Ghost Crossing

Chapter Thirty The Pregnant Ghost (15)

Without hanging up the phone to keep in touch, Xing Jun stepped on the accelerator and overtook the car, and the car passed Fu Xiaowan's car.

"Stop!" Less than a minute after overtaking, Fu Xiaowan's voice came from the phone.

"Squeak..." Xing Jun stepped on the accelerator immediately, and the car's tires rubbed against the ground making a harsh sound.

Opening the car door, Xing Jun got out of the car directly and looked at Fu Xiaowan's car. His eyes were very severe. If Fu Xiaowan didn't have any important issues to look for him, he would definitely be angry.

Fu Xiaowan stopped the car and ran towards Xing Jun, but his eyes were on Zeng Ting, who was staring at Xing Jun with fear.

"Fu Xiaowan!" Xing Jun was angry in his heart, and he was called out, but Fu Xiaowan looked at the sky. What do you mean?Ignore him?

When Xing Jun passed by Zeng Ting's side, the black mist that enveloped Zeng Ting rolled over. When Xing Jun got out of the car and stood in the middle of the road, Zeng Ting dared not move forward after a few steps. The tumbling became more and more turbulent, Hei Mist seemed to understand that Xing Jun could cause great harm to it. It was scared and did not dare to approach Xing Jun.

When Fu Xiaowan heard Xing Jun's angrily shouting, he moved his eyes down, and saw that Xing Jun's face was a little unhappy, and he felt a little helpless. He has to explain later, but let's solve Zeng Ting's matter first.

Stretched out an arm that grabbed Xing Jun and said seriously and sincerely: "Explain later, come with me!"

Holding Xing Jun's arm, Fu Xiaowan looked up at Zeng Ting again, and said solemnly: "Zeng Ting, calm down, don't be stunned by the resentment."

In a word, Xing Jun was stunned. He raised his head suspiciously and looked at the sky, then frowned and stared at Fu Xiaowan wonderingly: "Who are you talking to!" At this moment, he had to think of a possibility that Fu Xiaowan was ill. , Fantasies and other mental illnesses.

Fu Xiaowan really didn't know what to say. At this moment, she was in a very complicated mood. She was eager to persuade Zeng Ting to live, while Xing Jun was entangled in inquiries and doubts over there.

She knew that if she didn’t say it clearly, Xing Jun might not cooperate with her, and might even think she was sick. After thinking about it repeatedly, she decided to tell the truth. Judging from this incident, Xing Jun would be of great help to her. If Xing Jun can believe her, her future ghost journey will be much smoother.

After sorting out his thoughts, Fu Xiaowan stared at Zeng Ting and said to Xing Jun: "Interpol officer, do you think there are ghosts in the world?"

Sure enough, is there a fantasy?Xing Jun's brows frowned even more, staring straight at Fu Xiaowan, who did not look directly at him and uttered two words: "Don't believe it!"

Knowing that you would not believe it, Fu Xiaowan sighed helplessly, and pointed to somewhere in front of him and said: "There is one there. She is going to harm people. I can't stop her. I can only ask for your help. Your Yang Qi Very prosperous, she dare not approach you, only you can stop her."

Xing Jun pressed his lips tightly and didn't speak. He still didn't believe it in his heart, and he was even more convinced that Fu Xiaowan was ill, but at this time he didn't want to speak out to stimulate Fu Xiaowan.

I really don’t know how to explain it. Fu Xiaowan annoyed and grabbed the hair with her other free hand, and said, "What I said is true. Don’t think I am sick. I will prove it to you later." , You must help me now to stop this ghost."

"Okay, I'll help you, I'll wait for you to prove it to me!" Xing Jun finally spoke. He didn't really believe it, but spoke according to Fu Xiaowan's heart. He was afraid that Fu Xiaowan would be irritated and would let her do something. What crazy things are coming.

Fu Xiaowan cast a look at Xing Jun in surprise. He didn't expect Xing Jun to agree so easily, but this is a good thing. She solved Zeng Ting first before she had time to explain, and said gratefully: "Thank you!"

While the two were talking, Zeng Ting stared at Xing Jun with scarlet eyes. She was afraid of the man, but the resentment in her heart was even worse. Her eyes rolled over, and then she suddenly raised her head to look at the sky, Jie. Jie Yin laughed twice, and then floated to a higher place.

In an instant, Zeng Ting had floated to a height of one meter away from Xing Jun. This distance was no longer affected by Xing Jun's yang energy, and she immediately moved on.

Fu Xiaowan's head was raised higher and higher, and her small mouth opened into an o-shape. She was dumbfounded. Is this ghost's IQ still quite high?

Xing Jun remained silent, thinking about which hospital to contact, or whether he should notify Fu Xiaowan's family first.

"She ran away! Criminal police officer, hurry up, follow up!" Seeing Zeng Tingfei went high and moved on, Fu Xiaowan was not calm, and hurriedly pulled Xing Jun's arm and ran in the direction of the car. It was only Xing Jun's car, Fu Xiaowan. Xing Jun's car is naturally preferred.

Xing Jun confessed his fate and got into the car and drove after him, while Fu Xiaowan kept pointing the direction.

Until, until Zeng Ting flew into a forest, Fu Xiaowan's face turned black, how to chase now!

Xing Jun had stopped the car and said quietly, "How do I go?"

