Ghost Crossing

Chapter Fourteen The Death of a Teacher (12)

Rong Hongqian was very confused. He didn't know whether he believed it or not. But immediately, he showed a relieved expression and smiled: "Actually, there is a way to know if what you said is true, that is, I change Chenggui comes to you!"

Fu Xiaowan Petrochemical is indeed a good way, but if she wants to be like this, she is here to save people, not to harm people. How can I persuade them for a long time, but Rong Hongqian wants to die more!

Fortunately, she has other preparations.

"You are the only one for me~~" At this time, Rong Hongqian's cell phone rang, he hesitated for a moment, took out the cell phone, his pupils shrunk slightly, sighed, and still answered the call, speaking in a very calm tone :"mom."

"Qianqian, don't think about it, don't jump off the building, if you die, your parents will no longer live, and our family will die together!" On the other side of the phone, a woman cried and screamed. .

Rong Hongqian was silent, he didn't know how to answer!

There was no answer on the other end of the phone, and she cried again: "Okay, okay, you want to jump, mom will accompany you, mom will go upstairs now!"

There was the sound of walking fast, pedaling on high heels from the microphone. The woman was not talking about it. She was really going to the top floor. Also, the only precious son was going to die, so what's the point of her being alive!

"Ding!" The elevator door opened and closed immediately. The woman had already entered the elevator, holding her mobile phone with tears in her eyes, and her voice tremblingly said: "Qianqian, don't worry, wait for mom to leave!"

"Mom!" Rong Hongqian couldn't keep silent anymore, and cried bitterly. "Sorry, Mom, I was wrong, don't mess around."

"Then do you still dance?" the woman asked pleadingly.

Rong Hongqian dared not jump, he shook his head quickly and repeatedly: "Don't jump, don't jump!"

The woman sniffed and cried and said, "That's fine, that's fine. Don't leave. Mom will go to school to find you later!"

"En!" Rong Hongqian nodded vigorously and hung up the phone.

Fu Xiaowan saw Rong Hongqian cry, heard him say no to jump, squeezed a cold sweat, and was relieved, finally, it was all right!

Yes, although she doesn’t know the phone number of Rong Hongqian’s mother, but Rong Hongqian’s identity is quite good. Just check her mother’s company and then contact the company and say it is related to Rong Hongqian. Regarding the matter, let her inform Rong Hongqian's mother Rong Hongqian to commit suicide.

Although it took some time, but fortunately, the staff reported, and Rong Hongqian's mother also called in time.

Rong Hongqian stared at Fu Xiaowan with red eyes, walked over with a bitter smile, and asked, "Yan'er, here?"

Fu Xiaowan raised her finger, pointed to his shoulder and said, "It's on your right."

Turning his head, Rong Hongqian looked at the empty right side, smiling bitterly, he couldn't see anything.

His eyes flashed slightly, and he murmured: "Yan'er, are you really here? I'm sorry, I killed you, but I can't leave my parents behind. Will you forgive me? Don't worry, in this life I only love you, and I will never get married in my life. My bride, only you!"

Qi Yan's eyes blushed and she began to cry, and she looked at Fu Xiaowan pleadingly: "Xiaowan, you tell him I don't want him like this. I'm already dead. I hope he can find a lover who will stay with him forever and forget me!"

Fu Xiaowan sniffed, and water vapor formed in her eyes. Please, she can't stand such a sensational picture!

"Rong Hongqian! Professor Qi said, I hope you forget her and start a new life again!"

Rong Hongqian refused. He shook his head and said firmly: "I can't do it!"

"Hongqian!" Qi Yan didn't want to give up Rong Hongqian at all. Seeing him like this, she became more reluctant to give up, but she felt sorry for Rong Hongqian. She was dead and there are different ways of human and ghost. Do you really want to watch Rong Hongqian Single for a lifetime?She didn't want this.

But not knowing how to convince Rong Hongqian, Qi Yan had to look at Fu Xiaowan with imploring eyes.

So complicated!

Fu Xiaowan rubbed his temples with a big head, and watched Qi Yan, who was crying constantly and gradually dispersed, and shouted: "Don't cry, Qi Yan, you will be completely dead if you cry again!"

Qi Yan was taken aback at this, but she continued to cry.

When Rong Hongqian heard this, he excitedly shouted into the air: "Yan'er, don't cry."

Rolling his eyes, Fu Xiaowan said in a bad tone: "You shut up, you made Professor Qi cry. You are like this, how can Professor Qi leave with peace of mind."

Seeing that Qi Yan's body is half transparent, Fu Xiaowan became anxious and scolded: "Professor Qi doesn't want you to be like this. You will only make Professor Qi more worried about you. You can't go to the underworld with peace of mind, you can't reincarnate, or even hurt She was wiped out!"

"Professor Qi is crying because of you now. Did you know that ghosts are not humans. If a ghost cries, it will consume energy and eventually disappear. If you want Professor Qi to dissipate completely, you can continue to stick to your ideas! I am too lazy I take care of you, just as I will be in vain!" Fu Xiaowan stomped his feet pretending to be angry, and turned to leave.

Rong Hongqian was still insisting on pursing his lips, but when he heard that Qi Yan would dissipate completely, a flustered expression appeared on his face. He had killed Yan'er. Is it possible that she would be killed in smoke.

His lips moved slightly, he lowered his eyes and said sadly: "I know, I will marry a wife and have children!"

Qi Yan's tears were still falling, and she stared at Rong Hongqian blankly, not knowing whether she was happy or sad. Her sweetheart said that she would marry a wife and have children. This is clearly what she hopes, but why is it so uncomfortable!

Fu Xiaowan stepped forward to catch Qi Yan's arm floating in the air and said, "Professor Qi, don't cry, Rong Hongqian has already promised you, you can leave with peace of mind."

With a difficult smile, Qi Yan's teardrops gradually diminished. Finally, she finally received her tears and nodded slowly.After Rong Hongqian's trouble, she was not in the mood to stay here again.

"No!" Rong Hongqian suddenly spoke again, his eyes firmly said: "I will marry another wife and have children, but I will never forget Yan'er, she will always be with me!"

Seeing Rong Hongqian's right finger at the heart, Fu Xiaowan's nose was sore and she wanted to cry. Would you like to be so touching?

Looking at Qi Yan again, a bright smile appeared on her face. This result is the best!She is content!

"Xiao Wan, thank you!" At the end, a white light appeared, and Qi Yan walked into the white light and disappeared with the white light.

Fu Xiaowan held back the tears and said gratifiedly: "Professor Qi, let's go! Rong Hongqian, I hope you will do what you say! And, my business, keep it secret!"

Rong Hongqian understood what Fu Xiaowan was talking about and nodded solemnly.

"Qianqian! My child, mom is here!" The door of the corridor was pushed open, and a jeweled but crying woman with all her makeup ran over, rushed to Rong Hongqian and hugged Rong Hong. Qian burst into tears.