Ghost Crossing

Chapter 22 The Pregnant Ghost (7)

Biting his lip and holding back the trace of grievances, Fu Xiaowan tried her best to put on a smile and said, "I just want to ask Aunt Zhang, where is the fairy aunt you mentioned? I am more curious about this."

In fact, it was Fu Xiaowan's plan to go to Xiangu after hearing what Zhang Qing said, but now she was a little embarrassed and couldn't find a reason, so she used this as an excuse.

Zhang Qing's eyes flashed, she seemed to think of something, her face improved a lot in an instant, and she nodded and replied, "In the easternmost house in town."

"Oh, then... Aunt Zhang, I'll go find Xiangu first, and you continue." Fu Xiaowan's cheeks were a little hot, because Li Qian and Zhang Qing's son still had bad eyesight, and the look in their eyes was a bit strange, too Her performance is too weird.

With her lips squirming slightly, Fu Xiaowan turned and left the room, losing face and staying again.

As for Zeng Ting, she stopped with a cry of waiting, with a look of regret in her eyes. Just now Fu Xiaowan wriggled her lips before going out, and she told Zeng Ting to come out together.

Annoyed, she raised her hand and stared, Zeng Ting followed Fu Xiaowan out.

What Fu Xiaowan didn't know was that after she went out, Zhang Qing immediately patted Li Qian's little hand and said, "Remember what Xiangu said?"

Li Qian was taken aback, nodded for a moment and said, "Remember, she said that a ghost was following me, but it's okay. There will be noble people to help me, and the child will be born safely."

When the man on the side heard that the two women were talking again, he shook his head helplessly and did not speak. He didn't believe that there were ghosts in the world, but there were still things that science couldn't explain.

However, he didn't dare to express his thoughts directly, and he would be uttered to death by his mother and wife, so he leaned directly against the wall and didn't say anything. He would just look at the head office.

Zhang Qing had a firm look in her eyes and said seriously: "You are about to give birth. The only one who can be regarded as a noble person is Xiao Wan. I was wondering, does she know something and protect you!"

Li Qian smacked her tongue and asked skeptically: "Mom, how can she help me? She just scared me, and even scared me twice."

"I think she should have seen something." Zhang Qing also hesitated, because she had taken care of Fu Xiaowan for so many years, and she didn't think that Fu Xiaowan could see ghosts.

"Ghost!" Li Qian's pupils shrank, and she said her guess, shouting out in shock, "Can she see ghosts?"

Recall the two sentences Fu Xiaowan said one after another. It is clear that they are preventing others from doing anything. Could it be that someone wants to touch themselves?

Li Qian's body trembled, and she glanced at the room fearfully, wondering if the ghost would still be in the room.

Regardless of what the people in the house were saying, Fu Xiaowan left the yard, and then turned her head back to Zeng Ting with a black face, and asked displeasedly: "Zeng Ting, you didn’t just promise me not to touch Li Qian, why did you enter the house? Just do it!"

At this moment, Fu Xiaowan was very angry, Zhang Qing and others' complaints made her wronged, and Zeng Ting's inconsistent words and actions made her angry.

Zeng Ting raised her hand in a consensual way, and her eyes were a little dazed to explain: "I, I don't know, but as soon as I approached the pregnant woman, I kept thinking about touching the child. I'm sorry..."

After listening to Zeng Ting's words, Fu Xiaowan frowned, and the anger in her heart eased a little, and she pursed her lips and uttered a sentence: "I don't understand why, so let's follow me, don't get close to Li Qian, let's go to Xiangu."

"Okay!" Zeng Ting nodded repeatedly, she didn't want to kill anyone anymore.

The next step was to find Xiangu, and randomly arrested two people on the road to ask for directions. Fu Xiaowan easily found the home of the so-called Xiangu.

Seeing the dilapidated house, Fu Xiaowan was stunned. At any rate, she was Xiangu. Why did she live in such a dilapidated, old house, the door was crumbling on the wall, the roof was full of holes, and she felt like she was about to collapse at any time. It seems.

On the contrary, Zeng Ting glanced at the house in a little fear and said weakly, "I, I dare not go in, this place is so scary!"

Scary!You are not human anymore. You are obviously scaring ghosts. Fu Xiaowan vomited silently, then cleared his throat and shouted, "Is anyone there?" As for knocking on the door, please, the door will fall off as soon as you knock, right? , She didn't want to be smashed.

"Squeak!" The broken door moved with the wind, making a weird sound, and then an old voice came from the room: "Come in!"

Looking at Zeng Ting with a look of fear, Fu Xiaowan said helplessly: "That's it, I'll go in, you wait for me outside, you can't leave."

"Hmm!" Zeng Ting nodded gratefully when she heard that she didn't need to go in.

I am afraid of people even if I become ghosts!Fu Xiaowan walked into the room speechlessly.

