Ghost Crossing

Chapter 13 The Death of the Teacher (11)

"You, can you really see, ghost?"

Hearing Rong Hongqian's question, Fu Xiaowan denied without thinking: "How is it possible? I scared Xia Qiting. If I can really see ghosts, why bother looking for clues so hard and directly targeting Xia Qiting!"

Rong Hongqian smiled bitterly at the corner of his mouth, muttering, "Is that so!"

"Yes, that's it!" Fu Xiaowan nodded solemnly. She didn't want to see ghosts and be known to others. It would be very troublesome.

Rong Hongqian smiled bitterly and replied as if comforting himself: "Yes, how can there be ghosts in this world."

Ignoring Rong Hongqian’s loss and caught the murderer, Fu Xiaowan was relieved. The first time he crossed the ghost was considered a success. Next, she had to go to Aunt Zhang’s house to see if her grandmother had said it, pregnant women. ghost.

Qi Yan floated in the air and gratefully said to Fu Xiaowan: "Xiaowan, thank you, can I accompany him again, just one day."

Fu Xiaowan cast a glance at Rong Hongqian who was in a state of absent-mindedness, nodded slightly, and then walked away quickly. If she caught the murderer, she would be fine. As for Rong Hongqian, his sadness has nothing to do with her and has no obligation. Go to comfort him.

Moreover, she is very busy, okay, you know, 100, although there are only 3 this year, she still has to seize the opportunity before her eyes. After all, in the big city, the chance of encountering ghosts is relatively small, because The yang energy is too heavy, and the ghost will soon drift to other places to hide under the influence of the yang energy, and some will completely dissipate.

And Rong Hongqian was stunned for a while, and he came back to his senses and saw that Fu Xiaowan was no longer there. His eyes were lost for a while and then he became firm. He whispered and laughed to himself: "Yan'er, wait for me, I will soon I will come to you!"

After speaking, his eyes became extremely firm, and he walked quickly to the school building.

Qi Yan originally wanted to stay with Rong Hongqian for the last day and leave, but she didn't expect that Rong Hongqian would actually come to her. Her heart suddenly raised. Rong Hongqian was going to do a stupid thing, to kill himself. !

No way!

Qi Yan suddenly panicked, she floated to Rong Hongqian and shouted: "Rong Hongqian, don't do stupid things!"

However, Rong Hongqian couldn't hear what she said at all. This was anxious for Qi Yan, but soon she had an idea and went to Fu Xiaowan. Only Fu Xiaowan could see her and hear her!

Not long after Fu Xiaowan left, he heard Qi Yan's cry.

"Xiao Wan! Don't go, help me!" Qi Yan shouted anxiously, her body swiftly drifting towards Fu Xiaowan, the speed of the ghost was extremely fast, seeing Fu Xiaowan's figure, he appeared directly in Fu Xiaowan's after shouting Around.

"Professor Qi, what's the matter?" Fu Xiaowan asked suspiciously. Didn't he say to accompany Rong Hongqian? Why did he come after him?

Qi Yan's face was full of anxiety, and he quickly said: "Go and save Rong Hongqian, he is going to jump off the building!"

what!Jump off!

Fu Xiaowan was shocked, and hurriedly asked, "Where?" He started to run away from the speech, the direction was where he separated from Rong Hongqian.

Qi Yan floated and said, "He must go to the teaching building where I died, and he said he wants to find me!"

"Love!" Fu Xiaowan's wide-eyed eyes are a little unbelievable. When she reads some small news, she often sees suicide because of breakups and deaths due to parental opposition. She has always felt that this is something fools did, and love can be used. Food?Even if they are not dead or blocked, the relationship may not be able to last until the end, as to death.

No more words, one by one rushed to the teaching building.

Because Fu Xiaowan had left for a while, plus the time to return, Rong Hongqian was already taking the elevator.

When Fu Xiaowan entered the elevator, Rong Hongqian had already exited the elevator and walked to the area where Qi Yan had an accident.

Rong Hongqian arrived at the top of the building with a calm face. He stood at the place where Qi Yan had an accident and looked at the ground where Qi Yan was when he died. There was a trace of regret on that unwavering face, if not for him to Xiang Yan'er. Confessed that she would not be killed, it was all his fault.

"Yan'er, I killed you, don't worry, you will not be alone on Huangquan Road, I will come down to accompany you!"

The foot moved forward slightly, Rong Hongqian closed his eyes hard, and slowly raised his right foot.

"Wait a minute!" At this time, a sharp female voice sounded.

Rong Hongqian moved for a while and heard that the voice was from Fu Xiaowan. He opened his eyes, hesitated for a moment, withdrew his footsteps, and turned around, but Fu Xiaowan as he watched approaching quickly shouted, "Don't come over!"

"Huh, huh!" Fu Xiaowan stopped obediently, and then bent over with his hands on hips, breathing heavily. After a long time, he straightened up and persuaded Rong Hongqian.

"Rong Hongqian, what are you doing? Are you dying of love? Don't be stupid, Teacher Qi doesn't want you to do this!" Fu Xiaowan was very helpless, why Rong Hongqian couldn't think about it!

When Rong Hongqian heard this, he retorted: "It was me who killed Yan'er. If she knew the truth, she would definitely resent me. She is so young and promising, but because of me."

After a pause, he said again: "I like Yan'er. She is dead, and I also feel very painful. I'm going to accompany her!"

Fu Xiaowan couldn't help rolling her eyes, and said angrily: "Then what about your parents? What about your relatives!"

Rong Hongqian was silent, he did not know how to answer.

"Professor Qi has already left. Even if you follow, you can't change anything. You just give your life for nothing. Even if you die, you won't be with Professor Qi." Fu Xiaowan racked his brains to say something.

Finally, I saw that Rong Hongqian remained silent, as if I had made up his mind, gritted his teeth and admitted: "Okay, well, I admit, I can see ghosts, Professor Qi is by my side now, it's her Knowing that you are looking for death, so come to me to save you!"

When Rong Hongqian heard this, his eyes lit up and he took two steps forward, and said excitedly and hesitantly: "Are you serious? But you didn't say before..."

Fu Xiaowan interrupted her before she finished speaking. Fu Xiaowan rubbed her nose and said: "I lied to you. I am afraid of trouble. If I admit that I can see ghosts, it will not be your microphone. Professor Qi found the murderer, and no grievances in his heart, he must report to the underworld. If you have other concerns in your heart, you will stay in the sun again!" Then my task of 100 ghosts will not be completed. Up!This sentence was added silently by Fu Xiaowan in his heart.

Rong Hongqian did not speak. Although he hoped that Fu Xiaowan could see Qi Yan, he was skeptical in his heart. Is there really a ghost in this world?

Fu Xiaowan looked at his dubious look, and said helplessly: "It's true!"