Laurier also saw the sheet metal armor approaching us.

She carried a sword sheath around her waist, and she kept walking with the sound of a gashang gashang.

For the time being, I think that armor should be investigated.

Yeah, looks like it.

As Axel nodded, this was the first time I saw that armor.

I've been trying to put it in the edge of my eye for a while now.

From the moment we touched the fountain, it seemed like it was moving.

I didn't know what kind of existence it was, but at least I knew it was one with magic power.

So, when you think about how you looked up,

- Whoa.

And the book of God that was on her lap glowed and floated slightly.

"What's next...?"

And when that light passes to a page in the book of God,

- Oh, my God!

With a sound, a page of the Book of God was torn, and she rushed toward the sheet metal armor.


It was absorbed into the chest of the sheet metal armor and assimilated.


It was a momentary event.

Too sudden, Laurier opened her eyes wide.

Welcome to My Fountain, sons of men, sons of the Spirit.

I was even more surprised that a letter of light was born in the chest of the sheet metal armor.

No, the letters were drawn to be exact, but I felt a voice echoing in my head.

"Did he talk to you?"

"Yeah, yeah. And is engraving in that book of gods a spirit god...?"

In response to this conversation, there was an orange light in the part of the helmet's eye, and the mouth made a smile.

[In any case, this is only my mediation and incarnation]

As I say it, I take off my helmet and show it to you.


The contents are empty.

He's holding his breath, but his limbs are moving.

Then the knight of sheet metal armor reattached his helmet to his head and resumed his steps toward us.

"So, if God is here, he has something to do with us."

In Axel's dialogue, the armored knight returns with a nod.

[The Last Trial]

Along with such a voice, the Book of God that Laurier had glowed.

If you look at it, there's

[Crush the standing incarnation with any hand]

Only one sentence of and was engraved.

The moment I saw the sentence.

"... eh!?"

- Gunn!

and pulled his body back.

It was at the hands of the accelerator.

What the hell do you think you're doing, soon,

- Gin!

A metallic sound echoed in front of her.

It was due to the collision between the sword held by the armored knight and the sword in Axel's hand that came out in front of him.

I was cut off.

If Axel hadn't prevented it, he would have hit his own head.

"Are you okay, Laurier?"

"Yeah, yeah. Thank you, Axel...!"

A knight who has been seized by a sword jumps as it is, takes a big backstep, and keeps a distance.

Then, the helmet made a look.

Metal bends unnaturally and shapes like a smile,

[I like to see you doing your best.So, show me how you're doing.]

I swung my sword twice or three times in the void, as if to wipe the blood out of it.

The movement is quick, and the sound of cutting the air echoes here.Because I saw it.

"I see. You're quite motivated."

Axel stepped forward and stood up with his sword.

That's when it happened.

Daisy raised her voice.

"... that, that armored knight, doesn't that sword look like your best friend's...?"

Invited by Daisy's words, Laurier's gaze moves back and forth between Axel's sword and Armored Knight's sword.

Sure, yeah.

Although the decorative part is different from the stone.

The metal texture of the blade and the magic power it contains are quite similar.

The swing over there is just like Axel's sword, it feels incredibly magical.

"Oh... I was told this was a god-given sword."If the opponent was a god, it wouldn't be strange to have a similar sword.The feeling of meeting was similar to when I hit the spear and the sword together in the past. "

Axel must have noticed it in the previous blow.

I was not surprised by this expectation, but I was open to it.However, as far as we are concerned, the facts are ridiculously definite.

This means defeat the god with the sword.

I don't really want to imagine the difficulty of words.

In the first place, you can say that there are almost no examples of fighting with God and being decent.

... the power of a god like the Sacrificial Sacrifice descends into this world, and even those who just cross it a little are at a rare level...

That's what we're looking for right now.

"[Show me the children of men.I will do everything in my power to save your lives.

With that, the Armored Knight turns to us again.

This time it's not a walk.

With the momentum of running.

As I pushed through the shallow water with Basha Basha, I pushed forward. Look at that.

"Kill the armor, huh?" Now then, let's take a little challenge. "

The accelerator pushed forward a lot.