Ghost Crossing

Chapter 11 The Death of a Teacher (9)

Fu Xiaowan rubbed his temples helplessly, looked at Xia Qiting, showing a sarcastic smile, sneered, and slowly said: "Sorry, sister doesn't have much, just money!"

Xia Qiting was startled, a little confused, what do you mean, could it be said that Fu Xiaowan's wealth was not because he was covered, but because he was rich?


Xia Qiting continued to speak in disbelief: "No one dislikes too much money, 1 million, how about it?"

Hearing this, Fu Xiaowan looked at Xia Qiting silently, then took out his mobile phone, logged in to his account, and then handed the screen to Xia Qiting: "Have you seen it! Look good, you can go away!"

Xia Qiting's complexion instantly became colorful, how much is that 0, in short, it is definitely much more than 1 million. It turns out that Fu Xiaowan is a rich man, and she has not been kept or raised.

People, beautiful!Good school and better family background!

In short, no matter what it is, Xia Qiting is not as good as Fu Xiaowan.

Xia Qiting was hit, and her heart sank to the bottom of the sea in an instant. Fu Xiaowan was so good, much better than Qi Yan, no wonder Rong Hongqian accepted her!

Since you can't get Fu Xiaowan out with money, then she doesn't mind having another life in her hand!

After taking a deep look at Fu Xiaowan, Xia Qiting snorted and turned to leave, and then left with a strange fragrance, which was exactly the same as Qi Yan smelled before his death.

After the person walked away, Fu Xiaowan touched his chin and laughed, "It's time to do it now!"

Female dormitory

Xia Qiting sat on the bed with a blue face. It took a long time before she eased her energy. She took out a book and turned it over. She still muttered: "Fu Xiaowan, I want you to die. It's a terrible death!"

(Note: The school is full of wealthy people. The dormitory is allocated to them only as a place for temporary rest. They can leave school at any time.)

After flipping for a while, she finally stopped. A weird smile appeared on the corners of Xia Qiting's mouth, and he said, "It's you!"

On the bedside, Qi Yan, who was floating, stared at the page with wide eyes, shaking all over, wishing to find Fu Xiaowan right away, but in the end she calmed down, she needed more news.

Coffee shop

Fu Xiaowan likes to drink coffee. She drives to have a drink an hour after lunch every day, and today is no exception.

When she was drinking coffee leisurely, Xia Qiting appeared!

Still looking arrogant, Xia Qiting looked at Fu Xiaowan coldly and said, "Fu Xiaowan, I want to talk to you!"

"Okay!" Fu Xiaowan shrugged indifferently and stunned. Xia Qiting was a little depressed. She thought Fu Xiaowan would refuse. She had prepared all kinds of arguments to convince Fu Xiaowan, but she agreed so easily!Although depressed, it is a good thing to be so smooth.

The roof of the building where the coffee shop is located

Fearing that Fu Xiaowan would go back, Xia Qiting directly chose the top of the building, and the two took the elevator to the top floor.

Qi Yanpiao said nervously from the side: "Xiao Wan, be careful." Although you already know Xia Qiting's plan, what if something unexpected happens?

"Let's talk!" Fu Xiaowan deliberately walked to the edge area, as long as Xia Qiting did it by surprise, something would happen to her.

Xia Qiting saw that Fu Xiaowan had come to the danger zone by herself, and a flash of excitement flashed under her eyes, but soon dimmed, and the proud look on her face became painful, and her tone was very sad and said: "Fu Xiaowan, you know Did Jiang Xueli surrendered, she killed Professor Qi!"

"Oh?" Fu Xiaowan was puzzled. What did she do with this, but she soon knew Xia Qiting's intentions.

Xia Qiting smiled bitterly and said: "I'm sorry, I said that to you yesterday. I thought you wanted to play with Rong Hongqian's feelings. Jiang Xueli and I are good friends. She did stupid things for Rong Hongqian. I think, She would not want to see you and Rong Hongqian together."

laugh!Even using Jiang Xueli as an excuse, Fu Xiaowan sneered in her heart, but with a serious expression on her face, she replied: "And then! If you just come to apologize, then good, I forgive you, because I didn't take your words at all. !"

endure!Xia Qiting forced herself to calm down, then put her fingers into the trouser pockets behind her hips, grabbed a small bottle, and smiled and said: "I am very happy, you can forgive me, and thank you for coming upstairs with me, otherwise I I really can’t let go of apologizing to you. Then I won’t bother you anymore, goodbye!"

After speaking, she held her breath, and pushed the lid open with her fingers, then turned around to leave.


Just after she turned around, she felt a slap on her shoulder, and a slender hand was pressed against her shoulder. This sudden movement frightened Xia Qiting, and she couldn't help but breathe quickly.

A peculiar smell was inhaled into the nasal cavity, Xia Qiting screamed, and quickly held her breath again, but it was too late. She suddenly felt a little dizzy, and she quickly reached out to grab something, but there was nothing beside her, and finally she staggered and fell straight down. Fell to the ground.

Fu Xiaowan held her breath and watched Xia Qiting fall with cold eyes. Her two hands waved in the air to instigate twice. After a few seconds, she gasped for breath. Then she walked a few steps and came to Xia Qiting, looking at the person who fell on the ground. Xia Qiting sneered: "Tsk, Xia Qiting, what's wrong with you? Are you suddenly sick?"

Xia Qiting stared at Fu Xiaowan with wide-eyed eyes. She didn't understand why Fu Xiaowan didn't get the shot.

"Are you curious about how I'm okay?" Fu Xiaowan raised her eyebrows, and then said playfully, "I won't tell you!"

"You!" Xia Qiting was itchy, she seemed to think of something flashing under her eyes, but she calmed down quickly, pretending to be calm and said, "I just feel a little uncomfortable suddenly, if possible, can you help me? ?"

Fu Xiaowan raised a finger casually to play with it, and then lazily said: "How can this work, the good show hasn't started yet! Haha, I almost forgot, I should avoid it now, and I can't hinder the next thing!"

The next thing!Xia Qiting was stunned, what do you mean, could it be said that Fu Xiaowan knew what would happen next, how could it be possible?

Feeling puzzled, Xia Qiting was a little confused, but thinking about the next arrangement, she became anxious: "Fu Xiaowan! Don't go!"

"Don't go, stay and watch the show? This is all right, wait, I choose a good location to watch!" Fu Xiaowan nodded seriously, and after speaking, she really turned her head to search for the best viewing position. .

"You!" Xia Qiting was angry, but at this time she was also sure that Fu Xiaowan knew what, but fortunately, she had done two-handed preparations and brought her own medicine. Although the body is weak, it is okay to take the medicine out.