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Iron Coin ⇒ ⇒ One Gold

Copper coin ⇒⇒10 gold

Bronze Coin ⇒100 Hundred Gold

Silver Coin ⇒ 1,000 Gold

Large silver coin ⇒ ⇒ 10,000 gold

Gold Coin ⇒⇒100,000 Gold

Mithril Co., Ltd.⇒⇒Million Gold

* Misril coins are sometimes used for transactions between nations and at the national level, but only gold coins are used at the private level.

Red ⇒ ⇒ level 30

Yellow ⇒⇒level forty

Blue ⇒⇒Level fifty

Silver ⇒ Level 80

Gold ⇒ 100 level

White ⇒⇒Level 200 (unconfirmed)

Black ⇒ Unlimited levels

* The level of the dungeon boss varies slightly.

* In the case of a black rank dungeon, gold, white, and black balls may appear in the clear bonus gacha.

In the first stage, defeating opponents with a level difference of 100 or more will increase the level upper limit to 200.

In the second stage, if you defeat an opponent who has a level difference of more than 150, the upper limit of the level will be 300.

In the third stage, if you defeat an opponent with a level difference of 200 or more, there is no upper limit to the level.

G ⇒ 0

F ⇒ 1-2

E ⇒3-5

D ⇒ 6-10

C ⇒11-11

B ⇒ ¥ 16 20

A ⇒ 21-30

S ⇒31 50

EX ⇒More than 51

* If there are two “strengths” E and C at level 1, the “real strength level” of the E person is 4-6 and the “real strength level” of the C person is 12-16.

In addition to the level and ability correction level, skills etc. are also related to the strength of the individual, but it is certain that the higher the rank of each ability, the better the battle.

Name: Tsukuru Sumeragi

Job: Cook, Level 1

Skills: [Cooking] [Ignition] [Dismantling] [Detailed appraisal] [Material storage]

Ability: Physical strength G, magic power G, strength G, intelligence C, agility G, dexterous EX, good luck EX

Inscription: Black fog (first form)

Skills: [Immortal] [Sharp] [Purification] [Evolution] [Special Moves (1)]

Ability: Physical strength EX, magic power S, strength G, intelligence S, agility G, dexterity G, good luck S

Title: Grim Reaper Sword

Name: Canaan

Job: Magician Level 23

Skills: [Fire magic] [Magic control] [Magic boost]

Ability: Strength G, Magic C, Arm G, Intelligence C, Agility E, Dexterity D, Fortune E

Name: Beese

Race: Rich Destroy II Level 270

Skills: [Biometric detection] [Existence concealment] [Transmission] [Sweak soul] [Subordinate summoning] [Ice ice magic] [Physical attack invalidity] [Magical attack resistance] [Frigid magic] [Concealment] [Disguise] [Transposition art]

Ability: Physical A, Magic S, Arm A, Intelligence S, Agility S, Dexterity S, Fortune C

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Character name has been changed.

Kiichi Kai ⇒ Saruyama Kai


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