Ghost Crossing

Chapter 33 Pregnant Ghost (18)

Zhang Qing and Li Qian suddenly felt that their death date was not far away, and one of them was so powerful. Why did one come again?

Fu Xiaowan's eyes had begun to loosen. She was injured by the chain. Now that she has been frozen for so long, people can no longer support her. She weakly said: "They, fight, fight!"


Everyone was pleasantly surprised. Feelings are the only ghosts to save them?

Xing Jun suddenly said, "It seems that the temperature has risen!"

Yes, because Zeng Ting concentrated her grievances on the boys, and didn't have the energy to lower the temperature in the house, the temperature in the house slowly warmed up.

As soon as the temperature rose, the four of them felt better. Zhang Qing and others waited with staring eyes. Who would keep them from seeing ghosts, while Fu Xiaowan secretly screamed.

After all, boys are living souls. As soon as Zeng Ting’s grievance touches him, his soul’s color darkens. If living souls are invaded by grievances, they will easily become dead souls. Then the boys will really die and change. Come true ghosts.

Fu Xiaowan supported herself not to fall asleep, gasping and saying: "Quickly, go away, otherwise, or you will die!"

The boy ignored Fu Xiaowan’s words, and a small black ball hit him again. He was forced to take a step back. A trace of madness flashed in his cold eyes, almost invaded by resentment, but fortunately, the color of madness was just a flash. However, his eyes quickly became clear again.

He stared sharply at Zeng Ting, and finally spoke to Fu Xiaowan: "Woman, how can I destroy her?"

Fu Xiaowan answered with a wry smile, "Eliminate grievances, or use Yang Qi to deal with her."

It's a pity that the boys couldn't do it at two points. He rolled his eyes angrily, and the black ball hit again. He dodged in embarrassment. A few black balls hit his body again, and the boys wailed in pain. The body appeared black, and it spread quickly.

Fu Xiaowan's eyes were worried. Although the boys didn't speak, they seemed to be unhappy, but they were actually helping them. If the boys really changed from a living soul to a dead soul, she would regret it forever.

Wait, dead soul?dead?

A crazy idea came up, Fu Xiaowan's eyes flickered violently, and finally she made up her mind. She grabbed Xing Jun's shirt and said, "Interpol officer, listen, listen to me, boring, suffocate me, protect me..., me, I will come back!"

Everyone was shocked, Fu Xiaowan wanted to die?

Zhang Qing repeatedly shook her head and said: "Xiaowan~" But the following words could not be said. Although she didn't know what Fu Xiaowan wanted to do, everything she was doing now was to save her daughter-in-law and her grandson?Refuse?No, she couldn't speak.

Xing Jun was also taken aback. He didn't expect Fu Xiaowan to say something like this. He looked at Fu Xiaowan hesitantly, thinking in his heart, Fu Xiaowan meant that she could come back from the dead?is it possible?But Fu Xiaowan is not an ordinary person, maybe it can be done?

Li Qian lowered her head and said nothing. It was her own life. What could she say?Let everyone give up on themselves?She doesn't want to die!

"Phase, trust me! I, I'm no ordinary person~" Fu Xiaowan said a complete sentence with difficulty, staring at Xing Jun with pleading serious eyes.

Looking deep into Fu Xiaowan’s eyes, her eyes were full of serious and firm eyes, Xing Jun finally stopped hesitating, nodded vigorously, and said solemnly: "If you don’t come back, I will be responsible for your death. Yes!" After speaking, he pulled the quilt directly, and then covered Fu Xiaowan's nose and mouth.

"Hmm~" Fu Xiaoyan shook his head struggling, crying in his heart, feeling of suffocation, so painful, I hope my thoughts are right, as long as the body is not bad, the king can still send her soul back!

It was too cruel, Zhang Qing couldn't bear to watch it, and she turned her head and stopped.

Xing Jun did the same. He closed his eyes tightly and his hands were still shaking. As a policeman, he actually killed someone.

The struggle became smaller and smaller, and Fu Xiaowan's throbbing legs gradually slowed down, until she stopped moving, breathing, stop!

Aware that Fu Xiaowan was no longer struggling, Xing Jun hurriedly let go of his hand, and his right hand trembled to detect Fu Xiaowan's breath. He lost his breath, and Xing Jun's heart suddenly seemed mixed, and he killed someone.

"Oh, I'm so uncomfortable!" Fu Xiaowan, who had become a ghost, floated out of her body, breathing heavily with an unbearable expression on her face.

Fu Xiaowan sighed and quickly looked back at Xing Jun, and saw Xing Jun hugged her body with complicated expressions, and Zhang Qing and Li Qian looked at her body with guilt.

With a wry smile, he looked at the boy and was shocked. The boy's legs were all black, and the eyes were scarlet. Zeng Ting Jie laughed and used black balls to attack the boy.

Fu Xiaowan's eyes were cold, her gaze fell under the dumbbells, and her heart sneered and calmly approached the dumbbells that fell on the ground. At this time, Zeng Ting was carrying her on her back and did not see her behavior.

