Ghost Crossing

Chapter 29 Pregnant Ghost (14)

This was the warmest morning Fu Xiaowan had ever had since her grandma's death. She could not cook, but Fu Xiaoya unexpectedly met. She personally cooked poached eggs and made cheese bread.

While eating bread, Fu Xiaoya asked curiously: "Sister Wan, what the hell is in the house? Why is she in your house?"

"Pregnant ghost!" Fu Xiaowan answered while eating, explaining the situation of the pregnant ghost.

After listening to the story, Fu Xiaoya took a sip of hot milk and sighed: "So there is such a ghost, then will she harm you and us?"

Fu Xiaowan was startled, frowned for a while, and said unconvincedly: "It shouldn't be possible. She wants to hurt those pregnant women too. We are not pregnant women!"

As soon as the voice fell, there was a roar in the living room and the sound of the chain shaking.

Fu Xiaowan heard Zeng Ting yelling: "Let go of me!"

"Sister Wan, what's the matter?" Fu Xiaoya looked at Fu Xiaowan inexplicably when her movements suddenly stopped.

"I don't know, I'll check it out!" Fu Xiaowan hurriedly wiped the corners of her mouth with the back of her hand, quickly got up and walked to the living room.

The living room was in a mess, and the things burned for Zeng Ting were scattered on the ground, and they were all destroyed.

At this moment, Zeng Ting changed back to the way she was before her death, with a hideous face, her belly breaking open from the middle, her intestines dragging to the ground, her hair flying in the air, her mouth still screaming: "Let go, let me go!"

While screaming, she kept pulling the chain forcefully, trying to break the chain.

Following her movement, the chain was not broken, but the dumbbell showed vague signs of movement.

"Zeng Ting, what are you doing? Calm down!" Fu Xiaowan frowned and yelled. Xu has seen the appearance of a pregnant woman before, but now she doesn't think it is so scary.

It's just that she is very confused now, what is wrong with Zeng Ting?Why are you so crazy all of a sudden, what happened?

With her yelling, Zeng Ting's movements stopped and her pupils shrank slightly. After seeing Fu Xiaowan clearly, a trace of clarity flashed in her eyes, and she shouted sadly: "Xiaowan, I, I can't control myself, I feel Li Qian is about to give birth, I want to go, I want to touch her and have a baby, I don't want to go, but I can't control my behavior, ah~ let me go! Let me go!"

resentment!This was caused by her resentment. Fu Xiaowan knew it in her heart, but she was helpless. She didn't know how to stop Zeng Ting in a frantic state. She only hoped that the chain could lock her, and she would be fine when Li Qian was born.

Followed by Fu Xiaoya looked at Fu Xiaoyan, and then at the living room. It was clean and nothing unusual. Naturally, she couldn’t see Zeng Ting and the things burned to Zeng Ting, nor could she see the mess in the living room and Zeng Ting’s. Crazy.

But Fu Xiaowan's words still explain the situation. It seems that the female ghost is crazy, why?

Fu Xiaoya felt scared in her heart. Although she likes to find excitement, she doesn't like looking for death. If ghosts become crazy, will they hurt people?

With both hands, he involuntarily grabbed Fu Xiaowan's arm, and Fu Xiaoya glanced at the living room and asked, "Sister Wan, what's wrong?"

Fu Xiaowan was also nervous. She saw that the dumbbell moved slightly, and a bad premonition surged in her heart. She pressed her backhand on the back of Fu Xiaoya's hand and patted: "Xiaoya, go upstairs and hide. Go into the bedroom, don't come out."

"What about you?" The look on Fu Xiaoya's face was scared, but her eyes were worried. Now she is very upset. Why can't she help me at all? Just know that she is scared.

"I'm okay, she's locked in a chain, she's far away from me, be good, you go upstairs." Fu Xiaowan narrowed his eyes and stared in the direction of Zeng Ting thinking about a solution.

Knowing that she could not help, Fu Xiaoya nodded, obediently went upstairs and hid in the bedroom.

"Ah, kid, kid, my kid!" Zeng Ting was already completely crazy, her eyes were muddy, and she was completely controlled by the resentment.

Wow, wow.

The chain shook loudly. Fortunately, the chain was very strong and there was no damage at all. This made Fu Xiaowan very pleased. The only thing that worries her is that the dumbbells originally selected seemed to be too light. The dumbbells had moved with Zeng Ting's movements. Drove a long distance.

The worst thing is that Zeng Ting also seemed to realize that the chain could not be broken, and she began to think of other ways. Then she noticed that the dumbbell was moving. With joy on her face, she floated directly to the dumbbell and grabbed the dumbbell with both hands and started struggling. Move the dumbbells.

"Damn it!" Fu Xiaowan was very anxious when she saw this situation, she didn't dare to lean over, only shouting to attract Zeng Ting's attention.

"Zeng Ting, stay awake and don't mess around."

It's a pity that Zeng Ting couldn't listen to her anymore at this time, but when she heard her name, she looked up at her like a reflex, and immediately opened her mouth with a grinning smile and continued to lower her head to move the dumbbell.

The ghost didn't know that he was tired. Zeng Ting worked hard to carry the dumbbells, and after a while, she had reached the door.

How to do how to do?Is there any way to stop Zeng Ting?

Fu Xiaowan anxiously followed behind Zeng Ting and stomped straight.

