Ghost Crossing

Chapter 34 The Resurrection (1)

When the man wanted to shoot Fu Xiaowan, Zeng Ting flew at the man, and the man had to turn his gun to kill Zeng Ting first, and then attack Fu Xiaowan.

Unexpectedly, an old woman suddenly appeared in the ward, and the bullet hit the old man directly.

Fu Xiaowan saw that it was grandma, and immediately afterwards she threw her head into her arms and whimpered, "Grandma~"

Grandma slapped Fu Xiaowan's back helplessly to comfort her: "Don't cry, grandma is here, you girl, how come you have turned yourself into a ghost!"

Sniffing embarrassedly, Fu Xiaowan explained with a heavy nasal voice: "Isn't there no other way? You can ask Yan Wang to send me back anyway!"

"You!" Grandma shook her head speechlessly, and then looked at the black boy in the lower body, frowning: "You have been infected by resentment. If you don't want to die, go back to your body."

The boy pressed his lips tightly and replied awkwardly: "I, I don't know where my body is!"

"Uh!" Grandma couldn't laugh or cry, "Finally, because you helped my granddaughter, help you, go back, kid!"

With a big wave of his hand, a white light appeared, and the boy was sucked away by suction.

After the boy left, the grandmother looked at the man holding the gun with a displeased expression, and asked: "Smelly boy, you almost killed my granddaughter and didn't put your gun away for me! Why, you want to attack me. No way!"

The man's eyelids twitched, and he saw the bullet he shot into the old man's body, but the old man just yelled with great pain, and nothing happened. Is this still a ghost?

The man was not afraid, but knew that his gun could not cause harm to the old man. He slowly lowered his hand and said coldly, "Who are you?"

Fu Xiaowan jumped out of her grandma's arms and said with a proud head: "This is my grandma, huh, grandma, he just wanted to kill me, you must teach him a lesson, it's best to hook his soul directly. Let him become a ghost, and then I will come alive and shoot him!"

In front of her grandma, Fu Xiaowan turned into a naughty little girl. She was wronged and frightened just now, and now she has to retaliate. Of course, she can't do it, she needs her grandma to do it.

Hearing what Fu Xiaowan said, the man's face was as black as ink, his eyes looked straight at his grandma and said, "What do you want?"

Grandma smiled and waved her hand and said: "I didn't think about anything, just to save my granddaughter, and to tell you that your mother is ready to reincarnate. In this life, her life is good, you can go and see. I Look, oh, what a coincidence, it's in this woman's belly!"

The old man pointed his hand and it turned out to be Li Qian.

Hearing the word "Mother", the man instantly became excited, staring fieryly at Li Qian's belly.

Zhang Qing, who had already collapsed, and the three of them stared at the man blankly. The man kicked the door and came in just now, holding a toy gun in his hand, shooting at the room three times, and now he is talking to himself. .

what's the situation?He can see ghosts too!Could it be that Fu Xiaowan's helper?

The three people who were still guessing saw the man looking at Li Qian's stomach with excited eyes, the three of them were confused, what happened?

Seeing the look of the man, grandma nodded with relief: "Ghosts are divided into good ghosts and evil ghosts. You can shoot evil ghosts, but good ghosts, and I hope you can be merciful."

Fu Xiaowan pouted aside and listened to her grandma's words and shook her grandma's arm reluctantly and said, "Grandma, he bullied me, so you let him go?"

Grandma irritably clicked on Fu Xiaowan’s forehead and cursed: "I taught you not to listen to anything. If you encounter a ghost, there is nothing to do. This young man can help you in the future and greet others. Starting today, I will teach you some ways to deal with ghosts. You have to study hard, you know?"

The man looked at Fu Xiaowan faintly, and asked with some uncertainty: "Isn't she dead?"

Fu Xiaowan immediately roared like thunder: "I can be resurrected and resurrected. I have already said that if you fired that shot just now, I would really die. Can you pay for my life?"

The man ignored the clamoring Fu Xiaowan, as if he was an adult, and Fu Xiaowan was just a child. Adults were too lazy to care about children. He stared at his grandmother and asked: "People who die can be resurrected? What needs to be done?"

Without waiting for her grandmother to answer, Fu Xiaowan raised her chin proudly and said, "That's because I cross the ghosts, and I work for the underworld. If you kill ghosts regardless of good or bad, you will surely get retribution! If you die, you will lose your soul! Humph~"

The man's eyes dimmed for an instant, but he immediately showed a relieved smile and muttered, "I'm all reborn, so why bother to resurrect!"

Grandma slapped Fu Xiaowan's head in a dumbfounded manner and reprimanded: "It's alright, don't bully others, drink this, and get back to your body quickly!"

"What is this?" Fu Xiaowan heard that he could be resurrected, quickly took the bottle and asked excitedly.

