Ghost Crossing

Chapter 24 The Pregnant Ghost (9)

When I met an acquaintance, I naturally invited to come in and sit down. Fu Xiaowan only asked politely: "Come in and sit down?"

Xing Jun also responded without being polite at all: "Okay!"

Forehead, mouth, why do you want to ask, Fu Xiaowan wanted to slap herself, thinking of the mess in the house, she wanted time to turn back.He invited Xing Jun into the room. Now it is not decent to regret it. The regretful Fu Xiaowan had to invite Xing Jun into the house.

As soon as he entered the house, a peculiar smell came, Xing Jun was taken aback, and asked suspiciously, "What are you burning?"

"That, waste paper!" Fu Xiaowan rushed to the side of the pot in two steps, caught a glimpse of the remaining paper, and threw all the remaining paper into the pot with a guilty conscience. The fire raged in an instant, and the flame almost burned Fu Xiaowan's. Bangs scared her back two steps.

Xing Jun frowned and glanced at the cooking pot, which was actually filled with Ming paper. Is Fu Xiaowan paying homage to his relatives? However, how can he burn it at home?

Although he felt inexplicable, he had to remind him: "It's best not to burn paper money in the house!"

"Understand, understand, there is no next time!" In a casual perfunctory, Fu Xiaowan thought that there should be more and more opportunities to burn paper money at home in the future, well, do you want to consider removing the fire alarm bell!

I don’t know that Fu Xiaowan’s heart-moving Xing Jun nodded very pleasedly. He was very satisfied with her cooperative attitude. After thinking about the theft case in the town, he couldn’t help asking: “How do you know that the theft is a crime of guardianship!”

The problem still arises. Fu Xiaowan raised her eyebrows and made up the reason: "Everyone said they were guessing. People in the town are very simple. Just like Aunt Zhang said, no one would steal things, so I guessed that they weren't from the town. They stole themselves! I think you must have ruled out the crime by outsiders!"

The analysis makes sense, Xing Jun looked at Fu Xiaowan dubiously, is it really a coincidence?

Taking a look at the flame that was about to go out, Xing Jun asked again: "Why are you burning paper money in the house? It's dangerous!"

Fu Xiaowan meditated, can I tell you that I am burning something for pregnant women to play with?

In the blink of an eye, the look on his face instantly became sad, and his tone was very sad: "Today is my grandma's death day!"

After saying this, Fu Xiaowan is worshiping grandma in my heart. Grandma, don’t blame your granddaughter for changing your life. Don’t worry, I’ll buy you some paper money tomorrow, and the criminal police officer. Don’t ask questions. , If you dare to ask me why I don’t go to the cemetery to burn paper money, I will burn paper money for you!

Fortunately, Xing Jun didn't ask any more questions. Instead, his expression constricted and comforted: "Sorry!"

"It's okay, I'm used to it. Grandma has been away for many years." Fu Xiaowan breathed a sigh of relief and glanced at Zeng Ting who was aside without a trace. At this moment, Zeng Ting was choosing her favorite toy.

She seemed to perceive that Fu Xiaowan was looking at herself, Zeng Ting smiled shyly, and then grabbed a mad 6 and dragged the chain towards Fu Xiaowan. She thought that Fu Xiaowan had something to call her when she saw her, so she passed by spontaneously.

Out of the corner of Fu Xiaowan's eyes, she found Zeng Ting floating towards him, frowning, what did Zeng Ting do? Didn't she see that she had guests!

Getting closer and closer, Zeng Ting had to pass by Xing Jun before drifting to Fu Xiaowan. Just when she was one meter away from Xing Jun, an accident happened!



As if being suddenly poured into a hot pot full of oil, Zeng Ting made a sizzling noise and strong smoke came out of her body. She cried out in pain.

With a squeak, Zeng Ting quickly backed away from Xing Jun, staring at Xing Jun in horror, her eyes full of fear. It was the first time she felt pain after she became a ghost. It will hurt!

Fu Xiaowan opened her small mouth slightly, staring at the scene in front of her in shock, staring at Zeng Ting, who was still smoking, and Xing Jun with a calm face, who didn’t know anything. He blinked, very puzzled, what happened. What happened, how could Zeng Ting get hurt.

Her expression changed too much, which naturally attracted Xing Jun's attention. He followed Fu Xiaowan's eyes and looked at the empty hall with nothing else. What was she looking at?Is there anything in yourself?Why is she looking at herself so surprised.

Xing Jun, who was stared uncomfortably by Fu Xiaowan, couldn't help asking: "What's the matter?"

"It's okay, it just feels like you're handsome!" Fu Xiaowan couldn't find an excuse for a while, so she said this sentence out of her brain, and regretted it after she said it. Xing Jun won't mistake him for thinking that she has a good impression of him. ?

When Xing Jun heard this, he felt ashamed. He didn't expect Fu Xiaowan to suddenly say such a thing.

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward, and the two of them stared at each other and remained silent.

In the end, Fu Xiaowan spoke first, because Zeng Ting had been smoking and screaming in pain. She was afraid that Zeng Ting might have an accident, so she issued a eviction order: "Well, I suddenly remembered something, you..."

