Ghost Crossing

Chapter Four The Death of a Teacher (2)

"Really interested!" Fu Xiaowan couldn't help but sighed, she was like her, avoiding ghosts all the time, and being entangled by grandma, so she wouldn't do such an elegant thing.

Fu Xiaowan was afraid of ghosts. What he was afraid of was how terrible the ghosts were when they died. Professor Qi is now the same as before, and he is a familiar person. She is prepared in her heart. Coupled with the comfort of the good air at this time, she is now at all I didn't feel scared anymore, but decided to find out the murderer of Professor Qi as soon as possible, avenge Professor Qi, and also complete his task by the way.

Professor Qi's expression was a little dazed and emotional. This familiar scenery has become her last scenery. She is really unwilling. There is still great youth waiting for her. She died so inexplicably, who would start Hurt her?

There are a bunch of people who are jealous of her in the office. There are also a bunch of suitors. There are also students who chase her. There are countless female students who are jealous of her. This is so wide, how can we investigate?

For a while, Professor Qi's mood fell, his grievances gradually increased, and the nearby temperature also dropped rapidly.

"Hiss, it's cold!" Fu Xiaowan was frozen. She wrapped her arms around her and looked back, and she saw that Professor Qi's body color was gradually darkening, and her grievances deepened, making it harder to get through, and it was easy to get lost and forget what she was. People forget everything about themselves and become lonely ghosts.

"Professor Qi! Don't be discouraged, I will definitely help you find the person who harmed you!" Fu Xiaowan shouted quickly, for fear that Professor Qi would lose himself completely.

Hearing her voice, Professor Qi moved his eyelids, then raised his head to look at her, and muttered: "But I didn't see who harmed me, nor can I think of who harmed me! How to find it?"

Fu Xiaowan sweated profusely, her eyes grumbled, and she said confidently: "Isn't there still me? I'm not an ordinary person, don't worry, I will definitely help you find the murderer!"

Yes, Fu Xiaowan is not an ordinary person, she can see ghosts, and there must be a way to find the murderer!

Professor Qi's heart healed instantly, and his grievances gradually dissipated. He looked at Fu Xiaowan with extremely expectant eyes: "Fu Xiaowan, thank you!"

Seeing that the color of the grievance on Professor Qi's body had not deepened and was easing, Fu Xiaowan sighed with relief and showed a smile to comfort her, but she smiled bitterly in her heart. Your victim doesn't know who will harm you. How should I investigate.

She didn't dare to say such a frustrated word, rubbed her nose angrily, began to survey the scene, and asked: "Professor Qi, what was the situation at that time, and why did you suddenly feel dizzy and uncomfortable?"

Professor Qi floated to the railing where he was killed and slowly said: "At that time, I was standing here breathing air, and then suddenly I felt weak and dizzy. Everything in front of me was shaking and shaking. I just wanted to hold on to the railing. , Was pushed down."

Fu Xiaowan blinked, frowned and asked, "Someone is on the top floor, but you didn't notice it? Also, if it's not sick, how come you feel dizzy suddenly? Have you eaten something you shouldn't eat before!"

"No, when I went upstairs, I hadn't eaten breakfast or anything. As for that person, when I suddenly dizzy, I seemed to hear the sound of high heels, and then I was pushed down!"

"High heels, then the murderer is a woman!" Fu Xiaowan's eyes lit up, and there are finally some useful clues.

Professor Qi was silent for a moment, and said suspiciously: "By the way, I seemed to smell something before I fell. It seems to have been smelled before I went upstairs, and I thought it was very special and good."

Another big clue!Fu Xiaowan asked hurriedly: "Then do you remember who you smelled it from?"

"I don't remember!" Professor Qi shook his head regretfully. He smelled something when he was walking, so he would go to see who it was.

"Okay! I don't remember, it's okay. Tell me the route you went upstairs. I will find out who was nearby." Fu Xiaowan also felt a pity. If he remembered who it was, he would directly find the murderer, but finally There is a clue.

Next, Professor Qi said the route after coming to the school. Because he was already a teacher, the school arranged accommodation, right in the school.

After leaving the dormitory, I went to buy a breakfast, then went straight to the office, put down the breakfast and went to the top of the building.

It is a very simple route with few places to pass. Fu Xiaowan thought about the route. It is not far away and there are not many people you can meet. She tentatively asked: "Professor Qi, haven't you met anyone on this road? Someone who is more familiar, or who has a tongue on the road!"

"This!" Professor Qi blushed instantly, lowered his head a little shyly, and whispered: "A boy confessed to me."

Raising his eyebrows, Fu Xiaowan asked gossipingly: "Professor Qi, did you reject it? Could it be that you rejected it. Then the boy will become angry and throw you away!"

"No, I, I promised!" Professor Qi quickly retorted, but he blushed again when she said that. She is a teacher, but she is more tempted than students who are a few years younger than her, which is really embarrassing.

Speechless!Which boy was so courageous that he touched Professor Qi's heart. The gossip heart ignited in an instant. Unable to help, she suddenly remembered the boy who was standing on the scene with a painful face and asked curiously: "Professor Qi, shouldn’t it Yes, that boy!" As he said, he clicked his finger down, and it was exactly where the boy was standing.

Unsurprisingly, Professor Qi's eyes flashed, a little shy and a little happily nodded, but immediately realized that the two were separated from yin and yang, and they stood up again, feeling very unwilling. The boy who liked confessed, she agreed Yes, but without a decent date, she died.

What a pity that a couple of lovers, Fu Xiaowan sighed.

Will this matter have something to do with this boy? Professor Qi has always been single and jealous of a lot of people he pursued. It happened that this boy confessed that Professor Qi agreed and something went wrong.

If you have any doubts, you have to investigate. Fu Xiaowan said directly: "Professor Qi, I'll talk to this guy!"

Professor Qi was puzzled: "He wouldn't have harmed me!" She thought Fu Xiaowan was suspicious of her sweetheart.

"Don't get excited, I'm just going to ask something. Look, he confessed to you that there should be no one nearby?"

Seeing Professor Qi nodded and Fu Xiaowan continued: "No one knows that you have an object, then your suitor will definitely not attack you for being jealous, and you also said that if the murderer wears high heels, your suitor will never have a woman. Right! As for the one who is jealous of you, it must be a woman. It is too exaggerated to say that she wants to kill or kill people because of a little jealousy. So I think this may be related to this boy. I guess, there is a girl who likes you. My sweetheart, but I happened to see the scene that you confessed, so I was murderous!"