At this time, Zeng Ting had walked out the door with dumbbells, and left the villa house. Fu Xiaowan chased after him helplessly, opened the door, and saw Zeng Ting had reached the gate of the courtyard.

After leaving the house and seeing other villas in the villa area, Fu Xiaowan suddenly thought of someone.

That's Xing Jun. Xing Jun's yang energy is very strong. If a ghost can't get close, it will burn if it gets close.

Thinking of the savior, Fu Xiaowan immediately turned around and ran back to the house. Her bag was thrown on the sofa in the living room. There was Xing Jun's business card in it, which she picked up from Zhang Qing's house.

Do you still remember that Xing Jun gave Zhang Qing a business card? After Zhang Qing put it on the table, she threw the business card into the trash when she saw the business card at dinner time. Fu Xiaowan, who was eating, glanced at the business card and saw the word Xingjun , The ghost picked up the business card, unexpectedly it came in handy now.

After dialing Xing Jun's phone number quickly, Fu Xiaowan put her mobile phone in her ear, and then hurried out again to catch up with Zeng Ting.

Zeng Ting's speed is neither slow nor fast, which is equivalent to the speed of a person running. She moved forward with dumbbells. Fu Xiaowan couldn't help but smacking her tongue when she saw Zeng Ting's figure, and finally wisely chose to drive to chase.

"Beep!" I got in the car, started the car, the wheels turned slowly, and the phone was connected.

Xing Jun's calm voice came from the other end of the phone: "This is Xing Jun, who are you?"

"Interpol officer, this is Fu Xiaowan." Fu Xiaowan chased Zeng Ting with the steering wheel in one hand, and said very fast with her mobile phone in the other.

"It's you? What's the matter?" The previous sentence was slightly surprised. Xing Jun didn't expect Fu Xiaowan to call him, and how did she know her number.

Although puzzled and surprised, Xing Jun understood that Fu Xiaowan would not be bored and call him to say hello, and her tone was very urgent, there should be a very important thing that needs his help.

Only for an instant, n thoughts came to Xing Jun's mind.

Fu Xiaowan was robbed?Still met a thief?Still encounter sex and wolf?Or was there a traffic accident?

Please forgive Xing Jun's pessimistic thoughts. Who made him a policeman? He was exposed to these kinds of things. The first thing he thought about was these things.

"I'm on xx street, please come here as soon as possible, I'm very anxious!" Fu Xiaowan looked at a street sign outside from the car window and said quickly.

Pop, the phone hung up.

Xing Jun frowned, got up, and quickly ran out of the office.

On the way, he ran into a few colleagues, but the person who was hit saw him running in such a hurry and thought he had encountered an urgent task, so he didn't think much.

xx street.Xing Jun read the place name silently in his heart, ran to the parking area, quickly opened the door and got on the car, and went straight to xx Street.

After Fu Xiaowan hung up the phone, she stared at Zeng Ting firmly. Now she has caught up with Zeng Ting, and the speed of the car is much faster than Zeng Ting's. She is not afraid that Zeng Ting will run away, but just keep following.

At this moment, Zeng Ting was enveloped by a black mist, and the speed gradually accelerated.

Fu Xiaowan knew that her grievances were gradually deepening and her strength was increasing, so her speed accelerated.

At this moment, she was very helpless. She didn't know how to eliminate Zeng Ting's grievances, but could ask her grandma, but now she didn't have time to ask her to come up.I just hope Xing Jun can play a role!

Although Zeng Ting's speed was not as fast as that of a car, she was still quite fast, and she was out of the range of xx Street in a blink of an eye.

Fu Xiaowan immediately took out his mobile phone and informed Xing Jun of his current location. Xing Jun did not speak after receiving the call, but accelerated his advancement, but he was very puzzled. What happened to Fu Xiaowan?She is still moving, what is going on?Is it being followed by someone.

It is possible that Fu Xiaowan is young, beautiful and rich, and it is normal to be easily targeted by bad guys.

Little did she know that Xing Jun had already thought about n kinds of ideas, and Fu Xiaowan had become anxious, because she found that Zeng Ting was running in the direction of the town where Zhang Qing was.

In fact, she knew in her heart that Zeng Ting must have been looking for Li Qian, but she didn't expect Zeng Ting to get up so suddenly and carry dumbbells to find Li Qian.

When she saw that Zeng Ting had turned on the asphalt road to the town, Fu Xiaowan's cell phone rang, and she quickly answered.

"Interpol?" Fu Xiaowan was overjoyed.

"I'm behind you." Xing Jun was still suspicious, because he found nothing unusual behind Fu Xiaowan's car, there was no tracking vehicle, and there was only one person in Fu Xiaowan's car, and there was no other dangerous person. Then, here comes the problem, Fu Xiaowan. Why do you call him so anxiously?

"Great, criminal police officer, you overtake my car. I ask you to stop and then get off." Fu Xiaowan confessed quickly.

Xing Jun's brows were already frowning, and there was a hint of discomfort in his deep eyes. He felt like he was being tricked by Fu Xiaowan.

There was silence on the other end of the phone, and Fu Xiaowan smiled bitterly. She understood that her actions had caused Xing Jun to be impatient, but the current situation was too late to explain, so she could only say quietly and helplessly: "Criminal officer, please, I will explain later."

"Okay." Hearing Fu Xiaowan's helpless words, although Xing Jun was a little unhappy, he still chose to cooperate first.