Her face turned from black to blue, then to white, Fu Xiaowan suddenly remembered one thing, that is, Zeng Ting was going to find Li Qian, she could not find Zeng Ting as long as she guarded Li Qian.

How could she have never thought of such a simple thing!Fu Xiaowan patted his forehead annoyed, and quickly took out his mobile phone to call Zhang Qing.

"Aunt Zhang, where is Li Qian now? The hospital? Which hospital, okay, I'll go right there!" Fu Xiaowan immediately said to Xing Jun after hanging up the phone, "Go to the First People's Hospital."

There is no big hospital in the town where Zhang Qing lives. There is only one small clinic. Because the two daughters-in-law died during childbirth, this time she would rather spend more money to come to the city hospital to give birth, just hope that the child can live safely. Come down, no matter how much you spend.

(The second daughter-in-law was born in the county hospital, but she died, so this time I chose the big hospital in the city.)

Xing Jun was a little confused. Fu Xiaowan's behavior was normal, and his speech was in order. It didn't seem like there was a mental problem. Let her explain it in person.

Thanks to the advanced technology and fast cars, the two rushed to the hospital in 20 minutes.

Fu Xiaowan believed that Zeng Ting's speed was far lower than the speed of the car, but the car detoured, Zeng Ting went straight ahead, hoping to arrive before Zeng Ting.

After stopping the car, Fu Xiaowan quickly got out of the car and ran after Xing Jun got out of the car and pulled him straight. The destination was the ward where Li Qian was.

In the ward, Li Qian lay on the white hospital bed with a big belly, and Zhang Qing sat beside him peeling apples.

"Ah!" Not long after Fu Xiaowan pulled Xing Jun into the hospital, she screamed in fright, and saw a ghost with its head opened floating out of the emergency room. Her face turned white in fright, screaming. After a sound, he directly buried his head in Xing Jun's arms, and said tremblingly: "Go, go."

Xing Jun looked around. The people who came to see the doctor, the escort, and the doctors and nurses were all normal, nothing scary. Could it be that Fu Xiaowan could really see ghosts?But, are there really ghosts in this world?

Xing Jun, who originally didn't believe in ghosts and gods, felt a little unsure. Maybe, there really are ghosts in the world?

Fortunately, Xing Jun also knew which ward he was going to in the car, so he held Fu Xiaowan's head with his big hand and led her to the ward.


Because she was nestled in Xing Jun’s chest, Fu Xiaowan heard a very ear-sounding and deep voice. She hurriedly left Xing Jun’s embrace and carefully swept the surrounding area without seeing anything infiltrating. This was a relief. Knocked on the door and shouted: "Aunt Zhang, it's me."

The door opened, and Zhang Qing greeted Fu Xiaowan with a smile on his face and entered the ward.

Seeing the smile on Zhang Auntie's face, Fu Xiaowan felt relieved. It seemed that Li Qian was okay. Zeng Ting hadn't rushed to the hospital. It was great. She was not late.

Compared with before, Li Qian changed. Seeing Fu Xiaowan's expression of gratitude made Fu Xiaowan very puzzled, but now the focus is on Zeng Ting. After Zeng Ting’s problem is solved, she will not be with Li Qian. If there is another intersection, you don't have to care about Li Qian's changes.

Xing Jun stood by the door with his hands on his chest and his face was cold. Isn't he trying to stop ghosts? Why did he ran to the ward to see the pregnant woman? Oh, he remembers the person in front of him. It was a resident in the town of theft. At that time, Fu Xiaowan It's in this family's house.

What is the relationship between Fu Xiaowan and this family?Was it because of a ghost last time I went to their house? Could it be that the ghost has something to do with this family?

I have to say that Xing Jun's reasoning is correct. Although he still doesn't believe in ghosts, he speculated on the premise that there are ghosts and concluded that the ghosts are indeed related to Zhang Qing's family.

"En?" Suddenly, Xing Jun suddenly felt a cold breath coming from his back, but it was fleeting. This feeling made him a little excited. Could it be that a ghost is coming?

Immediately, he laughed and shook his head, thinking that he was really crazy, and he really believed that there was a ghost, and he began to be suspicious. It should be the air-conditioning blow.

"Ah~" Suddenly a stern cry came from outside the door.

Of course, this voice was only heard by Fu Xiaowan, and no one else could hear it. Fu Xiaowan's expression instantly condensed, and he looked at Xing Jun nervously and said, "Interpol officer, trouble you, sit here! Don't be more than one meter away from her. !" She patted the bed where Li Qian was lying.

When these words came out, everyone was stunned. Li Qian shyly shook her head and refused: "This, isn't it?" It felt awkward to let a strange man sit by her bed.

Xing Jun was also a little embarrassed. Others' wives were about to give birth with a big belly. What did he sit on the side and do?

However, Zhang Qing's mind turned faster. She firmly believed that Fu Xiaowan was the noble person in Xiangu's mouth. She guessed that the evil spirit was going to harm Li Qian. Although she did not know why this man was sitting next to her daughter-in-law, Fu Xiaowan must have her. Reason, will not do this for no reason.

"Police officer, trouble you!" Zhang Qing immediately stepped aside and motioned to Xing Jun to sit down.

Is the ghost coming?It wasn't the air-conditioning of the air conditioner. Seeing Fu Xiaowan's heavy face, Xing Jun immediately rushed to the hospital bed and sat down without hesitation.