Approaching, approaching, Fu Xiaowan touched the dumbbell, then grabbed the dumbbell and threw it to the window.

Fu Xiaowan is a ghost, her soul is much stronger than ordinary ghosts, and the weight of the dumbbell is not a problem, so she easily grabbed the dumbbell and threw it out, and threw it far away.

The dumbbell passes through the glass window and straight down straight down to the downstairs.(Ps, the ward is on the third floor.)

"Ah~" Zeng Ting had no idea that Fu Xiaowan would use this method to deal with herself. The dumbbells were very heavy for her. The dumbbells flew out, the chain tugged, and she was also pulled out, screaming, following the dumbbells Fell together.

It's not that Fu Xiaowan couldn't fight Zeng Ting directly, but that she was afraid of the resentment. If the resentment invaded, she wouldn't know if she could be resurrected.

After removing Zeng Ting, Fu Xiaowan hurriedly floated to the boy's side, anxiously grasping the boy's shoulder and shaking vigorously, shouting: "Hey, hold on, think about some beautiful things, don't be eroded by grievances!"

The boy's eyes fluctuated, and a hint of clarity flashed. He saw Fu Xiaowan clearly and was shocked. His eyes flashed violently, and finally became clear again. The grievance stopped at his waist and did not continue to spread.

"You, why are you dead?" The boy was not blind, and saw Fu Xiaowan floating in the air, the body lying in the arms of a man not far away.

"You're dead!" Fu Xiaowan replied without angrily, but then frowned and said dullly, "No, we are not dead!"

"Ahhh~ I want you all to die!"

Before the two of them had time to say a few words, Zeng Ting dragged the chain and appeared at the window with dumbbells hanging from behind. She yelled frantically, and rushed into the ward in the next second and floated there in a flash. In front of Fu Xiaowan.



The two voices sounded almost at the same time, the door of the ward was kicked open, and a man with an indifferent expression stood outside the door, who was still holding a gun in his hand.

"Ohhhh~" Zeng Ting wailed in pain, and the resentment around her body rolled violently, and then slowly dissipated after the roll.

Fu Xiaowan and the boy stared at the man at the door dumbfounded.

The man is about the same age as them. He has an inch-shaped head, a slashed face, three-dimensional facial features and beautiful appearance. The only flaw is his eyes. His eyes are cold and ruthless, and there are two scars on the eyelids. When he blinked and closed his eyes At that time, the upper and lower scars perfectly joined together and became a long scar.

He is tall, looks 190, and has a very strong body. He is wearing a vest showing big muscles. It is ridiculous that he is wearing beach pants and a pair of angled slippers.

The man's icy gaze moved from Zeng Ting to Fu Xiaowan and the boy, his eyes narrowed slightly, and the hand holding the gun moved directly at the two of them.

"Hey, what do you want!" Seeing that the gun was aimed at herself, Fu Xiaowan immediately yelled out of fright. Even the boy stared at the gun in the man's hand, his eyes gloomy.

"Ghosts, all have to die!" The man is like a piece of ice, with cold air all over his body, and even what he says can freeze to death.

"We are not ghosts, we can survive!" Fu Xiaowan yelled angrily, how could such a strange person appear and still be able to deal with ghosts, but he seems to resent ghosts, he must kill when he sees ghosts!

It's not a ghost. The man glanced at the two of them hesitantly, then shook the muzzle at the boy and said, "You, go away!" He finally understood that the boy is a soul, not a ghost. Since it is not a ghost, That would not be his goal.

But immediately his muzzle was pointed at Fu Xiaowan, this one is a real ghost!

Fu Xiaowan wanted to cry without tears. Although she was not a soul, she might be able to come alive too!

Moreover, this man appeared too late. If he came a few seconds earlier, she wouldn't have to die.

"Boom!" Two shots fired.

"Ah~" Fu Xiaowan was so frightened that she immediately screamed with her hands in her hands. When it was over, she became a ghost and was killed, so she really couldn't live.

The boy also shivered with fright. He learned from Fu Xiaowan that he was not dead and that he still had the possibility of living. Since he could live, he didn't want to die inexplicably.

Allier, it doesn't hurt.Fu Xiaowan, who felt no pain after the gunshot, immediately let go of her hand and touched her body up and down. There were no more holes. Great, she was not dead!

After a pause, Fu Xiaowan noticed the strangeness. The voice of Zeng Ting, who was still wailing just now, disappeared. She quickly turned her head to look at Zeng Ting, and saw that Zeng Ting's body was dissolving and then disappeared directly.

died!Zeng Ting is dead!

Excited?If she is not in danger, Li Qian will have a child safely.

Or is it sad?The ghost he wanted to cross was killed?

Fu Xiaowan stared at the place where Zeng Ting disappeared staring blankly. Zeng Ting disappeared completely like this?

"It's you!" The man suddenly turned his gun to Fu Xiaowan, and pulled the trigger.

"Bang!" Fu Xiaowan immediately closed her eyes tightly.

"Oh, hey, it hurts me so much!" Fu Xiaowan opened her eyes in surprise, grandma!

(The spirits are not good these days, it seems that the writing is far-fetched, hey~)