"Then I'll go back first!" Xing Jun quickly stood up to say goodbye, and then quickly left.

As soon as the person left, Fu Xiaowan immediately walked towards Zeng Ting anxiously and asked, "Are you all right!"

The thick smoke on Zeng Ting's body was rolling, and she replied with a stern cry, "It hurts, I hurt!"

How could this be!It happened all of a sudden, Fu Xiaowan was in a mess. She had never encountered this, nor had her grandma talked about it.

By the way, ask grandma to go!Fu Xiaowan quickly thought of a way to deal with it. Naturally, she couldn't ask other people about ghosts. It's always okay to ask the dead grandma!

Immediately ran to grandma's room, took out a piece of graphic paper from the box, lighted it, and said: "Grandma, grandma, come out!"

"Ouch, my grandma, what are you burning for me!" Suddenly, an old man appeared in the house out of thin air, holding a dumbbell in his hand. The old man's feet were already shaking, and he threw the dumbbell on the ground after he appeared. Kindly blame.

Imagine that when you were walking, a dumbbell suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and you reacted very quickly. You immediately reached out and caught the dumbbell, but you can imagine the result.

Only then did Fu Xiaowan realize that she had burned a dumbbell for her grandma, but now her mind was all on Zeng Ting. She ignored her complaint and grabbed her grandma eagerly and said, "Grandma, come with me!"

Pulling her grandma into the living room, Fu Xiaowan released her finger to Zeng Ting and asked, "Grandma, what's wrong with her?"

Fu Xiaowan's grandma's expression condensed, and she immediately floated to Zeng Ting's side, and a steady stream of Yin Qi was lost to Zeng Ting. Not long after, Zeng Ting stopped screaming and gradually calmed down, while the color on her body faded slightly. One thing, if you don't look carefully, you can't see it.

"Thank you!" Zeng Ting immediately thanked her grandma after she stabilized.

Grandma nodded proudly, and then returned to Fu Xiaowan and asked, "Who did she touch just now? Or did she touch something?"

After thinking about it for a while, Fu Xiaowan replied unsurely: "I didn't touch anything, just came here and a guest came."

"It's him, the man just now, when I approached him, I felt burnt!" Zeng Ting said weakly, her face full of fear.

"You mean, Xing Jun hurt you?" Fu Xiaowan was surprised.

Grandma shook her head: "He didn't intentionally hurt this person. It seems that the man in your mouth is a person with full yang, and the ghost is yin. If you get close to someone with too strong yang, you will be burned by their yang."

So it turned out that Fu Xiaowan suddenly felt that Zeng Ting was also embarrassed, and she asked for her feelings.

"Okay, Xiao Wan, what else is there? Grandma has to go and rub a few hands. You are calling for winning money." Grandma wanted to leave after solving the problem.

He was playing mahjong. Fu Xiaowan glanced at her grandma sadly: "It's okay, grandma wins more!"

"Nonsense, of course you won. By the way, remember, don't let her get close to that man anymore. Also, a yang man, how close you are, it will be useful in the future! Don't say anything, grandma is gone, bye Ah!" After speaking, the person disappeared, no, the ghost disappeared.

Turning his lips, Fu Xiaowan breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, grandma was there, otherwise Zeng Ting would be miserable.

There are still some days before Li Qian gave birth. Zeng Ting is locked in the house. Naturally, Fu Xiaowan doesn't need to be with her all the time. Besides, she also has classes, so she has to go back to school.

Once at school, Fu Xiaowan became a focal point.

Fu Xiaowan was very puzzled. A group of students pointed to her along the way. She became dizzy and didn't understand what was going on.

Until a stubborn boy stopped her, and said in a trivial manner: "Fu Xiaowan, your Rong Hongqian is gone, why don't you follow me!"

"Rong Hongqian, gone? What do you mean?" Fu Xiaowan was confused, what's the situation.

"Why, you don't know yet, you just chased after the boyfriend who confessed to success. Rong Hongqian has dropped out of school, and I heard that he has gone to study in the UK!" The boy said with a look of beating.

Fu Xiaowan was stunned, Rong Hongqian left, too, he was no longer suitable for staying in this school like that, so he could leave.

After thinking about it, Fu Xiaowan smiled bitterly. She understood what was going on. She confessed so high-profilely. As a result, Rong Hongqian went abroad to study within two days. Isn't this a blatant dislike for her and abandon her.

Seeing Fu Xiaowan's bitter expression, the boys were a little surprised. Could it be that Fu Xiaowan was sincere to Rong Hongqian, and now he is sad.

With a disdainful smile, the boys thought that a woman like Fu Xiaowan was not worthy to talk about love, she was only suitable for playing with a man, and said with disdain: "Let’s talk about it, how much money, I will take you!"

Fu Xiaowan narrowed his eyes and said in a cold tone: "Yes, you can afford me? Do you know how much I am worth?"

The boy took out a check from his pocket, swished and wrote the amount, and then handed it to Fu Xiaowan: "Is that enough?"