The spear, which was taken out of the pillar of water, had an illusory hue, like a mixture of blue and silver all over the body.

And then, following Daisy's hand, it floats in the sky.

The moment I saw him,

"What is this..."

Laurier shuddered unexpectedly.

Inside the spear was a swirl of misdirected power.I got that feeling.

... this is scary, or perceived...

Laurier watched in a tremor he had never felt before.

"Best friend!!"

With a spear in his hand, Daisy threw her spear at Axel.

"..... ahh"

Axel received the thrown spear without even looking at it.

And then,

- Boom!

Laurier looked.

And Axel spun the spear with his hand, and laid the tip of his blade against the arm of the knight of armor; and moreover,


Not even the sound of disconnection.

I cut off the armor of the Armored Knight.

I saw with my own eyes the sight of the overwhelming armor of God.

I tasted that the weight of Zushili had been added to my hand.

“Daisy, thanks to you, I think I can go.”

Looking in the direction of the spear, Daisy was away from the fountain, lending her shoulders to Laurier, who was stranded.

Her expression was bright, and she pointed her thumbs up at me.

And after I smile back, I look right in front of me.

There is an armored knight picking up his amputated arm.

The knight picks up his hand and looks at the cutting plane with interest.

[Artificial ingenuity is still good]

I threw it backwards.

At the same time, the sword held in the remaining armor

- Gurgling.

and distorted.

It changed its shape fluidly, as if it were iron on which a high heat was applied, or as if it were water.

And what happens is the assimilation of the cut off right arm.

From the elbow of my right arm, it became a fist with a sword.

"Ah, Axel! Watch out!"The magic power of that armor is swelling up! "

From behind, Laurier's voice flew out.

She must be sensitive to spirit seeds.

"Oh, I know, Laurier."

I knew the same thing.

The armor in front of me was a step stronger.

Along with the bouncing force and the will to defeat us, it's tingling and stimulating your skin.

It's literally the back of God's hand.

The armored knight stands with his right arm pulled.

It's like a punching stance, and...

It's the last Ciren. I can't escape.

and his words echoed.