Ghost Crossing

Chapter 2 School Fright

In order not to become a short-lived ghost, Fu Xiaowan was thinking about how to cross the ghost all the way. The ghost is too terrible. Let's just don't let it go. Find some ghosts that look better, but how dead ghosts are not scary, it looks like!Nothing!

Because the ghosts who can't go to the underworld all have a last wish, and there is something in their heart that can't let go, such a ghost will keep the appearance after death, what it looked like when it died, and what the ghost looked like, until the last wish is completed will not become what it was before. Look like, and then go to the underworld.

Well, then, how do people who die don’t look scary!

Hanged ghost?Uh, with a long tongue and protruding eyeballs, the standard can't catch your eyes!

Water ghost?The face is soaked and swollen, the skin is wrinkled, and it is white like paper... Please, no matter what you think, ghosts are terrifying!

Pushing his glasses, Fu Xiaowan pursed her lips bitterly and murmured, "Where can I find a good-looking ghost!"

X University is a private school for wealthy people. However, after the reform, some students with excellent grades will be admitted to stimulate the progress of those wealthy children.

Fu Xiaowan was rich in her family, but her grades were excellent enough, so she didn't rely on her family to enter this school, but instead entered the school with a high score.

Because of this, everyone in the school thinks that Fu Xiaowan, the school bachelor, is a poor person, and some people even think that she is a girl who has been taken care of, after all, she drove to school!And it's not an ordinary car.

"Crunch!" Fu Xiaowan made a beautiful drift and stopped the car. The first thing after getting out of the car is to touch the glasses, and consider whether to open the glasses to see if there are any ghosts nearby.

However, after hesitating for a while, her hands were still weakly drooping, so let's give her a little more time, she is not mentally prepared yet!

Fu Xiaowan walked around the campus dejectedly. There was still some time before class, so she could slowly sway past.

During the period, the students passing by the road began to talk about her.

"Shameless, I'm so bold after being wrapped up." A girl who was jealous of Fu Xiaowan's beautiful face scolded angrily.

"Hey, yes, find a chance to talk to her about life!" A rich second-generation who just discovered Fu Xiaowan's beauty touched his chin with a smile on his face.

In short, Fu Xiaowan is very popular in school, but a negative one, and there are few people who like her to play with her.

"Ah!" Suddenly, there was a scream that cut through the sky, followed by countless screams, which instantly shocked the entire campus and also shocked Fu Xiaowan.

Love to join in the fun is an obvious cold phenomenon in modern society, and it is the same on campus.

Soon, countless students including the teacher dared to go to the source of the scream, and Fu Xiaowan naturally followed the crowd.

The front of the teacher's building was crowded, and the inner and outer three circles were crowded with people. When Fu Xiaowan arrived, he could only see the back of the students in front of him, and couldn't see what was going on inside.

The security and teachers arrived quickly and began to drive the students away, but how could the students who came to join in the fun easily leave, just stood outside and continued to watch.

However, it didn't take long for Fu Xiaowan to see a boy emerge from the crowd with difficulty, his face was pale, his right hand was covering his mouth, and an expression of horror that was about to be disgusting but holding back.

Then a boy grabbed the boy's hand with a curious look and asked, "Classmate, what's the matter, what have you seen, why is his face so bad!"

The boy swallowed hard: "Dead, Professor Qi is dead, jumped upstairs, jumped down!" After speaking, he instantly remembered the horror of seeing the corpse just now, and couldn't help but shake off and grab himself. Ran to the side of the tree and threw up his hand.

Professor Qi!

A beautiful figure suddenly appeared in Fu Xiaowan's mind. Professor Qi was a teacher in the school. He became a teacher in the school at a young age. He has a beautiful personality and a good personality. It can be said that the teachers and students in the school pursued together. Object.

Such a young, beautiful and promising Professor Qi died by jumping off the building?

suicide?Or is it murder?

For Professor Qi, Fu Xiaowan still has some good feelings. It can be said that Professor Qi treats her very well in school. She has never thought that she is a woman with improper conduct, but warned other students who insulted her not to talk nonsense.

Why would such a good woman die!

Fu Xiaowan's heart was lost in an instant. She bit her lip, and finally made a decision. She took off her glasses decisively, and then opened her eyes wide to search.

"Di Hu Di Hu ~" The police car also arrived very quickly. After all, there was an accident at the school. There were a lot of people inside, and the influence was not good.

The cordon was pulled up and the crowd was driven away. Many students heard that they were dead, most of the female students were scared away, and the rest were mostly male students. Are you brave? I want to join in the fun.So there were still many people around the scene, but they were all outside the cordon.

The police were investigating the scene and asking witnesses.

And Fu Xiaowan, looking around, finally found a white shadow, that was Professor Qi's ghost.

After discovering the location, Fu Xiaowan's eyes were all concentrated. At this look, he immediately screamed "Ah!", covered his eyes with his hands, and took a step back.

I saw Professor Qi's ghost head tilted to one side, two hands hanging weakly on his side, one foot showing a strange arc, the facial features on his face were still correct, but his eyes, nose, ears and mouth were bleeding.

The scream made the surrounding students all startled. All of them looked at Fu Xiaowan. She was so scared that she covered her eyes. She looked at her sympathetically. Also, a girl saw such a bloody thing. One scene, I would definitely be scared, they couldn't think that Fu Xiaowan was so scared because he saw a dead ghost.

Of course, it also attracted the attention of the police, but the same thoughts as the other students were thought to be frightened by the appearance of the corpses, so a policeman began to drive the crowd again to avoid frightening the students.

The students who have been staying for a while have also lost interest and gradually left the scene. Of course, there are also newcomers, but overall the number of students is decreasing.

Fu Xiaowan felt very annoyed soon after the fright. Wouldn't she be going to become a short-lived ghost if she continued to be scared? Don't be afraid, this ghost is Professor Qi, and Professor Qi is very good to her and will not deliberately frighten her.

After consoling herself, Fu Xiaowan gritted her teeth and let go of her hand cruelly, and looked directly at Professor Qi's ghost.

"Why? Why?" Professor Qi's ghost seemed to be hesitating. She floated around the corpse back and forth, and kept chanting three words in her mouth. Why?