"Soul bond!" Grandma sighed and said, "You are dead, and the soul cannot return to the body directly. Only with this can you fix your soul in the body. Okay, drink it, grandma I'll see you again tonight!"

"Thank you, grandma~bye, grandma~" Fu Xiaowan happily hugged the bottle and said goodbye.

The man's gaze fell on Li Qian's stomach again, his eyes full of expectation, this child is the reincarnation of his mother.

"Huh!" As soon as Grandma Nai disappeared, Fu Xiaowan snorted to the man, then opened the soul adhesive and took it by mouth.

"Wife! Mom~" Zhang Qing's son appeared at this time, saw two relatives sitting on the ground wrapped in quilts with a weak face, and suddenly rushed over crying.

The director of the hospital also followed in, and nodded and bowed to the man and said, "Master, you have worked hard!"

The man glanced at him coldly, hummed coldly and said nothing.

The director is not a fool either. After greeted with a flattery, he immediately drank to the soldiers behind him: "What are you doing while standing? Save people!"

---a few minutes ago---

Just when there was no progress outside the door, the man appeared. He stared at the door and said solemnly, "There is a ghost inside!"

The director was shocked, and sneered: "Young man, you can eat and talk, but where is the ghost in this world?"

The man cast a cool look at the director and said affirmatively: "The temperature inside is extremely cold, and people are trapped, but the door cannot be opened!"

The director originally wanted to say something, but Zhang Qing’s son said abruptly: "My wife also said that a ghost is coming!"

The director suddenly broke into a cold sweat. Could it be that there is a real ghost?Thinking of the weirdness of this door, the director was scared. He looked at the man nervously and asked, "Master, Master, do you have a way?"

The man glanced at the director indifferently and said coldly: "You stay away, don't come over, I will solve it!"

As a result, the director and others all evacuated the scene, leaving only the man.

Then came the resentment that the man shot and broke the door and kicked the door open at the same time, and it happened that the bullet hit Zeng Ting.

Back to present

Zhang Qing and Li Qian were quickly taken away for treatment and recuperation. The man with the gun hesitated for a while or followed behind. After all, the child in Li Qian's belly has a great relationship with him.

After Xing Jun stood up, he exercised a few times to recover, and refused to be hospitalized. Instead, he hugged Fu Xiaowan's body and wanted to leave.

The director hurriedly stopped Xing Jun and looked at Fu Xiaowan's body nervously and said, "This lady is in a terrible condition, so it's better to get medical treatment quickly!" The hospital is very responsible for an accident in the hospital.

Zhang Qing and Li Qian were sent away for treatment. It was Zhang Qing’s son and family members who directly agreed to be sent for treatment. Xing Jun, he refused the treatment and looked normal, so the director let him go. Fu Xiaowan is different. She has been in a coma and the director has to worry.

How could Xing Jun agree? Fu Xiaowan had been suffocated by him, and now he was sent for treatment, and he must have come to the conclusion that he was dead and would be sent to the morgue. Then how could Fu Xiaowan be resurrected?

"No, I'm in charge of her, get out of the way!"

The director hesitated for a moment, but insisted on his thoughts: "No, this accident is the responsibility of the hospital, and our hospital must be responsible for your safety. You can rest assured, the treatment fee is free, and the hospital will pay."

Why is this director so stubborn?Xing Jun said impatiently: "I said no!" After speaking, he hugged Fu Xiaowan's body and left.

"Sir, sir." The director hurriedly ran after him, trying to stop Xing Jun, but because Xing Jun was holding Fu Xiaowan in both hands, he could not pull his clothes, so he had to rush to Xing Jun to stop him.

Xing Jun was stopped and had to stop. The director asked cautiously, "Excuse me, what is your relationship with this young lady?"

The director suddenly remembered something. How could the husband and the lady in front of him appear in the ward? Why did they come to the hospital? What is the relationship with the two ladies just now? Judging from the expressions of the families of the two girls just now, It seems very strange to the two.

"We are friends!" Xing Jun answered with a frown.

"Friend?" The director's tone was very questioning. This lady is in a bad situation, but she is not allowed to receive treatment as a friend. Is this a friend?

Aware of the director’s distrust, Xing Jun put Fu Xiaowan down, put his arm around her body, and then took out the ID from his pocket and said, "I am a policeman, I will be responsible for any problems!"

Seeing the certificate, the director can no longer insist. The police in front of him, what else can he do?Of course it was to cooperate with the police. Although he was still a little worried, he slowly moved away from his body and stopped blocking Xing Jun.

Finally there were no obstacles, Xing Jun picked up Fu Xiaowan again, and quickly left. He definitely couldn't go back to his home. How would you explain why he went home with a corpse?But for a while, he couldn't find another place to go, but he quickly thought of a place, and that was Fu Xiaowan's home.