't even want to like it. I think that's the best way to live quietly. So, witch, you don't have to look like that."


You're relieved by my words, the look on the witch's face becomes slightly more relaxed.

This transfer is my problem, and I don't need her to care that much, so that's it.

"... Well, I've changed jobs, I've got my skills chart, and I'm going to go to the city in a new mood."

"Ah, yes! May I offer you a magic carriage, if you please? 」

Between the city and the Temple of Transfer, there is one wide meadow sandwiched.

For this reason, if you walk, it will take you more than a dozen minutes to reach your city home, but it must be within walking distance of you. Even the streets go by. So I shook my head to the side and said no.

"He said you don't have to worry about it that much. And I have company."


I'm headed to the entrance and exit of the temple.

And he stepped out of the temple, and flew his voice toward the sky.

"It's over - Baselia"

The voice sounded, just seconds later,

'I've been waiting for you, my husband...! 』

A dragon descended with a golden and reddish-mixed scale.

Seeing that dragon with a red eye like a stone, the witch behind me kept her mouth wide open.

"Is that better, Lady Dragon King, where Axel was riding during the Dragon Knight years?"

"I'm only a kid when I say Dragon King.... I'll see you later, witch. Status chart, we're waiting."

"Yes! See you soon! 」

After hearing such a witch reply and nodding,

"Yeah, well, let's go, Baselia"

"Copy that!"

I speak to Baselia and walk out with her to the city.

Besides, I see the newly acquired Occupation listed in the skills table I just received.

... haulier, huh? I've never been in such a junior position before. Though the downside is a bit big, I'm excited to see what skills you get......

With that in mind, I headed home with my partner, the Dragon King.

hours after dropping off the accelerator,

"Ya finally got the revelation of Dear Axel's status table......! 」

The witch of the Temple of Transfer found a bunch of paper placed on a desk connected to the seat of God.

On the cover of that bundle of paper was the entry 'Axel Grants Status Correction'. Finally,

"Sorry! Just now the status lied! The motion was too abnormal to do the right job! This is the real guy."

I was even following the text with.

... This has never happened before...

The transferring god also looked at the second one in a bunch of paper, thinking that there were mistakes to be made. Then, there, the true status of the accelerator is depicted,

"... is this...?! 」

Originally, if you change jobs, your abilities will be reduced.

And "haulier" means that instead of having the advantage of being able to carry a large amount of stuff, he says he has a very low talent level compared to other professions.

"All abilities remain in S rank......!? 」

His ability to "graduate" from the Dragon Knight remained intact.

"... God of Transfer...... Were we really okay with transferring him? A hell of a Beginner position has been born more..."


Corrected Axel Grants

Dragon Knight - Graduation - Carrier Level 1

muscle strength s

Magic S

Health SS

Fast SS

abnormal resistance S

Fortune EX

Skills: Transport Bags