The room was very dark. It was already bright, but the room was gloomy. The orange light made the room even more weird. Fu Xiaowan couldn't help feeling a little nervous, and there won't be a few horrible ghosts suddenly appearing. Is Xiangu's home?It is clearly a haunted house!

"Come on, sit down!" Just as Fu Xiaowan was looking around nervously, an old man walked out tremblingly, with folds on his face, like a ravine spread across his face, a standard one. The old man’s face, but it’s worth noting that the old man’s eyes are very deep and thorough.

Standing in front of the old man, Fu Xiaowan felt that everything had been seen. This old man was extraordinary.

Faced with such an old man, Fu Xiaowan became embarrassed and quickly sat down like a good baby.


Unexpectedly, the wooden stool was old. When Fu Xiaowan was sitting, the wooden stool almost shattered, frightening her hurriedly on her legs and waist, seemingly sitting on the stool, but actually relying on her own strength to support the stool next to it.

"Child, are you a new ghost?" It was a questioning tone, but it felt positive.

The first words of the old man made Fu Xiaowan dumbfounded. She blinked her eyes quickly and opened her mouth in shock and asked, "Grandma, how did you know?"

The old man laughed, showing a kind smile and gently said: "Your name is Fu Xiaowan, right?"

Eyeballs widened in an instant, Fu Xiaowan exclaimed: "How did you know?"

"Stupid boy!" The old man laughed when he saw Fu Xiaowan's cute appearance, his eyes flashed, and he fell into the memory and murmured: "In a blink of an eye, you've grown up like this."

This sentence made Fu Xiaowan think, she asked suspiciously: "Grandma, do you...know me?"

The old man laughed, and gestured with both hands and said: "You were only this big when you were born, I even hugged you!"

At a loss, Fu Xiaowan looked at the old grandmother blankly, racking his brains, but he did not think of any scenes related to the old man before him.

Seeing her confusion, the old man sighed and said, "You don't remember that I am normal. You were a baby when I saw you. After that, I stayed in the town and never went out."

After sighing, the old man asked nervously: "Are you a ghost now?"

Fu Xiaowan smiled, scratching her head embarrassedly and turning back: "Well, it is already. I have successfully crossed a ghost. This time I came for the second goal."

"So, your grandma, you're gone!" The old man was not happy after listening to Fu Xiaowan's words, but sighed regretfully and said in a nostalgic tone: "It's a pity that I haven't been able to see Sister Qing again."

"Grandma, do you know my grandma?" Fu Xiaowan was surprised. She had never heard her grandma talk about friends or anything, and the grandma in front of her was unheard of.

"Of course you know!" said the old woman faintly, but she no longer struggled with the topic, but changed her tone to ask: "You are here for the pregnant woman this time!"

The chick nodded like a pecking rice, and Fu Xiaowan said with a big head: "I heard my grandma talk about this kind of ghost thing. It's a good ghost, but I don't understand it. She clearly knows the harm she will bring if she touches a pregnant woman. Why can't help but touch the pregnant woman!"

The old grandma laughed and explained: "That's because of resentment."

"Resentment?" He looked like a good student.

"Yes, grievances. Although pregnant women are eager to see the birth of a child, they also have regrets and unwillingness, unwilling to why they can't give birth."

Suddenly, Fu Xiaowan nodded: "It turned out to be like this, no wonder, what should I do?"

"Didn't you have a solution?" The old man asked with a playful expression.

o(╯□╰)o Fu Xiaowan scratched his head awkwardly: "I think there is a better way, it seems that it is still procrastinating!"

After half an hour

Fu Xiaowan walked out of the ruined house with a very happy expression. This trip not only learned how to deal with pregnant women, but also learned some deeds of grandma. It turns out that grandma is so powerful. In comparison, he is simply weak.

Seeing Fu Xiaowan coming out, Zeng Ting immediately floated to her with joy and asked, "Are we going back?"

Looking at Zeng Ting with a look of excitement, Fu Xiaowan nodded firmly: "Yes, go back, but go back to my house, let's go! I'll go back alone."

stupid!Zeng Ting couldn't turn her head around, why did she go to Fu Xiaowan's house and quickly floated over to catch up with Fu Xiaowan and asked, "What are you going to do in your house? I want to guard that woman! I want to take care of the children."

Fu Xiaowan sighed, stood still, and said slowly and seriously, "Because of your grievances, if you are by Li Qian's side, she will definitely die. If you want to see the child, you can, and I will take you when the child is born. Go and see, before that, you must stay with me!"

Zeng Ting was silent, and finally agreed with red eyes. She also understood that her condition was a bit abnormal, and she didn't want to harm others.

After that, Fu Xiaowan said goodbye to Zhang Qing, and then drove away from the town with Zeng Ting and returned to his villa.

Zeng Ting has never lived in such a luxurious house. When she got off the car, she floated to the house with joy and exclaimed: "It's so beautiful, is this your home? By the way, I don't know what your name is!"

"Just call me Xiaowan, come in!" Fu Xiaowan stopped the car and brought Zeng Ting into the house.