Ghost Crossing

Chapter VI The Death of a Teacher (4)

Rong Hongqian recalled carefully, and finally shook his head: "Because of my identity, I was afraid of being rejected, so I deliberately avoided the crowd, so I was sure that there was no one nearby at that time!"

Professor Qi on the side also nodded at Fu Xiaowan, confirming Rong Hongqian's words.

Fu Xiaowan clicked her thumb on her lips, and went through Rong Hongqian's words carefully. Liu eyebrows couldn't help but frowned and asked a question: "According to what you said, no one knows how you became a couple. I didn't say anything. Wrong!"

"Yes!" Rong Hongqian nodded very positively, and Professor Qi on the side also nodded. She died before telling anyone.

It seems, has entered a dead end again, wait!

Fu Xiaowan's eyes lit up, staring at Rong Hongqian and asked, "Wait, you just said that you confessed with the encouragement of a friend."

"Yes, he is my best friend. He grew up wearing a pair of pants." Rong Hongqian responded casually, but quickly realized that Fu Xiaowan doubted his friend, and quickly added, "It's a boy. My roommate, and he has a girlfriend who has been talking for many years, and he has a good relationship."

"Cough cough!" Fu Xiaowan coughed awkwardly. Well, she was really thinking that she was a woman, maybe she had been in a secret crush for Rong Hongqian, if she was a man, she could have a crush.

"In short, it seems that a third person knows what you want to confess. Can you be sure that your best friend will not tell other people about it?" Fu Xiaowan still felt that this matter should be related to Rong Hongqian.

Rong Hongqian's face froze, and he said nerdy: "This kid is not hiding anything from his girlfriend, and his girlfriend has a big mouth!"

The corners of Fu Xiaowan's mouth trembled. Now it seems that the range has increased a lot, and the clues can finally continue.

She glanced at Professor Qi secretly, saw a ray of hope in her eyes, smiled comfortingly at her, and immediately said to Rong Hongqian: "It seems that we can go find your best friend."

Rong Hongqian's face was hard to look when he said this, could it be because of him that Qi Yan died?The heart suddenly became very heavy.

However, it is more important to find the murderer. Rong Hongqian took a deep breath, took a deep look towards the figure, and muttered, "Yaner, wait for me!"

Professor Qi on the side naturally heard this, and in an instant, tears almost flooded again.

After calling and asking where their friends were, Rong Hongqian and Fu Xiaowan started to act.

Rong Hongqian was right. His best friend and his girlfriend had a good relationship, and he was tired of being together at the moment. After receiving the call, he immediately brought his girlfriend to the appointment.

Rong Hongqian's best friend is called Wang Li, and his girlfriend is called Qin Lan. When the two of them came over, they were very surprised to see Rong Hongqian and Fu Xiaowan walking together.

Because Wang Li and Qin Lan didn’t have classes today and they were playing outside the school, they didn’t know the news of Qi Yan’s death. Seeing Rong Hongqian with a heavy face with the notorious Fu Xiaowan, they couldn’t help but glance at each other. With the weird look on their faces, the two even thought tacitly, could it be that Rong Hongqian was rejected, and even Fu Xiaowan was entangled in the sadness?

After all, Wang Li is Rong Hongqian's best friend. He dared to say anything. He quickly rushed forward, grabbed Rong Hongqian, dragged him aside, and looked at Fu Xiaowan from time to time. He hated iron and asked like steel: "How can you and Fu Xiaowan? Are women like that mixed up? Didn't you go to confess? You were rejected?"

Hearing this confession, Rong Hongqian's face became more gloomy, and he said in a deep voice: "Qi Yan, she, she is dead!"

"What!" Wang Li was shocked!The voice couldn't help but increase, attracting the nearby people to look at him. He quickly lowered his voice and said in disbelief, "How come!"

Obviously, Qi Yan's death was too sudden, how could he suddenly die!

Thinking of encouraging his friend Rong Hongqian to confess yesterday, Wang Li comfortably patted Rong Hongqian on the shoulder, and said regretfully: "Qian, don't be sad, buddies invite you to drink at night, and get drunk for a while!"

Rong Hongqian smiled bitterly. In fact, he is not at all sad now, because he has already planned to look at his friend Wang Li with extremely serious eyes, and asks very seriously: "Wang Li, I ask you, I want to confess What did you tell?"

Wang Li was taken aback, and immediately scratched his head in embarrassment: "I told Qin Lan! Really, I told her alone!" But he also thought of his girlfriend's big mouth, chuckled twice, and asked weakly: "what happened?"

Wang Li is not stupid. He told about the matter Rong Hongqian wanted to confess, but Qi Yan died. He ran to ask about it. This shows that Qi Yan’s death is most likely to involve him, and he only did it. After that, I told my girlfriend what my friend wanted to confess, and my girlfriend must have told other people too. My heart sank suddenly.

If it is really because of this, he can't wait to smoke his mouth!

And while they were talking, Qin Lan also met Fu Xiaowan, but Qin Lan’s attitude and expression were quite bad, she spoke to Fu Xiaowan with a look of disgust, and the first sentence began to sarcastically: "Fu Xiaowan, don’t pester Hong Qian, someone like you is not worthy of him!"

Fu Xiaowan rubbed her nose angrily. Okay, her reputation in school is indeed not good, but she seems to have nothing to do with Rong Hongqian, right?

The whole school satirized and insulted Fu Xiaowan, and Fu Xiaowan didn't care, because it was all said back, no one insulted in person. If someone insulted in person, Fu Xiaowan said that she was not a good talker.

Therefore, at this moment, Qin Lan's words and attitude made Fu Xiaowan dissatisfied. Yes, she was just dissatisfied and couldn't reach her anger, so she just raised her eyebrows lightly and said in a cool tone: "You are the girlfriend of Rong Hongqian's best friend, right? , Rong Hongqian wants to confess to Qi Yan, have you said it out like a princess!"

Bapo!These two words irritated Qin Lan, and Qin Lan cursed in anger and anger: "You bitch, what right do you have to take care of me? I said I didn't care about you!"

"Heh~" Fu Xiaowan laughed contemptuously, and said in a sullen tone, "If you say it, it's because your eighth wife talks a lot, which killed Qi Yan!"

"What! What!" Qin Lan was shocked, "Qi Yan is dead? How is it possible? You lied to me!"

Fu Xiaowan stared at Qin Lan with cold eyes, and said word by word: "Dead! This morning, after Rong Hongqian confessed, Qi Yan fell off the top floor of the teacher's building."

Qin Lan's head crashed instantly, how could she fall to her death?why?Even if you don't accept Rong Hongqian's confession, you don't have to die. Could it be that Rong Hongqian was rejected and turned into anger?