Ghost Crossing

Chapter Seven The Death of a Teacher (5)

Seeing Qin Lan's unbelief look, Fu Xiaowan narrowed his eyes and asked, "Who did you tell about Rong Hongqian's confession?"

Qin Lan was still in a state of wandering, and after hearing Fu Xiaowan's question, she murmured reflexively: "I told Xia Qiting and Jiang Xueli..." The next thing is the crackling name. There are actually 7 people!

Fu Xiaowan looked at Qin Lan dumbfounded, her mouth was not as big as usual, and she told many people!

However, this also shows that there are more and more clues, and anyone who knows the news may have criminal motives.

And Qin Lan, after whispering the name of the person, suddenly recovered, staring at Fu Xiaowan with wide-eyed eyes. She felt a little hard to guess in her heart and asked in surprise, "What are you asking about this? What do you mean?"

The corners of her mouth raised wickedly, and Fu Xiaowan smiled very irritatingly. After Qin Lan's expression became more and more remorseful and fearful, then she threw out a sentence that almost made Qin Lan fall: "It's nothing, just ask!"

Anyway, the names of the people are remembered, and there is no need to scare Qin Lan anymore. If the final result of this matter has nothing to do with Rong Hongqian's admirer, wouldn't it be embarrassing.

Qin Lan was taken aback, and reacted for a long time. She seemed to have been tricked, and she would scold Fu Xiaowan if she was anxious. At this time, Rong Hongqian and Wang Li came back, and she was too embarrassed to show a shrew and curse in front of her boyfriend. He gave Fu Xiaowan a fierce look, and quickly stepped forward and took her boyfriend Wang Li's arm.

Rong Hongqian patted Wang Li on the shoulder, and then stood beside Fu Xiaowan. Seeing Fu Xiaowan nodded towards her, he said goodbye to Wang Li.

After the two of them walked away, Wang Li stared at Qin Lan with a nerdy expression and wanted to say her, but in the end he didn't say anything, pulling Qin Lan away in silence, leaving Qin Lan confused and wondering what was going on. .

"Xia Qiting, Jiang Xueli..., among these few people, are there your admirers?" Fu Xiaowan quickly said the names of the people he had just learned from Qin Lan's mouth. After speaking, he looked aside. The jealous Professor Qi glanced.

Rong Hongqian was silent for a moment, and then replied uncertainly: "Xia Qiting, if you have a boyfriend, you should not like me, Jiang Xueli, she, I think, she should be interesting to me..." Soon, Rong Hongqian analyzed seven people, of course, based on his own personal feelings.

After listening, Fu Xiaowan set the target on Jiang Xueli first: "Go, let's go to Jiang Xueli first! Do you know where she is?"

"I don't know!" Rong Hongqian's answer was also very direct.

Speechless, I didn’t know what to do so arrogantly that I still answered, Fu Xiaowan gave him an angry look, and was about to find another way to find Jiang Xueli, but heard Professor Qi say uncertainly: “It seems that Jiang Xueli is doing a part-time job. It's in the coffee shop not far ahead!"

After a pause, Fu Xiaowan changed the topic and suggested to Rong Hongqian: "We are tired from walking, let's have a cup of coffee first!"

"I, don't want to drink!" Rong Hongqian is very complicated. He is really afraid now, afraid that Qi Yan's death will be caused by his confession.

"If you don't drink, I will drink." Fu Xiaowan went straight to the coffee shop, Rong Hongqian had no choice but to follow to the coffee shop.

As soon as he entered the coffee shop, Rong Hongqian glanced casually, staring at a waiter in surprise and said: "Jiang Xueli!"

Fu Xiaowan pretended to be surprised and looked around and asked, "Where? Who?"

Reaching out his hand, Rong Hongqian pointed to the waiter: "It's her!"

The Jiang Xueli they were looking for seemed to be in poor condition. She was walking in a trance with her coffee. After putting down the coffee, the customer picked up and took a sip and immediately cursed: "What are you doing, I don't want this coffee!"

Jiang Xueli recovered and hurriedly apologized: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I will change it now."

After that, I quickly picked up the coffee and wanted to go back to the service desk, but I tripped and fell, spilled the coffee, and fell to the ground with a choke!

"Sorry, sorry, you will be free for your purchase today." The manager of the coffee shop had been waiting on the side for a long time, and hurriedly stepped forward to apologize when he saw the situation, and when the customer died down, he quickly pulled Jiang Xueli and asked: "Jiang Xueli, what are you doing! There are so many mistakes today, I think you should go back and rest!"

Jiang Xueli's eyes were red, and she looked at the manager with a flustered expression and apologized: "Sorry, manager, I, I feel a little uncomfortable today."

"Okay, go back and rest if you feel uncomfortable!" The manager is not embarrassed to be too harsh on this weak female student, and Jiang Xueli's performance is usually very good, and she thinks she should always make mistakes when she is sick!

"Thank you, manager, I, I'm leaving now!" Jiang Xueli lowered her head, a struggling expression flashed in her eyes, and hurried to the fitting room to change her clothes and prepare to leave.

After seeing this scene, Fu Xiaowan and Rong Hongqian glanced at each other, and their doubts about Jiang Xueli grew deeper. If they hadn't done anything wrong, how could they have such an expression.

At this time, Professor Qi's expression was even more agitated. She moved her nose twice and shouted: "This is the smell! Xiao Wan, Jiang Xueli has the smell I smelled that day!"

Fu Xiaowan's eyes flashed, and she almost determined that Jiang Xueli was the murderer in her heart. However, without evidence, Jiang Xueli could only be asked to surrender. Seeing her loss of soul, she should be frightened and she would leak out.

Jiang Xueli didn't notice that her sweetheart Rong Hongqian had come in. She changed her clothes with empty eyes, and walked out with her bag and head down, without realizing that she was already following two tails behind her.

In fact, it feels like someone is being followed. Although Jiang Xueli is in a state of absent-mindedness, she still feels that someone behind her seems to be following her, her face instantly pales and she ran away.

Fu Xiaowan and Rong Hongqian speeded up and followed.

While running, Jiang Xueli couldn't help but glance back to confirm whether she was really being followed. She was stunned when she saw that it was Rong Hongqian who she had a crush on following her. As for Fu Xiaowan, I'm sorry. She simply ignored it.

Seeing Rong Hongqian, Jiang Xueli seemed to have thought of something, her face paled again, her lips squirmed a few times, and she stopped and stared at Rong Hongqian blankly.

When Rong Hongqian and Fu Xiaowan saw her stop, they stopped when they reached her, and they both stopped talking.

"Rong... Hongqian, you, what are you doing with me?" Jiang Xueli turned her face away to avoid Rong Hongqian's fiery gaze, and asked with a smile.

Fu Xiaowan curled her lips to the side, as if she was completely ignored!